sat, sep 4, 2010


3 x 10 minute countdown timer; 0 sec rest b/t 10 min intervals:
1st 10 min:
Accumulate highest 1 rep clean - score in #
2nd 10 min:
AMRAP parallette HSPU - ears below hand level - score in reps
3rd 10 min:
As many cals in 10 min - Airdyne - score as cals

post score to comments
(295# + 32 reps + 300 cals = 627 as score)
sub rower for airdyne if needed and indicate that in scoring

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Stahl said...

Coach, one quick question: are we allowed to kip for the HSPU, or do they have to be strict?

Prawn said...

This is gonna put some hair on your ass!

soren said...

Modified 'combined'
HSPU btw 20kg plate
Uphill run

212# + 14 + 170

Tried for 3 min on parallettes - didn't move!
No airdyne or rower at home so ran uphill and with HR monitor.

day 4 without caffeine and still not feeling flash, headache is disappearing. aches in hip, back, weird

James, do you know of aches from caffeine withdrawel? It could also be the 3 girls who have given me the flu they have!!


Angelo Fosco said...

I don't have paralletes and I doubt I can do HSPU without a wall for support...should I sub HSPU off of plates or should i skip that 10 minutes or?

Soren said...

ups, if relevant with my modified version:

total: 396

BK said...

All animals on the devils tricycle getting 300 today 'BSc Elite Athletic Longs' coming your way.
Get hunting.

Johan R CF Kalmar said...
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Johan R CF Kalmar said...

(HSPU + 12 cm RoM) Between plates

Johan R CF Kalmar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johan R CF Kalmar said...

Clean: 220 pounds (100 kg PR)
HSPU: 30
Row: 181 cal (2626 m)

Total: 431

PTS said...

At the lake without the airdyne. Should I do it today with subs or wait until Monday to hit it as rx'ed?

Thad said...

178 Subbed rower

Cleans felt good
HSPU's getting better
Couldn't seem to find the next gear on the row to much work and not enough sleep lately

X said...

255# (failed 275# and got it halfway up). Did all squat cleans as these need the most work. Hips rise too fast when I get heavier. Get better at front squats...
25 hspu on paralettes. I thought 10 would be good for me so i surprised myself here
Row Cals - 216

Total = 496

Needed 220 on the rower to get 500 and I started my final sprint about 10 secs too late. Disappointing to say the least. Definitely fired up now since I missed my goal so I'll be on a rampage from here on out...

joey warren said...

Modified due to out of town

clean- 240# (caught 250 but failed in fr squat
HSPU on 45# plates- 56
Hilly 10 min run- felt great

Pete @ CFN said...

1. 215 (PR by 5)- not a great second pull, looking for more next time.
2. 28
3. 212 - Subbed row cals

Total 455

Alex Duncan said...

Done at Crossfit Kinetics during the heart of Hurricane Earl...

Clean: 217.5 (7.5lb PR!)
HSPUs: 0 Long arms can't get the ROM on the parallettes yet.
Subbed Row: 182

Score: 399.5

Pfeifdog said...

Total : 457
Tried 315 on cleans but couldn't get under it.
HSPU were ugly and went up one at a time

Steve said...

305# CLEAN (5#PR)

FS was limiting factor on Cleans today. Easily got under 295 and 305 but both times it took forever to get out of the hole. HSPU continues to be my weakness and paralletes exposed me even more...

Steve said...

Total was 542

Marcus Filly said...

T 545

Jay said...

245 Clean 15 PR
27 on parallettes
151 on rower
score 423

Clean and HSPU felt good...rower felt awful...overall energy was good.

Greg said...


1. Clean (rx'd) - 190#(PR+5#) - missed 185(prev PR) 3 times before I got pissed off and went higher. It seems to be a ballistic FS issue more than anything else, b/c the weight is plenty high. Need to record, but camera is broken.

2. Scaled to 5min HSPU to Abmat - 9 and 5min Piked progression off of 20"box - 39

3. Row (modified) - 167 cal (2512m) - not a very pretty performance)

Scaled Total: 190+48+167 = 405

NorCal Chris said...

