sat, jan 1, 2011

another day at the office


16" Close Grip Bench Press - find your 1RM
(compare this to the latest power clean 1RM)
"Flight Simulator"

post highest load as well as comparisons to power clean 1RM and time for DU's to comments
double tomorrow
(i.e. what we're looking for here is the ratio of power clean to bench press)


Anonymous said...

Flight simulator? Happy fuckin new year!

Anybody remember the most recent time we did this workout? I'd like to compare times but can't find the post.

Clint Eastwood

Anonymous said...

Never mind. Found it. April 20th, 2010.

Thanks again,
Clint Eastwood

Steve Smith said...

Joey W. - Noticed this was your first post with the dogs, April 20th, 2010. Happy anniversary of sorts.

Garage Crossfitter said...

CGBP 220, just missed 230 no spotter

Flight sim 9:59, last time 12:48, very controlled during this wod, felt great.

Worked on keeping shoulders pinned back on CGBP, hence the lighter weight, pr i think is 250.

CGBP 220, PC 225

Casey S. said...

First time close grip bench pressing today, and found out I have some pretty weak triceps haha.
Got up to 95# and felt solid then got 100 and 105 up to the same point but couldn't lock them out. Shoulders felt solid though which makes me happy and 95 that is 70% of my BW ;I have to admit I do like bench pressing both close and regular grip. I'm not really sure what my power clean 1rm is since I just started this week with your programming...last one was 138 about 6months ago.

My flight simulator time is hilarious! A whopping 35:21...I was super consistent up to 35 then 40, 45, and 50 really kicked my ass I was on it for about 10mins. Going back down I was fine, and 35 down was super easy. I've been wanting to try this for a long time and I guess I finally did! Good way to kick off the new year though, working on weakness!

ken c said...

what should this cgbp to pc ratio be? 1 to 1 or one higher than the other?

happy new year.

David said...

CGBP 242 vs PC 235. I think I'm bass ackwards on this.

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Part 1:

CGBP: 230 a 5lb PR

(My Power Clean is 195 huge difference there)

Part 2:

Flight simulator: 13:33 Rx'd

(On the increase to 50, had to attempt 45 3 times, but got it unbroken the third time to keep moving on)

jerf said...

I'l show you guys a ratio!!!:

CGBP- 300# pr
PC - 215#

I know I know, my wrist is starting to feel better, so I'm gonna start attacking the catch on the cleans. Flexibility and subsequent mental squeamishness are some of the culprits; my elbows are perpendicular to the ground on the catch. (which is how I hurt my wrist in the first place)

Currently ropeless, so I did a row, burpee, box jump triplet to get the blood flowing.

Happy New Year!

ROBO said...

285 cgbp

12:30 for completion

Last time it took me 18:40 for completion.

joey warren said...

Thanks Steve, I checked back myself and when you click on flight simulator it brings you back to Aug 6th 2009, that was my first post. So its been about a year and half, time flies!

Hope everyone is having a great New Year!

Rory Hanlin said...

16" Close Grip Bench Press: 345lbs PR
Previous PR: 300lbs

Flight Simulator: 7:34 PR

On 5 Aug 09: 11:21

PC/BP ratio: .95

Had a good day today

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

First time Testing these two.

CGBP: 240.. Failed at 250
CGBP:PC - 240:225
I think its one thing for me right now.. Deadlift strength is way down.
Flight- 13:32 had a few failed reps in there but sarted over and got it down unbroken..

B Rott said...

flight sim 10:20
first time to do this so no time to compare too
will do cgbp tomorrow

ROBO said...

.97 is my ratio

Paul Klein said...

16" CGBP = 260 lbs
No recent Power Clean numbers but I would guess about 235 lbs

Flight Simulator = 11:58

Happy New Year Everyone.

Chris Dunkin said...

CGBP:275 (-30lb)
FltSim: 7:55 pr

Adam Rogers said...

Close grip bench - 250

PC/CGBP ratio - 235/250 = .94

Flight simulator - 7:57

Du's were unbroken, until the LAST SET OF 5!! Ugh. Still, ecstatic with the time, next time will get more aggressive with the rest.

Casey! Welcome to the big dawgs, get ready for some big gains

Siu said...

Happy New Year Big Dawgs and Dawgettes!

I have still been training and following the program best I can - took a moment of posting sabbatical to refocus internally. It has been an incredible 2010 and I am energized for an even better 2011!

Close grip bench press: 135lbs (compare to 1RM PC of 155lbs)

Flight Simulator 41:10

Was doing pretty well on the way up but right at the peak, I found myself doing 3-6 attempts to get the full set. Would guesstimate that I did ~500 extra reps due to the misses. I'll be the girl walking funny tomorrow.

david83 said...

happy new year everyone
CCGB -265- 10 lbs off pr of 270
Power clean -275
265/275- 96% not sure how you wanted this expressed-
part two- 9 trips not a good showing, way slower then previous
only one break going down and 8 going up.


PTS said...

CGBP = 250 (PR)
PC = 255

250/255= .98

FS= 19:22

PR is 11:36. Went for broke and got broke. Tried using the wire rope and found out once and for all it's not for me. Did approx an extra 300 DU's.

JHuet said...

295 on the bench. Huge difference between this and my clean of 215.

Flight Sim. - Could not finish due to inability to complete DUs past 30 and time restraints.

I need to work on my oly lifts along with endurance.

Nathan H. said...

CGPB: 290 (pr)
Flight Sim: 7:59 (pr)

Rory, saw your time and was GUNNING! The pressure got to me and I tripped up several times, lol, damnit. Good shit brother!

ROBO said...

Btw RX jump ropes r badass but kinda expensive

Michael FitzGerald said...

