sun, dec 12, 2010

"Stach" as he's known @ OPT started with me in the summer of 2003 at 13 years of age. With no training previous and after 6 months with us he did a 6/12/20 leg day of 265# BS x 6, 10 sec rest, 65#/h x 12 lunges, 10 sec rest and 20 barbell jump squats with 65#; rest 3 min TIMES THREE...then some supp work after; then a 400# DL 2 weeks later. Here he is doing 370 with ease for 1 today with Mike "caring". Some are born to lift, god love 'em!


5 sets:
8 Hang Power Clean - tough
Row 150 m @ 100%
rest 3 min
(intent is quick transition; high grunt effort on clean and high power output on row)
5 sets:
8 Dead Lift - 50% 1RM
Airdyne 30 sec @ 100%
rest 3 min
(intent is high grunt effort on DL, then high speed all out on bike)
3 sets:
20 back extensions
30 jump switch lunges
rest 1 min

post loads used and notes to comments


Jeff @CF Redline said...

Hey coach,

Is the goal of the 8 tough power cleans to do them unbroken or would you rather we go even heavier and have to break up sets?


Also, thanks again for the nutrition advice it's working out great.

Anonymous said...

What does the "+" sign mean exactly. Can't find it in the faqs.

Wally P. Anonymous

Brandon said...

@anon -
+ means do the first couplet for the 5 sets then do the second for 5 sets then do the third

Coach -
no GHD access tomorrow...45# good mornings as a sub? Other ideas?

Soren said...

Sore knee and glut. medius today and short on time, so used the first 2 sets as warmup

SDHP 40kg x 15
There was plenty of grunting on both occasions - neighbour dropped in to see what the hell I was giving birth to!

DL: 90kg
400 m sprint up hill

No lunges as sore knee


NW said...

Part 1:
8 Hng Cln/Hang Snatch: HC @135,145x2, HSn@95#
Row: Avg 29 sec

Part 2;
8 DL @ 215 all sets, all UB
Death bike avg cal 20

Part 3: Complete

Notes: Switched to Snatch due to wrist, def getting beter, after 3rd set it started to get pissed so shut er down and switched.

For sure went to the cave and met the power penguin on the airdyne...

Steve Smith said...


+ sign means rest as needed. I'll generally take whatever time I need to set up the next series couplet plus a couple of minutes. Generally workouts out to about 10-15 min between.


Unless coach says unbroken I would generally assume he's wanting us to go heavier. Probably whatever would mean a 1-2 second grip reset at the bottom.

Disclaimer: Unit will treat the "+ sign" as a challenge to rest no longer than 0.25 seconds between couplets and Rory will do 300lbs for 8 reps unbroken. I will toss a banana peel underneath them both when they're doing the lunges.

Garage Crossfitter said...

HPC 115 135 145 155 165- started too light
Rows- 100% 1:35-1:40 average split

DL at 205
airdyne- i hate this thing

did 1 set of back X and jump switch lunges, quads were locking up bigtime, i was done.
after reading steve smiths post i have to start taking more time between sets, i normally take the prescribed rest for that previous mini wod, like today i took 3 min for the + sign, which wasnt enough

PTS said...

HPC- 135,155,165,165,165(5)grip failure
avg on rows ~25 secs

DL @ 232 lbs
airdyne sprints avg ~ 19 cals

BE and JL all unbroken and fast.

hit this wod w/ ryandrew 11. having a wod partner has been really beneficial especially when doing these interval wods. each interval is like a mini competition.

ryandrew11 said...

HPC- 115, 115, 120, 125, 125
rows - 25, 25.2, 25.2, 25.6, 25.8

DL @ 165 lbs
airdyne sprints (cals) - 22, 18, 16, 16, 20

BE and JL all unbroken

Nathan H. said...

Steve Smith,

Nice work on yesterdays wod man. Very impressive stuff.

Paul Smith said...

Yesterdays WOD:
Just didn't have it today.

A1: 185, 195, 205(failed @ 9) 195x4
A2: all unbroken

Press: 205
Situp: 115
DU: 171
Total: 491

Nathan H. said...

Felt a bit weak today. A little unmotivated too. Ebbs and flows.

HPC: 185, 205, 215, 215/4 (grip), 185
Row: 23.4, 24.8, 26.0, 25.9, 25.1


DL: 245 for all
no airdyne subbed ski erg 30 sec meters
160, 157, 154, 153, 156


3 rounds:
20 back ext
30 jump lunge



Nathan H. said...

last row is 26.1, not 25.1

jerf said...

Part 1:
HPC @ 155#, unbroken (have to catch with stacked wrists so I won't cry)
Rows- 28, 26.9, 26.6, 27.3, 27.7

Part 2:
Had to sub. Did 2 rds of 12 tire flips (jump in, out and around)

Part 3:
Unbroken and fast.

Anthony said...

At Redline with Jeff, Nick, Vic and Jared

HPC 155-165-170X3
Rows: 28/30/31/31/32 seconds

Dead Lifts. 185# unbroken and fast
Airdyne- old analog monitor pegged at 10
(Bohemian Rhapsody)

Back extensions and jump lunges as Rxd

Welcome back to our newest Big Dawgs Vic and Jared. Good work guys.

Pete @ CFN said...

HPC- 135,145,145,155,155 all unbroken
Rows- ?,26.5,26.8,27.5,27.4
Deadlifts all @ 210
Airdyne cals- 20,18,15,15,17
Extensions/Lunges complete

Nathan H. said...

