fri, sep 10, 2010

part 1:
A. Snatch Balance - work up to heaviest single for the day
(compare this % to your OHS 1RM and post as well - OHS/SB)
B. Mid Hang Snatch - 5 sets of 2 reps; rest 3 min
(focus on finish position, quick change of direction and speed under the bar)
C. Power Jerk + Split Jerk; 1.1 x 4; rest 3 min
(work up to heaviest possible PJ; work on getting 4 good sets)

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
Run 20 min @ Z1

post loads and notes to comments as well as avg HR is you can for run


Angelo Fosco said...

Hey coach, how bad would it be to switch parts 1 and 2? As in do part 2 in the AM then rest and do part 1 in the PM.

I train at 5:30 AM before I teach and feel like with all the maxing out it make take a bit and I'd have more time in the afternoon.

Eric Montgomery said...

Power jerk vs. push jerk...I see them used interchangeably in some training programs but they are different in others. What's the guidance on the power jerks?

Soren said...

A: 75kg (100%)

Didn't have any time today and could have done more on the snatch balance. Will try and make up for it tomorrow.
My OHS was not true as I didn't have a rack last time, so another one behind!


Pfeifdog said...

A:165 73.3%
B: 155, 135x4 Dropped weight to work on getting under the bar

PTS said...

A. 125
B. 115x3, 120, 120(F)
C. 155,175, 195(F) shut it down here as I had no explosiveness this morning. This is probably due to all the extra CJ's I did yesterday afternoon.

3 mins rest
run covered about 2.75 miles. very comfortable pace.

PTS said...

SB is 64% of 1RM OHS

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 190# (89%)
B. 135# for all sets
C. 205#, 225#, 225#, Called it.

Felt incredibly weak this morning. C&J 260, 5lb pr yesterday, and could barely PJ 225 when I've done the PP,PJ,SJ complexs at 240+ so I called it. Might make up part C later today, might just take a rest...shoulders feel like they are going to explode.

Martin Altemark said...

part 1:
A. 80kg, 85kg(f). Ratio 89%
B. 40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg
C. 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 95kg (PJ PR)

Felt awesome today.

Bear said...

A 65 kg - ratio 74%
B 40-45-50-55-60x1
C 70-80-85-92.5

Have done 70, but with MUCH poorer technique. Some pain my wrist and dropped 2nd 60 on B after PS. Little press out on 92.5 PJ. Big improvements on everything OH.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 225 (91%)
B. 145,150,155,165,175x1
C. 205,215,220,225(PJ pr)

Kevin said...


this week has been a little off, so sorry for the long post. Started my job in ny, welcomed the wife, daughter, in-laws and dog in Wednesday, and been unpacking and moving stuff all week. Was working a day behind anyway, but totally missed Tuesdays workout bc of wednesday's festivities.

9/7 workout--part 1
a. 264, 286, 295
b.142, 154, 164--then 180, 198, 209-pr but ugly--all squat until 209
c. Skipped for time
d. 315.325.330.315.335--(went down on set 4 to work form a little bit

part 2--subbed move, unload, and break down boxes for time

9/9 workout part 1+ohs 1rm(done this am)
ohs--255.265fx2(once on the jerk, once lost it coming up)--first time going for a heavy 1--think I have 15-20 there

rest/warmup 10 mins
a. 275.295.315
b. 181.198.208(screwed up the calc. Dumb)--then 242, 264 (9# pr, both parts pretty ugly). 274f
c. 264.264.274
d. (did 4th bc started too light)

part 2--w sub row--tonight

Steve said...

OPT or Greg E,
Could you take a quick glance at my Snatch Balance. It felt really good but I think your intent was to catch this at the bottom of the squat. I was catching a little above and riding down the rest of the way. Thanks in advance for the help.

Part 1:
A. 265/98% of OHS
B. 155/155/155/165
C. 225/235/245/255(f-pj)

Shoulders were tired today.

Chad Hall said...

Part 1:

A: 175 (77% of OHS)
(OHS/SB: 225/175 = 128% not sure how you want us to post it.)

B: 135 (felt good)

C: 185, 205, 225, 235

Snatch balance was weird today. I've done around 210 before but just couldn't stick it together today, once again shoulder felt weak.

PJ and SJ felt heavy but happy to put up those numbers, I kept failing at 235 when we did the PP/PJ/SJ.

Brian Maier said...

