thurs, sep 9, 2010

 Wittekind AL, Micklewright D, Beneke R (2009) Teleoanticipation in all-out short duration cycling. Br J Sports Med. doi:10.1136/bjsm.2009.061580
"...their conclusion was that people only exert their greatest power output when the expected test duration is less than 30 seconds."
"The subjects needed to stop the task either because the perceived level of exertion needed for the TTE (total time to exhaustion) was more than they were willing to give to succeed in the task, or their level of effort was so high that exercising for much longer was beyond their perceived ability."

part 1:
A. Halting Clean Dead Lift + Finish @ 1112; 3 x 3; rest 3 min
(add weight from last week)
B. Clean and Jerk - 70% x 1 x 3; 75% x 1 x 3; 80% x 1 x 3; rest 1 min
(1st 9 reps on the minute; if all successful take up singles gradually AHAP off the clock)
C. Clean Pull; 3 x 3; rest 3 min
(add weight from last week)
D. Front Squat - 87%; 3 x 2 reps; rest 3 min

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
AirDyne Sprints:
30 sec all out sprint
Rest 3:30 x 5

post loads and notes to comments


Poly said...

Haven't posted in a while, just wanted to drop in. Suffered a suspected tibial strain, badly bruised heel, and a potential achilles injury a couple of weeks ago. And my shoulder seems to be acting up as well. Didn't seem too bad at first, but healing is VERY slow. MRI in a few weeks. It is killing me to miss this cycle, but this cycle might have been killing me.

OPT, quick question about the comp on the 25th. Assuming I am ready to go, I have a ton going on that day. I'm working day shift, it's my birthday, and I'm part of a massive fundraiser that night ( - safe for work) Are we able to do the competition the day before, or a couple of days later?

Lars said...


Here's the video of my 225 overhead squat.
Any comments or suggestions of things to work on to improve my form and reduce the stress on my wrist would be greatly appreciated.


Lars said...

here's the link:


Rainer Hartmann said...

Only modified workouts right now, re-injured my left knee last week (again), of all things while landing during the Burpee WOD with 12'' above max reach jump, it just buckled underneath me, heard another pretty loud pop. Finally got scheduled today to see doc 10/08 (trying to slip in earlier in the clinic), hopefully nothing too serious.
Did modified workout from the other day, 30 sec shoulder press (45#), 30 sec CTB, 30 sec Push-ups, 1 min row, 2 min rest for 4 rounds.

Michael said...

Best sub for air dyne- rower or hill sprints?

@ BK I sent you an email the other day about bsc

Bear said...

A 110 kg
B 67.5-72.5-77.5+80-85-90-97.5, pb-100 kg, pb!
C 120 kg
D 105 kg

Finally 100 c&j! Apart from the the last at 77.5 kg it was the best lift of the day!

Soren said...

A: 105,115,125
B: 66,72,76, 80,85,90,92,94 96(f)
C: 96
D: 90

Well done Björn


Martin Altemark said...

A. 110kg
B. 70kg-75kg-80kg, 90kg, 95kg, 100kg (f)
C. 100kg
D. 95kg

Problems with dizziness today. have had it before and it went away next session. Legs still weak in bottom of clean.

DAVE X said...

A. 335/345/355 ---> started heavier but weight felt harder to lift. Back very tight.
B. 170/180/190//200/215/230f
C. 235 all sets
D. 250 all sets

OPT said...

poly, day later is fine

lars, will get back to you soon

michael, run uphill

Curt M said...


All felt really good, just short on time before work.

Mobility WOD stuff really helping with shoulders and hips.

X said...

A - 225# (staying light to work on back angle - which still sucks)

B - 190#, 205#, 220#, 240# x 1

C - 240#

D - 260# x 3 sets

quick hips remains my issue so I'll stay lighter on the d-lifts til that gets better

Brian Maier said...

Playing some catch-up due to being out of town.

