wed, aug 4, 2010

not sure what is funnier, the pockets where my brain is trying to come through my face or the fact that DJ is laughing at me hold this up with a few rear joints on my vertebrae; another possible recommendation - a heavy rock from the woods that takes you over 5 sec to get it to shoulder height

A. 3 position Hang Power Clean; high, mid thigh, knee cap; 1.1.1 x 3; rest 2 min
(80% effort)
B. 10 CTB chin ups; rest 60 sec x 5
C. Row 100 m @ 100%; rest 90 sec x 3

post loads, notes and times in split seconds to comments
rest up, get ready


Angelo Fosco said...

Quick question coach, how do you feel about doing heavy bag work on rest days?

Adam Rogers said...

My vote is the look on DJ's face

Geoff Aucoin said...

DJ's face is priceless, I think it needs a caption.

PTS said...

A 3 sets at 135
B. unbroken switched grips and kipping
C. 16, 16.2, 16.4


DAVE X said...

A. 135/165/180
C. 17.5(1:30)/17(1:25)/17.2(1:26)
-->Wanted to go faster with these.

soren kristensen said...

3sets at 70kg, felt really good
5x10 CTB
1:22.5 (16.5)
1:21.5 (16.3)
1:21.0 (16.2)


MrsPTS said...

A. #65, #80, #85

B. Scaled to setsof 7, broken into sets of 4 and 3

C. 22.4, 23.0, 22.9

Bear said...

A 80 kg x 3
B Unbroken
C 17.1 - 17.0 - 16.8 sek (damper 8)

unit said...

wondering which will pop first...
the hernia?
the hemorrhoid?
the aneurysm?

ETC said...

A: 115/125/135
B: Unbroken
C: 1:29/1:30/1:31

B: Used as practice for butterfly pull-ups. They were not bad but I am still using too much energy to make them work...keep practicing.

C:Split times are getting better..damn short ass legs!

brian cilento said...

ooops, posted this to yest by accident...
did a 4mile loop near my house super hilly, 29:09. did it 2 weeks ago @ 30:17... CFE on top of OPT is getting to be taxing, might have to sub out or scale back some OPT work outs, will see what the next phase brings...

DAVE X said...

"Even 2007's Fittest Man is no match for the oppressive and overpowering weight of Dave Castro's ego."

Steve Howell said...

A: 155/165/175
B: All sets unbroken.
C: 17.3/16.8/16.7

Drew said...

A. 155/160/170
B. Unbroken
C. :15.3/ :14.7/ :15.7

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 185, 215, 235
B. unbkn
C. 15.6, 15.2, 15.6

Chris Dunkin said...

anyone have a good camera recommendation? want really good picture quality and video capture ability.

Brandon said...

A. 185/195/205
B. Unbroken
C. 16.2/16.1/16.2

MU work as my cooldown

Stahl said...

C. 16.6,16.6,16.4

Everything felt OK - not great not bad. Pulled right out of the seat on the last row.
Hands still really hurt. Don't know what the issue is. I've been following Everett's hand care prescription too. All the pull-up volume crushes my hands.

Bear said...

I´m travelling this weekend with no access to weights. Should I make up at least one training day on monday (rest day as rxd) OR just try my best with bw, rings and nature (rocks, logs etc) during the weekend and rest completely on monday?

Anyway, looking forward to friday! :)

Chris D, Martin Altemark has a badass camera. Maybe he can come with some tips? Example vid:

Slater Coe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Slater Coe said...

3 rounds:
Dead Lift x 21 - 185#
50 double unders

Martin Altemark said...

A. 60kg, 65kg, 70kg
B. unbroken
C. 16.4, 16.3, 16.5

Comments: Falling forward on toes more when pulling from knees than from high or mid hang. Will work on this.

Happy with row, have never before generated this power I think (saw 1:17 flash by).

Chris! I really like Canons middle line of system cams, which nowadays feature HD filming with all the awesome lenses you have for those kind of cameras. It is really a bit of a camera revolution and many commercials and music videos are actually filmed with these kind of cameras.

Best value for money in that segment is probably Canon 550D (Rebel T2i in north america). Otherwise most compacts film pretty descent, as well as taking good pics, but optics is not nearly as good.

