sat, sep 11, 2010

In 12 minutes find your Snatch 1RM
rest 3 minutes
As many rounds in 10 minutes:
6 squat clean - 55kg/30kg
12 chin ups
24 double unders

post loads in kg and total reps in 10 min to comments


Heavy Evy said...

Love me my Saturday testers.

Busy work week coming up, just trying to plan ahead. Do we have doubles all next week as well?

Thanks for everything!


joey warren said...

anyone know what the standard is for the pullups in the USAW open?

Soren said...

A: 72kg (75fff) Damn!
B: 6 rounds + 1 SC

happy with part 2, haven't done much metcon lately- not happy with A. Really wanted the 75 to continue upwards stream. I get under it but catch it in front of me. So i guess more mid hang, and less jumping!



PTS said...

72 kg
212 reps (5rds and 2 SC)

284 total.

my 5am workouts suck. I kind of just seem to cruise along at 90% effort in them.

I'm not sure what the USAW open standards are but I used COVP.

Martin Altemark said...

Very stressful week finally took it's toll and I got sick - not too great timing considering I am organizing National championship in Submission wrestling tomorrow.

Would have liked the test today, but will probably be out for a few.

DAVE X said...

New Snatch PR!!!! 195#!!!!!! (88.45 kg) failed once before sticking it. Attempted 205 but got too greedy, plus I literally only had seconds to spare. I'll post the clip later.
MetCon: 170 total reps (4 rds + 2 sc)
Total: 258.45

Going to the farmers market!

Steve Howell said...

Snatch: 85kg
Rnds = 6; (252 reps)

total = 337

*first 5 am WOD in a couple weeks felt pretty slow today. Off to a wedding for the weekend.

Chris Dunkin said...
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Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 115lb PR!
B. had to use 65lbs for the squat clean. 5 rounds 2 squat cleans.

Kevin said...


working a day behind

part 1
a. Sn balance--225 (ohs=255, ratio=0.88)
b. 110, 121, 121, 132, 132 (really working on speed)
c. 235,245,255,265 (felt good)

part 2 later. Didn't get to part two of thurs programming last night. Still getting into east coast routine. Liking forward to test tomorrow.

Greg said...

Friday pt1.

A: 75/95/105f/105/115f/ 115/120fx3 = 85% (OHS PR 135 - seriously limiting my Sn)
B: 75/85/90/95/95
C: 165/175/185/195

Not sure if I will run tonight or do today's session. We'll see.

Anonymous said...


3r + 12 pull-ups

Anonymous said...

41 kg

David said...

78kg and 213 Reps

So close to a BW snatch, missed 80kg 4 times all due to bar placement, each time it was just slightly in front and I couldn't hold it.

Paul Klein said...

A. 79kg

175lbs that's a 15lb pr baby! And I hit it with 45 seconds to go so I quickly loaded 180 and was under it with it locked out but I got excited to early and dumped it on the drive out of the hole. Body weight snatch is within reach.

Part 2:

253 reps
(6 rounds + 1 squat clean)

Siu said...

47.7 (105lbs, 5lbs shy of PR)
181 (4 rounds + 7 PUs)

dmarsh said...

Snatch: 94kg (PR)
Triplet: 252 reps
Total: 346

Stuck 94k pretty clean. Attempted 96k twice but missed both.

Took entire summer off from metcons and felt it during the triplet, but I was happy to get 6 full rounds.

Jonathan Thom said...

Snatch - 77.3 kg
Triplet - 215 reps

Pr is 175 pounds. Decided to skip that to try and get a new record at 180...was sooo close.

Felt pretty slow on the triplet. Could definitely tell that it had been a few weeks since my last "metcon" (in the cf sense).

arjuna @cfn said...

75kg pr
252 reps *choked on last set of DU*

brian cilento said...

a: 70.3 kilos
b: 6rounds + 3

been zonked all week

BK said...

A: 79PR ( went 84 and got under it ) first ever attempt at either weight.
B. 223 reps. -chin over bar kip, butterfly issue with subscap, felt so much harder ,slow work.

NorCal Chris said...

4 + 2 cleans = 170

Ready for rest.

Arjuna @CFN said...

Rocked the BSc gear all week. Def helped with recovery. Hard week.

