fri, dec 3rd

Dec 2nd - 310 cals, rest 10 min - 303 cals, Dec 3rd - 303 cals, rest 10 min - 154 cals in 5 min, rest 2 min - 52 cals in 1 min
No one can run a mile in 4 minutes; Bannister does it, then 4 people do it in 1 year, now high school kids do it regularily; how much are we limiting ourselves based upon what we know?
The athlete I want does not know why they are doing what they are doing; they are just doing!


NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Anyone know if there is a way to Calculate the calories using a heart rate monitor.. our airdyne is a dino and doesn't have a computer on it. Thanks for the help!

Kent said...


Standing press 1 rep/25 CU's
50 HSPU no paralettes in gym so conventional

I look like a young Irish lad with bright red freckles all around my cheeks and eyes with all of the petechial haem's from the HSPU's.

Éirinn go Brách

Lars said...

Did the 3x10 muscle ups today, just took it easy on coming down and made sure I landed on my good leg...All were UB, but I was interrupted half way through for about 3 minutes, then finished.

Also did the L holds on the rings - really tough today. 10 sec at a time.

Michael FitzGerald said...

that dude on the airdyne must be a maniac!

jerf said...

Hello OPT store,

I'd like to purchase a few cases of pepsi-cola and a ream of little blue shorts.



PS- When delivery is confirmed, please adjust my 300FY score to "360cals, rest 2min - 900 cals." That is all.

Steve Howell said...

Rob MacDonald (guy in the picture) is a best!!

Lisa M said...

I am the perfect athlete for you James then because most of the time I have no clue what or why I am doing what I am doing,but just pound through it as hard and fast as possible anyways and love every minute of it!!

NW said...

That is Rob MacDonald? I thought so; dude is a freaking monster!

So coach, is 900FY coming soon? :)

Joel B. said...

12.2.10 training done today, 12.3.10

Part 1

A: 105, 110, 115, 115, 115
B: complete: 30 mu's plus breaths took 6:50
C: wasn't sure if should be hanging from rings or at support position. So...I did support position for 10 sec (not very ideal leg angle but did my best) then 10 sec knees up 90 degrees and feet down...6 sets of that 20 sec combo on the minute.
D: du's complete taking consistently 14-15 secs for the 25 du's.

4 hrs rest

Part 2

204 cals

first time trying 300fy. Ridiculous. It was painful.

unit said...

sun nov 28 WOD... reversed order...
part 2
:73/ :66/ :58 + [:70/ :69/ :67/ :66/ :67/ :64]
done on indoor 160m pentagon
15 min
part 1
A1- subbed incline bench- 135(5)/ 155(5)/ 170(5)/ 180(5)/ 190(12)
A2- 55lb db, 5 sets of 30 ub
3min bw sets
B1- hpc- 185/ 205/ 225/ 235/ 245(3)
B2- ring pushups (30)- ub/ ub/ ub/ 23,7/ 18,12
3min bw sets
C1- 15 k2e- ub x5
C2- 30 du- ub x5


Anthony said...

yes Nick its an AirDino...looking for a newer one as we speak. James love "goldie" should too

Results from Yesterday's training;

OHS- 115-120-125-130-135 as RX'd

MU's- ate me up after the 3 minute. Still not 100%. Had to break these up unfortunately.

L-Sit - completed in 9 sets

Dbl Unds- first round break, next 6 unbroken, last round broken at 23.