sep 29, 2010

when in Rome...

A. Build to a tough 1 in the back squat - high bar @ 40X0
rest 10 min
B. Take 85% of this score and perform AMRAP @ 40X0
(the X in this amrap test is intent and not speed, weight may just get there but NO rest at top and adhere to lowering speed)
rest 10 min
C. DB Split Squat @ 3010; amrap/leg @ 1/3 BWT per hand with DB's -1 set per leg; rest 2 min b/t legs
(warm up to get to this weight by performing a few reps before hand with increasing loads)
D. Sorensen test - amsap - 1 attempt
(get into your back extension machine, tuck chin in, cross hands at chest elbows pointing down and hold the static position for as long as possible WITHOUT lowering from the table top position at top)

post like this:
A. 335
B. 9
C. R-15, L-14
D. 135 sec

single on Thursday and Friday, Saturday off, Sunday double


Steve Smith said...


Curt M said...

Two questions.
Split squats....Back foot on bench or set up like split jerk??
The test... Situp postion or back extention??

Jakob said...

130 kg
10 (1-2 sec rest on the last 3 reps, wanted to really get it all out)
15 both (28 kg)
150 seconds

PTS said...

A. 315(PR)
B. 5
C. R-9, L-9
D. 75 sec

Martin Altemark said...
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Angelo Fosco said...

A. 325
B. 6
C. R-12, L-10
D. 75 seconds

Plan on a 20 min Z1 run after work, trying to get my legs used to running.

Heavy Evy said...

All of Bear's vids inspired me to make one of the the new Edmonton Wolpack.......Big Dawgs Edmonton Chapter sounds to much like a bike gang.

OPT said...

curt, rear foot elevated on soft bench, and extension position although the sit up version might be fun sometime as well, you try that one after the sorensen and let me know how long it took,,

OPT said...

Evy, bike gangs are more fierce than wol-packs..they're soft, grandmas love em though

Martin Altemark said...

A. 110kg
B. 8
C. R-11, L-8
D. 115 seconds

These tests makes me hope for something that will increase strength in my legs. God knows I could need that... VERY much weaker, or less coordinated/balanced, with left leg forward in those bulgarian splits.

calebg said...

1) 305 lbs
2) 260 lbs x 5 reps
3) 60# DB @ 12 reps/leg
4) 2:01

Not a great day!

Chris Dunkin said...

C.L-11, R-10

Steve Pinkerton said...

A. 345
B. 7
C. L-6/R-5
D. 139s

Good to get back on another cycle. We have 3 of us following it from my box so it makes it a little more competitive.

Krazy said...

3)R-8 L-8
4)121 sec

rwcorson said...

Data collection day. Fun!

matt said...

c.65lb 20R/20L Rear Foot was not elevated.
d. 60 sec

Legs still a littl tight. Could have gone higher on the 1 rep back.
Can push MUCH harder on the hold.

dmarsh said...

A. 350
B. 300 x 6
C. L:12, R:11
D. 140 sec

dmarsh said...


D: 100 sec

NorCal Chris said...

A. 240
B. 4
C. L5 R3
D. 143 sec.

BK said...

A. 355
B. 6
C. L-12,R-12 (went with 2 pood,have no heavy DB)
D.120 secs

Rob, testing? I call this pain day :)

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 265
B. 4
C. R-7/L-6
D. 98 sec

Bodyweight is 175...split squats done with a 53lb kb in each db's heavier than 50 at the gym.

Poly said...

Fired up for new cycle, almost of major distractions are gone for first time in almost a year.

Not fired up to see high bar back squats first day of cycle. I really have to toughen up.

A. 405
B. 5 x 345
C. 15l, 11r (@25%, all I had)
D. 91scs

Stahl said...

All weight in Kilos

A. 130
B. 8
C. R-12, L-10 (60# DB)
D. 92

Still new to high bar back squat and that tempo was tough.

Going ass to ankles makes me realize how weak my hips are having just done low bar BS breaking parallel. Also, still trying to learn that good stretch reflex going that low.

High bar BS seems too close to front squat. Don't know if anyone else is struggling with this learning curve.

Anonymous said...


I have really liked this programming as a compliment to mainsite, but I still understand very little of the abbreviations and numerics used. Could someone please explain todays workout as simply as possible (like for instance what does 40x0 or 3010 mean?)

Best regards

Poly said...

Heavy Evy, that video was great. Thanks for putting that together. It was good for me to see it, I was definitely cheating on some reps. Mather's course obviously paid off for you, your snatches look smooth and effortless. You definitely had some more left in you.

Anonymous said...

A: 305#
B: 8 @ 260#
C: L-12 R-12 @55# each hand
D: 95 secs

@Sten-go to FAQ's and it explains the tempo settings for the particular lift.

