sun, aug 8, 2010

5 rounds for time:
25 unbroken wall balls - 20/14# to 10ft
10 unbroken CTB chin ups

post time to comments
rest on Monday


soren said...

did anyone notice the amount of PR done on the splits yesterday - i didn't count but looks like close to 20%!

Another miss on this one, shoulders are not happy, will hit a sprint run and some Front Squats!



Stahl said...

Just want to clarify a standard: I assume that "unbroken" on wall balls means that you can't stop at all, not that you can stop as long as the ball doesn't hit the floor.

Is that right?

That's how I did it the last time, but I want to make sure.


Paul Klein said...


Unbroken means 25 reps straight through. If you fumble the ball and it hits the floor on rep 24, you start that set over. If you pause on the catch to take a few breaths, you start that set over. Basically, make sure you are rested enough to hit 25 straight but don't rest so long that you aren't challenged. It is a great mental test and a chance for you to learn how hard you can really push yourself.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Man I like it when James is on the east coast; post times are way earlier! Don't see me doing this WOD at the hall tomorrow and the CTBs are iffy with the elbow issues.

Arjuna Smith said...

Yeah, I'm loving the early posts too! I'm always to anxious to go to bed before he posts. Ha

soren said...

did something else, same numbers, different order, to take pressure of shoulder:

10 Front squats at 80kg (80%)
25 UB Box jumps


Legs felt, actually feel funny!


Anonymous said...

forced to do an early morning WOD on empty stomach,(11:00 flag football). Totally different experience mentally. Lactate pooled quickly and my body hated it, paced it about right for me, shoulders and forearms on fire....


post-wod; 2 scoops refeul plus greens; 30 min after 2cups goats milk, 1 pint raspberries

Anonymous said...

excellent program! could have pushed it a bit harder but was kinda scared of not being able to complete the rounds

Rainer Hartmann said...

Shoulders were done after that.

Anonymous said...


Rested just about right between WB's and PU's.

David said...

12:51 as Rx'ed.

All unbroken, very happy with that. Solid contact with bar each time and not even the slightest pause on WB. The timing seemed about right, that last set of WB was a big challenge.

Chris Dunkin said...


w/20lb vest and 25lb ball

Greg said...

From Friday:

Squat Clean/MU - scaled to 135# and seated MU (~6" overhead).


I find the seated MU a hard progression than the jumping MU since it works the transition much harder. Was trying to find a weight that would be hard, but allow me to stay under 10 min, so happy here.

Martin Altemark said...


Got the chance to train with ex-Big Dawg Jenny Jacobsen today, who came for a visit together with her son. She finished in 8:32. She's doing other programming since failing to qualify for the games at European Regionals, but she'll be back.

Anthony said...

11:50 as RX'd.

Rest was just right to keep the wall balls challenging. From 22-25 on the last rounds I was hurting.

All C2B's were fast and to sternum.

I did today's WOD fasted and pretty hungry to see how I would feel. I had my doubts during warm up felt quite good once I got started. Recovery was good.

Lars said...

No equipment for wall balls or pull ups so just did Tabata squats. Back at it on Tuesday.

Drew said...

as Rx'd 10:00.

Probably could have shortened the rest between the rounds a little but I didn't want to break the wallballs and repeat the round. All pull ups were sternum to bar and felt fast and fluid.

mike mcnaughton@CFN said...

12:31 w/ 22# basketball.

All unbroken.

Pete @ CFN said...


Arjuna Smith said...

Today's wod


joey warren said...


all unbroken, little rest b/t sets, felt good

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

'Masters Scaled' to 80%
(20 UB WB's, 8 UB CTB pull-ups per round)

Marcus Filly said...

5:51 rx

good WOD for me today after two days of not being able to go rx'd. spaced my wallball and pull up bar about 10 ft apart. used a few breaths/walk as my rest.

Carrie McG said...

so my time today is awful.. but unbroken wall balls to 10ft are a really big struggle for me so I'm considering today a victory :) did UB reg pullups instead of c2b.. Not quite there yet. Wall balls as rx'd.

Chad Hall said...

Happy with this. Knee is sore now, time to ice. Took 5-15 breaths between pull up back to wall ball, worked well.

Emilio said...

had to break on wall balls.

k.jones said...

All unbroken felt really good and fast today.


Joel B. said...

Unable to train at work yesterday so did both today with 10 min between.

15# pr on split jerk! 225# jerk, 46 burpees.

10:27 on today's training

unit said...

no vest... 20lb med ball


r Gaines said...


Erik Luber said...

12:00 (Done with 15.4# medball)

Been a while since I have dug that deep. Unbroken WBs kill me. Ready for a rest day.

NorCal Chris said...


Nice work Marcus!! I left a bit too much rest in beginning but laid it out for last two.