Chelsea said...

A. 50 kg (110#) not happy with this at all, but hoping to improve, i struggle at snatches a lot, theres a lot of mvements to link together.
B. 4 rounds. pullups were limiting. squatcleans & DU's all unbroken

mhamilton said...


Bear said...

75 kg PS, pb!
4 rounds+6/10 = 184 reps

Went nuts and practically ran around screaming when doing the last reps of PS. A tribute to Ricky Bruch! First pb on 72.5 then little over a minute left and a fail on 75 + success on the buzzer! :) Please look at the video and have a laugh:

Needed my brother dawg Martin barking at me on the triplet. Started fiddling with the weights and wasting time. Not very happy with that.

Krazy said...

Snatch- 165-175-(185PR)-195(Fail)


Reps=294 (7 Rounds even)

20 pound PR and my first bodyweight Snatch! Definitely pumped!

The AMRAP was intense as hell

Steve said...

A. 93 KG
B. 7 Rounds (294 Reps)

Snatch felt great until I got to 215 and then I missed it 4 times. Each time got under it and lost it forward. Very frustrated. Part 2 was tough. DU's weren't bad but pull-ups slowed me down as I usually broke up into 2 sets. Ready for a rest day.

Bryan Miller said...

Snatch 190# 86kg finally a BW Snatch!!! 15# PR

228 reps first real metcon in awhile was smoked condition wise. weight was light!

Anonymous said...

A)86kg(190lb. 24lb. PR)
B)5 rds. + 1 sc (211 reps)

86.3+211= 296.3

Brian Maier said...

88.45 kg (195lb tied PR) - failed at 3 attempts of 200#

252 reps (6 rounds)

Having no problem getting weight overhead but not dropping underneath the bar. Really need to work on OHS and snatch balance since my OHS 1RM is 20# less than my Snatch 1RM.

Squat Cleans really drained me. Flew through first 4 rounds but last 2 rounds I crashed.

Michael said...

Snatch- 195, missed 205 twice

174 reps

Disappointed with today's performance. Going to hope I was just fatigued from the last two days.

Nothing really felt heavy or hard on the metcon just very winded. again hoping this was just from fatigue over the last two days but not sure.
Did CTB on the first set of chins the COVP on the rest.
Did 135 Sq Cleans instead of 120. I didn't want to do the EXACT same wod as our USAW/CF wod b/c I don't want to have any preconceived ideas going into it. I want to just go at it all out from the start. Hopefully that extra 15#'s made a big difference.

I think I'm going to go with Performance Menu + my own metcons (biased towards today's metcon) from now until the USAW comp. Performance Menu is already set to peak on that weekend anyway.

OPT do you think this is a good idea? Thanks

calebg said...

190 # (86kg) Snatch
5 rounds + 6 cleans + 12 pull-ups



Angelo Fosco said...


185# (5# PR) Snatch...first bodyweight + snatch!

Snatch in kg: 84.1
Metcon: (used 125#'s)

5 rounds + 4 squat cleans = 224 rep

224 + 84 = 308

derb said...


A: 61kg(tied Pr, got 63kg over head twice but couldn't lockout)

AMRAP: 210

Chris Dunkin said...

88.45pr, 294

achieved goal of all unbroken, no misses in du's.
dialing in the pr-wod fueling. Much more energy this morning.

Chad Walding said...

Going to sit this one out today. My knee just doesn't feel right and needs rest. Will hopefully pick it back up on Monday.

Awesome to see so many PR's!

Marcus Filly said...

Snatch - 225 (102.27)
Reps - 295
Total - 397.27 (chasing 400 whole time)
*I'll post video later

Chris Castillo said...

A. 190 pr- missed 195 3 times it gets there just can't stablize it. Next time for sure.

B. 6 rounds+4 cleans


BK said...

Made an error this morning and hit 61 kg instead of 55. Still slow work

Michael said...

Here is my snatch from earlier in the week (not going to max load)
Any tips would be appreciated.

Brendan said...


A: 185 5#PR
B: 4 rounds

Happy with A. B is frustrating. Did first set all unbroken and in about 1:30 but probably went out too hard and fast..

Pete @ CFN said...

70 kg (10 lb. PR)
252 reps

Best snatch form yet, PR 13 lbs. shy of body weight now.

