tues, aug 31, 2010

 OPT Catalyst Training Video Week 2

part 1:
A. Power Clean + Mid Hang Clean; 1.1 x 5 @ 70%; rest 2 min
(% of higher max, clean or power clean)
B. 2 Jerk Balance + 2 tall split jerk; 2.2 x 5; rest 2 min
(light work - work perfect positions)
C. Push Press + Power Jerk + Split Jerk; 1.1.1 x 4; rest 2 min
(build up to a heaviest possible PP; when fail on PP, try to make PJ and SJ)

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
5 sets for run times:
10 burpees AFAP
25 unbroken chin ups
Run 400 m @ 90%
rest 3 min b/t sets (time runs only)

post loads and run times to comments


PRM said...

James - Question: What's the impact of reversing the 2 WOD on days doing double? Due to equipment/gym availability, I reversed the order of Monday's WOD and will have to do so again for Tuesday. AM WOD is at lunch, PM WOD is at 6PM.

Angelo Fosco said...

Looking for advice on tightening up my diet. My normal daily routine is the following:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, handful of raisins, glass of milk.

Lunch: 2 eggs, 1 serving of organic greek yogurt, 1 3ish oz pork chop, 2 100 calories pack of almonds and an apple.

Snack: Almonds/milk/raisins

Dinner: Chicken/grilled veggies

I have a protein shake with milk post WOD. Suggestions appreciated!

Brandon said...

Angelo -
Give us an idea of what you mean by tightening up your diet. Are you trying to lean out? Feeling sluggish in workouts? Also give us an idea of your daily activities...I believe you said you kickbox some. This will help people give you some better advice.

Martin Altemark said...

part 1

A. 70kg
B. 30kg, 30kg, 40kg, 40kg, 50kg
C. 80kg, 85kg, 87.5kg, 90kg

Felt much better than last week.

DAVE X said...

That video could quite possibility be the best video I've ever seen that explains my issues with snatching. I was power snatching the shot out of the weights the other day, but when it came to having to "transition" into the deep squat I lost the weight. I'll most definatley practice this.

A. 165# all sets
B. 85# all sets
C. 165/180/195/205

David said...

A. 75kg all sets
B. 40, 45, 45, 50, 50kg
C. 75, 85, 93, 95kg (1.1.F last set)

Last week's 95kg was the opposite; failed on PP and PJ but made SJ.

Pfeifdog said...

C:205/225/235/245(Failed PP)

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

A. 72,5 kg
B. 30 kg all sets
C. 70 - 72,5 - 77,5 - 80

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 180lbs all sets, felt good.
B. 95lbs all sets
C. 205, 225, 235, 245(F,F,DNA)

Notes: Cleans felt really good. Part C felt good at 235, so instead of goin for 240, which is what I got last time, tried 245. Barely failed PP, then barely failed PJ, and had nothing in the tank left for SJ.

Brandon - Typically I get up at 5:30 to get the AM workouts in before work. I then go to work from 7:30-3:30 (teacher). Usually do PM right after work, sometimes nap. Other then that just lesson planning and reading mainly. I work in 20 minutes of kickboxing about everyother day, but VERY light. I guess leaning out would be nice, I'm really just looking for the best performance possible. Most wods feel pretty good, running usually feels bad but I'm working on that. However I figure if I eat better then I should perform better. Thanks :)

Benny Ahlstedt said...

A all @ 70kg
B all @ 40kg
C all @ 80kg

Curt M said...
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Curt M said...


B)All at 115#


Chris Dunkin said...

A. 200
B. 95
C. 205, 225, 230, 235f/pj/sj

Steve Howell said...

part 1;
A: 170x5 sets
B: 95x2/105x2/110x1
C: 185/195/200/210
*went lighter on "C" today due to some soreness in my right shoulder.

Chad Walding said...

A. 160 all sets
B. 95 all sets
C. 185 all sets

Notes: felt much better with meeting the bar after watching that video. Thanks Coach E. Still need to find a more comfortable rack position.

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 175x5
B. 135x5
C. 185/205/225/245(f,f,press out)

Should have done 235 on the last set of C. Worked on catching the bar in the same spot and riding it down per the video on the mid-hang cleans.

