sun, dec 5, 2010

then 5 hours later FGB - 422


row 10 min warm up - sprint last 10 sec of every minute
rest 3 min
3 muscle ups on the minute for 10 minutes
rest 3 min
1 challenging HSPU every 30 sec for 10 minutes - adjust height as needed to "just get" rep every 30s
rest 3 min
5 sets:
20 walking lunges controlled
20 push ups contolled
20 GHD sit ups controlled
rest 3 min
row 10 min cool down - sprint last 10 sec of every minute

post notes to comments

singles all next week - monday off, tues-thurs on, fri off, sat-mon on


Raw said...

Nice work Colin. If you are interested in purchasing WODZILLA you can find us on filet-RxD or at

Trevor Salmon said...

Great job Colin!
Like the new West Coast S&C too!

Soren said...

Run instead of row (none at home)
MU - easier today, 11sec for 3
HSPU - there are just not my cup of tea, so was working more on staying hollow and tight.
5 sets done, without a clock to stay controlled.

All feels good today despite a lot of volume lately!


Paul Smith said...

MU: All complete

HSPU: Done on 4" blocks stacked 3 high, head to ground. Could have gone a little higher but blocks were a little unsteady stacked 3 high.

Triplet: 11:18 tried to maintain a steady controlled pace.

Garage Crossfitter said...

-MU all triples unbroken in 11 sec
-HSPU Min. 1-3 off 45lb rouge bumpers
-Min. 4-10 off 45+25lb rouge bumpers
-all 5 sets completed between 2:10-2:15 unbroken, i took 3 min between sets, not sure if that was right?

Anthony said...

Yesterday's WOD:
Power Clean Cluster- 155-175-185-185-175. Couldn't maintain.
Met Con- 5:20 @ 200#.

Nathan H. said...

I'm taking a rest today as my back and legs are wrecked from working an event yesterday. 16 hours of running around + 700 calories of food with no breaks = broken down.

Need good food and more rest.

Almost finished nutrition 201 DVD. Love it. Totally in line with how my thinking has evolved over the past year or so - except James explains it better!

Have been tracking my foods w/ energy diagram for about 3 weeks. Not quite in touch yet. Still unaware about a lot of things and feel a bit detached from my body. I've been stuck in the "what I think I should be eating" catagory for years and years. Ready to break out of the vector!!

Sean LeFloch said...

MU: On pace until 7th min. Then doubles and signles.

HSPU: 9.5 " depth on parallettes

Triplet: 5 rounds done smoothly: 11:56 (Lower back killing me on GHD Situps)

NW said...

MU complete
HSPU only 5 minutes, wrist sore. Used 2" block
5 sets complete, with 2 minutes rest

Anthony said...

Before he posts, I want to say what an impressive show of shoulder strength and flexibility Jeff put on this morning @ Redline. His numbers are legit and verified by 3 Dawgs...

Way to go buddy!

Heavy Evy said...

Warmup Row 2200m

Mu's UB x 10 on the minute.

Ring Handstand Push Ups:


5 Sets: UB, took about 2min rest between sets 1&2 then thought I must have read it wrong, so just did last 3 sets continous.

Cool down row: 2300m

*13"&14" were iffy, as I broke midline and pressed too much with pecs. Found 2 12" boxs, and pressed out a true HSPU for an extra rep at the end.

MU's were way better today after a better warmup, now I've got a 30mu's for time score!

Anonymous said...

Muscleups sucked. Lost the technique and had to sub jumping muscle ups.
Hspu complete off floor.

JJL @ CFN said...

Row: as Rx ~2350m
MU: broke sets 9 & 10
HSPU: hands on 15+10lb bumper plates
Triplet: as Rx
Row: as Rx ~2350m

Rest 4 hours

Basketball game

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

IM just going to repeat what Anthony said about Jeff @ Crossfit Redline.. Amazing HSPU

Deep strict Ring Dips again
HSPU on Parallettes with abmat just above hands.
2 rounds unbroken 3 rounds broke up push ups 15-5,18-2,17-3

PTS said...

MU's 8 rds with the 3 reps then last 2 rds were 2/1.

HSPU off floor.

10:08 for triplet. Slow and controlled. Quads were burning. Lunges and PU's unbroken.

Joel B. said...

Today first did yesterday's training.

PC cluster: 165, 170, 179, 185, 185

couplet: 4:29

Today's training 10 min later

mu's took 12-14 secs per 3

hspu 3.5 elevated and forehead to floor. balance improving. amazing how much easier they are when descent is faster. sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't.

lunges/pu's/ghd's all ub.

back on schedule for the foreseeable future.

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Ran a few tests today...

A. 14" bench press, 30X0, find 1RM; 265
B. Seated behind the neck press, find 1RM; 150
C. Weighted chin-up, find 1RM; 100
D. DB external rotations, AMRAP @ 10% of A, 30X0; 7 with left arm, 8 with right arm

Jerf @CF Redline said...

Muscle ups done as prescribed (11 sec per set)
HSPU done to 16" depth below shoulders
5 rds of triplet done all unbroken

Stephen B. said...

Thursday WOD:

Part 2: 227 cals

rest 10 min

Part 1:

OHS: 185/195(fx2...both times balance, not weight)/195/195
MUs: complete...about 5 fails
L-Sit: no time...gym closed
DUs: complete...all sets UB...waited til I got home to do these

notes: 300fy was an awesome WOD. Makes me want to buy an Airdyne for home. I want another go at this workout. Stayed on pace for 3 minutes before having to back off.

Colin, you're an animal, man!

NW said...

Coach: ignore yesterdays metcon score, severly messed it up.

Actual score is 4:04. Third attempt
First one was not legit, second try had missed reps.


