sun, sep 12, 2010

Congrats team Milford - Northeast Team Challenge champs

animal based low carb might kill you...
just a second

congrats to Willie Albert and Jay Nera - WPC Raw Worlds competitors



Lindsey said...

Very impressive efforts!...

And a quick shout out to Unit... Happy Birthday!!!...

Mike Molloy said...

Congrats to CF Milford and Jay Leydon! Great gym and a better person.

Get the results of my shoulder MRI tomorrow morning. Keeping the fingers crossed for good news so I can get back with the program here.

jason leydon said...

Thanks Mike! Hope you heal fast.

Drew said...

Yesterdays WOD:
Snatch-175#(79.5 kg, 5#pr)
Triplet-5 rounds+6 squat cleans-216 reps

Lars said...

Yesterday's Workout

Max snatch 93kg - 205lbs (Power + 5lb PR)

10 min AMRAP - 228 total reps = 5 rds + 6 + 12

Snatches felt strong today, wish I could squat snatch that weight because I'd be hitting much more, but I'm getting closer.

Amrap felt pretty good, cleans were light and easy, a little gassed on pull ups and double unders.

Stephen B. said...

yesterday's wod:

snatch: 84kg

amrap: 216 reps (chins covp)

score: 300

notes: failed twice at 190#...made 2 attempts back to back as I only had a minute left on the timer for the fully locked out on second attempt but dumped close...

Kevin said...


yesterday's wod:

snatch: 95kg (matched pr from earlier this week)

amrap: 219 reps (chins covp)

score: 314

notes: failed three times at 214. 209 was ugly. 2nd attempt at 214 felt good, but I lost it forward.

Met-con felt pretty bad after the first two rounds. Was happy though that the last three sets of DUs were UB. Chin-ups were very broken. Might have been able to get a few more reps if I'd used a higher bar. Kipping was a bit limited.

Paul Klein said...

Thanks for posting that video. I watched the whole thing and I was captivated. I am convinced there is a pretty nice conspiracy going on in the USDA and FDA.

Even the health insurance companies are blind to it. My wife had me take an online test that our health insurance has as a "get healthy" program. I got one answer wrong because I just couldn't bring myself to answer the way they wanted me to. The question was:

Which of the following is true.
A. You shouldn't eat more than 6oz of meat based protein a day.

B. You should eat at least 6 servings of grains per day.

C. You should only drink low fat or no fat dairy.

D. All of the above.

The "correct" answer was D. Grrrrrr! What to do?

Paul Klein said...

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Unit! I stand by 2011 being the year of Unit.

Greg said...

Yesterday's test:

140# Sn (PR+7#) (63.5kg)
120lb Cn - 4rd+6+3 (177)
Total = 240.5 (this is pitiful)
My rt elbow is killing me. Need some rest time. Probably going to take some time to let this heal.

Chad Walding said...

Sugar: The Bitter Truth
by Dr. Robert Lustwig

BK said...

Andrea,Pelican, Dan and Rob well done guys!
Jay, I know ya head is spinning mate after hitting 2 certs this week in Calgary ....mindblowing eh?

Heavy Evy said...

I hit up a free nutritional consult through my work....was told I should up my calories after workouts by adding corn syrup to my joke.

Yesterdays training:

80.5kg(3#PR) + 6rnds(252)= 332

Never thought I'd be disapointed with a PR, but it was a Power snatch, and I'm pulling 180-200 up to collar but bawking out and not falling under it, bawking is the sound a chicken makes....bawk,bawk!

Its coming though. all good.

Aaron Betts said...

9/11 WOD

Snatch- 73 kg
Amrap- 5 rds + 3 cleans total reps- 213

score- 286

Brian Gregory said...

Saturday's WOD

In 12 minutes find your Snatch 1RM
rest 3 minutes
As many rounds in 10 minutes:
6 squat clean - 55kg/30kg
12 chin ups
24 double unders

RESULTS: 336 total
84kg snatch
252 reps - 6 full rds

(Still not feeling back to normal on snatches or OH position, but better than last week or two. 10#'s off snatch PR and it took 3 attempts to get it.)

Brandon said...

Warmed up for Saturday yesterday and it felt terrible. Decided to take it easy and work on a few things and do the WOD today.

A. 79kg (off PR by 10#)
B. 4rds + 2SC = 170

Notes: First time I've Squat Snatched 79 (175) as my PR is a power snatch. Felt good to get under the bar.

Really frustrated with DUs. Going back to putting them in warm-ups because this was terrible.

matt said...

1. 210 PR
2. 210 ( 5 rds sub dbl unders for 20" BJ)

Snatch is still almost entirely muscle. I attempted to catch it in squat position but just can't get the stability in shoulders.

S.Cleans and pullups unbroken. Felt good.