wed, aug 18, 2010

Congrats to a 2009/2010 Dawg Emilie PB and her squad - flag football world champions!

"The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will,
and the other from a strong won't. "

Dead Lift - 10 sets of 1; rest 90 sec
(total score is total weight lifted in all sets combined)

post score to comments
3 on for this last split; then 2 days off then on an increasing plan till mid Sept
Greg Everett will be teaming up with the Big Dawgs and working on some weaknesses for some programming over the next while


Michael said...

OPT- I have the survival of the fittest this weekend and I was planning on resting til then BUT Dead Lift is relatively my weakest lift so I feel like I need this.

Should I do this workout or just hold off until after survival and pick up then, I know Deads are very taxing so just let me know your thoughts please.


OPT said...

Michael, skip it, instead do 10 sets of 3 reps @ 11X0 tempo @ 55% of your best DL 1RM + chin up, sit up, push up practice for speed

Anonymous said...
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Bear said...

Great to hear about Greg E! Martin Altemark, a few other swedes and I are going to the Greg E-seminar in Denmark this weekend, looking forward to it! :)

But this brings me to a similiar question about the deads. Should we go for gold this session or take it easy and do the 55%-lifts? I guess there should be some heavy lifting this weekend, but at the same time it´s not competition. Deads are not a weakness for most of us (comparing to other crossfitters). Thanks!

Congrats to Emilie!

Bin said...

Excited to hear that Everett is going to be working closer to this programming. I'm actually about to move out to San Jose - does this mean he'll be amenable to me doing OPT on my own in his gym, rather than O-lifting or their crosstraining classes?

cmaday said...

Quite a bit behind on workouts, due to some vacation time in Lake Tahoe. I did Saturday's wod, but not prescribed on du's because my right knee has been bothering me, but getting better, and I didn't want to push it too hard.
A. 95, 115, 125, 135, 145
B. 12:08 beginning to string more together. Unbroken till set of 7, with 10 breath rest between, and then went slow from there.
C. Did 5 sets of du's in 4:32, then knee issues.

I have definitely seen an improvement in hspu's and snatch, which I felt I could have added another 10 lbs to the last set.

DAVE X said...

A LOT harder than I anticipated. I guess I should get used to saying that by now...

It feels like its been a very long time since I deadlifted.

Total: 3440

Stoked to have Greg on board! I'm a big fan of the Performance Menu and I actually had a subscription to that even before I bought the CrossFit journal. Doing CRossFit for three years now, I've gone back and reread some of the older issues and there are some (a lot) of articles that didn't seem relevent to me at that time, that seem completel vital now! I highly recommend it!

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

Congrats Emilie!

First day back on the Big Dawg Blog. Its GREAT TO BE BACK!!! I've been reading the blog daily but have been the process of moving and setting up my home gym so I've been playing around with Benchmark WODS in the meantime.

325, 335, 345, 350, 355, 360, 365, 370, 375(f), 375(f)

Total: 2805
Word Verification: hampul!

soren said...

yep, i agree with Dave, that was a bit hard.

Total score 1570kg = #3454

looking forward to Gregs programming, great idea


Bear said...

10x170 kg = 1700 kg

Didn´t have more weights at the time, would´ve tried 5-15 kg more after 2-3 sets if I had them, but this felt as a good middle ground with a 1RM at 195 kg. Want to be able to lift heavy this weekend at the Greg E-seminar!

David said...


Total: 1561kg (3434 lbs)
I'm glad to see the rest of you so far found this tough. I know my deadlift is off, very little over past several months, but this was a little discouraging.

Martin Altemark said...

BWT: 75kg (165)

1675kg (3692 pounds) (7x170,2x160,1x165)

Felt pretty strong. 1RM is 185kg, but have only lifted 170+ once 2010. Looking forward to next cycle, now I will rest up for that Greg Everett seminar this weekend.

Drew said...

Total=3,540 Lbs.(1,609kg)
The last lift at 390 was pretty ugly, I hitched the hell out of it but I wanted the PR

BK said...

7,9 and 10 were very slow and tough....
Pumped for Greg's involvement.I am way to strong for speed so going this direction just reinforces the belief that OPT is programmed just for me, thanx James.
I have had my whole box hitting up a strict 5 week Oly phase ending next week and shifting the big Dawgs at CFP will be seamless, very excited as a coach AND athlete.

brian cilento said...

heaviest i have gone with DL in almost a year (old pr 415), still have issues from a DL injury and scared to sht about re injuring. felt pretty good though.

Anthony said...

I guess I went a little conservative because I didn't want to fail any lifts either way loads were challenging.

