Monday, Aug 16, 2010

A. 30 sec amrap/60 sec rest - db push press - 35#/22#/h - 5 sets
rest 30 sec
B. As many sets of 15 unbroken CTB chin ups in 10 min
rest 30 sec
C. Run 3K for time

post scores to comments
(total reps + total sets + total time)
this is workout 9/12, 3 more to go before next phase


Anonymous said...
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Bryan Miller said...

Thanks James for this blog, its priceless. I've used it before posting as bmizzlle. I plan on using it soon again. I'm here to stay for awhile, training for the Games. Good luck dawgs catch ya later.

DAVE X said...

First day back from vacation...

Played a lot of Kan Jam, Ultimate Frisbee, and Lacrosse this past week, also ate like crap and drank way too much beer.

At any rate it's time to shake off the rust and get after it again this year!!!

A. 26/24/22/18/18
B. 3 broken rounds. Pull ups just weren't there.
C. 14:48

Felt like my strength was there for the most part, the lack of rest between sets smoked me. CTB are usually a pretty good barometer on how on point I am with my training and this morning they were pretty absent. Run sucked--as always.

Glad to be back, Dawgs!

Bear said...

Have had a shitty weekend. Most of my stuff was water damaged when I stored in a garage between apartments. Tried to salvage stuff and had little time to train the last two days. Still a bit of today so a AMRAP suited my state of mind:

AMRAP 20 min
2 PC, 80 kg
2 Squat Clean, 80 kg
100 m sprint
15 ring dips
100 m sprint
Result: 7 rounds + 2 PC

Ring dips instead of MU because I my hands are still sore from the ones 9 days ago. Now I also have burns on my arms.

Delaware said...

What's the recommendation for returning back to training from a short or long hiatus? I've been down the last couple of days because of a strained calve from playing football. Is it recommended to continue on the current day or go back to Wednesday (for example) and continue from there?

Brian H said...

Joey W,
Here is the link to the WWS website.
What weekend are you looking at for a Big Dawg Comp?

joey warren said...

Thanks Brian, I will see if there are some people from my gym that want to particpate in that.

The first OPT comp is scheduled Sept 25

Brian H said...

I'm there. I think I may have at least 1 guy from my gym interested.
I look forward to meeting you. I've seen your games performances, and watched your stuff on the blog. You're a beast.
Best of luck,

Brandon said...

111+4+15:52 (w/30s rest at stoplight)

Notes: PP felt great. Really dug in the last two sets to keep reps above 20.

ripped a giant hole in my hand on the 4th set with 2.5 mins left. shut it down to keep the rip from getting worse. Had one more set in me today with no rips...


Stahl said...

Score = 134 + 7 sets + 12:29

PP felt fine, really focused on locking out since I got dinged in the sectionals on this movement.

Pull-ups - felt really good minus a tear on the last set.

Run - did not fell good. Couldn't get into a groove with my form or breathing until half way through it. My running seems to have fallen off a lot. Used to be a strength - just need to get more practice in I guess. I was traveling all weekend and my sleep and diet were way off, so that could be part of it.

Chad Hall said...

129 + 4 + 12:12 (row)


Used KBs for PP, felt good, could have squeezed out a couple more with DBs I think.

Grip was shot for pull ups ... almost got 5rds but failed.

Rowed instead due to knee, this was shitty, no where near a PR. Grip was fried and just plain tired.

Anthony said...

A; 25-23-19-17-13

B; 3 complete and hit 10 on the fourth and completely lost my heart. Stopped and just walked away. Sissy!

C; 16:21 this was a close estimate of 3K. It seemed to go on and on.

Any and all Florida Dawgs looking for a comp mark your calendars for November 13th in Naples Florida. CrossFit Redline will hosting. Email me for more info @

Kevin said...


Score = 150 + 3 sets + 13:32

PP felt good. Tried to stay at 1 rep/sec and ended up that way.

Pull-ups - brutal. Got two sets, then failed on #15, then at #8, walked away and rested for 2+mins then got 3rd set. Then just did a few sets of 3s and 2s until the end. Grip was done.

Run - Ditto what Stahl said. Bad pacing, bad weekend of traveling and piss poor eating/drinking. Probably try to run this loop again soon knowing that my time should be much better.

Martin Altemark said...

A. 25/24/24/21/17 = 111
B. 4
C. 12:50

Push press was ok until last two sets esp considering shoulders are really sore after these three days.

