thurs, sep 22, 2010

David Weaver - OPT CCP Coach - 190# OHS PB
A. Front Squat @ 30X2; 3,2,1; rest 5 min
B. CTB Chin Ups - 15 fast x 3; rest 2 min
C. Row Sprints; 15 sec @ 110% effort; rest 2:45 x 3

post loads and notes to comments
(record avg watts for 15 sec row intervals)


Brent Maier said...


USAW Wed Session:
Treated this session like competition tonight. Worked up quick singles and hit recent PR's in Snatch and C&J with no misses.

Post WOD was a x3 round: heavy dl, burpee, hspu, airdyne sprint, DU combo w/3 minute rest between sets. I'm on the up and up.

Adam Rogers said...

Nice work Dave!

Brent, great to hear, will be rooting for you and the other dawgs making the trip out to Colorado.

I'm going to assume that 110% means that we get to add an extra 10% to our row scores...awesome.

Martin Altemark said...

Brent: good to see you back on track! You'll do great brother!

A. 70kg, 80kg, 90kg
B. 3x3 muscleups
C. done!

+ 3x30 unbroken DU & some rope climbing for the skills event in competition this weekend. Also changed CTB for MU because of that comp.

Have not had all going for me the last 1,5 month - twisted ankle bad (still not good) and been sick for almost two weeks but I need to thank you for getting us from Uppsala as ready as we can be for this competition (as usual): OPT - you are the man. Thanks!

Also thanks for inspiration to all of you others! Proud to be a dawg. Ouuuuuuu!

Bear said...

What Martin said!

FS: 70-80-90 kg
Row: done (107.5%)
A few of...
muscle ups
snatches 40 kg
double unders 3x30 ub
rope climbs

Stopped there, I could go on for ever, have a lot to work on, and mainly it comes down to flexibility. But a lot of things feels better than ever, good times!

Chris Dunkin said...

B.complete kipx2,butterflyx1

Paul Klein said...

A. 215/235/255
B. All unbroken but lost my Kip at 10 on the third set.
C. 636/636/575(fell off the seat)
The C2 I was using had a 20 second minimum time. So all averages are 20 seconds.

Stahl said...

A. 245,260,280(f),280(PR)
C. btw 590-610

FS - felt alright, not great. Hope it's still just working out soreness. Happy with PR, but form was shit on 280 (shifted to my toes). Still trying to get the hang of ass to ankles and keeping chest up.

Row - 20 sec. minimums, and monitor wasn't reading correctly so just gave the watt range I stayed in.

Brent, Michael and the others - go get in CO! Glad you guys are feeling good.

NorCal Chris said...

B. Fast x 3
C. 570,618,622

Matt Mo said...

A. 185 225 235
B. ub and fast
C. 619.8 631.7 612.4

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 215x3, 235 (1), 250 (0) - all in pounds
B. Unb
C. 518, 476, 489

Damper @ 7 on first two, 5 on last one.

Felt a little weak today, couldn't get to sleep last night. Feeling ready/excited for the comp though!

DAVE X said...

A. 275x3(tied PR)/285x2(new PR)/295x1(new PR)
B. 10-5/8-7/5-1 singles
C. 540 (3)/568(5)/540(6)

DAVE X said...

Damn my watts suck ass! What gives???

brian cilento said...

taking an extra rest day, been really tired all week, and still sore from last sat, upped my fish oil, stretching at the office... getting ready for sat

Robin Lyons, CSCS said...

1. 155/3, 165/2, 175/1 --felt easy
2. CTB 15-10-10 fast
3. Avg Row watts; 425,425,437

Brian Maier said...

A. 225,255,275
B. 15 X 3 - all unbroken and fast
C. 667,685,709 watts(damper at 10)

part C got stronger each round so must have not had a sufficient warm-up.

Eased up on the overhead lifting this week due to left shoulder pain so did a 5K row yesterday

time: 18:42

Brian Maier said...

Dave...your damper may be a bit low for wattage sprints on rower. Next time, crank it up to 7 or 8 on damper and see how you fare.

Erik Luber said...