A. 2 Jerk Balance + 2 Tall Split
B. Mid Hang Clean

A. 105,115,125,135,135
B. 155
C. 175

my OHS is absolutely ridiculous. My ratio of snatch(195)/OHS(175) is 111%. Just can't seem to get out of the hole on the bottom of OHS.

Anonymous said...

B)181-194-207+222/232/242/252/262(failed jerk)/267(F)(squated everything for the first time.)

Chad Hall said...

Part 1
A: 275
B: 170, 185, 195 ... stopped, wasn't feeling it
C: 245
D: 235

Decent session. Just felt tired though. Will be increasing food at breakfast, probably add in an avocado.

Michael said...

A. 275 all sets (felt good)
B. 205, 215, 230 + 255, 265 bailed due to tender wrist
C. 275 all sets
D. 290 all

B) Cl & J felt good today- 275 is max Cl&J got 255 easy and felt good but wrist is still tender from saturday's failed clean so I bailed early and moved on. Pleased with how good it felt though

Part 2
5 x 30 sec hill sprints

Jay said...

C.215 all sets
D.260 all sets

AHAP C&J felt awful...felt very slow getting under the bar...elbows got sore quick

Scotty Hagnas said...

A. 235x3
B. 141x1x1x1;151x1x1x1;161x1x1x1;171x1
C. 205x3
D. 212.5x2x2x2

Back-off week, and still not feeling juice today. I'm off the grid up in the mountains for the next 10 days or so - time to rest and enjoy the outdoors.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2:
5x0:30/3:30 hill sprints

Took forever to warm up, ran 3k in slow pace to get ready. Sprits turned out fine, but hip flexors will probably be tight tomorrow. Rest was perfect - right what I needed to repeat effort. Nice weather too.

Grant said...

Starting from Ground Zero
BW 179.5#. @ OPT @ 7AM
A: 155/198/220
B: 142/152/162 (all PS & SJ)
C: 165/175/185
D: 198/208

Brandon said...

Part 1
Had some swelling around the bursa sac in my knee after Tuesday's OHS so I have been focusing on ice and ROM. Took it easy on the squatting portions of today's WOD and feeling better.

A. 275x3
B. PC/PJ @ 135 working on speed
C. 225x3
D. 175/195/215

Will play Part 2 by ear seeing how the knee swells (or not) this afternoon.

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

A. 220/240/250
B. 152/160/170 then, 184/198/205/220
C. 175 Stayed light and worked on getting full hip extension.
D. 210 x 3

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1 @ 5:30 A.M.:
A. 285, 290, 300
B. 180x3, 190x3, 205x3 + 260 (5lb PR)
C. 260, 280, 280
D. 260, 265, 265

Notes: Was exhausted from only 5.5 hours of sleep but pr'd at 260 on C&J. Last week missed 255(old pr) so feels good. Tried 265, but couldn't get under it...I'll have it soon I think.

dmarsh said...

Part 1:
A. 330,330,330
B. On: 191, 208, 218 Off: 242,252,265,275,280 (fail clean), 280 (fail jerk)
C. 252,252,252
D. 272,272,272

B. 275 matches my C&J PR. 280 is a clean PR. Jerks not feeling great as of late. Feel slow under the bar.

Chris Castillo said...


A. 255x3
B. 195x3-215x3-235x3-255-265f-275f
C. 265x3
D. 275x3

Matt said...

A. Halting Clean Dead Lift - 3 x 3 @ 315, 335 and 365

B. Clean and Jerk - 175-1 x 3; 185 - x 1 x 3; 195 - 1 x 3; and 205 x 1; starting to run out of time so I stopped there.

C. Clean Pull @ 295; 3 x 3; rest 3 min

D. Front Squat - @ 245 - 3 x 2 reps;

Rested/Coached for 1 hour then subbed sprint row for AirDyne - 184, 180, 178, 174, 176

Stahl said...

