wed, dec 15, 2010

Nancy Mansolino - OPT CCP Coach/Athlete


part 1:
A1. Front Squat @ 30X0; 2-3 x 5; rest 10 sec
A2. Chin Ups; 25 unbroken x 5; rest 4 min
B. 100 GHD sit ups for time

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
5 sets:
Row 250 m @ 90%
12 burpees
35 double unders
rest 90 sec
(rest 10 min)
5 sets:
35 double unders
12 burpees
Row 250 m @ 90%
rest 90 sec

post loads and times to comments
single on Thursday


Anonymous said...

New to the site. When coach writes chin ups does that specify only palms facing you or do regular kipping pullups count as well?

ken c said...

checking in with the big dawgs for the holidays. did the all cities open competition this past weekend in dallas put on by crossfit dallas central (great bunch of guys there). events felt very optish.

1. max back squat; 2. 4 rounds: 20 sec. row (score watts), 40 sec. rest, 20 sec. max c2b pull ups, 40 sec. rest; 3. 3 squat clean (45% of max back squat) and max double unders on the minute for ten minutes (score du); 4. about a mile run w 15 100lb. sandbag ground to shoulder and 15 88lb. kb swing thrown in along the way.

had a good time. some video.

Jakob said...

100kf FS, felt heavy but good
got my rings yesterday, did rings-pull-ups, 12 unbroken, dunno how heavy that is compered to regular, any thoughts?
5:30 GHD

Anthony said...

Its 0430 hours here in Florida and we are experiencing record low temps the say is from a Canadian front. It is curently 27 degrees. Pretty Boy Jeff and I are doing part 1 now then we have an all day SWAT challenge with an of road austere type 5K and may include a 400 yard swim. We will try to get in part 2 if Jeff doesn't mess up his hair.

Steve Smith said...


1. Read the FAQ underneath the News Letter link.

2. On this site, "chin-ups" are palms facing away, kipping if you want. Supinated chin-ups are palms in.

ryandrew11 said...

part 1:
A1. 155x3, 165x3, 175x3, 185x2, 190x2
A2.10x5 unbroken
B. 100 GHD - 5:55

Soren said...

Knee is really unhappy at the moment, tried to FS, but with 40 kilos, it was pulling and making it worse. did some deads instead, again, heavy deadlift pull on the medial collateral ligament, that makes the knee sore

A1: 140kg x 3 x 5
A2: 5 x UB
B: 6:00

No part two today, will try and get parts of it done tomorrow or friday


Anthony said...

Part 1: 155# - 165#X4. Major weakness for me which will addressed with full effort in 2011.

All pullups unbroken. 90% butterfly.

100 standard sit ups. Added some GHDs for exposure. Its been awhile and a hundred would put me out for a week.

Off to the range for some trigger time.

jerf said...

part 1:

A. 155#, 185#, 205#, 225#, 225# (allX3)
B. Broke 4th set to 16/9
C. Non-Rx'd 4:33 (subbed inclines)

My right hand wanted to slide off the bar on the front squats...I've spent the past 6 weeks guarding my LEFT wrist from any kind of dynamic wrist extension. Looks like this is causing a bit of a regression flexibility-wise; which is hard to even imagine, since I already have the flexibility of a petrified forest.

Rigor Alive-is

ROBO said...

M 6'0'' 235 The Anvil

A1. 275, 295, 310, 330x2, 330x2
A2. Unbroken till last set 20/5
B. 6:30

Gord said...

part B only
first 5 sets
(3 breaks in last set of DU)
Second 5 sets
(2:25-shoe came untied..many breaks in DU)

NCovino "CFRedline" said...
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NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Early Morning with Jared @ CF Redline
all sets 2 reps, failed on 2nd rep of last set.. need to work on my mobility in the rack/core strength
B)7:20.. not ready for these..but got em done.

Rory Hanlin said...

A. Subbed thrusters
205, 225, 245, 255x2, 255x2
B. 20strict+5kip, rest unb kip

C. 7:00

still tired from last weekend's Carolina Fitness Challenge

Jakob said...

any thoughts on ring PU vers. regular?

Sean LeFloch said...

A1) 195#, 205#, 225#, 240#, 250#(2)
A2) Subbed 25 unbroken chinups for AMRAP strict chinups: 12,13,14,14,12
---Decided to lay off kipping/butterflying for at least 2 weeks. Have always detected some pain/weakness in my shoulders and have chosen to do the 3 scap strengthening exercises at the beginning of my workouts 2-3x per week.

C) 4:30 (tough)

Jared-CF Redline said...

A1. 185(3),185,190,195,200
A2. UB,15/5/4/1,15/6/3/1,12/5/3/3/2
10/5/4/3/3...ummm, let's just say this needs some work.

