sat, dec 4, 2010

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Power Clean Cluster - x 5; rest 4 min
3 rds for time:
10 Dead Lift - 115% BWT
25 box jumps - 24"
(rest 10 sec b/t reps on cluster; rules for box jump - jump up, hips to full ext @ top, STEP DOWN, repeat, you CANNOT jump up and jump off - we will test this again with jump up - jump down over time and compare)

post loads and time to comments
work on recovery - we are just finishing up some volume work; stay with it


Nathan H. said...

Had to do this one early, tomorrow (saturday) Lamarr and I are running a crossfit event in Orange County. Wouldn't have been able to get anything in.

Felt pretty weak during this workout, but glad I did it.

PC: 225, 235, 245, 255, 265/2 just couldn't generate the power I needed.

WOD: 4:02
Step downs absolutely suck. Burned by legs WAY more than normal box jumps. I went into it thinking, "oh this is going to be easier" Yeah... right.

Bin said...

For the record, I'm enjoying this recent GJ kick.

soren kristensen said...

PC: 80,82,85,90,92

Happy with that

Step down was interesting, a new experience compared to the jum´ps, legs were fired up before the Deadlift

did the rower wod from the other day yesterday, only 5,4,3 sets of each but that was enough to get me fired up. That was rough!


Steve Smith said...

Mixed up Thurs and Today's due to schedule:

A. OHS @ 32X1, 5x5, Rest 2 min
155, 185, 195, 195, 205
- Pleased with how I felt throughout
- Ended at about 85% effort

B. PWR Clean Cluster
205, 225, 245, 245, 245
- Not sure about how the numbers stack up, but very disappointed in how this felt.
- Catch was very sloppy

Will do Thursday's Muscle ups, L-Sits, and Double Unders, along with todays metcon later today.

Steve Smith said...

PS. I call my garage, "The Forge"

It's like a tree house that I get to hang out in after school. Feel so fortunate to have a place of my own.

jerf said...

PC: 135,155,175,195,200

Starting to ramp it up a bit with the wrist.

Metcon: 6:10 (225#, 30 inch box)

Only had access to a 30 inch box... these were tough! I definitely found myself favoring a side, so I had to consciously switch stepping legs every 5 reps. Only took one break (5 breaths before picking up deads on round 3)

Gord said...

PC -159/169/179/184/189


Spider said...

I. PC: 135-145-160-170x3-170x3
The second pull was decent, but the elbows are slow on the catch.

II. Metcon:
115% BWT = 170
Total time: 4:25

Felt pretty slow on the box jumps, we'll see what the comparison shows.

III. 300 FY 179 cal (left over from yesterday and all caught up)

David said...

80, 85, 91, 95, 100kg


Garage Crossfitter said...

135 155 165 175 185

metcon 5:05

Paul Klein said...

I don't have a name for my garage but I do have a little banner that says "Physical Fitness For Better Tyranny". Mr. Burns (from the Simpsons) has the same thing above the entrance to his home gym.

Just checking in, I have been focusing on some weaknesses and I will be wrapping up and getting back with the pack here on January 1st. I have been lurking, it is great to see AJ Moore posting now. That dude put on a huge showing at the Dirty South Regional in May. He hurt is leg in the first event, and still kicked some serious ass. Without the injury he would most likely have been games bound.

Stephen B. said...

Won't be able to get at Thursdays wod until tomorrow. 300fy should be fun.

OPT hoodies do make a gift. I'll be buying myself one for Xmas cuz I deserve something nice. Lol

Jon Sinclair said...

No time to do cluster.

Couplet: 3:13 (with 175# DL - 117% BW)

NW said...

425 DL 5# PR. Couldn't do cluster do to wrist
rest 5 min
Time: 2:40 @195#, not sure if box was 24" but def 20
hips to full extension+ step down.
Then 1:1 30 sec Airdyne sprints 2. Total cal 52

Pot was hot today

Sean LeFloch said...


How do the short sizes run?


NW said...


Update on Post WOD fueling:
day 3 of 100-120 grams C. Feel awesome, recovering much better. Feel like I could do workouts all over again. Haven't checked BF, looked everywhere for a caliper, going to check online now.
Following with 20-30 nuts about half hour later, then meal about an hour later depending on class schedule

PR today in both DL and Metcon, something is working thanks!

Mark said...

PC: Did 185# all 5 rounds. Worked on technique.

WOD: 4:17 at 205#

Chris Dunkin said...

