sat, dec 11, 2010




A1. OHS @ 1010; 10 reps x 7 sets: rest 1 min
A2. CTB Chin Ups; 10 reps x 7 sets; rest 1 min
In 4 minutes from an empty bar find your 1RM Press
rest 10 sec
Tabata Sit Ups anchored no abmat - total
rest 10 sec
AMRAP Double Unders in 4 minutes

post loads for OHS, and total for part 2 to comments
(part 2 total = load in # + total reps + total reps)


Soren said...

A1: 5 sets with 50kg, 2 sets with 55
A2: All UB CTB

Part 2 total: (143+113+269)525

Had a hard time holding the bar stable OH, esp when I got Arse to Grass, so kept it light.
Happy with D/U, as they used to be a weakness


AJ Moore said...

A1.165x4 170x1 175x1 185 x1
A2. all unbroken
336 (19x2 18x6)

ROBO said...

A1. 155, 175x3, 185x2, 205
A2. mix of CTB and COB

(185, 125, 140)-460

DU are a weakness switch to diff rope trying to get use to it.

Anonymous said...

A1. 115 all sets
A2. Completed
Total: 567 [225(PP PR)+122+220]

Gord said...

A1. used 60# for all 8 reps. Startig to slowly do these again
A2. all unbroken

Total- 461
shoulder press- 157#
situps 108

NW said...

Back squat: 225x3,255x3,285x5

A1: 105,115,85(wrist sore),105,115,125,130(Rep PR)
A2: unbroken
Part 2: 125+157+155 = 437

Notes: only did 7 reps for OHS, I can't read apparently
- Shoulders were SMOKED from OHS. Disappointed with Press and DU. Did have to re-tie both shoes twice. Still, no excuses

Garage Crossfitter said...

Decided to do 300FY for the first time as I just bought an airdyne.
score= 200 humbling, the last 9 min sucked haha
goal is 250 by spring

bought some equipment for the gym last 2 days...
- 3lb pair to 45lb pair Hex Db's with 3 tier rack and a 3 yr old schwinn airdyne owned by a grandma, all for 540$

Pete @ CFN said...

A1. 5×115, 2×125
A2. Unbroken

Part 2:
115 Press (called it there for shoulder)
138 Tabata Situps
238 DU’s

Total 491

David said...

A1. 60kg all sets, unbroken
B2. all ctb, unbroken.

No time for the rest, off with the family for the day.

Lars said...

Part 1

A1. 135 x 10 UB all sets...except last set got 9/10 Damn!
A2. CTB x 10 all UB

Part 2

215+128= 343

Missed 225 on the press, tabata sit ups all 16 reps. Not able to do DU's because of ankle.

Awesome workout, really liked this one.

Kent said...

A1 100,105,110,115,120,125,130
A2 Done. Last 2 sets COVP

Press 155 (5#PR)
Tabata 144 (20,20,20,20,19,17,15,13
DU 232 (First 76 UNB, PR by 6)
Total 531

Wanted one DU/second. Was on pace 3min in, but couldn't get there. Too many trip ups near the end, needed to breathe and calm down.
Great WOD. Felt good today.

PTS said...

A1. 115, 125, 135x5
A2. unbroken

175(PR)+ 151 + 186 = 512

used heavy rope for DU's. Buddy Lee rope breaks in the cold, so will be using heavy rope for next couple months.

Sean LeFloch said...

A1: 3 set w/ 125#; 1 set w/ 135#, 2 sets w/ 145#
A2: All UB CTB

Part 2 Total: (185+85+222)=492

Did situps shoulder blades to ground at bottom, chest perpendicular at top. Definitely a weakness for me.

Did doubles in sets of 20 so I wouldn't burn out by minute 2.

ryandrew11 said...

A1. 65, 65, 65, 70, 70, 75, 80
A2. 6x7, still working on CTBs, didnt hit chest on every one

Part 2 Total: (125+71+189)=385

tabata: started with situps, but ribs were hurting too much so stopped after first set, took 1 set off then did last 6 sets with pushups. pushups were a bad idea right before the double unders.
18,-,16,11,8,6,6,6 = 71

Aaron Betts said...

A2.all unbroken
Part 2:
486 total

Pressing strength still not where it needs to be

Anthony said...

A1- 115# X 7. Stability on last set was tough
A2- CTB unbroken

1Rm press- 130#. 15# short of my PR

Part 2 - 88+160=248

Big L said...

a1. 135,145,150, 151,152x6,151, 152x9
a2. unbroken and powerful
175+93+188(218 on second attempt after 1 min rest)

i experimented with 20g protein after a1/a2 then 20g protein after double unders
banana 20 min after

Jared K. said...

A1: 95,95,95,95,105,115,105. UB except 6th set.
A2: UB except 7th set

1rm = #125

Tabata+DU's 100+165=265

Depth on OHS needs a little work on beginning sets

jerf said...

@garage crossfitter

"last 9 min sucked" - great line.

A1: 95#x3, 115#x4 (wrist still unhappy)
A2: Unbroken

185+138+119= 442


I've been using my globo's thick weighted jump rope thinking that when I finally by a speed rope I'll break the sound barrier with my well conditioned DU's. This is bound to backfire.

Nathan H. said...

176, 184, 198, 208 then called it because my shoulder was feelin funny with the support. Continued with pullups on the minute after, all unbroken.

163 press (shoulder felt weird still)
129 sit-ups
277 doubleunders

569 total

Jeff @CF Redline said...


