tues, sep 7, 2010

An important aspect of top level training is that Technical Preparation and Conditioning are always done together in a single session. The reason for this is that it is becoming more and more evident, and therefore important to understand, that the athlete is always acting in his/her entirety. By separating the two areas of stimulation of the training load the functional adaptation of the athlete will be separate, uneven and unbalanced making the final results poor and uncertain. Technical Preparation and Conditioning work must be transferred
to the competition movement at the same time and reach their maximum levels at the same time in order to gain the best possible results.

The Throwing Events - Peter Tschiene

part 1:
A. 2 Jerk Balance + 2 Tall Split Jerk; 2.2 x 5; rest 3 min
B. Mid Hang Clean; 5 sets of 2 - 60%; rest 2 min
(focus on finish position, change of direction, and speed under the bar)
C. OHS - find a 1RM; rest as needed b/t sets

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
3 sets @ 80% - keep below redline at all times
30 sec wall balls
30 sec CTB chin ups
30 sec burpees
30 sec double unders
30 sec box jumps - 24"/20"
Rest 2:30

post loads and notes to comments


Michael said...

OPT or Greg E.
I know I've asked a lot lately and I really appreciate the help.

Since I am doing the USAW/CrossFit comp Oct 1-3 and this phase peaks the week before, should I just repeat this week and then continue a week behind so I will peak on competition weekend or what do you suggest?

Thanks again for all the help to both you and Greg, great program.

Jon Sinclair said...

On September 3 I began feeling pain in my wrist from the snatch push press/OHS complex. The pain only came on after I dumped the weight from overhead, never while I was actually under load. Yesterday I felt the same pain with snatches and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions how I may help this go away. The pain feels similar to when I got shin splints years ago, the bone is really sensitive to touch.
I'll try just about anything seeing how these past few weeks I've been PRing like crazy and don't want to stop yet.
Thanks for any advice people can lend.

Soren said...

A: 3 sets with 35kg and 2 with 40kg
B: 5x2 @60kg
C: 72kg, Had to stop as I am without a rack and bumped my head on the decent to the behind head pos.

Day 7 finally without any major head ache and actually feel ok!


Greg said...


I am considering combining today's and yesterday's lifting sessions (yesterday's first) since I missed the lifts yesterday. If I were to drop any lift, would you agree the snatch pull would be the best choice? Any others? Other advice/ideas? Thanks.


DAVE X said...

A. 95# for all sets. Focused on technique, not weight.
B. 145 for all sets. Focused on speed under bar. I felt like I was "snapping" into place under the bar.
C. 4x145/4x165/2x185/1x200 (Tied PR)/1x205 (New PR). I suppose I could've attempted 210 as a new PR, as I felt I had some more gas, but hung it up here.

Yesterday's session was a complete cluster f---.
A. 205x3/255x3/285x3
B. 130x3/140xF 3 times!

I didn't have the explosion I needed to get under the bar and I dumped the weight three times in a row. I got pissed off and just shut it down. Focused long and hard on recovery and icing afterwards. What do others do in this type of situation? Somedays I feel like I can grind it out a bad session to salvage something, but yesterday was a nother story all together.

Soren said...

Part 2:

Wall Ball: 15,15,15
CTB: 15,15,15
Burpees: 10,10,10
D/U: 30,30,33
BJ: 16,16,17

Felt good, probably more like 85 but last round felt easy.

DAVE X, i used to sit down and drink a cup of coffee and just accept you can't always be in the right zone. Certianly have learned that life's others stressors have a huge impact, like when you are thinking about some clients food, just as you drop under the bar!!!
Now without the coffee, i have a can of coconut milk! not quite the same but ...


Martin Altemark said...

Jon: had EXACT those problems earlier this summer, but not really in the wrist but a bit towards my thumb. Wrist bands helped me a bit, and also I had to give up snatches for awhile.

A. 50kg
B. 60kg
C. 90kg

Shouldn't have done this at globo gym. Forgot how hard I think it is to guide down these weights to shoulders, and I couldn't drop. Wanted more than 90kg, and I think I can do it, just not there today.

Fel a bit sluggish today.

David said...