PC: 215,220,225,230,235x4

metcon: 4:00 (240dl)

Justin said...

PC: 225, 245, 250, 255, 260
5:29rx (my legs were hurting)

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Part 1:
Power Clean Cluster:

Part 2: 4:37
10 Deadlift @115% BW(175# DL)
25 Box Jumps w/step downs

Aaron Betts said...

PC 155,165,170,175,185
WOD 6:58 (220#)

Becky said...

pc cluster:95, 105, 125, 125, 130
6:25 dl/ box jump

Paul Smith said...

PC: 225, 235, 240, 245, 250

Happy with weight. I haven't PC over 185# in about 2 months.

Couplet: 4:31 Step downs felt really slow.

I'm looking for Oly shoes, anyone have any suggestions on a good brand. I think it is time to retire the Chuck Ts.

Rory Hanlin said...

Power Clean Cluster:
245, 255, 275, 285, 300x5

Metcon: 4:02
Deadlift weight: 260

300lbs is my current Power clean 1RM. Obviously, I'm happy to do it in a 5 set cluster.

AJ Moore said...


3:11 @ 165lb BW as RX

DeeJay said...

PC cluster - 235-245-255-265-275(2)
WOD - 4:58 @ 245lbs
back on big dawgs untill Hawaii on the 20th, then back on in new year

Nathan, thanks for the early post ;). couldn't let your skinny ass beat me on the power cleans... you did however whoop my ass on the WOD portion!

Rory, I miss seeing your beastliness... good to be back!

AJ Moore said...


Sincerely appreciate the shout out.

Rich said...

Part 1:
PC - 205,225,245,255,260
(Felt really strong, prev PC 1rm max = 250)

Part 2:
WOD - 4:03 (DL - 235)
(felt really good, never fatigued)

Lars said...

PC's 205,215,220,225,230
Kept it relatively light and was just being careful with my foot.

Can't do box jumps but was able to do a few Deadlifts. Did 3 sets of 10UB @ 255 (115% BW) with 1 min rest b/t sets.

kent said...

cleaned heavy yesterday. metcon only 4:00 bdy weight 185

PTS said...

PC cluster 185,195,205,215,215(3)

met-con 4:11.
bwt=187 DL = 215

PTS said...

I am posting this as constructive criticism so I hope no one takes this the wrong way.

I've been on this blog since the beginning. We all try to hold each other to a high standard on ROM when doing workouts and when we post our times. We do this because on competition day we don't want to have missed reps. Missed reps can cost valuable time in any competition.

With that being said DL and BJ are two movements where ROM can easily be compromised unintentionally.

What I'm saying is, let's all check our ROM and make sure it is legit. I say this because I want all Big Dawgs to smash it come competition time and the way to do that is to train properly.

Again I am saying this out of a desire to make our community here better, so I hope this message is coming across as helpful.

Angelo Fosco said...

Started the cluster at 225, felt heavy. Went to 230# and on rep 3 strained/pulled/tore something on my second pull. Got it up but the top of my bicep looks like it has a small indent and is a very sharp pain. Needless 2 say I shut it down and will have 2 take some time off. Any ideas on what this may be?

Heavy Evy said...

form went to shit at 230

Metcon: 3:48 220dl

Anonymous said...

PC: 165,175,185,195,1/205

BWT-155# Deadlift@ 180#

unit said...

tues nov 30
part 1
1. 228 watts, 2614m
2. 208 watts, 2718m
3. 211 watts, 2557m
row felt gd....
part 2
fail- no rope so subbed towel pullups.... towel ripped on 1st set of 35... got 2 DUs and rope broke at 40... no backup equipment, figured wasn't my day so called it... grrrr
part 3
squat- 225(5)/ 245(5)/ 260(7)

poss a torn bicep... a fully ruptured bicep usually occurs with a nice pop during a pull with resistance, with indent distal and bulge proximal in the arm...


Sean LeFloch said...

Power Clean Cluster:
185, 190, 195, 205, 210(4)

Metcon: 3:58
Deadlift weight: 205#

Technique is getting better with power clean, but now I have to relearn how to do heavier weight correctly. Fired up before metcon. Walked away under controlled breathing after metcon, step downs roasted the quads which made it harder to red line.

Adam Rogers said...

PC - 165,185,195,205,215

Metcon - 3:28

Happy with cleans, 1RM is 225.

Loved the metcon, stepping down was an interesting twist.

