sat, aug 14, 2010

here is our next recommended piece of equipment, prefer slightly alive in set/rep scenarios to come...

A. Squat Snatch - 5,5,5,5,5; rest 3 min
B. 1-10 HSPU Ladder for time
C. 10 sets of 30 unbroken double unders for time

post scores to comments


Heavy Evy said...

Going to be "drinking this city in" for the next week on a family holiday, may be tough to get all the training in, see what I can do with out driving the wife crazy.

Stay Classy

Soren said...

great workout - facing all the demons!!

A: 45,50,55,57,60
B: 12:20
C: 7:00

Sort of happy with A, working on speed
Piss weak on B, just nothing
Happy with C, 2 failed attempt - it has paid of to do DU as warmup drill

Enjoy it


Adam Rogers said...

put A off til this afternoon.

B - 9:48, missed at level 7 and 8, had to step back for quite a bit, ponder life, grab a bite to eat, before hitting the wall again. killed me. have a hard enough time stringing 10 together when fresh.

C - 5:26, disappointing, but hard to go any faster after the HSPU, shoulders were completely fried. missed once.

PTS said...

A. 75,85(4), 95, 115, 120
B. 18:32 still pathetic but better than last year's ladder
C. 4:55, no misses rested too much early.

A. 45,45,50,50,50
B. 1-5 ladder to 45lb and 25lb plate
C. 240 DU's in 10 mins, sets of 17-30

David said...


A. 40, 45, 50, 55, 60kg
B. 9:32, all unbroken except 10 which was 7 + 3, otherwise, time would be much longer.
C. 10:47, felt good after getting the misses out of the way early on.

joey warren said...

A. 135/145/155/160/170 x 5
I filmed the last set because i need some help on the snatch, but my camcorder ran out of time
B. 3:54 (wide hands)
C. 4:27 (no misses)

NorCal Chris said...

On end of summer vacation so going to make the most of sub-par gym

A. One arm DB squat snatch: 25/30/35/40/45/50 (no more wt available)
B. 16:40 1-8 only with kip.
C. 32:21 total joke. 1-4 all UB then shit hit the fan.

Pfeifdog said...

A: 135,145,150,155,160
B: 12:25
C: 8:13

HSPU are one of my weakness and I need to work on these more.

BK said...

A. 95,105,105,105,105
Worked on technique as wrist cannot handle load.
B. First time doing HSPU in 5 months and wrist was ok, so good to be able to do 'em . Hit 1-6 in 3 mins and called it.
C. 6.02 4 misses.

Jon Sinclair said...

A. 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 + 1 rep at 70kg (BW and new PR)
B. 8:43 (unbroken 1-8, ROM struggling with 8, 9, and 10)
Rest 2 min
C. 8:30 (only a few breaks, couldnt start the set over as I was a little pressed for time)

Lars said...

Did a 10k road run today, first time running more then a Km or two since regionals.

Time 48:03 (About 2 min off PB)

All Km's were sub 5, best was the first and last at just under 4:30.

Need to work on Squat snatches, so may toss that in with tomorrow's depending on what else is on the menu.

Anonymous said...


A. 45-55-65-70-65
B. Got through 8 before I ran out of time and my neck got aggravated. ~9 min
C. No time and feet have been hurting a bit recently from box jumps and running.

k.jones said...

A. 135/140/145/145/145 Stayed at 145 because form felt terrible and knee sore from box jumps

B. 9:06 Getting better at these didin't kipany all strict had to go singles on 9 and 10

c. 11:15 my biggest weakness need to buy a longer rope and work on these alot. Overall not a good day

Carrie McG said...

A. 65, 75, 80, 85, 90
B. 8:27 - pike pushups because I only have 7 in a row kipping HSPUs right now. Soon!
C. 10:40

Felt super gassed today.. The gym is really hot and my recovery was crappy.. But the good news is my old 1rm squat snatch was 80lbs and I did 90 5x today solid! And even though we don't do squat snatches often my technique was solid and better than its ever been. So sweet!

Benny Ahlstedt said...

