Sep 6, 2010


part 1:
A. Halting Snatch DL @ 1112; 3 x 3; rest 3 min
(add weight from last week)
B. Snatch: 70% - 1 x 3; 75% - 1 x 3; 80% - 1 x 3; rest 1 min
(1st 9 reps on the min; if all reps successful, take up singles AHAP off the clock)
C. Snatch Pull; 3 x 3; rest 3 min
(add weight from last week)
D. Back Squat @ 20X0; 5 sets of 3; rest 4 min

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
Row 40 sec @ 95-97% effort
Rest 3:20 x 8
(rest actively 7 min b/t sets 4 and 5; ensure cool down to flush)

post loads and notes to comments


Jon Sinclair said...

If we have to combine the two workouts due to work schedule, would you rather see both workouts cut in half, or just focus on the part 1 lift portion and miss the row?

Robin Lyons said...

Is this Jon Sinclair from WHC?

Soren said...

A: 90,100,110
B: 3@50,54,58, then took it up to 70 (#154)
C: 70,70,70
D: 84x2 + 90 x2

Day 6 of no coffee, still headache! amazing!

Everything was just not working for me today except the squats felt really easy.

James, thanks a lot for your feedback. I can say that the food hasn't changed at all, except the caffeine and also no dark chocolate - was getting a bit too addicted! Aches has gone, just head ache left and a general feeling of not being 100% but more like 70%. have increased fishoil significantly and it seems to do me well.
I will go for this week as well and see that happens! Will try to fasting day as well. Thanks for your feedback


Martin Altemark said...

Part 1
A. 80kg
B. 52.5kg-56kg.60kg then 70kg and 75kg (f)
C. 100kg
D. 90kg, 105kg, 110kg, 110kg, 110kg

Snatches felt really good today. The 70kg felt so easy and perfect, and got greedy and went for BW snatch with too short rest (short on time) and failed.
Felt really good on C.

Bear said...

A 70 kg
B 48.5, 53.75, 56 kg
C 70 kg
D 115, 116, 116, 117, 120x1 f + 70x3 (79-83%)

Amazed how badly this went. Had my hopes for the squat, but I just couldn´t keep a straight line. Running instead of rowing tonight.

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

A. 70-80-80 kg
B. 45-50-55 kg then 60-65(f) off clock
C. 65-70-75 kg
D. 110-120-122,5(f, 2 reps)-110-110 kg

OPT said...

jon, cut all sets for day in half

Krazy said...

A. 255-275-295
-with straps
-form felt great

B. 115-120-125 then worked my way to a 10# PR at 165. I stopped at 165 because my form started to break down. I am receiving the bar from my third pull behind my midline and it is making the bottom extremely unstable. This is most likely due to my lack of shoulder mobility and will continue to be my limiting factor. Weight feels extremely light which gives me hope of huge PR's in the future.

C. 205-215-225
-felt great
-with straps

D. 315-315-325-335-335

Steve said...

A. 260, 265, 275
C. 220,230,230
D. 315,325,335,345,365

My Snatch 1RM is 225 and I haven't been able to get close to it in the past 3-4 weeks. Not sure what is going wrong. Will post video next time for advice. C&J continues to improve throughout cycle, but snatch does not. BS felt great today. Will run instead of row tonight.

Alex Duncan said...

On vacation in Halifax today. Did Heavy Grace at 155lbs at Crossfit Kinetics (6:30) then Back Squat from today 205, 215, 225, 235, 240

Then 2 hours of post-hurricane surfing. Epic.

Lars said...

Krazy, sounds like I have the same issues you do with Snatches!

A. 235, 240, 240
B. 125, 135, 140...155, 175, 185 kinda got it
C. 205 x 3 sets
D. 325x3, 330x3, 335x3, 340x3, 345x3

Snatch deadlifts felt okay. I can't do a hook grip at that weight though.

Snatches felt pretty good today, so I recorded some of them...I really catch it high then sink into a squat. Especially with the 185 I did. It was pretty much a power snatch and an OHS.

Snatch pulls felt strong.

Back squats were tough today, but probably because I didn't take a day off yesterday. I will take the rest of today off and probably won't have time for something tomorrow. Today was day 3 of trying to catch up.

Pfeifdog said...

Part 1
A: 255,285,325
B: 150,160,175..185 not feeling it today.
C: 225,235,235
D: 315 felt good

Stahl said...

