thurs, sep 2, 2010

Crossfire Conquest

"We can make a considerable step towards the goal of our existence - whether we picture it as perfection or freedom or lasting happiness or the fulfillment of our destiny - if we establish once and for all the right relationship to the physical body. We must look upon it as an instrument to be used, an animal to be trained, a slave to be commanded and yet treated with due regard to its dignity and its rights. If we have not already acquired this attitude, we need to exercise ourselves in it until it is established. This body is not 'I'. It is not myself. It is a thing that will degenerate if not cared for. It is an animal that will disobey if it is not disciplined. It is mine for a short time only and during this time, I must make the fullest use of it. In all things, at all times, it must obey me. I can and will be forged by discipline. My meditating on such notions as these, we establish the right mental attitude. But the connection between mind and body must be forged by discipline. It is good to accustom this body to hard physical work. We should endeavor to acquire a rich repertoire of bodily skills." JG Bennett


part 1:
A. Halting Clean Dead Lift @ 1123; 3 x 3; rest 2min
(add weight from last week)
B. Clean and Jerk; 68% - 1 x 4; 73% - 1 x 4; 78% - 1 x 4; rest 1 min
(first 12 reps on the minute; if all successful, take up singles gradually AHAP for day off the clock; keep taking up clean or jerk if one fails well before the other)
C. Clean Pulls; 3 sets x 5 reps; rest 2 min
(add weights from last week)
D. Front Squat @ 10X0 - 85%; 5 sets x 2 reps; rest 2 min

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
Run an easy pace for 25 min - Z1/2

post loads and notes to comments
(take HR avg when on run if possible and post)


Kevin said...


made up part 1 of 8/31

a. 190 all sets
b. 105*1, 115*4
c. 205, 220, 235 (5# pp pr), 240 (f on pp)

couldn't make part 2 today. It's been a crazy week. At the sac airport right now waiting for the redeye to NYC to move out there for good. Between the move and the baby being sick, haven't slept right for a week. Will be passed out by takeoff for sure.

Will be at cf south Brooklyn training tomorrow night.

Greg said...

OK, I'll ask.

What does the Z1/2 in part 2 mean? Thanks.

DAVE X said...

A. 325x3/345x3/355x3.
Tweaked my lower back slightly and decided to hang it up. I'm going to ice and roll then hit the rest of Part 1 and Part 2 tonight.

Martin Altemark said...

Greg: Zone 1/Zone 2. Easy recovery tempo, or slightly faster.

A. 70kg, 80kg, 90kg
B. 68kg, 73kg, 78kg then off the clock 90kg, 95kg, 100kg(f)
C. Did 5x5 of 70kg
D. 92.5kg

Missed 100kg for second week in a row. Lifted that weight 4 times during summer. A bit discouraging. I miss the Clean. On the good side - all jerks felt super easy.

Benny Ahlstedt said...

A 100 120 130kg
B 70 75 80kg 1x90 1x100(f)
C 80kg on all sets
D 85kg on all sets

BK said...

B. 165,180,190. Off clock 205,225, 235( failed clean)
C. 225
D. 275

Did at 5.30 am on empty stomach wearing head to toe BSc, feel so warm and mobile hitting the lifts but I ended up starving towards the front squats .
Normally train at 7.30 after breaky at 4.45am , next time will eat something before Oly if i go at 5.30.

Question coaches, are you guys looking for squat cleans on all or can we power?

PTS said...

A. 275
B. 160,171,183, 205. then PC 225, 245(PR).
C. 205
D. 230

My shoulders have felt extremely tired, fatigued, sore the last few sessions and as result I haven't had the pop on jerks I would like.

Soren said...

A: 100,110,120kg
B: 5@62,67,72, singles; 77,80,85 and that was it.
C: 3x5 @ 80
D: 5x2 @ 80

After a serious stress week, i have dropped caffein for a month and am feeling it. Cant recommend it!


Johan R CF Kalmar said...

A. 70-80-90 kg
B. 65-70-74, then 83-88-92kg(f)
C. 80-83-90 kg
D. 90-100-102-102-102 kg

Sean Cummings said...

Part 1 from 8/31:

A 165x2, 175x2

B. 95#

C. 175, 185, 195, 205(Failed PP)

Bear said...

