sat, sep 18, 2010

AMRAP GHD Sit Ups in 1 minute
rest 0 sec
AMRAP Back Squat - 225#/155# in 4 minutes
rest 0 sec
AMRAP Double Unders in 7 minutes
rest 0 sec
AMRAP Muscle Ups in 10 minutes

post total reps to comments as score


Mike Perolio said...

Ill be saving this one for sunday. I will not be home until late tomorrow night.

I have been following this stuff non stop to the best of my abilities. Thank you OPT again for all the hard work you do for us.

I finally reached one of my mega goals for this year and that was a 200+ Clean.

I have a hard time always getting in the doubles and sometimes I have found where I like to train.

I know that you use this stuff for people who want to compete. but what about for people with other goals. Mine for example is Military Training. Would this be applicable for that?

Soren said...

doing a 12km run tomorrow and no squat rack at home this week. will hit it monday

Enjoy, it looks bloody great

Bear said...

Having a easy day with my family, will do this tomorrow instead.

Looks like fun, interesting combination, but I´ll keep an eye on my wrists and try not to scrape my skin too bad. It took almost 2 weeks to heal last time.

Steve said...


I spent 7 years in the Marines and if I would have had this training prior to going up to Quantico, it would have been much less painful for me. What you have to understand is that a lot of what is programmed will help your mental toughness. Yesterday's PT 2 was a great example of that. The only advice I will give is don't cherry pick the workouts, follow it as best you can with as few excuses of why you have to miss a WOD and it will work great for you. The more times you miss and have to replace WODs with things you enjoy doing, the more painful training will be for you when you get to where it is you are going in the military. Good luck

Anonymous said...


BS @ 95# duet hip pain and skipped DU to save my feet.

SU 26
BD 29
MU 0

Very frustrating morning.

X said...

GHD - 30
Back Squat - 27
Double Unders - 375
Muscleups - 27

Total - 459

Had this bright idea that changing shoes after my squats would help my double unders and literally lost a minute of the 7 mins so I could've easily had 50 more if I didn't use that brilliant strategy. Did get my first 106 straight though. Word to the wise just stay in one pair of shoes the whole time and you'll do fine

David said...

27 GHD
32 Squat
310 DU
31 MU

Failed on last 2 MU efforts. Best 30 for time is 5:15 so the pace was twice as slow. Took me awhile to catch my breath from the DU so the first MU's were stretched out a bit.

Jay said...

GHD 29
BS 21
DU 318
MU 0

Both biceps feel strained...attempted 2 muscle ups and threw in the towel

Marcus Filly said...

SU - 31
BS - 39
DU - 280
MU - 29
T - 379
*ouch.... Fully underestimated this. Crappy pre wod nutrition and hydration. Core temp got jacked from coffee. Hit BS hard and entered the darkness after that. Shoulders were cooked from squats WTF. DU usually wheelhouse for me. Wanted to vomit for all 10 mins of DU. Going to ice my spirit for a bit now.

BK said...

GHD -28
BS- 40
MU- 22
score = 412

Muscle Ups were 1 at a time with bent arm and slow. My wrist started coming good then this faarkin subscap issue. Unfortunately unable to extend arms at bottom at the moment. Found a cool way to save ya wrists though when false gripping the rings, check it out here.

Steve said...

GHD: 33
BS(225): 53
DU's: 501
MUps: 16

Total Score: 603

Muscle-Ups are still my weakness. DU's and BS felt good. Legs smoked after today, ready for day off. Had a group of 5 of us that went through it together and that made a big difference.

derb said...


GHD: 25
BS: 10(used 205, felt heavy, pr is 250)
DU: 269
MU: 32
Total: 336

Chris Dunkin said...



could have gamed the BS's better. Did burn-out sets, and breaks were too long.

Kent said...

GHD 39
225# BS 38
DU 362
MU 18

Total 457

GHD fast, BS grinding, DU surviving, MU adventure

No rings at my gym. Prior to today my lifetime MU total was three, the first being a couple of weeks ago. So, I wasn't very optimistic about 10 mins of futility. Most pleased with the muscle ups. All singles but I'll have to learn how to string a few together.

Jonathan Thom said...

GHD - 24
Squat - 18
DU - 300
MU - 27

This was fun times. Fight Gone Bad is going to be interesting tomorrow...if I can even get out of bed!