Had to combine b/c of time - but missed response to Jon so did it all.

Part I (in kilos)
A. 80,87,95
B. 53,56,60--70,75(tied PR),79(PR - by 9#),81(f-barely)
C. 81,85,90
D. 90,100,110,117,120

Notes: really focused on perfect technique for all lifts. Will go heavier next time for A,C&D and try to get straps b/c grip is starting to limit lifts.
- Snatch - very excited. Still feel like I've got more in me - need to get under the bar faster.
- Back Squat - on Greg's recommendation, did all high bar and ass to ankles for the first time ever. That extra 2-3 inches makes a huge difference. Focused on technique, but I clearly need work getting out of the hole since my low bar total is much higher than I could have gone.

Part II - right after Part I. No extra rest btw sets 4-5
1. 226m/1:28.4
2. 229/1:27.3
3. 227/1:28.1
4. 228/1:27.7
5. 226/1:28.4
6. 228/1:27.7
7. 225/1:28.8
8. 226/1:28.8

Felt good through first four rounds. Last 3 rounds were probably 100% - could have used that extra rest.

Angelo Fosco said...

Had to do part 2 first. Gym with rower closes at 1 today, other gym open all night.

1. 220m
2. 222m
3. 215m
4. 216m
Active rest: Tempo pull ups/push ups, some sit ups and 2 sets of 10 box jumps on 24inch box.
5. 209m
6. 212m
7. 216m
8. 210m

unit said...

A- 345 x3 sets
B- 147/ 155/ 167
C- 225 x3 sets
D- 225/ 275/ 275/ 295/ 307

subbed on part 2:
8 sets of:
30 sec hill runs
120 sec rest
felt gd with the drive phase and pushing out the back... struggle 2 hold form at the end... running feels like it's slowly coming back...

press: 3,3,3,1,1,1
135/ 145/ 155/ 165/ 175/ 185(f)

5 min ring work
db ex rot x5, 3 sets @ 51x1 with 25lbs


Chris Dunkin said...

A. 295,305,315
B. 145,155,170+175,185
C. 190,225,245
D. 300

had a friend watch the high-pulls, and learned I am rising early with the hips. will post vid of next snatch for further feedback

Bryan Miller said...

Michael 1RM Press 120#
Me 155# (15# PR)

Team wod at Crossfit Fort Vancouver
Run 400
200 snatches 53#/36#
run 400
400 goblet squats 53/36
8 17' rope climb
run 400

all while carrying a 45# plate one works while the other carrys plate.


Bryan Miller said...

team of 2 btw ouch!

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

Part 2

1. 218 m, 20 cal, damper 7,5
2. 217 m, 19 cal, damper 7
3. 212 m, 18 cal, damper 7
4. 214 m, 19 cal, damper 7

Active rest: East run on treadmill

5. 221 m, 21 cal, damper 7
6. 212 m, 18 cal, damper 7
7. 212 m, 19 cal, damper 6,5
8. 210 m, 18 cal, damper 6,5

Martin Altemark said...

part 2:
227m, 231m, 230m, 220m
rest 7 minutes
223m, 225m, 223m, 223m
1200m cooldown row.

Drew said...

B.1x3@120, 1x3@130, 1x3@140, +150,160,170(tied PR), 175F

Chad Hall said...

Part 1

A: 205, 215, 225
B: 120, 130, 140, then hit 180(PR), almost 190
C: 190, 200, 210
D: 225, 245, 255, 255, 255

Straps helped. Snatches felt GREAT. PR'd which was really nice. Tried 190 4x but missed in front. Will get it soon! Goal is 200 by Oct. 1.

Back squats felt good, first time in a long time. I know they're still light but they felt great.

Chad Walding said...

Part 1

A. weight today
B. 125/130/140...then 155/165(fx3)
C. 205x3
D. no rack stand, skipped

Notes: Very frustrated with snatch. Got 175 PRx2 last week and had nothing today. Didn't feel everything moving together.

Will sub run for row later.

Bear said...

Part 2
232 - 233 - 232 - 228 m (damper 9)
Active rest 7 min
232 - 219 (damp 8) - 216 - 212 m (damp 7)
15 min bikeride home + snatch / snatch balance practice (30-50 kg)

42 strokes each round and it felt really good the first 4. During the active rest my legs didn´t recover at all, or at least it felt like that. Last 2 was a real struggle. Probably should have left the damper on 9 or had it on 8 the hole session. Put in some extra snatch practice in the evening sun after the sucky part 1.

