fri, sep 23, 2010

Diabetes is Big Business

take a close look at these photos taken at an EASD conference on Diabetes in Stockholm...not very many personal training/nutrition booths in there???

what is something small you're doing this day/month/year that you feel is ACTUALLY having an impact on social health change long term; or better yet, what is your view on possibility to change?

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Bear said...

Training people and giving them advice. Voting.

Remember to be pragmatic. If one thing doesn´t work try something else. Open your eyes, ears and mind, step out of the safe zone.

Soren said...

I am a nutritionist and all the years through uni, my text books all were talking LFHC - there was no question. And the university is still doing and I think it is shit!
So, i see people day to day, I tell them to try it out for 30 days, see what happens!

I do seminars, i see the frustration in their eyes, I try to make it logical, but they still don't buy it.

I write a newsletter for a health club, they think I am crazy, yet my clients gets results. They may not drop tons of weight but they get leaner!

The future is bright, at some point some one has to swollow some pride and accept that they were wrong, not liars but just didn't read the numbers corretly.
Some countries will be smarter and quicker, unfortunately not Australia.
We recently had an election and not once was the obesity epidemic mentioned. It was still about how many billions they were to spend on hospitals!

Keep spreading the words, try it out for 30 days, see what happens! But be strict.

and ask questions!


Chad Walding said...

No doubt this is the most important social issue in my life. I've mentioned before how my wife and I became very passtionate about nutrition once she got very sick and everything changed for us. Since then our lives have been filled with researching, learning, implementing changes both in our lives and the community around us. It's become so important to us!

As physical therapist we see people with physical ailments all day but what they all have in common is that they are all victims of a society (or system) that has just gone wrong in terms of diet. The root of their problems almost everytime is inflammation from a shitty diet. But then again their just doing what the've been told!

Soren hit it on the head! Our culture (including food and medical industries) are convinced of this high carb/low fat diet yet none of our ancestors ate this way. It's as if everyone is blinded by this.

I go into peoples homes and daily, see what their eating. I see the worst diseases that our civilization produces and it's horrible. Everytime I ask my patients..."so, with your situation (being deadly sick and all) is there anything your doc, nurse or nutritionist told you about diet/nutrition.....either how you got here or what you can do to get better?" At this point I get either two answers:

"no...nothing" if this is just the way it is for humans, shit were flawed or something
"just to keep eating my whole grain/low fat diet."

At this point we have a long conversation.

we're pretty damn fired up!

Last month we gave our first nutrtional lecture titled "Food for Thought"....the material is largely influenced by many of the references James recommends we read. In our first lecture we had about 60 people...some of which were doc's, nurses, and nutritionist. Medical professionals are the ones that need to hear it the most...or we atleast need to get these people to do a 30 day buy in. This is where people put their trust in their health. People listen to their doc's!

Not suprisingly we've gotten some pretty amazing results. People are changing their ways, eating whole foods, good fats, going to farmers markets, losing weight and getting healthy. We've got more lecture's coming...possibly at Physical Therapy Schools which I think could have a huge impact!

I see the role of a personal trainer (coach) to be just as important if not more important to our society as a heart surgeon. I'm not kidding. What's more valuable to people...the ability to perform a triple bypass or have the power and knowledge to make sure someone never has to walk down that path. We can pull people out, teach them, show them how these diseases of civilization doesn't have to be part of their path in life. Perhaps then we can get enough attention so the powers that be notice this and make change...but no doubt if there every is going to be change it's going to have to be from the bottom, from people like us!

jules said...

I havent posted since before the Games in Cali...just wrapping up awesome OLY phase with Coach BK and following OPT a week behind...FGB comp tomorrow.

I am on a mission to get everyone I can who will listen to Read Rob Wolf's book, make a priority to eat grass fed, farm raised whenever they can and to understand what is happening to our food supply!!!!

Kevin said...


Make-up for yesterday. Working a day behind to do the comp wod/s on Sunday.

A. 255, 275, 295F, 285
B. All UB
C. (481--3 Damper)--then--687, 696, 697 (8-Damper)

FS was a 5lb PR. Still a long way to go on this, esp. comparing it to my BS. First time going real heavy on this since I hurt my back a while ago. Effed up on the beginning of the row, so added a fourth set.