Chris Castillo said...
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Jonathan Thom said...

...which adds up to a 369 total for me.

Chris Castillo said...

Back Squat-40
Double Unders-380
Muscle Up-29


Drew said...

MU(did bar MU since I didn't have a place to hang rings today)-46
Total- 462

Was happy with the GHDs, Squats could have been a little better, DU smoked my shoulders by the end, and could have done more MU if I had rings(pr for 30 is 4:29)

Stahl said...

GHD - 30
Back squat - 30
DUs - 348
MUs - 46

Total = 454

Notes: did this after a 1 hour oly training session at Catalyst. Awesome coaching - thanks, Kara! Totally worth it but went into this WOD a little drained and pretty hungry.

GHD - kept moving fast, happy.

Back squat - hips felt sore, wanted more.

DUs - ok, but could have been better. Tough to get the rhythm after squats.

MUs - ok with tota. Rings got really sweaty and slimy so was having a tough time with grip at after about 15 reps.

Pete @ CFN said...

30+36+347+46 = 459

Stephen Flamm said...

6 weeks post-microfracture surgery on left knee, so modified:

1:00 glute-ham sit-ups; 31
4:00 good mornings @ 95 lbs.; 34
7:00 AirDyne calories; 78
10:00 muscle-ups; 36

First loaded posterior chain work since the surgery.

Matt said...

GHD - 32
Back Squat - 23
Double Unders - 326
Muscleups - 36

Total - 417

Great wod today. It was a solid 22 minute war. I gave it all I had and it's good to come here, post what I think are good numbers and see some of you bigger dawgs with unbelievable work capacity.

GHDS - solid, steady pace.

Squats - a weak point where Ive got plenty room to get better. Lower-back started cramping badly @ rep 19 but fought for four more reps.

Doubles - pretty solid too with room to improve.

Muscle ups - also did pretty well but can definitely make them better with more strength and stamina.

Ready for a rest day.

NorCal Chris said...


Adam Rogers said...

Ghd - 32
BS - 20
DU - 375
MU - 28

Total 455

Krazy said...

GHD: 40
BS(225): 45
DU's: 366
MUps: 25

Total Score: 476

GHD felt really solid

Back Squats felt decent. Rows seemed to have smoked my legs a little bit yesterday

Double are usually pretty good but I couldn't get the rhythm after the squats till half way through the time. wanted 400

Muscle Ups felt okay. I did weighted muscle ups (25# vest) two days ago because of my foot and definitely didn't feel recovered from that today. Was hoping for thirty plus

Did this at Vitality with Steve and the guys. Ready for the BIG Dawg Comp next week at CF Vitality!

joey warren said...


total= 504

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

that was fun!!!!

pretty sore of a "fun" wod with some friends yesterday morning so squats were painful

ghdsu- 32
squat- 18
du- 353
mu- 15

total= 418

Steve Howell said...

GHD: 34
Back Squat: 30 reps
Double Unders: 543
Muscle Ups: 30
total = 637

calebg said...

1: 30
2: 22
3: 475
4: 42

Total: 568

Squats were tough for some reason today. Pleased with overall score though!

k.jones said...

GHSU. 34 both hands touch ground
B.S. 47
D.U. 250 (73PR) D.U. getting better
M.U. 27

TOTAL: 358

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Scaled to 205# back squat


unit said...

27/ 45/ 507/ 25
~ 604


Brian Maier said...

30 GHD's
32 Squats
385 D/U's
35 M/U's

Total: 482

Could have sandbagged on the squats and gotten more D/U's but decided to go all out on each.

Brian Maier said...

Steve/Steve/Unit....crazy numbers on the D/U's...over 500 is insane.

my legs were jello after the back squat

DAVE X said...


I hit my goals for GHDs and Back Squats.
I was shooting for 350 for double unders, too many trips. Wrenched my back on 1st rep of muscleups rested 3 mins and sore as fuck.

marcusherou said...

from last saturday Sep 11

squat snatch 75kg - more to come

Instead of the wod
fran 3:24
10 rounds cindy 6:33

doing the wod on monday

Alex Duncan said...

Awesome scores out there. I disappointed I can't do this today.

Z1/2 barefoot jog on a PEI beach for 40 minutes. Felt great.

Kent said...

Pete, Joey and Stahl. 45 plus muscle ups is very impressive.