A. 60 kg, 65, 70
C. 440, 442, 385 (fell off seat)

Took it light on the FS, mid back still giving me some issues. Otherwise felt great today. Stoked for Saturday. Yams here I come!

Anonymous said...

A: 235#, 255, 275(f), 265

B: Unbroken and kept good rhythm
25 unbroken d.u's between sets

C: 575w, 575, 561 (20sec intervals)
20 unbroken d.u's between sets

Good training day. My watts are pretty low as well. I am going to take your advice on damper as well Brian. Thanks

Stahl said...

DaveX - my damper was low too (at 5), and I think Brian is right.

Typically, I set it at 5 because that's been the standard in some competitions I've participated in and (supposedly) mimics the feel of actually rowing on the water.

If the goal is max watts though, I guess there's no reason we shouldn't go higher.

joey warren said...

Hammies still a bit sore, must be from sub par diet, but once I got moving, I felt great

A. 235x3/255x2/275x1 (5# PR) first time ever maxing out with belt]
B. all fast butterfly
C. 671/693/764- damper at 8-9, last one felt awesome, needed alittle more warm up

Brandon said...

A. 225/265/295
B. ub x 3
C. 629/650/650


Anonymous said...


little under the weather the last few days, sore throat in the morning, such is life, super excited about the competition this weekend.

Matt Shannon said...

A. 225x3,235x2 and 245x1
Staying on the moderately heavy side and just getting loose and ready for Saturday.
B. Focused on butterfly and kipping technique. Did the 3 sets of 15 and my left elbow is giving me a bit of trouble.
C.620,636 and 700 for row.

More notes:
My warm up was a bit short changed so I did 4 sets of 3reps of cleans (full squat) and focused on 2nd and 3rd pull. Row felt solid and like I could have gotten pretty close to 750-775 watts in the next couple of sets. Wasn't really smoked and could speak easily when done all 3 sets. We'll see that helps this weekend. Looking forward to the challenge this weekend.

Angelo Fosco said...

Anyone doing the competition on saturday that is semi-close to chicago? I'd love someone to compete next to to push myself even more.

Chris Castillo said...

A. 255-285-320
5# PR
B. 1 set butterfly 2 sets Kipping. Forgot how slow Kipping was. I lost my butter and had to Kip the last 4 on round 2. I tried to Kip but forgot how. Figured I'd do the last round for some practice. Damn it feels harder to do em regular. Lol
C. 799-814-799
old school model b rower. Damper wide open.

Kyle F said...

A: 295/315/335(f)
B: All UB. Butterfly
C: Subbed SDHP

Almost had 335. Would have been happy with that. C2B felt great.

BK said...

A. 315 all sets( tempo real tough today)
B. 3X10
C. 114,111,116 meters...didnt look.

Canadian fella who contacted me about bulk buy of BSc yesterday, your details were misplaced can you please contact me again at ?

Kent said...

A 225,245,260(PR)
B UNB not fast
C 653,659,668 fun

Happy with FSQ PR. Think I had more in the tank but didn't want to stress too much today.
CTB is a major weakness. I'm going to have to put high rep sets into regular warm ups.
Rowing was just plain fun. Had the chain humming.

Getting pumped for Saturday comp.
I've never done a Big Dawg/crossfit comp before so I have a lot of nervous energy right now. Hope I don't make an ass of myself.

I think I have a good idea of how to fuel up the day of the comp, but for those of you that have previously competed, any tips on what to eat the night before????

Arjuna @ CFN said...

A. 275, 285, 300
B. All unbroken and continuous movement but need to go faster. Took 19-20sec for all sets
C. 649.6 ( damper 8) 655.1 (damper 9) 672.2 (10)

Damper def increases watts. For me at least. Good luck to all the dawgs this weekend!

OPT said...

kent, leave the high rep CTB sets on the rhomboids first isolated and only do the CTB stuff as skill work - 3 reps at a time for speed and effiency
night before for a lean guy like you - CARBS

Brent Maier said...

Dave: The rower isn't going to fight back as hard on a lower damper setting. Your going to have to double time your stroke output at #1 in order to match the same watts at #8 at a slower pace.