Eric Montgomery said...
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Eric Montgomery said...

Snatch: Got up to 78kg (PR by 3kg)
Metcon: 4 rounds plus 6 cleans=174 total reps. Got real slow after the first round.

Notes: 74kg snatch 78kg snatch

Any comments welcome. Had to chase the 78kg around a bit and am still shooting my hips up on the first pull, but I think the halting snatch DLs have helped my bar speed a lot. Two weeks ago I got 75kg but couldn't get any elevation on the bar at 77kg.

Matt Mo said...

Total:86kg + 213 reps= 299

Snatch pr today at 190. Before this cycle my pr was 160. Up 30 lbs on snatch but i have yet to improve my clean and jerk...

joey warren said...

Snatch 1RM
93kg (205#, 5#PR)- failed x 2 @ 215#

312 reps

Anonymous said...

Squat Snatch - 86.1kg
(190lbs)pr by 5#!

AMRAP = 253 (6rnds + 1 clean) @56kg

Good day of training

Snatch workup during 12 mins
(135,155,165,175,185) I had 195 overhead but could not get it locked out.

AMRAP went well. Pull ups unbroken until 4th rnd. Felt like my form got a lot better on cleans in later rounds. Legs were torched after.

Started the day off by switching to omega 3 enriched eggs range fed. Awesome breakfast led into training. Now to relax and watch all the big college football games today.

Good job on the p.r's everyone.

Curt M said...

A) 190# NEW PR
B) 5 2/3 + 4 DU

Snatch felt awsome rushed at the end failed at 195# twice. The second part not so good. Squat cleans felt surprisingly heavy by the end. DU's let me down again!!

Curt M said...


86+ 232= 318

Carrie McG said...

47.7 kg (105# - 5# PR)

172 reps (4rds + 4 cleans)

almost had 110 for the snatch.. hit it, but shoulders were soft in the bottom and i lost it and didn't have enough time left to attempt another.
really pleased with today considering i worked 48hrs this week along with coaching in the evening, and being up at 4am today. i've cleaned up my diet and i'm really seeing the benefit!

k.jones said...

228 reps felt like shit did fight gone bad yesterday felt real worn down

Chad Hall said...
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Chad Hall said...

79kg (175#)
221 reps (5rounds+5+5)

First Saturday tester for me. Felt ok with snatches, got under 185# and overhead twice but just a little too much in front still. Not sure how to fix that.

Felt beat up during the metcon, just kept thinking about sweet potatoes and how much energy I was lacking. Grip fried too. (I know I have a wimpy grip but it seems to be getting worse.) All pullups were COVP.

Jon Sinclair said...

A. 80 kg (PR by 5kg)
B. 215

Julian Cruz said...

Snatch: 82kg (Pr)
Rounds: 5+6sc+10chins (226reps)

Total: 308

Stahl said...

No Test today. Had to sub for an affiliate competition and my neck/shoulder is still wrecked from yesterday.

I'd like to make this one up, though. Looks like fun.

In the affiliate WOD, could tell my metcon isn't as sharp as before, but that's probably the phase and part of the programming to help us hit so many PRs in the plympic lifts.

Brent Maier said...
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Brent Maier said...


Snatches: 80/91/96kg(211#)/101x/101x - Of my two 101kg failiures, first one I caught is solid but right knee touched down. Second was a lockout but it fell behind me.

Metcon: 269 (6 rounds + 17 reps)

I am officially registered to compete at the USAW competition in the 94kg class. I wanted 7+ rounds so bad but didn't have it in me today. I'm happy though and this gave me some confidence regarding my starting weights for the event. Fun!

September 11, 2010 4:26 PM

Grant said...

Sq Sntch 138

4 rnds

Alex Duncan said...


Squat Snatch 172lbs, 3 off my PR

5 rounds +6+12

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

Part 1 78 kg PR Squat snatch
Part 2 5 rds + 3 reps.

Chris Fodera said...

82kg (matches current PR)...wasn't fast enough getting under 84.

5 rounds + Cleans and CUs = 228.

been gone for a while trying to focus on fixing my Oly Lifting. Have made some significant improvements in both lifts as far as loads go. For the C&J, everything looks better. For the Snatch, I am steadily increasing my loads, but anything above 70ish kg and I have to Power Snatch it; flexibility/mobility is still a MAJOR issue for me.

