sun, aug 15, 2010

Take a quick look at the front picture on the blog. It speaks a thousand words.  You'll see athletes coaching other athletes.
Big Dawg competitions have traditionally been and will maintain its goal of being a gathering place for folks to compete together or online against one another based on prescribed fitness workouts.
They have been and will continue to be built so that anyone can do them anywhere with the basics. Only expectations are honesty in movement standards and a willingness to help other athletes. For live events the gathering has traditionally been judged by other competitors - i.e. counting reps, watching movements, keep the camaraderie high. We only expect full effort.

Look for other locations in the upcoming weeks that will be hosting the live events as it will give others a chance to compete within a group setting and have some fun with other Dawgs. If you're interested in hosting a comp contact Leighanne @
The scoring will be as elaborate as posting your times and scores on the blog and we'll go from there

As many rounds in 20 minutes:
2 Power Clean - 185#/135#
2 Squat Clean - 185#/135#
7 muscle ups
15 cals on AirDyne

post rounds and fractions of rounds to comments
(use row cals for AirDyne if no machine available; or run 200 m)


Ben Priestley said...

Story of an airdyne computer repair:

I found my airdyne off Craigslist - $20 bargain because the computer was broken.

I took the computer apart, discovered a bunch of battery acid/corrosion on one of the pieces of metal that makes contact with the battery. Trip to hardware store and $2 of copper wire later, and I had the circuit board receiving electricity again.

The LCD was not working, because the thin piece of rubbery material(zebra connector) that delivers signal to the glass was not getting enough pressure against the circuit board. A strip of paper folded up and wedged on the bottom of the LCD applied sufficient pressure, and problem solved.

Computer is now back up and 100% functional. I'm really appreciating the simplicity of the airdyne's components, and also, I learned a ton during this repair.

Marshall said...

Squat Snatch videos from yesterday, taking forever to upload so only loaded 115# and 125#. Had some solid reps... and some not so good ones.

Anthony said...

The air dyne I picked up is pretty old and doesn't show calories. Would it be wise to hit it for the same amount it takes to row 15 calories?

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

4 rounds+2+2+4

I mounted rings too high to take false grip, ala the games, to get an idea of how that was. Clearly different. First two rounds ubroken (to my surprise), but failed 7th rep 3rd round twice, and almost burned myself there.

I thought that 80kg cleans felt very heavy yesterday, and today legs was tired as well. Was not sure about ability to handle that many reps with 80+kgs, but gave it a go anyways. Long breaths between reps, and I could have gone faster than I did. Self confidence restored til next time.

Subbed the evil bike with calories on rower.

Benny Ahlstedt said...

Ouch, muscleups after a trillion hspu yesterday ;-)

I scaled down the MU to 5 reps and subbed 200m run

Total 5 rounds @ 20,01

David said...
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David said...

5 Rounds plus 2,2,2

Calories on the rower. Used 84kg on weight. Rings come to the top of my head (basement gym), drop to nearly full extension with legs bent at the knees for room. Would like to try it at 6" above reach, need to look for outdoor spot to practice.

August 15, 2010 8:41 AM

Rainer Hartmann said...

Power cleans/Squat cleans with 135, Bar MU's, Calories on rower
4 rounds plus PC/SC/MU/4 cal

BK said...

4R+ 2+2.
MU not games standard, goal for this crocodile before years end.
Feeling better every dig though...

k.jones said...

5 rounds + 2 p.c./2s.c./3m.u.

I have the same issue as david with rings being low gonna find a higher spot next time. Still having trouble linking more than two in a row. Not that bad for just getting my first muscle up a month ago

Jason "Spike" Anderson said...

After my day yesterday this no was tough. Did Filthy Fifty yesterday with some anniversary drinks from the night before brewin!
As Rx'd Muscle ups were 4 inches above reach with fingertips extended.
Clean were pretty easy.
Muscle Ups held me back. Used Full Turnout. Did all but the last set. 3,2,2
5 Rounds + 2 + 2 + 2 Tried one last MU with 10 seconds left and failed it :(

X said...

4 rounds + 2pc,2sc, 5 muscleups

Wind wasn't a factor at all just muscle fatigue/sweaty hands on the muscleups

irvine said...
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irvine said...

84k, C2 for cal

5 + 1 SC

Good WOD, slipped on a few MU attempts, couldn't link together more than three on the beginning of every round or i fatigued to much. stuck to doubles and singles.

Pfeifdog said...

3 rounds plus 2pc,2sc

sub'ed rowing for cal's

Muscles up were my limiting factor on this WOD

Paul Klein said...

4 rounds + 7 muscle ups (sub rowing for airdyne)

It was every bit of 100 degrees in the garage today.

Nice work in the competition yesterday Brent.

Brandon said...

5 rounds

MUs done as doubles and singles...these were super hard today. Subbed row for airdyne. Cleans felt smooth, esp. the power cleans.

Carrie McG said...

no mu, so subbed 28 pu/ring dips (4:1) for each mu. Ring dips were banded b/c I only have a couple unassisted.