A. 90-95-95 kg
B. 60x5, 70x5, 75x5 + 80-85-92.5-97.5, f
C. 80 kg
D. 105 kg

First time in 10 days I felt good, even though I moved my flat for 5 hours yesterday. Hopefully I´m back, we´ll see after tonights easy run.
C&J felt really good, but still wobbly, that´ll take some time to correct. Missed attempt was pb-weight. Should have heavier for C, todays became high pulls. FS felt easier for each set.

Bear said...

Also: I am feeling my way through the sessions due to acheing joints, but I´ll be more precise with percentages from now on.

unit said...

did part 1 from mon/tues...

A- 295/ 345/ 345
B- 147x1x4, 155x1x4, 167x1x4, 185x1x1
C- 217x5x3sets
D- 275x4x4


A- 185 x5sets
B- 95 x5sets
C- 185/ 197/ 205/ 217(fail pp, ok on pj/sj)

20min of ring strength work...

Christa said...

A: 135/145/155
B: 90/100/110
C: 135
D: 120 (these felt light today)

Will postpone part 2 for tomorrow, going out of town and not going to be able to run today.

Brian Maier said...

Limited on time today...going out of town for long weekend so did yesterday's part II workout:

10 burpees
25 unb chinups
400m run

Run times:
1:29 - unbroken
1:29 - unbroken
1:26 - unbroken
1:26 - unbroken
1:23 - unbroken

Rounds 4 and 5, had to rest 30s between burpees and chinups to maintain unbroken

X said...

A - 215# for all sets
B - 185#, 200#, 215#
C - 225#
D - 255#

Taped all sets so will review later for analysis. All squat cleans on B and some felt better than others. Footwork and back angle are key for me. Lots of rain today so not sure if running 25 mins will happen later, may have to row it

Curt M said...

A) 275/295/315
Between these and the snatch grip deads they are feeling better everytime, and grip is improving too.

Had a headache all morning and it was really prominent during these so cut short.

C) All at 255#

D) 225/245/265/265/265

Other than the headache all of the movements are feelng tonnes better!! Form and technique improving daily.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 295,315,335
B. 195,225x8+245
C. 315,325,335
D. 255

Screwed up and skipped 73% on B. stuck with 78% for 3rd set and was spent for max attempt.

joey warren said...

greg - z1/z2 = zone 1 or 2, i believe a pace where you can hold a conversation or slightly faster

A 275/295/305
B 185/195/205- half were squat cleans
+ 225/235/245/255 (felt good)
C 245lb for all
D 225lb for all (felt great)

joey warren said...

Does anyone know if it is ok if my front foot on the split jerk is slightly turned in, or do I need to fix that?

Stahl said...

Part I
A. 250,270,290
B. 155,165,175 - couldn't go up b/c of time and equipment
C. 205,215,225
D. 245 x 5

Notes: had to do it in a globo gym w/ a really fat bar and no ability to drop weights. So, kept it lighter on the oly movements, esp. since I felt myself start to modify form to compensate and I didn't want to start bad habits. Front squat felt tough but really good. Almost got stuck in the last rep but gutted through it.

Part II tonight

Michael said...

A. 255, 255, 275
B. 195, 210, 215 + 245 x 1
C. 265 all sets
D. 285 all sets

Front Squats were very tough
Did power clean as long as possible on B then moved into squat clean (the pull is my weak link.

Running early afternoon in MS heat should be fun!

Brandon said...

A. 255/275/295
B. 165/180/195...worked to 225
C. 235x5
D. 260x5

Felt good. Maybe had 10# on B today, but the form was getting bad so I stopped.

Drew said...

B.1x4@160,1x4@170,1x4@180(all power cleans, no time for extra attempts. 180 felt light)

brian cilento said...


bk, i was starving too right around FS time. i did PC until 175 then did full squat clean.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1 at 5:30 A.M.
A. 255, 275, 290 Felt good
B. 175x4, 185x4, 200x4, 220, 230, 240, 245, 255(F clean, got this last time, disappointed)
C. 260, 260, 260
D. 240x5
Notes: Part A felt really good, even 290 felt light following the tempo. Part B, 245lbs felt heavy on the clean, but wanted to try and get 255 like last time. Was happy to get 245 considering that 220lbs was my PR before 255.