A. 50kg for all sets
B. 64kg for all sets
C. 95kg for a set of 2. I wasn't sure if the depth was there on the first rep at 95 so did one more to be sure

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

A. 30-35-37-35-35 kg
B. 60 kg all sets
C. 70-80-85-90(f) krg

OPT said...

michael, you might be able to maintain it on your own with similar programming after the comp

Greg, if doing both, lower int and work on form on both sessions

Drew said...

C.200 (felt pretty solid at 200 and got greedy and went for 210, dumped it forward at the bottom. should have just went for 205 and not been greedy)

dmarsh said...

Part 1:
A. 98,110,110,110,110
B. 165x2x5
C. 250 (PR)

A. On Tall Split Jerk, have to start bar just above head to avoid any dip/drive.

B. Emphasis on patience and not pulling early/chasing forward.

C. OHS did not feel great today but still managed a PR. Certain I can add 10-15 pounds to that next time.

PTS said...

I tweaked my low back yesterday during the last set of back squats. I'm in a bit of pain so I will be taking today off and will see how it feels on Thursday.

Derek said...

Part 1:

A. 135#, 145#, 145#, 155#, 165#
B. All sets at 155#
C. Never done a max OHS. I worked up to 235#. Got 255# overhead and it did not feel right so I did not attempt from there.

Chad Walding said...

A. 95/95/115/115/115
B. 135x5
C. 135x3/185x1/205x1/215x1(PR)/225(fx3)

Notes: Everything felt good, jerk is definitely coming along with much better upright posture in landing position. OHS felt ok, I tend to flex too much at the hip with heavy loads, need to stay upright and keep the bones stacked.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 100
B. 175
C. 245

40lb pr on ohs. Overcame mental barrier by jerking weight from behind the head rather than push pressing.

Bear said...

Part 1
A 40 kg
B 68.5 kg
C 87.5 kg, pb (did 90 but not deep enough)
Rest 15 min
Part 2
Running clock, 8 kg wb
1 14/13/10/8/12
2 14/14/9/8/10
3 16/16/10/32/9

Did not have time with 6 hours rest today, sorry. Pb 2 times with OHS today, almost had 90. Didn´t want to try again considering I was going to do Part 2 in 15 min. Fumbled around with the watch and did not have smooth DU until last round. Good day today!

Chad Hall said...

Part 1

A: 105
B: 155
C: 225 (pr is 230)


Couldn't get the bar off my back into the OHS position for some reason today. Not sure if I would have pr'd anway, shoulders felt unstable and shakey today. Part 2 tonight.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2:
round 1: 75
round 2: 68
round 3: 67

kept pace at 80%, had trouble with double unders, going too fast, and box jumps where I couldn't string them together. 2x11kg DB thrusters instead of WB.

then 2x200m 40kg sandbag run@80%, 2:00 rest between.

Michael said...

Part 1
A. 105 all sets
B. 175 Power clean b/c that is my weakness and my wrist still hurts from the missed clean on saturday
C. 255 (285 is my max)

Felt very fatigued this morning. Hoping to get a couple get meals in before pm and hopefully that will help.

Shoulders felt unstable I guess from all the snatches yesterday and legs from the 5 x 3 squat.

Anyone know a good % of what a Snatch should be relative to OHS?

Paul Smith said...

Took the weekend off to travel, felt great to be back today. I had to do Part 1 and 2 back to back because of time.

A: 135# all sets
B: 180# all sets
C: 255#

Part 2
Wall Balls - 18,18,18
C2B - 16,16,15
Burpees - 11,11,11
DU - 32,30,25
BJ - 15,16,15

Really tried to stay consistant on all three sets although the last set was at more than 80%.

Stahl said...

Like Paul, had to combine Parts I and II b/c of time.
All weights in kilos

Part I.

A. 30,35,39,41,45
B. 70 x 5
C. 100 (PR by 25#), 105(fx2 on jerk).

Tired, but everything felt really good today. I failed twice trying to push press/push jerk the weight behind my head. Next time, I'll split jerk it and get it. I think I definitely have 10-15 more kilos in me if I can get the jerk up.

Part II.
Had a tough time restraining myself, so I ended up stopping about 5-7 seconds transition between the movements to slow my heart rate down. Need to focus on learning my different "gears" instead of going one speed. Didn't keep close count but the numbers were roughly:
WB 12-14
CTB 14-15
Burpees 12-14
DUs: 30
Box jumps: 14-15

Adam Rogers said...