Started with 135 (never squat cleaned it before, new pr haha) but had to drop to 125 for the second rd and spent 2-3 minutes fiddling with the stupid plates and collars.

Total of 2 rounds. The dips slowed me especially.. I don't have a lot of chest/shoulder strength yet.

First rd was airdyne, second was rower b/c airdyne was being used.. the row felt waaaaaay worse.

unit said...

wanted 2 get 2 this one 2day, but may still do it later...
this am...

2 rounds of 24 reps ea of:
295lb DL
24" BJ
20lb/10' WB
195lb BP
24" BJ
20#/10' WB
145lb clean



Marcus Filly said...

4 power cleans instead of 2/2, no squat cleans on ankle. But I must say the ankle is feeling better.

6 rounds + 3 muscle ups
*missed 3 total reps on muscle ups.

Note about the airdyne. 3 days ago I did a couple 3:20 max efforts on this thing. I'm experiencing a crushing soreness in my forearms and I can only assume it is from the airdyne since I've done nothing out of the ordinary lately. Anyone else ever get this. Chris, did you get the same feeling?

Anthony said...

Played 18 holes this morning in South Florida heat which hit around 95, close to what I shot bye the way.

Hit the WOD my fellow Big Dawg Jeff at the Redline box which was easily 100 inside.

5 rounds as Rx'd.

Pwr Cleans really weren't a problem, but the squat cleans were quite slow out of the hole.

MU's were in groups of 3s & 4s.

We did a row to 15 cal and used that time for our air dyne because our is ancient and doesn't show calories. It was :45 seconds per round.

Marcus Filly said...

That is freakish unit. I watched my buddy get broken by adambrown yesterday. Your time is super impressive. Then again so is everything else you post.

Siu said...

Scaled to 1 PC + 1 SC + 1 MU + 15 cals on AD

5 rounds + 1 MU

First time doing MUs in a WOD and went relatively well. Just one miss on round 3. Did one in my warm up so 7 MUs in a day make for a PR.

145 is my PR clean so 135 wasn’t easy for sure. Really need to work on dipping under more on my PC and letting go of the bar more to hold a better rack position in my SC.

Chris Castillo said...

5+3 muscle ups

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

Holy smokes Unit, impressive... I have to say it is good to be back posting with everyone on here, I definitely push harder. And some new faces, nice score today Filly! And Brent, congrats on the weekends comp!

I will be hosting the Big Dawg Comp at my gym end of Sept, I would love for anyone to come and push beside me, my gym is near San Jose, in Northern California, more details to come!

today's wod:
6 rds + 2 MUs (subbed 15 cal row)

video being downloaded

Chad Hall said...

5 Rounds + 5 M.U.


Felt pretty good today. SqCleans were fine on knee, all muscles down without false grip, which was actually easier I think because I have problems maintaining it while turning out. Bike felt fine, slower as the rounds progressed.

Paul Klein said...

Unit, that time is incredible. Stay healthy and keep up the hard work. 2011 will be the year of Unit!

Meldrum said...

Did thursday, august 12th as i had no was to get to the gym today. times were


Lungs are starting to feel a lot better.

Will do the 11th's workout tomorrow.

joey warren said...

Paul, I don't think you need to tell Unit to keep up the hard work, I think you need to tell him to stay out of those 8 hr surgeries. My best friend is in med school at Mt Sinai and doing an elective out here at Stanford right now and I see how much hard work he has to put in, I can't imagine how Unit does it and puts up these insane scores, truly impressive Unit!

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

I'll also be hosting the Big Dawg comps in Cincinnati. Arjuna, hbabs, Mcnaughton, Pete, Dustin, Siu, and JenO from these boards will all be there, as well as Adam Rogers and a few friends from up in Dayton. Any and all are welcome...

Jonathan Thom said...

4 rounds + cleans + 4 mu's
(subbed 200m run for airdyne)

PRM said...

4 rounds + 1 PC
Scaled cleans down to bwt (162#)
MU as rx'd
Cal on rower

Michael FitzGerald said...
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Anonymous said...

disappointed in the muscle ups, only limiting factor, 3 mins left and i failed a lot on MU's...

ran 200m......

4 rounds+4+5

Michael FitzGerald said...

6 rds + 1 MU - 200m run/round. Shared only OPT muscle-up place with Sean G for WOD. May have been able to get 7 rds otherwise. More fun to WOD with a Big Dawg though. We used the new wooden rings today. Pretty sweet!

PTS said...

4 rds + 2+2+6 MU's. sweaty hands on the rings was limiting factor.

used rower as a used airdyne has been hard to come by still

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

subbed 135# cleans. Subbed Vision E4000 dual action upright bike, uses ECB resistance instead of wind resistance.

2 rounds + 6 muscle ups

David said...


Were those the Rogue rings? If so, what size, .125 or .110? Thanks, David.

Ben Priestley said...

Subbed 135# cleans to work through an injury.

4 rounds + 7 cals on bike

Krazy said...

Does anyone actually jump into the false grip when doing the Games standard???

