sat, aug 28, 2010

Man consists in what he thinks and what he loves and there is nothing else in man. If these two grand parts of man, the will and the understanding, be separated it means insanity, disorder, death.

From the rack, build to a max jerk in 12 min
Rest 3 min
21,15,9 rep rounds for time:
CTB Chin Ups
Burpees to object 12" above max reach
Rest 6 min
Run 800 m x 1

post high load and times to comments
rest on Sunday


Anthony said...

Yeah baby!!!!!

DAVE X said...

Nothing better than early posts!

Mike Perolio said...

This looks like FUN!

markus willard said...

If I can't get consecutive C2B PUs.. stay with kipping or break into sets to hit a legit chest to bar?

BK said...

1. 250 PR(previous 245)
2. 4.53
3. 2.51
Awesome having Brian Cilento back in the box to train with at 6 bells this morning. Trained on empty stomach, felt great.
adductors and hammys hurting on final 300 in the run.

brian cilento said...

right back at you BK, great feeling to be back @ CFP...
1. 230 pr
2. 4:58
3. 2:55

yesterday's workouts:
a:95 for all (felt if i went up it would turn into power snatch)

broke on 2 sets of DU

OPT said...

markus, all CTB no matter how long it takes, these are not required to be unbroken

Greg said...

Not a great morning:

Jerk: 200, ties previous PR

couplet: 7:43, kipping pulls vice CTB
run: 3:42 (3 turnarounds)

Brian Gregory said...

Would you rather the jerk be from in front or in back?
I'm used to "from the rack" meaning a rack jerk (behind the head position).

Johan R CF Kalmar said...

90 kg
6:20 min
3 min on training bicycle: 1,34 km

matt said...

1. 275 PR
3. 3:04

Felt I could have gone higher on Jerk but ran out of time.
C2B pullups all unbroken, burpee's slow.
Need to pick up the run an fight through the first 400m.

matt said...


What is a healthy ratio of CJ max to Split Jerk max?

Jay said...

245 Jerk
6:45 on the couplet

Burpees wrecked me on the couplet

David said...


A. 241
B. 6:16
C. 3:14

Jerk is 15 lbs under my best, 241 felt good but ran out of time. Did 3 sets in first 3 minutes then 1 effort every 3 minutes with the last effort at 11:50. The CTB's felt great, the burpees not so much. My target was 13 1/5" to the flooring between the joists in my basement gym. The run, slow as it was, felt better than my running in the recent past. Looking forward to some rest.

Brian Gregory said...

I have an older airdyne and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to keep track of calories for the WOD's?

Here's a (WFS) link to a monitor like the one I have :

Thanks in advance.

Danielle said...

Part A (Shoulder Press due to pulled calf)
65, 85, 90, 95 (F,F,F)
Part B
21 – 15 – 9 CTB (got a few CTB, but not all. Push-ups instead of burpees)
Part C
Row 800m – 3:42, calf a little sore, but not enough to stop.

Wish I could have done the rx’d WOD today, would have been great!

Drew said...

A. 225
B. 4:49 ( could have gone faster but the pullup bar on the squat cage in my garage is kind of low so i couldnt get a real good kip, and when i did get a good kip my head hit the ceiling)
C. 3:00(200m down hill, 200m up hill x2, I ran with my watch and dropped it on the 2nd down hill so I had to slow down on the way back to grab it, I really need to get the band fixed on that watch)

Anonymous said...


130 (10# pr!)

Marcus Filly said...

DNF... two workouts in a row for me. I bailed on PM yesterday. Today I started building on the jerks and on my last effort at 265 as I unracked the bar I felt a really bad tweak in my neck and was done.

This is the 3rd or 4th week in a row of me having a really crappy friday and saturday of workouts. Poor sleep towards end of week and spotty nutrition.

Very disappointed and frustrated.

Paul Klein said...

1. 255lbs
Failed twice at 270, I got under it both times but couldn't get it locked out. I strained something in between my shoulder blades. It hurts to hold my head straight. Any ideas?

2. 5:49 burpees were painfully slow

3. 3:56
My 800m route is more like 850m.

irvine said...