Robin Lyons said...

1. 165,175,185lbs
2. C & J on the min.
125lbs 1x4

* all power cleans

3. CP 175
4. FSQ 145lbs

Steve said...

Part 1
A. 295-315-325
B. 205/220/235 + 265, 275-Failed Both
C. 275,285,285
D. 265

Tried doing power cleans up until 265 to save energy for when it got heavier. When I tried to squat clean 275, wasn't even close. I got 300 on C&J last week but did squat cleans for Part B. I am not sure why it felt so heavy today but it was an issue to try and make the switch from pwr cln to sqt clean. Next time, I will sqt clean entire workout I guess. Anybody have same issues of going back and forth?

Paul Smith said...

A: 275, 295, 305
B: 200, 215,230 off the clock- 245,255,265, 275 failed on the jerk at 265.
C: 275,285,295
D: ran out of time

I have never used a hoop grip before and since we started doing the halting deadlifts I have realized how weak my grip is. So today was my first day using the hook grip, diffinately felt like I was concentrating more on my grip today than getting under the bar.

Also, I am having trouble putting together the clean and jerk. I can do about the same weight on both as a single movement but when I put them together my weight drops dramatically.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2: Remembered how great it felt when we ran crosscountry earlier this spring and did this again today. Kept pace really, really easy just enjoying the forest and the evening sun.

Measured HR manually a couple of times and ended up with an average of about 136 (said I took it easy).

Nice! Thanks Coach!

Steve Howell said...

I'm going to be out for a couple days due to moving. Tomorrow I'm moving back downsouth to join the coaching staff @ crossfit whistler. I'm very excitied about this new stage in my life can't wait to start!

OPT said...

joey, that's fine, do a vid straight on a post it

Matt Mo said...

A. 185
B. 160, 170, 185
235 (matches a pr that i havent done since 03/10)
240 squat was hard but got it and failed the jerk
C. 220
D. 220

extra focus on keeping my chest upright and strong made the front squats a lot easier

RichJ said...

A. 315x3, 335x3, 355x3
B. 155, 165, 175
C. 225,255,255 (275x3)
D. 190 (all sets) - felt light

Will run tonight

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 235, 255, 265
B) 130, 140, 150 (couldn't complete on the minute)
C) 205, 225, 235
D) 190# for all

Chelsea said...

A. 135, 155, 175
B. 110, 120, 130
not feeling too strong on the c&j today so i stopped after the 12
c.all at 130. felt heavy
d. 145

Chad Hall said...

Part 1
A: 255, 255, 255
B: 170, 180, 190 ... attempted 225
C: 225, 235, 235
D: 225


Body felt good but was fatigued through this all. Didn't attempt to go any higher than 225 on C+J. FSq felt better in the later sets.

I used lifting straps for the first time ever today. Felt odd and heavy, but grip wasn't an issue.

Part 2 later tonight on the rower.

Bear said...

25 min run (ca 4.5 km)

Couldn´t find my pulse watch, but checked the pulse when I was done: 148 BPM. About 10 higher than usual which was expected. Felt good, needed that.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 145/155/165
B. 115/120/130
for singles...140/150/160. pr for the c&j. Tried with 170 and got the clean soooo hit a pr on the clean but just missed the jerk. left arm was under but the right just FAILED! guess when the weight gets heavy i freak out and just dont get low. ill work on this!
C. 160
D. 135

Chris Castillo said...

A. 205
B. 185x4-205x4-225x4-245-255-265f
went waterskiing all day yesterday. Felt tired today. But fun day yesterday.
C. 255
D. 265

Adam Rogers said...

A - 255,275,295
B - 165x4, 185x4, 195x4
240 - PR
C - 235x5x3
D - 205x2x5

Very excited about the C+J PR, have been stuck at 235 for a while. Working the positions like the halting deadlift has helped a bunch.

matt said...

1. 225,265,285
2.165x4,185x4,225,245,255,275 f
4. 245x3

Barely missed 275. Clean felt great.

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

Part 2
Easy and lovely barefoot run 25 min. Average heartrate: 147

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 215 pounds
B. 145/155/170...then worked up to 220, a pr!
C. 215
D. 210

Erik Luber said...