Brandon said...

Angelo -
I'm certainly not an expert on this, but just looking at what you wrote, I have a couple thoughts that I have used with my clients.

First, ditch the dairy for a few weeks and see how your body responds. I used to eat a lot of dairy and when I cut it back, I did much better.

Second, it looks like you could use more veggies throughout the day and less fruit, esp. raisins if you would like to lean out. Along that line, depending on the type of workout, post-WOD carbs are really important (i.e., part 2 of todays). Not sure how much you are getting with just a protein shake unless it has pure glucose or dextrose in it.

Lastly, you might play with upping your protein intake a bit. Without knowing how big you are, my first guess is you are little low on the 1g/lb bodyweight suggestion. If your digestion is really good, you might be able to get away with a little less that 1g...

Hope this helps and that others can either concur or give you a bit of a different perspective.

Krazy said...

A. 180 lbs all sets

B. 95 lbs all sets

C. 185/195/215/225 Fail on PP and PJ

part two tonight

Chad Hall said...

Part 1

A: 180#
B: 95, 95, 105, 105, 105
C: 135, 185, 205, 225 (F,F,F)

Cleans felt alright, I have a contusion on my right quad which sucks because I keep knocking it on the way up with the bar.

Went up a little for part B, felt more solid.

Overhead work sucked today, felt like I had nothing upper body.

Contemplating whether or not to do part 2 later today. Feel pretty beat up.

Marcus Filly said...

Part 1.
A. 193 (275 max... was able to catch each mid hand snatch high and ride down)
B. 65/85/85/85/85 (went lighter as recommended and balance was better)
C. 185/205/215/*220
*very hard... almost failed the PP, when I caught the PJ my back went into low Thoracic extension, I tried to correct for the split but did the same thing. this tends to be my fault when receiving overhead and this includes snatching. I overextend at the lumbar/thoracic intersection. is this psoas tightness? any good mobilization/exercises i should be doing to correct this??

Martin Altemark said...

part 2, a little modified

2 sets rxd: 1:20, 1:20
3 sets 10 burpees, 5/5 kettlebells snatches@32kg, 200m run with 40kg sandbag: 2:24 (1:27 run), 2:14 (1:18 run), 2:12 (1:16 run)

would not have made 3rd set with unbroken pullups if I would have continued Rxd I think.

arjuna @ CFN said...

A. 158 all sets felt gd
B. 65, 75, 85, 95, 95
C. *this complex still bothers shlder from last Oct SLAP surgery* its more the negative bring the weight down than the positive. Went lighter on all sets
135, 145, 155, 165, 175

Angelo Fosco said...

Hey Brandon,
Thanks for the advice! I’ve been actively trying to cut down my dairy, I used to drink almost a gomad just because I honestly like milk so much. I’ve cut it down a lot from where it was, and will continue to do so. I’m 5’9 and 180lbs (last time I weighed myself, think I’ve lost a little weight). I’m probably not getting right at 1g/1lb but close. The chicken I eat is usually bigger, probably 10oz and the yogurt has 22g of protein a serving. I’ll try getting more veggies but I’m not sure what the best way would be to do that, grill them the night before and bring them to school the next day is the first thing I’m going to try. Thanks for the advice!


Jonathan Thom said...

A. 160 pounds
B. 95
C. 165/175/185/190 (f push press - made pj and sj)

No time for a double today...part 2 right afterwards
1:29 (Row 400. Pull-ups broken at 14)

Got through 9 pulls the next round and called it. I was able to get 3 sets of 20 unbroken last week...when I broke at 14 the first round I knew it would be a bad day. Will live to fight another day...when I actually have some gas in the tank.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) all at 130#
B) all at 75#
C) 145, 150, 155, 160

Erik Luber said...


A. 121
B. 55, 77, 66, 77, 77
C. 88, 110, 132, 143 (fail on power jerk)

Cleans felt good, did squat mid-hang cleans on A. Technique much better on last 2 sets of B. Power jerk is really crap, but getting a bit better.

Paul Smith said...