As for today's query, I don't work in the field, but I try to inspire people--mostly through action, sometimes through words--in my family and workplace to make their health and fitness a priority. The smokers in my life pretty much hate me.

Mike D said...

James, I believe your comment about Diabetes being "big business" is obviously accurate, and I think it goes a long way in explaining our lifestyles, the results we get, the diseases we get and the subsequent treatments we get. It is not just for diabetes, but certainly for others, including cancer.
We have many people in our company who have either had cancer or have had a family member be afflicted and they are all so passionate about fighting it, as am I. My problem is the means that most choose to fight it with, namely the "Run for the cure", etc, and I can't help but think that much of their effort is being directed to the wrong place. My hat is off to the researchers who are trying to find "the cure" but again, can someone please find me an organization that actively promotes diet and lifestyle as one of the best preventers of cancer and other diseases? I feel bad when friends and co-workers send out the emails asking for donations to the cause but I know enough to know that your lifestyle is probably the single biggest determiner of health. Three years ago, my GP informed me that my LDL was high normal and that I should cut my saturated fat intake. 3 months ago, he was pleased to see my LDL level at it's lowest ever and I informed him it's because of my 2 TB/day of coconut oil and 2 dozen egg per week diet. No comment, just a perplexed look. We quickly changed the subject.
Many peoples’ livelihoods, those that work in the diabetes and cancer industries, depend on diseases being prevalent in society. I’m not suggesting that those working in the field of disease prevention are immoral – only that when financial gain is involved on a corporate level, there will be no incentive to “prevent”, only to “cure”. That is why the message will be difficult to get out...but we can still make it happen. I talked to a co-worker about taking coconut oil to help increase strength and the response was the predictable “but it’s so high in fat”, to which I responded “your body can’t store ingested fat as fat”. I could tell the gears were turning in her head, so maybe, just maybe, one person at a time, we can get this message out. “One man, armed with the truth, can defeat an army”.

Brent Maier said...

I work with computers all day so the only exposure I have are are those that know me and see me train. Sometimes I wish I had a job that allowed me to train and teach folks on a large scale but I've worked too hard to get where I'm at to just switch careers. If I can motivate and teach people through my actions, thats one life changed at a time. My largest contribution is just teaching my kids how to take care of their mind and body... they are the future.

Krazy said...

From yesterday:

A)275-305-315(ties PR)
B)3 Sets all 20 sec or less
C) 562-572-580

Krazy said...

I'm a trainer at CrossFit Vitality and am constantly preaching the importance of diet and sleep in regards to overall results and performance. I am constantly thirsty for more information on these topics. Many of our clients resist our recommendations (be it Paleo, lower carb, less alcohol, no soda, etc.) at first but once they witness others achieving amazing results they tend to hop on the band wagon.

I think it's unfortunate that the American government promotes a food pyramid that promotes the extremely high carb low protein/fat diet. If I was less trusting in my government (sarcastic) I'd think that the subsidies of the corn industry and politicians reciept of campaign contributions were related.... This low fat craze is a main contributor to the obesity boom and it is going to take a major surge of OPT minded individuals to shake the foundations of societies diet.

Krazy said...

Well said Chad

unit said...