Part I.
A. 260,280,300 (had to re-grip on third rep)
B. 155x3,163x3,180x3 . . . 230(PR), had to stop b/c of time.
C. 225,235,240
D. 245x3

Tired today and hard to focus b/c work is so busy and I had to race out of the gym. Please with the PR - still need to refine jerk technique and tie it all together.
All front squats were ass-to-ankles on Greg's recommendation. Again, much harder, but good to train.

Part II - doubtful b/c of work.

Drew said...

A. 3x3@255
B. 1x3@160,1x3@170,1x3@185
C. 3x3@210
D. 3x2@220

PTS said...

A. 285x3 no straps
B. 165,176,188 then 205, 215 225(F)C. 205 x 3
D. 235 x3

part 2:
was so pissed about missing the CJ in the morning I worked my way up again and hit 225 and 235 (tie PR).

form is still shit on jerk. video is below will take any all criticisms. I see that I am not getting hips,chest head through and am leaning back.

first wod on airdyne--WOW that is hard.

cals 31,32,27,23,21.

Steve said...

Part I
A. 305/315/335
B. 215x3/225x3/240x3 then 265x1,280x1,290x1
C. 275/295/295
D. 275

FS continues to feel heavier than it should. Talked to doc that works out of my box and he thought it might be lack of Calcium that causes my quads to be extremely sore after workouts. Anybody else have issues with that?

Bear said...

Part 1.5: Neverending story at IKEA.

Part 2:
5x0:30/3:30 hill sprints

Great symbolic value in running up a hill, at least if you stop thinking about Sisyphos ;) Last 2 runs where terrible.

Marcus Filly said...

Part 1.
A. 315/335/335
B. 190/202/206(mental math mistake)... took it up to 245 and just missed the jerk
C. 295 x3
D. 275

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 300,320,330
B. 190,215,225+235,255
C. 315,325,335x2
D. 270

6hrs rest

Part 2: 20,24,21,19

Left foot on the peg. Had to cut short.

Steve Howell said...

part 1;
A: 130/150/160 kg
B: 74/79/84 kg - worked up to 100 kg right elbow was sore.
C: 95/105/115 kg
D: 113 kg
part 2;
Rowed for Calories = 17/16/17/16/17

David said...

Part 1:
A. 125, 135, 145kg
B. 3 each @ 75, 80.5, 85.5kg then 91, 95 102kg.
C. All @ 105kg
D. All @ 105kg

I had a really difficult time tonight transitioning from the catch to getting a good grip on the bar for the jerk. I was catching the bar at the fingertips and it just seemed tough to get it in the right place preceding the jerk.

Thad said...

4:30 am

A. 3 x 245
B. 135, 146, 156.
AHAP in 10 min 176, 185, 195, 205PR in
C. 3 x 190
D. 3 x 2/200

2:00 pm at OPT

Cals 7, 6.6, 6.5, 6.4, 6.2 First time with airdyne not sure if cals are right or if I did something wrong.

Julian Cruz said...

B.160/170/180/195/205/215/225/230(Pr on clean, fail on jerk)

Chad Walding said...


A. 275/295/295
B. 160/170/180..then 205x2/215x2/225(fx3)
C. 245/265/265
D. skipped b/c knee was acting up

Notes: A little frustrated with C&J. PR is 225 which I got last week. Think I waited too long after my last meal and was low on energy. Still missing full extension and speed under the bar. Knee gets acting up with all the squat cleans, have to be smart about this.

10 min rest

Part 2

Subbed rows for meters


X said...

No AirDyne so just subbed row sprints

Meters - 178, 180, 181, 175, 180. Perfect amount of time to maintain a full throttle sprint and fully recover for the next one. Pace was 1:21-1:24 roughly t/o

Marcus Filly said...

Airdyne Sprints
Cals 25/25/25/23/23 = 121
*had a chain malfunction so I did a sixth... Unreal quad burn

Chad Hall said...

Part 2


Smoked me. THIS was like multiple winggates. Didn't click in until I hopped on the bike for round 2 and figured I was in for some fun. Later 3 rounds started to fatigue around 15 seconds in.