300X2 - 310X2

Total 3140

PTS said...

365,385,385,405,425,445, 455, 460, 465(PR by 23 lbs), 435.

total 4225.

old PR was 442 so everything above that was a new PR. I don't think PR's were the goal of this WOD but everything felt light even the last PR so I kept going for it.

Does anybody use a belt for DL's or squats? I don't use one but was just wondering how many did.

Jon Sinclair said...

Can someone tell me if this is a model of an airdyne?? Thanks

Lars said...

Been awhile since I went heavy on deadlifts, but went reasonably well today. No PR's set, but wasn't expecting it with the short rests and all the sets.

425, 455, 455, 455, 475, 475, 455, 465, 465, 455

Total score 4580 lbs

They weren't very pretty but I got them all up.

Lisa M said...

Emilie I don't know if you are checking the blog but if Roch, Lulu or Mizar read this please pass on my HUGE congrats to her - You Rock Lady i am so happy for you!

Chris Dunkin said...



trap 3: 25x10,30x8,35x5

Brandon said...


Total: 4050

First day above 405 since I hurt my back deadlifting awhile back. Felt good to know that its healing well.

Benny Ahlstedt said...


Total 1705 kg (3759#)

Haven't done max dl since regionals and got a new pr today 180kg

Emilie P-B said...

Yes, I'm reading the blog..... Thanks Lisa!

Stahl said...


Total = 3145 (that missed set killed me)

395 is my all time PR (385 recently), so a little off. Not surprised given the short rest, but I was hoping I had improved my DL more.

Yelvi said...


Tied old pr of 405 at one point. That pr is over a year old. Started having issues with back rounding at the end.

Michael said...

I'm wanting to start the OPT-CCP Coaching Process. It's going to be a slow process due to funds.

OPT or any other guys/girls who have been to any of the certs, which should I go to first:
The Assessment Cert?
Programming Cert?

Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks Dawgs

NorCal Chris said...

TRAP 3? Can someone point me in the direction of a video for "trap 3" exercise?

Thx much.

Carrie McG said...

205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 225, 225, 225, 215, 215

Happy considering 225 is a PR tie. Could have gone heavier to find a new 1 I think but didn't want to fail and the rest was a little short.

Total = 2180#

Andy said...



Dead lifts felt surprisingly good this morning.

Anonymous said...

315, 320, 325, 330, 335, 340, 320, 325, 325, 325

Total 3260

Form was pretty bad at 340 so I had to lower the weight for the last few sets

Kevin said...


315,325,335,345,355,365,375,385,395, 405

Total = 3600

First time with more than 200lbs in over two months because of my back. Felt really good to go heavy again, even though my PR is still far from where it should be given my size. 435 is my all time PR, and I got 415 up after about two minutes rest following the 405.

David Weaver said...

Michael -
In regards to your OPT CCP question... I would start with assessment and then do programming. Programming builds on assessment. They are all super valuable and I recommend doing as many as you can, but I would start with those 2 in that order.

Chad Hall said...

Total: 3800#

345, 365, 365, 375, 375, 385, 385, 395, 405, 405

No where near my pr but kept form tight, had a little left but didn't want to push form. First time in about 3 months deadlifting heavy.

Paul Smith said...

DL - 10 sets 3 reps @ 55% of 1RM (265lbs)

DU Practice for 10 mins.

Just realized that I am in the same heat as Unit in competition on Saturday. Should be fun.

Grant said...

8th WOD back from rest. BW 177# (6# lighter than games). Nowhere near where I want to be but I will keep heading in the right direction.

irongirl said...

2000 lbs
that was harder than it looked

Krazy said...

Hey Dawgs calf is finally healed up and I pulled a double today to celebrate.

The 20 min AMRAP Clean/MU/Bike (Row)

5 rounds + 2PC + 2 SC + 4 MUs

Today's WOD:



Was decently happy with this but none of these were even remotely close to my PR.

My PR was with terrible form so I'm not too worried.

Looking forward to the new phase with Greg Everett. Just got his book and I know he'll be a tremendous addition to an already amazing program.

Chris Dunkin said...

norcal chris- here for trap 3 video.

Anonymous said...

quick warm-up...

400lb. all sets(fairly easy) tried to keep tight

4000lb. total

NorCal Chris said...

Chris Dunkin... Nice lifts today!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on the trap 3.

Marshall said...

225,275,305,315,325,325,325,335,345,350(PR). Total= 3125 lbs

350 came up easier than expected, felt like I still had another 10 lbs or so left in me. Hoping to eventually get up to 400lbs.

Anonymous said...

not timed but worked on technique.