Soooo happy to be home from Vegas. Not my favorite place in the world.

markus willard said...


Paul Smith said...


Probably took longer than needed b/t chins and wall balls.

Dustin said...

Forgot to post yesterdays WOD Results

Split Jerk (from Rack Position) - 275 PR
Burpees - 45

Anonymous said...


Made up Saturday.
56.82 (125#, PR by 10) + 36 = 92.86

Anonymous said...


Misread and thought that wall balls were only item unbroken. Wall balls were tough as I almost broke on round 4.

Chest to bar chin ups were all unbroken until 4 and 5th round where I broke at 5.

Focused on breathing techinque from Glute ham/dip excersise few weeks ago. Sets 1-3 I took 5 breaths from wall balls to chin ups. Sets 4-5 I took 8-10 breaths.

Dustin said...


**All Unbroken - felt pretty good**

PTS said...


Mandy 9:14 with 12lb ball and scaled to 18 unbroken WB and 7 chins.

Chris Martin said...

not rx`d-gym didn`t have a 20lb ball, nearest i coud find was 15lbs.
Sloppy on the form about 1-2in from sternum.
time- 8:40

Jonathan Thom said...

15:25 rx...absolutely crushed me. One of the hardest wods I've done in recent memory. Would have been hard enough without the unbroken, but that changes everything! You are all beasts!

Visiting my parents so I fashioned myself an "again faster style" pull-up bar out of an old barbell. Made the pulls pretty interesting.

Alex Duncan said...


Only had 15lb Ball, so I did the wall balls standing on an inverted bosu ball. It was a wobbly good time and smoked the legs.

All sets unbroken. Chin-ups strong and high.

Poly said...

Got to ball for 5th rd in about 6:30, and body seized up on me. I have been doing empty stomach workouts for a while to decrease my mass, but I also forgot that all I drank this morning pre workout was coffee. Oops.

Krazy said...

Rx'd 6:47

So the CrossFit Gods decided to mind F$*% me today. I started the timer and crushed my first round in under a min and was beginning my second round when the timer beeped out. I forgot that the timer was set for 1 min intervals from our CF Kids classes yesterday. So I had to stop and restart my WOD. Don't mess with the CrossFit Gods!!!

Brandon said...


3 rounds felt great, last 2 were terrible. Might have spent too much time between CTB and WB...the good news is my kip for CTB finally feels good like regular pullups and COVP.

Steve Howell said...

7:17 rx

*chest and shoulders are smoked from the last couple days.
*I took too much rest between the wall balls and chins, should have gone right into the then taken a little long rest between the bar and wall balls.

this wod felt much better then the wall ball/chins from regionals

brian cilento said...

i was away this weekend and missed both of the work outs, BUT i wanted to post the correct time for SC/MU workout from friday... 8:45 not 7:55, no idea where i go that number from. i guess my mind was in no shape to do math after that one.

Kevin said...



same problem as a few others--rested too long btwn bar and WBs. Was worried about dropping the ball and repeating a round. Actually felt really good about my time until I logged on here, but I guess that's why I'm here. Great job today, guys!

Stephen B. said...

Schedule is a little hectic these days. Will hit this tomorrow. Very excited. 2 of my favorite exercises. Some sick times today!!

Heavy Evy said...


CTB BF getting better. My goal was sub 10 so happy with it. WB's were to a peice of tape 10' up on a 4" pole, made it a nice challenge as if you didn't hit square you'd have to shuffle lateraly to catch.

Some sick times today, anybody in the 6min realm is freaky freaky!

Geoff Long said...

Did today's workout at home with
17# of DB's for thrusters to sub for wall balls

thrusters unbroken
chin ups another story - 10, 10, 6+4, 5+3+2, 4+3+2+1
total time: 13:40


Stahl said...


Happy b/c WB are not my strength, but next time I'll try to cut my rest down and not worry about failing on a set. Today focused on no missed reps, but maybe could have cut the rest down.

John@CFWC said...

Made up the Friday's WOD today.
Squat clean 155#
Spent way too much time on the MUs. Missed 3 or for of them I'd like to have back. Can't remember hurting that bad in a WOD in a while.

Lucas said...

Back after a short break,

Did this one in 9:42

Steve Howell said...

*marcus that time is insane bro! awesome work

Brian Gregory said...

29 / 171#

Yesterday's WOD

Split Jerk 118kg + 54 burpees = 172

Notes: Ran out of time due to plans to go tubing. I believe I had 270# plus today. 260 felt fast even after a miss at 250 and 260. Burpees could have been a little faster. Jump was just over a foot to ceiling.
4.5 hrs sleep at work last night

Mike Molloy said...


dh said...


Took too much rest between exercises but didn't want to repeat a round. Great workout.

Kyle F said...


