fri, oct 1, 2010

Concurrent Endurance and Strength Training Not to Failure Optimizes Performance Gains. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 42, No. 6, pp. 1191–1199, 2010.
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the efficacy of 8 wk of resistance training to failure versus not to failure training regimens at both moderate and low volumes for increasing upper- body strength and power as well as cardiovascular parameters into a combined resistance and endurance periodized training scheme.
Methods: Forty-three trained male rowers were matched and then randomly assigned to four groups that performed the same endurance training but differed on their resistance training regimen: four exercises leading to repetition failure (4RF; n = 14), four exercises not leading to failure (4NRF; n = 15), two exercises not to failure (2NRF; n = 6), and control group (C; n = 8). One-repetition maximum strength and maximal muscle power output during prone bench pull (BP), average power during a 20-min all-out row test (W20min), average row power output eliciting a blood lactate concentration of 4 mmolILj1 (W4mmolILj1), and power output in 10 maximal strokes (W10strokes) were assessed before and after 8 wk of periodized training.
Results: 4NRF group experienced larger gains in one-repetition maximum strength and muscle power output (4.6% and 6.4%, respectively) in BP compared with both 4RF (2.1% and j1.2%) and 2NRF (0.6% and j0.6%). 4NRF and 2NRF groups experienced larger gains in W10strokes (3.6% and 5%) and in W20min (7.6% and 9%) compared with those found after 4RF (j0.1% and 4.6%), whereas no significant differences between groups were observed in the magnitude of changes in W4mmolILj1 (4NRF = 6.2%, 4RF = 5.3%, 2NRF = 6.8%, and C = 4.5%).
Conclusions: An 8-wk linear periodized concurrent strength and endurance training program using a moderate number of repetitions not to failure (4NRF group) provides a favorable environment for achieving greater enhancements in strength, muscle power, and rowing performance when compared with higher training volumes of repetitions to failure in experienced highly trained rowers.

A. Power Clean Waveload - 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1; rest 2 min
B. 10 burpees AFAP; rest 40 sec x 5
C. Row 1K

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Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

What is the rest between sets for part a?

Is it 2 mins between each set?

or is it a few seconds in btwn each set to increase weight and 2 mins btwn part A and B?

Stahl said...

Traveling early tomorrow through the weekend with no access to equipment.

Going to have to improvise tomorrow and Sunday.

Hari said...


We've got 70 people registered for Saturday Morning at CFNYC. (5 slots left)

Curt M said...

Will be hitting this up today at OPT and picking up some new reading material as well.

Did Fran(2:35) yesterday and skipped bench and pullups will make up as double tonight.

By the way just spent the week in Lethbridge for work and got a WOD in everyday at CF Lethbridge. Big thanks to Cory and Heather you are truly great people and an underappreciated part of the crossfit community.

And to all big dawgs if your ever in Lethbridge and lookin for some real Crossfit Action look no further than CF Lethbridge.

Bear said...

Time to come out of mini-hibernation trying to lick the wounds of the competition. I was more run down than I thought. Anyway, wanted some results for reference so I did a mash-up. Basically it was yesterdays + some BS & BSS as "warm up":

A1 BS @ 40x0: up to 125 kg
A2 BSS @ 26.5 kg in each hand amrap - right leg: 6 left leg: 10 reps
B1 CGBP @ 40x0: 100 kg
B2 Regular benchpress: 110 kg, pb!
B3 Strict pu MIXED grip: up to 41.5 kg
C1 CGPB @ 40x0, 85 kg: 5 reps
C2 Strict pu MIXED grip, 31.5 kg: 2 reps

Taking it easy with the squats, but I was surprised 125 kg felt so "light". BSS is pointing out my lack of stability, hard time with right leg because left hit is stiff.
It has been bugging me that I didn´t try 110 kg BP in the competition this weekend so I did an extra 1RM in regular BP when I had the chance to get a spotter. A bit childish, but I couldn´t resist it.
Had to have a mixed grip since the PU-bar is twisting, but happy with 41.5 kg. Not happy with the 85% amrap afterwards.