3:19 on a treadmill

my hands hurt and are ripped from the previous pull up run WOD. left shoulder felt loose, couldn't link my pullups. my shin splints are screaming.

MrsPTS said...

1. #95 (PR'ed @ #105 on Thursday with C&J)
2. 10:50 - no CTB, but did PR consecutive pullups with 10 the first round and 8 the second.
3. 3:45

Krazy said...
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Krazy said...

Great WOD!

1. 265lbs PR (previous 235lbs)

2. 3:59
-This one was in my power house!

3. 2:49
-running form went to hell

tj.hall said...

Jerk - 220 pr (from 215 set 2 days ago)
Couplet - 7:10.40, this sucked form me, although, I am happy with my CTBs, they were not unbroken but stronger than ever
Run - 3:00.38, this was slow, I am not fast to begin with (pr 2:41) but everything felt heavy today

All in all, great week! Thanks

Jonathan Thom said...

Jerk - 225 pounds (pr)
Couplet - 5:57
Run - 2:59

Jerks felt awesome. Couplet and run...not so much.

k.jones said...

A. 245 ran out of time included my warmup in time not sure if i was suppose to do that.

B. 5:03

C. 2:46

Mike Perolio said...

Part I. Hit a new PR at 190
Part II. 6:44.... Bull Shit Time. Was getting talked to between
Part II. 3:05 for a 860m Run (GPS Watch)

Pretty happy with happy with this. minus the Couplet.

The Jerk Felt Pretty Solid. A little stick in the last part of the press but my hips went a lot more forward. (Thanks Coach Greg and Coach James for the Jerk Balance)

I had my dad, brother and everyone else come and talk to me. I restarted it after the first time someone came out and was on like 13 C2B Pull ups. Burpees where not as fast as I would have liked. Still working on my better pull up bar. (Currently use a rig like the Rogue mobile pull up bar)

The run was good. It was my block and it came out to just around 860m. The last portion had a slight hill in it and then kicked the last portion out to the finish.

Mike Perolio said...

Also Great job everyone!

Christa said...

Hello to all of you,
I never properly introduced myself in my first post or gave any stats as I saw others have done and I wanted to give a little more info about myself.

I am 5'5, 140lb, and have been doing CrossFit for 2 yr. I started when I was living in Maryland in 2008, continued last year when I was living in Vancouver for 2009, and am now back in Maryland permanently following the blog. Not sure if you want to know any other specifics, but I am excited get to know everyone and join in this training.

1. 115lb (120lb started to press out, so stayed lighter to work technique)
2. 5:46
3. 3:35

Adam Rogers said...

Jerk - 245lbs

Chin-ups/burpees - 4:53

800m run - 2:40

Notes: Failed twice at 265 on the jerk, PR is 260.

CTB's felt pretty good, broke once on the second and twice on third.

Run felt good too, starting to get my lungs back after my strength focus.

Paul Smith said...

1. 300#!!!!! (5# PR but also huge milestone for me)

2. 4:26

3. 2:56

First full week strictly following paleo diet. I thought I would feel weak for a couple weeks while my body adjusted but felt great today. Just received Nutrition 101 DVD yesterday, can't wait to watch.

NorCal Chris said...

1. 195
2. 4:54
3. 2:52

Disappointed with my met con these days.
1. Too much time with lower weights, ran out of time and failed at 215
2. CTB: UB, 10/3/2, 8/1. Burpees slow
3. Still breathing after 5 min. Joke how my metcon is gone.

John@CFWC said...

245# in the jerk (5# PR)
5:14 in the couplet. Burpees were sloooooow
2:45 in the 800m (1 sec off PR)

Legs were really feeling last night's rows.

Steve Howell said...

Paul Smith, nice work bro!

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 260lbs (Tied PR)
B. 4:15
C. 3:29...was absolutely destroyed from part B.

Notes: Could not dip and drive at all. Barely tied my PR and failed on 265lbs twice. Part B crushed me, laid on the ground for 3 of my 6 minutes rest between B and C.

Lars said...

Today was catch up day.

Yesterday's AM.

