fri, dec 10, 2010

Johnny O - 35 years old biological age - "you can't bank fitness"
"never will you see a peak performance WITHOUT previous hard work a part of that picture"

One knows the price we pay without creating balance in life/sport/etc...are you truly working hard enough? Do you see how not "working hard" can carryover to how you "work hard" at life and just living. Or conversely are you focusing all of your efforts in the wrong "work hard" place - i.e is there truly an equilibrium in that? Or do you not understand a thing I am saying? If not, why?


Paul Smith said...

Yesterdays WOD:

A: CGDL - 240#
B: PC - 225#, 235#, 245#, 255#, 270# x 2 failed on 3rd rep
C: KBS - 80# db, 90# db x 4 all unbroken

PC - lost concentration on the third rep @ 270. Tried to reset and go, but just could get under it again.

Angelo Fosco said...

Took another crack at september 18th's workout except switched muscle ups (torn bicep) to ring hspu. So 1 min max ghd sit ups, 4 min max back squat 225#, 7 min max DU and 10 min max ring hspu.

Sept 18th - Today

Ghd: 28 - 29
Squat: 32 - 28
DU: 268 - 347
MU/Ring HSPU: 26 - 15

Total: 354 - 419

Notes: 2.5 minutes of my 10 min ring hspu was setting up the rings. First set got 6 in a row (PR by 2 reps), after that I crashed. Doubles then singles up to 15 in the next 6 or so minutes.

Brian H said...

I agree 100%. Hard work in fitness pays off in life nearly every time. we swim upstream. There is no sitting still. I'm 35 and in better shape than I was 4 years ago, it just keeps getting better!

Stahl said...

The difficulty I have had recently is finding that equilibrium. Finding that balance where I can "work hard" in the areas of my life that I truly care about (family, training, work) without "over training" in any one area to the detriment of the others.

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 1st

part 1;
Press: 80kg/82.5kgx3/85kgx2
Pull ups: All sets unbroken (hands are smoked)
PHSPU: 13:45 * 09 Games standard
part 2;
Times: 4:35/4:46/4:52
* Was hard to hold the KB hands are sore from last couple days.

Julian Cruz said...

Training from Dec 8:



Stephen B. said...

Thursday WOD:

CGDL: 10x3@200...just worked up to a weight that felt about 50%.
PC: 90kg/100kg(2)/100kg(1)/100kg(fx2)...rough night...slow
Russian KBS: 20UBx5...100#(50#/hand)...didn't have access to anything heavier than a 2 pood so I thought I'd try this after seeing Nathan H's post the other night. Felt great!

Rested 5 min

Wednesday WOD (in secs):

50.2/50.2/50.9/52.6/52.2 (hit a wall last 2)
Hand stand hold complete

Slow on PC. Gonna do some tech work over next 2 weeks. CGDL, KBS and HS holds are felt really good. Row times shitty.

Garage Crossfitter said...

This is a great topic and ill give ya my opinion.
I have found a great relationship between working hard in the gym and that teaching me to work hard on the outside of the gym, either in regards to relationships, hunting, building my business etc..everything seems easy compared to the training we do. I have noticed lags in my training also translate to lack of motiviation in everyday life. On the flip side i do find it difficult to SLOW DOWN. my brain has been trained to always keep moving forward. Relaxing is hard for me, if i get a spare second to chill i always think of something to go do, normally work on something. Crossfit has taught me to work hard in every part of my life but I have to find that balance and learn to turn the brain off at some point in each day.

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