A. 176, 187, 187
B. 112.2, 121, 126.5+ 143, 154
C. 110, 121, 132
D. 140.8

Overall energy levels felt good, but zero speed. Felt as slow as my grandma today. Called it quits at 154 on the c&j, form was getting too sloppy. High pulls felt like crap. However, FS was good and got better each set.

Also, just watched a pretty interesting TED talk on goal setting, with a somewhat counterintuitive conclusion. Figured it is something people around here would be interested in. Here is the link:

Goal setting talk

Scotty Hagnas said...

A. 204x3;214x3;224x3
B. 136x1x1x1x1;147x1x1x1x1;157x1x1x1x1
Left it here, feeling drained from all the training and work. Did the jerks today.
C. 180x5;190x5x5
D. 207x2x2x2x2x2 These felt easy, though.

r Gaines said...

A. 225,245,255#
B. 147,157,168, 175,186(left arm pushout), 186( pushout), 190(pushout), 195(ugly jerk), 200(f jerk),205(clean),205(clean)210(clean) 215*(f clean)
C. 135, 160, 160#
D. 183#

*front sqt max is 215.I can power clean(235#) more then I sqt clean(215#).  Next time should I keep adding weight and just do power cleans?

BK said...

HR - 126
SPM- 92 .
Worked hard to keep turnover above 90 strides per minute and lean upright to keep pace down.
Solid run in 90+ degrees.

Bryan Miller said...

only got to C so far

145x4 155x4 165x4

Split Jerk 185#, 205#,215#(old PR),225#, 235#PR

huge PRs

Lisa M said...

Pete if you are out there and reading the posts please email me at

Roch had arranged for you to stay at our house while you are here for the CPP but he wasn't able to get a hold of you. We are going to be away but you are welcome to stay along with Roch and Mizar. Just email me.

NorCal Chris said...

Part 1:

Trying to heal tweaked back. Nothing heroic!

A. 175,200,225
B. 125,135,145, 160 and stopped
C. 170,180,180
D. 170 for all

Julian Cruz said...


derb said...


Part 1 6 AM

A: 195/210/220
B: 135/145/155 then I built up to 180 and had the bar on my shoulders and felt a sharp pain in my upper back so I shut down

Part 2 5 PM

Forgot to check HR after run but it felt good and I kept a good pace even though its 95 degrees out. I feel like my running has improved 100 percent since I started following this blog.

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1.

A. 70, 80, 90kg
B. 70x4, 72x4, 77x4, plus 80, 90, 95, 100 (old PR), 102, 105 (New PR!)
C. 70x5, 75x5, 75x5
D. 185x4 for both sets

Anonymous said...

B)175/187/198 + 208/218/228/235/240/250/257.5(PB)/262(F Jerk)

*NO HR for run

Brandon said...

Part 2
HR: 126-132

Ran a bit under 5k and it felt great even in the heat in SoCal. Much better than the 400s earlier this week!

Greg Everett said...

BK -

If it says clean, I mean squat. Power would be specified.

Joey -

Front foot on jerks can be straight forward or turned in very slightly. Don't overdo it.


Tired shoulders shouldn't effect the "pop" on your jerks too much - that needs to come from your legs.

Steve -

Don't try to power clean partway up. It may save energy, but it will leave you unprepared to clean. Watch the last video about receiving high and riding in. Just because you squat under it doesn't mean you don't pull it too.

R Gaines -

Keep cleaning. If your power clean is bigger than your clean, you need to work on your cleans.

Jay said...

C.210 all sets
D.255 all sets
Hit 210 on the C&J for the day...10# under PR...jerk felt weak

Kept about a 10min/mile pace...legs felt weak in the beginning...recovered around mile 1

Paul Klein said...

A. 275 / 275 / 275

B. (% based off of 245lb)
165lbs all four reps good
180lbs all four reps good
190lbs all four reps good
AHAP 205 / 215 / 220 / 225Fail clean 3x.

C. 225 / 225 / 225

D. 210 / 210 / 210 / 210 / 210

Brent, thanks for the comments on my snatch video.