I full-heartedly believe change is possible, however gradual it may b... there r so many ways 2 impact and impart change and I daily try 2 spread the word of health to the best of my abilities...
the 3 things that I see on a daily basis that r responsible 4 90% of disease r food, tobacco and alcohol; which I confront people abt regularly... not sure how many change, but it's an effort, and although small, perhaps it can get at least some people thinking about change... admitedly, it does get hard going against the attitudes of the majority who don't seem to care, or just want a pill of this or that... some kind of 'quick fix'. but quick fixes aren't what its about and those that realize that and embrace change are the ones who will help to promote change in others.
in addition to bring about change in one's lifestyle, I think helping 2 continue lifestyle change is also important... regularly I c many 'massive weight loss' patients (150, 200, 250+ lbs of wt loss) that have embraced a new lifestyle... some accomplish this feat by diet and exercise, others have gastric bypass or lap band surgery [topic for another time]... some of the more gratifying and fulfilling operations I enjoy r the body contouring procedures 4 these patients, helping 2 rid them of the excess skin so that they can continue 2 increase their activity, find clothes that fit their new lifestyle better, increase self esteem and confidence in a new path taken and an old life whose doors are now closed.
just yesterday I met one of these ladies in the office. she was telling me how after all the weight loss and now the body contouring [excess skin excision], that she is now addicted 2 Zumba... she found her modality of exercise that she can love, live and enjoy after 260lbs of wt off... and the heart toughing thing is that she is no longer a couch potato, but has taken interest in her diet and exercise...
also, I have thourghly enjoyed the BSc compression longs and think there is a niche 2 these pts that I've been promoting thus far... the idea of a prodect for commercial use that allows for graded compression of vasculature up the extremity is enticing. many of these patients have problems with stasis and wear compression garments /leggings /under armour/ spandex in order to decrease this issue. it's my thought from what i've seen so far that the bsc may be better for this issue than the other things i've seen out there as far as things to wear when working out. time will tell.

lastly, its awesome how many facets of the health front are 'attached' or approached by the various professions of the big dawg pack. we are quite the melting pot of individuals, which i think adds strength to the ability to spread the word and of health and wellness, cutting the big 3 to the ground [tobacco, etoh, food] and turning a big buisness into small managable fronts on which issues can more easily be addressed...

~Garry Martin II, MD

Kent said...

Brent I don't think you can underestimate the amount of social change you can bring about by simply educating your children about why you eat the way you do in your home and empowering them to have that discussion with whomever it comes up with. And believe me it will come up.

I have four kids and my oldest boy who is 7, is a walking encyclopedia. He remembers everything he has ever been told and loves to share his ideas ie. he never stops talking. After cleaning up our diet at home and explaining to all the children why we are doing it, Cole has happily educated everyone in his class about the evils of low fat high carb diets. He commonly asks his teachers and classmates while they are eating their lunches and snacks, "Where's the protein in that?" and,"OK now where is the healthy fat?" He alone has made change. He has his teachers eating ostrich jerky and rethinking giving out candy as a reward for good behavious/performance. He is changing the world through his example and willingness to share his knowledge.

I'm an optometrist and have more opportunities to bring about change on a daily basis than I would like. Diabetic eye disease will soon be the leading cause of blindness in North America. 50% of diabetics will have some form of vision loss in their lifetime related to their condition. There are some treatments but they only slow the progression of the disease, you can't get back what you have lost when retinal tissue is damaged. The best treatment is prevention.

I used to feel uncomfortable talking to my obeses patients about what potential damage their weight, lifestlye, and eating habits was creating for the future of their vision. Especially the parents of obese children. I often assumed they were aware of the risks and just were unable or unwilling to make the change. Not any more. I realized I am their trusted advisor and am simply not doing my job if I ignore the elephant in the room, the fact that they will likely lose vision if they stay on the path they are on. On a daily basis I now talk about how the best thing they could ever do for their eyes is get their nutrition in order. I have this conversation so frequently I may have to hire a nutritionist or change my business model to include lifestyle assessments in order to affect the change I want for my patients because telling them to change is one thing but showing them how to change is entirely another.

BK said...

Implementing a mandatory read of Robb's book for every new athlete that trains at CFP is the first step to get everyone on the same page to illicit change in their lives and their families.its happening! Our kids program and youth athletic program is the start of my grand plan to get our strength and conditioning program into the school curriculum. November 4th I have locked in a professional development day with 30 of the areas middle school and k1/k2 teachers.
Love the life I live and the positive impact I have the opportunity to make, and i cherish this phenomenal Big Dawg family. We have the power in our hands to make great change, and I respect that greatly.
Unit, glad you like the longs and agree that they will help immensely more to come mate.

Anonymous said...

I went strict paleo back in April and the results have been out of this world. I have been visiting family for the past week and trying to sway my parents and sister that they should do a 30 day challenge.