B. 6:03-first time doing this many on the GHD. Hips are smoked right now.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1: 225,235,245
A2: unbrknx3
ext rot:20lbx10,25lbx10,30lbx6(R)/5(L)

stopped there. reduced volume for recovery from virus, and back issues. getting it sorted out with time off and therapy.
long warm up before this which included a low intensity chipper.

Anonymous said...

Only did three rounds due to weather and having to clear snow:
Chins were far from unbroken
Ghds: 4:34

Chris Dunkin said...

Ken c, nice job on the competition.

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Part 1

A1) front squat 3×5 @ 115,135, 155

A2) 25 chinups x5 - I had use blue band and then i still had to break the 4th and 5th rounds up. Never worked chin-ups before. They're tough.

B) 100 GHD sit-ups. Totally missed that these were for time. However, I went hard enough to make me want to vom now.

NW said...

A1: OHS @115x3, 125x3
FRTSQT @185x2 sets(2), then 190#(2reps)
A2: broken on first set and 4th.
B: only timed half, didn't realize i missed the button. 1/2 was 2:35. Sets of 4x25 reps.

NOTES: did OHS due to wrist, then felt totally destroyed from it and then said F it and tried FS, found wrist wasn't too bad but def worried about it so couldn't go heavier.

GHD was done on a exercise ball with feet under bar on a smith machine. Not really GHD, still sucked.

david83 said...

Hello everyone
Sorry havent posted in a while, been I have been involved coachhhh
felt good today so I went after it
part one
1.)245 3 reps, 20 ub with 10lbs
2)265 3 reps, 25 ub with 5 lbs
3.) 285- 3 reps, 222 ub with 7.5 lbs
4.) 302- 2 reps, 25 ub no weight
5.) 310- 1 rep, 25 ub no weight

part two
ghd's - 5:45 - hard
thank you
robo- amazing weightsssss

david83 said...

sorry that was right after GHD's messes with my head

ROBO said...

Thanks david looking solid as well

Heavy Evy said...

Jakob, I've always founds Ring pu's to be more demanding for sure, not sure what the ratio would be compared to bar pu's, guess you could do an amrap on each and do some math.

KenC that comp looked pretty sweet.

Jakob said...

heavy eve, thanks for your reply.
yeah, i figured out it's around 3, sounds alright?

Rich said...

A1. 225x3,275x3,315x3,335x3,345x2
A2. All sets strict (UB)


Brandon said...

A1. 205/225/245/265/285(f-3)
A2. ub x 5
B. 4:48

Sean LeFloch said...

Part 2:
250m, 12 burpee, 35 doubles unders: 1:47, 1:50, 1:56, 1:58, 1:56
10min rest
35 double unders, 12 burpees, 200m row: 1:48, 1:50, 150: 1:53, 1:52

This was absolute torture. Was expecting the pain, so I was able to maintain. I was in immense pain after each one of these sets. Def need some more anaerobic work like this. Quads roasted!

Lars said...

A1. 250x3, 4 sets
A2. 25UB, 4 sets

Done...not feeling it today, low back feels a little off and this alone smoked me.

Emilie P-B said...

Part 1:
A1. 115-125-130-135-140(2)
A2. All sets unbroken (these were hard... did the split jerk workout yesterday, shoulders were tired)
B. 5:25 First time doing it. Goal was to do it under 8 minutes. Surprised with that result

Part 2: 40 min after part 1, so I did only the first 5 sets, it was more then enough!!

Lot of trips on DU in set 3 and 5. Only set unbroken was the second one.

Ashley said...

Just realized I did the rep scheme wrong. Hate it when I do that.

Nathan H. said...

FS: 315/3, 325/3, 335/3, 345/1, 345/1
Groove thing on first set. Didn't have much left on last set.

PU: all unbroken

GHD: 5:31

Nathan H. said...

Lamarr Smith
275/3, 275/3, 285/2, 285/1, 285/1
PU: all unbroken

GHD: 4:31

Nathan H. said...

3rd set @ 335!/video/video.php?v=1759498553634

Lisa M said...

Yesterdays WOD

no T2B as i am one of the many right now with a shoulder boo boo.

So i tried to do the 3 exercises but the pain as i go into internal rotation or upon lowering into adduction is excruciating in the anterior aspect of my shoulder. So if i can't do the damn excercises to fix the problem then what?????

Lisa M said...

oh and next time i will read the instructions more closely as i only rested one minute between sets for the split jerks and by the 100% round i was thinking to myself i sure wish i had a little more rest... duh!

Ross Blake said...