Wall balls hurt. C2B no problem. Push harder next time.

dh said...

Brian Maier,
I meant to ask you this the other day - would you mind sharing your recipe for the Homemade organic protein bar you talked about on the food day? I'm interested in what you put in it and how you make it. I've tried something like that before and it turned out inedible....

Anonymous said...

Pen and ink is wits plough...................................................................

Andy said...


The wallballs were not to bad, but ctb pullups were the limiting factor had to rest more on last two sets. Much needed rest day tomorrow...especially for a monday.

Brian Maier said...

dh.... the homemade protein bar recipe I use is from Tommy Hackenbruck's nutrition coach, Terry Shanahan. They are awesome. Here's the recipe:

Notes: This is a great snack that can be made in bulk, and stored in containers for about a week and does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. The following recipe makes approximately forty bars. The ingredients should be placed in a large bowl

Coconut Oil in pan
3 eggs
1.5 cups Whole Milk
4 Tbsp Raw Cream
1/2 Cup Almond Meal
1/2 Cup Shredded Coconut
1/3 Cup Sunflower Seeds
1/3 Cup Flax Meal
1 Cup Walnuts chopped
6-8 Scoops of Chocolate Protein Powder
½ jar of natural peanut butter
3.5 Cups Rolled Oats
4 Tbsp Stevia
2 Tbsp of cinnamon
4 Tbsp Raw Honey
1 Cup of water

15-18 minutes
380 degrees
**Spray deep cookie tray with nonstick spray

*Exact macronutrient ratio’s to be determined based on your individual Metabolic Type, Food Sensitivities, personal goals and objectives. This recipe is designed for extremely active elite athletes and may need adjustments to meet your individual needs.

Brian Maier said...

10 days post hernia surgery and I'm feeling great. Doctor has cleared me to ease back in to my conditioning so I attempted some light workouts this weekend.

15mile bike ride
3mile easy run(8min/mile pace)

Scaled FGB to the following:

3 rounds:
1min 20lb/h db thrusters(30,25,25)
1min 65# SDLHP(25,20,20)
3min row at 2:00/500m pace
1min rest

10min rest

5X1000's w/ 5min rest b/t runs

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

12:32 rx'd

matt said...

Split Jerk 265, 285Fx2
54 burpees

Need to work on depth of SJ. I don't quite trust myself to "buy in" and drop all the way down.

irvine said...

all five sets unbroken


Travis Rask said...


No CTB today. At station.

unit said...

nice sj... but the score is calculated with the sj in kg... unless that is in kg, in which case even nicer done...

Ben Priestley said...

17:23 rxd

On rd3, I lost focus and dropped wb after 22nd rep, had to redo, which sucked bad.

Splits- 1:42, 3:54, 9:19, 13:51, 17:23

Excellent wod, coach.

Chris Castillo said...


Siu said...

A little behind on my posting so bare with me!

I attended the CF Level 1 Cert at Rogue this weekend so I took Friday off to get some personal things in order. The weekend was amazing and just grew my love for Crossfit. We had an amazing training staff that included Chris Spealler, Eric O' Conner, Miranda Oldroyd, EC Synkowski, Doug Chapman, Joe "No Pain" and the Fittest Man on Earth himself, Graham.

As for the WODs:
8/7/10 Fran - 5:34
8/8/10 12 min AMRAP with partner -
Person 1 does 10 wall balls
Person 2 sprints distance of the warehouse + 10 pushups + sprint back
(rotation happens when both partners finish their station)
6 rounds + 8 wall balls

It was great to get re-grounded in the fundamentals and I'm ready to continue my journey in Crossfit!

Geoff Aucoin said...


Lots of walking around between sets, I still have no gas. First test of CTBs since the regionals, they were good but suffered a bit there.

dh said...

I appreciate you posting the recipe. They sound awesome and don't look too hard to make. I'm going to have to give it a shot.

Thanks again,

Bin said...


All sets unbroken; PU were no problem, it was the wallballs that were causing me grief. First issue was shoulder fatigue, and after that just kept running out of gas towards the end of the sets. Went straight through first two rounds, but then had to rest after pull-ups to make sure I didn't break any of the wallball rounds.

Brian Gregory said...

Did this Wod on Monday afternoon

All unbroken @ 8:10

Was shooting for sub 8, with 30 secs btwn rds. Went a little over on last 2 rds. Some time walking from outside to pullup bar in garage. Could have probably made it 25 secs and finished UB.

Brian Gregory said...

Shoulders and lats still pretty sore, even more so than yesterday. Def affected WB and pullups today. Lacrosse ball is helping though.

Sean Cummings said...


Had to start rd 3 over at 7, due to a large drop(s) of sweat that fell into my eye and started burning like heck.

Grant said...