A - 95x5
B - 135x5
C - 135,165,195

Struggling from too much labor day celebrations, OHS 1RM is 215, was well off that mark today.

Steve said...

Part 1:
A. 95/105/115/125/135
B. 185
C. 270# (PR) 285-f/280-f

OHS felt the best it ever has. I think I easily could have done more but I couldn't jerk the damn weight up. Frustrating that it was the jerk that limited my OHS.

Marcus Filly said...

Part 1
A. 105 for all
B. 171
C. 135/185/225/255/275/295pr/305pr

Greg said...

Felt it was better to go all the way on one WOD, vice trying to squeeze everything in, so I did a mix:

pt1: (today's pt2, 5:30am/fasted):
All 3 rds:
burpees and box jumps had to be rep/reset to maintain heart-rate lower. 24" box was high for me, but doable now.

Pt2: (yesterday's snatch work):
A: 225/255/275(pr+10) - these felt great!!
B: 93/100/106 + 115/125f/125PS/125Press-Out - this was horrible today. Hoped that the feeling would improve on the AHAP, but no joy. Felt totally uncoordinated today. Awful.
C: 155 across - also felt strong here. Weird.
D: 205/235/265/275/280 - strong again. Just 10# shy of my 3 rep max, so considering previous work, pretty good here too.

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

Part 2

Erik Luber said...

part 1:
A. 66, 66, 77, 66, 77
B. 99
C. 121 (PR)

Crap training session today. I got a lot a lot of work to do on my squat clean/front squat. Failed at 132 attempt on OHS...think I can get it soon though,

Steve said...

Part 2:
WB: 17,17,17
C2B: 11/11/12
Burpees: 11/12/12
DU's: 53/58/58
Box Jumps: 25/25/25

Felt pretty good, as if I need a reminder as to how much I hate burpees...

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1:

A. 105 all sets, focused on form
B. 145 all sets, probably a little too light
C. 210 (PR by 18lbs)

Very happy with the OHS PR. Felt solid up and down. Did K-Star's mobility WOD for today's OHS, maybe that helped.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


A) 80, 85, 85, 90, 90
B) 115# for all
C) 175, 185 (f)

Drew said...

Part 2:
subbed KB thrusters for wallballs
round 1:16/14/12/33/15
round 2:16/15/10/40/15
round 3:16/15/10/37/15

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1
A: 115#'s for all sets
B: 155#'s all sets
C: 210 easy, 215 PR, had more in the tank but no time to continue.

Part 2
68, 62, 67 reps

Hour of kickboxing tonight since I feel good and it's been weeks since I've done any skill practice. Plus tomorrow is just work and napping all day :D

DAVE X said...

Hard to gauge 80%. I fought the urge to go all out.
1. 62
2. 67
3. 68

I got my BSc compression socks this afternoon and after just one WOD I can tell you guys sitting on the fence they are the real deal. I can't wait to get my pants soon.


Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 115/125/135/145/145
B. 145/145/150/155/155
C. 235 (f-245)

Dustin said...

part 1:
A. 2 Jerk Balance + 2 Tall Split Jerk-135, 135, 145, 155,155.
B. Mid Hang Clean-165x5
C. OHS -245PR

rested 25 Minutes

part 2:

30 sec wall balls-15,15,15
30 sec CTB chin ups-15,15,15
30 sec burpees-10,10,10
30 sec double unders-30,30,30
30 sec box jumps -20,20,20

X said...

A - 95#, 115#x2, 135#x2

B - 165# for all sets

C - 285#, 300#(f) only got one shot at 300# before the gym filled up for a xfit class so I'll have to get it next time

Danielle said...

only able to complete part 2 due to work and gym use.
wall ball - 14,12,13
ctb - 7,5,6 (almost there< need to drive more with my hips)
burpees - 7,5,6
DU's - 10, 20, 25
21" box jump - 8,6,7

found it hard to stay at 80%, it was aa challenge

Julian Cruz said...
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Julian Cruz said...


Aaron Betts said...

Part 1:
A. 65,75,95,100,100
B. 125 all sets
C. 165
Everything was fast and crisp, except the ohs, I could not get in a good position. I was a little disgruntled since I have ohs 195 with more in the tank.

