sat, jan 8, 2011

Appetite regulating hormones cortisol and peptide YY are associated with disordered eating psychopathology independent of body mass index.
Objective: Disordered eating occurs in women at both weight extremes of anorexia nervosa and obesity. Cortisol, peptide YY (PYY), leptin and ghrelin are hormones involved in appetite and feeding behavior that vary with weight and body fat. Abnormal levels of these hormones have been reported in women with anorexia nervosa, functional hypothalamic amenorrhea, and obesity. The relationship between appetite regulating hormones and disordered eating psychopathology is unknown. We therefore studied the relationship between orexigenic and anorexigenic hormones and disordered eating psychopathology in women across a range of weights.
Design: Cross-sectional study of 65 women, 18-45 yrs: 16 with anorexia nervosa, 12 normal-weight with hypothalamic amenorrhea, 17 overweight or obese, and 20 normal-weight in good health. Methods: Two validated measures of disordered eating psychopathology, the Eating Disorders Examination-Questionnaire (EDE-Q) and Eating Disorders Inventory-2 (EDI-2) were administered. Fasting PYY, leptin, and ghrelin levels were measured; cortisol levels were pooled from serum samples obtained every 20 minutes from 8pm to 8am.
Results: Cortisol and PYY levels were positively associated with disordered eating psychopathology including restraint, eating concerns, and body image disturbance, independent of body mass index (BMI). Although leptin levels were negatively associated with disordered eating psychopathology, these relationships were not significant after controlling for BMI. Ghrelin levels were generally not associated with EDE-Q or EDI-2 scores.
Conclusions: Higher levels of cortisol and PYY are associated with disordered eating psychopathology independent of BMI in women across the weight spectrum, suggesting that abnormalities in appetite regulation may be associated with specific eating disorder pathologies.  
Eur J Endocrinol. 2010 Nov 23


Overhead Squat - build to a 15RM;
drop weight after 15 reps
rest 1 min after last set - strip weight to get 95#/65# on bar
for time:
20 squat snatch - 95#/65#
30 pistols
40 CTB chin ups
30 pistols
20 squat snatch - 95#/65#

video the last set of 15 clean OHS reps, the 1 min rest, then the circuit
post highest load, BWT and time for circuit along with video link to comments


Angelo Fosco said...

Holy overhead batman lol.

Quick question on the we need to alternate legs? With tendonitis in left knee might be faster to do most on my right leg :).

slow jerf said...

I will call my video "Dr. Zhivago" and all of you will sit and watch me do 60 pistols in 3 1/2 hours.

Adam Rogers said...


So you have to finish on a complete set of 15 before moving on to the timed portion?

Ex: I hit 15 reps at 165, try 170 but fail at 10. Do i start the 1 min rest then, or do i have to go back down and get 15 clean reps again?

Brent Maier said...

Adam I was wondering the same thing as I dont plan on sandbagging the OHS. If we fail the last heavy set, it won't make the video. I hope my quads are ready for this. They are a little tender after those lunges the other day.

Anthony said...

I'll submit one video to you James and one to America's Funniest Home Video. This may end up a box set.

Paul Klein said...

I'll have to make sure the battery is charged on the camera, this is going to take me a while.

Garage Crossfitter said...

I will do this workout hopefully tommorrow as I pulled a superficial nerve in my right wrist stretching 2 days ago. hard to grip anything.

Dan said...

Interesting study. But now comes the chicken or the egg argument...

There is some positive evidence to support real differences in the way eating disordered individuals regulate the release of the after-mentioned hormones.

Either way, simple but insightful study.

ryandrew11 said...

Planning on doing this WOD tomorrow, looks fun.

Ran the first of 4 consecutive January Freeze 10Ks this morning. 10K in 10 degree weather! 44:26 today.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Back X/GHD situps
Time= 8:50 (pr)

Pre: pistol tech work, these are a weakness of mine but they felt pretty good with weightlifting shoes on

Rory Hanlin said...

15RM: 240lbs

Metcon: 12:28

Went for a true PR on the OHS. Happy with this.

14hr bus ride, 5hrs sleep, crappy army food, crappy gym, got yelled at for dropping weights, plus celion deon playing over the radio... not a great day for a tester metcon.

Brent Maier said...