I am having trouble getting two a days in, but I made the attempt today. (I did PM first with modifications)

PM: 400m hill run (down 200 back up 200) 20 unanchored situps 20 UB DU
5 rounds

Had to break after 2nd round, because my daughter woke up. Forgot to restart clock

A. 205 all sets
B. 115 all sets
C. 225, 235, 245, 255-f(PJ,SJ-f)

5 sets UB Chinups 90sec rest b/t sets.

Bear said...

A 75 - easy
B 20x1, 30x1, 40x3
C 60-70-80-90 fail on SJ

PP easy, PJ easy until 90, SJ wobbly on all. Sucks, it should be easier. Skipping part 2, see below:

Trying to claw my way back. Unfortunately off to a bad start, week 1 down the drain due to illness. A cold with aching joints to a kinda-sinus-condition snotty and heavy headed. Thought I was 100% after a few days rest and mobilitysessions, but nearly fell off the treadmill yesterday when doing an obligatory stamina test (all firefighters must do this in Sweden). During 2010 I´ve done this as a warm-up to other training and now I didn´t recover for an hour after the test (which I passed). Each lost training day feels like crap, but today I only lost 0.5 day ;) Tomorrow´s another day.

Good work by all the dawgs, keep it up!

John@CFWC said...

Part 1
A. 185# for all
B. 95 for all
C. 160, 170, 180, 190

Part 2 tonight

Chris Castillo said...

A. 195
B. 145-165-185-195-215
C. 185-205-225-235

last week 215 on C. was difficult 20# pr today felt just as hard but got it.

NorCal Chris said...

A. 110,120,125x3
B. 65,70,75,80,85
C. 115,135,150,170

Amazingly my back healed quickly. I went ez today and everything felt good.

Michael said...

Part 1
A. 205 all sets- mostly power clean until last two sets did the mid hang into a squat. Pulling is my weakness not the squat
B. 95 form felt better
C. 195, 205, 215, 225
started with 185 last week and failed on 225 last week so I felt good about this.

Chad Walding said...

Part 2

scaled to 20 chinups

1) 1:41/UB
2) 2:01/UB
3) 2:15/UB
4) 2:10/10,5,5
5) 2:11/15,5

Notes: Man did this kick my ass hard! Felt like I haven't run in ages and it used to be a strength of mine, not so much now. The pullups and burpess really took a lot out of me, sucking wind the whole time.

Drew said...

C.170-180-190-200(ended at the same weight as last week but went up a lot easier and felt more solid)

PM: about 7 hours after AM
200m down hill,200m up hill
1:26/PU unbroken
1:24/PU unbroken
1:27/PU unbroken
1:26/ripped hand on PU 12, stopped and ran
1:25/subbed 25 ring dips for pullups,broken 12+8+5

Pretty happy with the runs, not so happy with the hand

Stahl said...

Part I (all weights in kilos)
A. 77x4,80x1
B. 30,35,39,41
C. 74,78,84,89 (196 - 5# PR)

Cleans felt ok - stuck at 70% from the beginning to see how it felt. Legs still tired from yesterday.

C felt great. PR'd and felt like I had more in me. I think the jerk technique work is really paying off.

Part II - same trouble as Paul - tough to get these in b/c work/baby make it tough.

W/ access only to bad treadmills with no ability to kip on the pull-up station, I am going to sub:

10 burpees
12-15 strict pull-ups
120 Double-unders

Suggestions on better substitutions given these limitations?

Robin Lyons said...

1. 2 POs. Clean -125lbs
2. JB+TJ -85lbs
3. PP+PJ+SJ -105 for all reps

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 120
B. 95
C. 100/110/120/130..didnt keep going with the singles, shoulders feel iffy and just sore from yesterday..still pushed it till about 80% but not for a max!

*did with a band since the bars are new and i just couldnt get a good grip for 25 in a row.
-feel much better on the 400's this week than last! did a 200 turnaround so im sure id be faster on an open track.

Julian Cruz said...


The cleans felt light and easy. Jerk balance is really helping with technique. Failed the last split jerk bc i rushed it and went forward on me. I knew I had it so i tried it again and it went up easy.

BK said...