A: 40-50-50-50-50 heavy legs, working on confidence of getting down to the sit
B: 15,28 ...goat.
C: 5,58 one miss

Siu said...

A. 75lbs, 80lbs, 85lbs, 85lbs, 85lbs
Stayed at 85lbs till it was controlled and smooth. Set 3 and 4 included dumping of the bar, fixing of weights and power snatch+squat. Set 5 was solid though.

B. Scaled to 1-5 ladder with bands off the PU bar

C. 17:12
Missed 3 long sets at 26, 28 and 18. Was happy I got through all 10 sets!

Then 4 MUs  nice to be back on top of the rings. I had them there for a couple weeks in May then all of a sudden, they just disappeared!

Chris Dunkin said...

A: 125,130,140,150,160
B. 11:43
C. 4:38

Chad Hall said...

A: 105, 115, 125, 135, 140 (all P.Sn)
B: 6:52
C: 5:07


Had to do PSn. because my knee. HSPU felt alright, about 1/4 were kipping. Not really happy with DU, no misses, but should have rested shorter.

Martin Altemark said...

B. 9:30
C. 11:53

Skipped A because me and wife are trying to get to workout together more often, and we are trying to do that in a more general, unmeasurable and "GPP" fashion - just having fun together. Instead we did this

5 rounds of
80kg squat C&J, 10m overhead walk
80kg squat C&J, 10m overhead walk
5,5 meter rope climb

Pretty fun! The overhead walks TOTALLY smoked my shoulders though - which made me wonder if I could even finish B... Turned out I could, but should make that in half that time I think.

C. was all unbroken sets, but I doubt both my DU ability over 20 UB and my still twisted ankle. Happy to make it though, DU are not at all the huge goat it used to be for me.

Meldrum said...

Have not had a chance to get to the gym for a week due to schooling and exams. Did get some backyard wods in though.

Tuesday's wod

Power cleans: 115, 125 135, 140(Fail), 140 (did all 5 reps, but last two were very ugly, 135,135

Russian KBS: 1.5 pood

Bench press 11, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5

Felt great to get back at it. I think my body was going through withdrawal.

Martin Altemark said...

by the way - a year ago or so I read this post by Coach, and it is so very spot on. Sharing this is amazing.

Brent Maier said...

WOD 1 of this weekends competition done:
x4 Rounds for time:
400m Run
x10 220# deadlift
x21 1.5pd KBS
Time: 11:30 all unbroken! James that unbroken was for you! I think I'm in 2nd right now.

WOD2 in 2 hours:
For time:
30 squat cleans @ 135#
2 min mandatory rest
60 box jump burpees

My daughter Arilyn (13) decided to compete at 10 minutes before the last heat and jumped in.
WOD1 time: 13:06 w/75# dl and 20# kb

Great job Arilyn.

Bin said...

A: 165lb across, failed twice in last set from fatigue (affecting form)
B: 13:41, all completed sets strict and unbroken. Did sets 1-4 in first minute, 5-7 with a minute rest between, and 8-10 approx. 1:30 rest. Got greedy on the last set and ended up failing at rep 6; rested 1:45 and completed 10 unbroken.
C: ran out of time and couldn't complete.

Drew said...

Been sick for a few days, so not 100% but not awful
B:14:40 missed twice on level 7 at rep 6
C: 8:00

sort of happy with A
completely unhappy with B need to work on HSPU
OK with C, missed 2 sets at 22 and had to rest longer than I wanted since I'm still having some trouble breathing

Michael FitzGerald said...

A. 133/143/143(3)/143(3)/143(2)
B. 7:26
C. 4:00

Anonymous said...

B)10:40 failed on 9th rep @ 5:24
C)7:38 (last one might have been 30, maybe 29 not sure ....shoulder cooked rope was slow.

Chad Walding said...

31m/ 6'1/196

A. 115/115/135/135/155x2
B. 21:03
C. Subbed 3 min amrap burpees to 12 inch target: 45

Notes: really felt a lot of things click today with the snatch such as patience, speed through the middle and the recieving position. My time is not impressive on B but this is a huge improvement for me. A year ago my max was 5 reps. Fun stuff!