85kg (187#) x15
90kg (198#) x14
1 min rest
Metcon Time: 12:41

All the dawg comments today had me laughing all morning! I was terrified going into the workout today and was determined to hit a long time goal that Gord and I set last year of hitting 15 BW OHS. I did 15 85kg successfully and then went up to 90kg (198#) as my last set before the WOD and did x14. I apologize for the little temper tantrum following that failure but I wanted it so bad. Tough WOD to follow! Will post video this afternoon.

Angelo Fosco said...


Ohs: 155#x15

Metcon: 15:05

Mostly alternated pistols...did aout 4 more on my good leg. No bumpers so did it with 25# had to go down extra far 2 touch the ground. Video laater.

RichJ said...

Very BAD Day:

OHS 15RM - 185lb (B.W - 205)**I found out today torn shoulder muscle is not fully healed. The OH wide grip still bothered the shoulder alot, but I can jerk with no pain, I dont get it**

MetCon: 14:36 -
I messed up the 1st set by doing 22 snatches, I was thinking ahead to the pistols and had the #30 in my head and I did 30 pistols each leg the 1st set, I checked the blog and it didnt say "each leg" so I did 15 each the 2nd set, hopefully that was correct...

Steve Howell said...

Rory nice work on the 15RM OH Squat! thats impressive.

Heavy Evy said...

Just spent all morning digging out driveways for the old timers in the neighborhood, and pushing stuck cars, HUGE dump of snow in E-town. My back is really fryed, hoping to hit this one tommorow, and convince a local firebreather to join me.

Plus I need to make sure I look pretty for the camera.

Pete @ CSC said...

15 Rep OHS: 150
Circuit: 10:22
Body Weight:167

No video today.

Rory Hanlin said...

Bodyweight: 226

Forgot to post that...

Eric Montgomery said...

Forgot my Flip cam so no video.

Bodyweight 205
135x15 OHS.

16:46 Rx'd.

Notes: Probably could have gone 5-10lbs heavier on OHS but didn't want to be too spent for the workout. Linked snatches together 3-4 at a time. Alternated pistols 2, 3, or 4 on one leg then same number on other leg. CTB were rough, only able to link 3-4 at a time.

Lars said...

OHS 15RM - 155

BW - 215

Metcon 16:21

Sorry no video...

OHS are feeling so much better lately, but still have a ways to go to max out my potential.

Metcon felt good, squat snatches felt decent, pistols were pretty good, and CTB were pretty slow.

Played hockey this morning too, and didn't quite have the spring left in my legs that I wanted.

crossfitkel said...

Overhead squat= 155#(70kg)

B/W= 183

metcon: 9:36

Did the pistols to a 12"box. Just was not feeling the pistols this time. could not get a feel for the movement.

Anonymous said...

15 Rep OHS: 150
Circuit: 10:20
Body Weight:173

No video

JJL @ CSC said...

15 Rep OHS: 150
Circuit: 10:22
Body Weight:167

No video today.

*sorry...posted the first one as anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

BW 207

Never done a 15rm ohs before. My shoulder usually goes crazy after 1 rep of anything heavy. I warmed up and then went for 185x15. It felt easy and I was repping too fast and the bar came forward on 14 and I failed...and I was pissed. Due to time constraints I had limited myself to 2 attempts so I had one more...I did this with Stacy Mandock, SJ on here, at CF Redpoint. didn't want to fail so I went to 195 and got it. I know I can hit a bodyweight 15 rep OHS but will have to test that another day. so:

15rm OHS: 195#

Metcon: 8:12

I sucked it up on the c2b pull-ups as usual. rough on the legs overall, especially with that 1 min rest b/w 15rm and metcon.

Casey S. said...

Did some OHS didn't work up to a 15RM, didn't want to kill the shoulders too much today, since I decided to see how my shoulder was going to feel with kipping again.

18:24 ...for metcon, did pistols down to a 14"box don't really have those bad boys figured out just yet and did half the pull-ups C2B. Although I was not really moving too quickly today I am super happy that my shoulder did not hurt, still need to watch my volume on those though and keep working on my strict. The last 20 squat snatches felt much better than the first set...guess I didn't warm myself up enough, going to work on that.

Felt like I just half-assed today, not sure if it was the lack of sleep (I was too excited about the stuff said at our trainers meeting) but tomorrow is another day to smash weaknesses and kick ass! Also felt very silly video taping myself haha so opted not too.

Anonymous said...