CTBs I have problems with my grip. I get a terrible pump in my forearms on "longer" sets... Must be due to inefficient form? (Eva T kip)

Run felt horrible. Took me at least 1km before I started to feel like I could use my upper body just a little. About 15m ascent and descent twice on my 1 km course.

Drew said...

WOD from 8/15/10. I'm a day behind since I was sick
scaled Cleans to 175# and sub'd 200m run for Airdyne

5 rounds +2 PC+2SC

Paul Smith said...

A: 144
B: 0
C 12:05

I skipped B today because I tore my hand up yesterday doing MU on the bar and I am trying to let it heal before my competition Saturday.

Andy said...


Chris Dunkin said...


new route via "mapmyrun" from the new gym, and took a wrong turn.

Angelo Fosco said...

Did Squat snatch + HSPU + DU wod

Squat snatch: 135lbs, 145lbs, 155lbs, 155lbs, 160lbs(Failed, 2 good reps).

HSPU: 1-7 done in 5:09, finished in 10:15....8-10 were terrible.

DU: 12:05, 4 misses (14, 16, 28 and 22 reps).

BK said...

A. 25,26,27,27,27
B. 1 round then 12,9,8,9
C. 13.36
different animal hitting CTB after PP.
jumped in car to hit track exactly 5 mins after last pullup.
felt horrible on the run, coupla red bridges yesterday didn't help...

BK said...

132+1 + 13.36

markus willard said...

A. 24, 27, 24, 20, 20
B. Scaled to chin over bar kipping pull ups (did 5 Rounds)
C. 15:30 (treadmill first part 8:30 min pace, then busted out the last lap at a sub 6:00 pace) felt disgustingly slow...ate like shit last night and can feel it;
QUESTION: What supplements are you guys using for recovery, and in general along with PALEO nutrition?

Pete @ CFN said...

Yesterday's WOD:

6 Rounds + 1 Squat Clean

(5 rounds on airdyne and 1 round on rower)

Jonathan Thom said...

77 + 3 + DNF

No 35s, so subbed 40lb dumbbells.

Calves are absolutely torched from the double-unders two days about 200 meters on the run and realized that it was just not happening today. Subbed 15 minutes of rolling and stretching...determined to be full recovered by Wednesday.

Benny Ahlstedt said...

A 16 16 21 20 21
B 3 rounds +6rep
C 15,04

Total: 94+3+15,04

Used 2 16kg kettlebells for the push press. Pullups was hard, rested 1,5-2 min btw attempts to much failure. Legs was tired on the 3k run..

Chris Castillo said...

A. 29-29-29-29-26
B. 7
C. 11:35


no pull up bar today so I subbed pull ups on my TRX. I wasn't getting the same height, but keeping my butterflys together was difficult. I feel a lot more comfortable doing them on the bar since I've been practicing them on the rings.
Used map my run and I'm thinking it might have been a liitle short. Cause I hate running. Or maybe it's my new Nike free tr's.

Anonymous said...

sluggish, no real juice


Jon Sinclair said...

A. 20, 20, 22, 22, 23
B. 7 rounds (regular pullups, forgot it was CTB)
C. Extremely dehydrated from work so I ran on treadmill for 10 mins, made it about 2k

Michael said...

One day behind. I'm going to do today's wod tomorrow and then pick up with the next cycle. I'm competing in Survival of the Fittest Garage Games this weekend.

20 min amrap
6 rounds
Ran 200m instead of row b/c that is a weakness and there is no rowing in this weekends comp.

Muscle Ups felt great, probably could have pushed a little harder. Actually thought I was going to fatigue out more on the cleans &/or the MU's but felt good al the way through!

Chad Walding said...


10 min MU practice b/c I had no rings yesterday

score = 102(with 40#DB)+4+7:12(1 mile)

A. 25/25/22/17/13=102 with 40#DB
B. 4
C. ran 1 mile in 7:12 then called it quits. It's 102 down here and I just couldn't take it anymore. Tried to make it up on a rower but that sucked too, called it a day.

Paul Smith said...


Good luck this weekend. I'll be there too.

PTS said...

used 100 lbs on barbell as I don't have DB's.

78 + 6 sets + 14:34.

running 30 sec after the chins was more difficult than anticipated. as recently as a few months ago I considered running a strength. I just can't summon the push on runs anymore. I pretty much finished the run feeling comfortable.

tj.hall said...

OPT Day 1, total newb to this type of training and very excited, been doing CF for just over a year.