Rory Hanlin said...

First try at 300FY
220 cals

Row complete
MU 1 missed, all 2010 games standard except last set
HSPU first 5 min ring HSPU, second parellette full HSPU
didn't time the metcon
subbed airdyne for the cool down

first try at 300FY was humbling... airdyne is my new nemisis

Lisa M said...

Fighting sinus infection so not sure what i am going to do today.

Don't know if anyone has seen the CF Journal videos but it looks like there won't be sectionals as we know them this year. Watch the video looks like you can qualify through online submission and can do the workout mulitple times until you achieve the desired out come over a 6 week period??? Wow kind of changes the plan now doesn't it.

Aaron Betts said...

Row -2157m
MU- all completed
HSPU - all completed
Triplet - 10:23
Row -2206m

Anonymous said...

I have some mixed feelings about the lack of a true sectional this year. It was a great experience rooting for the big dawgs in person and it was quite inspiring seeing some of the other beasts put it all out on the line, but at the end of the day, regardless of the location, when we are called to perform we'll be expected to give the event 110%. Not getting immediate feedback might be a little disconcerting, but remember full effort, equals full victory.

jerf said...

Row - 2541

MU- Unbroken (on split bar)

HSPU- First 10 on 4" blocks, last 10 normal

Triplet- 9:28 (no GHD, had to sub inclined situp)

Row -2449

Had a few drinks last night...felt like my brain was wearing a weighted vest.

Coach, a sincere thank you for the wonderful programming.

Also a thank you to the Big Dawg community. Knowing that I'm gonna be posting on here is really helping my dedication and intensity levels.

A year ago, I would skip 2k rows whenever they came up; 5 months ago I rowed a painful 7:47; 6 days ago I rowed a 7:45 DURING the interval work; yesterday I rowed a 7:22 and I still felt like I had another 7-10 seconds in the tank!

ryandrew11 said...

Row: as Rx 2611m
MU: progressions
HSPU: progressions
Triplet: as Rx - 13:50, lunges unbroken

Skipped 2nd row to let the bruised ribs continue to heal. Basketball game tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Row warmup felt good

All MU's UB and good

HSPU's 2 @7", 4@8.5", 5@9.5", 8@11"+2 failed attempts

Triplet all UB

Row cool down was good

Lars said...

Did the Muscle ups 3x10sets

HSPU's - b/t parallets head to ground. Ears below hands. 1/30sec. Tough for the last few rounds. Shoulders cooked!

Did 3 sets of the last part, minus the lunges (ankle).

Rest day tomorrow...

Brandon said...

MU: first 9 ub, failed on last rep of 10

HSPU: off 5" blocks...failed 16th rep (came off the wall sideways for some reason)

Triplet: 11:31 - GHDs were a bit tough, but everything else was easy.

Re: sectionals -
Yes things change a bit, but in other ways they don't. Everyone still gets to compete. Everyone still gets to cheer. I also like the idea of a more standardized approach if for no other reason than people have one less reason to complain about standards in different regions.

The best thing - if you have been on this blog for a while, this is essentially what coach has been preparing us for. We do competitions all over the country and cheer for, encourage and support each other anyway. The last two Big Dawg Challenges have been proof that while some things change, effort, intensity, preparation and sacrifice don't. If anyone should be ready for the next evolution of competition it is the people here. For that we owe coach a huge thank you!

├╝ber Bania said...

MU: all unbroken
HSPU: three 25lb plates stacked, head touch ground, controlled.
Triplet: 10:52 (1:56, 2:11, 2:10, 2:15, 2:20)

Row: total 2.67km in 10min, average 2min/500m during the warmup (was actually done last because I couldn't get a rower til later).

Kyle F said...

Muscle ups were a lot easier then the 10 breath thing. HSPU depth started at 5" and went to 3". Triplet felt good.

Ross Blake said...

Row - complete
Muscle ups - 8 sets unbroken, 1set 2/1, 1set 1/1/1 ( just out side the 10th minute.
Hspu - head to deck
Triplet. Done as 5 sets: 2:06, 2:04, 2:05, 2:06, 2:03
Row - comlmete

pwo: 1 large banana, 100g smoked salmon, 3g l-g

David Weaver said...

Excellent work Colin!

Anonymous said...



row and rest same

1 muscle up (trying for second rep) on the minute for 10 minutes
Missed reps 1, 4, 6, 8

rest 3 min

HSPU: Reps 1-6 @ 1.75″, Reps 7-12 @ 2.25″, Remainder at 3.5″

rest 3 min

5 sets:
20 walking lunges controlled
10 push ups contolled
20 GHD sit ups controlled
My push-ups are getting better, but still a lot of work to do.

Rest and row same

Mark said...

Warmup Row: 2533m
HSPU- first 6 on parallettes, rest did doubles on floor
Triplet: 9:59
Cool down row: 2356m

Anonymous said...

Wup Row: 1:28 500m/ave on sprints @33, 1:52 500m/ave at 26 strokes recovery. Finished with 1:48 ave.

MU: 1x2, 2x4, 3x2 and missed the third rep on each of the last 2 sets. Still improved by an extra pair and an extra set of 3 from last attempt.

HSPU: 4 mins done to ground. Started to fail so next 3 mins done head to 10kg plate. Felt strong again so last 2 mins head to 5kg plate.

Triplet. Last 2 sets not unbroken. No GHD so subbed for ring K2E.

Row: 1:34s on sprint, 1:58s on recovery. Finished with 1:54 ave.

Anonymous said...

Coach, your programme is awesome. I really appreciate the approach you have taken to prepare your athletes for CF competition.

The programme is tough and I'm not up to the standards your programme demands in many areas, but I'm gonna stick with it.

Thanks again.