Elgin Garage Gym said...
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Elgin Garage Gym said...

JacobSZ, 29yrs/6'0"/167lbs

A. 285lbs (low bar, tried high bar, too much neck pain)
B. 245lbs x12 (low bar)
C. 55lb DB's, R:40 L:25 (rear leg not elevated)
D. 115 sec.

2 minutes rest between all transitions.

Michael McCabe said...

A. 305
B. 4
C. R-7 L-4
D. 126 sec

W said...

A. 210#
B. 4
C. R-4, L-4
D. 60sec

not so good...

**Had to bow out of last phase after about 4 weeks, hip and low back issues, switched to rehab exercises. Hoping I can hang in this phase.

Everything felt good on the joints today except the split squat...still need to watch the lumbar extension, especially on the right side.

If anyone has any tips, that would be great.

Marcus Filly said...

A. 375
B. 5
C. L-7, R-8
D. 120

Very glad this was built into the program. I was going to hit all of these tests this week on my own. Now I have fewer to do on my own.

Ali Loach said...

A. 205
B. 4
C. R-8, L-8
D. 90s

Feels SO good to be back.

Andy said...
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PDS said...

A. 365
B. 6
C. 6 left and 6 right
D. 73 seconds

Played hockey at 9 last night on big ice and felt it today.

Sean LeFloch said...

L:14, R:18
127 seconds

The 40x0 tempo crushed me. A lot of time under tension for the second part.

Drew said...

B.6( could have done a few more but broke tempo at the top)
C.50#db R-17 L-16
D.81 sec

Steve Howell said...

A: 150kg
B: 5 @127kg
C: R;11 L; 10 @ 24kg in each hand
D: 142

Matt Shannon said...

A. 315
B. 9
C. R-13, L-12
D. 142 seconds

Notes: Could have done a couple more reps on split squats but couldnt keep foot position solid. Also could have fought for another 12 to 15 seconds on the Sorensen test.

Andy said...

A 285
B 8
C 14 each side
D 120

Arjuna @CFN said...

A. 335
B. 3 :(
C. R-9, L-9 with 60 db's
D. 120 sec

David said...

12 L, 13 R
125 sec

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

A. 320lb
B. 5 @ 275
C. 15/15 @ 65lb DBS; BW= 185lb
D. 140sec

Lisa M said...

A. 185
B. 6
C. 8 both legs
D. 130 seconds

Hammies were fried from sprints that i did yesterday - ouch. Haven't done high bar BS in a while definitely harder for me.

Yay Ali good to see you posting lady!!!

Paul Klein said...

A. 290
B. 6
C. R-8 L-8
D. 122 sec

After split squats, my legs shake like a dog shitting razor blades.

Joel B. said...
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Pete @ CFN said...

A. 315
B. 7
C. 15 each leg
D. 120 seconds

Joel B. said...

A: 245
B: 3
C: R-4, L-6
D: 156 sec

Cramp in left foot halted me on right leg split squat. Screwed up and didn't have any rest between A and B or B and C. Burning on Sorensen and maybe could have kept going but gave in to the pain.

I have a new guest in my garage gym that moved to my neighborhood to train together on Big Dawgs. We will be training very early in the AM on days we are on shift. Should be awesome! Renton Big Dawgs Ouuu!

Scott Hoadley said...

A. 205
B. 7
C. R-11, L-9
D. 139 sec

I have been following the Big Dawg site since about January and I have had excellent returns. Thank you for this. Just recently in the last four weeks I stepped away from the site to train a 12 week program for Canadian Special Forces selection (JTF2). The program has a fairly decent volume and a lot of endurance training. Just today I went to a JTF2 recruiting drive and was told flat out by them to stop the 12 week program. It is too early to start. It is meant to be done once. Their advice is to start the package in January (selection is April-May time frame) and to peak just before and come into it rested. Also he said that he can see the guys that only do Crossfit and they tend to fail and are done by the end of the first day of selection. So this leaves me at a loss for the direction to go with for my training. Do I jump back into the next cycle of Big Dawgs and carry on or start my own programming? I can forward the fitness test requirements I need to obtain in order to go on selection. Also the twelve week training package if your interested. They say that 95% of the people successful in selection complete this package. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you in advance.


Brandon said...

A. 375
B. 5
C. R-8, L-8 @ 70#/hd
D. 85s


Anonymous said...

A. 270
B. 3
C. 12-R, 11-L
D. 85sec

Matt Mo said...

A. 275
B. 10
C. L14 R12 at 55lb
D. 160 sec

not a true effort. i was short on time. should have gone heavier on A.

Erik Luber said...

A. 187
B. 4
C. L-11, R-9 (20 kg)
D. 108

Legs were toast after the split squats, thought my hammies and glutes were going to explode on Sorensen test.

