rest day

a great set up and initial movement off the floor...

always leads to proper execution to move weight overhead in one movement

Congrats as well goes to OPT client Kathryn Waslen  - 3:03 marathon on Sunday - goal time of 2:55 within reach, well done!


Julian Cruz said...

Haven't posted in awhile. Never stopped following the training. Few days behind.

Sat Dec 4 training

Power Clean: 185,195,205,215,225(3)

DL/BJ: 4:38(215#)

Rory Hanlin said...

where have you been mike?

Heavy Evy said...

And rolling a lax ball on your armpits always leads to weird backdrop pictures!

Made up the 400m intervals from Sun 27th.

80% 1:28
90% 1:28 whoops
100% 1:11
rest 2min
90% repeats on 3min timer;

Meh, times weren't great but running is feeling better. Been getting 8hrs/night sleep for the last week as aposed to 6, and feel like I could hit a comp tommorow if I had to.

matt said...

Couple day's behind

PC: 185, 205,225,245,265x3
DL/BJ 225 4:10

Steve Howell said...

From Nov 27th

3RM Front Squat: 135kg (pr)
2RM Snatch: 85kg
Max Pull Ups: 50
Total = 135+85+50 = 270
Burpee/Row Time: 4:22

Stephen B. said...

Saturday WOD:

warmed up with sets of 3 CGDL to @245#

PC Cluster: 195/205/215(1)/215(1)/215(3)



5:25...all UB

notes: wasn't my day on the cleans...power and timing lacking today...