mon, aug 30, 2010

part 1:
A. Halting Snatch Dead Lift @ 1123; 3 x 3: rest 2 min
(add weight from last week)
B. Snatch 68%  -1 x 4, 73% - 1 x 4; 78% - 1 x 4; rest 1 min
(first 12 reps on the minute; if succesful here take up weight AHAP off the clock)
C. Snatch Pull; 3 sets x 5 reps; rest 3 min
(add weight from last week)
D. Back Squat @ 21X0; 80%; 4 x 4; rest 2 min

part 2:
5 sets for times:
Row 800 m @ 95%
rest same time as work time; goal is same pace per set, if you get to a critical drop off while "trying" to hold same pace, stop and call it

post loads and times to comments

"Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off"


Angelo Fosco said...

Hey Coach, rest between part 1 and 2 or just right after another?

Greg said...


for pt2: I haven't done 800m splits, but my 2k pr is 7:20. Would a 500m pace around 1:48 make sense here? Thx.

OPT said...

angelo, prefer 6+ hours

Greg, every engine is different but that seems about right - 1:48-1:51/500

Michael said...

I'm doing the USAW/CrossFit Comp in October. Should I stick with this program until then or go to something more focused on oly lifting.

I know right now I feel like this is perfect but I didn't know if this programming was going to go off the oly focus after this cycle.


PTS said...

The oringal layout had this week (week 2) as doubles on Tues,Thurs,Fri.

Are we still looking at doubles on those days?

OPT said...

PTS, changed based on scoring from this weekend...we'll go doubles on Mon, Tues, Thurs this week to see the Sat scores again...

Michael, depends on what you need to improve for the events...what is that and i can help then...

Michael said...

My weakness is my jerk and my snatch, I feel good about my clean and the triplet.

Some stats:
Dead lift 415
Front Squat 335
Back Squat 400
Clean 285
Jerk 275
Snatch 195
OHS 285
Press 210

Stahl said...

Hi Coach,
For part B, is that just a dash or is the rep scheme "-1x4"?
If that's the rep scheme, could you please clarify what "-1" means?

If it's just a dash, apologies for reading this way too closely. We have some funky annotations here so I want to make sure.

Mike Perolio said...

Sweet deal. Will it make a difference if I do the Row first? I will probably do on my lunch break because it will be the only time I have access to a rower. I really need to keep up the rows. Have a good workout tomorrow guys!

Martin Altemark said...
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DAVE X said...

First, catching up from Saturday...
Done midmorning Saturday:

Felt like crap this morning... All the factors mentioned in your response to my quetsion, Coach was very palpable during this session. I stayed up way too late the night before watch new episodes of the Kids in the Hall, ate breakfast too soon before training because I was anticipating an appointment at 9 that didn't take that long... Felt like I was rushed the entire morning. Anyway, I had zero explosiveness on any of the movements and I felt like I was just slogging along.

Got my sleep back in order and iced and rolled several times throughout the weekend. This morning I felt so much more in control of the lifts:

A: 195/230/260
B. 125/135/145/155/165/175(F) committed too late to the squat. I was power snatching up to this point.
C. 175/175/175 Felt light and weightless at the top of the pull. Daughter woke up between sets 2 and 3 and I had to break for about 10 minutes. Weight felt slightly heavier when I resumed.
D. 240/240/240/240 Felt very light comapred to last week which seemed oppressive.

Unfortunatly, I'll have to hit part 2 in 12 hours...

BTW, I redesigned my workout log template if anyone wants a copy shoot me an email at:


Martin Altemark said...

A. 70kg
B. 51kg/55kg/58.5kg then 65kg, 70kg(f), 70kg
C. 70kg
D. 100kg

Sloppy on some snatches rendered a miss on 58.5 (made it directly after) and 70kg (also made that up directly). A bit tired in overhead position/shoulders compared to normal.

Snatch pulls felt awesome.

Martin Altemark said...

oh, all squat snatches btw. Felt I need to work stability in bottom, and getting the weight back.

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

A. 60-70-80 kg
B. 47,5-51-53 on the minute, then 60-60 kg
C. 60-70-75 kg
D. 100-112-112-110 kg

BK said...