I use a canon 500D/Rebel T1i which when used for movies gives you 720p (can go higher but with lower frame rate) and examples of the picture it gives you (after vimeo have processed the movies, you can also download originals in 720p) can be seen here:

Kevin said...


A.155, 165, 175**still staying on the lighter side with my back issue
C. 17.3,16.7,16.6

Felt pretty good. Still wary of going heavy, but it felt good to work through the movements. Need to work on the start on my row, as my pace felt pretty good once I got going and should have led me to quicker times.

HSPU work and a few MUs to cool down. Just messing around I PR'd on HSPUs by stringing 12 strict together. Felt very easy.

Scott Hoadley said...

Hey Coach/ fellow Dawgs. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been away for work and now on holidays. Trying to get the WODS in but it is hard being away from my box. Did today's WOD in a small Globo gym.

A. 135/145/155

B. No good Chin up bar. Did 3 sets of 8 strict CTB then gassed.

C. The rower there was terrible I could only go at 80% or I would come off the seat. 19.2/19.9/18.7

On a side note my Dad got a concept 2 and he is now rowing 3 times a week. He is 65 and just set a PR for a 5km row at 26mins. Well done Dad!

Lisa M said...

DJ "DUDE your heads about to explode - coooool"

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 115, 115, 120lbs
B. first set unbroken, other tried to stay on as long as i could. Saturday i was unable to do one CTB w/o doing it butterfly style and today i got 10in a row!
C. 18.4, 18.4, 18.4 ...gave it all i had in all three and shocked i got the same times on all, guess thats good!

Iv been wanting to add more running into my training since i love it so much. nothing to long say a 4mile would be the longest! would that kill my workouts the next day? i was thinking i would do the 4mile sunday evenings since mondays are off days! what do you think?? I've gained 10lbs since i started to increase my training but Im so much stronger which i love! BUTTT i was able to run a 19min 5k before hand and that has slowed down a TON!

Marshall said...

A.175 for all
B. All UB
C. 17.8, 18.0, 17.8

Bin said...

A: 85kg across
B: Unbroken, played with different grips (thumbs/hand position) and kip styles for speed and rhythm
C: 18.6, 18.8, 19.4

Joel B. said...

A: 125, 135, 135
B: ub
worked on speed on ctb reps which is a weakness...improved each set by pushing off/down from bar more at top
C: 17.2, 17.2, 17.4
Came unseated to varying degrees on all sets. Only really affected my time on the last set though I think. I gave it my all, and I am surprised a bit that I could not complete under 17.

That pic is hilarious.

Chad Walding said...


A. 155/175/185
B. UBx5
C. 16.3/16.2/15.9

Mike Molloy said...

C: 16.4-16.6-16.5

Arjuna Smith said...

A. 155 for all
B. All unbroken
C. 17.7, 17.5, 17.1

Used damper 6. Should of bumped it up.

Yelvi said...



I dont feel like i could compete. The change in climate and time off from moving from Alaska to New Orleans is killing me physically and mentally. Its still hard to get motivated.


Didnt have access to a rower so I did 25M sprints in a pool instead.

OPT said...

angelo, if you are just starting not the best idea as just changes will be a little tougher for your brain to handle...if you've been on it for a while, not a prob...jsut track your progress, always track!
stahl, post a video of your chin up COVP and CTB and include your BWT here and i'll take a looksie...
Bear, do the best you can with the other animals out there - wolves are great training partners...apparently a 150# wolf just demolished a 50# dog in my hometown
Jen @ CFN, state your # 1 goal 1st, then i can help in the plan for your running/weight...

Stahl said...

Thanks, Coach. I'll post a video on Friday when we start the new phase.

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 145 x 3
B. Unbroken
C. 17.9, 18.1, 18.2

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, My name is Sean I am a coach at OPT and have been working with James for the last few months to ge over some adrenal issues....that being said I feel like I am now ready to tackle the blog and compete in the Big Dawg series....looking forward to meeting all of you in the future....

todays results

A)did 3 pos. squat clean instead(power cleaned yesterday) 176/186/196 lbs.