A.175 all
C.175,195,205,215(pp PR) failed on splitjerk.

7 hours +

1. 1.33
4. 1.32
Round 4 and 5 moved hands along bar mid swing to get away from sweat, literally moving 3 feet along bar as reps went up .
Took time after burpees on set 3,4 to get em UB and on 5th set also waiting 25 seconds to start.

X said...

A - 190#
B - 75# for all sets
C - 165#, 185#, 205#, 225# (PP PR & the jerks weren't the prettiest form wise but I got them). Wrists took a beating on C

Jay said...

RD1 Clock didnt start
RD2 1:48
RD3 1:56
RD4 2:15

Shut it down after round 4. 95 degrees plus doesnt feel too good.

Julian Cruz said...


looking to buy some of your supplements. Do you prefer Jarrow over Dream or vice versa? Can you mix Refuel with the shakes for post workout?

Anonymous said...



train wreck!!! had to check the ego at the door, trying to run with the Big Dawgs but eating like a mouse, under recovered

3)15 chins+1:48
5)called it quits

going to address the undereating issue and see if it regulates itself by thursday.

r Gaines said...

AM (545am)
a.170,170,170,170,170 (Hang clean was into a hang sqt clean)

b. 95, 100, 105, 110, 110

c. 135, 140, 145, 135 (had to press out on all sets for pp, pj and sj  Went back down on last set b/c I wanted to work on zero press out.)


Pullups: Rnds 1-3 ubk, rnd 4-set of 15/10 rnd 5-sets of 5s

400m: 144,150,155,208,159

Heat was a killer.

Brandon said...

Part 2
Burpees/PU unbroken

Happy with the PU...kept on the bar despite wanting to drop off at 15 or so in rd. 5. Runs felt good holding the pace, but I need to be about 10s faster to be where I want.

Steve said...

Part 1:
A. 210
B. 95
C. 215,225,235,245(f-pp)

Part 2:
1. 2:30
2. 2:31
3. 2:30
4. 2:31
5. 2:33

All pull-ups unbroken. The runs felt surprisingly good. Trying to get the pull-ups unbroken was the worst part.

PRM said...

PM WOD, done first
Scaled to 20 UB pull-ups
1. 20UB, 1:25
2. 20UB, 1:24
3. 20UB, 1:24
4. 17UB, 1:27
5. 17UB, 1:30

Chase said...

A. 185x5
B. 135/155/175 (short on time)
C. 155/175/195/205f

Greg said...

Did part 2 am, Part 1 pm:

Part 1:
A. 135 across
B: 95# across
C: 155/ended due to elbow pain

Part 2:
Cut to 3 rds:
1. 12-3/ 1:43.7 (too fast out the gate here)
2. 11-4/ 1:50.5
3. 8-4-3/ 1:54.6 - felt like I hit a wall here. Right elbow was pretty sore too.

The elbow issue cropped up the last few weeks. Some research indicates some golfer's elbow - seems to be under control with ice, ibu and a strap. Today's pain seems to really be in the bicep's tendon. Might have strained that this morning or yesterday evening. Hopefully ice and rest for a few days will get things back on the right track.

PTS said...

part 1:
A. 170
B. 65,85,95,95,95
C. 160, 170,185, 200 failed SJ

part 2:

no rest between burpees and chins. all chins unbroken.

Coach and Greg thanks for putting this cycle together. I feel like I'm learning a whole shit load more about the lifts.

Marcus Filly said...

Part 2
Burpees fast, Chins unbroken
Row Times

David said...

Part 2:

All I can say is that it's done. The best parts: the burpees were all faster than last week, first 2 sets of pullups were unbroken. The rest were sectioned. The runs were probably a bit more consistent but a little slower than last week.

Paul Klein said...

A. 170lbs across
B. 95lbs
C. 205 / 215 / 220 fail push press / 220 fail push press

Part 2:
unbroken / 1:43
unbroken / 1:50
unbroken / 1:50
22+3 / 1:46
17+8 / 1:52
Recovery did not happen between rounds 4 and 5. 3 minutes went by in a flash!