Bear said...

Score for yesterdays wod:

1. 1,22
2. B1: 5 reps, B2: 2 reps

PU with mixed grip B2 76%.

Btw: Heavy Evy, great vid!

Martin Altemark said...

A: 70kg-75-80, 75-80-85, 80-85-90, 85-90(1f)-95(f)
B: yes
C: 3:18

My PCs completely flat out SUCKS. Stomach has been hit by some virus, so maybe not 100% today, but this is probably my biggest weakness. I don't seem to be able to keep tight and powerful as weight goes 85+. Not sure how to adress this - doing extra light PCs after dawg sessions?

Kevin said...


Yesterday's scores:
1. (100+225)/255=1.27
2. 4 @220, 4 @ bw+53

Really discouraged by the CGBP numbers. 1RM is down 25 from June. Hoping it was just an off day. Sleep has been off, and I switched to CF Football Paleo (Paleo + some dairy) on Monday. Don't know if I'm getting enough intake on it yet.

PTS said...

yesterdays wod today at 7 am

1. 1.16 = (90+193)/242
2. 4 cgbp, 2 CU

AC said...

Was diet monitored for athletes in the experiment?

Was sleep time and quality monitored?

Its fair to assume that the athletes were all about the same build because they were elite rowers. Being the same frame and genetic potential for muscle development and strength gain are not the same though. Seems like a more impressive result would be rotating the groups and repeating.

Did they define what they mean by "failure?" Was it maximal load failure or muscle fatigue failure?

Anonymous said...


B: completed

C: 3:31

Cut row time since last 1000m by from 3:40 in July. Better pace and rhythm especially after all power cleans and burpees.

5hrs sleep between yesterday shift and this morning. Headed to Colorado for O-Lift cert this weekend. Can't wait to learn correct technique because I know I need it. Will also try to stay on schedule with training.

Good luck to all the Dawgs going to Colorado Springs this weekend!

Steve G said...

If you type in the article name into google scholar you can access the pdf article for is an interesting study...

Chris Dunkin said...

B.complete: 18-19sec/rd

2nd 1k an hour later: 3:11
felt like I could improve my time. I don't recommend it.

brian cilento said...

a:155,165,175 160,170,180 165,175,185 170,180,190... got challenging towards the end, but no failed reps. was not sure how to do this one so my only rest was changing weights.
c: 3:24... 5secs off a pr, went out WAY too fast. but i guess to be expexted?

Dustin said...

On the Powercleans do we do 3 add weight 2 add weight 1 and then rest 2 minutes before next 3,2,1???

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 225#, 235(3-F-1), 235, 235(3-2-F), 225
B. All completed in 18-19 seconds
C. 3:36
Notes: From what I remember about 2 cycles ago, waveloads are when you put the weight down, rest 10 seconds, then do the next rep scheme. So how I went about it was 3 reps, rest 10 seconds, 2 reps, rest 10 seconds, 1 rep, rest 2 minutes. Then repeat. I did an extra waveload of 225 at the end because of my failed attempts at 235#’s. Going to do the CFE running drills (jump rope and lunge drills) later today. Excited to rest tomorrow.

NorCal Chris said...

B. Fast as possible
C. 3:08.0

Krazy said...

So it's rest 2 min between each rep range right?

3 rest 2 min
2 rest 2 min
1 rest 2 min


Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 95/115/125/
155/165/175 (missed, got on 2nd try) pr by 5lbs.

B. complete

C. 3:33 (didnt feel 100%, not my best but i finished, almost stopped at the 500)

did "jake" last night with 12 rounds +10 kbs. Thats a pretty horrible wod! feel it today!

unit said...

wave loading is done how cdunkin performed it... 2 min rest bw each set, with ann increasing amount of wt with each wave of 3,2,1... the loads should get progressively heavier as u go... so, check out cdunkin... and follow accordingly, except perhaps 4 the extra 1K row!...

Chris Castillo said...