Paul Smith said...

A: 135, 145, 155, 175, 190
B: 6:12
C: 11:25

Pretty exited about Squat Snatch. They felt really strong.

DU were horrible. I got stuck at the 8 set for at least 4 mins. kept getting tripped up right before I would hit 30. DU are not one of my strong points.

mhamilton said...


A. 95,95,100,105,105
B. 14:22
C. -

Snatches were not good at all. Could not get focused. Did pick up on one thing to work on towards the end though. HSPUs were ok. Started well and was UB to set of 8 then really struggled. Could not even attempt the DUs. Calves and shins totally seized up. Going to need to spend some time on them tonight and tomorrow.

markus willard said...

A. 85, 95, 100, 105, 115
B. did as many reps as possible in 20min; only 45 reps, really upset with how weak my HSPUs are, recommendation on how to get these STRONGER?!??!
C. 15ish minutes

mike mcnaughton@CFN said...

A. 95/115/125/130/135(3)
B. 8:31 (DNF)
C. 9:47

Missed 3rd and 5th attempt on last set of squat snatch.
Left shoulder gave out on 10th rep of set of 10. Not feeling good.

Steve Howell said...

Mike Fitz good to see you back!

Slater Coe said...

From 100808
5 rounds for time:
25 unbroken wall balls - 20# to 10ft
10 unbroken CTB chin ups


Pete @ CFN said...

A. 115,120,120,120,115
B. DNF through 7 in 6:59
C. 10:19

Plenty to improve on in all three exercises today.

Brandon said...

A. 115/125/135/145/155(f)/135
B. 11:47 unbr 1-5, kipped most of 9&10
C. scaled to 10 sets of 20. Finished 8 sets in about 9:30 when I rolled my ankle. Pretty stiff from pistols and BJs still so shut it down.

Sq. snatch felt great as did HSPU. DUs improving slowly still...

@brian cilento - saw your comment late thursday...I used imapmyrun on my phone and when I got home and looked at the route on the computer it showed me cutting across houses and streets where I didn't. I suspect it is the problem with GPS based things on phones. I guess I need to find a track that I won't get kicked out of.

Jonathan Thom said...

A. 115, 125, 135, 140, 145(4) lbs
B. 9:51
C. 9:12

About 5-10 sec b/t snatch reps to ensure quality. These felt pretty good today, the snatch is my favorite lift!

Hspu unbroken and strict with wide hands and wide feet. Was falling away ever so slightly from the wall on the very last rep of set 10, but counted it. Also got an epic quad cramp. All in all though, was very happy/surprised with my results in this part.

Du's were okay, but not as sharp as usual because I haven't been giving them much attention lately (read: laziness). Had to restart the the first set twice but after that found the groove.

Anthony said...


B: 9:49

C: 2:47 5 for 5 unbroken sets.

Done @ 1pm and the gym was close to 100 degrees inside. Snatches felt good, paid a lot of attention to the first pull and maintaining back angle, pushing knees back. Sweat was pouring on the last set so keeping the grip was a major challenge and resulted in staying with 110# versus going up.

HSPU Ladder was nasty. Rounds 1-5 naturally were quick but beyond that things slowed to a crawl.

Dbl Unders. Super happy with these today. 5 straight unbroken sets. Shoulders and foreams were sizzling. I had 2-3 more sets in me.

I'm having all of my Coaches over tonight for a Coaches appreciation mexican fiesta. Loaded enchiladas, Margaritas and 5 different Mexican beers. Please James, no met-con tomorrow. Ole!

Anthony said...

Was it me or didn't the post say 5 sets of 30 dbl unders last night when it first went up?

If not my error, I did 5 sets of 30 unbroken.

I owe you all 5 more sets.

irvine said...