A: 26, 26, 25, 23, 21 (16kg)
B (scaled 8 CTB PUs) all reps tracked: 3 sets unbroken, rest stopped after the broken rep (8,5,7,7,8,8,5)
C: 17:23 (I need to work on running I guess!)

Lars said...

125 + 5 + 14:33

Push press felt fine, all UB.

Pull ups felt good, but forearms were really pumped and fried.

Run felt incredibly slow, still recovering from 10k on Saturday and yesterday's WOD.

NorCal Chris said...

108, 5x10, 12:11

On a cruise in the Caribbean with the family. Awesome but lacking facilities. Pp was rxd but the pull up bar is super low and slippery so i did my best to do sets of 10. Then ran the 3k on a treadmill with a rocking ocean. Interesting.

Marcus Filly said...

A. 30/26/23/20/20
B. 7
C. 11:42.7 (row) - these time domains on the rower or running make me doubt my abilities more than other stuff we do.

*rowing always lights up my hamstrings, but especially today after cleans yesterday...

Joey - I'm going to be in SD for the first competition, otherwise I would come to your box. maybe the next one

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

marcus, sounds good, stoop by anytime you like!

132 + 8 + 14:37

A. 26/27/27/26/26
B. 8 rounds + 12 then time ran out- I really went for it on the last set, affected the run a lot
C. I was smoked yet again going into the run, the first 400m was 2:11 haha, i picked it up toward the end but I felt like I had no arms. My shoulders are officially smoked! ThinK I need some ice

Been feeling good this cycle, my strategy has been to hold nothing back, no thinking and just moving, which has kicked my butt, but thats what ive needed!

Anonymous said...

A. 21, 22, 19, 16, 17 =95
B. 7 rnds
C. 16:38
Run was very slow , done pushing 2 year old in stroller

Paul Klein said...

Sub 40# db (no 35's)

131 + 2 + 15:30

I went to complete failure on the pull ups. By the time 10 minutes hit I was only able to get 2 in a row. During the run, my forearms felt like Popeye's. All I needed was an anchor tattoo.....and some spinach to get me through the run.

Chris Martin said...

116 +3 + 13:18

A. 25/27/23/20/21-felt good until last 2 sets.
B. 3 sets- Alex Duncan was telling me I was hitting too low on my chest and I think it was burning me out early.Last set was borderline and pretty messy looking.
C. 13:18- not happy with this time hoping for somewhere in the 12 min range. But going to do some extra work on running in the coming weeks.

Jay said...


failed on try 3/4/5 at 10 CTB.
legs and shoulders were fried going into the run, 1st half was miserable felt a little better during the 2nd half.

Adam Rogers said...

129 + 4 + 13:28

30+30+26+22+21 - surprised that my grip felt taxed after these. bitterly thankful to my brother for bringing over his 35lb db's since we only have 30's in my garage.

4 rounds - deliberately slow between rounds, feel like i may be gaming these unbroken pullup rounds too much lately, going to start leaning towards just letting loose.

13:28 - started very slow, second half was probably a minute faster than the first. last time i did a 3k run (last september) time was 11:37, paying the price it seems for getting stronger. hope to start building back up that running endurance capacity now that i have a better strength base.

Steve Howell said...

I tried to fit in the W.O.D's over the weekend but just wasn't able to get around to them and today my stomach is not agreeing with me so hopefully tomorrow be back at it.

Matt Morales "CrossFitCadence" said...

yesterdays wod:
after my soccer game...
4 rds + 3 mu's

pp: 26, 20, 17, 16, 15
pu: 15, 15, 15, 13(f), 15
run: 14:35

ive been watching joey w do these wods for a while and i cant hold out any longer. im in

k.jones said...


Felt terrible on pullups really wanted 8 rds. maybe next time

Siu said...

97 + 1 + 19:58

Posting on here is so darn humbling. Used 25lb DBs for the PP and they were fine. Was able to get 1 set of 15 CTB then failed on my next set at 10. And as for the run, well, it was just bad. I normally pace a solid 10 min mile :)

Pfeifdog said...


My body feels shot:
On PU grip strength gave out quickly, just couldn't hold on to the bar after 1 set. so after 3 failed sets just started doing 5 rep sets.
On the run my feet felt really heavy.

Carrie McG said...

A. Only had 12kg kettlebells so had to scale up - 78 total reps
B. Did 10 ub reg kipping chinups - 6 sets
C. DNF. Pulled my hip flexor over a month ago and my route had a couple hills on it and it completely aggravated it and I'm worried I may have set myself back a little. I'm going to be less aggressive next time.