Bear said...

Oh yeah, had to baby sit my brothers kid and this brought me closer to a C2 so no running as I predicted.

Pete @ CFN said...

A. 185, 205, 215
B. 100, 110, 120, then 135F, 135, 150F

5 minute rest then 6 sets on rower in meters: 239, 240, 232, 232, 222, 223

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 185 pounds
B. 125/130/140...then worked up to 160 x 1
C. 185
D. 225/235/245/255/265x1

@Steve - I'm having the same issue you are. I'm guessing that when we get the shot to go after a max snatch fresh that the bar will just be flying up though!

Carrie McG said...

Part 1
A. 135, 145, 155
B. 70, 75, 80 - then worked up to a tie PR of 100#
C. 115, 125, 125
D. 155 all sets

took 6 days off because of work and not getting enough time in to workout/rest/recover and my body was starting to disagree with me. feel good now though!

derb said...


Part 1

A: 185/200/210
B: 95/100/105 then I built to 130
C: 135/140/145
D: 185/195/205/215/225(started to low)

no part 2 toady

Brent Maier said...


Part I:
A: 95/125/150kg (330#)
B: 3x70/75/80kg
B Max: 85/90/95/100/105kg fx2 - Hit last weeks PR of 100kg with no fails and felt easy. Failed 105kg twice in full squat with lock out because weight was a little forward. Stopped there because of shoulder.
C: 100/110/120kg (264#)
D: 130/130/130/135/140kg (308#)

Part II this afternoon

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 195, 205, 215
B) 95, 100, 110, 115, 120 (f)
C) 175, 185, 195,
D) 205, 215, 225, 235, 240

JRann said...

Pt. 1

A. 185/205/225

B. 145 x 3 155 x 3 165 x 3 175/185/195(f)/195/200(f)

I think my strength is beginning to exceed my form, if that makes any sense.

C. 185/185/205 felt light

D. 225/235/245/255/265 felt light

Matt Mo said...

A. 205
B. 135, 145, 155
185 x 1 pr
C. 185, 205, 215
D. 225,235,245,255,265

PR on snatch at 185 (prev pr 165)

PRM said...

Part 1
A. 195,205,215
B. 70,80,90 then off clock 95,100,105
C. 120,130,140
D. 225,225,235,235,235

Stephen B. said...

"Combined" from Saturday:
Clean: 215#
hspu: 30 off of 2 20" boxes
Cals (on rower): 176

Paul Klein said...

Part 1:
A. 235/240/245
70% = 115
75% = 120
80% = 130
hit all 9 with no issues
AHAP: 135/140/145/150/155/160
Failed twice at 165, I was under it with it locked out, but it fell forward both times

C. 155/170/175
D. 225/230/235/240/245

Part 2:
575w/236m D5
605w/240m D6
597w/239m D7
590w/238m D8
DROM and light jump rope work
553w/233m D6
532w/230m D6
505w/226m D5
498w/225m D5

Brendan said...

Coach and athletes,

My name is Brendan I have been following the blog for the last two weeks and I absolutely love it. My older brother posts on here (Kevin) and sparked my interest in OPT. Needless to say the progress has sustained and strengthened my interest as well as belief in this programming.

Just a little background: I am 21 year old senior at UOP in Stockton, CA and have been doing crossfit for about a year off and on but seriously for 6 months. I work out at the school gym, so some of the WODs are tough to do due to limitations. I have a few benchmarks times but will hopefully wait for them to improve to post.
I love this phase we are going through with all the oly lifts and the video work has helped me tremendously. Thank you for posting this coach and your helpful responses to questions.

For today:
A: 225, 255, 255
B: 125 130 140… 155 165 (all squat) 175 (tied PR) 185 (fx2) 180 (PR) 185(f)
C: 185 205 225
D: 225 275 285 285 295
Squat snatch until 175, pretty happy with the PR also PR’d by 5# on C&J the other day

Will do Part 2 in a few hours

BK said...