I am having a hell of a time correcting how I pull the weight from the floor. I just can't keep my hips and back moving at the same rate. If I don't pull legs first, then back, the weight won't budge. It looks horrible in slow motion video. If I back the weight down to where my pull looks correct, it is so easy that I don't get anything out it. But as soon as the weight gets challenging the form falls apart. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone know of a competent Olympic Coach in the Carolina's?

Part 2:
Felt good, no heart rate monitor but ending HR after 25 minutes was about 120.

David said...

AM: Did run due to time constraints and energy level, 2.82 miles on the mill, felt good.

A. 264, 286, 308
B. 4 singles @ 161, 172, 185 then 200, 210, 220.
C. 3 sets @ 220.
D. 5 sets @ 220.

Joel B. said...

Part 1
A: 245, 255, 265
B: 145, 155, 165 on the minute
190, 200, 205 (f) jerk 215 and stopped
not all full cleans...I just saw Greg E. comment. Noted for future.
C: 195
D: 185
this felt light for 85% but I stayed there.

Part 2
easy run 6 hrs later. No heart rate but I took it easy...5k kinda hilly in 25 min it turned out. Conversation pace.

Greg said...

IMO, that toy is too big, takes up too much space that could be used for multiple things in group format.

Today, pt 2 first again since I won't quick lift at home early (live in a duplex on base - must accommodate the neighbors sleeping :) )

pt 2:
4400m in 25:30.6, ended @ HR 168 (no avg) - on the base track
- Didn't know what the HR zone meant, so ran "easy" which for the 25min, ended up with a higher ave HR than I really wanted, but I really did feel fine, and recovered very quickly.

pt 1:
A: 235/255/285 - felt awesome here
B: 126/135/144 + 155/175f/175/185f/185 (tie prev PR)/190f - no reason for misses other than technique, since I smoothly met the bar each time and just lost the weight forward at the bottom. Feeling much more fluid here regardless of lack of PR today, and have much more confidence in my clean. Held off on going further as my elbow is still healing.
C: skipped due to elbow not healed yet
D: 183 across - no issues.

Chad Walding said...

Part 1
A. 225/245/275
B. 155/165/175....then off clock 185/195/205/215/225
C. 235x3
D. 195x4

Notes: feeling so much better about meeting the bar. I was missing this all along and it clicked with Coach Everette's video. Thanks so much! I will keep practicing. Goal of 250 c&j and 195 snatch by the end of October. I will do it!

Part 2

Done, good recovery run.

david83 said...

hello everyone
A.) 315/335/355
225/230/235/240/245/250 F
Coach I keep on failing at 250. I am jumping to much in weights? option?
D.) 235 for all 5 sets.

thank you


Angelo Fosco said...

PM: About 4500 meters in 25 minutes. My lungs were legs not so much. My calves especially were sore/on fire the whole time. They felt like dead weight. I'm not sure, maybe my body just isn't used to this much running, but my calves killed me the whole way through. Recovered fast, like I said, lungs were great, legs were dead.

k.jones said...

A. 315/335/355 all x3

B. 185/195/205 off clock 215 225235(F slipped out of hands in transition.)

C. 205 x3 sets

D. 275 x3sets/ 285x2 sets

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1
A. 230x3x3
B. 165x4, 177x4, 190x4, then 210 and 220. Didn't want to push it any more.
C. 185x5x3
D. 225x2x5

Working tonight so no time for part 2.

Krazy said...

Part 1
A. 295-305-315
B. 165/175/185 Up to 225 easy but wrist started killing me. I tweaked it a couple months back on a failed clean and it hasn't been the same since. Saw the doc tonight and he messed with it so we'll see.
C. 275,285,285
D. 265

rest 6 hours

25 min run at talking pace

joey warren said...

25 min jog (no HR, but felt sluggish, 95 deg here)

Anonymous said...


A: 280# (all sets)

B: 150#,160#,175# (on clock) 185,195,205 (off clock)
215 cleaned but failed on jerk.

C: 225# (all sets)

D: 225# (All sets)

Morning lift was really good except for cleans. I was timid to get aggressive with my hips because of tender lower back. Going to chiropractor tomorrow to see if I can get put back in line. When I pushed pressed the other day my core got soft trying to balance it out. The weight pressed on my lower back pretty hard. Now it is uncomfortable to do any violent drives when I lower my hips to drive. I am also timid to plant my feet hard into the mat due to tenderness. Should only be pinched nerves. Been foam rolling but I will see what tomorrow brings.