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 1:
A. 225 pounds
B. 155/165/175
C. 225
D. 215

Part 2 (~7 hours later):
On the rower
17 cal - 1:27.5 avg
17 cal - 1:27.4
17 cal - 1:27.9
16 cal - 1:28.9
15 or 16 cal - 1:29.9

Was running on about 5 hours of sleep for part 1. Everything felt accordingly heavy...didn't take up c&j's any higher than 80% even though I made all lifts on the minute. Got a nap in before part 2 though and felt MUCH better. Experimented with the damper setting at 7 - usually I have it at 4. Dug the higher setting for short efforts like these.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2: Subbed rowing
167-170 meters every time.

I hestitate to post this cause my form is pretty terrible....but it was a max out. This is the link to a video of the 260lb C&J, I would appreciate any I said I know the form is pretty bad. it ok to use different damper settings depending on what we're doing for the day? At 180lbs I just always use damper setting 4. Thanks!

Derek said...

A. 275#, 285#, 285#
B. Was brutal. Decided to work out in am and was not a good idea. Got to 192#(75%) and was struggling so I did not continue from there.
C. Shoulders killing me from above so did not attempt.
D. 275# all sets

rest 8 hours

Part 2

Sub row: cal 21/21/20/19/17


I would suggestion to slow your first pull down. the first pull is just to set up your second pull and you are pulling from the floor way to fast which is causing you to have a little rounding in your back and your legs almost look straight to me when you hit your knees which is not what you want. Pull nice and slow till you hit your knees keeping your back angle the same then explode from there.

On your jerk take a deep breath to raise that bar higher and drop your ass under that bar as fast as you can and align your self underneath the bar. Hope this helps.

Aaron Betts said...

A. 185,205,225
B. 150,160,170 AHAP 205
C. 215,220,225
D. 205

I really thought I was going to get a PR today on the C and J. Everything felt light and fast, then I missed @ 215. I have been stuck at some of these weights for some time now. I need to look at my nutrition and recovery again.

Part 2- 9 hours later
26 Cals on the first set, the monitor died shortly after. Satan's tricycle is an appropriate name for the airdyne.

Joel B. said...

First training in a week. Hate missing anytime much less in the middle of a phase, but it couldn't be helped.

Part 1
A: 255, 265, 275
B: 145X3, 155X3, 165X3
rounded to nearest 5. In previous weeks I was figuring this wrong. Also now doing full cleans on all unless power is programmed.
AHAP: 185, 200, 210 pr
C: 200X3
D: 190X3

Part 2
First time on Airdyne. I have one now but it is from 1987. Perfect condition except for monitor doesn't work. What can you expect for $48. Anyway, did the training and it was as difficult as everyone said. After set 3 the burn never went away during rest. Queasy too.

Steve said...

Part 2:
7 Hours Rest
Sub'd Row for Airdyne
1. 195m
2. 195m
3. 197m
4. 195m
5. 193m

Tried hard to get to 200m but kept gassing at around 5 seconds to go. 30 seconds is a perfect timeframe for this, just enough to crush you but allow you to recover enough to be ready for next round.

Paul Klein said...

A. 275/285/285

B. 70% 170lbs hit all three
75% 185lbs hit all three
80% 195lbs hit all three
AHAP 200/205/210/215/220/225/230
For my own morale I stopped at 230 so that I could end on positive lift.

C. 255/255/255

D. 215/220/220

Part 2: sub with rower

Brendan said...

Brendan 21/M/195

A: 225 255 275
B: 160 175 185 205 225 235 (f)
C: 235 255 255
D: 240

DL's felt really solid and strong

225 on C and J was a press at the end. Should of tried to hit 230 which is PR but wanted to try and PR again, greedy. Wrists are very weak

Front squat felt good took Stahl and Greg's advice and went ass-to-ankles. Glutes feel pretty nice right now.
waited 15 min:
Airdyne sprints=brutal did it on a spin bike with resistance as high as possible. Reminds me of the Wingate test I run in my Ex Phys lab.

