sep 28, 2010

Fit as Fuck CrossFit Challenge from Björn Uddenfeldt on Vimeo.

Its gotta be the beer cause these guys seem to be having too much fun at these things over there...congrats to those that represented the dawg pack, well done!
Sweet set up and location!

I think I saw an old Dawg Soneff in there as well?

Insider note:
Next year in Kansas we'll be introducing the OPTathalon, more to come.

The commission cited examples of Pom advertising that said the products produced “improved heart and prostate health and better erectile function.”


Bear said...

It shure was, but I didn´t know that at the time. He was my judge at the barbell-gauntlet and said: "Make James proud." and I tried to @ 100%! :)

Martin Altemark said...

Yes, it was Greg you saw in there. He was a judge at the competition this time due to a torn ligament in his knee a while ago.

Ryan said...

Ooohhhh, POM, not..., sorry wasn't wearing my glasses when I read this, it looked like an rn, not an m, never mind.

Greg Soneff said...

James, you should be proud...these boyz gave it all and then some. I had a great time judging and 2 days later my voice is still gone. I'm recovering from knee surgery 3 weeks ago (ACL repair) but will be back at em asap. Still follow the blog (albeit from the sidelines)