Heavy Evy,
Thanks for the comments on my snatch technique. I put the video up side by side with Greg E's snatch video. When I pull from the ground my back goes almost parallel to the floor with my knees locked out (like I am doing a good morning). Then I pull 100% with my back (just like you said). It is fascinating what happens when you see it frame by frame in quicktime. Watching Greg E, there is a part in the pull where the bar and his body are moving upwards at the exact same pace. It looks like he is almost pushing the weight up with his "benis". I have a lot of work to do!

Jon Sinclair said...

A. All at 70kg
B. All at 40kg
C. 65, 70, 75, 80 (same as last week, feeling like I can go higher now)

Coach I was wondering if I could get your advice on an issue... I'm a cop and when I'm on night shift, I have trouble making time for double (just dont feel like working out after an 11 or 12 hour night shift and my gym isn't open at 4 am when I get off work - What is that?? haha)... Before you told me to just cut each workouts work load in half but with this lifting phase I was wondering if you'd rather me just do the lift workout and maybe do a bit of the metcon workout if I have time, or if I should just skip the metcon if I don't have enough time for both... Thanks a lot

Joel B. said...

Part 1
A: 150 for all
B: 75 for all
felt much better this time
C: 180, 185, 195 (pp pr), 200 (pr again)

Part 2
1. 1:23
2. 1:25
3. 1:23
4. 1:24
5. 1:26

all cu unbroken. burpees to cu to run was not done for time style but I didn't take too long a blow.
I was dreading this for what it did to me last time and this had 5 more cu and shorter rest. No bad weekend activities and I actually got some good sleep lately...crazy how it helps. This was still very tough and I'm happy to complete it, for sure.

To echo others...thanks again to coach James for this programming and to special guest Greg E. I feel lucky and privileged to have access and a part in this. Thank you!

arjuna @ CFN said...

Part 2:

Burpees felt fast
All pullups unbroken, last 2rnds were real tough
Run times;
1:23, 1:28, 1:32, 1:36, 1:38

I felt a lot slower on runs than last time. But I also had 5 more pullups to do and :30 sec less rest.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2:

1. UB, 1:30
2. UB, 1:47 (Tore palm)
3. 12, 1:50
4. 18, 1:50
5. 15, 1:50

Notes: All burpees fast and UB. Chin ups were fine until the middle of the 2nd set. Doing chin ups on a thick pipe underneath the bleachers...ripped at a weird spot in my palm pretty big. Tried 3rd set but just ripped it more. Switched to pull ups for 4th and 5th and went until I couldn't take the burning anymore. Doubt I would have gotten 25 UB all sets, but it was def. looking doable. Shower, new skin and hope it's healed by thursday...or time to tape it.

DAVE X said...

Kept it light tonight.


The wife and I signed our daughter up for gymnastics earlier this evening and I got a chance to play on the rings, ropes, bars and trampolines. The other parents were lokking at me like I was a freak going ape shit on all the equipment and climbing the ropes, while most were too fat to get out of the waiting room chairs. I can safely say my daughter was at home as well after spending a lot of time in my gym playing on most of the equipment there .

Adam Rogers said...


95lbs for skill work

Complex at 135,165,185, then fail at 215.

Got the push press for a PR there, then had nothing left in my arms to catch for the jerk, though the weight was plenty high.

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

5 sets of AMRAP strict CTB pull-ups; 3:00 rest; 13, 10, 8, 7, 5


5 sets of 10 1-leg burpees AFAP + 2:00 AirDyne; 1:00 rest

Krazy said...

1. UB 1:23
2. UB 1:30
3. UB 1:32
4. UB 1:32
5. UB 1:33

Derek said...
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Derek said...

Part 1

A. 195# all sets no problems
B. 115#, 135#, 135#, 135#, 135#
C. 195#, 205#, 210#, 225# No Fails

10 min rest

Part 2 (had nothing, only 3 sets)

Only 15's for Pull-ups
2:00(run), 1:32 (row), 1:37(row)

mhamilton said...

A. 115,125,135x3
B. 95
C. 135,145,145(f)

Felt a not good twinge in the rack position on the 3rd set and couldn't really even PP. Tried again but was still there so packed it in. Everything felt better from previous week but looking at some of the other weight percentages here, probably went too heavy again on B.