It bothers me that they continue to say "I can't," because of certain factors in everyday life. I am trying to get them over their "fear of change," so that the excuses will be eliminated.

I received my copy of the Paleo Solution yesterday. After the first couple chapters I was laughing and excited that this has to be the ticket to get my family on board. With my excitement, I went upstairs and ordered my parents and sister a copy of Robb's book.

My first goal is to have them read the book and second will be to get them to do a 30 day challenge. Just by changing their food I know it will benefit them. My sister has celiac disease so she has been half way there for her entire life! Now to accomplish the other half.

Greg said...

Mash-up of last two WODs

A. Clean and Jerk - (65% x 2, 70% x 2, 75% x 1, 80% x 1) x 2; rest 3 min
B. Snatch Balance @ 60%; 2 sets of 3 reps; rest 2 min
C. Front Squat @ 30X2; 3,2,1; rest 5 min
D. CTB Chin Ups - 15 fast x 3; rest 2 min
E. Row Sprints; 15 sec @ 110% effort; rest 2:45 x 3

A: 125/135/145/155
B: 75#
C: 205/215/225
D: UBx3
E: 88/87/90m

Something small: I've committed to keeping a daily calender. Scheduling everything for me increases the likelihood I will get in the gym and stay healthy for my family long term. I have great hope that my leadership by example will have a positive impact on family, friends and peers.

Angelo Fosco said...

I'm a high school math teacher and many of my students see me in the gym at school morning and afternoon. Not only my students, but alot of the school has figured out I work out alot. Most of the athletes love to sit there and talk to me about things like "How much do you bench" and whatnot, and it's a treat to be like "I have no idea, I don't bench regularly." I try to spread the crossfit methodology among them as much as I can. I am even thinking of trying to get some sort of club going at the highschool, it is doubeful but you never know.

When it comes to eating I don't say too much, but I encourage them to stay away from white bread/grains as much as possible. Babysteps I suppose.

Stahl said...

Like Brent, I don’t work in the fitness field, but I try to live in it and lead by example with my family and friends. My wife and I make all of our daughter’s baby food and hope to teach her how to develop healthy eating habits.

I believe change is possible, but we have to identify what motivates people. Otherwise, we’ll be shouting into the wind. Like Angelo, I find that people get curious and ask questions when they see me make intentional choices about food and exercise since they know that I am happy and healthy, but it’s definitely a process getting them to modify their behavior. People still have to own their own lives and want to change. Sort of like leading a horse to water . . .

I am optimistic change on a broader social level is possible too, but I don’t know what can be that motivating factor that serves as the tipping point. Maybe Big Dawg Fest I in 2011!?

Soren said...

the other sad thing is when you are being accused of being too extreme! In my work providing newsletters for a health club I have written about the pisspoor science behind the whole lipidphobia and given then all the stats and evidence and yet - that is crazy, but they do wonder a lot when I drink my coconut milk and see my scuff avocadoes down at meetings along with some kangaroo - and not a freaking muesli bar!

Change has to happen - but like somebody said it has to come from a government - or else there will be another xx billion profit to the medical industry!

Our 3 girls are all under 4, but they know what gives them strong muscles and what gives them fat belly's. The oldest (4) is harrasing the others at day care for eating bread! I love it!


Agnew said...

I enjoyed reading all of your comments and what you are doing in your own life to make a difference / improvement in the world around you.

As "Diabetes is big business" is close to my heart, as I am a type 1 diabetic, I bring a different view to the table. The sad thing is that there is no money in the cure... This goes for any disease and the billion dollar a year pharma companies know that the money is in the treatment(aka. keeping people sick).

What I do in my life is to teach people that you cannot rely on food manufacturers to educate you about food. Most people in the world have "learned" what nutrition is through Kellogg's & Lean Cuisine ads during prime time!

Most of our society knows very little about what good nutrition is, we need to start to take accountability for our own health. We cannot rely on big business or government to inform us, it has to start in the home. I love that there are guy out there teaching there kids how to eat properly.

Like anything in life you first have to want to learn and listen to others points of view before any change can take place.

My effect is only on the people I interact with daily but I hope that the ripple effect will take my message to others.