A1. 70kg,75,80x2,80x3,85x1
A2. 25,25,20/5,25,25
B. 5:19

notes: regular Kip for first 3 sets, then butterfly. Reg Kip was tough! Pwo: 500ml coconut water, 5g l-g

kent said...

wk 1 of 5 3 1
front sqt 100x5 125x5 150x5 160x5 185x5 210x5
chins 2sets unbroken 20/5 20/5
ghds 5:14
4hrs rest
1:45 1:47 1:45 1:46 1:53
1:52 1:45 1:44 1:52 1:51

Lauren said...

part B


DU were mostly unbroken, burpees were not so fun, and paced it on the row.
Only one WOD for me today!

Garage Crossfitter said...

part 1
175 185 195 200 205
75 GHD's in 6:36, my feet kept falling out of my shoes, frustrated so i stopped at 75

david83 said...

hello everyone; trying to post all the time now; 3.5 hours rest because of christmas party

part two
row splits only for some and some have total time;

1.) 1:29/500 - row only
2.) total 1:55
3.) 2:10total
4.)1:50 total- best one all unbroken
5.)1:47/500m row split

part two of two;
1.) 2:01 total

thanks again


Steve Howell said...

Dead Lift;
Set 1 @ 90kg x 5
Set 2 @ 90kg x 5
Set 3 @ 90kg x 5
Set 1 @ 40kg x 5
Set 2 @ 40kg x 5
Set 3 @ 40kg x 5

From dec 7th
A1: 80kg/85kg/90kg195kg/100kg (pr on PP)
A2: All unbroken
B: 63/60/62/63/60
C: All unbroken
D: completed with no pauses

*subbed 10 strict chin ups

David said...

A1. 5 sets of 3 at 100kg
A2. Unb, Unb, Unb, (10,8.7), (10,5,5,5)

C. 50 in 3:08. 100 would have put too big a hurt on for the next few days.

Anthony said...

Part 2: 2:00-2:05- 2:07- 2:31-2:40
Second set 2:02-2:10-1:58-:15-1:55

Big difference between these. Smoked

Rory Hanlin said...

part 2

all times in 1:40-1:50 range. took it at about 90%

against my better judgement I hit part 2. Felt bad, might take tomorrow off. still not recovered, competition must have took more out of me than I thought...

NW said...

Part 2:

First half felt like dynamite went off in my lungs.
Second part was ok, just had no power in pushup or the drive for rowing. Strange how switching it up like that makes such a large difference, interesting.

Double Unders were just terrible. Couldn't get the rhythm at all

├╝ber Bania said...

Pinched nerve has subsided, rotation is back in my neck, shoulders, and back. Approached this wod with caution, nonetheless.

A1. 225x3, 245x3, 265x3, 285x2, 275x3
A2. All unbroken

B. anchored situps, no GHD machine. 3:24

Part II:
First 5:
2:18, 2:14, 2:05, 1:52, 1:50
Rest 10min
Second 5:
1:56, 1:58, 1:57, 1:54, 2:02

On the Second 5, hit the wall on the last set. Felt fatigue set in after the 4th set, and sure enough, bonked on the final set.

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

A1. 275x3, 295x3, 305x3, 315x3, 320x1.75
A2. 10 strict + 15 Kip; All Unbroken
B. 5:46

- Had a difficult time warming up
- Sit ups very painful. It has been a while

Part 2:

1:39, 1:35, 1:36, 1:39, 1:38

1:37, 1:40, 1:37, 1:42, 1:50

- Double unders were tough on the first five, rows on the second five
- Really screwed up the double unders on the last set

- Initially recovered well, but last two rounds of each set were difficult

Steve Smith said...

Unit - I'm glad you took the time to clean up the banana peel. Those things can be dangerous.

PS. Are we going to see you after Christmas?

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Part 1 - Done @5a.m.
A1: FS - 215#/225/230/235/235
A2: All sets of chin-ups Unbroken

B: 100 GHD sit-ups for time: 5:45

Part 2 - Done @4:30p.m. after full day of physical SWAT training

1st 5 sets:

2nd 5 sets:

Steve Smith said...

- Should also say that each set was easily under or at the 90% effort range.

Outstanding job today. 345# is solid.

Angelo Fosco said...

Yesterday did mainsite wod: 10 deads and 30 ghd sit ups in 7:29 with 275#.

Today had to mix and match cause of time and torn bicep:

Part 1:
Front squats as rxd then 25 unbroken ghd sit ups.
235x3, 250x3, 265x2, 265x2

Rest 5 minutes then 3 sets of the first 5 sets of part2: 1:40, 1:31, 1:43

Rest 3 minutes then 2 sets of the 2nd 5 sets: 1:41, 1:46.