I saw you nailed 276 cals on the Devil Saturday in one of your double doses that amaze me.
With pleasure a pair of the new BSc Elite Athletic Longs are coming your way.
Please contact me

B. 115,125,135 on the minute.
145, 155 (f) 155.
C. 155,175,175
D. 335,355,365,370,370.

+ 8 hours

231- 1.26.7/500M
234 -1.25.4
229 -1.27.3
229 -1.28.4
226 -1.28.4
227 -1.28.1
226 -1.28.4
226 -1.28.4

X said...

A. 205# (need to make sure hips don't rise too soon so I'm staying very light on these)

B. 150#-160#-170#....220#(+5#PR), 230#(fx2) - Hips rise freaky fast but I make up for it with a strong 2nd pull. Had 230# the first time but foot work was a tiny bit off on the catch. Tough to watch how out of sync things are on tape. So much more potential for more weight if I could get the technique honed in so I need to stay light on the d-lifts, pulls and skill work to correct myself and not teach my muscles bad form over and over again

C. 205# x 2, 135# - Need to work with lighter weight here

D. 245#-265#-285#-295#-305#(x2) - Just got 315# for 3 last week when I did the 5x3s off the HQ site but after all the snatching and d-lifts I guess it wasn't happening today

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 225/245/265
B. 135/145/155..165/170(f)
C. 195/205/215
D. 275/295/315/335/335

Snatch felt a lot better...made myself squat snatch and shut it down when I broke form. Barely got the last set of squats...good to go a bit heavy.

Scotty Hagnas said...

B.90x1x1x1;97.5x1x1x1;105x1x1x1;115x1;125x1;135xmxm (not committing today)

Half volume week for me, recovering from the 2 wk gymnastic intensive.

Anonymous said...

all snatches were split snatch, helps me get under the bar.....

B)11/120/133+ 138/143/148/15/158/163/168(f)

PWO: 500ML goats milk, 30 mins later 500ml more, then left stomach empty.

4hrs later

pos.3 damper 7

PWO: whey in water+ 1/2 cup spagetthi squash+peach


Pfeifdog said...

Part 2


PTS said...

A. 215
B. 115,123,132 145, 160, 170(PR)
C. 155
D. 225,245,255,265,265

two rows then ran out of time for the day

Steve Howell said...

Got moved and settled into Whistler yesterday and day so back at it tomorrow.

Dustin said...

part 1:
A. Halting Snatch DL-225, 245, 255.

B. Snatch - 145, 155, 165 then 185, 195, 205, 215f.
**Snatch felt great. I'm finally to the point where I can nail 205 all the time and feel comfortable doing it. I caught 215 but lost my balance. I'm close to setting a PR.**

C. Snatch Pull- 205, 215, 225.

D. Back Squat - 245,255,265,275,285

Rested 90 Minutes

1)1:32 (248)
2)1:28 (248)
3)1:28 (252)
4)1:29 (244)
5)1:30 (248)
6)1:30 (247)
7)1:31 (243)
8)1:31 (241)

Jay said...

C.185 all sets
D.285 all sets

Hit 180(5#PR) on the snatch

Had to chew back the vomit after round 8...1-4 felt great...5-8 felt dizzy.

Jonathan Burns said...

Last Monday
SGDL w/ pause 95-135-155
Snatch- 105-120-135, up to 165. Receiving in power, need to ride it down better.
SHP- 135, almost up to chin
BS- @275 felt ok

6 hours later
5x800m. I have spent a lot of time on the erg so I did pcs. 2&4 on the airdyne.
81 cals in 2:30
80 cals in 2:30

sorry for the sporadic posting. I am doing all the work- some days I haven't the time to log it all online.


Julian Cruz said...


dmarsh said...

Excited to be back here after 3 months of my own programming.

A. 242,242,242
B. On the minute: 142,152,162. Off the clock: 174,184,198,203,208(f,f,f)
C. 198,198,198
D. 308,308,308,308,308

Not able to hit Part 2 today.

Greg said...

Went to the Deutsche Bank Championship today, and only got pt2 in this morning - wifey wanted to stay later than I anticipated. I'll see what I can manage over the next two days about pt 1 and tomorrow's double.

Pt 2:
target 1:35-1:38/500m
1. 209m/1:35.6
2. 208m/1:36.1
3. 210m/1:35.2
4. 213m/1:33.8
5. 213m/1:33.8
6. 212m/1:34.3
7. 213m/1:33.8
8. 218m/1:31.7 - 98-99% RPE here

Anonymous said...