BK said...

A. 305
C. no go
D. 290

B. Just did clean as flared a subscap issue doing MU couple of days ago.

Devils Tricycle
The most horrible experience from 20 seconds on ,with 25-30 misery. Burn in quads stayed from 3rd set on and refused to f... off.
Seriously had to sit down and get my wife to massage quads for a few minutes after final dig.
Let me be brutally honest here , not a good experience, but I can't wait to do it again. Is that kinda weird?

joey warren said...

did a little competition day at the Ranch in Aromas, good ole memories! FUn day with some great athletes

35# sandbag hill sprint
10 bar muscle ups
hill sprint
(I got 1st out of 8)

2RM OHS- I got 245, then 1 rep PR @ 265
(4th or 5th out of 6)

Team wod 1 person working
20 cleans 155#
40 burpees
20 thrusters 155#
40 box jumps 20"
40 wall balls

(Khalipa and I won)

k.jones said...

a. 355x3
c. 205x3

part2 on 10 minutes rest
rd1. 30 calories/.2 miles
rd2. 30 cal/.2miles
rd3. 28 cal/.2 miles
rd4. 28 cal/.2 miles
rd5. 28 cal/.2 miles

I'm feeling run down lately and sore everywhere. I'm not sure if its the 10 hour day outside or only getting 6 hours of sleep a night. My diet is good and taking plenty of fish oil. Is anybody else feeling this way?

Paul Smith said...

A: 295, 305, 315
B: 205, 220, 235 then 255, 265, 275,285 failed 1st attempt at 285 but nailed 2nd attempt
C: 285, 295, 305
D: Ran out of time

Part 2:
3 rounds @ 14 cals each round. on the 4th round my shoelace got caught in the pedal and ripped the lace right out of my chucks.

DAVE X said...

Part 2:
Horrible. That's all I got.

Greg said...

Wife had surgery today, so only managed pt 2 this morning. Been a weird week in so many ways.

1. 167m/ 15 cal
2. 166m/ 15 cal
3. 169m/ 16 cal
4. 167m/ 16 cal
5. 168m/ 15 cal

Greg said...

oh yeah, that was on a rower.

Christa said...

A: 145/155/165
B: 95/100/105 - 125 didn't drop enough and pushed it out so I didn't go heavier
C: 145
D: 125

Part 2
Used the prowler since there are no hills to be found around here. Put 70lb on...anyone have any suggestions for a decent weight to work with..I took a guess.


Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1.
A. 242x3x3. No problem.
B. 3@169, 3@180, 3@194, then 209, then 228 fail on jerk after struggling on clean. Not a PR kind of day.
C. 209x3x3
D. 238x2x3

Arjuna @ cfn said...

Part 1:
A. 225 all 3 sets
B. 160 x1x3, 170x1x3, 180x1x3, than off clock 190x1, 205x1, 215x1, 225x1
C. 205 all 3 sets
D. 245 all 3 sets

Part 2:
Airdyne Sprints:
Calories; 28,28,22,16,19

Anonymous said...

A: 300#*3

B: 165#, 180, 190 ( on clock)
Off-(205, 215, 225*2(cleaned but failed on jerk)

C: 235#*3

D: 235*3

Air-dyne 15,14,13,13,14

-Tried like hell to keep at 15cals (non calibrated cpu)
-Easily the best style of sprint for results we have done during this phase. Legs were throbbing after.

Cleans are coming along well and went up smoothly. Jerk is to the point where I need to go lighter and work on speed.

Good training day and back is fully recovered after chiropractor sessions and icing yesterday.

Arjuna @cfn said...

Airdyne sprints:
Quads felt like they were going to explode for at least 1/2 hr after.

Pfeifdog said...

Part 1
A. 275/395/325
B. 195/205/220...285(PR)
C. 285,295,295
D. 275 felt really good.