Gonna be coughing the fire out of my lungs the rest of today.

Brandon said...

PC: 175/185/195/205/215(f-4)
Metcon: 4:49 w/245# (BW 208)

Cleans heavy...lots of tightness in the hips, couldn't explode on PC or on BJs. Will work on opening the hips up for recovery this evening.

Lauren said...

PC - 95, 115, 135, 145, 155

couplet - 6:30

JJL @ CFN said...

Power Clean: 185, 185, 195, 200, 205
DL @ 115% BW = 200#
Couplet: 3:58

Rest 10 minutes

tried a KB breathing ladder 1-20, then back down to 1
(e.g. 1-2-3-up to 20, 19, 18, etc...)
1 breath per rep between rounds
first 200 @ 1 pood, second 200 @ 1.5 pood
400 total swings

ryandrew11 said...

PC cluster 155, 175, 175, 180, 185(4)

met-con 6:42
bwt=204 DL = 235

quads were fried

Kent said...

PC 135,145,155,165,175
started a bit light. Had a little left.

115%=210#/30 inch BJ
BJ much harder with step down. Good mvt.

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

PC: 175x2 185x2 195

WOD: 6:57 with a 220 Deadlift

Angelo Fosco said...

Unit you were right on. Went to the ER no MRI but the dr said it was a partial muscle tear. Said to let it est 7 to 10 days and work bck into it. Full heal in 4 to 6 weeks. So gonna. Focus on lower body the next week then try to get back into the swing of things. Will do the couplet except squats tomorrow.

Steve Howell said...

From Nov 25th

HPS: All Unbroken
BBJ/DU: Didn't count just kept moving
KB: 32kg all unbroken
Row: 490m-500m
Step Ups: Unbroken
Bear Crawl: Unbroken

Rory Hanlin said...


Good to see you are back at it!

I look forward to gunning for your times/weights again.

Anonymous said...

Clean Cluster:
--> I jumped off the box a few times and repeating the rep cost me a few seconds.

I haven't been feeling up to snuff over the past few weeks and have been trying to creep back into the training on a more consistent basis. For the past couple days I've bumped up my carb intake and tonight I felt great and was shot out of a cannon.

Stephen Flamm said...

Just checking in while doing my own programming to identify and correct some weaknesses on my way back from knee surgery...

A. Split squat, 3 x 6 @ 35/hand, 3010; 2:00 rest
B. Power snatch, build quickly to heavy single
C. Power clean & split jerk, build quickly to heavy single
D1. Glute-ham raises, 3 x 12; :10 rest
D2. Toes-to-bar, kipping, 3 x 20; 3:00 rest

Split squats just suck, but hey, that's what I need... Built up to 165 on the PS and 220 on the PC&J - not too far of old PRs, but felt ridiculously heavy after a few months away. GHRs unbroken, but had to break the third set of TTBs after 15.

Pleased to see so many Old Dawgs posting again on the sight, as well as all of the new Dawgs...

Ross Blake said...

James. Sent you an email mate. Just read that you're away so just decided to follow my heart and step back into th bd training.

Pcln cluster - 70kg- 75-80-82.5-85(187#)

5:03 @90kg
bw is 76kg (167#)

Pwo: white fish, 3g l-glutamine

good to be back

Emilie P-B said...

PC: 115-125-130-135-140 (failed last 3 reps)

DL/Box jump: 4:58
BW:130, Deadlift at 150 lbs, Box jump: 24"

Started to feel my legs on the last 10 boxjumps of last round. Steping down of the box with the same leg on 90% of the reps.

Kyle F said...

4:34 (225# DL/24" box)

Went unbroken on DL and BJ, thought I was going fast until I checked the comments. Nice work everybody.

Suzie F
4:36 (85#/14" box)
Scaled the DL and Box jumps as necessary.

ΓΌber Bania said...

Did the PC's as strip sets:

Couplet: 1:50, 1:45, 1:25. total 5:00

Back Squat 135x5, 225x5, 315x5

Anonymous said...

Part 2: 5:53.
(Bwdt 98kg @ 115kg = 117%. 60cm box.)

Sore from the last two days of doubles. Skipped the clusters.

Christa said...

PC: 95/105/115/125/135(only 4)
WOD: 8:15

added in the HSPU for 10 min on 45 and 10lb plates each hand

Robin Lyons said...

1. 150,155,165,175,175lbs
2. Couplet 6:12 rxd