A. 95, 95, 105, 105, 115
B. 130 on all sets
C. 135, 140, 145, 155

Rested 20 min


Max jerk 275....pissed I missed 295twice, should have had it:(

C2B + Burpees = 4:57

800m run = 3:21

No gas left for the run. Probably did a little too much all together today, but had no time.

Anonymous said...

A)155/175/198/218/228/242/252/262(pb) easy!!! ran out of time.
rest 3 min
rest 6 min
C)3:33 out of gas!!!

PWO: 600ml goats milk

yesterday after 2nd WOD, overate on meat and Yams, felt real good today!!!

calebg said...

1: 245 (failed @ 265, got it up easy, but couldn't stand it up)

2: couplet in 3:56. (Burpess were awful)

3: 800 meter run in 2:47 (gasses on the last 400)

This was a great week. I love the programming. This is only my third time posting, but I plan on jumping in all the way with the Big Dawgs. Thanks for the wonderful programming, OPT. Looking forward to being a part of all of it. Hopefully I will see you at a CCP soon; maybe in Florida, as it is close to TN.

Marcus Filly said...

*came back after coaching some members this morning. motivated by their efforts so I did their workout. an hour later i felt ok to do C2B/burpee

C2B rx'd (had to redo 3 reps on final round of 9)
Burpee without 12" jump

*neck has loosened up a little bit but still is very stiff. Strange experience. literally I unracked 265 and stepped away to jerk. didn't make it but 1 second and my neck totally spazed and tweeked.

Steve said...

A. 300lbs (PR)
B. 5:59
C. 2:41

The burpees were brutal, 21 and 15 took me way too long. Jerk felt great and the run has always been a struggle with me. Great day, glad it's over.

Erik Luber said...

1. 165 lbs (tied PR)
2. 5:09
3. 2:59

Really happy about todays results. First time in a long long time since I have felt that extra punch. Split jerk at 165 felt very smooth, no press out, fast and deep. With more time think I could hit 170. For CTB/burpee thought I would be more in the 6 min range, based on my performance from the last big dawgs comp. Did all the PUs and burpees unbroken today. This made a huge difference, not getting on and off the bar saves a lot of time. Also missed 2 burpees on the last round, could have got sub 5.

In the last week I have been playing around with my fueling. Eating the same stuff, but quite a bit more. I think I have been pretty underfed for a long time, given the volume/intensity of training we do. I definitely feel more energized than I have in a quite a while.

Brian Maier said...

1) 235lbs (255# PR set 6 weeks ago before hernia surgery) didn't feel comfortable going any heavier today

2) 5:49 - CTB's killed me

3) 2:39 - felt good

4 1/2 weeks post surgery and it feels great getting close to max effort again. Should be at 100% by end of September for the OPT Championship.

Michael said...

Jerk- 265
Couplet- 4:53
800- 3:23

Frustrated with the jerk. Max is 275 which is still not great considering my press is 210. Really hoping this next 3 weeks improves my speed a lot.

Run could have pushed harder. Rested about 20 minutes waiting on partner to finish and ran another one in 2:58

OPT or anyone I think I'm going to be doing the USAW/CrossFit event in October. Are we going to stick to this type of training until then b/c if so I think It's spot on for what I need.

If not do you recommend me stick with this or go to Performance menu or my own programming just focused on oly lifting.

PRM said...

A. 175 (PR by 3#). Felt I had more left, but out of time.
B. 6:44. Still have shoulder issues preventing strong & consecutive kips. Lots of singles.
C. 2:50

joey warren said...

Jerk = 270 (10lb PR)
now I just need to be able to clean that!
CTB/burpee= 3:28
800m run = 2:49

Anonymous said...

1. 135#,185,205,215*

I twice put 225# overhead which would have been a p.r. Not considering it legitimate because of horrendous form. Couldn't get under the bar and was more of a push press.

2. 3:58
(1st-ub, 2nd-3'5s,3rd 3'3s
Burpees were strong and felt really good.

3. 2:38
Strong run for me.

Really good day of training and felt recovered getting 9 hours of sleep last night.