B)all unbroken

C)pos.3/damper 7

David said...

A. 3 x 60kg, each set. Dumb ass that I am I did as a snatch instead of a clean. Wondered all day long at the amount of weight people were snatching (at 80%, mind you)

B. 10, 10, 10

C. 17.1, 17.4, 17.6

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

Just got home from a scope on the left knee. My ortho cleaned up a very small tear of the medial meniscus, as well as performing microfracture surgery beneath some abnormal cartilage. I'll speak with him further tomorrow and I have a follow-up next week, but even if recovery goes well I'll still be out of loaded knee flexion for at least a month. Any advice from those with experience in this procedure would be greatly appreciated.

Bummed to miss out on training and the first Big Dawg challenge, but I'm happy to have found out what's been wrong for the past eight months. Day 1 of the push to Sectionals begins today...

Poly said...

A. 135 155 175
B. All UB
C.Accidentally read 5, all @16s, give or take a couple of tenths

Anthony said...

Went pretty easy today.

Nursing a tear on my left hand so pullups weren't real aggressive. Working on C2B butterfly.

16.4, 16.4, 16.6

Craig said...

A. 155 x3
B. unbroken
C. 18.2/17.8/17.7 sec.

skipped yesterday due to discomfort in the shoulder after the OPT 3 snatch.

Cocopuffs said...

A) 185, 195, 185
B) all unbroken ~12seconds per set
C) ~16 seconds for each round

195 from high was edgy but I got it up, so I lowered the weight on the next set 185 felt like a solid 80%.

Cocopuffs said...

I'm going to be visiting a couple of Crossfit gyms in my area. Thanks for getting me in contact with Rich Proteau he's pointed me in the right direction. I've never been to a crossfit gym in the past but from my understanding they each follow their own programming. How would u recommend approaching this? Should I go there and ask for some coaching on the lifts like once a week or so, and then still follow your programming 100%. Or should I take a good couple of months off and just concentrate on my technique and stop following the programming here completely? Would I suffer if I did that? Is there a third option? Thanks again for your advice,

Lars said...

A. 170, 190, 210
B. 10 x 5 UB
C. 16.6, 16.1, 15.9

- Cleans felt good and strong.
- Chin ups were on a really fat bar and that made it a little tricky
- Rowing, realized I need to move faster to get better times. (More SPM)

Like the sounds of where this training is going (Rocks, Big tires, Chains etc!!)

Dom said...

165,185,205 x 2


worked on being patient on cleans

Alex Duncan said...

Back from a couple days in the field.

A. 165, 175, 185 Felt fast and strong
B. All unbroken
C. 16, 16, 17, 17.1, 16.7

Jay said...


Carrie McG said...

A. 95, 105, 115
B. No C2B (grrr) did as high COVP as possible.. All broken into 2 sets. Had to stop last round b/c hands started to rip.
C. 21.6, 20.7, 19.8

Hpc complex took a little getting used to but felt good and fast.
Still working on my pullup strength.. I hate not being able to do C2Bs!
Rows - hip felt iffy due to fast flex/ext and had active release on it earlier.. yuck.
Excited for the next cycle! :)

k.jones said...

A. 180/185/200

B. Did 15 CTB all unbroken

C. 19/16.7/16.1 Damper at 10

I almost fell off the rower on the first round I had to weigh it down to stop it from moving backwards

Marcus Filly said...

10mins of muscle up work

PC: 155, 175, 185
C2B: unbroken
Row: 16.8, 16.6, 16.1

Hour or so of stretching, mobility, rolling pre and post wod.

Pfeifdog said...

A: 225,245,265
cleans felt good today could have went heavier.
B: all sets unbroken
C: 17/1:23.7,17/1:23.2,17/1:23.2

Felt good today, happy with the numbers.

Lindsey said...

A. 95/105/115
B. jumping kip
C. :21/:21/:21 - couldn't figure out how to change display to get tenths...

Chad Hall said...

A. 185, 185, 185
B. All UB
C. 16.8, 16.6, 16.1


A. felt fine, felt fast getting under to the power position. A little awkward at first with the knee position but then got it.

Pull ups were good, fatigued towards the end.

