sat, aug 7, 2010

Karen Twamley - OPT client - 66 years young; conquers this one 2x/week

"What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple.
Whether you are willing to do it, that's another matter."

A. Split Jerk from rack - 1,1,1,1,1,1,1; rest 4 min
(after completing your last set of 1 for the split jerk, immediately turn a timer on for 3 minutes and perform as many burpees as you can; jump to touch an object 12" above max reach at top)

post score to comments
(score = highest lift in kg in split jerk + total burpee reps in 3 minutes; if you fail to complete last set of 1, your score is the total of burpees you completed in 3 minutes)


Soren said...

Really sore in the shoulder somewhere, not like in one spot, but everything just seems like it is grinding around. not a bursa issue, i think, because there is not one spot, or movement, but it is everythig that is painful and just not smooth. Mu were fine, i think it came from the OH squat, but came 2 days later, on the rest day, reached for a coffee cup - and starting to feel it, then did a few snatches, stupid, and now it is keeping me awake over night.
so no idea what will come up tomorrow, but will hit some backsquats later today
- not really keen on pressing overhead which is annoying, as last got me above 100kg, and felt like there was more.


Bear said...

Get well Soren! Had some problems myself but I had great success avoiding pain with these movements:

SJ: 100 kg, pb
Burpees+30 cm: 43 reps
Score: 143

Lovely morning session with 1 coffee and 1 banana in my belly. Happy about the SJ but the burpees where slooooow, had a hard time with the extra reach. Going to the woods tomorrow, see you in a few days.

Soren said...

tak Björm og god tur i skoven!

Martin Altemark said...

Next Swede, started raining a little in gym halfway. Should have a roof.

105kg Jerk (PR) + 63 burpees to 12" target (touch roof 12" over reach) = total score of 168

Missed 4 burpees even if I did not have a precise target as a rig or a specific spot. DOMS in legs from yesterday. Have a nice saturday y'all!

DAVE X said...

Score: 138
Split jerk: 205~93kg
Burpees: 45

205 is a pr but I felt that I had a little mor ein the tank.

45 burpees felt very fast and fluid---for me!

Have a great week everyone I'm gone until next Saturday!

David said...

141 Score

100 SP and 41 Burpees.

PTS said...

score = 162
sj=106 (tied pr and it flew up)
burpees= 56.

nice work on those burpees Martin!

Mandy: score =74
SJ= 47 (PR)

Chad Walding said...


No rack today and only 205lbs of weight so went for 3RM all PC'd from ground

185(3)/205(3)/205(3)...felt a strain in my neck around C7/T1 so shut it down

Burpees: 42

Still working with good overall balance in SJ. Burpee's to 12 inch target is no joke.

Sam said...

105kg + 60

Cocopuffs said...

= 127 kg

56 Burpees

Total: 183

Notes: The condition of the last set not counting towards the points really freaked me out.. i was sweating balls going up to the bar for a 280 PR but I felt so great on the 265 I had to go for it. Burpees felt great probably could've broken 60 if I hadn't paced myself so much at the beginning so as not to gas.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Haven't posted in a while but I'm trying to tag along with the Big Dawg prgramming because it looks like we'll be having a lot of fun and variety. Life and injuries have slowed me down considerably so my only goals are to not get hurt and enjoy my WODs. I'll only post on days that I do the WOD as rx'd as I don't think it's interesting to anyone else to read what I was doing otherwise.

So today I worked up quickly to a safe 205 on the split jerk and then busted out 32 burpees. Didn't have 12" due to a low ceiling so I touched with both hands, height was around 10". At the firehall so I did some other stuff post-WOD to work on weak areas. Felt like cement in my blood during the burpees.

Anonymous said...

SJ (195#) 88kg
Burpees 52
Total = 140

Lars said...

I'm away without a box to train at so, I set up some boxes to do some depth HSPU's in. Did 5 sets of 3, with going hands right to shoulders (extra deep). Then did 46burpees in the 3 min.

1hr later, did 2 x hill runs about 3 min each.

Garage Crossfitter said...

shoot me an email-

Anthony said...

111kg split jerk and 41 burpees

Total 152

Jerks felt very good. Hip drive was good. PR tie.

Burpees on the hand sucked real good. The 12" requirement sucked the life out of me.

