post # 700, Dec 25th, 2010

instability and load variance can lead to...
...acceleration and proper timing


5 sets:
5 front squat/5 push press/5 thrusters
rest 20 sec
20 unbroken CTB chin ups
rest 4 min
(add weight per set for FS/PP/TH)
1 Thruster every 30 sec from rack for 10 min
(change loads as needed - work @ 90% effort per rep)

rest 6+ hours

Run warm up 10 min @ easy pace
Run faster every minute for 5 minutes getting to a high HR only in last minute
rest walk 1 min
Run 2 min all out - record max HR at last 30 sec of this 2 min interval
rest 5 min
Run 20 min @ 65% of this MAX HR score above

post loads and run HR scores to comments


Jesse O'Brien said...


I have been having some extreme cases of low back fatigue during WODS. I have been following your programming and I have a question. My issue looks reminiscent of lordosis. KB swings, squats, almost anything where I have to keep midline stabilization is killing me. I also have some left SI dysfunction and left knee pain that could be stemmed from this. Is this something that I should spend time mobilizing or strengthening or both? Do you have a protocol that you haver used in the past that is effective?

If you look at the 2:02 mark you can see that even with pull-ups I have an extreme lordotic arch in my low back. I am very limited in my training because my back locks up. I remember at Sherwood talking about this low back fatigue and I haven;t been able to find anything that has helped so far. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Soren said...

5 sets:

3 min rest (mistake!!Take the 4 min!)
1 thruster

Part 1 was tough, i was thinking i should hit 60 pretty easy - nope. I had not much left when at the 3rd thruster and had to dig deep for the pullups.
Could also massive amounts of turkey, pork, chocolate and even ½ glass of wine...


Garage Crossfitter said...

95,100,105,110(4 thrusters),110

unbroken- last set very hard, last 10 reps super slow but never came off the bar.

115 for thruster 10 min metcon- not bad. i had a nice ah ha moment, as my shoulders fatigued i found my body staying on its heels longer and popping harder towards the top of the thruster, very powerful, versus rolling to the toes as you push press.

no time for run later, family stuff all day


AJ Moore said...

165-170x4 sets, last set looked like this 5/5/2+3
all pullups unbroken

started at 165 up to 200 on 30'' thrusters

ice baths + contrast showers , knee is acting up

run at 2p.m.

James, anything against hitting a trail for this workout?

Dunsey said...

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but do you anticipate KBs in the coming days? I'll be gone from home, so I want to make sure to bring those along if necessary.


NW said...

Part one done with dumbbells.
35-50# db. Increased 5#/db/set
Did 12 strict pullups per set last 2 sets broken @ 9/3
Skipped thrusters on 30", opted to do some o the run instead

Warmed up, worked pose running, 2 min "all out". Started at 10.5 on deathmill then 12.2 for last minute. MaX HR was 180. Didn't even feel tired, way more in the tank than I thought


NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Front squats and thruster= my weakest movements!!
I did 5 strict pull ups then 15 ctb all sets were broken
95/100/105/110/115 all unbroken.
First 5 minutes - 135#
Last 5 minutes - 145#
Failed rep on ext of thruster at 6:30
Rest 10 minutes and did part 2 on airdyne.
heart rate @ last :30 sprint - 189
20 minutes @ heart rate of 123

derb said...


A: 110/115/115(I felt like crap so stopped and rest 10 min a did the thrusters. I tried to eat breakfast and workout 30 min later. This didn't work for me I felt slow and weak. I will never do that again.)

B: min 1-2, 125/ min 3-4, 130/ min 5-7, 135/ min 8-10, 140( I started way to light. I should of started with 145 or 150 and lowered the weight if needed. This felt alot better then the complex)

no time for part 2 today

Merry Christmas Everyone

sj said...

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Part 1:
no pull-up bar at home yet, subbed ring rows w/ feet elevated, UB until last 2 sets.

first 2 thrusters @ 95#, rest at 100#

Merry Christmas to my shoulders!!

Going to have to run in the dark and (hopefully) snow later.

Chris Dunkin said...

Merry Christmas

Still getting my back issues sorted out. Time off has been nice. All in on 1/3.

Michael McCabe said...

pretty pumped to find a pair of OPT 2pood wod shorts + a box of revive bars under the tree this morning!

been workin on a few things over the past month but itching to get back with the big dawgs 100% jan 3

Kent said...

No access to gym today. Only had 30#DB's at home. So subbed:

15 30#DB/hand Front Squat
5 30#/hand manmakers

5 sets

10 min on the 30"
3 30#/hand DBFSquat + 1 HSPU

Probably no time for the run.


Kent said...

Forgot to include the 5 sets of 20 COVP Pullups 20 sec after the modified set. First 4 sets UNB last set 15+5.

Steve Smith said...

OK, let's see if I can get this right:

I took a clue from Coach's picture and decided to add Kettle Bells to the bar using bands (Towards the end of this article:

1. 135# (Plus 52.8# KB hanging on bar); 3xThrusters; 20 UB Pullups
2. 135# (Plus 52.8# KB on Bar); 1xThruster; 20UB Pullups
3. 95# (Plus 52.8# KB hanging on bar); 5xThrusters; 12+8 Pullups
4. 95# (Plus 52.8# KB hanging on bar); 5xThrusters; 15+5 Pullups
5. 95# (Plus 52.8# KB hanging on bar); 5xThrusters; 5+5+5+5 Pullups

125#+52.8#KB on sets 1-17
130#+52.8#KB on sets 18-19
140#+52.8#KB on set 20

- This killed me. Had no idea the KBs would be that challenging.
- Expected the pullups to be recovery. That didn't happen. Forearms blew up, shoulders smoked.