A) 45-50-55-60-67
B) 10:04
C) 8:14

A) First time snatching since May, from shoulder tweak. Wasn't bad, felt stable
B) Wasn't an awesome performance, things broke down at 5, resulting in the inevitable longer rests and broken sets with kips. In retrospect, i considered that perhaps i should have put more emphasis on resting in order to get completely unbroken sets, which I'd guess would have put my time over 16 minutes.
C) Did first two sets together, unbroken. Took more out of me that i'd anticipated. After that, tried for between 20-35 seconds of rest in between each set. missed set 6 on # 26, said a curse word, and went back into it after another 25 seconds.

I think it went well.

Joel B. said...

A: 95, 100, 105, 115, 125
B: 10:27
first time completing ladder ub as rx'd. major accomplishment.
C. 6:30
1 start over

irvine said...

I was posting in Kilos, i forgot to include that.

Anonymous said...

Warm up
800m run @ 80% (1 set on treadmill)

rest 3 mins

A1:Low Pulley pull thru's 5,5,3,3,1
rest 1min
A2:GH Situps 10,10,10,10,10,

A: 95#,95#,105#,125#,135#
B: 6:35

A:Kept Snatch light and worked on form. 135 went up well and felt like the lighter reps paid off.

B:HSPU's were unbroken for 9 and 10. I then broke up reps and completed as needed to accomplish task.

C: Double Unders went well until 4-5 set. I broke twice at rep 29 which was awesome. Set 7 I failed at 15. Need to keep practicing as a warmup to maintain consistnecy.

Not a great day of training.

Krazy said...

Could only do Part B because of partially torn right calf from the box jumps. Hoping it will recover quickly and get me back into the fight.

HSPU 6:26 (no kip)

Dom said...

A. #95,115,145,165,185
B. 5:55
C. 6:12

Great work out! Really made me push, especially on DU's. HSPU felt really good. Almost got first 7 sets UB.

Chris Castillo said...

b. 6:30
c. 9:24.

Had some smoked calfs. I did FGB yesterday. Had 3 misses at 21-24 and 29.

X said...

Snatch: 95# - 125# - 155# - 175# - 185#

HSPU Ladder - 9:33

Double Unders - 4:25

Had a rough car accident yesterday so wasn't sure how my shoulder would hold up but it felt ok (explains the relatively light start on the snatches).

High volume hspu's are never good to me. Got 1-5 in :40 and the 2nd half took all of 9 mins. Good times

Double unders were unbroken til the 10th set where i missed one about halfway thru then got it next attempt. Could've been low 4s

X said...

Forgo to add I did "Kelly" or 5 rounds of 400m run + 30 box jumps (24") + 30 wall ball (20#) this morning at my box 5 hours earlier. Time was 19:30 and all movements unbroken

Sam said...

A. Singles, in kg: 60,70,82,84,88
B. 6:39 unbroken
C. No time. Had a rush to a comp.

Paul Klein said...

A. 115/125/135x4/135/135
Set 3 I took about seven attempts to hit only 4 reps. I am still not getting my hips to full extension before pulling under the bar.

B. 12:23 (1-7 unbroken, 8,9,10 broken)

C. 7:04 (started way to slow, had lots left in the tank on 10th set.)

PRM said...

A. Worked on technique with 45, 55, 65, 70, 75, 80x5 with full squat snatch. Then 95x5 PS + OHS.
B. 1 through 5 full ROM, 5 to 10 scaled to 2" off the floor.
C.8:30. 2 trips/re-start.

Thad said...

A.95, 105, 115, 4/125, 1/130

B. 12:33
Rounds 9 and 10 broken

C.11:43 several failed attempts

Yelvi said...

A. 95/105/115/125/135(3)
B. 8:45
C. 10:31

Stephen B. said...

A. 135/140(2)/140(3)/140x2x2...just kept dumpin the weight in the bottom position...frustrating, as pullin this weight is no problem...I will spend this next year hammering technique on my o-lifts
B. 6:54...all strict
C. missed sets

LuLu said...
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Chris Martin said...