Rows were fine, worked damper up to 7 and felt the best, maybe should have done 7.5/8.

Looking forward to the upcoming cycle!

Adam Rogers said...

A - 155,175,185

felt good, fought the urge to go up, stayed at about 80% effort

B - 10x5 C2B unbroken

C - 15.7, 15.7, 15.5

damper at ~7.5

first time the damper on our rower has moved in about a year, normally sits between 5 and 6.

Mike McNaughton@CFN said...

HPC:135x3. Worked on quick elbows.
CTB: Unbroken x 5
Row: 18.4/18/18. Damper at 4.

AMRAP DUs in 5 min: 201. Okay with that considering my 10 min AMRAP was 275 six weeks ago.

Paul Klein said...

A. 185/195/195
B. Unbroken
C. 16.8/16.5/16.6

Chad Hall said...


Came across that September 25 is FGB 5 ... so is our first Big Dawg Challenge ... hmmmm?

mhamilton said...


A. 125,135,145 (probably too light)
B. UBx3,Bx2 (working on butterfly CTB. Still not great but picked up on something so that is good. Was not dropping on the way down enough. Too much tension and wasted energy. I think!)
C. 1:26, 1:26, 1:27 (for some reason did not look at the actual duration! focused on the big number. silly)

Pete @ CFN said...

Combined some of yesterday and today:
A. 3 position Hang Power Clean
C. Dips
D. Row 100 m @ 100%

A. 135, 135, 135
B. 135, 155, 165
C. 40 for all sets
D. 16.6, 16.1, 16.4

Krazy said...

10 min turkish get ups with 20kg
10 min Muscle Ups



C) 16.7, 16.3, 16.4

Sheldon said...

I have been tracking OPT's training for the past month or so and I have finally decided to start his training. My name is Sheldon and I am actually from near OPT and BrOPT's hometown, which is Labrador City. I have an immense amount of respect and admiration for all Big Dawgs, who follow OPT's training and I hope one day to be a Big Dawg as well.

A) 105# / 115# / 115#

B) Unbroken, but doing assisted pull ups

C) 19.9 / 20.9 / 20.4

*Side Note* OPT is right, a wolf just didn't demolish a 50 lbs dog this past week, the dog was on a leash on its front yard.

Eric G. said...

A. 170/175/175
B. All Unbroken Overhand
C. 17.7/17.6/17.4

Hips & Glutes felt soft and slow tonight. Ran a 10:00 2400m this morning at 6am, which is a 95%+ effort for me, so that may have had something to do with it. 1st set of cleans felt good, 2nd felt slow, 3rd felt slower. C2Bs were solid, but I ripped a little on my last set. Not happy about that since I haven't ripped in almost 2 months. Row times seem slow considering I am a 1:20 500m rower. I was on a different rower at a different gym than I normally use, so that may have been it, or it could go back to my hips/glutes being seemingly toast. Overall I felt good about the days efforts and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

unit said...

A- 205/ 215/ 225
B- subbed AMRAP C2B strict pu w/ 45lb- 5/4/3/3/3
C- 15.3/ 15.8(best one but fell off seat)/ 15.5
D- 15min grip work


Jen Osborn @CFN said...

#1 goal is to do well in the games. I need to be strong and quick buttt be able to run that 10k if its thrown at me! iv been running mile warmups but i dont think thats enough!

Brent Maier said...


A PC: 90/95/100kg (220#)
B C2B: Unbroken @ 12-13s average
C Rows: 15.7/15.5/15.5s

Post: Rope climb practice. Warning: don't wear inov8's for wods with rope climbs!

r Gaines said...

A. 185, 205, 215 (felt fast, and easy)
B. Working on butterfly Kip
C. 15.4, 15,8, 15.6

Erik Luber said...

A. 50 kg/60/60
B. Yup
C. 19.2/18.1/18.0

NorCal Chris said...

A. 115, 125, 125
B. UB but only did 7/round
C. 16.9, 16.7, 16.6

Need to work the cleans. Catching the weight with the hips open which is putting undue pressure on the lower back.

r Gaines said...

That 215 was not 80% but 205 was too easy today so I had to try.

Alex said...