A. 185 all sets
B. 110 X4,120X4,130X4,140X1,150(F), 150X1,155(F)
C 140,155,155
D 335 all sets
D was very difficult getting outta hole 3 and 4 , glad i stuck with the load

OPT said...

stahl, it means 1 rep x 4 sets for all in that sequence

what class are you in for the comp and where do you fit in for that based on competitiveness?? then we can decide on where you fit best...if you're engine is good enough to get 9 rounds and you feel by spending more time on the oly lifts you can get 30+ more # on each by early Oct then ride that...if you feel you're in the 6-7 rds range, then i'd keep the lifts the same and improve the anaerobic lactic power piece...

brian cilento said...

a:185-205-225 lighter weight then last time but was able to hold tempo
d:245 all

Steve Howell said...

part 1;
A: 240/250/260
B: 140/150/160/180/190/200/210(fail)
C: 200/210/215
D: 280 for all 4 sets

NorCal Chris said...

A. 150, 165, 180
B. 100, 105, 115, 120, 125, 130f
C. DNF (tweaked lower back)

Mistakenly, I have thought I could continue with my olympic lifting club during this phase. It meets wednesday and Sunday (our rest days). Too much and I hurt my back.

I will take the rx'd rest days from now on. Lesson learned.

ETC said...

A: 185/195/205#
B: 95/100/105 ---then 135#
C. left out

-- will do Rowing later. to go up 10#'s overall but limited by thumb smash on the hook grip.
B. Did a 1x4 of 135#! which was just recently my 1 RM PR. All the snatches felt smooth and easy. Even the 135 was not bad even w/ my legs pretty torn up from the weighted Cindy the other day.
C. time constraints
D: 195#

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 225/235/245 (w/straps)
B. 130/140/150 missed one of the 150 so I stopped
C. 190x3 (w/straps)
D. 275/295/315/325

Brian Maier said...

A: 185,205,225
B: 135x5,145x5,155x5,165,175,185,190(f)
C: 165
D: 225 X 4

Too heavy last time and my form/posture went to hell. So, decided to go a bit lighter on A and C and really focus on technique.

On B, once I get beyond the 145# weight, I have a tough time catching in the squat so did power snatch to finish out.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 285, 295, 305
B. 135, 145, 155+ 165, 175
C. 175, 205, 225
D. 280

Brian Maier said...

Having a tough time on my second pull on the snatch. My snatch is more like one pull from the floor to overhead. When I attempt to pause and initiate second pull from mid-thigh, I feel like I am losing my power. Anyone else having this problem?

Drew said...

B.115x4,125x4,135x4,+145x1,155x1 all done squat snatch, could have gone heavier but not enough time
D.4x4@225 done at less than rxd weight to keep tempo, legs were a little tired this morning

greg everett said...

Brian maier -

Don't attempt to pause before the second pull - no wonder you're losing power. That's the same as slowing your car from 50 to 40 so you can go 70. Makes no sense. The first pull is fast and the second pull is faster. Never slow down or hesitate. If positioning is an issue, you can keep the first pull a bit slower, but again, there should never be a time when you slow down or pause.

RE trouble receiving snatches - resorting to power snatching is why you will continue to have this problem. Receive it wherever you receive it and ride it down into a squat.

Paul Smith said...

A: 225, 265, 275 grip started to fail on last set.

B: 145, 155, 165, then 175, 185, 195, 205, 215(5# PR) all squat snatch

C: 225, 245, 255

D: 335

Benny Ahlstedt said...

A 3x80 3x90 3x100kg
B 4x50 4x55 4x60kg
C 3x70 3x70 3x70kg
D 5x90 5x95 5x95 5x95kg

Michael said...

A. 205 all sets
B. 135, 140, 150 then 165, 185, 195 (f)
C. 205, 215, 215
D. 315 all sets

Coach I'm in the 77kg weight class. I'm not sure how that stacks up to comp.

Should I try the Triplet tomorrow to see how many rounds I get on it and see how I feel.

I know my Oly lifts are going to improve through the end of this cycle. This cycle seems to be perfect for me.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2:


after 2:47 of rest after third round legs was still cramping up and I called it a day.