A. 185x3, 225x2, 245x1, 205x3, 245x2, 265x1
215x3, 255x2, 275f x1 215x3, 255x2, 275f x1

B. 20,21,21,21,21; seconds

C. 3:14

Rested 2 min between each set on A

Krazy said...

Thanks for the breakdown

Steve Howell said...

A: 80,90,100kg/82.5,92.5,102.5kg/85,95,105kg/87.5,97.5,107.5kg
B: Burpees felt really good and fast
C: 3:21

Drew said...

C.did not do, rower was down and didnt sub run because it was pouring outside

Brian Gregory said...

09-30-10 Results:
1. 1.08 = (96+170)266/245
2. 5, 2 @ 205#,81#

Today's Results:
A. 185,200,215
B. Rx'd
C. 3:40 (sucked)

Notes: Shift yesterday and interrupted after CGBP, finished test after today's wod, approx 3-4 hrs after. Row was horrible. Tempo was crazy hard especially for wtd pullups.

Pete @ CFN said...

A.165,175,185,175,185,195,185,195,205,195,205,217(PR) ...then 1 extra @ 222(PR)
B. all about 15 seconds
C. 3:15.4, slow middle 400 m

Andy said...

A 154/159.5/165

B between 20 and 21 secs felt good

C 3.18 min 6 secs off pb

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

A. 195/210/225/205/220/240/


20-15-10-5 reps of push press 135lb
10-20-30-40 reps 24" boxjumps

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 145, 165, 175 / 165, 185, 205(f)/ 175, 195, 205/ 185, 200, 210 pounds (pr)
B. Done
C. 3:42.8...ugh. Started exactly 40 seconds after burpees and just had no gas.

BK said...

A. 185,205,215,205,220,225,215,225,235
B. 20 secs each
C. 3.20
Best is 3.14 and on target at the 500, then the shit went SOUTH!
The last 1.42 was on par with the most painful experiences of my life.
BS,SS,Sorenson...knew those faaarkkers would come back to haunt me. One word - Horrible.

Question guys,I should know this... did that read finish A then rest 2 mins,finish B rest 40 secs then attack the row?

Craig said...

I'm Back at after a long break for the birth of our son, Cedar.

Catching up from two days ago
bwt 170
C.R-10, L -10
D. 121 sec

1. 95# + 170 / 220 = 95.7
2.B1 175# - 9 reps
B2. 80# - 2 reps

#'s are to be expected after a couple weeks off.

Brandon said...

A. 185/195/205, 195/205/215, 205/215/225, 215/225(f-2)/235(f)
B. done
C. subbed 2x500 (1:35/1:40) with 4 min rest. Lower back can't handle a full effort 1000 yet, especially when it is already fatigued.


Joel B. said...

A: 155, 165, 175; 165, 175, 185; 180, 195, 205;

B: 5 sets completed

C: 3:21.1
believe this may be a pr but can't find it so I'm not sure. Either equals pr or is one by 3 secs.

David said...

80, 85, 90kg
85, 90, 95kg
90, 95, 100kg
95, 100, F x 105kg

B. Done, felt good

C. 3:51, felt terrible, died early on and mentally just caved in. Not pleased with my attitude towards the row.

Erik Luber said...

A. 50 kg, 55, 60
52.5, 57.5, 62.5
55, 62.5, 67.5
60, 65, 70

B. approx 24 sec each set
C. 3:46.7 (done @ 90% effort)

Steve Smith said...

A. Started at 190# and ended at 265#

- Felt sloppy in the catch
- Initial waves were too big. Ended up failing a lot at the end and only being able to make minor adjustments

B. 12.04, 15.03, 15.2, 13.63, 12.04, 17.11, 17.63, 15.63, 15.69, 15.21

- Foot placement made a HUGE difference in times

C. 3:10

- Extra LONG strokes
- Did this last week; improved time by 5 seconds

It feels good (mentally) to be back here.

Steve Smith said...

Just realized I did 10 sets of burpees. Woops

Alex Duncan said...

A. 160,175,185,175,185,190,185,195,205,190,200,215 (PR)
B. Felt faster than ever.
C. Skipped. Hamstrings fatigued from tough ruck march this morning.

