mon, dec 20, 2010

reaction when i told her there was a true endurance test upcoming for everyone


for meters:
60 min row TT

post total meters and notes/experiences to comments
Tues off, Wed - testing single, Thurs off, Fri - testing single, Sat double training, Sun double training, Monday off


Dave X said...
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Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Did this a few weeks ago:


Damper @ 5, no straps, kept below 25 spm. 60:00 is so far out of my wheelhouse that I had no idea what to expect and paced too slowly at 2:12/500. Contemplated quitting out of boredom right at 20:00 but felt stronger as I got deeper - last 5:00 felt very strong. Developed a blister on last joint of middle and ring fingers.

ROBO said...


Steve Howell said...

This will be good practice for the 24 hour rowing challenge I'll be doing in January.

Steve Smith said...

I may have to strap the rower to the back of my truck and ask a friend to drive around for an hour to change the scenery a bit.

jerf said...

Post "experiences" to comments...

Here's a recording of my inner monologue during minutes 33-35:

Joel B. said...

Catch up post, so kinda long.

Friday, 12.17 training done Saturday, 12.18:

A1: 115, 120, 125, 125, 130, 130, 135(2)f3rd
A2: complete ub...very bent knees due to low hanging bar/rings. Tempo not quite rx'd though
A3: 9, 7, 7, 7, 6, 5, 4

run complete 6+ hrs later

12.19 done on 12.19

Part 1
A: 265-low bar, hips below parallel.
B: 225 4 reps at tempo
C: 85
D: 72.5 2 reps at tempo

Part 2 right after
Round 1: 82 reps
Round 2: 86 reps

cut it off there.

Been struggling with motivation lately...time to get in the volume not there with work/family. Not a CF Games prospective competitor. Considering a week to 10 days off, then re-evaluating training approach. Been a super busy year with little to no time off and I think I am feeling the effect. Feels like breaking up with best girl I could ever get. Working on my goals for next year kinda brought some thoughts lurking to the forefront of my mind. Plus seeing Jame's statement of family as #1 priority. Sorry for long post. Oh...and despite lousy sleep due to work, and not touching weights for first 5 months of the year, strength numbers...paltry though they may be are best ever for me.

Jesse J WellRock said...

I don't have a rower yet, would you rather me sub a run or airdyne?
Thank you

Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy numb bum, batman!

Big L said...

This will be a good test of focus. I have done 2 hours before just for time put in. I beleive I did just over 25,000. Tips: go to bathroom before, good music, comfortable shorts and water bottle near by.

It is a test, should be fun.

Heavy Evy said...

Ah man do I need to find my Ipod for this, or hopefully there will be something entertaining to watch on the track while I do this!

Soren said...

15225 m
Avg watt 218
avg speed 1.58

It ... a long row.
Mindgames, a lot of them, all the time.
happy with distance, happy with how it all went, more happy it is over.
The last long row we did, I watched Kelly Starret at the same time but if you want to push yourself, just look at the damn display and how slow it ticks over!!

Thanks Billy for the company


ryandrew11 said...


Goal was to average 2:00/500m and get to 15,000. Came up just a tad short, averaging just under 2:01/500m.

Here are my averages roughly:
Minutes 0-20 - 2:06/500m
Minutes 20-40 - 2:00/500m
Minutes 40-50 - 1:53/500m
Minutes 50-60 - 1:50/500m

OPT said...

joel, rest up and come back and try to stick it out; games competitor or not, you can vary things within the program accordingly to coincide with what you want

jesse - airdyne best option

soren - nice work

Bear said...

Great stuff Soren, I would not expect to be under 2:00 min/500 m, I´m impressed!

I´m still following what you guys are doing on the sidelines due to specific goals. I´ve been swimming a lot lately, some gymnastics and running and at least lift something heavy once a week.

This was one of those sessions and also a merry christmas to yall from CrossFit Uppsala:

Gord said...


Tag- 13,395

Rory Hanlin said...


Held a 1:55 pace
Last 10min sucked
Rest day here I come

PTS said...


Biggest battle was with boredom. My butt got a little sore but nothing like I thought was going to happen.

I might tackle this with a slightly different strategy next time.

Anonymous said...

paced a little to slow for the first 40 min about a 2:10-2:15 avg 500m

AJ Moore said...


Held the pace I intended to out of the gate. Kind of a shitty movement for me ( C2 erg), but I needed it. Would definitely fair a lot better in a run given my small frame. Just happy that it wasn't on the airdyne.

Chris Dunkin said...

12/19 done this morning

Brent Maier said...

I've got to make up yesterdays workout today but my boney butt just hurts thinking about this one.

The longest row I've ever done was a 10k in 39 minutes. The only thing that got me through that row was the fact I set it up right in front of the TV and started the row when the opening bell rang for a PPV boxing event.

Dave X said...

Hey Joel,
I'll kick you out an email later. I've been dealing with the same stuff for a bit now and I'll share what I've been doing to battle it.

Ryan Hughes said...

A ways out of my comfort zone but a good change up.


