sun, jan 23, 2011


10-15 min Z1 warm up run
8 sets:
30 sec hill run @ 95%
walk rest 3:30 down actively
10 min Z1 run cool down

rest 6+ hours

3 muscle ups; rest as needed x 12
100 TGU - 1pd/.5pd - not for time
240 sec front leaning rest on rings

post HR @ top of each set of run repeat to comments


Anonymous said...

sub airdyne for hill sprints or treadmill on highest incline?

Adam Rogers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KEW said...


1. 16:28 total time

time constraints - no airdyne

3. 14:30 15# wb, ring pushups w/ feet on box

Soren said...

Once again I apologise for sounding like a smart arse about the snatch from yesterday. I did it with a 16kg as I for some reason thought that was the go. So you must have thought I was off my tree talking about getting 250 should be possible! Yeah, well no wonder if you use 8 kilo less!
I did it again today with the 24kg as Rx, see below!

Part one down with 3 kids in our bike and going around to 2 playgrounds!

12 sets of 3 MU, every 45 sec, they feel really good these days, but I cant hold on and lock out so i have to touch the ground every time. Suspect some rotational lack of strength??

rested 5 min

10 min amrap KB snatches with 24 kilo:
201 done in 9.45.

rested 5 min

240 sec front leaning rest on rings; broke at 2.05, 3.07.


Gord said...


MU -complete
Ring incline hold -complete
10 min on treadmill-Z1

MU-0- did tech work
Ring incline hold-complete
10 min on airdyne-Z1

David said...

Run done on the mill, 10% grade and speeds from 10.0 to 10.8 mph.

Triples done on the minute for MU

TGU, done, forearms sore from yesterday's snatch inefficiency.

Leaning rest on rings, done

Paul Klein said...

I worked out with the beasts at CF Vitality yesterday and missed the tester, so I made it up today 1/23/2012.

Split Jerk = 260 (I missed 275, my pr is 270)
50 HSPU = 9:22
10 min KB snatch = 157 reps

Kendra said...

Hey guys,
Sorry for the question..I looked in FAQ and exercises but can't find it...what is the leaning rest on rings? Is it like in a dip position? Or?
Thanks!! :)

Nathan H. said...

Kendra, pushup position on rings. Rings @ 2", feet @ 6"

Front leaning rest position is a military term for the top of the pushup.

Brian Dean said...

Front leaning rest is the push up position

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1.
HR: 186-192 for each

got a cheap monitor and was not consistent on all runs. seemed fine during rest periods but went a bit wacky on a few of the runs.

Brent Maier said...


Hill Sprints: Done

Took Brian to my favorite hill for hill climbs. Had a good time. Felt like we were running through wet concrete the last 10 seconds of rounds 6-8. We were within 1-2 seconds of the marks set on the first round.

Practices TGU's for this afternoon's session. Forearm bruised so they will be interesting.

NW said...

Dabbled in a little of everything this morning, rushed to get back for DAAAA BEARS GAME!

- did 3 sets of running at 12% incline on treadmill at 10.1 speed. HR was 168-172

Did 3 sets of strict muscle ups
did 3 sets of TGU @ 35# DB, 5/side

FLR complete

PTS said...

hill sprints done in the bitter cold this morning

muscle-ups felt good. turkish get-ups were super boring. front leaning rest in 3 sets.

ryandrew11 said...

Skipped part 1 due to 10K run yesterday

Completed 6 rounds of 3 CTB and 3 Ring Dips for muscle ups
100 TGU completed = boring
front leaning rest done in 4 sets of 1:00

Stephen B. said...

Part 1:

10 min warm-up run complete
hill runs complete...on treadmill @ 15% incline/10 mph for all runs
10 min warm down run complete

The hill runs hurt, but nothing focuses the mind quite like the prospect of bailing on a treadmill.

Kent said...

MU's 9 sets of 3
TGU completed...that's alot!
FLR 2min,1min,1min

Sub run for Basketball game tonight.

Go Packers!!!

Kent said...

@ HeavyEvy

Thanks for the tips on the split jerk. They make good sense and I'll give them a shot.