Steve's 500 du's is even more ridiculous when you look at the squats he cranked out first


Anonymous said...
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matt said...

1.95, 105,115
3.All UB

Little bit behind.
Should have gotten 290 FS - need to get mind right.
Pullups felt Strong. All w very small kip.

Anonymous said...

GHD- 36
M.U - 50 (straight bar no rings)

Total = 407

D.U's were really inconsistent and had nothing in my forearms to keep good rhythm.

Out of town and done @ globo gym. First time working out @ a globo facility in over 3 yrs. Makes me really appreciate how fortunate I am for the training facility provided back home.

Kevin said...


GHD - 21
Back squat - 45
DUs - 252
MUs - 18

Total = 336

GHD - back's been acting up, so didn't go too fast. pretty disappointed in the total, though.

Back squat - Felt pretty good. Went 10-10-10-15, pretty much on the minute. Wasn't sure how to game this in the context of the whole test.

DUs--frustrating. I actually strung a lot together, I just took breaks that were way too long.

MUs--this is a really tough movement for me. I was hoping to get at least 20, but I failed about five times in the last 2 mins.

Overall, very humbling. My diet's been a mess since the move to NY, and sleep hasn't been much better since the baby got switched to EST.

P.S. Thanks to all you beasts for continually kicking my ass and motivating me.

Greg said...

Friday's WOD:

A: 95/105/105/110
B: 135/165/175/185f
C: 20# dynamax
-A&B, really concentrating on avoiding arm-pull, think this is my problem.

1. 515
2. 515
3. 492 - stopped ~3sec early, too late to restart
4. 538
5. 462 - out of gas
6. 455
-just ran outta gas at the end, but went as hard as I could for all sets today.

Christa said...

GHD - 27
Back squat - 16
double unders - 351
muscle ups - 26

back squat felt awful! Probably because I did some mountain biking this morning and my legs were fatigued. Muscle ups felt great..its been a while since I did them. Fastest ZOE for me was 9:12(a year ago).

BK said...

Take a good look at the wod today crew and dissect the brilliance of our coach! BS after attacking the midline, DU's after many BS......

Jon Sinclair said...

GHD - 27
BS - 14
DU - 247
MU - 29 (had to throw an extra in there so I could get a time for 3o MU's = 10:21)

Good workout, backsquats are still a weakness of mine 225# is feeling much more comfortable after this current phase than it did before.

Julian Cruz said...



Tough workout out muscle ups were tough because of the chin ups on Thursday. Overall pretty happy with my performance.

Forgot to post last nights rows:


Brian Gregory said...

Total 430

GH - 30
BS - 35
DU - 340
MU - 25

Notes - Both hands to floor on GH, BS should have rested less, but kept looking at time. DU's not as strong as usual. MU's without false grip and rings above reach, still not quite as proficient this way. After I was done, just felt like I had more to give, especially on MU and BS.

Anonymous said...

GHD 30
BS(225) 15
DU 347
MU 31


lost :45 sec on the back squat moving make shift GHD setup out of the way.

Everything felt good maybe a few less trip ups on DU's would be good.

Eric Montgomery said...

28 GHD situps
25 squats
170 DUs
25 MUs

Conditioning is atrocious right now (ref. DU numbers). Squats were 5 at a time. MUs were all singles with about 20-25s rest between each.

Dustin said...

Back Squat - 30
Double Unders- 350
Muscle Ups- 35

Total - 445

Mike Perolio said...


Thanks for the kind words sir. I am already enlisted and looking to go commissioned here in the next couple of years. I really like to OPT training and getting to work with a lot of the technical lifts. I don't steer to far from the training that he prescribes. Occasionally I don't have the equipment so I will sub stuff that is similar to the movements in the workouts.


Brandon said...

GHD: 30
BS: 41
DU: 104
MU: 36

Today is a mixture of really good and really bad. MUs are much better and my endurance with them is good. Linked together good and worked on using both false grip and no false grip. BS felt good on the knee.

DU on the other hand were a total disaster. I have gone from 50+ regularly to struggling to link 10 in a row. I honestly have no idea why and am so frustrated. Nothing has changed...thinking it is mental. Maybe someone can help me (please, please) in San Diego sometime? See some of you in a couple days.

Poly said...