Male 5'5" 155lbs
15RM OH Squat 135lbs
missed on 155lbs got 12reps darn

Metcon time 16:45 Rx

second Opt workout after a hand injury. Felt good

ROBO said...

6' 240lbs

225 OHS


My camera only captured squats but did it w Aj. Will post if needed.

Gaspasser said...

OHS 155 X 15
METCON 22:32 as Rx. Solo in the garage. Unable to load video because it the file is to big.FML.

sj said...

OHS: got 105#, then moved up to 110# and got that one too! Never tried for a 15RM with this before, so good to know.

Circuit: 13:59 (not including 1:00 rest between) - yeah, I totally suck at c2b pull-ups. Legs were smoked!!! Wow!

BWT: 145#

- Thanks Nate for letting me tag along today! Good push for me with a workout like this. Ouch.

Evan said...
WARNING: Unedited and long, see below

Lots of work to be done here.

OHS 95lb

WOD - 29:40

Anonymous said...

nate again.

video by tonight hopefully

Paul Klein said...

Bwt: 185
OHS x 15 = 155lbs
Metcon = 20:19

I really blew this one. My first attempt at the OHS was 185 and I hit 6 reps. So I dropped the weight to 175 and failed at 11 reps, but I really felt like I could have hit it. So backed the weight down to 170 just to be sure, failed at 12 reps. Now I'm frustrated. Dropped the weight to 165 and failed again at 12 reps. Sucked it up and dropped the weight to 155 and hit the 15 reps easy.

I ate some green peppers with my breakfast that caused some major heart burn during the metcon. I am still feeling the burn in the back of my throat. Spent a good amount of time trying to keep from puking.

I'm having trouble posting the video because of the size. Probably a good thing, no one wants to watch me stare at my shoes for 8 minutes!

Jeff @CF Redline said...


BWT = 146#

15RM OHS = 147#
1 min rest
Circuit time = 15:43

Anthony is posting the video of me, him and Jared a bit later...I am the one on the right in the OPT 2POOD Shorts (that was my shameless promo for you James)

NW said...

Looks like a good WOD, currently in twin cities airport headed back home. Will pick up tomorrow to get back in swing of things. Cancun delivered enough vitamin D for the rest of winter- great rest but ready to get back o real food and sleep and a gym.


Paul Smith said...

Bwt 195#

OHS: 185# - pretty sure I could have done bwt but wanted to make sure I got my 15 reps before the metcon.

Metcon: 9:52

shot video on my iPhone and am having trouble posting it on YouTube. I keep getting an unknown error. I will try to upload on vimeo tonight.

Nate: awesome time on the metcon man.

PTS said...

awesome times out there today. nice work guys.

bwt = 188
OHS 15RM = 155 (+40lbs from last time on 1-23-10)

circuit : 17:37. pistols are a huge weakness and took about 7 mins of the time.

video at :

there is a couple of big falls in there which make the video quite funny in retrospect.

Julian Cruz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julian Cruz said...

OHS:155 (Had 175x12 and was stubborn and tried it 4 more times. Should have gone to 170)

Metcon: 13:44

Coach-didn't film the 155 because I thought I would get the 175. Would you like to see the 175x12?

Body weight:185

Jordan said...

I was unable to get in today's WOD, will attempt tomorrow. On Friday I did the WOD then went to Crossfit Vitality in Concord, NC and did "Jack". A little concerned on the pistols, hope the skill work i've been doing pays off.

Brian H said...

5'7, 177
OHS 15RM 170. The last rep, I was shaking like a leaf. It felt like I was going to lose it from the end of rep 14, but held on.

I had a 5 minute break before the metcon, as we had 3 athletes, and we wanted to go together.

Judging from the times, that extra rest helped me out, too much.

Metcon: 8:38

Casey S. said...

oops forgot BW:132

Adam Rogers said...

OHS x 15 - 165lbs (2nd attempt after failing the first at 14.5)

Workout - 14:39

Video is uploading to YouTube, will give the link when it finishes. Should give everyone a laugh to watch me try to do the first set of squat snatches after struggling through the overhead squats.

Happy to hit the 165 tho, this time last year I was at 135 for 15.

Adam Rogers said...

Bodyweight 182

Thad said...



Circuit= 11:13

Did 1 extra squat snatch in the first, set lost count.

Anthony Skvarka said...

Body weight 175 lbs.

