Tues, Dec 28, 2010

no tears, only blood on Saturdays at OPT lifting club

part 1:
7 rounds for time;
245#/165# Dead Lift x 10
50 double unders

rest 8+ hours

part 2:
As many rounds in 15 minutes:
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 ring dips

post time for part 1 and total reps for part 2 to comments
(i.e. 6:23 and 240 reps)
compare to here
chest to deck, NOT belly to deck for push ups and burpees
arms come to full extension at the start of every ring dip rep and the end of every rep


Adam Rogers said...

Dec 24 catch up

Power clean - 235lbs, 10lb PR

500m row - 1:22.2, PR by 4 seconds

235PC/315BS = .75

629watts/185BW = 3.4

PTS said...

part 1: 9:32
last yr: 13:30

I took Saturday and Monday off and only did the thruster WOD on Sunday. I was due for a bit of extra rest and I felt great today.

sj said...

Part 1: 19:38
- DUs = goat #3
- garage = 23 degrees, balmy
- was able to get all DLs w/o letting go of bar, a couple pauses, wasn't sure if that counts as UB or not
- never done this many DUs in a workout before, we don't get along that well...yet...someday...soon

kent said...

10:15 probably coulda been sub 10 but im getting used to a new rope

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

14:51 - broke a rope mid wod, i think it was frozen solid. 5 rounds of unbroken deads.. double unders were killing me.. must have failed 4 or 5 times per set aside from the first ub round.

Garage Crossfitter said...

happy with this time. i didnt do this wod last time to compare but im only a month back into training. i broke deadlifts into sets of 5 from the start knowing that my DL #'s are weak right now. DU were sets of 25. DU felt great, deadlifts felt good too.
PTS smokin time dawg.

Dunsey said...

Traveling today but excited to do this one tomorrow!

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1: 9:27

focused on strict form and tempo on deads, and counting accuracy on du's.
good test for the low back. recovery has included lots of tgu's, single leg deads, and reverse hypers.

Steve Howell said...


would you like me to post results for the 60min row avg watts and bs reps on todays or on the 22nd?

Kyle F said...

Sun Dec. 26

A: 205 X 12
B: Done on parallettes (started at 5" depth... somewhere in the middle went to 3")
C: As rx'd
D1: As rx'd
D2: As rx'd

Anonymous said...

Working in reverse today.
part 2: Cut out dips due to elbow pain. It bothered a little during push ups, but not enough to cut them out completely.
7 rounds even

Nathan H. said...


I'm coming off a few minor injuries (tweaked my back 9 days ago, then tweaked something in my neck 7 days ago), took 4 days completely off. Have felt generally weak coming back, and now my legs are sore from some training over the past few days and that rarely happens. I have a comp on jan 15, 16 and am not sure if I should work through it and rest closer to comp day or rest more now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


OPT said...

steve, post on current day, i can take that info and put it aside if i see it on current day as opposed to checking back over the other results, thx, i think that answers someone else's ? as well, pls post on current day, thx everyone

nathan, rest up, if the overall bigger goal is further away than the Jan15/16 comp, rest is paramount...one can achieve long term with good rest and not going in 90% each time...a nice saying "on some days you might be last, but you'll be first when it counts!"

Kent said...

I'm going to refer to this workout as Baked Lower Backribs with Forearm Foie Gras and a side of Smoked Triceps.

Honestly Burpees, Pushups, and Ringdips in the same triplet is just cruel.


10 min rest

221 reps

I was taking a little extra time btw sets in part 1 because I knew I would be doing part 2 right after so I may have been able to go faster, but it still hurt. Triceps still quivering one hour after as I type this.

Nathan H. said...


Will do. Thanks

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Correction - 16:51 not 14:51

Anonymous said...

Hey coach I had a question. When should we start with are training for sectionals? I have taken two weeks off from competition. I feel that your programing is great should I keep following yours if so where do i start? Lots of confusing about what and how I should program for myself.

über Bania said...

This was brutal on a legendary scale...oof...shoulder issues warming up, and found out that pushups and burpees were agonizing. Rotator cuff issues or pinched nerve, who knows.

Part 1:

10min rest

Part 2:
180 reps
broke up the pushups and dips on all sets; kept freezing on pushups due to shoulder pain. Narrow grip pushups killed, to the point I dropped to the ground and had to reset my hands wider. Don't know what is wrong. Resting, icing, and ibuprofen-ing.

Cool down included medicine ball TGU's and lots of stretching, hip savers, and foam roller.

Anthony said...

Part 1: 16:41. A PR by 4 plus minutes!