Total: 356

1. 190
2. 18*
3. 248 calories on Airdyne

Cleans were power cleans as my mind and back did not want to go for a full squat today.

* modified HSPU (Kip from floor)

Drew said...

Clean: 250# PR by 20#'s for clean and PR by 5#'s for front squat
HSPU: 38 all strict on parallettes
Rower: 150 cal
Score: 438

BK said...

235 clean
20 on Parallettes
207 cals on Devils Tricycle

Missed 245 twice , then backed down to 240 for 2 misses. Not happy with this, thinking PC mid week ,F..ked me. Didn't want to get under the bar, lame!
Very happy with HSPU as I thought I wouldn't get many..if any at that depth.
Airdyne, out of saddle hard for 45 secs and pulling hard with arms then 15secs in seat big push and pull. It's a monster but tameable , felt better than first dig.
NorCalChris, very bloody impressive mate!
I am gonna call 275 cals today on Airdyne gets set of BSc!!

OPT said...

stahl, kip is up to you

soren, depending on where you get your coffee from some good clean coffees act sometimes on the liver as a that you are without (if the coffee was good), you might take a while for that organ to get up to speed...hence the inflammatory reaction...
as well, sometimes when people make coffee changes they also do so incorrectly by changing the diet at the same time (for some this is impt) but for others its the intro of other nutrients that cause the systemic inflammation...
Matt Lalonde and I had a recent healthy discussion on this and I might suggest in this case to maybe take one day to do a complete fast and see if it improves might give the digestive track a break and allow some movement of things...otherwise, get back on the crack for a but and try again another time if it persists...higher cortisol from worrying/pain/discomfort is a MUCH bigger loser in this game long term

angelo, HSPU are wall assisted, sorry if i gave you other thoughts..

Martin Altemark said...

1. 220lbs (100kg)
2. 28 hspu with 15cm elevation
3. 190 cals on rower
Score 438

Bear did it with me as well (we're away at mobility seminar)
1. 254lbs (115kg)
2. 15 with 11cm elevation
3. 184
Score 453

derb said...



200 is a pr I got 205 to my shoulder twice but couldn't keep it there. Sub row for airdyne and not happy with this at all. My hips and legs had no juice. I am also trying to play with my diet by cutting down my carbs even more and jacking up my fat. I was talking to a nutritionist and he suggested this and said I would feel a major difference after my body started fueling off of fat and not off of carbs. Today was my first day and he said it could take a week or so for my body to make the transition. I'll let everyone know how this all goes for me and the difference I see.

r Gaines said...

210 + 0 + 186

Clean pull feels strong. Need to get a bigger front sqt.

Can't do HSPU. Did 10 min of hspu skill work

Row for cals.

Chad Walding said...


A. 225 (PR with squat clean)
B. 38 from floor
C. 200 cal on rower

My mind was not there today. Right before I got 225 (squat clean) my buddy Carson attempted the same lift and fractured his wrist. You could see the fx pretty easy and he went off to the emergency room. He didn't get his elbows around and it jammed into his femur on the squat clean. Sucks...this guy is a freaking competitor. Sort of just went through the motions after that. Learning point here though is to meet the bar, pull with high elbows, receive with the shoulders and stay aggressive. Be smart with the load and perfect your technique!

Paul Klein said...

230 + 22 + 211(cals on rower) = 463

Cleans are a mess, it three attempts to hit 230, and I failed four times at 235.

Adam Rogers said...


245 clean (PR)
25 parallette HSPU, ears below hands at bottom
204 calories (on rower)

= 474

Really excited about the clean, second clean PR in 3 days, chalking it up to the technique work in this catalyst cycle.

HSPU - first 5 unbroken, then reduced to singles. that little bit extra ROM hurt me a lot more than i thought it would.

Rowing was a struggle but was happy to break 200 there, constant pace the whole time, really had to grind out the last 3 mins.

PTS said...

35 strict no parallettes
10 min hard hill run.

Krazy said...