Part 2:
I couldn't live with the ohs from this morning so I worked quickly up to 185 and called it there.

I didn't write down reps, I focused on quick transitions and staying at 80%.

Lars said...

Did part 2 of yesterday's double. Will hit this one up tomorrow.

Row distances

220, 226, 225, 228, 228, 228, 225, 227

Felt pretty good, feel like I'm going harder though. Looking forward to hitting up today's, tomorrow.

Carrie McG said...

Part 1
A. 55# all sets
B. 90# - felt solid
C. 130# (10# PR)
Really happy with the OHS. Failed the 135 jerk. My rest got too long because there was a class coming in to the gym. Broke my focus a little and I cooled down a bit.

Part 2
Very pleased with the C2B. 2 weeks ago I didn't have one and now I can get 3 in a row! Yay me!

Pete @ CFN said...

Practiced Snatch Balance and Jerk Balance with Bar.
C. 185, 200 (PR?-questionable finish)

Then 5 minutes later did Part 2. Felt fine.

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 1:
A. 95 pounds
B. 140
C. 225 - 20lb pr

I think that I could have gotten 235 if I had been able to get it overhead!

Part 2:
Done. It felt much easier to maintain a specific effort level/pace with a mixed modal workout - I'm still working on it for running and rowing.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good...my hips are tired though!

Alex Duncan said...

Part 2: Only one hour later unfortunately

WB: 12, 14, 12
CTB: 12,12,12
Burpee: 11,12,11
DUs: 38,38,31
Box J: 16,16,16

A solid 80% I think.

Anonymous said...

had to double up because of a little confusion with my work schedule...


3 rounds felt ok, even at 80% effort was winded every round.

David said...

Part 2:

76 reps each round. I kept the pace for rounds 2 and 3 equal to round 1, at least rep wise. That felt about right, thinking that today 95-100 would have probably been at the 100% mark.

Adam Rogers said...


WB's - 15 15 15
CTB Pullups - 12 12 12
Burpees - 12 12 12
DU's - 30 30 30
BJ's - 15 15 20

Steady, heart rate was little high at the end of the last set just because I pushed a little harder for the box jumps.

Chad Walding said...

Part 2
Rd1- 80 reps
Rd2- 76
Rd3- 76

EZ breathing pace, felt good. CTB's have come a LONG way!

Jay said...

B.150 all sets

NorCal Chris said...

PTS... sorry to hear about the low back (I feel your pain as I am tweaked a bit too). Your rows yesterday were AWESOME. Get better soon.

Part 1 (everything super EZ today):
A. 45,55,60,65,70
B. 85,95,100,105,110

Part 2: 52,70,75

Tried using a weight belt on OHS and really felt protected and stable on back.

Brendan said...

Did part 2 first due to work and class schedule:

WB (7kg ball 12 ft target)16,16,17
C2B PU:10 11 9
burpees: 11 11 10
DU:19 19 18
Box jumps: 19 19 18

rest 6 hours

Part 1:
A: 95,115,135,135,135
B: 145 145 150 150 150
C: 135 155 185 205 215 225 (PR) by 30#

Frustrated with DU's in part two felt great about the 30# PR, depth was good shoulders shaky at first but able to lock in. Kip on pull ups is still a work in progress.

Did Fran after resting for 15 min and finally got under 5:00 at 4:59. Can't wait for the say off

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1.
A. 110lbs, 110, 119, 119, 119
B. 132lbs x2x5
C. 154lbs, 176, 198, 211, 220 (PR by 11 lbs), 229 failed twice

No time for part 2 today.

Anonymous said...


A. 3 x 110, 2 x 120
B. 5 x 132
C. 1/184(10#PR), f/194 only had 1 attempt and ran out of time,felt good should be able to get it next time.

X said...

Part 2 - Just got it done. Didn't count reps just tried to stay at a cruising tempo and unbroken. 80% still works up a good sweat

Stephen B. said...

sept.6 wod...

snatch-grip halting DL: 245/255/265
snatches:130x3/140x3/150x3...then 160/170/175/185(fx3)**
snatch pull: 225/225/235

rest 15 min

rowers were being used so subbed airdyne sprints for cals...first time on it...ouch!


