fri, dec 24, 2010


Power Clean - build to a 1RM
rest as needed
Row 500 m x 1

post highest load only and time to comments
(as well, divide the power clean 1RM into the back squat and post % as well as avg watts for row divided by BWT in # - i.e. PC-300/BS-400 = 75% and 300 watts/150 # BWT = 2.0)

Last chance to attend the Level 1 - OPT CCP Assessment Module held in San Diego, California at CrossFit Invictus January 8-9, 2011.  There are a few spots left and no plans on hosting another Assessment module in the California area in 2011.  Start off the new year with a focus on developing yourself as a Coach - register now

The Assessment Module:
- understand the importance of assessment and data (why, when and what)
- perform body fat testing for males and females (norms, data, goal setting) and how to communicate the data to client
- physically test a client by using functional movement screens and upper, torso and lower body specific muscular testing under load and non loading environments
- effectively observe and identify overtraining /overreaching


derb said...

I missed the BS for sunday so I don't have a current # to compare. I was thinking of doing the BS tomorrow before the PC. Is this a good idea or would I be better off using my old PR. Thanks

Soren said...

PC: #209
Row: 1.25 (567watts)
PC 209 / BS #264 = 78%
567 watts / 171#BWT = 3.3

Have come stuck at that weight with PC, not happy with form, would like to clean it up (!). Row was horrible. Was holding on to 1.21 until the last minute. It took us 10 min to recover!!

Is there any logic to all the numbers James. Is there any guideline we should be aiming at, like the PC/BS should be xx and so forth?

I wish all of you dawgs a merry christmas and all the best for the new year.
You recently asked for best training experience this year. I am not any games competitor, I just enjoy the see what I can do and following the dawgs has been my best training experience.
It is nice to see that sometimes things are going in the right direction but at 36 years I don't expect miracles, i just enjoy every training session, enjoy the mindgames 2 min into a 60 min row!

Thank you James.


Paul Klein said...

Thought you guys would find this interesting.

Anthony said...

As a recent attendee of the Assessment Module I can tell it was an outstanding experience. Well prepared and delivered and is already paying dividends for my clients. A very valuable a useful course. Don't miss it if you are a coach, want to coach or want a better understanding of things.

Back on patrol for the next 3 days so I am going to rest until Monday.

Merry Christmas brothers and sisters. Be safe.

OPT said...

derb, yes pls, do BS before PC and row, thx

soren, there are some #'s folks should strive for here, but also gives some insight as to where people are right now at this time in the year

Paul Smith said...

Gym is closed today and tomorrow. Will have to do PC Sunday.

Planning on doing some DU practice today and hill sprints tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

slow jerf said...

I'll be making up the PC and row on Sunday as well.

Merry Christmas!!

Hope Santa brings me a better strength to weight ratio!

Lisa M said...

Missed posting on favorite moments of 2010 so thought i would put it out here today.

Hands down it was competing at sectionals and feeling truly invincible. Looking around at the end of the weekend finishing in 4th place - i almost thought someone was joking - how could a 41 year old lady who trains alone in her basement be standing there with some of the fittest YOUNG women in canada I seriosly was laughing out loud with joy and pride. I know i could never have accomplished that without this community and all the amazing big dawgs!!

I hope to get back at it after christmas it has been a real tough couple of months - but no more excuses.

Merry Christmas everybody

Gord said...

PC- 213(PB is 218)
Row 131.4 PB (old PB was 136.1)

213/260 =81.9% may be misleading as squat is not back yet to where it was before hip injury

Row- 458/156=2.94

PC-192.5 PB
row- 134.2 PB


Row- 419/172=2.43

Steve Smith said...
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PTS said...

PC - 255 (PR)
500m row: 1:23.8 (PR)

255/315 = 81%

594 watts/187 = 3.18

last Christmas Eve we did a 500m row for any Big Dawgs looking to compare.

Steve Smith said...

PWR Clean - 285#
500m Row - 1:24

PWR Clean(285#) /BS(425#) = 67%
AVG Watts(??) / Weight(195#) = ??
- Forgot to look at AVG Watts

- I feel much stronger than the number I got on PWR Cleans, but this is where I am currently.
- Difficulty opening hips fully and still pulling too early with arms.
- Had difficulty staying on the seat rowing towards the end, but felt like I should have gone a second or three faster.


BK said...


Assessment module coming to CrossFit Performance, Fairfield ,CT 22nd-23rd January.
After taking the very first module early this year , my whole outlook on coaching and prepping an athlete changed. Every coach at my joint is taking this cert and if you can should be here in 1 month to learn from the man changing the face of fitness.

ryandrew11 said...

PC -185
500m row: 1:27.5 (PR)

185/255 = 72.5%

522.4 watts/203 = 2.57

Garage Crossfitter said...

PC 225 (pr is 240)
BS 300 (pr is 330)

well within reach of those #'s, 3 weeks back into big dawg training, feeling good.

500m row 1.25.8 (pr)last yr was 1.26.8, 8 lbs heavier

watts 554
172 bwt
score is 3.22

60min TT was 205 watts at 172#

PTS said...

some videos of today's efforts:

Emilie P-B said...

Power Clean: 145 lbs
Row: 1:44.9 (PR by more than 2 sec)

PC 145/BS 170 = 85.3%
303 watts / 130#BWT = 2.33

I haven't done the 60 minutes row yet... I'll do it next week, I promess coach!

Total reps for the 85% of back squat score: 6 (@145#)

Ryan Hughes said...

PC- 245

245(PC)/405(BS)%- 60%

355 watts/ 178 # BWT= 1.99

Dunsey said...

