ChiTown crew in San Diego

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this weekends event which meant more than points; it meant an attitude of gratitude, selflessness and persevearance, all qualities Aaron would be proud of. We raised a nice sum to pass onto Aaron's family; for that you should be proud.

Thanks to CJ Martin, who is quickly evolving as a large presence in my community and you can see why with his programming and hosting abilities; side note - next one he is in to the battle.

Speaking of which next comp will be Nov 13th, base Anthony at CrossFit Redline in Naples.

The previous phase obviously had a bias to pick on some things as a group I felt we needed work on. Thank you to Greg Everett in his help on allowing us to see how the little things are important in that skill we call oly lifting. We'll continue throughout the next phase to keep touches on this skill as we prep for the next comp.

Starting Wed, Sep 29, we will be starting up again.
Rest up. More to come about a detailed schedule when I rest my voice and head.


E Wagner said...

Elisabeth Wagner
BS @ 110#

Stahl said...

Thank you James, CJ and the rest of the OPT crew for putting this together. It's been great. Looking forward to the next phase.

Michael McCabe said...

looking at the level of talent that showed up for comp 1, coach's goal to take 10 big dawgs to the games this year is not unreasonable, esp. given all the dawgs who didn't compete due to o-lifting next weekend. it's gonna be a hell of a year, i'm just glad to be along for the ride!

oh and chad hall, 185 is lean for you man! keep eatin clean but i'd eat more for sure

Kyle F said...

Thanks coach and everyone else behind the sceens that is involved.

Bear said...

Martin Altemark and I had a blast this weekend and everybody else as well . We both did PBs and felt great, thank´s for programming us! I´copy paste what he posted incase somebody missed it:

"Me and bear went to Copenhagen, Denmark to participate in the biggest CrossFit competition so far in Europe. It was 120-ish Males competing.

1st event was a skill event where you had to do different skills at 7 stations. We both nailed them all.

2nd event was a AMRAP with 10 kettlebells snatches@32kg, 60m sandbag runs@30kg, 10 burpees, 60m sandbag runs. Both of us scored well here and combined score of 1+2 got us through to event 3 easily.

Scores was blanked before event 3 which was a pure strength event (unfortunately for me).

3rd event was 9 minutes for a crossfit total thingie with overhead squat, clean and bench press (max 3 lifts of each, but since you had to set everything up time was short). Here I got knocked out despite a new PR in the overhead squat with 95kgs. Sucks being a small/weak guy sometimes. Bear did however put in a fantastic effort to get himself through onto the next event.

Event 4 was a bear complex thing where weights increased every 45th second. Bear did awesome getting to the second to last bar (100kg), but it wasn't enought for a spot in the finals.

We both felt very prepared: strong, fast and mentally ready. Thank you OPT and Greg!


Before the finals the score was resetted again. The fastest one wins:

2 rounds of
400 m row
10 ring dips
20 goblet squats, 32 kg
0 sec rest
2 rounds of
20 high swings, 32 kg
400 m run

Mikko Aronpää from Finland crushed this under 10 min. Look out for this guy, I´ll bet there will be 2 guys called Mikkos next CF Games! Big Dawg Jenny Jacobsen took the third place after Annie Thorisdottir and Samantha Briggs who won on amazing running!

John@CFWC said...

Wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the great programming. I competed locally yesterday in FGB5 and hit a PR 408, good enough for 2nd place out of 50-60. Previous best was 358 back in April. All thanks to your programming.

Brent Maier said...

What a handsome crew! Thanks James and Greg for this last phase. It has allowed me to break through a barrier that plagues many elite crossfitters and has been holding me back for quite some time. I'm done lifting heavy until the competition next week but I just set a new PR on snatch again on Saturday. This cycle has been instrumental in getting rid of the power mentality. My snatch alone increased 12.5kg just in this last cycle alone. Thanks again!

Heavy Evy said...

This cycle was awesome, I wish I could have done my oly clinic at the start of it instead of the end of it!

For clarification, on the "Grider" phase 1 event, the 3min was used for warmup only, we read it as before the 3min started you weren't allowed to warm up with any weight for the snatchs.
Was that the way we were supposed to do it, or did we just read too much into it?


Anthony Skvarka said...

James it was a pleasure to meet you in San diego and to compete in such a worthy cause. I look forward to the future and what it may bring!

NorCal Chris said...

NorCal Na (wife)
65,78,54,45,20[90#],14(70#): 276

NorCal Lisa (friend)

They are both going to donate (belatedly) to the dog dish!

Nice going gals.

Chad Hall said...

Just want to say thank you to everyone and OPT for everything. Last cycle was great, really improved in technique and hit a few new PRs.

I think however I'm going to come off the blog for a while and do a couple strength cycles. My numbers are hurting (especially my squat) and I think I would benefit from a strength bias. I'm thinking of doing 5/3/1. I'll be back for the next competition for sure though. I can't quit this forever, it's hard enough leaving for a couple months!

And thanks McCabe, I plan on eating TONS more!

BK said...

Heavy Evy!
I want to clarify that I hit a 65 pound power snatch before we started the clock. I looked at Dennis and he was setting weights on the floor 'I think we are meant to hit it cold' he said, so we did.
Curious also, CJ?

Heavy Evy said...

All I know is it made me waaayyy more conservative then I would have been otherwise, which I suppose was the point of it?

10 more #s, or 10 more burpees? Pretty tough to fail a burpee I guess.

PTS said...

phase 1 : 155 +96 = 251
phase 2: 75+47+15+5 = 142


ROW WAS WAYYY LOWER THAN I EXPECTED. my engine doesn't run well on night shifts and 4-5 hrs sleep a night.

OPT said...

BK, Evy...from what we did in SD, the 3 minutes were used to load the bar and play with the starting weight, but the 40 sec to complete the snatch 3 AND the burpees began AT the 3 min mark onward...i.e. most hit the 3 right away and hammered away on the burpees...therefore only having 7 min to complete the burpees and the 3 snatch...capiche?

BK said...

Thanks for the heads up, thats how we went. I did hit 3 at 175 when my previous best snatch was that brainer for me to dive to the turf.

Heavy Evy said...


Bear said...

As I said before, Martin and I and our european pack have working like dawgs this weekend at the Fit as F*ck CrossFit Challenge in Denmark. It was a totally different competition than "Grider", but we where prepared.

A few personal best:
Squat snatch 70 kg
Pistols 10/10 in 2 min - never done that many clean reps in one session
OHS 90 kg

A tied pb on bench press at 105 kg that felt really light, no idea why I didn´t try higher, I just dont´t think about benching enough ;) VERY close on getting the 120 kg squat clean I´ve been dreaming about the last weeks. I´m getting there!

Looking forward to the next competition and here´s a little film about our experience, enjoy!

Wes Kimball said...

James, CJ:

Thank you guys so much for a fantastic weekend. Although the weekend was exhausting mentally. I'm refreshed, and invigorated with a new confidence and outlook on what I provide for people.

Both of you guys are awesome examples and role models for me. Thanks so much again, and I'm looking forward to April in ChiTown!