**during the snatches I allowed myself to become distracted by things going on around me, and man did it affect my lift...need to learn how to better tune such distractions out
***on the airdyne I screwed up reading of first set but went hard for 40 secs.

Chad Hall said...

Part 2

Completed. Felt good, maintained 80%, all rounds were 14, 8, 9, 25, 10. Recovered completely between rounds.

joey warren said...

A. 105/115/115/125/135
B. 155x5
C. 205/225/245/255

CTB- 20/20/20
burpee- 13/13/13
DUs- 30/28/22 (couldnt find rythym)
BJs- 19/20/18

Michael said...

Wasn't feeling it this afternoon. Felt very fatigued

Wall Ball 15's all the way
Pull Ups 15's
Burpees 10's
DU's 30's
BJ 15's

85 reps every round... ready for rest day

Brent Maier said...


A: 40/50/50/60/60kg (132#)
B: 80kg (176#) - all sets
C: 90/100/110kg (242#) - PR

If you would have asked me if I think I could snatch 100kg twice in the last week based on how these OHS felt tonight, I would have said no way in hell. Not sure if A/B didn't set me up well or if I was just lacking intensity but 110kg felt like the world was on my shoulders. It was a PR but if I get amped up on a fresh day, I bet I can pull off a 120kg.

Part II commencing...

BK said...

B. 150
C. 195,215 pr,225 F,F.
Consistently doing OLY work has been brilliant for my wrist which has been troubling me no end since the week before sectionals(6 months). Stoked to get 215 today with much more there, just have to get the bar locked out.Tried PP,then SJ. Best ever effort before was 185.


nailed first ever straight arm MU!
Then went out got another 6 .
Great day training.Is it any wonder nutrition has been dialed ? I think not!

derb said...


Part 1: 6 am

A: 65/70/80x3
B: 120x5
C: 175(its a PR but I think I had more but I ran out of time)

Part 2: 4 pm

set 1: 14/13/10/30/12
set 2: 13/12/9/25/12
set 3: 13/14/9/21/12

unit said...

A- 115 x5 sets
B- 205 x5 sets [felt as light as 205 ever has]
C- 205 x5... not a prob... then had probs getting much more overhead... def the limiting factor is getting it oh...

5 min

WB- 16/ 16/ 17
C2B strict pullups- 12/ 12/ 12
Burpees- 15/ 15/ 15
DU- 50/ 50/ 50
BJ- 22/ 22/ 22

rounds ~115
felt abt right until bjs of round 3... wanted 2 hit same # of reps but put in more like a 90-95% effort the last 30sec 2 make it... otherwise on point and actually feel refreshed...


Anonymous said...

A.M (6:30 a.m, on 5hrs sleep)

1. 95# (all sets)

2. 145# (all sets)

3. 155#, 185, 200, 210, 220pr, 230f

A- Jerk balance and tall split felt really sluggish and out of sync today. After sets completed, I practiced speed and balance with 10# metal rod.

C-OHS went well today as I remained in hole for 2 seconds on each attempt. Used snatch push press to get weight overhead. Getting weight overhead is limiting factor in OHS. Stability and squats are solid and non issue.

P.M. (1:30pm)

WB = 17,17,17
C2B = 15,15,15
Burpees = 15,15,14
D.U's = 30,30,30
Box Jumps = 20, 20,21

Rythm remained consistent. Worked on pulling hard and high on c2b. First time using new speed rope.

Brent Maier said...

Part II: 80/80/70

Even a nice pace made the DU's and BJ's painful. Not happy...

Chris Dunkin said...


Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 65 for all ..worked on speed.
B. 100 for all.
C. worked up to a 140 OHS. about 6 months ago i couldnt even get the broom stick over my head and squat sooo im super excited with this!!! HUGE PR :)

11 MU before the wod. did a couple with a jump to the rings like @ the games and got it! another pr ...pretty much doubles how many iv done in my life! i even got my first pistol!

*didnt have my reps counted but i kept them in my head...
wallballs-b/w 12-20
CTB - 6-10
Burpees 8-10
DU - 25-40
BJ - 19-22

pushed the du and bj a little more to work on my mental side...wanted to fight through some pain :)

Siu said...