ROBO said...

Part 2 sucked did it with Rory and Aj.

Avg. About 1:45-2:00 all rounds felt.kinda pukey

ETC said...

Did own Part 1:
A1) Backsquat @20X1 3 reps x 4 sets
A2) Max Rep ring dips - no pauses
Part 2:
A1) 220(3) damn groin is limitation
A2) 16,13,13,12
2:12 it a session.3rd day on- feel smoked!

Adam Rogers said...

first part only

A1 - 135,155,175,205,225 all x3 @tempo
A2 - all unbroken, last set tough

B - 4:55

NCovino "CFRedline" said...



Steve Howell said...

Rory nice work with the 255 thruster!

Steve and Nathan killer FS numbers!

Christa said...

A1: 95/105/115/125/135
A2: First 3 set UB
B: 5:34

P2: ranged 1:50-2:20 (this was rough!!)

Julian Cruz said...

Training from Dec 13:

D.155 (easy)

Jerk is extremely frustrating movement for me. Cant figure it out. I know I have the strength but my technique is horrible.

unit said...

switched the order... did part 2 first (finally felt warmed up after)

part 2- did 10 sets straight through with 2min rest between all sets (no 10min break), did switch order as rx from 6-10
1:37/ 1:41/ 1:37/ 1:41/ 1:37/ 1:41/ 1:40/ 1:37/ 1:35/ 1:34
felt 92% on last 2 sets (hr 184), otherwise bw 85-90%...

part 1-
back squat- 255(5)/ 275(3)/ 300(2)
A1- 225 x3 x5 sets
A2- subbed AMRAP strict L-pullups with softball grip hanging off rings... 14/ 13/ 12/ 12/ 11
B- 4:54


Jared-CF Redline said...

Part 2:



This was my first 2-a-day OPT wod....Holy Moley! Shout out to Big Dawg Jeff for staying after to push me!

PTS said...

A1. 205,225,240,250,255(2)
A2. 25 x unbroken
B 4:58 (1 sec PR)

front squats fry my midline so was happy to push through on the GHD situps.

4 hrs rest

part 2:
1:48,1:50, 2:30, 2:05, 2:10
1:53, 1:59,2:09, 2:25, 2:30

last two sets were with heavy rope after Buddy Lee rope broke in the cold. Gym was brutal cold tonight.

unit said...

rory- I stand by the fact that ur a robot gorilla...
Nathan/ROBO- nice heavy loads!...
SS- I sure hope so!... nice series 2day!...


ryandrew11 said...

part 2:
2:00, 2:10, 2:26, 2:35, 2:43
2:05, 2:08, 2:20, 2:23, 2:23

PTS wasn't joking about the gym being brutal cold.

Pete @ CFN said...

A1. 225×3,235×3,245×3,255×3,265×1
A2. done

Then 1st 5 sets of row WOD:

50 GHD sit ups for time: 3:10

AJ Moore said...

pullups unbroken with 20lb vest

4:09 on ghd's

left times at gym for part 2. will get them tomorrow morning

Nathan H. said...

part 2:

10 min

Felt good, evenly paced on this. Can feel my conditioning coming back.

Smith, Howell and unit, thanks guys! I'm just trying to hold my own among you dudes!

Brent Maier said...


Todays WODs back to back because of time. I honestly think driving drinker than a skunk would be safer than trying to drive after a workout like this. Wow.

A1 FSx2:
120kg(3) 264#
130kg(3) 286#
140kg(2) 308#
140kg(2) 308#
145kg(1) 320#
130kg(2) - punishment rounds
A2 PUs: All UB, felt easy after A1
B: Skipped GHD's
+10m rest
Part II:
1) 1:37
2) 1:48
3) 1:52
4) 1:46
5) 1:51
+5 min rest
1) 1:42
2) 1:47
3) 1:58
4) 2:04
5) 2:24 - lost it on the du's and hit a wall

The last 4 days have been wonderful and in line with how they felt leading up to regionals last year which was my best year to date. Thanks and keep it up James!

Stephen B. said...

Monday WOD:
E.complete...all sets UB

notes: did not think I would struggle with and speed under the bar were lame...rough night!

been tryin to work through a pulled bicep muscle but chins and overhead stuff make it just scream, so I might take tomorrow a bit of a low point with my training and I'm gettin frustrated as hell...

some seriously sick numbers today Dawgs! Nice work all of you.

Anonymous said...

Part 1:
A1: 110, 115, 115, 117.5kg.
A2: Ring Pull ups.

Subbed for moderate weight on back squat. Still coming back from quad strain.

B. No GHD. 100 Anchored Sit Ups = 3:39.