Damnit I just realized I didn't rest 1 minute on the last part. Lol did 3 rounds for time.

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

HPC: 165,165,175,175,185
Row in seconds: 27,28,27,27,27 damper set at 5

Deads @ 185 Airdyne kept above 10rpms x 5

Part as Rx.. hips smoked goin into those jump squats..

Love working out with the BIG DAWG Naples Redline Crew!! Nice work today!

Becky said...

as always, ext. and jumping lunges are a killer combo!!
thanks for that.

Jeff @CF Redline said...

@Steve - thanks for the advice on the power cleans part, I went with your recommendation.

HPC: 165#-170#(x3 sets)-175#
Rows: 27.2/27.7/27.6/28/28.2 seconds

DL: 225# all sets
AirDyne: kept between 9-10 RPM all sets

Back Extensions/Lunges: Completed as prescribed

derb said...


HPC: 140/145/150(ugly)/145/145 last set broken
Rows: 28s-29s

DL: 175
Airdyne: 19-20cals

Ext/Lunges: 1:00/1:02/1:02

Jared K. said...

@ CF Redline



Airdevil @ 10rpms

Back extension and lunges as prescribed.

Arm acting up on the cleans...but
"Excuses are Useless"

Once again impressed by The Big Dawgs @ Redline.

ROBO said...

Part 1-

185, 205, 205, 205(failed on 7), 195

did not pay attention to row time. all 5 rounds completed in min or less each.

Part 2-

245 all sets
22,23,17,17,21 cals for Airdyne

Part 3-

all completed unbroken not as bad as i thought just got a lil light headed.

all in all a good workout. quite a smoker that damn airdyne is a devilish machine.

Adam Rogers said...

HPC - 135,155,165,175,185
Rows - 25.2,25.6,26.2,26.5,26.5

Called it here, feeling lightheaded

├╝ber Bania said...

155x8, 175x8, 185x8, 195x8, 205x6 +1 +1 (grip fail, couldn't even hold on with hook grip).
150m Rows:
26, 26, 24, 25, 25 seconds

DL: all at 275#
No airdyne, subbed 100 running jump rope for time:
40, 37, 35, 36, 36 seconds

1:05, :55, :50 each set of back extensions/jump lunge switches with 1min rest between each set.

Brandon said...

HPC: 155/165/175/185/195
Rows: all between 26.5 and 26.9

Dead: 245
Subbed AMRAP burpees in 30s: 14/14/13/13/14

Subbed 95# good mornings: 20 x 3
Lunges: completed

Nice work everyone...welcome to the new people!

Heavy Evy said...

Hpc 177,187x4 last 3 sets broke at 7
rows 510-494W

Deads 225
Excercise bike sub

Back ext, jsl ub and lightnIng fast...didn't time it.

Sean LeFloch said...

A) 165#,165#,175#,175#,185#(all unbroken)

B) 205# deadlift (all unbroken)
airdyne cals: 19,18,18,20,21

Got groggy in between efforts. Maybe from build up of lactate. Jump squats were tough since quads were roasted.

Stephen B. said...

Back home in Winnipeg for a couple of weeks. Did the olyathlete pull-up/burpee/wall ball WOD with my buddy Derek at his new gym, Prairie Crossfit, so I'll hit up the BD workout tomorrow.

Congrats on your new place buddy!

Vic said...

Another great OPT workout.

HPC: 135,145,145,145,150
ROW: 30,29,30.2,29.5,29.4

DL:185 Unbroken
AIRDYNE: 9-10 rpm x 5

Back extensions and jump lunges as Rxd

Great job today Redliners!!!

Brent Maier said...


HPC: 85, 90, 95, 100 (220#), 95kg - First 3 rounds were unbroken, dropped the last 2.
Rows 1:20-1:30m pace average

10m rest

DL: 115kg (253#)
Airdyne: 22 avg cals

5m rest

BE/Lunges: Unbroken and blazing

Brian Maier said...

HPC: 185,195,205,215,215
row: 24-26s per round

DL: 255# - all unbroken and fast
airdyne: 19-21cals per round

Part 3:
all unbroken and painful

*last 2 rounds of HPC were broken with only 1 or 2 seconds to re-grip. 1 failed attempt on 4th round.

AJ Moore said...




Anonymous said...

HPC 135,155,165,175,3/185
Rows hurt the ribs so didn't push to hard and stopped after round 4 ribs became to uncomfortable
Deadlift 180#
Subbed exercise bike
Part 3 as RX'd

Kent said...

HPC 135,145,155,155(5+3),155(5+3)
150 row 25.7,26.6,25.9,26.6,26.3

DL 205 all sets
No Airdyne; subbed 200m sprint

All 3 rounds ~55secs

Christa said...

PC: 105 (all UB)
DL: 140# (aubbed AirDyne for row)
couplet: all UB

Anonymous said...

HPC: 2x70, 72.5, 75, 77.5kg
Row: All 27 secs.

DL: 110, 112.5, 115, 117.5, 120kg.
Subbed Airdyne for 30secs of Double Unders: 24, 33, 42, 42, 31.

Couplet: Had a quad strain for a while and my intention was to sub split lunge for a slow controlled squat. However cramped up pretty bad at end of first set in hammies. Game over.

It's around 32'C and 98% humidity over here at the mo' so I'm getting thru a lot of water in these workouts. Good times though. Cheers Coach.