175lb OHS. Video revealed many squats that were not quite low enough and I am very very dissapointed in myself, I am tight but this is no excuse.

metcon 13.35 - so so.... was expecting a lot faster but my legs are hammered!

Anthony said...

Had a pretty bad day. Shoulder issue came back with a vengence. Rep 13 w/ 135# and electricity ran from my shoulder through my thumb. Took a short rest and went to 115# and got to 5 and couldn't handle the pain. Again dropped the weight and went with 95# for 15.

Circuit done in 23:10 and had to grind out every snatch. First time actually doing pistols in a workout so I was happy to get them all done.

Psychologically I was just not in this one once the shoulder started hurting.

I shot Jeff, Jared and me simultaneously and the video is 34 minutes long and is causing some upload issues. I will keep trying and may need to edit it down.

Ice bath for 15 minutes immediately after.

Bad day for me. Disappointed.

Steve Howell said...

From Jan 1st

Close Grip Bench: 115kg
Flight Simulator: 6:36 (pr)
CGBP/PC = 1.09

derb said...


OHS: 140(I might of been able to get 145 but this set took alot out of me. I'm not sure on some of the reps with depth too)

Metcon: 15:20(after looking at the video I realized my intensity sucks)


Nathan H. said...

Done at OPT Ccp assessment, awesome btw.

Bw 187

15rm @ 210
1 min
Workout: 11:53

Pistols killed. Legs felt smashed early on.

Steve, amazing flight sim time. Great work man.

Brent Maier said...


Official time on the WOD was 12:39. The legs were shot going into this WOD today, with that mind, I'm happy with the result. Here's the link, good job today dawgs! Can't wait to see some of the videos.

lk5280 said...

145lb OHS x 15

18:58 for workout. Tough, and awesome. Will post video, would be nice to get some peer feedback.


Lauren said...

100# for OHS and met con in 11:58

in process of trying to get video uploaded but will most likely fall asleep before completed.

Kent said...

Done while on vacation at Invictus so no video

BWT 185
OHS 15RM 150
Metcon 11:58

CTB ate the clock.

Nice work Thad

Brandon said...

BW: 207

OHS: 175#
Metcon: 14:53

Need scap work...stability OH is limiting not strength or flexibility. Gotta get on it...want 195# in a couple months.

It is crazy how much stuff you see when you record. Missed depth on a couple OHS and a few pistols. Left patella started bothering me yesterday and I couldn't it loose today. Pistols killed it and I did most on the right leg. Video is at:

Siu said...

OHS: 100lbs
Metcon: 17:18

Really interesting to watch videos of yourself, looks a lot different from the outside. Used to go too deep on my squats but I've gone too far the other direction. Need to focus on getting deeper moving forward. Leggies felt the lunges from earlier this week and the squat snatches were much tougher than I anticipated. Really fun workout overall though!


Chris Dunkin said...

Just got home from the OPT nutrition seminar at CF Portland. Great event and very worthwhile. And, well attended.
Fit the WOD in before the seminar and will post tomorrow. Got a couple of my goats in that one, so I look forward to critique.

Bryan Miller said...

I second that chris Nutrition seminar was very eye opening

Anthony Skvarka said...

my video, not happy with my ohs depth.

kent said...

in a hurry threw 165lbs on and went for it. feel like i coulda definitely done bdy weight with proper warm up.
with the minute rest 12:35. video not the best my 10yr old did the best he could.

Brian Dean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian Dean said...

15 OHS @ 185lbs

MetCon 8:36

5'6" 180lbs

Chris Dunkin said...

accidental shut-off

1 attempt at 15rm, no clock on metcon.

Anonymous said...

15 RM OHS = 165lbs pr (1st time attempted)

bwt = 182lbs

metcon = 12:24

other stuff done lately:

max power clean = 235
max CGBP = 255 pr

500m row = 1:24.6 pr

ETC said...

135# - failed at 14!
BWT: 150#
Circuit: 16:24

JHuet said...

I did this one on Monday. I had some struggles with the ohs. I need to get my hips loose.
OHS for 15=105. Pretty embarrassing but this is my weakness.

Christa said...

OH: 85# for 15
Metcon: 18:50

Didn't have camera available to video. Pistols were my weakness and really slowed me down. Also had gymnastics cert all weekend and felt fatigued from that. Getting back on track to follow the blog properly, not 1 day behind!!

Bodyweight: 137