Adam Rogers said...

switched order

MU's done
FLR done in 4 sets
DB ext rotation 20lbsx8x3

TGU's and runs tonight.

Casey S. said...

Way to cold and icy to run outside, so did it on the rower subbed 40sec. for 30sec. Don't have a HR monitor either so kinda guess 95%, got 1,625m total...was brutal!

12x3 muscle-ups: 3with 2blue bands/6with 1blue 1red/3 with 2red. Went alright one day I'll get those bad boys!

TGU weren't has bad as I thought used 15lbs, shoulders started to burn on the last 25though!

broke that 4mins into 5sets, everything was shaking! I have a feeling my arms are done!!

Lars said...

Started with some Push Jerk, built to a 1RM 300lbs - 15lb PR!!

Then did MU's 3x12 sets, long breaks, wasn't feeling them today.

Skipped the TGU, and did the Front leaning rest in 1 min sets.

Ran afterwards. REALLY COLD -16C out, but the run went reasonable well considering. Hill sprints were a little slippery, but not bad.

jennifer hunter-marshall said...

Only time for part 2.

Muscle ups complete. Felt easy. Ub sets of 3. Done in under 10 minutes.

Turkish get ups complete.

Forward lean. 2 sets. 3 min and 1 min.

Felt good.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys think there will be training day tomorrow (monday)?

DeeJay said...

Part 1:

warm up and cool down as Rx on treadmill

30s sprint on self drive treadmill at max incline/ 3:30 walking backwards on treadmill at max incline

This actually turned out to be a pretty good sub. Maybe not nearly as hard, but still good.

DeeJay said...

no training tomorrow. As I recall training schedule will be Tues-Thursday on, Mon/Fri off, sat testing, sun recovery

slow jerf said...

Yesterday's training (1/22):

Split Jerk: skipped.

HSPU - 11:24

Snatch Test: 160 w/ 60# DB.

First time RX'd for the HSPU!

Form on SSST definitely deteriorated into swingy snatches in the last few minutes.

Steve Howell said...

Build to a heavy single Split jerk today.

125kg fail

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

10min warm-up to only slope around. "slope" sprints done. thought about stopping at 6 cause of hamstring tightness and knowing i wasn't well-hydrated. kept with it, but started cool-down jog back home and quads cramped up...not cool!

mu's done. mixture of strict, false grip kipping, no false grip kipping. plenty of rest in between.

rotated back and forth with tgu and push-up hold on rings.

lot of volume today. REALLY glad there's a rest day tomorrow. vids from BD Challenge coming tonight hopefully...

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Sprints done AirDyne

Muscle-ups completed
Turkish get-ups: 50 total
Front leaning rest in rings: 4 x :60 on :60 off

Angelo Fosco said...

Made up the competition from last weekend all as rxd:

Dead/mu: 2 rounds + 4 deads + 2 mu
Sc/hspu: 2 rounds + 6 + 8
Row/ctb/burp: 2 rounds + 308m(3 reps)

Total: 121

Deadlifts are a big goat, hspu rough after yesterday

JHuet said...

skipped part 2 due to major lows with blood sugar levels last two days. i need to readjust my insulin pump so my basal rate is lower.
felt real good with hill runs. not quite sure of heart rate.

Brandon said...

Changed it up today a bit to fit work/family schedule.

MU: 3 x 12 broken...felt terrible on these
TGU: done
FLR: 4, 1 min sets w/ 1 min rest between

rest 15 min

8 x 30 hill sprints - completed; HR between 144-157
10 min cool down

Steve Smith said...

Part one and two complete.

Runs felt really good. Made it the exact same distance every time.

Stephen B. said...

Part 2:

MUs complete...all sets true grip
100 TGU complete...took awhile
FLR complete

Jeff @CF Redline said...