275+25+192 (row)= 492

275# clean was a 20# PR. Felt light and I truly think I could've gone another 10#.

Great Day

Kevin said...

I can't do this until tomorrow, but I wanted to check: do we have to squat clean it/power clean & squat it, or does this fall under the "don't squat it if you don't have to"? I thought coach said it was the latter unless otherwise indicated, but I see a lot of references to front squatting so I wanted to check. Thanks.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

hspu (from ground) GOT MY 1ST :) BUTTT im not counting this in my total!!!
Airdyne-192 (AGAIN!) same from a couple weeks ago

170+0+192 = 362

Mike Perolio said...

205+0+162 on rower.

I started with the paras and did 2. Felt a tweak in my right shoulder then went to two 45's and did 5 there. Same thing. Did like 6 more normal and just called it. Not super happy. Going to do some mobility work over the weekend and hope for the best. It has been tight lately.

Clean pr! Which was awesome. Could have had the tweak from failed attempts on clean.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the hspu in the training. Good job everyone. Enjoy the weekend.

Krazy said...

@ BK

Are you a distributor for them?

Are they better then the SKINZ or similar products?

Michael said...

275 clean- 10#under PR (got 285 at regionals)
40 HSPU going hands to shoulders on stack of plates
out of town so finished with 200 double unders and 1 mile run.

Finished 200 DU's in about 5 minutes and then ran 1 mile in 7 minutes and it felt great!
Glad my run felt good and improved, energy was high (possibly from the extra carbs yesterday and this morning from sweet potatoes)
Disappointed in the clean, was hoping to atleast hit 285 again.

RichJ said...

225# + 30 + 184 = 438

Elbow on Parallettes broke at end (good thing I wasnt in HS position)
**Shoulders are toast

No Air Dyne - subbed rowing (wore Polar HR monitor)

OPT said...

kevin, in this case and comp style, do whatever gets you the highest score...some of my athletes do not need to squat it, they need to work on moving the bar as high as possible, some need to squat everything every i've mentioned before, in this sport, you have to be able to adapt, that is the key, sometimes you'll have to PC it, sometimes SC it...have fun

BK said...

Yes I am the US distributer of BSc .
Our gear is the best going with interlocking fabric the key to longer compression of the garment. Maybe some other Dawgs can give you some feedback on the gear.....
Our new 'elite longs' have just been released, and an affiliate program will be up and running shortly.
Big Dawgs will be given the very best price on all garments:)

Derek said...

Was out of town at CrossFit Wildlife in Burnaby, BC

285 Clean (Previous PR)
20 HSPU (Used 2 45# plates under each hand)
166 (Row Cal, I hate rowing)

Total = 471

Bryan Miller said...

255+9(on 45# and 25# bumpers)+did max burpees in 10Min= 151

PRM said...

195#+25+189 = 409
Not Rx'd:
HSPU strict, but just forehead to floor.
Cals on rower.

Siu said...

150lbs (5lb PR) + 6 + 131

Failed on 155lb attempt but know I can get it! Bar was high enough, just need to work on my lazy elbows. Cranked out 6 kipping HSPUs early on but them prob failed on the next 20+. And the Airdyne was just, gross.
A few hours rest then off to the track for another WOD!

Anonymous said...

Male 205

Clean sq 325
Hspu 40
Row 205

Felt good for only getting 4 hours pf sleep

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

Bench press, 3 @ 173, 3 @ 198, 9 @ 223
10:00 HSPU practice, 1 set every minute on the minute; 39 total
10:00 1-leg AirDyne; 113 calories

Angelo Fosco said...

Clean: 250

HSPU: 51 ~ Done between 25lb plates, so about an inch elevation.

Calories on Rower: 184 ~ no airdyne

Total: 485

Notes: Clean got messy at 250, didn't attempt 255 even though it's my PR. No paralletes so set up plates and did HSPU off those.

Angelo Fosco said...

Also, figured I should post my stats. 24/181#'s/5'9. Recently weighed myself, same weight as usual but feel much leaner.

Jonathan Thom said...