First WOD(s) back from the games. 3 weeks rest. Feels like starting over from scratch.

Sat Aug 07 10AM @ OPT. BW 182#
SJ's: 110/132/155/165/175/185/185
40 jumping PUB's in 3 minutes (12")

Sun Aug 08 @ 10AM @ OPT
5 rnds unbrkn 20#WB & 10 CTB
didn't do the CTB butterfly. Did gymnastic. Huge rest to slow myself back into it. Unbrkn though.

Bear said...

In the woods first a team-wod with my girlfriend.

3 rounds
50 m partner carry
100 m sprint
50 m partner carry
10 burpees
Time: 5:14 min

Rest 10 min

5 rounds
25 unbroken 10 liter water can-thruster (ca 10 kg)
10 unbroken "explosive" ring rows (feet ca 40 cm below rings)
Time: 8:13 min

My girlfriend finished the team-wod aswell carrying me in 9:23 min, really proud of her! Martin Altemark texted me the wod and I tried to mimic it to the best of my ability. The water can felt as an good sub, but maybe 15 liters would have been better. The ring rows felt worse than CTB, but I´ll never know if that´s really true.

Btw, avoided the wolfs but the old pike lured in the reed ;)

John@CFWC said...

Hit the split jerk/burpee WOD today (Monday)
Split jerk (#)
205, 215, 225, 235, 245(F), 245(F), 240
Burpees in 3:00- 45
Total score: 109kg+45=154
First real go at the split jerk. 240 was a 25# PR over my best push jerk.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

made up sun WOD and only did 3X.

22min ish for only 3X. had lots of issues with the CTB! learned today that when you post UNBROKEN they MUST be unbroken! no matter what! didnt know that soooo...after i bitched for a few, got pissed off b/c my grip kept failing i finally got through them!

All wallball's were unbroken, those were pretty easy from me. They started to kick my butt @ the end.

CTB had to use a blue band to make them unbroken.

Greg said...

Split Jerk/Burpee:

Burpees- 35

Score: 126

Angelo Fosco said...


Split jerk + burpees today.

Split jerk: 205,215,225,235,245,255,260(PR by 15lbs!)

Burpees: 52

Jerk: 118kg
Burpees: 52
Total: 170

markus willard said...

What's up guys, James, Big Dawgs..being that I've been out of crossfit for 1/2 a year, would you recommend I stay true to the W.O.D's here, or supplement with some strength training as well (ie 5x5 of all the major lifts)...anything info would for example, get in an endurance run, maybe work on some gymnastics? what's your take?

Marshall said...

7 Aug WOD- Split Jerk 215#(98kg's) plus 55 burpees for 153 total.

8 Aug WOD- 9:55. working on getting a wall ball, sub'd 25# DB thrusters. CTB CU's felt easy today.

Fell behind on Sat. My work schedule is taking a toll. I'm just taking it as it comes, paying attention to how I feel each day and how my warm up goes. My sleep and rest time are both sub-optimal right now.

Marcus Filly said...

thanks steve, felt good to come back strong after a couple bad workouts

mhamilton said...



Broken after 19 reps into the second set of wall balls.

Eric G. said...

I've been a slacker on posting the last few days. I apologize.

Saturday 8/7:
Combined 8/7 & 8/6 WODs minus the burpees.

Split Jerk from Rack

Rest 10 Mins

Squat Clean #155
Muscle Ups

1st time ever doing rack jerks, definitely took some getting used to. Tied my standard Split Jerk 1RM. Definitely have a lot left once I get used to the movement.

Monday 8/9:
8/8 WOD

5 Rounds:
25 Unbroken Wall Ball #20
10 Unbroken CTB Chin Ups (Overhand)

Chinups were the only hard part, just didn't have much energy left. Had a 5 Mile run 1t 5:45am for PT (43:27), followed by 4 hours of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Really this was my 3rd workout of the day, but I was a day behind and tomorrow is an off day due to a 12 hour day at the academy.

Overall I am a little tired from all of the work today and have a nasty carb craving still lingering from this morning's run, but I feel solid and tomorrow will be a much needed off day.

Noah said...

13:26 Rx'd, took too much rest but wanted to be sure to get the 25 wallballs unbroken. It was a learning experience but will be able to do a workout that includes unbroken wallballs faster.

Stephen B. said...

Aug. 9 (day late)

Wb/ctb wod: 9:34 rx'd

Wanted sub-8 but not today...blazed through first three rounds...finished 4th at about 6:45 then cramped the fck up so I backed off a bit more before 5...didn't struggle at all with chins...great wod!

Alex said...

Only first 2 sets of Wall Balls Unbroken
CTB all UB


No great, but not bad.

Chase said...


Probably rested too long between sets, but that's part of the program, love this stuff, can't wait to get back on it seriously.