Spent the day with Curt M. and Heavy Evy at Larry Mathers Level 1 Oly lifting cert, as well as a couple of other Big Dawg lurkers and potential recruits. Great day, Evan and Curt fought threw the workout during lunch break, despite a morning of lifting. Also, if/when Curt posts his results, they may not be accurate as I was counting, and I suck at that because I am easily distracted by squirrels. Sorry Curt.

Bryan Miller said...


not happy at all with doubles. Pleased w/ MUs since I havent done in months. Need a stronger back squat!

Aaron Betts said...

I hate that I missed this workout! I am travelling and have no place to do this. On the bright side, I will be in san diego tomorrow night!

Heavy Evy said...

Lets be honest, if you missed some of Curt's reps it was due to you raiding my cooler!

Oly Cert was awesome today, my results for todays training were not.

33/29/148/11 total= 221

Conditions weren't ideal, but no exuses my double unders and muscles ups were crap today. Way to many failed reps, and trip ups.

Heavy Evy said...

Just watched BK's video.

Is there anything BsC gear can't do! xmas can't some soon enough!

Bear said...

Knees to elbow: 24 reps
Back squat, 102.5 kg: 28 reps
Double Unders: 188 reps
Muscle Ups: 28 reps
Total: 268

No good sub for GHD. Did 1 set and had little or no kip, but that´s because I couldn´t kip today from some reason. BS felt good with nice form on all and I did 5 sets. Had a goal with 25 reps, and looking back I could probably do over 30. DUs didn´t work the first 3-4 min. Need to work on these when my legs are tired. I´m ok with the MUs. Took it easy not to rip my wrists, but also tired from the ring pull ups the other day.

Thank´s for the advice BK, will try it!

Martin Altemark said...

Last weeks test as first workout after 9 days of cold.

Snatch: 72.5kg
Triplet AMRAP: 5 rounds+1

Inconsistent snatches, misses all over. Metcon felt ok and well paced until last round where I crashed.

OPT said...

mike, the stuff is def "used" to help folks compete but does not differ from what someone who does not want to compete should do for well rounded ness in fitness

Paul Klein said...

Done on 9/19/2010

Ghd 29
BS 27
DU 290
MU 29

Total = 375

Greg said...

GHD: 26 - would like to get to 30+ here, but pretty happy
BS (185#): 36 - probably could manage 225, but back was tight this morning, and I need to be able to move tomorrow
DU: 187 - I really wanted >200 here.
MU: (3Chin/2RDip): 12

-notes: DU are just hard for me, but when winded, it's like x10 as hard. MU sub I did strict supinated chins. I am experiencing some elbow tendonitis, which makes this tough. I discussed it with Rip at the SS Forums, and he recs a chin protocol to "beat the tendonitis out of the elbow", so I'm gonna try it.

ETC said...

SU: 21
BS: 10
DU: 224
MU: 25
Total= 280

Had to have wife sit on my ankles to make home rigged GHD machine= crappy!
Back squat super heavy for me.

It was a fun test. I can see my squats need work. 500+ DBU's = craziness. Impressive to say the least.

Angelo Fosco said...

Bought a new car and new phone yesterday, no time to workout or even eat honestly. Had chipolte and 4 eggs all day.

So did this today:
GHD: 28
Back Squat: 32
DU: 268
MU: 26
Total: 354

Disappointed but thats life, hit it hard again tomorrow.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2:
3x35sec row@95-100%, 2:25 vila: 571W (206m), 579W (207m), 546W (203m)
vila 6 minuter
3x35sec row@95-100%, 2:25 vila:546W (203m), 522W (200m), 477W (194m)

Stephen B. said...

Ghdsu: 32
Squats(225#): 34
DUs: 333
MUs: 34

Total: 433

matt said...

9/17 WOD
1. 135,145,155,160
3.12lb ball

Av wts 434
( seems low)

Kyle F said...

Nordic Raise (sub for GHD) = 20
Back Squat = 40
DU's = 279
MU's = 32

Coming off separated shoulder. At 95%. Feeling positive about this workout.

Benny Ahlstedt said...
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Benny Ahlstedt said...

GHD: 33
BS: 14
DU: 343
MU: 20

Total: 410

dontpanic356 said...

A: 27
B: 33
C: 310
D: 16 no rings. Had to do alternations of 3 strict pull ups and 3 strict dips. I think I could have done more with muscle ups

Robin Lyons, CSCS said...

30/29/210/ (no rings)