Dustin said...

A. (185,195,205)(195,205,215)(205,215,225)(215,225,235)

B. 10 burpees X 5

C. 3:25

Michael McCabe said...

A. in kilos:
75, 80, 85
85, 90, 95
90, 95, 100
90, 100x1, 100

B. afap

C. 3:20.0

BK - I rested more than 40sec after B... but clearly not long enough!

Matt Shannon said...

A. 195, 205, 210;
210, 215, 220;
220, 225, 230
220, 225, 230

B. did AFAP

C. 3:17

Notes: Really tried to focus on my 2nd pull so didnt even try for a PR. My arms tend to bend early before my hips open all the way. I just focused on explosive hips, a big shrug and firing the elbows.

My quads were on fire during the row. I didnt have time to warm up before the row so I went into it pretty much cold. I made sure to stretch well afterward though.

Thanks for clarifying on the execution of waveload.

Marcus Filly said...

B. Yes
C. Fran - 2:25 (i programmed this for my gym this week and got a bag of shit for not doing it with them. made up for it today)

Anthony Skvarka said...

A. in lbs. = rds 1,3 & 4 185, 205, 225. round 2 190, 210, 230

B. in seconds = 15,13, 15, 17, 19

C. 3.36 min.

Derek said...

A. 185,205,225,195,215,235,205,225,240,225,235,245
B. ~ 18sec per set
C. 3:42 (I hate rowing)

unit said...

Steve Smith... gd 2 c u back brother!... 10 burpees in 13s is off the f'ing chain!... sweet!...

A- 185/205/225 // 195/215/235 // 205/225/245 // 215/235/255
2min rest
B- the Joey Warren metcon- ~5:11
2min rest
C- 3:25 [felt like 85%]


dmarsh said...

A. 198,220,240,208,225,245,218,230,250,220,235,260 (PR)

B. All completed in 17-19 sec

C. 3:28

Rested 5 min b/w A&B and 8 min b/w B&C

Steve and Jess Pinkerton said...

3/2/1: 225/245/265
3/2/1: 230/250/270
3/2/1: 235/255/275(pr)
3/2/1: 240/260/280(pr)

3:08 Row

3/2/1: 85/95/100
3/2/1: 90/95/100(f)
3/2/1: 93/93/98
3/2/1: 93/98/103

4:14 Row

Things felt good today with the PC, the weight felt fast. Got my wife to do this cycle with me. Talk about marriage counseling....she is a bodyweight freak and just now starting to focus on strength. at 5'1/95#, she is definately frustrated with her numbers but I think in time she will see major improvements.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) (145, 155, 165) x 4
B) ~ 23-24 sec
C) 3:48, tied PB

Stephen B. said...


B. complete...felt good



PC: fucked up and did an extra set on the waveload...power cleans felt great tonight

row: hit a wall with about 400m left...want another go at it

Arjuna @ cfn said...

A. 165, 175, 185
175, 185, 195
185, 195, 205
195, 205, 220
Then one more for a peeeyaaa at 230

B. Quick
C. 315:.8

Pete Seguin said...

Still playing catch up.

Yesterday's Workout:

Notes: 230 CGBP, 260 Pronated Chin(BW 170+90),

joey warren said...

Gosh dang Unit, always one upping me, your a springy freak, nice time bro!

Rudy Tapalla said...

210,230 (2nd rep ended up a full squat clean), 240F
Had 6 minutes rest before burpees (had to strip bar)


3:42.7 (started 40sec after the last set of burpees)

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 155x3, 165x2, 175x1, 165x3, 175x2, 185x1, 175x3, 185x2, 195x1, 185x3, 195x2, 205x1
B. 19s per round
C. 3:15.5. 5 seconds slower than my PR. Definitely felt the PCs and burpees.

Anonymous said...

A. 165,175,185

B. Felt good and fast

C. 3:23

Heavy Evy said...