With out the last set being required for a solid score I may have gone for 250# on the jerk but...

mike mcnaughton@CFN said...

SJ: 240#/109kg (PR)
Burpees: 40
Total: 149

Missed at 240 on 6th set. Instead of playing it safe I went for the PR and got it. Pleased.

Burpees sucked.

Bin said...

Missed yesterday and couldn't resist making it up.

- longest set of cleans was 9 reps, longest set of MU was 4. Hardest part was keeping a false grip in order to string MU, but no missed reps throughout. Tried a straight grip for an instant and decided it wasn't happening. Could/should have pushed the pace on the 2nd set of cleans and MU

Carrie McG said...
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Arjuna Smith said...

Score 165.5

165-185-205-225-240-250fail-250 peeeyaa!
Total burpees 52 to 12 inch target

Big pr on the split jerk today! Old one was 235. Getting past the fear of getting under bar.

Chad Hall said...

122 kg + 47 burpees = 169

Had a great warm up, adding a whole body foam roll to every warm up even if I'm not sore.

Worked up 235-270lbs(PR) ... happy with this as I haven't hit 265 in a looong time which was my old PR.

Still had some left in the tank and debated going for 275# but opted for the safe route. First 20 burpees were great then got tired. Overall good day.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

shoulder stability was horrible today...i had a lot of pain putting up the heavy weights so i stayed lighter than i pr is 160.




Carrie McG said...

so I had to repost because I couldn't read the instructions properly. I thought it was your last SJ prior to burpees.. not highest. dumb dumb!

57 kg + 34 burpees
score = 91

Kevin said...


= 120.5 kg

50 Burpees

Total: 170.5

Notes: 280 would have bested the 275 pr I got about ten days ago. Prob should have done 275 or 270 for last set, but I was scared by the scoring system and my failure at 280. Got too anxious and tried to muscle it up and it didn't happen. Felt like I hit a wall on burpees after 20 in the first minute.

Also, glad I got this one in at all. Was supposed to be in ID for a wedding. Got up at 3:30 with the wife and baby only to find out at the airport 5:30 that our flight was cancelled and we couldn't get out there. Sweet.

Pete @ CFN said...

Total 157

SJ 215 (PR)
59 burpees

Drew said...


derb said...


8/6 Wod


Squat cleans were all singles and slow. The first set felt good but then it got real heavy. First time doing MU without false grip and with rings 6" above reach. I like not using false grip alot better and the only problem I had with the height was when I got off the rings they were swinging all over the place and i had to wait for the to stop for me to regrip.

Anonymous said...

felt pretty good after an Americano....

pre-wod, worked up to 330lb in the rack position(with a few dips to see how it feels) to potentiate for the WOD...

hit 117kg(PB)(barely missed 119.5kg)
46 burpees

score: 163

Mario "mini" Ashley said...

Great Post on "glycemic index/load" yesterday. I want to offer another concept that is relative new.

Its called the "insulin index" of food. The index is similar to the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load, but rather than relying on blood glucose levels, the Insulin Index is based upon blood insulin levels. Interesting stuff...but more research is being done on the topic.

Mario "mini" Ashley said...

"This measure can be more useful than either the Glycemic Index or the Glycemic Load because certain foods (e.g., lean meats and proteins) cause an insulin response despite there being no carbohydrates present, and some foods cause a disproportionate insulin response relative to their carbohydrate load."

Heavy Evy said...

Score = 167

110kg(243)SJ + 57burpees to rings. 4 no reps due to wiffing on the ring touch.

Sean Cummings said...

SJ: 102kg

Total: 152

Steve Howell said...

Training @ crossfit whistler did there W.O.D then big dawg onem

3 attempts for 1RM at the snatch then clean&jerk
Snatch: 187/198(f)/91(pr)
C&J: 105/110(f on jerk)/110(f on jerk)

Jerk: 110(pr)
Burpees: 67
Score= 177

Krazy said...

Spilt Jerk

135-155-175-195-205-215-235(tied PR)

106.6kg+50 Burpees= 156 score

Started out way too light. My Final 235lbs rep felt really great! Wish I would've started heavier and blown past my PR. Form is really starting to come around so I definitely looking to blow past some old PRs.

unit said...

111+50* = 161

*subbed burpee box jumps 2 18" box


Jonathan Thom said...