Deadlifts, clean pulls, and front squat went well.

Run- 3.2 miles, no h.r recorded.

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1:
A. 245, 255, 265 - 25lb increase from last week, felt great
B. 155x4,160x4,165x4 then singles 185, 200, 210
C. Skipped due to sore shoulder and time
D. 205

Rest 3 hours
4km in 23:07. Heart rate at finish 130. Felt light and brisk. Temp outside 33 degrees Celsius with added humidty.

Marcus Filly said...

Part 1.
A. 265/285/305
B. 187/200/215... took it up to 245
C. 275 x 3
D. 265 x 5

*I was catching all cleans high and making sure to ride them down to the bottom of my squat. first full cleans on the ankle and it feels pretty good.

RichJ said...

Part 2: Avg HR 151 - (a lot of hills, where I ran)

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

Just got married on Saturday so I haven't been able to hit the last few workouts.

A. 1) 225 2) 235 3) 245
B. 1) 155 2) 165 3) 175
Gradually built up to 1) 185 2) 195 3) 205 4) 215 (F)
C. 1) 185 2) 195 3) 195
D. 1) 185 2)185 3) 185 4) 185 5) 185

I'm on my honeymoon so I had to find a local gym. No squat rack, so I kept the front squats light. Did the same on other lifts because I didn't want to drop the weight.

Also didn't have lifting shoes so did some barefoot work and some in runners.

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

By the way, is it better do do o- lifts barefoot rather than in runners if you don't have you lifting shoes on hand?

Part 2
Played an hour of tennis.

PRM said...

Part 1
A. 205, 220, 230
B. 125, 135, 145, off clock 150, stopped there, shoulder a bit sore.
C. 175 for 3 sets
D. 185, 200, 200, 200, 200

Part 2
Avg HR: 148

Brent Maier said...


A: 130/140/160kg (352#)
B: 85/90/95kg (209#) - No max effort
C: 110/120/130kg (286#)
D: 115kg (253#)

The last two days were pretty tough on me in the upper back & arms department. Shoulders are smoked, barely made it through B. The squats felt good except for deloading the bar, everything between the shoulder blades to spine ached for about 5 seconds after weight was racked.

Saving jog for tomorrow after the WOD. Might have to scratch tomorrows WOD to recoup.

Alex Duncan said...

Congratulations Pete!

Doing the WOD on your honeymoon is hardcore. Well done.

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1.
A. 220,286,330
B. 163,177,192 + 200fclean WTF
C. 200 for all
D. 235 for all

Did at 6am on empty, everything felt heavy from the get go, shut it down afer the fail at 200 form was garbage on my cleans today. FS felt good though. Basically what makes me terrible at latin dancing is making me shitty at o-lifting right now.

Part 2.
Felt real good, pace was pretty decent, was fun to do with my 4yr old on his bike.

Heart rate was approx 130bpm

mhamilton said...

Part 1.
A. 265x3
B. 125,135,145...175
C. 215x3
D. 165x4

Not able to do Part 2 today.

Noticeable improvement from last week. C&Js for the 1x4 portion were quicker and tighter. Final complete set was a definite press out though.

X said...

25 min row at about 2:04 pace throughout. 6035 meters, 387 cals, and 1 very sweaty shirt

Stahl said...

Part II
25 minute jog. Average = 149.

Really thought it would be lower than that. Didn't feel winded and really tried to take it easy and just zone out and enjoy the scenery. Guess I need more work learning the feel of each zone.

tj.hall said...

Part 1

In A the weight kept slipping so I rushed the movement, form was crappy. B was good but the squats were creating issues with my legs so I switch to power cleans and worked on not bending my arms early. Same with C, kept it light so I could focus on form, it worked well, and D was good.

Part 2
25 min, 4.11km, Av HR 153 (tracked by a Garmin), tried to keep this slow, some hills sent my HR up and I am not used to running in zones, I usually run speed or pace, sorry about the crappy day Coach.


Dustin said...