Part 2: 200 reps. A 30 rep increase from 12-22-09

sj said...

Part 2: 116 reps
-upper body is weakest link, so good to get some work done on it

Steve Howell said...

Part 1 from dec 19th & 60min row from Dec 20th

A: 160kg
B: 135kg x 6
C: 115#
D: 98# x 3
Row: 14,558m

BS reps:6
Row Score: 1 (185/182)

Garage Crossfitter said...

part 2
207 reps
last time 234
I thought last time i did HONEST form but i was mistaken. I did all reps with chest touching ground, thighs just hovering above the ground, not bouncing off the ground. Form was like in the pic on post 12/11. HUGE difference. Felt in control entire wod but chest and shoulders were smoked. I found it easier to get my chest to touch the ground not my belly by turning my fingers 30 degrees in towards my chest. Also worked on not internally rotating excessively on ring dips, tryed to keep shoulders pulled back nice and tight.

just had our reverse osmosis and UV light installed for our drinking water, pumped about that.

my word is cohola
im gonna go crack a pepsi cohola right now for my post wod meal..

Marcus Filly said...

AMRAP 10min 1-5 Hang Squat Clean Ladder @ 175#
3 ladders + 1 & 2

Coach, what were some of the scores you guys put up for this in the video from a couple days ago?

ROBO said...

Had an event you could say with the Anvil crew at Crossfit Fort Bragg in the AM

4 hours later did part 2 of today

as Rx 8+10 burpees

ROBO said...

250 reps

Rory Hanlin said...

Event at CF fort bragg in AM

4 hours rest

part 2

270 reps

Anthony Skvarka said...

part 1

15 min. rest
part 2

240 reps

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1: 12:57

Part 2: 255 good reps.

Notes: buddy pointed out deadlift form issue. Way up was good, way down bent knees way too early. Caused the bar to be far away from shins and lower back cramped up severly on round 5 (6 min mark). Part 2 focused on chestt touchig not sternum. Arm feeling better, did 5 ctb chins today.

Rich said...

Part 1 - 12:24 (used 2 lbs power rope) ended up doing 8rds, both shoes came un tied on DU's, so I started over...

Part 2 - 279 (shoulders and tri's on fire...the 6lbs I gained over the holiday didnt help)

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Part 1: 19:52 (Was smoked for a little while after this one).

Rested 4 hours then did part 2.

Part 2: 173 reps. (My tri were shot after this workout...WOW!!!)

This was my first time doing this workout.

Great job Anthony for Pr'ing on both parts you hit it hard Big Dawg!!!

Paul Smith said...

Dec 25:

FS/PP/Thruster: 185# all sets. Thrusters were broken on last two sets

Pull ups: all unbroken

Thrusters Every 30 sec: Started at 165# and worked up to 225# on the last set.

No time for the run today. I am going to try to add that tomorrow.

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

191 - 8 reps less but im pretty sure I was doing dips with bands. I had just started working out at that time. 13 minute PR on part 1.

Adam Rogers said...

Part 1 - 9:36

25 min rest

Part 2 - 197 reps (6 rounds + 10 + 7)

Notes - don't remember the last time I missed that many double unders, frustrating. Every set of ring dips was broken. Shoulders are done.

unit said...

Sat/Sun mix-

run- complete... HR after 2min -184... total distance, 8.2K

Press- 125(5)/ 135(5)/ 145(11)
A- DL 255 x2, 12 sets
B- Ring HSPU ladder... didn't time... didn't take 11:44
C- Harop Curls x10, 4 sets
D1- ub x4
D2- ub x4

Airdyne- complete... avg ~33 cal during 1min 90%s

then DB ext rot x3 sets, close grip tri skull press x3 sets

Paul Smith... impressive impressive numbers on the complex and thrusters!...
What was the event with the ANVIL crew?...


Emilie P-B said...

Finally did the 60 min row. First time rowing more than 2K.
Total distance: 13022 meters
Avg: 2:18/500m
Avg watt: 133
BWT: 130lbs

Results for last week's test:
Back squat: 6reps
Row/BWT: 1.02

90 min rest and then I did Part 1 of today's workout... but had to scale a little cause I wasn't fully recovered from the row. I did:
5 rounds of
- 10 Deadlift - 155lbs
- 50 DU

Deadlift felt heavy after the row. Special Thanks to Anne B. for rowing with me. Tu es vraiment une source d'inspiration! Merci

Jeff @CF Redline said...