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

24 days post-op from micro-fracture surgery and partial lateral and medial meniscectomy in the left knee. Starting to go with 1 leg when possible, like on today's couplet:


A few more months of recovery...

Alex Duncan said...

At the Burgener Oly cert in PEI today.

Just finished day 1. Amazing stuff. An honor to learn from Coach B. Can't wait to put it all into practice. Have to miss out on this today unfortunately.

Congrats Paul Smith! Huge.

Heavy Evy said...


Just missed locking out 253 rats! CTB's couldn't seem to get any rythem, lots of double swings on the bar, but I felt a shit ton stronger on the pulls. Run was good as I atleast figured out how to pace it, as I had way to much left in the tank the last 400m.

JRann said...

Jerk: 265

Joel B. said...

A: 220
f 230 2X getting greedy and going for a new pr
B: 6:14
this was disappointing
C: 2:47
ok considering effort expended this week and on c2b/burpees. 2 turnarounds...200m slight downhill, turnaround, 400m slight uphill, turnaround, 200m slight downhill to finish.

Chris Dunkin said...

welcome Christa


stopped run at 600m due to dizziness and blurred vision. not a good decision to go w/out fuel pre-wod. immediately felt better after coconut water and whey.

Brian Gregory said...

BW 170#

265# (ties PR) Split Jerk behind head

4:38 C2B and 12" Burpees

2:51 800m (2 laps around St.8)

Notes: Failed 275# jerk 3x's going for PR. So pissed b/c I just KNEW I had it.
Still pissed going into metcon and could have been faster had I been focused and had some motivation.
Run really hit calves and hammies hard. Focused on POSE.

Ben Priestley said...

Friday, am (done 8/27 @ 8am):
A. 65#, 55x4sets.
B. 81# x5sets.
C. 95# x4sets.
Notes: left shoulder AC joint hurts on muscle snatch, so used a light weight, worked form.
PM(done @ 6:30pm):
Completed, 3009m total on row, double unders were tough under that metabolically taxed state. Nice metcon!

Ben Priestley said...

Today's tests:

196# Split Jerk (PR by 1#)

5:39 on couplet rxd

3:07 800m (out and back)

Notes: I really enjoyed today's session. Failed first attempt at 196, replayed in head, felt where I could be patient and receive weight rather than rush it, and then nailed it on 2nd try. So happy!

Chris Castillo said...

Jerk- 255-275-295f-300f

295 came up but hips and shoulders were a little back.
Same happened with 300. My max was 275 prior to today. Probably shouldve hit 285 first.

burpees 1ft over max reach are not so much fun


Chris Martin said...

1. 215 , failed at 235/ran out of time, Zero hip drive. Felt weak today.
2. 6:23 - burpees were very slow and weak.
3. 2:54- about 20 sec slower then I want.
Not at all happy with my work today.

Pfeifdog said...

A: 295 PR went for 315 at the end but couldn't lock it out. need to work on pushing myself under and catching the weight deeper.
B: 8:15 all CTB just felt like i had nothing in the tank
C: 2:55 (1:16 @ the turn around) last 200 my legs felt really heavy

Larry Pastor said...

A. 205
B. 4:39

Brandon said...

A. 275 (PR by 10)
B. 7:38
C. 3:27

Not much in the tank for the metcon and runs today. Diet has been good, but sleep is terrible with the heat in SoCal lately. Really need a day off and good sleep.

Nathan H. said...

Brandon, where are you located?

Steve Howell said...

Jerk: 260(15#pr)
CTB/Burpee: 3:41
800m run: 3:08

Brandon said...

Nathan -
Pasadena...met you at CFP a few times when I came to visit Johnny. Working out of my garage and a globo gym in Pasadena. Hit me up when you get back into the OPT routine...I can always handle you kicking my ass all over the gym. Email is on my blogger profile...

Stephen B. said...

Jerk: 225...failed on 245...40# under PR...power and speed lacking today.

Ctb/burpee: 3:50

800m run: 2:41

Lisa M said...

1. 145# must be a PR but seriously have not done a 1RM for probably over a year if ever so felt pretty solid

2. 7:32
3. 3:47

C2B were absolute crap and felt like a$% strung the first 11 together then totally fell apart was the major limiting factor. Definitely noticing my lack of gymnastics/strength/and metcon training.