Yesterday's WOD:

A. Halting Clean Dead Lift + Finish
B. Clean and Jerk
C. Clean Pull
D. Front Squat

A. 335,345,355
B. 185,195,205
C. 255,275,295
D. 245 X 3

NorCal Chris said...

A. 145# 72.5%
B. 95#
C. 150 x 4

Shoulder Press: 5 x 90, 105, 120(6)

Feeling crispy today.
A. Hips didn't want to land in a OHS so more like a power snatch then ride down very slowly.
B. Focused on speed.
C. Shoulders have a tough time on the negative in these sets. Wondering if i should have used jerk blocks and used higher weights??

Krazy said...
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Krazy said...
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dmarsh said...

A. 230 (250/230=108.6%)

B. 155x2x5

C. 220,230,240,250

Shoulders are beat up pretty good. Confident I can go heavier on Snatch Balance. Kept Hang Snatch light and fast, focusing on patience and finishing.

Krazy said...

A. 185 failed 215 and 205
B. Used 115 for all
-Failed on Push Jerk the last two sets but completed the Split Jerk

Shoulders are wrecked from the past few days

If I'm reading the WOD right you want us to divide our OHS by our Snatch Balance

Snatch Bal=185

But everyone looks like they're doing Snatch Bal/OHS which would equal 90.2%

Part two in a little bit

Michael said...

A. 265 (93%)
B. 135, 140, 150, 160, 165
C. 205, 215, 225, 235

I'm with steve on this. I was catching Snatch Balance in a partial squat and riding it doing pretty smoothly. hope that's correct. My Snatch max is only 200 though so I may need to stay lighter and work on speed under it.

Bear said...

Needed to work on kb-snatches to the comp in Denmark 25/9 so I changed part 2 to:

ca 10 min TGU practice
5 rounds
5/5 kb snatches 32 kg
50 DUs
Time: 10 min

Also some DUs because I always need to practice them.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2: a Z1 run with Canadian band Propagandhi as company. Lovely. Right hip tight from yesterday, might have gotten better with this run.

Good day!

Matt Shannon said...

A. 175, 185, 195
B. worked 135 for all 5 sets ; snatch and OHS are by far my worst skills
C. 195, 205, 215, 225

Part 2
Ran 2.6 miles -- easy day.

Greg Everett said...

Eric -

RE Power/Push Jerk: One of the problems with weightlifting is that there is a real absence of standardization of just about everything, including terminology.

Some people make no distinction between a push jerk and a power jerk. I have seen at least one person use the term push jerk to describe a push press. But what I have started doing is distinguishing between the power/push jerk based on foot movement (this is something one of our lifters, Kara, told me about). A power jerk involves a transition of the feet into the squat position, i.e. they leave the floor slightly; a push jerk involves no foot movement. The movements are otherwise the same.

Greg Everett said...

RE snatch bal catching and riding down -

You will never receive a snatch balance in the absolute bottom, just like a snatch. There will, and should, always be a short movement into the bottom position. However, with the snatch balance, we do want to try to get under it as much as possible and elevate the bar as little as possible.

Drew said...

A. 195
B. 95-115-125-125-125
C. 135-wrist pain, shut it down
Felt very tired and unmotivated this morning. Just didn't have any pop in me

Matt Mo said...

A. 190 (205/190) OHS/SB
B. 135
C. 135, 155, 155, 155, 155

did not go to heavy pj on part C.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

*my shoulders have been super sore...felt great tuesday and prolly pushed it to much. Taking it easy today working on form and just getting under the bar.*

A. worked up to 125. happy with this since its more than my snatch!!!!! stopped after that b/c of my shoulders. could go heavier.

B. 45/65/65/65/65
C. 65...95

20min run with the pup

next...RELAX, ICE!

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

140/125 (OHS/SB)

Chelsea said...

A. 165/160
B. all sets at 75#
C. All sets at 125#, my splits are a lot better but my power jerk is disgusting so i was trying to work on that.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 1
A. 165/175 = 94%
Sorry don't know if it counted cause I kinda rode it down

B. 95 for all sets, worked on speed

C. 115, 165, 175, 185

Jay said...

A.195(85% of OHS/230)
B.125 all sets

Left elbow is flairing up badly, it felt pretty tender after C&J yesterday. Snatch balance and jerks all felt rough on the elbow. Snatches felt fast and light.

130BPM avg

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1.
A. 84kg (84% of OHS, OHS/SB=1.19) May have been able to go a little heavier but low on time.
B. 60kg, 60, 64, 64. Had to cut a set due to time.
C. 80kg, 84, 88, 90. Bit of a struggle.