A: 275#, 275, 275
B: 135#, 145, 155 (on clock)
Off Clock (165,175,185(f*3), 180)
C: 205#, 205, 205
D: 275#*5 strict tempo

P.M. (3hrs after)

Damper on 6 on all rows
1-216m, 2- 224m, 3- 220m, 4-219m

Active rest - 4 slow sets
10 pistols (5ea)
3 unbroken muscle ups
10 unbroken d.u's

5-212m, 6-216m, 7-218m, 8-216m

Notes- Deadlifts felt really good and strong as well as back squats. On snatch and snatch pulls, I found myself out on the balls of my feet more than my heels today. Need to gain confidence in planting my heels again because of recent lower back pain. 185# was overhead but could not get under it fast enough to get locked out. Rows felt really strong today.

Aaron Betts said...

A. 175,185,200
B. 112,120,127
C. 185,200,205
D. 215

Part 1 only today. I started off with some tight shoulders and upper back. I had to step back, take care of my business and made all attempts no problem.

Matt Mo said...

1,72 total m

first row 234
last row 216

Matt Mo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt Mo said...

1,772 total m

Marcus Filly said...

Part 1
A. 265
B. 150/161/172....185/195/205/215/220pr/225pr/230f
C. 230/240/240
D. 295x5
*happy days on the snatch, video at

JRann said...

Pt. 2


Came out a little strong on the first one. grip and biceps were limiting factor.

Total 1784m

stevepink81 said...

Part 2:
Was going to have to run but made it back to the box for part 2.

1. 244
2. 242
3. 244
4. 245
5. 238
6. 239
7. 236
8. 237

This was tougher than I thought it was going to be. I enjoy rowing but didn't enjoy 8 rounds of this.

Michael said...

A. 225 all sets
B. 135, 145, 155 + 165x1, 175x1, 185x1, 195x1, 200x1 (5# PR!)
C. 225 all sets
D. 295, 305, 315, 325, 325 (all followed by 3 box jumps)

Part 2
Forgot exact numbers but all b/w 215 and 220 meters
2 hours rest and post wod shake only b/w part 1 and 2

Krazy said...

Glad to have ya Brendan

Pt 2

started at a 1:23 pace ended at a 1:26. Meters started in the 240 and ended in the 230

NorCal Chris said...

Pretty lousy day as I tweaked my low back again doing the halting snatch dl. So stupid.

Part 1.
A. 175,185,185
B. 105,110,115 great.. Up to 140
C. 145,165,165
D. 175,180,185,185,185

Part 2
216 (three kids driving my wife and me nuts)
227 (ran out of excuses)

Heavy Evy said...

A. 243,263,278
B. 120,130,140 + 154,164,174(6#pr),184Fx2
C. 184 for all
D. 243,263,283,293f(lost core),283

Had trouble settling in to the OHS today, taped the session as well, as far as I see I'm landing too wide, rising to quick in the hip, pulling short in th hip, and slow as shit getting under the bar.

Would appreciate any feedback.


Heavy Evy said...

Didn't read OPT's comments till now.

Part 2 was done 12 minutes after part 1, due to holiday hours at the gym.

Active rest 7min....brisk walk?

Biceps were tottally pumped after those rows, I felt like the governator! So I walked over to the nearest person, and punched them in the stomach.

Brent Maier said...


Part II:
1) 242m - 623w - 1:22m pace
2) 242m - 622w - 1:22m pace
3) 241m - 611w - 1:23m pace
4) 237m - 583w - 1:24m pace
5) 238m - 586w - 1:24m pace
6) 235m - 569w - 1:25m pace
7) 231m - 540w - 1:26m pace
8) 238m - 590w - 1:24m pace

Intervals set on rower, no rolling meters.

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 265, 280, 300
B. 125x3, 130x3,140x3, then AHAP - 180 (Had to press it up...but 5lb PR)
C. 205, 220, 240
D. 255, 285, 300, 305, 315

Noes: Everything felt really, really good today.
A. 300 was perfect, barely got the last rep held for the 2 seconds.
B. got 175 pretty well, 180 was pressed up. Can pull it up but have trouble getting underneath.
C. Was pulling to mid chest level, even at 240lbs...felt really good.
D. 315 was rough but could have gone heavier.

Anonymous said...