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 1:
A. 170 pounds
B. 120/130/135...worked up to 155 (again...ugh. pr is 175)
C. 175
D. 230...crazy difficult with the tempo. Used a bit of a double bounce to get out of the bottom for a few reps in the last two sets. Rested a second to long before a few reps as well.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

had a very long afternoon break so i had to get both workouts in back2back...

pt 1-

A: 115/120/125lbs
B: 70lb/80lbs/90lbs...for singles...100/105/110 (15lb PRRR!!! :)) tried 115 but im being a puss catching it. I have the weight over my head but chicken will come!!!
C: 115
D: 145, felt more power from the bottom 2day, more than last week and it was lighter!

pt 2-

-enjoyed this one KINDA! felt good keeping the pace, thought id pace the last one slower then kill it at the end buttt that didnt work 2 well time ill just keep the same pace! learned a lesson!

1: 2:55.1
2: 2:55.4
3: 2:55.1
4: 2:56.1
5: 2:56.9

*kept on #6

Marcus Filly said...

Part 1
A. 225/245/245
B. 146/157/168... made all attempts .... 175/185/195/205 stopped
C. 215 x3
D. 255 (went below 80% today since i'm just getting back into squatting)

PRM said...

Doing this double "upside down" due to work messing up my training schedule:
Will snatch tonight.

Drew said...

PM done in garage which was at least 95 degrees
*asthma started up, I should have cut it after set 3 when breathing started getting short.

Anonymous said...


A: 250#,250,250

B: 130#*4,140*4,150*4 on clock
Off Clock (160#,170,180p.r,185p.r)

C: 200#,200,200

D: 240#,240,240,240 strict tempo

Snatches went really well today. Felt explosive in the hips after doing mobility WODS on Sunday. K. Stars new blog is a huge benefit and really is worth the extra time. Back squat went well and was perfect weight for rx'd tempo.

P.M. (3hrs later)
2:52,2:59,3:03,3:06,3:03 (1:50ish pace)

Rowing is a goat of mine especially the longer distances. I believe my pace is on target with 8-27-2010's wod. Legs were not recovered from A.M.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 185, 195, 205
B) 90, 95, 100, 105, 110 (fail on 4th rep)
C) 165, 175, 185
D) 205, 210, 210 210

Alex Duncan said...

Back from Coach B's cert this weekend and my 10lb snatch PR proved it worked!

A. 215, 225, 240 - up 40lbs from last week
B. 112.5x4,120.5x4, 129x4 then 135, 145, 155, 165, 170, 175 (PR) - all on the minute
C. 165 all sets - a bit too light
D. 195 - Focused on perfect tempo

Felt great today. Rowing in a few hours.

Chris Dunkin said...


Greg said...


Part 1:

A: 205/235/265 (strapped)
B: 90.5/97/104 (f2nd@ 78% due to loss of concentration, so no run-up... crap!) - other than the one, all reps felt very smooth and fluid today.
C: 125/135/135 (strapped) - felt better than last week, although no run-up on B, so more energy!
D: 230 across - this tempo was more achievable at this weight. I'd have to go pretty light to hold a 2 count in the hole.

Part 2:
1 2:54.6
2 2:55.3
3 2:57.2
4 2:59.4
5 2:58.5

1:48-1:51/500m was a pretty good target. Achievable for the old guy, but tough. Thanks James.

PTS said...

6'1" 193(PR!)

part 1:
A. 210x3
B. 105,115,122. up to 165(10lb PR, PS)
C. 145x3
D. 240x4.

rest 5 hours

part 2
2:38.4, 2:38.0, 2:44.5

pumped about the snatch PR. I have same problem as Brian with getting under the weight when it gets heavy. Will try to ride it to the bottom as you suggested Greg. With a bit more pull under the bar I should approach a bwt snatch.

BK said...

1: 2.48
2: 2.48
3: 2.48
4: 2.48
5: 2:47

avg 1.44-1.45

More like 90% tough on the lower back and arse for last couple

matt said...

1. 185,185,235
2.135,145,165,185, 195f,195 PR
3.ran short of time

Amazing what a little technique and strength will do for lifts. Snatch PR easily, form much better.
Squats felt strong.