A - 95- 105- 105
B- 10-10-10-8/2- 6/4
C- 21.9 -21.9- 21.6

regarding A: HPC need work

Kizzee said...

Hello.... I am wanting to start up with these WODs but I am having a problem at the moment.

Has anyone else ever had a pain in their chest when performing a pullup or pressing something overhead?

My problem happened about a year ago while swimming and I suddenly got a sharp pain in my chest. Then from time to time the pain would come back during a bench press. It went away for awhile. Then after a week 8 break (was in singapore for trip) I came back and started out slow. I had a slight pain in chest during pullups but it went away. Well after 3 weeks of easing back I went all out on Isabel (65lb SQ snatch). Well as of now I can't do a pullup with out chest pain and now a pain in my upper left back...

Sorry for long post.. but does anybody have any advice for me? As of right now I will just be running until it gets better. Thanks

Stephen B. said...

Playing a little catch up...after 3 days drivin a uhaul across Ontario, I just wanted to work.

Opt 3:

FS: 111kg (245#)
Snatch: 66kg (145#)...not happy with this...weight not the problem...technique issues...pullin way high not gettin under quick enough
Chins: 43 covp

Score: 219

Rest 15 min

Aug. 1 wod

T-line drill: first time doing these and they felt strong...didn't time

Sprints: no problem


Med ball toss: used a 5kg ball

Chad Hall said...


I also experience what you're talking about. Mine started a few years ago and randomly got a stitch in my side (under my left pec). The sharp pain was severe enough to couple me over to the point where I didn't want to take deep breathes. Now during some wods with pull ups or pressing I get it again. I actually felt it during the wod a couple days ago with the weighted dips. It just went away this evening.

It got really bad one time and felt pain in my upper back too. I have bad asthma and have had numerous bouts of pneumonia so went to the doctor for it just in case to see if it was lung/heart related. He ran a bunch of stress tests and I wore a heart monitor for a couple days/etc. Nothing came of it and we just decided it was some muscle cramping and nothing serious.

Not too sure what else to tell you, maybe better to get it checked out though just in case.

Brian said...

July 28 WOD

A1. Push Press/Push Jerk - 2.2 x 5; rest 3 min
A2. Horizontal Ring Rows @ 2020; amrap x 5; rest 3 min
(feet elevated to height of rings)
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 rep rounds:
GH Raises
(take exactly 8 breaths b/t movements)
100 GHD Sit Ups for time - 2 hands overhead

A1. 175, 180, 180, 180, 180
A2. 10/9/9/9/7

11:30 - total time with ring dips and anchored feet for GH raises - Slow controlled breathing for 8 breaths

100 GH situps in 5:57

Brent Maier said...

ok, I just got back home and I had to write a comment about todays pictures. Every time I see it, I laugh for 5 minutes as I am now. I can see you guys walking along, DJ sees a big rock and says, "hey James, bet you can't pick that fricken thing up to save your life". Yeah? Watch this! Besides the fact your head looks like it's about to explode, DJ's face is priceless. It's that look like, "whoa... holy hell man, I was just kidding!"! This picture is priceless!

matt said...

A. 175,185,205
B. 10 (30db), 10(20db), 10,10,10
C. No rower.. Subbed for some much needed DBL UND work. 30 sec on 30 off for 6 min.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 135, 145, 155
B) 10, 10, 10, 8/2, 5/2/2/1
C) 20.0, 20.0, 20.0

Kyle F said...

A: 185/185/185
B: As Rx'd
C: 18.3/17.9/17.8

PC's felt good, focused hard on traps and calves. CTB quick and easy. Need to work on rowing.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

I just got injured in my lower back after some heavy squats and I was wondering what kinda of 2 a day programming some of you are following? I did the crossfit football stuff as my morning workout and usually some sprints or heavy lifting in the evening. Unfortunately, it got the best of me. Still, I love working out twice a day and would love some help with smart programming for this. I've googled the shit out of it but I can't find anything, probably due to my stupidity :).
Thanksful for all help I can get


Siu said...