Kent: I wouldn't suggest you alter your normal fueling routine a week out of competition unless your a gambling man. Work on that between competitions.

Julian Cruz said...


Brian Gregory said...

Combined Tues and today's wod.

Tues wod
A. 165x2, 175x2, 190x1, 205x1 only one set
B. 295, 305
C. 115 all sets

Today's wod

A. 240x3, 265x2, 285F, 275x1
B. All UB, last set was slowing down
C. As Rx'd on Airdyne, easy

Notes: Only did 1 set on C&J to cut down on volume. Hunted the past 2 days with a lot of walking with a portable stand, sweating, sitting and 400m deer dragging.

Brian Gregory said...

Forgot to post approx calories on airdyne sprints. - 11, 13, 12

Jon Sinclair said...

A. 185, 205, 225#
c. 475, 465, 441

Kent said...


Do you think I'll get enough rhomboid work sticking with this program, or should I add in some weighted chins, row sprints, heavy DB rows etc. occassionaly?

Also are you in Calgary on Sat or still in San Diego? If in Calgary is there room for me to compete at the OPT box as I would be the only one at Natural High, and if so at what time?

As for fueling, my normal routine has been carbs the night before a heavy exercise day so this satisfies both pieces of advice.

Thanks OPT and Brent,

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 255x3 (Easy), 285(felt heavy and couldn't get low enough so fail), 275x1.
B. Unbroken
C. 455ish average each set, up to 570 watts though.

Notes: Legs were still extremely sore from last cycle. Shouldn't have done the front squats. Time to stretch, rest and refuel for saturday.

Chad Hall said...

A: 225, 235, 245
B: all UB, as fast as possible
C: 643, 636, 684

Knee and hamstring don't feel 100%, kinda injured them this past weekend playing baseball, but it was worth it, we won provincials!

First 2 rows were at damper of 5 then upped it to 6 and got more watts ... hmmm.

Christa said...

A: 115/125/135
B: butterfly UB
C: i had the wrong units set...don't know the Watts

Michael FitzGerald said...


Myself and Sean G will be doing the Big Dawg competition at OPT. I assume we will be doing it at 11:30-12 ish. Swing by if you are welcome to.

Krazy said...

@ Charlotte, NC Dawgs

Remember we are hitting at CrossFit Vitality in Concord on Sunday (we're helping out for FGB downtown Saturday) if you want to join in with us. Shoot an email to Steve Pinkerton

David said...

A. 3 x 100, 2 x 110, 1 x 120kg
B. 3 x 15
C. 606, 587, 590

FS felt good, not 100% but probably 85-90. CTB's were unbroken and satisfying. Rows were 20 seconds, lowest rower would go, damper at 7.5.

david83 said...

hey coach and everyone
sorry havent posted in a while!
FS 265,285, 305 -
pull-ups - all unbroken felt good
Row- 550/551/564
should have put damper higher. excited for theh weekend.

Hey Michael would you mind if I dropeed by for the big dawgs thing this weekend with you sean?


Lars said...

A. 285x3, 305x2, 325x1 PR
B. 15x3
C. 738, 730, 738

Front squats felt great. Even the 325 which is a PR by 10lbs. Could have gone higher! No rounding in the back at all.

Pull ups were solid, fast and strong.

Rows were intense, happy with those.

Wish I could compete this weekend, but I am going away for 16 days. Will be taking a break from training other then hiking, swimming and maybe the odd run. Also I competed last weekend, and figure I shouldn't compete 2 weekends in a row.

Look forward to getting back to it in a couple of weeks. Good luck to all those competing this weekend.

PTS said...

completed tuesday's wod today. I am operating 2 days behind as I won't be able to get to the competition until monday afternoon.

will be working 12 hr night shifts fri,sat,sun so rest won't be optimal but I'll give it my best.

Nice pr's out there today.

Joel B. said...

A: 185, 200, 210
B: 15X3
C: 548.6, 545.6, 542.8
all damper 6.

Drew said...

A. 225x3, 235x2, 245x1
B. All unbroken
C. rower at the globo didn't record ave. watts

Adam Rogers said...