Part 2 later

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1.

a. 70kg - No rack to use, (don't know OHS 1RM, most I've done before is 155)
B. 50, 55, 55, 55, 57kg
C. 70 75 75 80kg (took it a little easy due to wrist pain)

Jon Sinclair said...

Could someone tell me what @Z1 means for part 2? thanks

Chad Walding said...

part 1

A. 175 81%

Could have gone much higher but stopped there b/c my R knee started killing me. Shutting it down for the day as something tells me I should. Skipping the run. Knee is feeling very unstable and painful. Going home to rest and ice.

Joel B. said...

Jon Sinclair:

Z1 is Zone 1...and is a slowish run...for lack of a better term. Probably able to converse. I believe Z1= slow, Z2=easy, Z3= steady paced, Z4=tempo run. I'm sure there are better descriptions and maybe even heart rate parameters...but I am not a runner and not educated very much on this. This is just what I have picked up here and there. Hopefully I am right and if I am not someone can please correct.

I have noticed some people doing goat's milk for PWO. Is there any info I can read further on this? I have been doing whey and sweet potato and it is fine. Just curious and entertaining thoughts of experimenting. Any feedback or information is appreciated. Thanks!

BK said...

Z1; able to carry conversation during activity 67-74%
Z2: Convo is possible but not easy 75-84%
Z3:difficult to carry on convo 85-90%
Z4: difficult to speak clearly 91-96%
Z5: very intense effort rarely used( like yesterday:)97-100%

Pass on part 1 today, subsap inflammation
Part 2;
HR 132
SPM -90; focus on short steps

OPT said...

joel, try it and be the experiment

angelo, yes thats OK

X said...

A - Got up to 245# and stopped as I ran out of time but have some more in me OHS = 285# so 116% for today

B - 135# x 4 sets (worked on finish position and landing with weight in the heels)

C - 265# (last split jerk was some work but we got it)

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 215 pounds
B. 105/115/115/115/115
C. 185/195/200/205

215/225 ohs = 96%

Part 2 will be completed later this evening...hopefully in freshly delivered inov8 racing flats.

Steve Howell said...

part 1
A: 105kg/105kg = 1
B: 62kgx2x5
C: skipped right shoulder didn't feel good in the rack.

Jonathan Thom said...

Mine should say 225/215 = 1.05

X said...

Part C for me was actually 225# - 235# - 245# - 265# with no fails

Lars said...

My body is feeling beat up from doing flooring and trying to keep up to these workouts. Tried doing this today and called it after doing a few snatch balances.

So I did the gyms WOD today.

Row 1000m + run 1 mile for time

time 10:32

Derek said...

My shoulders are messed up from last week. I don't think I have done this much consistent Olympic lifting ever so my shoulders are fried. Hard to put anything overhead and the last two days have been brutal.

Part 1:
A. 205# (235/205 = 115%) First time doing these with weight.
B. 135#, 135#(failed both), 135#, 115#, 115#.
C. Tried one jerk at 185# and stopped. To sore.

Rest 5 min

Part 2:
AVG heart rate was 139

Adam Rogers said...

A - worked up to 185.

Ratio is 215/185 = 116%

B - 95,95,115,135,145

Felt better as weight got heavier

C - 185, 195, then called it due to shoulder pain

Still itching a bit at the end so made up yesterdays front squats.

3 sets of 2 reps @ 220lbs. Felt good

Paul Klein said...

A. 200lbs (ohs = 225 / 200 sb = 112%)

B. 115 lbs for all. Kept weight at 70% so I could really focus on the speed under the bar.

C. 210/210/220/220
This felt extra heavy and super sloppy.

Part 2:
HR was 120 at end of 20 min.

Greg said...

Playing catch-up too:

Pt1 from Thu:
A. 255/285/305
B. 135/142.5/152 no fails, but no AHAP
C. 155
D. 190

Today's double tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

A)98/110/133/143/153/163- 82%
B)133/143/153/163/168(split snatch)
C)174, (OPT filled up with everyone from the cert, worked in with someone and just used it as practice, probably did 6-7 sets)

Part 2(done with fiancee, nice easy pace)

Greg said...

Oh yeah,

305 DL is a 10# 3RM PR
pt C&D are sets across

Chris Castillo said...