10 min run @Z1

8 sets:
30 sec sled pull with 180# attached to sled (4-45# plates) followed by 3:30 active rest
HR for sets: 140/145/150/152/160/172/180/180

10 min run @Z1

Rested 15 min due to work

All muscle ups and 100 TGU completed
240 FLR on rings took 5:40 total time to complete (4 sets)

I used your HR monitor Anthony...thanks you're the best!

sj said...

hill run: 174/150/108/132/114/120/132/114 - got past the white mailbox at the top every time, felt good - HR was all over, but probably my bad checking while trying to slow down

MUs-patience and progression work - felt good

TGUs - while watching Return of the King...I'm not gonna lie

FLR - complete, feet weren't elevated (read comment after)rings 1" from ground - broke once

Eric Montgomery said...

10 min warmup: ~1.2 miles
6x30s sprints: covered ~145-150m per, 22m elevation change according to mapmyrun.
10 min cooldown: ~1.1 miles

Forgot to check HR. Only had time for 1 part, so I did the running since I haven't been doing much running lately. Cut to 6 sprint intervals because this cold still isn't agreeing with me. Felt surprisingly good after yesterday--almost no soreness.

Joel B. said...

Part 2 only today.

MU's complete

TGU complete and longer/harder than expected

FLR complete

Not doing doubles on weekends when home with family for now. We'll see how it goes. It was either part 2 today, part 1 today, or make up double tomorrow, so I went with part 2 today.

Paul Smith said...

Hill sprints complete: avg hr at top of hill = 152

MU complete: 30 sec rest between sets

TGU: complete

Front leaning rest: complete on rings feet elevated.

DeeJay said...

part 2 complete 4 hours after part 1

TGU took forever

Anonymous said...

Part 1.
7 sets done on biggest hill I could find close by, which is not very steep last set done on rower.

HR taken manually in the dark couldn't really see my watch, so it is not real accurate! 138,132,108,120,156,144,150,162

Cool down 10 min on rower

Part 2.

MU's where good

TGU's where good and but slow

Front leaning rest: 120,60,60

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1 complete 14% grade

No part 2. Too busy today...

Brent Maier said...


Brent Maier: Part II
A MU's: All 12 sets done in UB triples.
B TGU's: 24 min on the nose.
C 240s FLRest: 4:34 total time

May? have done x110 today but the last time we did this i think I did it in like 40 min and remember Joey did it in like 25ish. Treated today like a metcon to see just how long it would take and 24m is pretty much constant movement the entire time. I never want to see this one again.

Brian Maier:
A MU's: All 12 sets done in UB triples.
B TGU's: 24m on the nose.
C: 5:30 total time

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, looking to begin following OPT's programming. What is the best way to get started? Do I ned to get my 1rm for my lifts? For example today snatch is meant to be @ 80% if I don't know my 1rm should i estimate this?

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

part 1.

12min warm up

heart rates:
1. 170
2. 175
3. 175
4. 180
5. 181
6. 183
7. 183
8. 182

10min cool down

Becky said...

skipped part one.
part 2

muscle up attempts-- one of these days.....!
15# on tgu
240 sec. rings 2" feet 12"- harder than i wanted it to be

Kyle F said...

HR on Runs

*Counted beats in 10 seconds. Thats why they are all factors of 6.

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2: complete

all Mu's were singles. tgu's were steady, and flr was complete in 4 sets in under 6min.

Patrick said...

Part one 12 sets (6 sets only 2ub)
Part two 8 kg around half an hour
Part 3 took around 10 minutes, took longer breaks

Jon Sinclair said...

Tester from Saturday:

105kg (Failed twice at 110kg)

6:49 for HSPU

180 KBS with 44# KB, heaviest one at gym

Steve Smith said...

Crap, didn't notice we were supposed to be checking HR.

Are you guys using a HR monitor?

Kendra said...

Thanks Nathan/Brian!
Time restraints...and was being a baby
didn't do hill sprints

Still woking on MU
Did 12 rounds of 12 pull ups and 12 dips

50 TGU (0.5 pd)

240 sec forward leaning rest
(1/30sec/30 sec/30 sec/30 sec/38/22)
super hard!

r Gaines said...

HSPU- 10:18 (with abmat)

*first time doing KBS in a wod for more then a few reps

*MU rounds 7-12 jumping MUs

KEW said...

