sat, dec 18, 2010

OPT Weight Lifting Club version 2.0 - working sets
..then some fun...
...and to finish
Mat Lalonde - our resident expert for the OPT CCP Nutrition modules is heading to OPT CCP coach Scotty Hagnas' place in Portland - January 8th, 2011 from 9 am to 5 pm - "the Science of Nutrition - the basics".
If you want to create change in your facility, your family, your friends - the exposures they get to the optimum way to live and more importantly eat - send them to this day. Mat will lay out the answers to all the basic questions on current nutrition practices and why!
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Heavy Evy said...

Ah man I need to start a "club", I'll call it "Team Awesomer".

Looks like a good time.

Hope that nutrition cert makes it way up north soon, will definately get to it.

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 9th

A: 245x10x3
B: 85kg/90kgx2x3/95kg/100kgx2(fail on 3rd)
C: 24kgx2/32kgx3

*Did banded KB Swings with purple band

sj said...

In response to getting called out on FB for not posting:
Thurs did: 1.5 pd KB Swing/Breathing Ladder - got all 15, 9:05 (yo...)

Worked on m-us (JUST got these last week before comp!!), grip was not playing along after those swings. Worked ring dips too.

Had to sub row due to no AD - Cals in 2:00=39

Friday: crazy schedule no workout

Today: 7am- from yesterday
A1: 75,80,85,85,90,85,85
A2: all UB
A3: (played w/ this facing wall technique) 13(feet on box),4(feet on wall for rest of sets), 3,4,4,2,3

B: 5 sets of 60 sec holds...ouch

4pm - subbed rowing for AD
10 min @ Z1=2:22-2:12/500m - felt good
80%=2:06/500m - still felt good & even went so far to think this was fun
90%= 1:56/500m - still felt good...then...
100%= 1:45/500m - not so fun any more, crept up around 1:50/500m
10 min @ Z1 - kept it in pace again, but was def not having fun any more, oddly long 10 mins.

Sorry for the long post from the new girl. :) Hoping to stick around & tame a few goats (muscle-ups, HSPUs, dbl-unders)

Steve Smith said...

Yea, Stacy! Good to see you here.

Trevor Salmon said...

Heavy, there are a few of the seminar's planned for Canada. Right now in Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

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