Julian Cruz said...


really enjoyed this workout. Had a bad day yesterday so it was nice to get the pr.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1 5:30 AM:

A. 235, 245, 255
B. 120x4, 130x4, 135x4 then off the clock - 145, 155, 160, 170(Fail, got it up but couldn't get under it)
C. 185, 195, 200
D. 255, 260, 260

Work 7:30-3

Part 2: 3:15 Subbed running cause no rower

Notes: Legs are toast from all this running. Before the last month hadn't done almost any running the previous 4 months. Not sure if any of that was a critical drop off so just pushed my way through.

Chase said...

Part 1:

A. 245 x 3
B. 125x4/ 135x4/ 145x4 off clock 155, 165f, 165, 175f
C. 115/135/155
D. 295x4

Pulls felt stronger today, I think I'm getting used to the movement. Snatch wasn't as strong as last week, I think the speed on my drop was slow.

Erik Luber said...

A. 143, 154, 158.4 (up from 143 last week)
B. 77, 83.6, 90.2 + 101.2, 110, 116.6 (PR), 121 (PR)
C. 88, 99, 103.4 (up from 99 last week)
D. 132, 132, 143, 143

Another great training session. Super stoked about the snatch PR. I have been stuck at 115 for a long time. I can tell that my technique is definitely improving. Think I am close the 60 kg snatch, which is one of my 3 training goals for the year. Last set of D was very challenging.

David said...

A, 220, 243, 265
B. 4 singles @ 113, 121, 130 then 144, 159, 166, 170 F, 170 (pr)
C. 170, 170, 170
D. 4 sets @ 240

Grip is a big challenge on A. The snatch pr felt good, nice and deep, caught in full lockout (I think), it felt much better than the first failed attempt. Part 2 is not happening tonight, not ready for it and I'd rather be prepared for tomorrow's morning workout if it's going to be a double

OPT said...

angelo, you should have stopped after set # 2, losing 27 sec from set 1 to 3 is dropping off

Michael, there'll be plenty of dudes at your weight totalling 250 take a guess where you are in yours right now and see if there's time to make up lotsa ground or go in tight on what you'll do for the lifts and go guns a blazin for the 10 min'er

Anonymous said...


zero in the tank

PM(knew I had nothing, tried anyways)

today was totally different than friday evening, the workout on friday was hard but I could dig deep.... Today show up with nothing, left knowing that I didn't have it and for once I shut it down.

Matt Mo said...

A. 205
B. 125, 135, 145
170 f
170 f
170 ( no squat here, i lost the others going to full depth)
C. 165
D. 225

Joel B. said...

Part 1
A: 205, 215, 225
B: 110X5, 115X5, 125X5
145, 155, 160, 165 (f)
screwed up and did X5 each step. Can't help but wonder if it cost me the pr and bw sn. Probably not as I am too far out front in my novice analysis.
C: 165X3
D: 200X4

4 hrs rest

Part 2
1. 2:51.7
2. 2:49.0
3. 2:48.1
4. 2:50.1
5. 2:48.1

Jay said...

Hit 160 on the Snatch...shoulder gave out on 165


Paul Klein said...

A. 230 / 235 / 240

B. 68% 105 / 73% 115 / 78% 120
AHAP 125 / 130 / 135 / 140 / 145 / 150 / 155 / 160(PR) / 165Fail

C. 145 / 145 / 145

D. 205 / 215 / 220 / 220

Part II

1. 2:42
2. 2:44
3. 2:49
4. 2:52
I called it after four rounds, I felt a 10 second drop was critical. At least it felt critical to my lungs and legs.

Looking at a video of my snatch, I still don't get my hips to full extension before I start to pull under the bar. I assume that when I am able to fix this the weight will start to go up.

Also, I can't say what an honor and privilege it is to have both James and Greg involved here. To be able to read the thoughts and learn from two world class coaches is a huge opportunity for all of us. I can't thank you guys enough!

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1 (Didn't do it last week so had to guess on starting weights)
A. 185x3x3
B. 110x4, 117x4, 125x4. Then 135, 145, 155, 165 (PR), 170F, 170F
C. 150x5x3
D. 215x4x4

Part 2 (5 mins later)
2:40.7, 2:39.7. Kept pretty consistent paces but knew I was done after 2.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it matters for record keeping but I failed to mention in earlier post that all snatches completed were squat.