Run felt good and fast turns out my GPS stopped after 330m so went out on route with my bike after and it turns out it was 920m so my time was pretty respectable i think.

Welcome Crista always makes me happy to see more ladies posting and looks like you are a beast based on your numbers today - great job on the couplet and 800!!

Nice work Mrs PTS on the pullups.

Robin Lyons said...

1. 170lb Split JErk
2. 7:18
3. 800m row 3:15...felt gased

Dustin said...

255lbs **Did Split Jerk From front position. Could have gone heavier but ran out of time - felt strong. Had shoulder surgery and don't have the flexibility from the rack position. Feels like I'm in a dangerous position that way**

4:11 **Pull Ups Unbroken**

3:15 **Track a little short, so time is fast**

Jon Sinclair said...

1. 205# (PRis 220# but had to use steel plates today so held back a bit so I didn't make a scene at the gym)
2. 5:10
3. 3:17

Sean Cummings said...

Added front squats today to make up from not being able to complete them a couple of days ago.

Jerk: 235 (tied PR, stuck at this wt)

Front Squat 5x3reps: 185, 195, 205, 215, 225 (felt light, could prob have gone up to 245, which would have been 10 lb more than my 1 rep max PR)

C2B/Burpee: 5:03 (tough after front squats)

800m: 2:52 (was running into a strong headwind on one side of the track, it didn't feel like it was helping me on the other side?)

My legs were fried going into the 800m. I believe my 800m PR is in the 2:30's.

PTS said...

jerk = 240(PR)
c2b/burpee = 4:22
800m = 3:05.

unit said...

A- 235 (pr is 255... locked out twice but noticed my hips r WAY behind the bar... need 2 work on this...)
B- 5:39 (c2b on stick between rings... the swinging was rough... burpees were 12" burpee box jumps)
C- 2:28 (pr is 1:57... no where near this in the last 2 yrs... but starting 2 feel better... could really use a running partner)


Nathan H. said...

Brandon, awesome. My schedule is heavy on the olift currently. But today I did a PM workout with modified OPT.

in KG
Snatch: 70/3 x 2, 82/3, 87/3, 95/3, 102/3 (PR)
CJ: 85/3+1 x 2, 100/3+1, 112/3+1, 122/3+1, 132/3+1 (PR)
FS: 95/5 x 2, 110/5 x 2, 125/5 x 2

Kept clock running for 10minutes
Did 21-15-9 of:
CTB Pullups
Burpee Box Jumps to 20"

immediately followed by:
AMRAP doubleunders until the 10 min mark:


Angelo Fosco said...

For split jerk, can/should we go behind head or out in front??

Julian Cruz said...

9-27 wod


PM 5 min later

Brutal workout. Lungs felt great though.Excited for todays workout.

Kevin said...


1. 285 (10lb PR--30 since starting OPT this summer)

2. 5:10

3. 2:52**on treadmill

Did this at my little brother's college gym. Good set-up for the jerk with a nice platform, but the other stuff was kind of an s---show. The bar we used for C2B was so low that it was hard to get a bunch of consecutive kips. Had to do the burpee touches on the wall, so rhythm was way off. Part 3 was on a treadmill, and I probably ran closer to 1300m because two machines failed from my big ass plodding on them.

Pumped about the jerk, though. Still a long way to go pound-for-pound-wise, but it's a step in the right direction.

Andy said...

245 pr, could have done more but at globo and didnt want to drop it.



Wod done monday

A. 165x5
B. 165x3
C. 175/185/195/195 from floor

Wod done friday

A. 95/95/105/105/105
B. 115x5
C. 115/125/125/135

This was a crazy week as it was the first week of teaching and coaching for me. Football is here!

Thad said...

A. 205 PR previous 195 missed 215 twice should have had it. Next time

B. 4:13

C. 2:59 used I phone for distance so not sure how accurate it is

Arjuna @ CFN said...