Evy, thanks for putting up the video! The credits was my favorite part. I agree with coach though, wolfpack..uuummm...makes us sound like that weird dude off of the Hangover.

Stephen B. said...

C.12R,10L...60#db/hand...(lost balance here, had another couple of reps on left side)
D.80 seconds...probably a bit too far out on this one, but not sure

very happy to be startin new phase...3 days off and I was gettin squirrelly

Pfeifdog said...

A. 405
B. 6
C. R-10, L-9
D. 94 sec

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 286lbs
B. 5 (@242lbs)
C. R-8, L-8 (only 50lbs per hand, 1/4 BW)
D. 100 sec

A went 110kg, 120kg, 130kg, 140F. Failed on rep 6 of B. Definitely discovered a weakness on C--used 50s because that's the biggest DBs we have and the 2pd KBs would have touched the ground, plus there was no way I could've balanced with another 16lbs per hand. Did D with hips forward like for hip extension rather than back extension.

mhamilton said...

A. 245
B. 5
C. 5 (with 24k KBs)
D. 129 seconds

Lots of energy in the tank today. Kinda wish I felt like this going into Sat test!

Brendan said...

A: 315
C: L7 R8
d: 120sec

Left knee is bothered on lateral side when squatting, really limiting ability to go heavy.

Anonymous said...


A. 135
B. 5
C. R-1/R-2
D. 177 sec

brian cilento said...


joey warren said...

D. 100 sec

Curt M said...

A) 360
B) 4@305 Prob went a bit heavy with A and/or didn't take enough rest (around 3min)
C)R-12 L-10(lost balance on left foot) Done with 2pood KB
D) 120sec

unit said...

A- 315
B- 275 x5
C- 65lb dbs x12R, x12L
D1- back ext hold- 191 sec
D2- situp hold- 97 sec

bk/joey... got y'alls emails... all sounds gd!... will hit y'all back tom properly... last 3 days have been all work and no play... or anything else till this wod 4 that matter...


Dustin said...

A. 315
B. 5@270
C. R-10, L-10 used BW182-55lbs (Back Leg Elevated)
D. 123 seconds

**Felt good - Sorenson Test was hard. Back squat seems to be getting stronger**

Rudy Tapalla said...

First Big Dawgs Cycle:

A. 345
B. 293x3
C. R-7 L-9 (55)
D. 126 Sec.

Tempo work was humbling.

Heavy Evy said...

A. 316
B. 6
C. R-13, L-12
D. 75 sec

Think I f'd up on D. may have had it set a bit too much closer to hip/back ext......that or I'm too soft from all the grandma wool. Tempos were good though.

Steve Smith said...

A. 295
B. 12
C. R-12, L-12
D. 93 seconds


1. Sorry this is so late. Forgot to post.
2. Went at about 90% to protect recent back injury
3. First workout in approx 2 months

Brian Maier said...

A: 315
B: 5
C: L-12,R-12
D: 142 sec

Largest dumbbell I had was 55# for part C.

derb said...

A: 245
B: 3
C: R-8, L-9
D: 184 sec

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A. 225
B. 190 x 7
C. R-10, L-10; 50lb/hand
D. 73 sec

david83 said...

Hello everyone
btw 195

sorry posting late
A1.back squat 385 - tried 395 and got down but questioned the depth!

B1.)ASMRAP at 320- 4 reps
C1.)Split squats- 60 /side / 13 and 13 that hurt alot
D1.)2:00 minutes on the back extention hold

Soren said...

A: 120kg (pr)
B: 8 reps
C: R-7, L-8
D: 76 sec


Lucas said...

A. 255
B. 8
C. r-12, l-11
D. 123 sec.

Pusscat said...


A. 205
B. 7
C. L8, R10
D. 105 sec

High bar is cruel to my numbers :(

Brian Gregory said...

A. 310#
B. 5 reps @ 260#
C. 12 each @ 55.5# db/h
D. 115 secs

Notes: BW 170, still not used to High bar, only 2nd time going heavy. 4 sec tempo made this super hard.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. 250
B. 5
C. R-5, L-r
D. 62 sec

Nasty. Basically weak and untrained these days. I think I'm going to focus on lifting and short metcons until 2011.

Geoff Aucoin said...

BW is 195 these day, so 65lbs/hand on the split squat.

Danny Davis said...


4 (275)

R:11 L:11 (60)


Christa said...

A: 175
B: 5
C: 6each
D: 75s

My knees got really sore from the split squat, this was my 1st time doing them and the weight was heavy. I will correct my form and work on building that strength.

Yesterday I did a 2.5mile run and a ton of abs b/c i was no where near a gym to work out. That killed me with the Sorenson test.

DAVE X said...

A. 315#
B. 6 reps
C. R-10, L-10
D. 64 secs

Eric said...

R-9 L-9
30 secs