SJ - Failed @ 225lbs = 0
B - 45
Score = 45

Pr'd at 220lbs (100kg) on set 6 though!

Steve Howell said...

*snatch 91kg (200#)
*C&J 105kg (231) cleaned 242 but failed on the Jerk twice but then got it later on the Big Dawg W.O.D

Adam Rogers said...

118kg + 58 burpees = 176

Was a 5lb PR for SJ. Trying to get used to starting with the weight on my back, but can't get comfortable pressing under it from that position. Went back to front rack when it got heavy.

Adam Rogers said...

The extra height on the jump for the burpees was a killer for me. Legs felt like anchors after the squat cleans yesterday.

Arjuna and Pete (and others), congrats on the PR's!

Anonymous said...

Split Jerk


burpees = 56


I put 97kg(215#) up and it felt light. My mind wouldn't settle for only passing so I needed 100kg. I had 100kg(220#) overhead and could not get my arms locked.
I was pissed off so after I did burpees I went back after 4 minutes and successfully completed 100kgs) P.R. by 10lbs from last split jerk 1rm.

Two days in a row of good training.

r Gaines said...

30.48 Rx... MU killed me but sqt cleans felt fast. Would say 25 min just on the MU. The last rnd of MU felt the best.

B: 40

Total: 124

Ben Priestley said...

SJ: 88.45kg (195#) PR

Missed 3x at 90.72(200#), including 7th set. I was so close to getting it on the 6th set, had full lockout while in split landing position, but weight wasn't balanced on lats and lost it.

Score: 43 burpees + 0 on SJ

sheacraig said...

Well, I'll be honest. I whiffed my last jerk, which would have been a PR-had to go for it! My best jerk was 105kg.

43 burpees, so score is



Brandon said...

111kg (245#)
44 burpees
Total: 155

NorCal Chris said...

Score: 43
Split jerk (kg): 75,80,85,90,95(f),95,97.5(f)

I am traveling in Las Vegas for my wife's grandma's 90th birthday. Yesterday I hit CF Las Vegas and it was one o the nicest boxes I have ever seen. Today I went the other direction and visited Average Broz. This is a down and dirty gym run by the great coach John Broz. I got there an felt like a fish out of water (perfect). Here is all 6'3" 185lbs of me walking into a super small tight space with a kid (pat) who is likely to be in te next olympics. Pat, at 21 is a super nice kid who just hit 190 kg snatch and 220 c&j.

Well I start "working in" and end up with a pr... In part because everything is in kg and I'm totally lost as to what the pounds equivalent even is.

John Briz I super soft spoken an on my last set he whispers "you already made 95kg, go up". I think about explaining the wod to him and figure better. At this point the small room seems to shrink and I attempt 97.5. I fail... Am slightly embaraased and run out of the small gym to start my burpees (in full view of the crew inside).

Spool on burpee #2 in 109 degree heat, I crack my chin on the pavement and start bleeding like a stuck pig for 41 more.

I head back in and finish up with one of the Dunkin Donuts they have set aside for me (likely out of pity). The wod is over but the ice (and chin) are proverbially broken... I open discussions with the greatest group of guys on the planet.

I am definitely headed back tomorrow if the wod calls go anything they can accommodate.

joey warren said...

127kg* (280lb PR!) + 62 (jumped to rings) = 189

*Forgot that it said split jerk, I just did straight jerk dropping under the bar from rack, no split...sorry!

NorCal Chris said...

This is the kid I "worked out with" today

Check out this video on YouTube:

Alex said...


51 burpees

110 Score.

J_slips said...


SJ: 115
Burpee: 43


My jerk technique was sloppy today: narrow landings, bad drives, poor balance, ugly in general.
Burpees were slow, definitely not reping them at a competition speed.

Poly said...

Split jerk: 126 - My split jerk is garbage
Burpees: 41
Score: 167

Erik Luber said...

Split jerk: 75 kg (tied PR)
Burpees: 41 (target was 15"...2 missed reps)
Score: 116

Had a really bad night of sleep, so pretty happy to tie my PR on the split jerk. Definitely had more burpees in me, but trying to learn different speeds on them. Normally I always just burn myself out too fast on them. Did all 41 unbroken, but had too much left in the tank in the end.