Burpees were fast. Stopped on CUs when I had to come off the bar and went right to the run.

NorCal Chris said...

Part 2

1. 1:24
2. 1:24
3. 1:27
4. 1:33
5. 1:50

Scaled to 20 chin ups all unbroken with no rest after burpees.

Estimated 400m run.

Erik Luber said...



All set of PU unbroken, but those extra 5 pushed me to the limit. Round 4 was rough. Fueled poorly today, not nearly enough juice going into this second part tonight.

Michael said...

Part 2

Pull ups felt pretty heavy from the start. Did first 3 sets straight butterfly then the last 2 were a mix of butterfly and kip but still unbroken so I was pleased

Runs felt awful, My times were a hair slower than last week so that's not encouraging but I got through it.

Chelsea said...

pt 1
A. all sets at 120#
B. at 65# (very cool skill work, i see this carrying over to my split jerk already!)
C. 115#
stopped at 140# to end on a good note. pretty stoked on a 140# pushpress!

did 20 pull-ups, tried to do UB but if not UB, then in as few sets as possible
rd 1. 1:43 (unbroken)
rd 2. 1:47 (11,4,5)
rd 3. 1:58 (11,6,3)
rd 4. 1:48 (4,5,6,5(
rd 5. 1:50 (8,6,6)

probably should work on running and pullups. very very difficult workout!!!!

PRM said...

Part I (done after part II)
A. 140
B. 65,75,80,85,85
C. 135, 145, 145, 150
Frustrated with C, weight felt really heavy, I think the volume of the last 2 days was catching up.

derb said...


Yesterday Part 1

A: 175/190/200
B: 90x4/95x4/100x95/built up to 135(pr)
C: 125/130/135
D: 175/180x3

Today Part 1

A: 135x5
B: 75x5
C: 145/155/165x2

tj.hall said...

Part 1
C.165x2 -only complete two of the four due to an appointment

Notes:A and B felt good, my form was more clean and crisp. C sucked, I felt weak in the upper body.

Part 2
Shit show, embarrassed about this

did not complete the last two sets. I was done. I scaled the CTB back to 18 and struggled with these. Lots of time between Parts 1 and 2, good food, who knows, I don't want to make excuses.


Stephen B. said...

Part 1:

C.185/195/205/220/225(pp pr)...was feeling a bit squirrely, so I did an extra set...hit 225# easily!)

rest 10-15 min

Part 2:

1:27/1:28/1:34/1:53(gassed hard)/1:32
all burpees fast and chins UB

k.jones said...


A. 185/190/195/200

B. 95x5

C.205/215/225/235 had to stop because of time



Christa said...

Part 1:
A: 110 - focused on a fast pull
B: 85/85/85/90/90
C: 95/105/110/115 - felt really heavy today, started to press out, didn't go heavier

Part 2:
1:47 (UB)
1:48 (UB)
1:48 (20,5)
1:50 (20,5)
1::51 (20,5)

Dustin said...

A - 205x5
B- 135x5 **SP Balance Felt a lot better**
C -205, 215, 225, 225. **Last week I was only able to get 215 and failed on 225. THis week I got it twice.



** All Pull Ups unbroken with minimal rest in between burpees. On my fifth round I had to rest about 40 seconds before I felt comfortable going into my pull ups - my arms were done**

Chris Castillo said...

1. 1:28
2. 1:27
3. 1:30
4. 1:35
5. 1:30

all UB
felt really good and recovery was a lot easier. The temp outside might be 25-30 degrees cooler and that might be part of the reason but either way I felt really good.
Today was a good day

Brent Maier said...


Part II:
1) 1:38 - UB Butterfly
2) 1:42 - UB Butterfly
3) 1:39 - UB Butterfly

60 min rest...

Went down to work with Paul Fleschler on my lifts tonight and didn't want to blow out my arms so stopped at round 4.

A: 91kg - Solid
B: 50kg - Small balance issues but pretty snappy at this weight.
C: 60/70/80/90kg
PP: 105kg
PJ: 110kg failed once and shut it down, I was whooped.