A - 225x3,235x2,255x1(PR)
B - 15x3 unbroken
C - 684 - damper at 6
717 - damper at 8
787 - damper at 10

Notes - tempo was more like 20X0 for the last squat, happy to stand it back up. C2b was ok, tougher than i would have liked for the last set. took the chance to experiment with the damper a bit on the row, has basically been set at 6 for the entire time ive owned it, but for sprints like these measuring wattage made sense to try to jump it up a bit, and seemed to hold true in the numbers.

Pfeifdog said...


Kent said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the invite. I'll try to make it there before noon and see what it's like to compete alongside others for a change.

C U Sat.

Steve Howell said...

A: 130kg/132.5kg/135kg
B: Regular kip x 2/Butterfly x 1 (all fast & unbroken)
C: 575/578/576

Greg said...

My week has been completely hijacked by grad work. Arg. Hope to get some time in tomorrow in order to make Sunday's scheduled (day behind) comp a decent showing. I will probably do a mash-up of the last two WODs to work a grouping of items.

Jay said...

B.all sets unbroken

Front squat felt light at rx'd tempo at pr weight. 1st and 2nd sets of ctb pullups felt good.

Alex Duncan said...

A. 195, 215, 225
B. All fast and UB
C. 630, 615, 606

2 days of rock climbing instructor course. Forearms shot.

Stephen B. said...

A. 255(pr)/265(pr)/285(10#pr)...all ass to heels...underestimated last set...did not hit a sticking point although I slowed comin up. I'm stoked.
B. UBx3
C. (avg. watts) 554/554/547...WTF?

Look forward to Saturday.

Marcus Filly said...

A. 265/285/305
B. Good pratice on a thicker bar down here at Invictus
C. 675/673/678

Inspired by the amazing San Diego weather and looking forward to a fun weekend of learning.

mhamilton said...

A. 175,195,215(f)
B. UBx2 BRKx1
C. 548,561,571

Brent Maier said...


Pre: x9 30m sprints
A: Technique work @ 40kg
B: Felt good
C Rows: 821/836/824 watts - All ended at 100m exactly at 1:15.x meter pace.

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 245x3, 255x2, 275x1.
B. Shoulder is still a little tweaked so did two sets of 8 strict CTBs.
C. 532.8, 557.5, 571.3. Guess that means I need to do a better job of warming up.

Siu said...

A. 155lbsx3, 175lbsx2, 190lbsx1 (5lb PR)
B. 1:20, 1:41, 1:45
C. 419.5 (80m), 452.3 (82m), 449.8 (82m)

Haven’t gone for a 1RM FS since December of last year, today felt strong. The CTBs were pretty horrendous, some days they feel easy and other days they absolutely do not. I struggled to string any together after my first five reps of each set. Rowed with damper on 6 for first interval, then bumped up to 10 for latter two.

Now time for some rolling.

OPT said...

kent, those movements are not rhomboid work, ask SPT about the powell raise with multiple modalities...

Heavy Evy said...

B. UB but i wouldn't call it fast

Lost my midline on set 2 so stayed at there, wanted to pr today but wasn't happening! Last set of ctb was the best, just another skill to get better at.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 185, 205, 225
B) 15ub, 15ub, 8ub
C) 466, 505, 492
(concept 2 won't let me do intervals shorter than 20sec, so they were (20sec work: 2:45rest x3))

Excited about this weekend!

Thad said...

A. 205, 220, 230
B. 2 x butterfly, 1 regular kip
C. 594, 553, 574

Still working on butterfly seem to lose rythm when trying to go fast but slowly getting better

unit said...

A- 245/ 265/ 285
B- all ub
C- 683/ 707/ 700 [all 20sec]


Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 115/135/155
B. on new rig...slippery 1:57/1:53/1:50
C. 602/546/622

*getting good with the rower ...did a 5K on tuesday in 19:44, hit the 2K just 10 sec short of my 2k pr!

Dom said...

A. 245,255,265
B. All UB (kipping)
C. 639, 620, 629

PTS said...

260,270,282 - all prs