So, 78+6+dnf with my modifications

irvine said...
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Blaine said...

A. 27/25/23/18/17=110
B. 3 rounds (grip couldn't take it at all)
*more than 30 sec rest ( 2 hours)
C. Row 3000m 11:49 (meniscus tear = no running)

irvine said...


A) 27-28-30-27-24-21 = 157
B) 0 [14-11-10-11]
C) 16:36 (on city streets, some up hill, some down hill, some traffic, some stairs, etc)
splits: 8:28 , 8:08

A) 27-28-28-27-27-27 = 164
B) 5 [+ 4 hand rips]
C) 16:30

Irvine's A) felt good and then totally dropped off; B) couldn't hold on, linked together butterflys in 3-4s and then lots of singles whilst holding on, until failure; C) it felt decent [i hate running and always have shin splints]

Erik Luber said...

A. 10, 9, 10, 6, 6
B. 5 round (fail on 13th rep of 6th rnd)
C. 13:35
score: 41+5+13:35

PP was really heavy for me. Really wanted that 6th round of pullups, but grip just gave out on me. Pushed hard on the last 1k of the run...would have liked to go faster at the start.

Joel B. said...

93+3+11:30 (row)

at work...bad pu bar and treadmill was used so I rowed. Not a great row time for me.

Yelvi said...


Pull ups were done on a tiny polished steel bar with no chaulk. This didn't work out well for me. I know I had more sets in me, I just could not hold on.

mhamilton said...



PP was ok. Went out too hard and fell off pretty quick.

CTB was not good. Grip couldn't hold out. 3 failed attempts with one of 14.

Subbed a 3k row for the run.

Brent Maier said...


Pre: 30 snatches
x20: 80kg
x8: 85kg
x2: 90kg

Workout: 163 (33/33/32/33/32) + 4 + 14:44

The run felt like my first wod on Saturday. At about the half way point I started to feel recovered. Felt pretty good coming in the final stretch. Hammies pretty sore. I was not looking forward to the run tonight.

irongirl said...

had to sub 65lb dumbells at home.

2 sets plus 3 sets 10ub

did some strength work this morning so a little tired tonight but felt good otherwise...think the attention to diet is helping

Poly said...

A. 34, 35, 33, 32, 34 = 168
B. 3 in 5 mins, could not move. Paid the price with the Push press #s
C. 14:35 - Do I hear a bleat?

PRM said...

A. Used 80# barbell: 72 reps
B. 3 rounds. Hitting 15 CTB UB is new for me.
C. 13:40 That run felt horrible.

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

just google.mapped my run, it was closer to 3200m
thank god, I thought it took a long time, still not great though

Marshall said...

I fell a day behind so did Sunday and todays WOD's back to back.

Sunday's WOD-
5 rounds +2PC/2SC
muscle ups were the limiting factor on this, the first two rounds were UB and then did 4/3 for the remaining sets. No airdyne so did 200m run instead.

Today's WOD-
70reps (40lb dumb bells)/4 sets UB/ran for 20min with my dog at about 70%. At this point I was feeling WOD #1 and running out of gas.

Eric Montgomery said...

Notes: 26, 26, 23, 23, 21 on A. Grip disappeared after first 2 on B then couldn't string more than 9 together. Felt sluggish from the start of the run and didn't get any better as it went.

unit said...

by the time I got 2 the gym I had <15min...

2 pc 185
2 sc 185
7 mu
200m run


20min rest

3mi run


Dustin said...

Yesterday's WOD Sunday August 15th

5rounds + 2PC + 2SC + 3MU.

Felt pretty bad throughout this - has to be from horrible eating.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 21, 20, 15, 14, 13
B) only 1 set unbroken, rest were in 7-10 range
C) 15:43 :)had cramps pretty much the whole time. Had 3 grams of creatine pre-workout. Electrolyte issue?

matt said...

Yesterday's WOD

6 rds 3 MU
subbed 180 m run ( no bike or row)

PC/SC felt great, very strong.
MU hurt time but went well and the run I just got through.

Anonymous said...


A.Strict Press (21,15,11,10,11)
B.5 completed
C.18:52 (3862m or 2.4miles)

A: Wanted strict focus on shoulders

B: 2 failed attempts on c2b

C: Thought I had mapped my run correctly before start. Obviously I didn't. Nothing in the legs left after these 3 days.