ETC said...

Part 2:

1) 2:58
2) 2:59.6
3) 3:01.7
4) 3:05.7
Felt the cliff coming so I shut it down @4 sets. Legs were toast - lungs could take more.
Is a 7 second drop off enough to stop? My body said yes to stop but I know I can dig deeper if I have to, but I don't know if it is always necessary to get better results.
Ideas here?

Alex Duncan said...

Part 2: 4 hours later


Tried to maintain a 1:45 pace. Called it after the 4th set. It was brutal.

k.jones said...

A. 275/295/315

B. 125x4/135x4145x4 up to 170 failed at 175

C. 175/195/205

D. 295/305/315/315

Part2 on 15 minutes rest

Felt terrible today eat like shit all weekend and got two hours of sleep last night. Have to get back on my diet asap

Chad Walding said...


A. 225/245/245
B. 120/130/135...then off clock 155/175/185(f)
C. 185x4
D. skipped b/c of knee pain

Notes: I'm really feeling the snatch and see what I need to work on. My setup is good, first pull is strong with good posture. I've developed good speed through middle and a good high elbow third pull. What I'm lacking is a good receiving position. I'm finding on the heavy weights getting down with too soft of a position and not riding it down like Coach Greg said.
-Freaking love the snatch though! Thanks so much to James and Greg for what you are offering us. This is so much fun and I'm learning so much from you guys!

Part 2:


F'n dead! Started breathing hard

tj.hall said...

Part 1
A.185,205(too heavy),195
B.85,95,95(stil having trouble with the OHSq portion of this movement)

Notes: felt good with the exception of my OHSq portion of the snatch. I am having a challenging time with locking my shoulders and keeping my wrists set back

Part 2
2:58.9,2:58.8,3:03.1,3:10.8(washed out!)

Notes: Rowing is a challenge but this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I new I didn't have it on the 4th set. I am pleased with my times.

Again, thanks for the great coaching.

Brandon said...

Part 2

Felt pretty good except the last one. Went to the uncomfortable place.

Danielle said...

Part A
A. Hang Snatch Dead Lift
105, 125, 125 (heavy!)

B. Snatch
55, 65, 75

C. Snatch Pull
75, 85 (was to light, ended up doing high snatch pulls), 105 this was a good weight

D. Back Squat
95, 115, 135, 140

Part B
60cals on the bike due to calf injury
4:10, 4:14, 4:33 was totally gassed after the 3rd round.

Wish I could have completed all 5, next time! My cardio sucks!

mhamilton said...

A. 155,165,175
B. 90,100,110...115,125
C. 145x3
D. 135,135,155,175



Pt 1 was great. Noticed a significant improvement from last week. Pt. 2 dropped off real fast.

Paul Klein said...

Here is a video of my 145lb snatch. The battery on the camera died after this one so this is the highest weight that I was able to capture (I hit 160 in ahap).

All help is appreciated.

Sean Cummings said...

A. 225
B. 95, 115, 125 then 135, 145, 155 (pr) all were power snatch as I still can't fully drop under weight due to hip flexor soreness.
C. 155
D. 235 all sets (felt light)

Pfeifdog said...

A. 245/275/315
B. 145/155/170...205 got failed @ 215
C. 215/225/225
D. 295 not @ 80% but jumped 20# from last week. knee still feels a little weird.

Will do part B in about an hour.

Kevin said...


part 1
a. 225, 255, 275
b. 135, 145, 155... 175, 190, 200--pr, 205
all squat-sn except 205, 205 was real ugly and hurt a little bit in rt shoulder
c. 175, 175, 185
d. 275, 300, 300, 315
lost tempo on last rep

rest ten mins

part 2

r Gaines said...

A. 205,210,220
B. 100,105,110.... 145(all sqt snatch)
C. 185, 190, 190

My sqt snatch feels fast/easy until i get to the bottom of my sqt. I drop the weights at the bottom of my sqt( I think when I start to stand). I feel like I might have a "soft" core or shoulders at the bottom.

Did not have time for part 2.

I could not post last week but I have all my weights/ time. Will post tomorrow.

Erik Luber said...



Last round was more like 99%. Recovery felt good between rounds.