A. 225-245f-235f
B. 135-155-135-135-155
C. 185-205-225-235

shoulders felt a little weak. But still a good day.


aprox 3.2K
5 min 128
10 min 124
15 min 112
20 min 116

1 min 108
3 min 100
5 min 96

Joel B. said...

Part 1
A: 175
more in me I think
95% 185/175
B: 95X2X2, 105X1X2, 115X2X2
C: 190, 195, 205 (pj pr), 205
first 205 set eeked it out. Stayed there and last set it flew up.

Part 2
easy 20 min hr.

9/11 memorial stair climb tomorrow 110 floors. Training may or may not happen.

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1 @ OPT

A. 203, huge PR. Thanks to Pete for the motivation.
B. Stayed at 120, most sets were fast with good finish
C. 155, 175 then ran out of time.

Part 2, 20 min jog with Pete and OPT himself at the Olympic Park in Calgary. Felt light and great. No HR taken.

mhamilton said...

Been out of town and occupied by work for the past week. Did yesterdays WOD today.

A. 275,295x2
B. 135,145,155...165 (got distracted talking to someone and stopped there)
C. 225x3
D. 175,180,185
30 sec max effort row x3

Good to be back at it!

Julian Cruz said...

A.195 (Pr)

Part 2: felt good

Julian Cruz said...

SB is 91% of OHS

Steve Howell said...

Part 2;

HR 130, kept a good pace running felt pretty good.

derb said...


Part 1

A: 160 109%(175/160 lost 165 at the bottom)
B: 95/100/105/110/110(these felt great and were all full squats)

Ran out of time so no C or part 2 today

Brent Maier said...


A: 61-81-91-101-111kg(244#)-116x
B: 81-83.5-86.5kg(190#)-82.5-81
C: 91-96-101-101kg(222#)

Part 2: Next

Jerks are frustrating for me. Snatch work and doubles made them difficult tonight. I'm curious how they will feel just attempting a single jerk while fresh. Running part 2 with the family on bikes here in about 30 minutes.

unit said...


A- 225 (felt gd)... 245, failed on balance in bottom but hit it solid in the shoulders/elbows... squatting didn't seem 2 b the issue... just balance was a lil in front.... OHS pr 2mo ago 235 x3...
235/225 ~ 104%
B- 155/ 155/ 185/ 155/... then AMRAP 155 ~ x9
did the last set 2 work on speed under the bar when a lil fatigued...
C- 185/ 205/ 205/ 205

10min rest

20min run
HR ~152... ~7-7:15/mile pace


Dustin said...

part 1:
A. Snatch Balance -225/245 (91%)
B. Mid Hang Snatch - 155,165, 165, 175, 185.
C. Power Jerk + Split Jerk - 185, 205, 215, 225.

rested 2 hours

part 2:
Run 20 - 2.4 Miles

Stephen B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen B. said...



C.205/215/225/235(f on pj but got split jerk)...jerks weren't so great locked out under 235# quickly but had a hell of a time stabilizing the weight overhead and almost ditched...shoulders felt cooked from yesterday

rest 15 min

Part 2:

ran approx. 4k...avg.heart rate 133

Marcus Filly said...

A. 265
*don't have an OHS in recent history that came from a push press.
B. 155 (focus was on pressing on bar during third pull)
C. 215, 225, 235, 245 (fail split)

Part 2 - completed. Easy run first time in over a month. Did with Norcal Chris. No HR.

Christa said...

A: 75/85/95(f) - I felt really slow and couldn't get under the bar at all, I felt stiff.
B: 65/75/85/85/85
C: 85/95/105/105

Part 2
No heart rate monitor, but ran a 7:57min mile.

Heavy Evy said...

Unit, not that I've got a time for a max effort on a 1 mile run, but I think I'd be happy with your Z1 pace....long runs make me feel like a fat kid.

A. 177, just missed 187 rats, would have kept going but short on time.

214 OHS/ 177 = 1.21
177/214 = 83%

B. 98, 110, 110, 120, 120

C. 199, 209, 214(slight press), 214 solid, felt heavier then I thought it would.

Part 2. Done with the boy on his bike. HR taken a few times during run approx 135bpm avg

Lisa M said...

In Phoenix so no access to any weights. Brought my rings so I could at least do some metcons. Today did a modification of Cindy. AMRAP in 20 min of 5 ring dips 10 burpees 15 squats. Did 10 rounds it was fun then immediately jumped in the pool as it is 39 celcius AWESOME!! Hoping to hit up the BD wods when I get back

Angelo Fosco said...