Tyler Le Floch said...

Juiced up the pod with a new lineup of songs for this one, I believe I frightened the woman cycling next to me, damper set at 5, 13842 ave watts 159 and 2:10.2/500m and 30 spm

Adam Rogers said...


couldnt get comfortable, had to readjust way too often.

Jeff @CF Redline said...

13,329m traveled...burned 1,146 cals

Not fun....enjoy everyone!

Paul Smith said...

Meters: 15,335
avg 500 split: 1:57.5

That sucked but I agree with AJ, at least I wasn't on the airdyne.

ROBO said...


Sucked ass

Rich said...

60min, 7 day dreams and 14646m later I have a numb a$$ and jelly legs - this was a mental task for someone with ADD, at one point I day dreamed I was Bastian and I was riding the white luck dragon...But, overall it was a good test, ive never gone over 35mins so it was good to see that I could. I paced pretty slow the 1st 20min before kicking it up and zoning out for 40 min while staring out the window...

Steve Smith said...

Weekly I have to do a 1-2 hour ruck run with 55-90lbs. I decided to adjust and do last Friday's workout today as I missed it because of our work training schedule. Sorry, coach. I know that's not ideal, but I think it was the best given where I'm at.

Part 1:
A1. Hang Power Snatch - 3 heavy; rest 10 sec
A2. Toes to Rings @ 1010; 10 unbroken; rest 10 sec
A3. AMRAP HSPU; rest 3 min x 7
B. Front Leaning Rest on Rings - rings @ 2", feet @ 6" off ground - accumulate 300 sec

A1.155, 165, 170, 185, 185, 185, 190
- WAY too much press at the top
A2. All complete unbroken
- No issues
A3. 18, 13, 12, 11, 10, 10, 10
- Surprised at how much I dropped off after set 1
B. 75sec, 75sec, 75sec, 75sec
- Probably should have gone for 3 sets of 100 sec

Part 2.
- Complete using 25lb weight vest

Steve Smith said...

Rory, solid job.

Big L said...

avg 2:00.7
should have step the pace up at 8 min instead off. Heart rate returned to normal fairly quick.

Good job guys!

sj said...

Total meters: 13355
Damper: 5
Avg: 2:14.8/500m

Have to admit I was NOT excited to see this, though that picture is really really cute. I have NEVER pulled for an hour so had no idea what to shoot for. Was less painful than going to the post office this afternoon. Haha.

Sean LeFloch said...

Distance: 14,372m

Just severe ass crease pain from start to finish. I have a background in triathlon, so sitting around in pain for hours on end is nothing new to me; only this time I only had the beautiful south florida sun and cars driving by, and not movies, hulu, and other distractions.

I think the equivalent to an hour on the rower might be an hour swim; pain, silence, and the expulsion of bodily fluids......

Garage Crossfitter said...

159.5/500m split

The first 10 min were the longest knowing how much longer i had...i took each 10 min interval as its own challenge. At the 25 min mark i started a real unique strategy. I rowed 1:50-1:55 for 20-30 sec then i stopped rowing completely, straightened my legs and let the flywheel almost stop then repeated that for the last 30 min, final 5 min rowed hard. My ass cramped so bad for the last 30 min and i have mini blisters all over my hands. damper 10. feels like i pulled a muscle where the hamstring inserts into the glute. glad thats over with. Conditioning wise i was fine, breathing controlled, strength levels fine, just uncomfortable for sitting so long. i would rather do this any day than run this long

David said...

Opted to run instead. Yesterday during part A squats I tweaked my right low back. It really caught me by surprise. It was at 308 and I was coming up, thinking that I had another jump or two in weight. About 6" out of the hole I felt a slight twinge. Racked, rested, reset at 85% instead of going up to be safe. The first rep felt worse so I shut it down right there. Pretty tight through the afternoon but feeling better today.
Anyways, ran on the mill at 1% and wore VFF's. The run felt fine, 6.5 miles covered and this is the furthest I've run in the Vibrams, feel fine afterwards, no tightness to speak of.

Pete @ CSC/CFN said...

15,502 meters
1:56.1 pace/500m

Nice job Rory. If I had not seen your post I probably would have not aimed as high.

Emilie P-B said...

Yesterday, Part 1:

A. 170 lbs
B. 6 reps @ 145 lbs
C. 52.2 lbs (PR)
D. 2 reps @ 45 lbs

Angelo Fosco said...

Pissed, my headphones kept on coming out and i'd have to stop to fix them.

14098m in about 58 minutes, almost 2 minutes total throughout the 60 minutes fixing headphones...grrr!

Vic @ CF Redline said...

13,657m rowed

2:05 pace

Butt was numb afterwards, but other than that felt pretty good.

Brandon said...


Experiences? I stepped out of the rower and fell down because I did not realize that my leg had gone completely numb. I thought I was dealing with pain...turns out I just couldn't feel it.

Seriously, stuff this long is so out of my comfort zone. I haven't done anything this long since I first tried Murph as rx'd almost 3 years ago.