Arjuna @ CFN said...

Part 1:
A. 185 all sets
B. 110-117-125
off clock, 135,145,155, 165f (160pr)
C. 145, 155, 160
D. 252 all sets, felt good

Part 2:
2:38, 2:43, 2:47, 2:55, dnf
Gotta work on my pacing abilities or lack legs and ass were on fire after 2nd row

Carrie McG said...

A. 115, 125, 135
B. 70, 75, 80
stopped here as i was feeling sluggish, tired and unfocused. this upcoming week of work is going to suck and i won't have any time to work out (out of house at 6am back at 1130pm) so i might just take the rest of the week off to rest and restore. i think i need it.

Chad Hall said...

Part 1
A: 185, 195, 195
B: 115, 125, 135 (failed first one)
C: 160, 165, 165
D: 175, 185, 175, 185

Didn't bother going up on snatch, knees and shoulder not good from 10 games of ball on the weekend. Back squat was well off 80% but starting to feel better.

Part 2 (4hrs)


Stopped, felt really gassed, had to push hard for 2:46. No stamina. Eating lots more and eating clean starting Sept. 1.

Derek said...

Part 1

A. 185, 195, 200
B. 135, 145, 155 no fails
165, 175, 185, 195(f), 195, 205(f)
C. All sets at 205
D. All sets at 255 (75%)

5 min rest

Part 2

3:00, 2:57, 3:00, 3:00, 3:05

joey warren said...

A. 255/265/275
B. 140/150/160 + 170/180/190/200(tied PR)/205(f)
C. 195lb x 3
D. 240lbx4

800m row x 5

joey warren said...

Here is a vid of my last 3 snacthes

any critiques are welcome, thanks!

JRann said...

A) 165/185/205

B) 135 x 4 145 x 4 155 x 4 (failed 2nd and 3rd) but felt good so kept going- 175/185/195(pr)/200(f)

C) 185

D) 185/205/215/225

Steve Howell said...

Part 2


Jon Sinclair said...

A. 65, 75, 85kg (don't have straps or chalk so grip was a factor)
B. 41x3, 48 (actual 68%), 51x3, 55x3... 60, 62, 65, 67, 70(f), 70 (Tie PR), 72(PR), 75(New PR!!!)

Running short of time so cut out snatch pulls because back squat is such a weakness, wanted to get to those

D. 185x4x4

Chris Castillo said...

A. 275
B. 140-150-160-170f-170f-170f
couldn't stop the forward inclination. Felt light in my second pull but my first pull felt sluggish. Back fatigued and couldn't keep my hips down.
35 ponds under old max of 205
C. 225
D. 265
squats felt really good and strong compaired to last time and I moved up 40 pounds.

1. 2:33
2. 2:41
3. 2:43
4. 2:41
5. 2:37


Brent Maier said...


Part I:
A HSnDl: 95/125/142kg (312#)
B: Snatch: Rounded up to nearest 5kg
70kg - Wow, the notch set in on the catch on this.
75kg - Nailed them!
80/85x/85x/90/95/100x/100x/100kg (220#) - OUUU, PR!

C SnPull: 90/100/110kg (242#)
D BS: 130kg (286#) - All Sets felt good.

Failed both of my 85kg and 100kg snatches with bar falling behind me. I was overpulling the 85's for sure. I wasn't going to attempt another PR today but mid workout, that all changed. I wasn't scared to dive under the bar. The knee's are bloody but I remain unbroken.

Part II: on the way.

Michael said...

Part 2

I think I''m just going to stick to this cycle Coach. I feel like both the lifts and triplet could improve but this is a great mix for that. I feel pretty confident I can get over a 230 total which isn't outstanding but will hang. Hopefully I can kill that triplet. Squat Cleans, Pull Ups, and Double Unders are all good for me.

Thanks for the help Coach let me know if you disagree and think I should change to PerformanceMenu. I saw where that program is planning to peak for the Competition weekend.

Christa said...

Part 1:
A: 85/105/125
B: 70/80/85 (squat snatched first set-the others were muscle snatch the OHS)
C: 105/115/115
D: 155

Part 2:
3:17/3:17/3:16/3:20/3:21 (This was TOUGH!)

RichJ said...