Clean - 235 pounds (pr by 10 - thanks James and Greg!)
HSPU* - 17 reps
Row - 180 cals

*On parallettes to bottom of forehead/top of ear - all kipping.

I was a little bit skeptical of the 2x carbs on Friday but I felt strong on everything except the row today...although I was able to keep a very consistent pace there...just not a very fast one!

Krazy said...


just sent you an email.

Jon Sinclair said...

30 HSPU (On two thick bumper plates)
No Airdyne or rower, 10 mins of Bike

Cody B said...

1: 235#(10lb p.r.!)

2: 45reps

3: 111cal on air-dyne

Score = 391

1. Cleans felt really good as I paced myself @ 155,185,205,215,225,230p.r. and 235pr. Bar pull and mobility was non issue as I was able to catch and sit in the hole for a few seconds before coming up. Rx'd tempo OHS,Front squat, and back squat really help confidence while in the hole. Clean pulls were also a difference maker.

B: Sat dumbbells on 12" boxes and rx'd ears past hands.

C: 111cals seems really low for the amount of effort being put out (i.e. couldn't walk after). Especially since I stood up and peddled intervals. Going to check calibration but until that happens this will be my bad score.

Nutrition-took in 220g carbs last night which is 2x the norm. 255g including pwo from yesterday's workout. (C=51%, P= 23%, F=26%) Slept 10 hours last night and woke up pretty stiff. Pre workout was 5 eggs, 36g carbs(peach/cantaloupe).

JRann said...

Clean: 255 (pc)

HSPU (Dumbbells on top of plates. ear was in like with my thumb) 6 or was iffy

Row: 199 cal

Total: 460 or 461

Stahl said...

Clean = 251 (6# PR)
HSPU = 23 (all kip)
Row = 200 cals

Total = 474

- Clean felt good, psyched with another PR. Think I had some more in me if I had more time.
- Need to work on strength for strict HSPU.
- Row felt terrible. Upper back has been very tight and my legs were shot. All of this made the row feel awful.

That said, no excuses - think I should have done better. I paced too much and think I left some on the table. Will do better next time. I am going to try to up my strokes/minute. I tried to keep the spm low and pull hard, but when I tried to drop my splits I had no gas in the legs. Next time I'll try a little quicker cadence.

Jonathan Thom said...

Forgot to post total score...235 + 17 + 180 = 432

Matt Mo said...

Aimee, you are amazing! I live close to Catalyst and will be going there for some coaching soon!

255 + 17 + 169 = 441

no squat on clean, failed 265#

hspus: put 25# db's on 35# bumper plates

rowed 184 in 10 mins last time but i was not very nice to my body last night

Anonymous said...

225 ran out of time, did too many lighter reps


156 on rower

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

205 + 16 + 82.4 =

- caught 215 but couldn't front squat
- hspu on 8 inch parallettes, head to floor
- used Vision E4000 dual action bike, counted calories really slow

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


Wes hendricks said...

BSC opinion:

Alot of the new Dawgs don't know me, but I would without a doubt recommend Body Science. I have worn the top, pants, or both for the last six weeks during my WOD's and I have without a doubt seen a significant improvement in my recovery(which I track closely) and I can actually feel it working during my WOD's. Especially during Oly lifting I feel so warm and mobile when I where my full suit. Plus I feel like a super hero.

DAVE X said...


Krazy. I ordered the BSc compression socks and will order the new pants when they are available. I think DJ and Joey both wore it as well Rob Orlando. Wes who will be posting again soon lives and dies by these pants. He wears them 24/7.

Ben Priestley said...

190# + 0 + 183cals = 373

Notes: Subbed HSPU - knees on 24" box, strict pike, hands on paralletes - ears below hand level. 76 reps
190# is a Clean PR by 5#.

Lars said...

I'm looking forward to tackling this one tomorrow. After a couple of days of doing tile work in my house, I was able to do some of yesterday's at work today.