Part 1:
A. 45lbs for all sets
B. 90lbs for all sets
C. 75lbs, 95lbs, 115lbs, 135lbs, 145lbs, 155lbs (10lb PR), 160lbs(f)

Part 2: (rested ~10 mins)
WB – 8, 8, 8
CTB – 4, 5, 5
Burpees – 7, 6, 6
DU – 10, 10, 13
BJ – 10, 10, 10

Super excited about the OH squat PR! I believe 155lbs is my max overhead too.

Then had some MU fun with the ladies at the gym and strung 2 together for the first time. :)

Julian Cruz said...

Part 2: complete. Dint count reps just kept moving. Tried not to go more than 80 percent but it was hard to monitor

Christa said...

Part 1:
A:85 - This felt great, I am dropping a lot better than I was before
B: 95
C: 135 - this was a PR, I felt good, and would have gone heavier, but ran out of time.

Part 2:

Wall ball - 11/12/12
CTB chin ups - 9/10/10
Burpees - 10/8/9
Double Unders - 27/25/25
Box Jumps - 16/16/16

Felt good, recovered well, not sure if I was 80%, I struggle with finding those work %, it will take me time to figure out.

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...


A. 110, 120, 125, 127, 130
B. 5 x 140
C. 200 PR

Pumped about hitting 200 on the OHS. I feel like this will improve alot in the next little while.

Thanks Coach for the tips.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 2

wall balls 20#: 14-15 reps
CTB: 9-10
Burpees: 8-10
Double Unders: 12-15
Box Jumps 24": 17, 15, 16

JRann said...

Pt. 1

A. 95/95/105/105/105

B. 155 x 5

C. 185/195/205/215/225(f)
Felt real strong and just wobbled at the bottom on 225, I freaking had it too. So pissed

Pt 2.
WB - 15/15/15
CTB - 10/10/10
Burpee - 10/10/10
DU - 30/30/30
boxhop - 12/12/12

Heavy Evy said...

A. 110x2,120x3
B. 154 for all
C. 214(17#PR) just missed 220

Part 2
WB 16,16,16
CTB 10,12,14
BU 14,10,10
Du 21,20,21
BJ 14,13,12

My 80% looked pretty weak compared to the 2 soldiers doing there sealfit wod next to me!

Chris Castillo said...

A. 135
B. 165
C. 245, tried for 275 but failed coming out of the bottom.

wall balls 15,16,14
ctb pull ups 14,14,14
DU's 26,28,25
Box Jump 13,14,12
burpees 12, 13, 12

80% is hard in a different way. Sustainable with out feeling dead.

Nathan H. said...

in KG

Snatch: 70/3, 82/2 x 3, 92/2 x 2
CJ: 85/3+1 x 2, 100/3+1 x 2, 112/2+1 x 2
Clean Pull: 100/4 x 2, 112/3, 127/4 x 2

in LBS
Press: 155/4 x 2, 170/1 (attempted 2, but failed on second), 165/2
Front Squat: 245/5 x 2, 275/5 x 2, 315/3 x 2

Mainsite WOD:
Five rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters
135 pound Front squat, 10 reps
15 GHD Sit-ups
20 Box jumps, 24 inch box


Ben Priestley said...

Only Part 1 today:

A. 75#, 85, 95, 100, 100
B. 135# x5 sets
C. 170# was my highest successful OHS.

Notes: Felt sharp on A and B. On C, weight felt heavy once I hit 165#. Struggled with push pressing 176# from behind the neck; failed 3 times to get it, only barely failing to lock out on the 2nd attempt.

Bear said...

Thank´s everybody for posting reps in part 2. It´s obvious that, apart from getting more even DUs, I still need to work on stringing boxjumps together. Big ups to everyone who got 15 and above, especially to those who also did good DU-numbers!

Congrats to the CTB Carrie!

Marcus Filly said...


What are you thoughts on taking the bar out of a very tall rack when doing OHS? I have tried before to work up to a 1rm by jerk the bar overhead first then squatting. I find that my jerk fails me well before my squat. So I moved to taking the bar out of a high rack with my hands and arms already locked out overhead. This was the only way I could get the numbers I got yesterday.

Anonymous said...