Looking forward to the run.

Great Job today, CF Local!! Jen, Tony, and Sarah all rock!

Thad said...

5 sets:
FS/PP/TH 105, 115, 125, 130, 130
CTB 4 x UB, 12/8
first time doing CU in a while due to bruised ribs grip was limiting factor.

30 sec Thrusters 5/130, 5/135, 5/140, 6/145

No time for part 2 today family plans

Merry Christmas Everybody!

AJ Moore said...

HR after 2min 160 and covered roughly .35mi of trail.
65% of HR was 104, but kept it around 110, would pause for 5secs and check every 2 min, ran between a 7 and 8 min mile, felt like i could've ran forever, but time was up.

Gaspasser said...

No weights or pullup place available today, but had sandbag and rings so made do.

Thruster same weight (roughly 65-70lb)
Pullups were broken because I cant do that many on rings unbroken.

Storm was rolling in at end of WOD so just ran 2.5 miles from beach back to house as hard as I could. No idea what heart rate was, but lungs burnt pretty bad, so I know I went hard. Hope all had a great holiday.

Rich said...

135,155,185,205,215...all ctb unbroke

30sec thruster 225lb for 2min had to lower to 215 that lasted for 4min dropped down to 205 for remainder...

Gym closed while I was working out will do 2nd part in morn

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1:
Thruster: 165, 175, 185, 185*, 165
CTBPU: UN, 14+6, 10+4+3+3, very broken, 8+6+3+3

Fell apart on round four and had to break the complex up.
Worked from 185 to 235 the first five minutes, then held 235 for five min.

run complete around my neighborhood.

sj said...

Run around neighborhood
1 mile @ 9 min/mile pace (warm-up)
1/2 mile avg ~6:30min/mile pace
1:22 walk
1.5 mile in 11:43
Didn't get HR. Recovered quickly.

Felt sooooo good!!! No snow yet, but gorgeous evening for a run.

Ross Blake said...


THx1x10 @ 60kg

pwo: 60g veal mince,120g blueberry and banana purée, 150ml coconut water

this was tough. thrusters always remind me how much of this road there is still to travel.. that's why I love this sport! Day after xmass here in oz. Hope you all have a safe holiday season.


Steve Smith said...

Run complete around neighborhood.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I pray that we would all rest in the gift of grace this season.

Steve Smith said...

Coach, I should clarify part 1: I did the full front squat, push press, thruster complex on each set. The number of thrusters I posted is simply what I was able to perform at the end of each complex after completing the FS and PP.

Sorry if that wasn't clear at first.

Dunsey said...

Heavy Pwr Clean = 140#.
500m Row = 1:44.4
Watts/Bwt = 2.46

Both of these tests pleased me, even though they are not PRs. I am at a kind of starting place again in training right now, so I more than happy to start here.

Quoting Steve here for today's wod because I did this with him...

"I took a clue from Coach's picture and decided to add Kettle Bells to the bar using bands (Towards the end of this article:"

1. 45# (Plus 15# KB hanging on bar); 20 UB Pullups
2. 65# (Plus 15# KB hanging on bar); 18-2 UB Pullups
3. 55# (Plus 15# KB hanging on bar); 10-5-5 UB Pullups
4. 65# (Plus 15# KB hanging on bar); 7-7-6 UB Pullups
5. 65# (Plus 15# KB hanging on bar); 5-5-5-5 UB Pullups

Thrusters each 30sec:
Used 95 for 1, then 105 for the rest. Could have gone a little higher during those middle sets, but wanted to make sure to stay in the 90% range.

This hurt good. The FS/PP/Thr sets were tough, and although I knew the pullups would be challenging for me, they still surprised me.

Ross Blake said...

Part 2.

Max HR - 190

Felt good.
PWO: Paleo Christmas muffin, Coconut water

Haus said...

5 sets
pullups first 2 sets ub, not all ctb, last 3 sets split in 2

thruster 10 min #155, was hoping to increase weight but was getting fatigued, 30 sec went fast

ryandrew11 said...

10 broken CTBs

10:00 thrusters 135x17, 145x3

gonna skip part two. Terrible diet and too much alcohol the past two days.

PTS said...

95-125 on FS PP TH
broke chins on last 2 sets

135x4, 145x4, 155x4, 175x8

will be skipping the run

über Bania said...

part 1 only, still feelin' that 'shine my uncle made for last night...oof.

Deadlift warmup:
135x10, 225x10, 315x10, 315x10

95 x 5/5/5, 20 UB
115 x 5/5/5, 20 UB
135 x 5/5/5, 20 UB
155 x 5/5/5, 20 UB (overexerted)
135 x 5/5/5, 20 UB

135 x 4
155 x 8
175 x 8

Lauren said...

85, 90, 95, 100, 105
- pull ups were generally broken into 16/4ish

Thruster I used 95lbs

Ran outside, which was nice - but didn't record HR. Perhaps a xmas present for next year!