A. 95lbs, 115lbs, 125lbs
B. UB (:25), UB (:25), 4+broken (1:11), 4+broken (1:30), 2+blood blister (DNF)
C. :19.3, :19.1, :19.1 (D5 for round 1-2, D6 for round 3)

Then got my first ever head-to-ground kipping HSPUs today! Slow and singles but now I'm super motivated to keep practicing them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late night post but got off work late.

A: 135,135,135
B: Completed/unbroken
C: 17,17,17

-Hamstrings and glutes need continued work for growth.

-Worked on pistols which are getting easier by the day.

-Continued work on double unders by doing 4 sets of 10 reps at fastest possible rate.

Noah said...

A1. 70kg/z75kg/75kg
Had a little trouble keeping my shoulders over the bar on PC from the high hang. I'm assuming it has to do with limited shoulder flexibility.

B1. 1-3 unbroken, 7/3, Unbroken
First time doing consecutive CTB post surgery and felt good

C1. 17.4/17.0/17.1

Dustin said...

A. 1)155,175,195
2)155, 175, 195
3)175, 195, 205

B. 5 sets of 10 UB

C. 18, 18, 18

Anonymous said...

29 yom 180lbs

a 170/170/175
b 5 x 10 UB
c 17.5---1.27.5

finally figured out how to pull faster and stay on the seat towards the end. timed the last stroke on the last 100m perfectly.

Bear said...

Thank´s for answering but...let´s hope I´ll meet a bit lighter wolf than that, just being a 178 lbs bear myself ;)

CMaday said...

I'm a new one to posting, but have been following the workouts the past month. I have definitely enjoyed the programming and have witnessed good gains in a relatively short time and after taking an extended break. Looking forward to continue the process.

A. 155, 175, 185 felt pretty good, but having some knee issues, so didn't want to go to heavy. The knee position was definitely a weakness. Need better hip extension and speed from the knee position.
B. First 3 sets unbroken, last two almost there.
C. 17, 16.5, 16
What damper should we be working at?

Ben Priestley said...

A. 115#, 135, 135 - worked on balance and technique
B. completed unbroken
C. 17.4, 17.5, 17.0

On row, cranked up the s/m to 52 for the last round. I pretended I was trying to outrun a tsunami to save my family, anything I could grasp onto to make me go balls to the wall.

DAVE X said...

Kizzee. When you say chest are you specifically talking about pain in your sternum?

Dillon said...

A. 185, 195, 205
B. All U/B
c. :18, :17, :17

Kizzee said...

Dave X,

I would saythat it is, or the chest muscles directly to both sides of it. The pain does not last at all. I only get the pain during the movement then it goes away. When I sneeze I have to hold my chest to prevent getting that same feeling in my chest. I am pretty sure it has to do with the muscles.. but I could be wrong. Thanks.

DAVE X said...


I get that same tightness there occationally, but I experience that sensation more with dips than pullups. Regardless, what I've done is focus on rolling my t-spine and loosening my shoulder girdle with dislocates. Off days, i've been doing a lot of joint mobility stuff, email me and I'll send you what I've been doing. I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

A. 85-90-90
B. 4 rounds..hands in lots of pain. Very broken. Couldn’t hold onto the bar. It was hot and wet.
C. :20.6, :20.2, :20.2

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

A: 125, 125, 125
B: All UB
C: 19.6, 19.4, 19.5

sheacraig said...

A 80kg, 85, 90
B Did as many strict as possible, then did the remaining kipped to get 5x10 unbroken
C No clue on times. Super fast, of course.

The three position hang power clean is super hard either direction (high to low or low to high) with heavy weights!

Robin Lyons said...

1. 125lb,125lb,135lb
2. 10, 10, 10, 6-2-2, 6-2-2
3. 3 sets 60sec amrtap doublew unders 76,74,67

Geoff Long said...

A. 155 all sets, but was heavier than should have been

B. Unbroken first two sets, then 8+2, 8+2, 6+2+1+1 - might be a stretch if all were CTB

C. 20sec, 19.4, 19.1 - done nearly an hour later

Thanks for the programming, look forward to the next phase

Stefani said...

A. 65#, 75#, 85# Felt really good
B. All broken using my lightest elastic band for assistance.
C. 22.6, 22.5, 22.6