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Rory and AJ Sqt Clean/MU from Garry Michael Martin II on Vimeo.

Rory vs AJ


joey warren said...

nice work guys, lookin good!

Anonymous said...

David vs. Goliath!?

Kent said...

SQ/MU couplet as Rx'ed


Very pleased I was able to complete this at all. Muscle ups are a major goat. Poor timing on the pull and not enough pop. Singles for the entire first round which almost had me quitting or modifying, but I was able to string 3's together in the second and third round. Need more practice.
Squat cleans were tough but manageable.

Haus said...

Squat Clean/MU
14:58 was doing MU on bar, just starting to learn ring MU, got a few MU and missed many, had to sub mostly pullup and ring dip. Will really practice MU and revisit.

Row 1 hour
huge mental workout

Gaspasser said...

Nice Job guys!

Joel B. said...

Awesome work!

I am taking a few days off. Thanks much for the words James. Family is in town and I feel like hitting the 12-9-6 because I know I would improve, but I am going to hold off a bit and come get some again soon. During this time not training for a few days I am doing some thinking about how to approach/implement training with this program and what I have going on and my training needs.

David X...I'll email you.

Heavy Evy said...

SQ/MU: 11:17(last time 12:45)

Felt worse this time! Mu's were feelig real good and I got a bit to cocky and went for it early, pr'd on UB MU's, but then I started failing some reps and was in the hurt locker for the rest of the wod!

slow jerf said...

Awesome performances!

Stephen B. said...

60 min row: 14,474m

loved it! I really enjoyed this row and learned some valuable things about pacing...

first half could've been a little quicker, but I felt strong throughout. would absolutely like to hit this again soon.

great stuff Rory and AJ!

derb said...


Couplet 9:53(10:57 on 8/6)

I missed sun and mon workout so no data sorry James

Dunsey said...

You two guys are something else! Rory, good to see you at the CFC. Nice work :)

I didn't know exactly where to post this, so I posted it a couple of places...

13,627 total meters
2:12.1 ave splits
151.8 ave watts
125 bwt

For Data:
BS Reps - 5
Row Score - 1.21

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