B.1-7 done on a combo of 10-25lb plates. Stopped at 7.
C.Rx`d- 16:55

A. took A. light because i t don`t won`t to rush the rehab on my hip.
B. I have weak shoulders for my size(220lb)
C. I suck. It took over 20 sets to complete this today! And the worst part all my mistakes happened over the 20 rep mark. In my defense I cut my rope too short.

- feeling better crappy , i`ll make it up tommorow

LuLu said...

Hey Big Dawgs,
Long time not talk. Roch and I head out to Hybrid Athletics next weekend to attend the Strongman comp/seminar. Hope to see some of you there. Having a great summer and lotsa new PR's on the lifting. Miss you all ;) Keep killin it and we will report back with fun stories. xx Lulu

Poly said...

A. 95, 95, 115, 135, 135- focused on widening grip and hook grip, kept it light
B. 6 rds in about 4 mins and had to call it, shoulder was not working
C. 21:01 - first 8 rds in about 7 mins; many, many misses after that.

Marcus Filly said...

A. Deep power snatch (ankle bothered by squat) 155-165-170-175-180
B. 8:13 (fail on rep 10, had to wait full 1:30 before reattempting)
C. No DU on ankle

High box snatch pulls 3x3 (255)

Brent Maier said...

Took 2nd place today! Arilyn got recognized as one of the youngest competitors and won some great prizes too! Back to normal programming tomorrow! Tim the owner of Colorado SOCO put on a great event.

Wod2: x30 135# full squat cleans for time: 2:09 (that's got to be a pr)
2 min rest in 95 degree weather and cloudless sky.
Wod3: x60 24" box jump burpees: 6:54 (legs were shot)

Wod2 - 5:17
Wod3 - 12:39

Paul Smith said...


Congrats to you and your daughter. I hope my girls are interested in this as they get a little older.

Surrey Sterling 40/176/5'10" said...

A: 95#,105#,115#,125#,135#

Felt solid, change my head angle on my setup made a huge difference. Not looking up into space.

B: 11:11

My Bane, Unbroken DU's! Brought back nightmares of my last "Flight Simulator"

C: 23:37 Missed a boat load at 29 Ahhh! Hung in there and finished round 10 after two missed at 29 and my daughters cheering on! Good times in the 35 degree Surrey heat!

Time for a cold beer....

Surrey Sterling 40/176/5'10" said...

Way to go Brent! Sick time brother on 30X135!!! Congrat's to you both!

Andy said...

A. 95/110/125/135/140
B. 10:20 (wide grip)
C. 12:15

I had a double under melt down on after my second set. I missed on 28,18,17,15...finally started to string them together and barely made it to the end. After set 9 I wanted to call the 28 good, but I wanted to do it as rx so I did one more. I am smoked...

Alex Duncan said...

No WOD today. Away from a gym unfortunately, but did an epic outdoor heavy rock lifting/throwing and swimming workout.

Hopefully back tomorrow.

Jay said...

A: 120/135/140/145/155
B: 9:34
C: 7:52

unit said...

A- 135/ 155/ 155/ 155/ 155
B- 3:59
C- 3:48 (1 repeated round 2/2 a miss at 15)


unit said...

u and ur fam rock!!!...

Lindsey said...

A. 65/65/65/75/85(2)pr
B. 13:13- strict - I assumed the ladder was meant to be unbroken... I failed on rep 10 at 9:52, rested and repeated the last set of 10 unbroken...
C. 10:47- had 6 or 7 misses in the 20s

Lindsey said...

forgot to mention I had to strike while the kettle was hot on snatch today... 97x1... 17# pr!...

brian cilento said...

Brent congrats... Brandon, thanks for getting back, should prob test the distance on a track too.

A: 115,115,115,120,125
3rd set I started to feel comfortable, prob should of warmed up more
B: 8:36, after set 6 I hit the wall
C: 7:32, lot of misses on like rep 4 or 5, then might of given myself a little too much rest toward the end.

Tomorrow going to do the wood and then run a half marathon as part of my marathon training, gonna be brutal

Marshall said...