Alex Duncan said...

Split Jerk: 102kg (tied PR)
Burpees: 48

Score: 150

Hips sore and slow today after 25km rucksack march at work this morning.

Greg said...

Still two days behind, but a little "rest" day rowing this morning 'cause I was feeling really good.

500m recovery
:20s rest
500m interval @ 1:48
:20s rest


This felt pretty good. Probably go for a 1:47 pacing next go around.

Stahl said...

Split jerk = 235 (tied PR) = 106
Burpees = 54

Score = 160

Barely missed 240. Will get it next time. Still need to focus on getting lower, but feeling better and like I have more in me. OVereall happy.

Burpees felt slower trying to make sure I hit the target. Got disoriented a couple times.

k.jones said...

SPLIT JERK: 121kg (265lbs.)


TOTAL: 178

Brian said...

Did July 31st and Yesterday's WOD's

OPT 3 = 236.5 total (122.7kg + 81.8kg + 32 COVP)
Front squat 3RM, snatch 2RM, 1 attempt max rep chin ups

Short rest then...

12,9,6 rep rounds for time:
Squat Clean - 155#/105#
Muscle Ups

Time = 14:24

Notes: Probably closer to 3-4 secs on time b/t snatches after weight bounced and readjusting grip. Should have done warm up set of pullups after snatches.
Muscle ups were done w/o false grip and rings approx 6 in above reach. FIRST time attempting this and made first 12 reps slow. Several misses.

Pfeifdog said...

115+24= 139

Working on driving out of a good rack position. Use to have it just in my hands.

Don't know what's up with the burpees

Paul Smith said...

score: 50

Split Jerk: Failed on last set @ 295lbs. Just couldn't get under it today.

Stephen B. said...

had to do a double today to catch up

yesterday's wod:

...jumped to rings 6" above reach...changed everything...MUs are a strength but I had a hell of a time jumping into false grip, so I would use true grip to get up and transition into false grip on the way down...failed alot...blazed through the cleans though...only first set of cleans UB...great WOD!

rest 1 hour

today's wod:

SJ: 120kg (265#...25#PR...very happy) + 50 burpees

score: 170

Chris Martin said...

first post in over a month-
SJ-240lb-PB for last 2 year period.

sj-108.86 kg

i was pleased with the PR considering it was really my first hard workout in over a month!

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Split Jerk: 91kg
Burpees: 56 (didn't jump up to 12" height, forgot. sorry)

Score: 147

Marcus Filly said...

Splits jerks felt awful today. The pain I experienced last max effort split jerk day was still there. Coach, Ive been trying to follow your recommendations "do some self releases on the lats of that side as well as active shoulder nervous system work before hand to get those guys working in co-ordination". Perhaps I need more direction because I'm not getting any relief. Very frustrating.

Split Jerk: warmed up to 195#, hurt so i stopped
Press(5x5): #140
Burpees to 18" - 47

Chris Dunkin said...


SP: 127kg/280lbs
50 burpees (not to 18in box)

Julian Cruz said...



Did some olifts before. Pr on snatch by 30 pounds (165)

Yelvi said...

102+57= 159

Rainer Hartmann said...

Split Jerk 155# (PR) = 70kg
Burpees 38
Total = 108

Lisa M said...

Was at the lake today so swam for 20 minutes and was quickly reminded of how tiring open water swimming is. Found the perfect stone on my way into town and will nickname it Montana as that is where I dug it out of the side of a hill. Will do SJs tomorrow and probably tomorrows wod too.

Alex wholly hell on the burpees nice work!!!!

Mike Molloy said...


Score= 164

Geoff Long said...

Did this Saturday:
SJ: 160, 160, 160, 160, 165, 165, 165 failed
burpees after putting weights away
only 30 - felt slow and uncoordinated, yesterday's WO a factor


markus willard said...

42 burpees

failed @ 225

Anonymous said...


Made up Saturday.
56.82 (125#, PR by 10) + 36 = 92.82

Chris Castillo said...

40 burpees

Dom said...

SJ- 134
Burp- 49
Total- 183

It was hard to drive completely vertical from the back.

Robin Lyons said...

1. 77kg + 37 burpees

Delaware said...

102 kg + 30 burpees. Felt good until burpees, then felt like molasses.