Huge P.R. Day

305#,315,325,335,(345,355,365,370,375,380)all p.r.'s

Total = 3470

Last P.R. was on 07-21-2010 @340#

Finally able to trust my back again after 2 injuries. Form was not the best with hips coming up to fast. Just wanted to keep increasing loads.

Chelsea said...


245 f
245 f

Matt Mo said...


345 f

every lift felt very heavy today. my first heavy dead lift's since 4/10.

Jonathan Thom said...

315 x 10 = 3150 lbs

Max is an ugly 405. Focused on integrity of movement today, and it was plenty hard.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...


total: 2680

felt good today, havent done heavy DL in a very long time so i was excited to see a 15lb pr! :)

Jonathan Thom said...

Oh, and I am SO stoked that Greg E. will be contributing here. I am a huge fan of his - If you don't already have his book, buy it immediately!

Chris Castillo said...



joey warren said...

Seems like a lot of people worried about backs, I was in same boat, nervous since back injury but felt fine today

total= 3400

335 x 7, 345, 355x2

Anonymous said...

Total 3830
*I need to get stronger on these*

Arjuna Smith said...

Total - 3830
*need to get stronger, very dissapointed*

Brian Gregory said...

Aug 16th WOD
A. 30 sec amrap/60 sec rest - db push press - 35#/22#/h - 5 sets
rest 30 sec
B. As many sets of 15 unbroken CTB chin ups in 10 min
rest 30 sec
C. Run 3K for time

A. 29, 27, 23, 21, 19 = 119
B. 5 sets and 12 before time ran out
C. Sub 14 min on Airdyne (2 yr old sleeping and I'm home alone)

Marcus Filly said...

Long stretching and hip mobility session pre WOD a la Kelly Starrett. Helped me in my setup position today and I pulled more weight than I have since I blew my back in college b

335-345-355-365-375-385-385-385-375-375 = 3680

My back can get a bit dodgy at times. Got tweaky after 150 ghd situps a few weeks back. A 3k row this week didn't feel great either. So I'm very pleases with my deads. Last time we went heavy for a single I tapped at 375.

Jonathan Burns said...

Wed Aug 11, one week back

Tabata Pistols
39, full ROM. Left leg had maybe 10 reps

5 rounds (3 in first 90")

36" Box x75
5:58. First jumps since breaking big toe 3 weeks ago.

Following a week behind so I can fit the programing in to coaching and family schedule. James,
it seems that you prefer to have folks post the work they did that day, on that day, rather than going back and posting under the actual blog post. Let me know if you want something else-


Ben Priestley said...

Total: 2785#

265#x2, 275x3, 280x2, 285, 290, 295.
Kept within abilities (1RM PR is 300#), stayed super strict with 90 sec timing. I left a little on the table by opening at 265 rather than 275.

Jeff B. said...

Weight: 206lbs

DL 1RM: 425#

325, 335, 345, 355, 365, 370, 375, 385, 390, 400

Total: 3,645#

Just got off a minor case of jumpers knee and 3 cycles of 5/3/1, back to OPT prog finally, good to be back.

Lisa M said...

Nice work Jen O !!!! that is huge.

today was a whole lot of different snatch stuff - shoulders are fried. Possibly one more month of oly lifting bias then back to the dawgs.

Angelo Fosco said...

Did mondays wod today:

First day back to work 7-3:30 then wod immediately after (I'm a teacher) -

A. 29, 28, 27, 30, 28 = 142 reps
B. 5 sets unbroken pull ups
C. Run: 17:09...Done in the heat outside. Slow. First run in 3+ months (ankle still not recovered).

tj.hall said...

Fun times! Day 3, although Day 2 was a rest day!

Haven't done heavy DLs in awhile, happy with this (for now)

Total = 3210

Mike McNaughton@CFN said...


Mechanics were horrible. Bar was traveling 1.5 to 2 inches in front of legs. Dropped back to 315 to feel correct form. Time to revisit some video...

Dom said...

385,385,395,395,405,405,415,415,415,420= 4,030

Last 3 reps were tuff. The tempo got to me at the end.

Jay said...



5lb PR...390 felt good...395 not so much

A. Maloney said...

First day back with you all once again, and super happy to be back!

I have been playing around with my own programming but have been keeping a watchful eye on the blog and the comments every morning!

Want to say congrats to Emilie! I had the pleasure of both training with her and coaching her while living in Montreal, and she is truly a machine!! Felicitations Emilie!

Feeling great today, 25 lb PR on the dl as I was feeling super strong working my way up

365 - 385 - 405 - 415 - 420(F) - 405(F) - 365 - 345 - 335 - 335

Look forward to training with you all again!