A. 95,105,125(3),130(5),135(4)
B. 8:44 all UB except 10
C. 6:05 1 missed set at #17.

Took video of the squat snatches, I'll see if I can load them on Vimeo. My upper back was feeling a little tight after a long night at work.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 95, 105, 110(4), 105, 105
B) 9:40
C) 18:40* cheated. counted all the ones in the 25-30 range (in the last 5 rounds). Didn't want to make this part a long effort. Knew I was gonna take a long ass time.

Ben Priestley said...

A. 75#, 80, 85, 90, 95. (All 5 reps done within 30 seconds. Worked on perfect technique. When I arch my lower spine, I am experiencing pain on the spinal area where the lumbar section hits the sacrum. This began after the squat clean/mu wod).

B. 5:56 (subbed knees on 24"box, hands on paralletes, left shoulder has been hurting at the AC joint)

C. 4:57 rxd, no misses.

Also, attended a gymnastics seminar today at CrossFit Marin. Was an excellent experience.

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 50kg, 54, 58, 60, 64x3.
B. 8:48, but had to break the 10 into 8+2
C. 15:56

Got tired and sloppy at 64kg on A. For B got through 1-7 unbroken, then only got 4/8 on 8 so had to rest a few and try again. Hit complete muscle failure on the set of 10 so had to break it 8+2. DUs were atrocious, got gassed in a hurry. Was through 5 rds in about 5 minutes then started to miss a lot and take longer breaks.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 65/75/85/90/95
B: 7:58, UBK
C: DU practice, knee/achilles tendon achy

Kevin said...


a. Had to sub one-arm db sq sn. Heaviest db was 50lbs. 5x5-5
b. 17:40. Brutal relative to you all, but I actually felt pretty good at least about the beginning. Ub thru 7. 8 was 7+1. 9 and 10 were brutal.
C. 10:59. Biffed at 18 once and 15 once.pretty disappointed with this one. My wind was gone and I took rests that were too long.

Dustin@cfn said...

A. 95. 115. 125. 130. 125.
B. 4:53
C. 6:36

Dustin@cfn said...

A. 95. 115. 125. 130. 125.
B. 4:53
C. 6:36

arjuna smith said...

A. 115, 135(4), 135, 135, 135(4)
Lower Back was feeling really tight today
B. 6:32 all unbroken except for set of 9 (hand slipped all the way to right)
C. 8:10 *broke at 28 once, 15 twice.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

late post ..did this yesterday but im out of town so havent been infront of a compt till now ...

A. 95, 105, 110, 110, 115
early workout...wasnt feeling strong but pushed through

B. lack of time so i went up to 6 took about 6mins, worked on not kipping off of 2 abmats

C. 8:39 did every set unbroken BUTT slipped on the 3rd to last

Eric G. said...

Saturday 8/14

8/11 WOD

48 + 4 + 9:32

Maintained 6 pistols per 20 sec.
C2B was more about grip than anything else, but still needs work.
36" Box Jumps got rough, coming down may have been worse than going up. Broke into sets of 5 mentally.

Chase said...

A. 95, 115, 135, 155 x4(failed 5th rep), 145 x2 (failed x3) wore out, was helping other people with snatch/clean in between sets.
B. 5:45
C. 7:58 broke at 26 on 9th round, all other rounds unbroken 1st try.

Robin Lyons said...

A. Snatch 5x5 -75lbs
B. 15:06(not my strength)
C. 8:46 -10 Unbroken sets of 30 DUs(had 2 sets at 21 and 29)

Need work on full snatch tech. falling forward with heavier weight...any suggestions?

Brian Gregory said...

Done Friday on vacation

Run 1k
Rest 4min
Run 1k

Run 4min, rest 4min, run 4min

Florida heat was brutal doing this. Didn't warm up well obviously b/c my lower legs hurt for 3 days. Ran in VFF's

Rabbit said...



HSPU: 5:00
DU's: 17:50

Felt very strong on the snatches and not too bad on the HSPU. I can definitely see improvements with overhead shoulder strength since working with the Big Dawgs. My DU' you can see they are my absolute nemesis!