Today was my first day back and that triplet crushed me. Haven't worked any conditioning in 6+ weeks. Coming back now as I expect a slight taper down for the comp on the 25th and then a ramp up again. Seems like a decent time to ease my way back in.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

68kg + 173

pr by 7kg

unit said...

snatch- 86kg (92kg fail)
triplet- 258 (6 rnds + 6)
total~ 344
(for the triplet, did pullups on a stick between a pair of rings... this really smoked the arms as it dampened the effort at the bottom and felt like I had 2 pull the entire way 2 get over bar... grip was smoked as well... gd stuff!)

5 hrs rest

9/11 memorial stair run...
went 2 a local fb stadium... 50 stairs up... counted this as 2.5 flights... ran it as follows: up-over-down-over-up, etc...
ran 45 of these intervals, or ~112.5 flights... felt gd...


Poly said...

Snatch:96 Kg
Triplet: 210 reps =

Started some strong Anti-inflams a couple of days ago, and it's been incredible how much it has helped. Did some other wods the last couple of days to get the feel back after a couple of weeks away. Started on the snatch and felt really, really good. Heel hurt like hell on landing, but that was it. Missed PR, but apparently I caught the 96 with only 6" of hip drop. That's how inefficient my snatch is. Oly cert next weekend should help that. Definitely lacking energy on the triplet, but very happy with the workout.

Curt and Evy, did you guys register for next weekend?

Nathan H. said...

in kg
Snatch: 70/3 x 2, 82/3 x 3, 92/3 x 3 (felt waaayy better than thursday. Solid, easy)
CJ: 85/3+1 x 2, 100/3+1 x 3, 112/2+1 x 3
Jerk: 100/3, 112/3 x 2, 127/2 x 2

5 rounds of metcon for time:
used #125 on cleans. Dissapointed with this. Felt off.

Nathan H. said...

Although I'm not crazy enoUgh to do pullups on a stick between rings!!! I second what unit says: grip was smoked. Need to work on this more. I'm gonna do some pacing drills with this wod. Great scores everyone!! Very impressive.

Greg said...

Decided to do the recovery run. 20 minutes with the dog. Nice and relaxing.

Greg said...

Joey et all:

Movement standards for the USAW/CF are posted on the CF Journal.

Sean LeFloch said...

70 + 255 reps= 325

Missed 77 kg three times. Including one at the buzzer. I feel that my catch position is really limiting the amount of weight I can handle. I feel unbalanced and unable to sink back onto my heels.

Here is one of my attempts

Coach/Greg/Anyone, any thoughts on improving balance in the bottom position? I feel like I fall backwards when I overhead squat/snatch (inflexibility in hips or ankles maybe?).


Dustin said...

A- 92kg (#205)

B-252 Reps


**Thought for sure I was going to get a Snatch PR today, but I'm still stuck at 205**

Dom said...

A- 92kg (#205)Failed 8 times before sticking it.

B-216 Reps (weak)


Mike Perolio said...

Couldn't get to this one today will do tomorrow and carry over into the week. WIll be able to hit up a wods until thursday this week. I will be going out of town and will not be able to hit them all up. I will be taking some gear with me and making due. Even if it means KB Clean and jerks or Snatch. Will probably take my ruck and Jump rope. To easy not to.

Thad said...

A. 61 kg
B. 5 Rnds +8 reps 218

CTB pullups

Benny Ahlstedt said...

Snatch 67,5kg

Amrap 5 rounds + 6 sc

Total 283,5

Christa said...

A: 46kg (100lb) weak today...i ate really bad yesterday and I can feel it!!
B: 5 round+ 6 squat clean

rough day for me! all squat cleans and chin ups were unbroken

Brian Gregory said...

Helped family move all day. Lots of heavy furniture lifts. About 6 hours total moving.

JRann said...

84 kg snatch

222 reps (5 rds + cleans + 6 pullups)

Total = 306

ETC said...

A:70.5K - 20# PR!
B: 190 (4 rds+6+12+4)

Total= 260.5

Excited about the snatch PR. It feels great to be generating more power.