Did the % for part A backwards, so should be 215/190 = 113%

Redid part C...wanted redemption.

Worked up to 240lbs PJ + SJ. Better than earlier, shoulders fried.

Ran 2.25 miles in 20 minutes, lungs fine, calves pretty tight though.

Steve Howell said...

I just worked on my OHS

115kg (pr)

So my OHS/SB = 1.1 or 90%

NorCal Chris said...

Part 2:
20 min EZ run. Went to track feeling a touch beat up and left feeling recharged and happy i did the run.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

It was great hooking up with fellow Big Dog Alex Duncan for this WOD.

A. 203 1.015% Felt really solid. 3# higher than my OHS PR. Obviously the OHS max isnt really what I thought it was.

B. 110 Stayed light and focused on speed and extension.

C.155, 175 then ran out fo time. But not upset about it since shoulders also feeling pretty flared up.

I must need some scapular retraction work! ;)

Part 2 light 20 minute run. Didn't take heart rate. The run was awesome and felt great!

NorCal Chris said...

As a substitute to lactate testing, here is a quick and (fairly) easy to determine training Zones. Bear in mind they will vary by sport (eg. running zones are not the same as rowing or AirDyne - god forbid).

There are varying protocols out there but this is a widely accepted method.

Stahl said...

Part I: (weight in kilos)
A. 90 = 90%
B. 40,45,50x2,55
C. 75,80,85,90

Notes: Snatch balance - failed twice at the bottom with 95 - just a little forward but very close)
C. shoulders really hurt. Then got the last round and got a huge knot at my shoulder blade. Hurts to turn my neck and rotate my right shoulder.
Might have to postpone tomorrow

Part II
Run 20 min. Neck/trap hurt while running but kept it slow.

Stahl said...

Whoops - did the % incorrectly in A.

OHS/SB = 100/90 = 111%

joey warren said...

9/9 WOD

A. 295/305/315
B. 195/205/215 + 225/235/245
C. 255x3x3
D. 235x2x3

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


A. 200 (220/200=1.1%)
B. 95*5
C. 175*4


4.18k H.R @10 mins = 150; 20mins=150


A:Had to feel around for snatch balance as I never have tried for a 1rm. Completed 11 reps to work up to the 200. Balanced 205 and was in the hole but lost it standing up.

B: started at 115 but form was bad. Worked on speed and aggressiveness and last sets were really productive.

C: Jerks went well but shoulders were smoked. Need to work on front rack position as I put to much pressure on wrists and elbows.

PM- run was smooth trail run with moderate inclines and declines. Nice pace throughout.

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 185 (78%)
B. 95/105/115/125/135
C. 185/205/225/245(f)

Notes: Knee is still limiting some. shut the Sn. Bal down when I felt pain. No run today. Maybe tomorrow.

Mike Perolio said...

Part2 Done First.
Two loops of Pine Canyon w/o hill. 28:34

A. Hit 145 For BW and PR My SN. 135/145 =93%
B. 95-105(f2)-95-105-115(x1 Rep)
C. 145-155-165-175(Fail PJ)

My work schedule did not allow me to get to weights until late tonight so I did it reverse.

I kept running after the clock hit. It was a decent run in Vibrams. Still not sold on the idea but they are cool.

I was having trouble with this one tonight.
Took me awhile to just sack up and stick stuff. I need to have that mentality more in my training.

which brings up a question.

How many of you guys do this training for other stuff?

Anonymous said...

A. 165 SB (OHS 184) 89% or 112%
B. 95, 105, 105, 115, 125
C. 175, 180, f/185

Felt good took HR every 5min and avg was129

Dom said...

part 1:
A. Snatch Balance -225/255 (88%)
B. Mid Hang Snatch - 155,165, 165, 175, 185.
C. Power Jerk + Split Jerk - 185, 205, 225, 245.

no rest

part 2:
Run 20 - 2.0 Miles

Chris Castillo said...

Forgot to post %
SB 225/OHS 255

Aaron Betts said...

A. 175 94% of OHS
B. 115,125,130,135,140
C. 165,175,185,195

Rest 8 hrs.

Part 2:
HR average was 135 BPM

Brian Gregory said...

Approx 4 hrs sleep.

Shoulder problem did not feel good this AM.

Lots of errands to run, son did not take a nap, met friends to go to the Braves game.

All my reasons for not doing the WOD.