Lauren said...


numb bum is right!

Anthony Skvarka said...


started off "slower" then increased my output the 2nd 30min.

jerf said...


It is too soon to tell the extent of the chafing. Regardless, I shall put my name on the ass transplant list and keep my fingers crossed.

unit said...

yesterday's WOD...
(only time 4 part 1... gym closed early and will do so 4 the next 2 weeks... über pissed...)

A- 340- hb a2g... 5pm PR for hba2g...
B- 285 (5)
C- 150 - I think this is a 5lb PR also
D- 100 (5)

for the pullups... added my bw, then took 85% of that summation and subtracted by bw... that's y it looks like 2/3...


Jared-CF Redline said...


Lars said...

Falling a little behind here, did yesterdays Part 1 only.

A. 365 - felt easy, but then failed twice at 395, a weight I've moved several times before.
B. 315x5 - started to lose tempo
C. 132 lbs/60kg
D. 3 reps @ 48kg

Disappointed in the back squat. The 395 felt good going down, but didn't go back up. Pull ups were solid, but carrying a little extra weight right (10 lbs) now made it tougher.

Not looking forward to a 60 min row, but I'll do it tomorrow.

Aaron Betts said...

Started too slow

david83 said...

I went to slow in the middle part;
total -14514 - I was aiming for over 15000. That was interesting, my ass has not feeling in it!


david83 said...

I went to slow in the middle part;
total -14514 - I was aiming for over 15000. That was interesting, my ass has not feeling in it!


Ross Blake said...


notes: SR felt best at 22-23. Could have upped my tempo at 35mjn mark. 15k next time!

pwo: 240g apple, banana, blueberry, sweet potato and carrot purée, 50g salmon

Lisa M said...

I noticed the training schedule and was wondering if someone forgot to tell James that Saturday is Christmas - double on that day is just cruel and unusual punishment!!

Kent said...


Purposely did not look at any posts prior to doing this one.
Knew it was going to be a battle with me and me alone.

Made a goal of staying at 1:55/500 pace and didn't quite make it. Fell of pace between 30-40 mins.


At the 40 min mark I remembered something my 10 year old daughter told me after she came in second in a 2km x-country race earlier this fall. She told me, "I didn't lose, the race just wasn't long enough."

Ice please.

über Bania said...

Wow, this one left me destroyed. Still don't feel good. A little bit of heat exhaustion, for sure.

Deadlift warmup, 10's: 135, 225, 315, 315
Jump rope work waiting for a rower (damn yoga classes...damn globo gyms...) for 10min

Total 14,851m
5k - 20min
10k - 41min
rubber legs and numb bum is an understatement.

Brent Maier said...


Yesterdays WOD:

A BS: 165kg (363#) - PR by 5kg. Was stuck at 160 for the longest time. Almost made 170# twice but wasn't my night.
B BS 85% AMRAP: 140kg (308#) x5 times - PR by 10kg
C CU: 125#
D CU 85% AMRAP: 105# x1 - What the hell does that mean?

15m rest

Part II Smasher: 5 rounds w/50# slamball
BJBurpees: 20/17/17/17/17
Thrusters: 23/20/20/20/20
BallSlams50#: 20/17/17/17/17
BJ20": 22/20/25/25/26

Used the first round to judge a fairly intense pace and help decide my numbers I planned on hitting the last 4 rounds. Thrusters sucked, Ball slams got really heavy and box jumps actually got better despite the fatigue.

Stephen B. said...

Friday WOD:

A2.T2R: UBx7
A3.hspu:15/10/10/9/8/5(came off wall)/10...all strict

rest 30 min

part 2: complete (on treadmill @ 1.0 incline)

10 min @ Z1
10 min @Z1

wasn't sure if I was supposed to, but I ran these intervals straight through...I did, however, have to back off an extra 30 secs after last set of 90%...felt smoked! walking rest helped with 100% efforts which felt pretty good...

Heavy Evy said...

2:03 avg/500

I actually feel pretty good. Had to go zen, with no music and nothing to look at but a white brick wall.
Was way faster in the last 40min once I figured out how to be more efficient. At 6'1 I should be a better rower! I'll get 15000 next time!

Kyle F said...

14,553 m

That was more mental then anything. Some dude came over and talked to me for 10 min. Normally that would annoy me but I liked it. I just kept rowing and the time went by real fast.

Anonymous said...


11918, 2:31 pace
Should have gotten over 12000, but knees felt like they were going to blow up for the last 10 minutes.

jerf said...

From 12/20 (Back Squat and Weighted chinup testing):

A: 345#
B: 290#X6
C: 115#
D: 95#X3

Back squat felt awkwardly unfluid. Was hoping to get 375# but I kept losing momentum and reshifting to initiate movement.

Dave X said...

14359 meters
911 Cals

Dunsey said...

13,627 total meters
2:12.1 ave splits
151.8 ave watts

Rowing 60 min was not as terrible as I thought it would be. It helped to have a few friends doing wods near me to keep my brain active :)

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