Did not do this WOD, but...
CGBP = 230
PC = 246
PC/CGBP = 1.07

Gaspasser said...

13:43 Last time was 18 something.
Really took breather between each round and focused on not redoing a set. Felt controlled, really happy with result.

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Found a few 1RMs today:

16" bench press; 275
Power clean; 245


5 sets of:
1 deadlift
AMRAP handstand push-ups
3:00 rest


cristian said...

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Angelo Fosco said...

Power cleaned for the first time yesterday since december 4th (when I tore my bicep). Did 235#, was eay but bicep was hurting. Pr on power clean is 260 so used 250 for my ratio.

Cgbp: 280#

Ratio: 0.91

Flight simulator: 10:11 (first time)

Anthony Skvarka said...

Will post cgbp tomorrow.

Approx. 2 min. Improvement 8.41 on flight simulator

Jeff @CF Redline said...

CGBP - 240#
PC - 215#
Ratio: 215/240 = .90

Ratio not quite 1:1 as I believe it should be, lacking on PC

Flight Simulator - 12:33
I had just one miss throughout, but I should have gone faster...took extra rest to ensure no misses to finish as prescribed

Anthony said...

CGBP = 220#
Power Clean = 205#

Ratio of .93

Flight Simulator - 11:28
I really paced this and didnt have to push. Had 4 broken rounds. 1 @ first 40, @45, 25, 15 down. Shoulders were hurting and I used a combination of slower controled jumps and faster ones when needed.

Pete @ CSC said...

16" BP 1 RM: 255 (5lb. BP PR of any grip)
Missed the recent power clean test, so found that today too:
PC 1 RM: 225 (3lb. PR)

Flight Simulator: 9:21

Broke once on first round of 40. First time doing this one.

Not sure what ratio # you want: .88 (PC/BP) or 1.13 (BP/PC)

AJ Moore said...



sj said...

CGBP: 140# (PR)
PC: 145#

"Flight Simulator" (aka. Massive Dose of Goat #3) - incomplete, BUT did get a ton of DU practice - had to call it b/c calves, feet and then shins started to get really angry - feet and calves have been wreckedly sore for a few days now, lots of rolling & stretching
-thanks for the pointers Steve, I'll keep working on it :)

sj said...

Ratio: PC/CGBP = 1.036

Jared-CF Redline said...

Ratio .90
Flight simulator 10:50. Broke once on the 40 up and once on the 15 down.

ryandrew11 said...

CGBP = 195 (PR)
PC = 190

195/190 = 1.03

Flight Sim = 10:38

No misses during flight sim, was taking my time in between sets. Felt good during, but afterward had a splitting headache for about a half an hour.

Anonymous said...


BP: 115
Flight Simulator up to 25 and back down: 7:40

Working DUs back into my workouts. Felt pretty good. Hopefully, I will be able to walk later.

Nathan H. said...

BP: 290, PC: 295

295/290: 1.01

Lars said...

CGBP 315

ratio 275/315 = 0.87

Flight simulator 7:49

I'll have to check my book on the flight simulator to see if it's a PR.

Glad to have an easy day today, short night last night!

Happy New Years!

Julian Cruz said...

Training from Dec 30:

3 sets UB

Ran out of time for part 2. Havent been this sore in a long time. Week that i took off hurt me a little. Getting back into it.

Rich said...

Part 1 345lb (360 pr) first time benching in a while still rehabing torn teres and bicep tendonitis...

Pissed at part 2...I mis understood format so I took longer than needed rest breaks...which took 20:14...once I read others post I realized there was no rest so I did it again it took 9:34...1000 double f'in unders....smh

JJL @ CSC said...

At triple crown!

A. Close grip bench - 1rm
B. Flight simulator

A. 235 (pr)
B. 8:37
Power clean and close grip bench both at 235

Joel B. said...

CGBP: 195
PC PR: 210
ratio: 1.07 if I did that right...210/195.

Flight Simulator: 10:28
rope broke in middle and had to finish with back up rope.

Steve Smith said...

Power Clean = 295#
CGBP = 305#

PC/CG (295/305) = 0.97

Flight Simulator = 14:15

- Broke 45 on the way up at 41, 42, 43, 42; restared each time.
- Broke 40 on the way down at 38, and 39; restarted each time.
- Broke 35 on the way down at 17, 26, 32, 34; restarted each time.
- Broke 25 on the way down at 23; restared.

Yes, that was frustrating. Got to 45 on the way up in about 2 minutes, then everything (focus?) fell apart.

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Found power clean 1rm first: 295. Didn't have any 2 and 1/2s so went to 305 and it drove me into a squat. I got 305 a year ago when I was 10 pounds heavier...really wanted to PR. next time...

Close Grip Bench Press (16"): 315. Didn't have a spot, but it worked out when I failed at 320 thankfully.

PC/CGBP ratio: .94

My calves are still sore from the run the other day so I skipped the Flight Simulator...may do it tomorrow since we recently hit part 1 for tomorrow here in the dirty south.

Thad said...

CGBP 205#
PC 215#
Ratio =1.05

Flight Simulator
Really struggled with DU's today, last time 10:28
was hoping for sub 10:00 but obviously need to keep practicing DU's

Benny Ahlstedt said...

cgbp 200
pc 220
1,1 ratio

Fligth simulator: 9,24
2 misses at 15 and 45. First time doing this one :-)

Lauren said...

BP - 165

FS- 8:23 - new PB


Dunsey said...

PC to BP = 1.22
BP to PC = .82

FS = 11:23. Broke set of 50 at #45, which put a substantial amount of time on the clock. Broke the set of 30 on the way down at #25 (doh!). Will be excited to do this one again more efficiently.