B. form much improved I could tell with the heavier weights

Will do Part 2 @ half time.

Pete @ CFN said...

A.255 all 3 sets
B. 140, 150, 160, then several at 185...working on vertical alignment on jerk
C. skipped for time
D. 245 all 3 sets

Part 2:
Subbed 5 :30 sec hill sprints for Airdyne.

Anonymous said...


A. 140-145-150
B. 88-95-100
C. 125-135-145
D. 105

Rest ~10 min
Calories: 16-17-11-11-11

Lars said...

A. 275
B. built up to 265, failed 275:(
C. 255
D. 280

Cleans felt good, jerks felt terrible. Cleaned the 275 no problem, but commitment issues with jerking it.

Front Squats felt easy.

No time for part 2, still working on my house.

Chris Castillo said...

Part 2.


I think the computer is F'd up. I know I was peddling a lot harder the first 2 rounds.
Hats off to the 30 plus guys. DAMN!!

Dustin said...

part 1:
A. Halting Clean Dead Lift-255, 285, 305
B. Clean and Jerk - 185,205,215+235, 245,255,265PR.

C. Clean Pull-205,215,225

D. Front Squat - 250x5

rested 30 Minutes

part 2:
AirDyne Sprints-26,25,27,21,27.
**Felt sick after this - unbelievable**

Julian Cruz said...

Part 2: Hill sprints complete

Felt very painful but great at the same time. These never get easier.

derb said...


Part 1 6 am

A: 205/215/225
B: 135/145/155 (then failed at 185)
C: 165/175/185
D: 195x3

Part 2 6 pm

Cals: 24/20/25/22/20(I'm not sure these are cals because my airdyne is from the 70s and it doesn't say)

Stephen B. said...

Part 1:
A. 275/295/305 (w/ straps)
B.175x3/185x3/ the clock...215/225/235/245(fx3)
since I was failing on the clean, I kept taking up jerk...
jerk: 245/255/265(f)/265(last pr)/275(f)

rest 2 hours

airdyne (cals): 21/23/22/21/20 set 2 my legs were crampin every time I got off that fckin machine.

unit said...

A- 365 x3 sets
B- 185/ 195/ 205
C- 295 x3 sets
D- 255 x3 sets

3min rest

27/ 28/ 29/ 28/ 30


Brent Maier said...


A: 110/130/160kg (352#)
B: x3's @ 85/90/95kg (209#)
B Max: 105/110/115/115kg(253#)/120x - First was pressout, 2nd was better.
C: 120/130/130kg (286#)
D: 117kg (260#)

10 min rest

Airdyne Balls Out: 16/16/19/24/16 cals

Notes: Legs were numb by round 3 of the airdyne. This is a newer model airdyne and the calories seem sketchy. There is no way my 4th round was higher than my first 3. All were fast but I'm guessing big the dawg power we all possess is far too much for these babies to handle! Ouuuuu *cough*, I'm smoked!

Still not happy with jerk max but I'm judging progress on how many solid lifts I can perform when we're doing the minute drills. Tonight, I had 3 of them that were flawless of the 12. Last week, I had 1. :)

Final note on todays thought. How many times has James given us 3-5 rounds of something with 15 unb pu's, then next time x20, then x25. I'm determine every time to hit the number and I swear EVERYTIME I hit the last 3 reps of the RX'd number, pain and emotion swells up in my head and face as I finish the last round. Ironic it always happens the last 3 reps of anything unbroken. Hmm, maybe there is some level of truth there. Now we have to learn to push past that when there are no UNB requirements imposed.

NorCal Chris said...

Part 1:
A. 165, 185, 195
B. 130,140,150,160,175,190
C. 190x3
D. 5x130,150,170

Protected back and went EZ

Part 2: airdyne

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 245, 265, 275
B) 135, 145, 155
C) 225, 235, 245
D) 195

matt said...

part 1:
A. Halting Clean Dead Lift-285, 295, 305
B. Clean and Jerk - 185,205,225+235, 245,255,273PR.