1-22 workout

SJ - 133#
HSPU - 4:03 2 abmats, time constraints didn't allow work on these
KB Snatch - 128

Pete @ CSC said...

Part 1 Hill Runs Complete.

Did not get HR measured accurately.

Angelo Fosco said...

20 min Z1 run (2.5 miles) then did about 40 tgu (20 each leg) with a 25# KB. Just took today as an active recovery day, felt good.

Anthony said...

Running 2 days behind due to being on duty.

Shoulder feeling quite a bit better so I went into this cautiously optomistic.

Saturday Tester:

Split Jerk- 235# off my previous PR by 10#.

50 HSPU- 8:51. These felt pretty good.

10 Min. KB Snatch test- 120 reps.

Dawgs...10 cops have been shot in United States in the last 24 hours. 2 more of our brothers were killed this morning in Tampa Florida. My wife, who is also a cop like me, got into a foot chase this afternoon with a 15 year old high school kid who just stabbed and killed another 16 year old kid on the bus. If you wear a badge to work, Thank You! if or know someone who does, thank them. Be Safe Dawgs.

Jared-CF Redline said...

10 min run at z1
8 sets pulling sled
sets 1-2 @ 180
sets 3-8 @ 135

10 min cool down.

Going to try and do part 2 tomorrow morning.

Laura CF Redline said...

I did the run first thing this morning. Hard pressed to find a hill in Naples so I did 30sec sprints and cut the rest time to 1:30.

Rested about 8hrs

Then..Did the MUs. Done as jumping muscle ups. I'll be so happy when I finally get a muscle up.

The TGUs were painful in many ways. Took forever and were hard. I was fatigued from the jumping MUs.

Front leaning rest also done: that also sucked! No part of today was easy. Ok done crying!

julie Migliaccio/Crossfit Performance said...

James I hope you get a chance to decompress a little from the amazing weekend you bestowed upon us at Crossfit Performance

You and Michael are amazing. The assessment module was incredible and you as a Coach and presenter are everything and more than my Coach BK expressed. I am so psyched to have had the opportunity to have you weigh in on my Games training and you renewed my confidence as an athlete with your insight on my impending rest I must take following surgery to repair an umbilical hernia...I look forward to coming back stronger.

After you left today the emails from all the athletes were flying back and forth about how much we all took from this weekend and how you took the time to meet with our team this morning before your flight back to Calgary.

You have a way of speaking to us in layman's terms but with such intelligence behind it..

Thank you for dinner on Friday and I hope there was enough food for you and Michael last night...loved having you guys!

I look forward to what lies ahead and I am definitely taking the lifestyle assessment and ANYONE wondering about these modules should know how invaluable the experience was as a coach or even just as an athlete.

Sorry for the long rock!!

slow jerf said...

1. 154
2. 146
3. 162
4. 162
5. 164
6. 168
7. 165
8. 163

50 TGU - 15:25

240 FLR - Done in 5:50

Dr. Lisa said...

Rowed instead
10 min - 2500
Sprints were all 141m at around 1:43/500m ave

Skipped cool down moved into muscle ups right away
First 9 rounds did 3s last 3 did 2s in my seated rubber band set up. I am hoping my husband fixes my muscle up rig in the garage soon so I can see if this will transfer to doing full muscle ups.

Turkish getups done

Forward lean 2:00/1:00/1:00

Christa said...

Connected all sets of 3 MU - had 1 -2min rest at most
completed all TGU
completed rest on Rings

will run with prowler tomorrow

jj said...

170 +/- for all 8 sprints

jj said...

170 +/- for all 8 sprintss

Vic @ CF Redline said...

10 min run at z1

8 sets: Subbed pulling sled for hill sprints
sets 1-3 @ 180
sets 4-8 @ 135

10 min cool down.

Going to try and do part 2 tomorrow morning.

B Rott said...

did run on treadmill set at 10% and 10mph, HR 155-165

Muscle ups 12 sets of 2 reps, 45 sec between sets

FLR done 60 on 60 off

crossfitkel said...

Time restraints so only did the MUs and TGUs.

MUs done

TGUs done

Ring hold done.

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Suzan Baker said...

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