Dec. 24th Tester:

Power Clean 1RM - 215#
500m Row - 1:34.3

215# PC/310# BS = .69
430 avg. watts/145# BWT = 2.96

Dec. 26th Double:
Part 1:
A. DL - 230#
B. Ring HSPU Ladder - completed as prescribed (took time to get legs up, once in position went well)
C, D1, D2: All done as prescribed and unbroken

Approx. 10 min. rest

Part 2:
AirDyne cals/hr - 8 sets @90%:

PTS said...

part 2: 235 reps
last yr : 203

part 1: 9:32
last yr 13:30

Brandon said...

On vacation...part 2 only

230 reps

It's amazing what 30 degrees cooler and 5000 feet higher elevation does to you. Felt like I had no pop today.

Marcus-good to see you posting!

Pistol said...

Part 1:
165lb DL
50 DU
TRT: 8:19
All DLs unbroken, touch and go!
First three rounds of DU unbroken. Broke at 25 on round four, shoes untied on rounds five and six. Lost about 12 seconds. Broke at 25 & 38 at the last round.

Casey S. said...

Part 1:
13:24 at 135....I think my back was protesting DL's I woke up with an awful knot and it started to feel better after warming up but I didn't want to push it too much, so I took the DL's nice and slow. Du's were ok today got trough the first two unbroken then they got a little choppy.

Part 2:
162 Reps total
Push-ups were kinda yucky today just felt like I had nothing for them and ring dips are just awful for me because even though I have been working mobility super hard I have problems with internal rotation from years of rotator cuff stuff during softball...so there a work in progress! Not too bad of a day for the first day back after a competition though!

AJ Moore said...

did unbroken in the am instead of todays part 1.

part 2 chest to deck only, no belly or legs-first time doing it this way...sucked a big one..felt like my chest and shoulders were going to explode after round 1

9 +10 burpees + 1 pushup

Christa said...

P1: 11:47
P2: 5.5 rounds, almost finished the ring dips on the last round to complete 6 but not quite! Triceps were dead today!

ROBO said...

Unit we did something that we all talked about a couple weeks back call rory for details.

Ross Blake said...

I misread the post. (embarrassing!) did only 7 reps on the deadlifts per round.


notes: hamstrings are trashed
pwo: salmon, blueberries, banana, apple, carrot and sweet potato purée.

Lars said...

Didn't have my rope today at work, so I was only able to do part 2.

208 reps - uggg chest and delts on fire

Will do part 1 tomorrow.

JJL @ CSC said...

200 (subbed ring push ups for ring dips - sternum issue)

nate said...

Event at Crossfit Ft. Bragg in AM

Rest 4 hrs

Part 2:

290 reps...felt the push-ups starting on round 2! Very nice...

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2: 224

Anonymous said...

Part 1: 12:55
Part 2: 234

Eric Montgomery said...

I'm almost ashamed to post these numbers, but I figure with almost three months away from OPT I've gotta start somewhere. Time to get some conditioning back after getting on a PL kick when I hurt my shoulder in October.

Part 1: 6:31. Cut to 3 rounds in the interest of being able to walk tomorrow. DLs unbroken but DUs bad bad bad.

Part 2: 90 reps, cut to 10 minutes. Pretty much hit muscle failure after the first set of ring dips, which made the next two rounds of burpees and pushups rough.

Heavy Evy said...

part 1: 11:47

Tweaked my back in set 3 didn't really effect the rest of the workout but was real sore all day. Did part 2 didn't allow belly or legs to touch for the workout, everything strict, and basically fought the muscle failure the whole way.

Part 2: 176 reps

Kyle F said...

Part 1: 15:45
Part 2: 195 reps

Triceps were smoked before I started part 2. So they're really hurtin now.

Anthony said...

Vic and I forgot that we started part one at 1 minute on the timer. So Part 1 time is actually 13:14. A 5 minute PR.

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Ant and I forgot that we started part one at 1 minute on the timer. So Part 1 time is actually 18:52.

Anonymous said...

Aaaand part 1:

Scaled to 135# and 25 DU per round. First time doing DUs in a WOD for a while. I am paying for it today with some foot pain, but I wanted to get some in.


Lauren said...

part one: 8:30, was new PB

Part two: 104 reps. got stuck on ring dips.

JHo said...

Part 1- 14:07.
Part 2- 194

Day 2 of Metabolic typing diet baseline. Felt like crap on part 1 of the workout. Unsure if it is the diet change since it was lagging numbers that encouraged me to try it in the first place.

Lisa M said...

Part one from yesterday

11:19 ouch christmas and all the time off I have taken really showed today. Oh well have to start somewhere.

Part 2 maybe tomorrow. Shoulder is still screwed so don't know if pushups and ring dips are in the cards.