A. 45
B. 75
C. 115 (20 lb PR)

~10 min rest

Stayed steady for part 2 (Can’t find notebook. I think these are my numbers)
WB: 8,8,7
CTB: 5,5,7
Burpees: 8,7,5
DU: 12,14,17
BJ: 7,8,7

MU fun with a lady 3 way. :)

DAVE X said...


What's going on with the CrossFit Performance site? I tried visiting but I got warnings that the site was infected.

Brent Maier said...

It's a slow day, got a question for ya coach:

I'm 95% sure I'm going to be competing in the USAW competition. Should we continue with the skill based training through this week despite the challenge happening this next weekend?

Specific to warming up for an event like this, what would a typical USAW warmup look like to prepare you for a tough but doable first lift? Personally I like the halting snatch/clean DL, followed by some 60/70/80% singles, followed by a few quick jumps to your goal. Is this a typical warmup behind the curtain and will it work?

Lars said...

1 Day behind, but catching up.

Part 1

A. 95, 115 x 4 sets
B. 185 x 2, 5 sets
C. 200PR, 215PR, 225PR (by 35lbs)

Super pumped about hitting some decent numbers on the OHS today. Must be all the snatches we've been doing.

My wrists are still the deciding factor in my OHS. The weight feels light, but my wrist really hurt. I tape the crap out of them too. Unfortunately I have tight shoulders too and I have to grip really wide (collars). Any suggestions anyone?

Part 2, coming up in an hour or so.

OPT said...

brent, i thought the comp was early OCt?

lars, post a video on here of your OHS and we'll have a looksie

marcus, learn NOW how to do it from snatch grip push pressing it from behind the neck, MUCH safer for everyone including you and your shoulder rotators...thx

everyone else, if you felt gassed after part 2, you need to review what your 80% is...not knowing this will hurt you over time...

Ryan Thompson said...

Jerk Balance+Tall Jerk 50kgx.2.2x5

Mid Thight Clean 86kgx2x5

Max OH Squat 130kg, Missed 140kg

Lars said...

Part 2

Rd 1 78, Rd 2 72, Rd 3 72

Felt pretty good, not very gased. Good to go for tomorrow.

I'll post my OHS video when I get the chance either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

Brent Maier said...

*smack* my clock is all screwed up, I was thinking the big dawg challenge was this weekend. I guess I needed that rest day worse than I thought. Anyway, I hope those kinds of questions get addressed in the next week or two. For others competing Oct 1-3, there have been quite a few videos on the mainsite and journal discussing the rules and event. Just an FYI...

Paul Klein said...

A. 105/115/125/125/125
B. 145lbs all felt fast
C. 225lbs

No part 2 today, sorry.

Stephen B. said...
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PTS said...

A. 85,95,105,105
B. 150x4
C. 195 PR 205(F) lost it forward in bottom. can get this next time.

30 mins rest

Part 2
12,12,10,30,12 done twice

scaled back volume a bit due to doing them back to back and today.

Stephen B. said...


(Sept. 7 WOD)

Part 1:
A. 115/120/120/125/125
B. 150x5
C. 235# (10# pr)

Rest 30-40 min

Part 2:
1) 97 2) 75 3) 77...bit of a shit show...bunch of misses on wb, DUs and bjs...hard to gauge 80%

Stephen B. said...

Oops...235# is only 5# OHS PR

Robin Lyons said...

Clean 125lbs...felt fast.

OHS worked up to 155lb..ran out of time

PArt 2
WB 15,15,15
CTB 10-10-10
BUR 10-10-9
DUs 20-20-20
BJ 10-10-10

felt like 80% effort...100% might of added 5 reps to each exercise except burpees

Brian Gregory said...

Lat / shoulder issue again:

A. 115 on a couple / painful and weak - 95# on the rest
B. 155# all sets - felt easy
C. Warmed up to 185x2-3 reps, 205F jerk (weakness in lat/shoulder), Did BW OHS @ 170# x 15 reps
D. Back Squat from yesterday - 5x3 - 255, 275, 285, 285, 285

Rested 4-5 hrs

Part II

WB 16, 15, 15
PU 16, 16, 15
Burps 12, 12, 12
DU 30, 38, 42
BJ 16, 15, 15

Notes: Part II felt good. Still unhappy with lat / shoulder problem. Just about 2 weeks ago I was putting 265# OH with no problems. Missed 205 today, not cool.