Part 1


B.)115, 120, 130

C.)205, 215, 225


Part 2

2:37, 2:48, 2:40, 2:42, 2:42

Steve said...

Part 1:
A. 245/255/255
B. 165x4,175-y/y/x/x,185-x,y,y,x
C. 205/215/215
D. 300

6 hours Later

Part 2:

Snatch felt terrible today. Row wasn't bad, can't wait to hit it again and forget about today's snatch routine.

Christa said...

Part 1:
A: 85/105/125
B: 70/80/85 (squat snatched first set-the others were muscle snatch then OHS)
C: 105/115/115
D: 155

Part 2:
3:17/3:17/3:16/3:20/3:21 (This was TOUGH!)

Pfeifdog said...

Part 2:

felt good, I had a good breathing rhythm for about first min. of every round, but after that it I struggled to caught my breath.

Steve Howell said...


nice work bro! thats a solid PR congrats!

Bryan Miller said...

Part 2


4 hours later
1RM Power Clean 250#
1RM Front Squat 270
split jerk 3x3 @205#
Squat snatch 3x3 @155#

Mike Perolio said...

Also Did 3k Run This Morning

B. Snatch 68%-95, 73%-100, 78%-105 rest 1min
C. 145
D. 210

Part 2: Row Ints5x800 Did This First.
3:15, 3:10, 3:04 3:05, 3:06

Still working on rowing. Got lots of work on that. Not happy by any means with that. But it will get better.

Everything else felt really good today.

Brent Maier said...


30 min following Part I.
Picked Joey's time as my goal tonight. Kept it going up until the last 300m of the 3rd round. Haven't eaten since mid day snack, running on fumes. I could have held 1:45 but shut it down like you said coach.


Dustin said...

A)205, 225, 245
B)140, 150, 160 +175, 195, 205.
C) 185, 195, 205
D) 224, 245, 255, 265
Rested 20 Minutes


**Row needs to get better**

Chelsea said...

a. 135, 155, 165
b. 80, 90, 95
115 (f)
need confidence on the snatch because 95 is not super heavy, but my technique limits me. max is 120 and failing 115# two weeks in a row sucks!
c. 115 for all sets, tried to pull it to my chest,
d. 145# for all 3 sets. felt great and strong

Pt 2: REALLLY F'd that one up!!!! went too fast in the beginning.

PRM said...

Part 1 (done 6 hrs after part 2)
A. 185, 195, 195
B. 65,75,85 x4 on the min, then 90 and 95.
C. 115, 125, 130
D. 205, 220, 220, 220(x3)

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


Called it after two. 6.5 sec drop off

Jonathan Thom said...


Brian Maier said...

Greg...thank you so much for the pointers. I know you're busy and I sincerly appreciate your help.

Part 2:

Row felt good tonight...definitely could have gone more rounds. Should have pushed harder.

JRann said...

Pt. 2 (1 hour rest)


Didn't challenge myself enough

Stahl said...

Part I - had to ado affiliate WOD instead. "Airforce" WOD but with DL instead of thrusters for first exercise. Should be back on OPT full time tomorrow.

Part II - on old rower that only kept the splits.
2:47 (1:44.9)
2:48 (1:45.1)
2:47 (1:44.6)
2:47 (1:44.8)
2:47 (1:44.5)

Legs smoked. Last two were more than 95%.

Julian Cruz said...



stopped there because i want to hit the double tomorrow and it will be my fourth day training in a row. i want to give myself a little rest to go hard.

John@CFWC said...

Part 1
A. 155, 175, 195#
B. 125, 135, 145
C. 165, 175, 185
D. 205, 215, 225, 225

Part 2, 1 hour later

Ben Priestley said...

part 1: (12:30pm)
A. 165#x3 sets (straps for first 2 sets)
B. 85#x4, 91.5#x4, 97.5# f,1,1,1;
Was feeling pretty good on those last 3, so I went up at a quick pace. 105#, 115, 125-f and shut it down.
C. 125# x3 sets used straps
D. 165# x4 sets
Notes: Felt rushed due to work schedule

part 2: (8:00pm)
3:00, 2:56, 2:55, 2:52*, 2:54
Notes: 4th set felt like 95%, was a 1:48/500m pace. Tank felt empty going into wod. I look at times and suspect I have a warmup issue.