Ben Priestley said...

subbed 30# db push press
106 + 4rds + xxx

Ran the 3K but my timer malfunctioned. :(

Soren said...

A: 106 (done with two weight plates! Not a good look)

B: 5 - smoking in lats

C: 12:12. same as Martin, took a km before I felt like I could move my arms again. Was going for sub 12, but lost focus on the last 500m!


Nathan H. said...

Today was a pretty easy day. Light weights and lowered the Rxd volume with some subs.

in lbs.
Sn: 205/1 x 3, 185/2 x 2
CJ: 255/1 x 2, 225/2
BS: 370/1, 335/2

3 round of:
AMRAP pushpress @ 95 in 30 seconds
rest 30 seconds
rest 30 seconds
AMRAP 15 CTB pullup sets in 5 min
rest 30 seconds
AMRAP Doubleunders in 5 min

PP: 27, 27, 25
CTB: 15, 15, 14 (grip was bad)
Doubleunders: 253

John@CFWC said...

Had no time Saturday to work out, so made up the 2 1K runs yesterday (I run 2 days behind). Actually it was 1.1K.
3:57, 4 minutes rest, 4:27.
Today, made up Saturday's WOD.
Squat snatch 5-5-5-5-5
95, 105, 115, 125, 135x1
HSPU ladder 1-10 for time
10x30 unbroken DUs for time
Thanks to profound jackassery on the nutritional front this weekend, I just didn't have it today, or yesterday for that matter. Snatches just felt slow and weak. It was abundantly clear after round 6 that the HSPUs would NOT be completed unbroken. Lone bright spot was the DUs. Time was slow, but only missed once. Thank God for tomorrow.

Lucas said...


PTS said...

short track workout for a bit extra running.

400m run @ 90% = 67s
rest 90 sec
400m run @ 90% = 70s
rest 90 sec
200m run @ 80% = 35s
rest 45 sec
200m run @ 80%= 36s

Meldrum said...

Wednesday august 11th wod

pistols 31
Chins ups 2 unbroken. failed after second set could not get past 5 unbroken.

Box jumps, bigest box was only 30" so used that time 7:17

31 + 2 +7:17

Anonymous said...


69+3+DNF (major cramping and felt like someone was ripping my left trap off of my body..ouch!) So, I rode the Air Dyne for 2.5K, not for time

Anonymous said...

oh and used 25# for pp

Sean Cummings said...

111 + 3 + 13:35

A. 30, 28, 20, 27, 16
B. Had to jog about 600m to get to pull-up station which cost me about 1:30 of time, bar was somewhat damp due to it being 6:30am.
C. First distance run in a while, felt O.K.

Sean Cummings said...

Oops, 4th set of db push press should read 17

Arjuna Smith said...

A. 108
b. 4 complete sets, broke once at 12
C. 12:14 , quads cramping really bad on last half. I havent cramped up like this in a while. dont know why

Grant said...

Monday's WOD done Tues 7AM @ OPT
A. 26/25/20/16/20 = 107
B. 4 sets (kip still hasn't returned from rest)
C. 13:38 from top of OPT trench

BW 178# (down 5# from the games)

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. used 25dbs
B. used thin blue band so i could actually get through some sets.
C. cut in half b/c i wasnt feeling well. i love running so i know it wasnt me. im running off 3hrs of sleep and lower back was cramin up from traveling all day. funny how you hurt from sitting all day!


i can normally hold a 7min mile pace so id say i would hit about 14somethinish

Surrey Sterling said...

SCALED Used 30# DB's

A: 23,18,15,15,11

B: 4

C: 14:28

Just smoked.

ETC said...

B.5 sets
C:9:40 - too short

A. Shoulders totally smoked!
B. Lats totally smoked
C. Smoked going into the run and yeah - the run was a little too short because the satellite running maps are a little vague, especially when I'm converting Kilometers to Miles.
- I was surprised this hurt so much

Brian Gregory said...

Aug 14 wod (first WOD back after vacation.)

A. Squat Snatch - 5,5,5,5,5; rest 3 min
B. 1-10 HSPU Ladder for time
C. 10 sets of 30 unbroken double unders for time

A. 135, 145, 150, 155, 160
B. 11:10
C. 10:21

Notes: Controlled weight on snatches instead of dropping from top like usual. Made 1-2secs btwn reps possible. Feel like I had 165-170# if I was attempting 5rm. HSPU unbroken with no failures. This was my goal vs. time. HSPU are a weakness. Multiple fails on DU's, suprising.