A. 199, 209, 219
209, 219, 229
219, 229, 253(10#PR)
2min rest
B. 17,18,19,19,19s
40s rest
C. 3:25 321W 80 cals

Should have rowed like that last weekend, kind of fell apart the last 400m today.

Any tips on my cleans would be apprecated, I land wide and maybe don't get full extension on pull from what I see.

Bear said...

Heavy Evy: remember that clean DL with pause and finish in top with extra lean that we did a few weeks back. This should help to get yourself out of the bars path going up. If you leaned back more (and of course with full extension and not pull early) it should help you to get the feet in the right place. How does it look like with easier load? How is your squat clean?

Bear said...

And btw, you are strong as hell.

Danny Davis said...

A. Sets 1,3&4 185/205/225 Set 2 195/210/230

B. 15 13 15 17 19

C. 3:35 (PR)

Heavy Evy said...

Thanks Bear,
My feet are fine when I squat clean, I think when I PC I go wide with the feet instead of deeper with the catch...mental.

Tried to read your webpage but I don't speak Ikea! Have to figure a way to translate it to Canadian.

PTS said...

A. 195,205,215 205,215,225, 215,225,235, 225,235,245

B. 20s, 19,19,19,19
C. 3:13.3

Steve Howell said...

Good luck to DJ, Nathan and all the other dawgs that are competing in the Crossfit/USAW this weekend.

Lisa M said...

Did the waveload kept light to make sure my tech was good


For the second parts i did the USAW triplet
6 squat cleans/12 pulllup/24 double unders AMRAP in 10 minutes

5 rounds + 6 SC + 6 Pullups = 222
pullups slowed me down sqc and du were all unbroken. Felt good during now i feel like ass and can barely breathe my chest and throat just completely closed up on me - weird.

Brian Maier said...

A. PC waveload:

B. Joey Warren metcon 6:28

C. 3:17

Martin Altemark said...

Good luck DJ, Nathan and Brent!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Heavy I think part of the issue is you are pulling with your hands early so maybe that's slowing your 2nd and 3rd pulls, which leads to your feet shooting out too far east and west. Focus on long arms, explode through that 2nd pull and get UNDER the bar, not away from it.

Pete Seguin said...

A. 165/175/190, 175/185/200, 185/195/210, 195/205/220

B. 16/17 seconds per set

C. 3:35
I badly misjudged the row and overestimated what I could do. I was pacing between 1:30 and 1:32 and felt great for the first 300 m or so (rookie mistake!). I kept the pace for the first 500 meters and then around 600 meters I completely fell apart to the point where I didn't think I could go on. I painfully got it done. Next time I'll try a 1:40 tempo with a balls out finish. Live and learn.


Heavy Evy said...

Appreciate it Geoff.

Way to go DJ, Nathan, Colin and Brent. Nice to see the Big Dawgs represent, makes me want to enter AB proincials in Nov.

PDS said...

185, 205, 215
185, 205, 225
205, 225, 235
215, 235, 235

no change so I couldn't move up in smaller increments

burpees in 25-35 secs

3:31 - fell apart in the last 250m

Geoff Aucoin said...

Loving Nathan's BD's shirt under the singlet! Nice work, dawgs!!!

Craig said...

A. 165/175/185//175/185/195//185/195/205//190/200/210(F)
B. 18 sec for all
C. 3.33.2

Simon L said...

A. 155,160,165,170,175,180,185,190 ,195F, 200,205,210 Failed first attempt.

C. 318.9

Christa said...

due to being behind I did this as a double with thurs, had a 10min break in between the two.

A: 95/105/115
B: all within 23-25s
C: 4:02

Scott Hoadley said...

A. 135/140/145
180 just because

B. Around 15 to 18 secs per set

C. 40second rest 3:42

10 min rest then Joey Warren Met Con

95 # push press 24" BJ 10:20

Under estimated my self on the PC should have started higher.

DAVE X said...


B. Check
C. 3:30

Siu said...

A. 100, 110, 120
110, 120, 130
120, 130, 140
130, 140×1+f, 145

B. Faster in the beginning then in the end

C. 3:48.3 (9 seconds off PR)