Part 1:
A1: All 7 sets unbroken @135#
A2: All 7 sets CTB unbroken

Part 2:
1RM press - 165#
Tabata sit-ups - 120
Double Unders - 204
TOTAL = 489

**Welcome newcomers Vic and Jared**

Stephen B. said...

a1. 181/181(6)/176/176/176(8)/176/198(5)
a2. all sets UB

Part 2 total: 546
press: 175
Tabata sit-ups: 73...WTF?
DUs: 298

notes: cramped up real bad on sit-ups by 4th explanation...worst score I've ever had on tabata SU

OHS felt great despite a few fails

Angelo Fosco said...

Torn bicep still so did strict ring dips instead of pull ups.

A1. 115#, 135x3, 145#x2, 135# (bicept felt weird so stopped at 8th rep)
A2. All strict ring dips unbroken

Part 2:
1RM press: 200# (10#'s from PR)
Sit ups: 93
Double Unders: 244

Total: 537

Last few reps on 145# OH squat felt weird on bicep so knocked it down to 135# last set. Could have gotten 205 or 210 on press probably but didn't want to push it with top of bicep still torn. All sit ups top of hand touch behind head to touch the DB's anchoring feet. Today was the 3rd day of training, so rest day tomorrow and try to catch up with the blog after hopefully.

Vic said...

I'm a member at CrossFit Redline in Naples, Florida and this was my first OPT Workout.

Part 1:
A1: Sets 1-4 @ 95, Sets 5-6 @ 115, Set 7 @ 125 broken 5,4,1

A2: CTB Sets 1-6 UB Set 7 Broken

Part 2:
-1 RPM Press 135 (Failed 155 attempt, and short my original PR 145)
-Tabata Situps 122
-Doubleunders 145
Total: 267

Thx Anthony and Jeff for the invite it was fun!!!

Angelo Fosco said...

Also down 3#'s in the last 12 days. Trying to figure out how to maximize performance and recovery...think I'm slowly figuring it out. Stats:

Adam Rogers said...

A1- 95,105,115,125,135,145


Total- 582

Still unsure about my shoulder, press is 20lbs under PR

derb said...


A1: 105/110/115/120/125x7(lost the weight at the bottum)/125/125
A2: UBx7

Part 2: 469(150lbs+117+202)

unit said...

mix of a couple days...

5 x 250m run, 90s rest- 46.7/ 45.3/ 42.7/ 39.8/ 34.7
10 min rest- accumulated 120s of freestanding handstands
5 x 250m row, 90s rest- 56/ 54/ 50/ 46/ 38.4

OHS x10- 135 x2/ 155x2/ 185/ 205/ 225(f)
PU x10- alternated b/w 2-finger rock ring and softball grips

tabata sit-ups- 141
no rope... ordered one 2days ago...
squat- 245(3)/ 265(3)/ 285(5)

- row and run felt pretty gd...
- 205 x10 OHS is a rep PR at this wt...


Heavy Evy said...
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Heavy Evy said...

a1. 130,140,154,154,154(broke@7),154(B@6), 154(b@7)
A2. ub

Score= 504

Press 165, failed 170x2
Situps 102
Du's 237

Thought I'd get to BW on the OHS today, but after 1min rest it wasn't happening!

Jon Sinclair said...

A1. 95# for each

Part 2. (135+100+214)=449

-used some bunk skipping rope with weighted handles, so wrists burnt out fast.

├╝ber Bania said...

Deadlift warmup
135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x5

A1. 115# all sets, got a little slow at the end, fell off tempo
A2. All UB CTB
Press: 185
Situps: 101 (14,13,13,13,12,12,12,12)
Double Unders: 300!!! First 227 unbroken, new PR (2:20). Broke the rest into 43 and 30.

And done.

Thad said...

A1. 2 x 95#, 2 x 115#
A2. Subbed 20sec row sprints

Press 135#
Tabata 101
DU's 224
total= 460

Bruised ribs about 10 days ago, tried PU"s in warm up they where to pain full and OH squats became to pain full so I stopped after 4th set. Still felt good to do something.

Brandon said...

A1. 135/145/155/165/175/185(f-10)/185 - unbroken except 6th set
A2. all unbroken

392 (185+127+80)

Good workout...shoulders smoked.

Julian Cruz said...

Training from Dec 9:

B.Power Clean:190,200,210,220,230(1)
C.UBx5 (44 in each hand)

Made a few changes to work on weakness.

Brent Maier said...


A1 OHSx10:
1) 60kg (UB)
2) 65kg (UB)
3) 70kg (UB)
4) 91kg (9/1) - 200# Was going for x15 bw but arms were shot. Video'd the attempt... Boo!
5) 75kg (5/5) - Balance issue
6) 70kg (UB)
7) 65kg (UB)
A2 C2B: All UB except for 6th set.

Part II Total: 564 (165+127+272)

Everything was back to back tonight. Minimal rest. I knew shoulder fatigue was going to be an issue on A1 once I finished set 3.

Steve Smith said...

A1. 185, 205, 215, 225, 230, 235, 240
A2. All unbroken

190# on OHS
138 Sit-ups
278 Double Unders

Total = 606

Jesse J WellRock said...

OHS 145,150,155x5 (in lb's)

press+tabata sit up+dbl under


Anonymous said...

A1: 5x(45,47.5,50, 52.5, 55kg). Tweaked my shoulder in the 5th set. Havin issues with this movement.
A2: 10, 10, 9, 8, 9. DH Ring Pull ups.

B: 67.5kg.
C: Hi Score 13, Lo Score 12.
D: 159

Anonymous said...

My bad, sorry. Part 2 score 406.5