A - 245, 275, 285
B - 165, 185, 205 +225, 245, 255
C- 185, 195, 205
D - 245x5


2.67 Miles. Ran at a slow pace - felt good.

NorCal Chris said...

Part 2:
25 min on Airdyne
Avg hr 126

OPT said...

david 83, send me a video of you doing it and i can give you some options on your 250, thx

unit said...

barely time 2 WOD 2day... rests cut short...

A- 315/ 315/ 315
B- 185 x1x8, 205 x1x4, 235 (fairly ez... stopped here)
C- 255 x5x3sets
D- 225 x2x5sets


Chris Castillo said...

4100 meters total
8 min HR 129
20 min HR 138
25 min HR 140

cool down HR
1 min after 120
3 min 106
5 min 100

Matt Mo said...

ran for 25 min UNBROKEN

ran at a school while my friends played soccer. i averaged about 2:05 per lap and completed 12 and a half laps

Erik Luber said...


Yup. Good times. Ran exactly 5k on 200m track. Only had the manual heart rate measure...which was 100 bpm at the end of the 25 min.

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 2:
Done, about 5 hours later. No heart rate reading, though.

Marcus Filly said...

Part 2.
25 min airdyne : 374cal

John@CFWC said...

A. 175, 195, 205#
B. 165, 180, 195 on the clock. 225 off the clock.
C. 205, 215, 225
D. 215

Derek said...

A. 255#, 275#, 275#
B. 175#, 190#, 200# no fails
off the clock 245#, 260#(PR), 265#(PR), 270#(failed on jerk twice)

Had no time do finish rest, shoulders were smoked anyways

Rest 1 hour

Did a fairwell wod called "Explicit" aka Stephen Bel
30 min amrap
2 MU
3 Power Clean 185#
7 Burpees

12 rounds plus 3

Brutal WOD. Good luck in Toronto Steve

Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...

Part 1:
had an errand to run with a friend and was short on time so skipped C and D

rested 1 hour

amrap in 30 mins:
2 muscle-ups
3 power cleans @ 185#
7 burpees

the head coach at my box was kind enough to program a farewell WOD for me as I'm finally re-locating for good out east...great WOD!

managed 20 rounds with 2 secs to spare...MUs were games standard (6" above reach) and all true grip...burpees UB...

thanks Derek...had a blast on the WOD bro and nice work on the PR ...those lifts were sick!

JRann said...

A. 275/285/285

B. 175 x 4 195 x 4 205 x 4

C. 225 x 3

D. 185/205/215/225/230(1rep)

Rough day.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 2:

15 x 300m laps = 4.5k in 25:03 min

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 2:

15 x 300m laps = 4.5k in 25:03 min

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2: HR 133 half way through

Larry Pastor said...

A. 185, 225, 255
B. 150, 160, 170, 185, 205(f), 205(f), no power in my hips for the 205 attempts, also having trouble getting underneath the bar
C. 185
D. 210

Anonymous said...

No time to post yesterday

A. 3 x 235
B. 1x4/130, 1x4/140, 1x4/150, 1/185
C. 3 x5/180
D. 5 x 2/195

No time for part 2 today

Siu said...

Part 1: (skipped A and C due to time)
B. 100lbs, 105lbs, 115lbs (did not go AHAP given time and still being careful with back)
D. 157lbs for all sets (I <3 squatting)

(rested ~10mins)

Part 2: (did CFN 5K route)
A blazing 32:11 (almost 3 mins off my PR)

I really don't know what to say. I love squatting. I hate running. I've been running more than I normally do and I'm still just pokie. *wrinkling nose*

Brian Gregory said...

Part 1 approx 1400

A. 260, 280, 300
B. 170/4, 190/4, 205/4, Singles 225, 235, 245F-Jrk, 255F-Cln
C. 255 all sets
D. 260 all sets

Part 2 approx 1900

Ran up subd hill to main road and back and forth on Asbury mill for 25min / in VFF's.

Notes: Shoulders felt like shit again in OH position. Very frustrating. Probably need to spend some time mobilizing and massaging. 245 cln felt easy and then was pissed about jerk. 255 f x's 2 on cln. Son outside with me too.

Anonymous said...

A. 125-130-135
B. 82-88 (stopped due to lat pain)
C. 105-110-115
D. 102