A- 245 pr is 250. Planned wrong
B- 4:33
C- 2:44 legs were done half way through

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

a) 165 (failed on 205# twice)
b) 6:49 (jumped on 12" plyobox instead)
c) 4:38

Martin Altemark said...

A. 95kg jerk, 100kg had pressout. PR is 105kg.

Shut it down there because I have felt a cold latest couple of days, and it became more apparent during A. Hopefully this is the cause of weak lifts this week.

ETC said...

Due to increased Brazilian jiu jitsu training I haven't been able to do all the trainings lately.

I did "Cindy" with my group class yesterday to help push the class and lead by example. I did it with a 22.5 pound weight vest and I PR'd by 4 Rounds from 6 months ago! 14-18.

I am positive that the OPT training pushed me to the next level - thanks all!! My weakest link is still the push ups.
I can't wait to attend the Program Design Module in Sept. to learn more about this so I can help others move forward more consistently, as well as compete/meet other Big Dawgs at the event.


Jen Osborn @CFN said...

late post...

A. right shoulder felt funny ...hit 155 then put 170 on the bar to hit a pr butttt i missed. Didnt try again. 160 is my pr.

B. 1st time doing CTB w/o any bands for help. took me 11:37. burpees were fine.

C. 3:07 ...hip flexors veryyyy tight!!!! zero knee drive.

Elgin Garage Gym said...

Male, 29yrs, 6'0", 170lbs

Warm Up:

Deadlift 5-4-3-2-1
*5 HSPU after each set

Jacob 225-275-325-350-375

Crossfit test #4
1RM Deadlift, followed by max rep HSPU.

Jacob 425(PR), then 25 HSPU
*Maxed out my bar @405lbs so I used a 20lb vest as a proxy.

Score 16pts (10,625)

OPT WOD's from 08/28/10
12 Minute work up to 1RM Rack Jerk

Jacob 165-185-215-245-265(Failed)-265(PR)

3 Minute Rest then...

CTB Pull-ups
Burpees, 12" Jump

Jacob 3:52

6 Minute Rest then...

800m Run

Jacob 2:32

Felt good and tired at the end, legs still pounding from the run! There are some sick times out there with the 21-15-9 WOD... Crazy fast to say the least.

derb said...


A: 205(tied pr)
B: 4:56(pull ups were broken after first set)
C: 2:21( this was around 750m so should be alittle slower)

Anthony said...

Jerk; 230#

Couplet; 4:50 (Butterfly)

Run; 3:07 (200m shuttles)

This week must have really taken its toll on me. Had little drive in my hips and just couldn't lock out or solidly stabilize my spine to even get my previous PR of 245#.

Been working on incorporating butterflies into WODs so I went it.

The run sucked but runs usually do for me. Time is with turn arounds every 200 meters.

unit said...

gd 2 c u posting!... met u at Sectionals and regionals... ir ability 2 do that second set of pullups unbroken at regionals still blows my mind!... congrats on the PR deadlift... and nice 800!...

Curt M said...

A) 265# pr by 20#(poor time management, too light in the begining and tried to get to many heavy reps in late)

B) 4:29 Absolutely no gas on burpees, need to work on the jumping aspect. No excuses, very dissapointed.

C) 3:05 Happier with this finished strong on the day.

Completed on sun, used sat as rest day, family commitments....

Eric Montgomery said...

Had to do it a day late, was busy yesterday.

A. 251 lbs (PR) Felt like it might have been a slight pressout though
B. 7:10. Broke pullups 15/6, 7/4/4, and unb for 9. Burpees were slow.
C. 3:01. Legs were very sluggish after the burpees.

RichJ said...

1. 225 (PR)



Julian Cruz said...

800:DNF (calf's started cramping)

Jerk really disappointing. Wasn't sure if we could go from behind the neck or use a split so just did jerk. Pr is 225. having trouble getting under heavy weights. I need work on overhead movements

Siu said...

- Worked up to 125lbs with rack split jerk in 5 mins, stopped there to take it easy on back. Felt great though. Then spent the rest of time at 95lbs split jerk.
- 10:09, struggled to string any CTB together till set of 9 which were UB, had to rejump to the 12″ marker 7-8 times.
- 3:32

Greg said...
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