A. 120, 120, 125, 130, 135 - only Muscle snatch, not able to do snatch balance with these bars (too narrow)

B. 135, 140, 145, 150, 155 - Built up by accident instead of going at 70% on all.

C. 155, 165, 170, 175 - Only did snatch push press, again couldn't do OHS with this bar:(

Worked on OHS and snatch balance with a broomstick.

Body is killing me from being on my hands and knees doing tiles all week. Lower back is stiff, done for a couple of days so I'm going to try and catch up a bit. I hate falling behind and missing things.

Krazy said...

@ Dawgs

I've been researching the studies on compression garments and I definitely feel that it's worth the money to "see with my own eyes". Do you like the longs over the socks? Full top and bottom? Thoughts?

DAVE X said...

Haha. It's totally ironic that you posted that seconds before me!

Ben Priestley said...

Oh ya, forgot to clarify, but part 3 was on airdyne.

brian cilento said...

i echo wess on the bsc gear!

1: 230 pr
2: 40
3: 190 first time on that fcking thing

460 total

Jay said...

Krazy...have a pair of BSC them...legs feel like they recover alot faster day to day...i would definately reccomend them.

Brent Maier said...


Total: 574
Clean: 131kg (288#)
HSPU 8" Parallettes: 30
Airdyne: 256 cals

External db rotation movement hurts right shoulder. Was going to shut anything down that hurt it but didn't have to. Almost caught 135kg and better strategy on the airdyne. Post workout I feel great today.

Chris Dunkin said...

On vacation. Hate to miss it.

Brandon said...

245 (ties PR)
190 on the rower (up almost 20 from a few weeks ago)

Notes: Pissed with the mental approach to cleans. Had 255 to mid chest and didn't commit to getting under the bar. 245 was super easy.

Really happy with the HSPU. These have long been a huge weakness, but I think I broke through the barrier with these.

Row felt good...

Nutrition: need more carbs in the morning of big days like today. I run better on super low carbs (50g or less) most days, but I felt the crash a bit in the last 2 mins of row and after the workout. Enjoyed the 2x carbs yesterday. will play a bit with this in the next couple of weeks.

Heavy Evy said...

23 rx'd
173 cals on rower

score = 445

Failed at 264 pulled high enough just chickened out getting under it. HSPU felt good as well, row was okay legs were shot by end, haven't rowed for cals much so wasn't sure what to expect. I can't find any airydynes for cheap, will have to get the gym to buy a new one.

Brandon said...

Forgot total

Brian Maier said...

On vacation for family reunion so my wife, Kelly, and I found the nearest box today and joined in at Desert Crossfit for Fight Gone Bad. Haven't done FGB for over a year. Thank you Cheryl!

Brian: 374
Kelly: 271

Dustin said...


Clean - 245, 255, 275 PR by 20lbs (Videos below)
HSPU on 45# plate - 53
Ran 10 minute Hills

**Wow - is all I can say is that this programming is incredible. I have never been able to Power clean 255 so easily, and never thought I would be cleaning 275. I almost felt like I could have gone heavier, but felt to good about 275. I'm very happy with my strength gains. I'm blown away. Check out videos below 1st one is 245lbs, 2nd is 255lbs & 3rd is 275lbs. Suggestions welcome**

matt said...

1. 285 PR, 295f
2.36 on two 45 bumpers
3.Hill runs

PC were caught very high. Pulls felt great.
Two bumpers were very high for the HSPU, difficult.
Very please with strength gains in this cyle.

k.jones said...

260 275 fell out of hands halfway up the squat. wrist are felling really sore

50 hspu

221 on airdyne previous best was 254 fell apart from the start.

total 531

Been on paleo for about 2 months just started to add some oatmeal in morning and whole wheat bread at night. I was just tired everyday from working all day in the trades then going straight to gym everyday. starting to feel a little more energenic

Erik Luber said...

Clean: 164
HSPU: 18
Row: 161 cals

Total: 343

Failed twice on a 169 clean attempt, but really close. Just need to get more comfortable with the squat clean. Fun day, did this with Heavy Evy at the Garrison, it was good times to workout with another big dawg,

Aaron Betts said...