10 min rest

Finished Part II:
4) 1:36 - UB Butterfly
5) 1:44 - UB Butterfly

Notes: Drop back foot to position hips properly. Movements for the jerk/split are not firing consistently all the time. Very hit and miss. Drop elbows and widen them a bit in rack position. Also, thanks to everyone that provided comments on the last few videos, much appreciated!

joey warren said...

A. 185x3/195x2
B. 95/105x2/115/125
C. 195/205/215/225

burpees were fast
all pullups butterfly COHP unbroken, small rest before runs
400m with turnaround

loooong day but felt good, diet has been good too!

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1
A. 170lbs for all 5 sets. Not too difficult.
B. 95lbs, 95, 105, 105, 115. Felt good.
C. 175lbs, 185, 195, 205 (+10lbs compared to last time)

Part 2 (3 hrs later)
Had to cut to 4 rds due to time. 1:31, 1:34, 1:31, 1:36 on runs.

Notes: Doing a better job pushing under the bar on jerks. Burpees were all pretty quick but time between burpees and pullups stretched out a little in rounds 3 and 4. All pullups unb.

Chase said...

Part 2


Not very pleased with my runs, running during wods is one of my biggest weaknesses. I thought I should have ran them all between 1:05 and 1:20, track at gym is only 310 meters also.

Brian Maier said...

A: 185 x 5
B: 95,95,95,105,115
C: 175,185,190,195
slight soreness in left shoulder so shut it down on C

JRann said...

A. 170 x 5

B. 95/95/95/105/105

C. 155/175/185/195

Pt. 2 (only 1 hour rest)

Run 1: 1:16 Pullups unbroken
Run 2: 1:26 Pullups unbroken
Run 3: 2:05 Pullups unbroken
Run 4: 1:41 12 pullups
No round 5

Anonymous said...

Part 1 8a.m

A: 160#,160,160,160

B: 75#,75,85,85,85

C: 175#,185,195,205(failed on SJ)

Shoulders were extremely tired this morning. Barely got 205 on PP & PJ, On push press my core got soft trying to lock out overhead. Felt the weight push down on my right lower back a little bit in an uncomfotable manner. Should be good to go with rest day tomorrow though. Ice bath might be in order.

Part 2 1:00p.m

(on treadmill again)

Burpees done fast.

Pull ups (butterfly) were all in rythm, fast and unbroken.

Runs felt good.

RichJ said...


B.) 95,95,95,115,115


Part 2

400m - 1:03, 1:07, 1:05,1:05, 1:19

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Subbed 500m row for 400m run

1:59.2, 1:59.2, 2:00.5, 2:05.5, 2:09.7

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 2

Burpees fine
Pullups were UB for rounds 1 and 2, round3 and 4 (18, 7), round 5 (14, 7, 4)
Runs - 1:26, 1:31, 1:36, 1:35, 1:40

Bryan Miller said...

A. 175# for all easy
B. 135# for all
C. 155#,185#,205# fail/PJ/fail. quit here after heavy jerking yesterday

6 hours rest
all unbroken

John@CFWC said...

Part 2
1:23, 1:23, 1:21, 1:25, 1:19
Burpees a little slow due to a tender wrist. Pullups unbroken. Hands are frickin' raw now. Glad for tomorrow's rest day.

Thad said...

Part. 1
4:30 am

A. 150 x 5
B. 95 x 5
C. 165, 170, f.1.1/175, f.f.1/180

Part. 2
9:00 pm


All butterfly except about the last 7 CU,pretty happy with this have always done standard kip and been working on the butterfly for a while.

Ben Priestley said...

Part 1:
A. 130# x5 sets
B. 75# x5 sets
C. 155#:(1.1.f)/(f.1.1)/(1.1.1)

Poor sleep decisions last night and a busy day at work. Only got part 1 in tonight. Technique work did not feel sharp.

Stahl said...

Part II:
Had to sub:
10 burpees
15 pull-ups: strict-ish b/c no kip possible on pull-up station
AMRAP Double-unders in 90 seconds.