Thanks to you Steve for the wonderful time spent. You rock!

Tyler LeFloch said...

215/295 72%
360/180 2.0

kent said...

bk sqt 8x3 245 30sec rest
dl 405 x4
about a 10min rest
row 1:27.4 about 2 sec pr for my old short ass
Im so glad to see Lil' Sissy Dunsmore on here

kent said...

forgot to look at watts and stuff.. to busy trying not to come off the damn seat...Steve i feel your pain

Rory Hanlin said...

Power Clean: 330lbs
Row: 1:20.0

PC/BS Ratio: 70.9
Watts Ratio: 3.03

Goal was sub 1:20 in the row. Seriously? a tenth of a second? come on!

Sarah! good to see you are posting again, strong crowd down here in NC...

Heavy Evy said...

Woohoo PR friday!

PC 253#
Row: 1:27 slipped off the seat a touch which definately hurt my time, that hour on the c2 has definately helped my form.

PC 253/328 bs(from other day)= 77%

515W Today/190BW= 2.71

The back squat was high bar the other day, I got 360 low bar a few weeks back for a pr, not sure which would have been a better way to go for the test.

Merry xmas everyone, hopefully santa brings me a key to the gym so I can do this weekends doubles!

AJ Moore said...

P.C. 295
Row score 3.2 (127.4=524W/165lbs)

P.C./HBBS ratio = 71%

notes- PR clean/jerk is 305, definitely have way more in me than that. If I can pull 295 up and can front squat 365, hoping for a 315-330lb clean and jerk in my future. Which isn't a huge goal of mine. I love that burn that the 500m dishes out, every fiber of the body burning and trying to buffer the pain that is L.A. To be great you have love it, not just some of it... all of it.

Anonymous said...

PC: 215# PR
500M Row: 1:31PR
PC 215/ BS 275= 78%
Watts 462/ BWT 155 =2.98

JHo said...

PC 270#
Row 1:21.5
PC/BS 270/370=.729
Watts/BW 644/204=3.15

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Power Clean: 225
500m Row: 1:30.7 PR

pc/bs - 225/245 = .92
back squat not were it should be due to knee injury that kept me away from squatting.

Avg Watts/Body Weight
468/190 = 2.5

Merry Christmas Big Dawgs!!!

Lars said...

PC - 275
Row - 1:25

PC/BS = .75
Watt/Wght = 2.75

Really wanted to hit 295 on PC, missed 3x. Might have had 285 in me, but wanted more.

Row was a 2 second PB. Happy with that. Legs were pretty spent though.

Kent said...

PC 190 (5lb PR)
Row 126.9

PC/BS 190/310=61.3%
500 row watts/BW 533/184=2.9

Merry Christmas to all.

sj said...

PC:145# (PR) never tested this before
PC/BS(195#): 74%
500m row: 1:43.8 (PR by 2 sec)
avg watts (313)/BWT (145): 2.16

- I feel like I should be pulling SO much more on my power cleans, really frustrated with that
- row felt awful!
- I can count on one hand how many cookies I've had this week, but the gluten in my system feels terrible!!
- excited to make it through my first week on this site, y'all intimidate me in a good way.
- Thanks coach. :)

Shout outs:
Lisa M you rock lady!!!!
Hello Sarah Dunsey!!!:)

Julian Cruz said...

PC: 235(PR)
Row: 1:28(PR)

Took a week off so don't have the TT time or back squat. Last week did 275x8 on back squat so ill use that for percentage.


Happy with the PR but i know i have more than 235 in me. Need work on my tech in the o-lifts.

NW said...

Can't do testing today or for a few weeks. Just got to Florida til tomorrow then on a cruise and off to cancun til the 9th. Will do my best to try and follow.

Did powerclean @165x3 the other day so here's a look at where I stand, sorta.
165/325 = 51%
Can't do row.
That 165 clean felt super easy too. And overall feel pretty good.
Happy holidays to everyone!!

Jon Sinclair said...

PC: 220#
Row: 1:37
PC/BS = 220/245# = 89%
Forget my wattage for the row

Lauren said...

PC- 165 (made 175 but caught in a squat, but a PB)
500 - 1:34.4 - PB by bout 3 sec

165/225 - .73
411/163 - 2.5

I think that was my average watt, perhaps total watt? I was seeing blurriness when I checked.

Rich said...

PC - 285lbs (PR)
**no rest**
500m Row - 1:23.6 (PR)

285/435 = 65.5%

Sean LeFloch said...

PC- 250/ BS- 315= 79%
Row: 1:28
Avg. watts: 510
Weight: 180

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 15th

part 1;
A1: 110kgx3/120kgx3/125kgx3
A2: All unbroken
B: 5:00
part 2;
Row/Burpee/DU: 1:39/1:38/1:37
DU/Burpee/Row: 1:38/1:37/1:40

* only enough time for 3 sets of everything


derb said...


BS: 260 HBBS(old PR was 255 w/ low bar)

PC: 180(PR is 185)
Row: 1:33.9

PC,SQ: 180/260= 69%
Row: 422/145= 2.9

Dave X said...

115 kilos
Failed with 120 kilos
I Was at a gym out of town and they had all York bumpers and I didn't realize the conversion until the final set were I attempted 120 kg.
Ignorance really is bliss.

The gym also hah a C2 with a busted monitor so I rowed my ass of for 1:30 with no other expectation than to just do the last part of the training session.

Merry Christmas!

Ross Blake said...

Power Clean - 209#
Row - 1:28 (ave watts 505)
BWT - 167#

PCLN/BS = 80%
WATTS/BWT = 3.02

Kyle F said...

No rowing.

Felt crappy