Paul Klein said...

3600 lbs

(335/350/355/355/360/365/370/370/370/370) My form was horrific on the last two sets. I am STILL figuring out how to get my hamstrings full loaded before pulling. When I do it right the weight feels so easy, but I have a hard time repeating it set after set.

I am the proud owner of weight lifting chain. So the only thing left on my shopping list is an airdyne. I am gonna get so freakin strong!

On a side note: I have 120 feet of 1/2" chain left over! It weighs just shy of 3lbs/ft. I have it cut into 10' pieces. If anyone here is interested in buying some, let me know. I am pretty sure that I can beat any price for 1/2" chain.

Rainer Hartmann said...

275/295/315/335/355/365/375/385/395/400 x 1
Total = 3495

Anonymous said...


Got 10 lower than last pr, but that's the closest I have come to it in a long time.

Signed up for the challenge. Yay!

Adam Rogers said...



close to failure on the last two, would have liked to have gotten over 4000 but not sure i could have. lower back is fried right now.

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

A. Maloney,

Welcome back brother. I'm just hopping back on as well.

Nice deadlifts today. Looks like you've made some great progress in strength.

Looking forward to training with you man.


Adam Rogers said...

Paul Klein,

I'd be interested in taking some of those chain lengths off your hands. Hit me up at, we'll see if we can figure something out.


Jen Osborn @CFN said...

thanks Lisa M! Tweeked my back months back so thats the 1st heavy dl in a very long time! made my day much better :)good 2 see hardwork pay off!

k.jones said...



First time going heavy on deadlifts since college baseball it felt pretty good

dh said...



was a little timid about the deadlift (missed last time it came up), but felt really good. Form got suspect at the end, but I feel great so I guess it wasn't too bad. Just did a little second knee dip at the end to get under it.

Chad Walding said...


Total= 3750


Didn't feel strong today.

Chris Martin said...

3250LBs total
-did 10 sets of 325lbs took it light. First time going heavyish on deadlift in over 8 months since I hurt my back. Felt okay, low back feel weak though. 100lbs off my PB.
- 50x unbroken KB swings 1.5 pood
-50x burpees
rest 3 hours
light jog with the dog

Trevor Salmon said...

Jon, that is very similar but no where near as sturdy as a Schwinn Airdyne so I would recommend keep the search going.

Pfeifdog said...

Total = 4550

DL felt really good today, haven't went this heavy since switching to here from CFFB.

Looking forward to next phase with Greg.

mhamilton said...




Felt absolutely bagged today and should have taken a rest day. Paid for it. No strength or energy. Oh well.

Alex Duncan said...


285,295,305,325,335,350,360,375,385, 395

Started too low. Back from a week of being sick!

markus willard said...

275, 295, 315, 325, 325, 335, 335, 335, 345, 345 (3,230)

Started off way too light, but it's been ages since I've done any sort of max deadlift so I was anxious about how it would go...I was happy with the results, feel like I will and can go heavier next time

PRM said...


Total 3377

Brent Maier said...


Total: 4,240

402, 422, 442, 442, 422, 422, 422, 422, 422, 422

Steve Howell said...

Did Mondays W.O.D this morning a
@ 5;00 am
Used 40# db.


Todays W.O.D

315,355,395,405x2,415,425,435,470,490(20# pr) = 4100

Joel B. said...


Ya, if I'd realized before cooling off and stuff that was my score I'd have done another set and called the first one a warm up. But, a pr for me at this bw, so that is good.

265, 275, 285, 295, 300, 305, 310, 315, 320, 325

Sean Cummings said...

405x9, 415x1
Total: 4060

My goal was to stay above 400 on each set. 1-7 felt good, with the first 4 feeling extremely good. 8-10 were tough, but had to put it on the line a bit going up to 415 on the final set. My last PR was 425 in early July, curious to see where I am at.

Bin said...

325, 345, 345, 355, 355, 375, 385, 385(f), 385, 375(f)

Total weight: 2870lb

Old PR was 365, fails were all due to loss of midline. If I wanted to train for a higher deadlift I think heavy good mornings would produce the most results in the shortest time.

Alex said...

Awesome Emilie!!!
So happy for you! Miss seeing you

david83 said...

HELLO Coach and everyone

I am BACK, was doing some rehab stuff feel good. Although I think I messed this up today, sorry
I just stated a the same weight

425 lbs for all sets for 10 sets, felt pretty good thats about 85% of my 1 rm PR.
total 4250.
thank you

david83 said...