DUs: 90, 91, 97, 93, 94

Pretty tough - especially on the shoulders with the DUs. Very, very tired after these two days of doubles.

Matt Mo said...

A. 185, 195, 205, 215, 225
B. 75
C. 185, 190, 195, 200

133, 135, 153

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

Part 2 - 5 hrs after part 1

1. 1:31
2. 1:35
3. 1:38
4. 1:55
5. 2:08

Not sure about the exact distance.

Steve said...

Part 2 was Supposed to read:

My training partner got a good laugh when he thought all of my splits were over 2 minutes and I had just told him how good I felt during the run....

Soren said...

A: 72kg x 5
B: 20kg, had too much last time
C: 70,75,80,84k, much better than last time


Lars said...

Did Monday's workout, on Monday, but haven't had the chance to post it yet.

A. 225, 230, 235
B. 120, 130, 140...155
C. 195, 200, 200
D. 320 x 4 all sets

Snatch deadlifts felt fine, but starting to lose grip.

Snatches didn't feel as solid today as they did last week. Maybe because of trying to catch up and not getting the recommended rest b/t workouts.

Snatch pulls felt good. Grip also a little off.

Back squats felt good today too.

Didn't have time for the 5x800m rows, and may not have any more time this week for anything because of some home renovation projects. I'll see what I can do. I hate to miss things:(

Mike McNaughton@CFN said...

Part 2:

3 sets due to time.

Pullups: UB/18+7/15+5+5

Greg said...

I was feeling a little froggy this morning, so some extra skill and conditioning work on the rest day:

5 rds:
Rest 2:00

65 [b](PR+12)[/b]/62/59/53/58 [b](297 - PR+127)[/b]

Now to make some jerky and the home-made protein bars. Yum.

Anonymous said...


A. 85#
B. 33#
C. 90-95-100-105 (PP PR!)

Had some issues with cramping and hands wanting to rip. I got the pull-ups UB for the first two and had to take them out. Second run was painful, so switched to 14 cal on Air Dyne.

2:02, 3:50, 14 cal, 14 cal, 14 cal

Pete @ CFN said...

Part II:
1:18, 1:28, 1:35, 1:36, 1:35

All pullups unbroken until 5th set…failed on the 25th rep.

Heavy Evy said...

A. 177 for all
B. 88,103x2,110x2
C. 177,187,199,209(f racked shoulders were sore)

PU's: UB,UB,UB,17/,20/

I think the only thing that got me through yesterdays double was todays rest day. Need to stop "eating like a mouse as well".

brian cilento said...

did not have time to post yest work outs...

b:135 all

pm: i will make up every excuse out there, but just came down to me being shot, only did 4 round, was on a jungle gym and handds were about to rip, and my rd 4 run was 10sec off my first round... called it

1:21, 1:24,1:27,1:31

Scotty Hagnas said...

Part 1:
A. 140, felt good.
B. 45,75,75,85,95
Just did A & B, as this was part of a long handstand, pressing, and static hold gymnastic workout.

Lars said...

Trying to catch up a bit today while at work...probably won't have time for anything else this week.

Row 5 x 800m

All 2:53 - very consistent. Felt pretty good.

Rest 10 min

A. Power Clean/Hang clean 200 x 5 sets

B. 100 on all sets - felt okay, good to practice.

C. Needed to skip - Running short on time and no rack.

Sean Cummings said...

Part 1-

1 day behind

A 165x2, 175x2

B. 95#

C. 175, 185, 195, 205(Failed PP)

Larry Pastor said...

A.160lb for all sets


Siu said...

Part 1:
A. 100lbs for all sets
B. 33lbs for all sets
C. 115lbs, 120lbs, 125lbs, 130lbs (failed the PP, proceeded with PJ and SJ)

Part 2:
1. 25 PUs UB / 2:12
2. 10+7+8 PUs with green band / 2:30
3. 16+9 PUs with blue band / 2:27
4. 25 PUs with blue band / 2:30
5. 25 PUs with blue band / 2:09

I feel very uncoordinated/awkward doing things like the jerk balance and tall SJ. Threw the bar into my lip on the first rep, who needs lip injections? :)

The metcons have been rough but exactly what I need.