Thad said...

A. 215, 225, 235
B. 100, 110, 115
No time to do much extra
C. 150 x 3
D. 210 x 4

Times seem slow but rows were hard, didn't allow enough time after eating for this WOD.I think that would have made a big difference

Heavy Evy said...

A. 243,258,273
B. 115,125,133(xffx)squat snatch
C. 143,153,177
D. 243

Great tips, going to not worry so much about the full squat and just ride it down as mentioned.

part 2


Probally too much of a drop off there but I really feel I need the endurance work, and felt I could keep everything under 3min....just.

Larry Pastor said...

A. 185LB
B. 100-110-120-135-145-155(f)-155(f)


Stephen B. said...

Part 1:
B.125x4/135x4/145x4/155/165/175*/190(whole bunch of fails so called it)

Rest 10 min

Part 2:
times: 2:57/2:56/2:57/2:57/2:56
pace: 1:50 all sets

B. 175# was a power snatch 190#, I got under the bar fast, fully locked-out, but failed in the bottom position every time.
D. I think my back squat has gone up...wasn't struggling too much with the weight or tempo

first time ever achieving this kind of consistency...felt fully recovered each set

Anonymous said...


A. 95-100-105
B. Rounded up ~3# for these. 60-65-70
C. 75-85-90
D. Scaled to 115 for all 4

Skipped part 2 due to headache.

Marcus Filly said...

Norcal Chris and I went for a light Part 2. Subbing airdyne to give our backs a break.

2:40 intervals x5 w/ same rest
*never reached critical point

Robin Lyons said...

AM: Christine Met Con

1. 135,155,165lb HSnDL
2A. 82lb
2B, 90lb
2C. 95lb
3. 125,135,135lb CP

Siu said...

Part 1:
A. 145lbs for all sets
B. 75lbsx5, 80lbsx5, 85lbsx5, 95lbsx1, 105lbsx1, 110lbs(f)
C. 125lbs for all sets
D. 185lbs for all sets

(rested ~10 minutes)
Part 2:

Really liking this work as it is forcing me to correct a lot of bad habits by breaking down the various parts of the lift. I struggle between the balance of focusing on good technique vs. overthinking the movement so hopefully breaking it down into pieces will work. Biggest focus area right now is 1) making sure the bar stays on legs till above knee for the redip and 2) getting more aggressive diving under the bar.

My boyfriend asked me this weekend, "If for some reason, 2011 Games were the very last Games you could compete in (for whatever reason), what would you start doing differently today?"

After some pouring down of thoughts on paper and some really really great conversation, I've refocused and recommitted myself to being the best version of me, starting now.

Brian Gregory said...

Part 1 at 1400

A. 190, 210, 220#
B. 135, 145, 155 all 12 completed on the min successfully. Singles - 170, 180, 180F
C. 205# all 3 sets
D. 255, 265, 265, 270#

Part 2 at 2000

Sub'd 3min on airdyne for row
1 - 103 cals at 5
2 - 107 at 5.5
3 - 110 at 6
4 - 110 at 6
5 - 114 at 7

Notes: Not feeling strong on snatches at all today. Felt unstable in OH position. R shoulder pain that I should have addressed before wod i.e. Lacrosse ball. Stopped early on snatches and frustrated. Squat was supposed to be 280# at rx'd %, too heavy today.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Day late, part 1:
A. 185x3;190x3;200x3
C. 121x5;129x5;134x5
D. 221x4x4x4x4
2 sets Petersen step-ups to finish.

Soren K said...

Sorry, very busy at the moment and no internet connection.

COACH, i am stressed out and have a lot on the plate, so I have not done the met cons but focused on the technique work. the stress should get better within a week.
Any problems with that, or am I missing out?

A: 85,100,110 kg
B: 5@46,49,51, continued up and recorded a 72 kg - 4 kilos more than last week, and another PR. Didn't even feel great, mind was somewhere else!
C: 64kg x 5 x3
D: 82x4x4



Pete @ CFN said...

A. 205
B. 100, 110, 120, up to 145
C. Skipped..time constraints
D. 235

2:35, 2:37…stopped on round three with no gas left in tank.