HELLO Coach and everyone

I am BACK, was doing some rehab stuff feel good. Although I think I messed this up today, sorry
I just stated a the same weight

425 lbs for all sets for 10 sets, felt pretty good thats about 85% of my 1 rm PR.
total 4250.
thank you

Erik Luber said...

130 kg, 120, 120, 120, 120, 120, 125, 130, 130(f), 120

Total = 1105 kg = 2341 lbs

Lats were wicked sore from last workout. Pulling 130kg felt like 150...last cluster we did, I pulled a 130, and that felt like a 1RM today. Total stoked about Greg Everett joining in on the programming.

Erik Luber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Dawg (Hari) said...

(275, 285, 290, 295, 300, 305, 305, 305, 300, 290)

"Masters Paced" with an extra minute between reps.

Mizar said...

Congratulations Émilie, you are a very determined and inspiring person... a good leader...

Lisa, I will pass along your words to Émilie!
also, thank you for helping us again during our stay in Calgary... it is greatly appreciated.

I am currently working on some personal weaknesses/insecurities/fears and plan to comeback and train along with the pack in a near future...

Pete, A. Malone, glad to see that you are alive! I look forward in seeing you guys.

Chase said...



Jon Sinclair said...

1925 after 6 rounds of deadlifts

Rip from pullups the other day opened up and didnt feel like making it worse, switched to backsquat.

920 for 4 singles of backsquat (225, 245, 225, 225)
- I find my backsquat to be extremely week, can almost front squat as much as back.

Dustin said...

315, 335, 335, 345, 355, 365, 365, 375, 375, 385


Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

225, 285, 315, 345 (pr!), 365 (pr!!), 375 (35#pr!!!), 315, 315, 315, 315

Score = 3170lbs

Ecstatic. This programming is awesome!

Marie Rochat said...

Today was my first day back since the Games. I took a month off from any kind of intense exercise. I was part of the Fort Vancouver affiliate team. We took first place and it was an amazing experince. I followed OPT Big Dawg stuff leading up to sectionals. I believe is gave me an excellent strength base and refined many of my skills. Then I spent some time working with my team of course, and Scott Hagnes who is doing the OPT cert to work on weaknesses, etc. I am extremely greatful to all the help I recived in my quest for the Games. Thank you OPT.

I am glad to be back running with the Pack. It felt wonderful to hit the gym again. I was salivating when I saw these deadlifts posted...

1. 295
2. 300
3. 305
4. 310
5. 315
6. 320
7. 325
8. 330
9. 335
10. 340

Total: 3175

Gillen said...


John@CFWC said...

Made up Monday's fun
A. (5x) 30s on/60s off dumbell push press 35#
B. AMSetsAP OF 15 unbroken C2B pullups in 10 minutes
C. Run 3K for time

A. 24+26+27+23+23
B. Grip was crushed after 1st set. All unbroken, but just barely.
C. Should have pushed harder on this. Ran a 5K a month ago in 22 and change.
All told, not bad. Been a tough week. Glad to finally turn in a solid effort this week.

Anonymous said...

29 yom 180lbs


total = 3330

my pr is 410. Working out in camp around Ft. Mac without my lifting shoes or chalk. kinda wish I had brought'em.

Lisa M said...

Marie - Big congratulations on your games performance amazing job and so exciting to watch via live feed. Those DLs are freaking huge wow you are one strong lady glad to have you back posting. I will be back periodically and then hopefully permanently in a month or so if my oly lifting gets to where I need it to be.

unit said...

Paul and Michael... lookin 4ward 2 meeting y'all this wknd...

A- snatch- 135(3)/ 155(3)/ 185(2)
B- 3 rounds (no time)
10 scapulae pullups (straight arm)
25 situps
C- 3 rounds (no time)
30 pushups
30 dead animal crunches
D- deadlift 275x3, 45sec rest, 10 sets


Robin Lyons said...


Siu said...

I was super excited to DL but felt some tenderness/funniness on my lower right side when I started warming up. So instead, I did 10 sets of 3 at 55% (165lbs) with 90s rest between sets.

irvine said...

140-145-150-150-150-155-155-155-155-162= 1517k

At our box, the little joke is that the limiting factor in my jerk will be my deadlift.

Geoff Long said...

Score: 3130

Went better than I thought it would.


Marie Rochat said...

Lisa M: Thank you! I have a background in powerlifting as a result my deadlift is my strongest lift. I look forward to seeing your posts around. Have fun with the Oly training. That's a really smart idea to take some time to boost them. I know my Oly lifts could afford to get a bit stronger too. Keep me updated on how your Oly lifting phase goes.

Pusscat said...



Totaled out at 3000 lbs.