C. Clean Pull-255,255,255

Part II:
Hill sprints

Siu said...

Part 1:
A. 165, 175, 185
B. 105x1x3, 113x1x3, 120x1x3 (did not go for AHAP)
C. 135, 155, 165
D. 161

Part 2:
Cals – 18, 17, 15, 15, 16

For Part 1, my C&Js just didn’t feel smooth. I struggled to catch the bar while dipping into the squat, my jerks felt weak and wobbly. So I decided not to go for AHAP. Then I think I may have gone too heavy on my clean pulls because although the shrug felt strong, there was no elbow action happening. I dunno.

As for Part 2, this is the conversation I feel like my body had with itself across the 30 second sprint.

-5 seconds from start
(Mind to body) “You can do anything for 30 seconds!”
30 seconds –> 20 seconds
(Body to legs) “You’re the stronger part, go hard and strong”
20 seconds –> 15 seconds
(Legs to arms) “I’m starting to burn, pick up your slack and do your part”
15 seconds –> 10 seconds
(Arms to legs) “I’m trying!”
(Legs to arms) “You’re going too slow!”
10 seconds –> 5 seconds
(Legs to arms) “You’re worthless, I’m taking back over”
5 seconds –> 0 seconds
(Legs and arms) “This burns, just let this be over”

The bantering just got worse as I progressed from Round 1 to 5.

Pfeifdog said...

Part 2

Sub'ed rowing

Ben Priestley said...

A. 205# w/ straps
B. 126.5#/136/145 (jerk felt weak and off)
Off clock: 155, 165(sloppy jerk), 175-failed jerk (for reference, PR is 181#)
C. 180# 3x3
D. 175# 3sets of 2.

Completed on airdyne. Cals per set: 25, 23, 22, 18, 18.
Wow, these brought out that pukie feeling. Definitely went all out!

Matt Mo said...

A. 225
B. 165, 175, 185
went to 225 and failed jerk
C. 205
D. 215

30 sec hill sprint x 5 with 20lb vest

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1.
A. 264, 308, 308
B. 177, 187, 199
C. 243 for all
D. 240 for all

Didn't get to part 2 today.

Brandon said...

Did Part 2 from Tuesday with knees-to-elbows subbed for BJ as I can't jump on the knee. Everything felt good considering knee is still a bit swollen.

Rested 5 mins

Part 2 today on the rower


Jen Osborn @CFN said...

*used a womans bar for today 2 switch it up a little...
A. 145/155/165
B. 108/112/128 up to 163lbs guess it doesnt count as a pr in the c&j b/c i didnt lock out my arms buttt still counts as a ground to overhead pr :)
C. i wasnt getting the correct hip drive so dropped the weight from last week at 150ish
D. 135 for all ...felt good!

18/38/58/78/98 total cals worked up each :30sec.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

oops last part was on the airdyne..not rower!

Brian Gregory said...

Yesterday I made up conditioning from 9-6-10.

Row 40 sec @ 95-97% effort
Rest 3:20 x 8
(rest actively 7 min b/t sets 4 and 5; ensure cool down to flush

Sub'd Airdyne - Tough

Total of 240 calories (according to bottom counter) - Averaged 30 per rd. Couple of 31 and 29's.

Brian Gregory said...

Today's WOD @ St.8

A. 265, 285, 305
B. 175, 190, 205 x 3 each on min successful - 220, 230, 240F cln, 240F jrk, 250 cln only
C. 275 all sets
D. 265 all

rest 3.5 hrs

Row sprints: 30 sec all out x 5 as Rx'd (No way to track work on crap rower)

Notes: Been putting a bit more effort into mobility work on lat / shoulder issue. Felt better today on jerks, but no where near 100%. Mentally not where I should be before I lift. Confidence is down after past couple of weeks due to decline in numbers.