Squat Clean-215
HSPU(no paralettes)-22


It is nice to be back after a bit of a break. I have still been hitting about three workouts a week though. I have been killing it at work to fund my trip to San Diego for the CCP. I am sure someone already put it out there, but make sure everyone checks out KSTAR's I attended his cert in Flagstaff about a month ago and have seen immediate feedback in how I feel and perform.

NorCal Chris said...

Oops bad math. Total = 456

Stephen B. said...

just flew home tonight...will try to get to this done that I'm home and settled, I'm buying my airdyne this week...stoked!

Bryan Miller said...

Marie Rochat said...

I am sad the say that as of right now I have to chancge up my programming. I just can't fit in OPT doubles and such with my current 10 hour shift work schedule. When I try squeezing everything in I end up loosing too much sleep, and my training tanks. I am looking for a new job that will allow me more flexability in my training, but jobs are slim here in my small town, so I have to take what I can get

I am going to try to do keep doing some OPT programming as I can fit it into my days off, but on work days I will be doing other stuff.

I look forward to keeping up with everyones progress these next few weeks.

John@CFWC said...

Clean was a PR. Had 235 plenty high enough 3 times and failed to get under it. Seems to be a pattern, hit a PR and then the brain won't allow me to get under another single frickin' pound. One day my clean will match my jerk. HSPUs were on parallettes as rx'd. Cals were on the rower.

Kevin said...


Modified "combined"
Clean (Power, very little depth)
HSPUs on 20kg plates
Calories on rower


Power Clean was a 15lb pr over the 270 I did on Friday and a thirty pound PR from sectionals. Would be pumped if I could put together my new 285 PRs on the clean and the jerk separately into a 285lb C&J. I know I need to work on the squat, but for scoring purposes I stayed with PC today.

HSPUs were strict for 9, kipping the rest. Tried paralletes in warm-up. It wasn't happening strict and I smoked my head on the cement wall when I tried to kip them.

Row was tough. Was hoping for a bit higher, but pretty pleased overall.

Lars said...

That was fun! Haven't done a max clean in about a year and got a PR. Great #'s on this WOD everyone! I didn't look at the scores until I completed it.

300 (5lb PR) + 21 + 191 (Row) = 512

Cleans felt good. Quick and strong out of the bottom. Hit 295 with 1 min left and it went up easy, and I've never hit 300 so I went for it with 10 sec left and hit it. Super pumped about that!!

HSPU's felt pretty good. Did sets of 3 except the last couple of sets.

Wish I had an airdyne, but rowed my ass off for 10min and got around 2663m - tough row!

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...


Weighted pull-ups, strict CTB, 5 x max @ 20 lbs.; 3:00 rest; 4, 4, 4, 3, 4


1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 of:
1-leg burpees


unit said...

Fridays WOD
A- 115 x5 sets
B- 145 x5 sets
C- 195 x4 sets

5min rest... then Saturdays WOD as rx

255 + 33 + 276

notes: really went out WAY 2 hard on the airdyne... haven't tried it b4 and went ~38 cal the first min... this had me broken the last 4... min 5-8 were off pace and picked it back up the last 2... would like that 300...


unit said...

also... on the clean... pulled it 3 times 2 hit my clavicular area... just need 2 keep the bar close and get under it... clean seems 2 b coming slowly but surely...

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

1) 230 Felt awesome. I haven't lifted this weight since regionals last year so to get that up was great.
2) 32 on parallettes. Full depth.
3) 174 cals on rower. Lost about 25 seconds transitioning. I need to get my endurance and stamina back up to par.

Total: 436

Robin Lyons said...

1. 180lbs- power clean
2. zero ( 1 ab-mat for 20)
3. 156 calories on rower (damper set on 7)

Robin Lyons said...

whoops total was, any suggestions to improve hspu?

Brian Gregory said...

Family commitments did not allow WOD today. Nor did my 2 hours of sleep.

Hoped to make up the WOD Sun, but family commitments again.

May make up this test next Sat.

Shoulders/lats need rest anyway.

hbabs @cfn said...

125+35 (2" lower than ground)+93 = 253