A.255 x 3
B. 105, 111, 117 then 125, 135 was ugly so I spent 20 min more working on lift
C. 160 x 3
D. 2/235, 3/225 x 4


matt said...

2.135x3/145x3/155x3/ 165/185/205/205PR

Felt strong but form still sucks. Basically muscle snatch it with very little drop. I have a hard time stabilizing my shoulders when dropping. Any tips?

joey warren said...

A. 255/270/280
B. 145/155/165 + 175/185/195/205(f) - not feeling it today- slow under the bar
C. 205/215/225
D. 255/260/260/265/270

most rows in the 230's m range- approx 1:24 pace

PRM said...


Part II:
1) 229m - 525w - 1:27m pace
2) 230m - 532w - 1:26m pace
3) 231m - 532w - 1:27m pace
4) 224m - 494w - 1:27m pace
5) 221m - 475w - 1:30m pace
6) 217m - 450w - 1:32m pace
Shut'her down at 6

Brian Gregory said...

At station 8

A. 205, 215, 225
B. 3reps ea on the min - 135, 145, 155 - Then 165, 170, 175Fx2, 175, 180F
C. 225 all sets
D. 275, 285, interrupted by calls and next chance to finish was 2230. Not happening tonight.

Will try to do Back squat again tomorrow and make up part II tomorrow or Wed.

Posterior shoulders where lat ties into shoulder is still painful. Snatches sucked b/c of this. Tried to loosen them up before and felt like it helped until starting heavy singles. Then back to square one with the pain and weakness. Really have to take care of this problem as it is painful, interfering with my progress and messing with me mentally.

Ben Priestley said...

A. 175# x3 sets (no straps) (accidentally used tempo 1123)
B. 87.5# x3/ 94 x3/ 100 x3.
Off clock: 110 (power sn), 120-f (power sn), 120, 126, 128, 130
Last three lifts each represented PRs, 130 was a 5# PR, 4 months in the making!

Stopped here because we had a big affiliate wod today and the session bumped into it. This was my 2nd wod: Fight Gone Bad. Scored 334, which was a 4 point PR (last set at the end of July '10)

Jon Sinclair said...

Took easy through Part 1 due to sore wrist, had to shut down after 80% snatches, still did backsquat at 185, 205, 225#

Part 2: (Directly after 1)

6 rounds all between 205 and 215m

Brandon said...

Part 2
Good in the "this f***ing sucks" kind of way. Glutes and hamstrings burning...

Brendan said...

Row times:

more like 100%, have trouble differing between 95/97% and 100%. Form not great toward the end.

Did pushups, DU, and situps during active rest period.

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

A. 1) 230 2)250 3)270
B. 115/125/137f, 137 then built up
to 162.
C. 152/157/162

A. Went a bit too heavy on 3rd set. Could not maintain tempo.
B. Failed one at 137 due to lack of concentration. All squat snatched except for last few weights.
C. Break a little longer than rx'd
between last 2 sets of squats because I lost track of time during a conversation.

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 2:

Siu said...

Part 1:
A. 135lbs, 145lbs, 155lbs
B. 77lbsx1x3, 83lbsx1x3, 88lbsx1x3, 100lbsx1, 105lbs(f)
C. 115lbs, 125lbs, 135lbs
D. 165lbs, 185lbs, 195lbs, 205lbs, 215lbs
Then tried a few singles for extracurricular purposes…225×1, 235×1, 245×1 (17lb PR)

Just checked my notes and haven’t gone for max on back squat since Nov ’09. Felt really good and although its important to work on all your weaknesses, sometimes its just nice to work on the things that make you happy too.

Part 2: (about 15 mins after Part 1, scaled to 4 intervals)
206m, 207m, 205m, 201m

Tried to pace ~1:35 and was able to hold it till the last interval. 40-20s always feels so strong, 20-10s feels less so strong, then 10-0s is just holding on :)

Anonymous said...

Warmed-up with pulls.

A. 105-110-115
B. 65-65-70
D. 105-115-120-125-130

Rest ~15 min

Scaled to four rows
185m, 184m, 175m, 169m

Christa said...

A: 105/125/135
B: 75/80/85 - was fatigued from 2hr hike earlier in the day
C: 115/120/120
D: 155 - stayed light because I was exhausted from hike and only getting 3hr of sleep the night before

skipped part 2 due to hike that morning.

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

Part 2
1: 60
2: 72
3: 55