Sean Cummings said...

4 rounds plus all cleans.

Felt good, subbed 200m run/sprint.

brian cilento said...

didi not have it in me to tackle the wod and my 13mile run... 13.1 miles = 2:00:16, pretty fckin boring. will see what tomorrow brings and maybe do this doozie in its place.

MrsPTS said...

2 Power Cleans #85
2 Squat Cleans #85
7 Pullups
7 Dips
200m run

4 rounds + 2 PC + 1 SC

*before I started OPT's programming, #85 was my PC 1 rep max

Chris Dunkin said...


best mu's have ever felt, cleans unbroken, and airdyne seemed to go quick.

Andy said...

4 rounds +2+2+6

Done outside in 'cool' Dallas weather, so 200m runs. MUs were tough because of all the sweat.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Yesterday's WOD:

A: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85
B: 21:52 (done as 55 HSPU's for time)
C: Sub 15 minutes DU practice

Lars said...

Tried to do a little catching up on the past 2 days today...

Squat snatch x 5, built to 135 fairly comfortably, then did some singles up to 175. I need some serious work on these so this was good to do.

Practiced HSPU's for 10 minutes on 2 35lb plates and an ab mat in between. Practiced kipping, stringing some together etc. Probably did the recommended 55 or more.

Messed up the metcon today and forgot about the row. Just did 10 min too, because of time.

Completed 4rds, but that was without the row.

Felt good today after 10k run yesterday, calves are sore though.

BK said...

Will be hosting 2nd and 3rd comp at CrossFit Performance in Fairfield, CT ANY big dawgs welcome.
1st comp falls on same day as FGB which I host to fight for the 'CT CUP' which Rob Orlando's crew won last year

Mike Molloy said...

Well, I was hoping I had just strained my left shoulder a few days back and that rest would cure. It hasn't...

Needless to say, I'll be back as soon as its better...

Keep working hard Dawgs

Chris Martin said...
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Chris Martin said...

4 rds + 2 power cleans
-rx`d but used a rower on damper#10
-mu`s weren`t turn out at bottom,i kept hitting my knees on the floor when I did turn out.
-Mu`s were the slowest today , sweating hands and metal rings don`t mix.
- took the SC`s very slow because of the hip, this was the heaviest I`ve squated in over 3 months.

Jay said...

After fighting with the muscleups for 7 minutes decided to sub jumping pullups

Paul Smith said...

5 rounds 2 MU

I had to use a straight bar for MU.

ETC said...

Snatch work with a coach - got 2 solid 135# squat snatches..getting better.

Scaled to 175# and Ran 200m
3 Rounds + 4MU
started to fail at the 21 MU count but was stringing 4-5 together for a couple sets at games standards.

Anonymous said...


5rnds+6 muscles up

Made a huge step today in the right direction. Muscles up were smooth and I kept them to singles. I only failed on 1 m.u and that was the last one attempted. Grip slipped and arm went through ring on extension. Air-dyne came as prescribed by coach.

Also found out that my facility is getting a GHD machine and I am attempting to get my rings hung from a ceiling. Will benefit me a lot to get those two items going.

Brian H said...

I train at CF Modesto, and I'll definately be there for a Big Dawg comp.
Are you guys doing the Weekend Warrior Series?

Adam Rogers said...

5 rounds + 2PC + 2SC +1MU

First workout with the new airdyne. got it off ebay and dont have the computer working yet, so we did 30 second sprints for that portion.

Happy with how the cleans felt, muscle ups were solid today because used tape on the rings.

Dustin said...

Yesterday's WOD 8/14/10

Squat Snatch - 155, 165, 165, 175 (2 Failed Reps), 185(1 failed Rep-slow b/t reps).
**Posted 2 Videos of this. First video is my first set at 155 and the second video is my last set at 185. 185 was rough - had to take some time in between reps. Video shut off before reps 4 and 5 but I did end up getting them. Suggestions welcome.**

HSPU - 5:35 **Felt Strong**

Double Unders - 8:32 **Didn't have my normal rope and ate crappy all weekend, had a side ache from hell. Didn't push myself like I should have. All 10 set UB - to much rest in between though.

Joel B. said...

5 rounds + 2PC, 2SC, 1MU
cals on c2 for 15

Poly said...

5 rounds even.

I have not enjoyed a workout as much in a long time.

joey warren said...

here's vid from today:

Grant said...

@ OPT 10AM
4 rnds

Thad said...

5 Rounds +2PC, 2SC,7MU

Did 200m runs:

No airdyne yet and I worked out with my brothers and only 1 rower.

joey warren said...

Brian H, I look forward to meeting you, what is the weekend warrior?

markus willard said...


3 Rounds (2 185 power cleans, 2 185lb squat cleans, 7 sets of (3 C2B pull ups, & 3 ring dips), 15cal row) + 2 power clean and 1 squat clean

5'10 1/2, 190lb, been mostly paleo for last 3 weeks with a few cheats here and there, thinking about implementing more paleo/zone approach for 2 weeks, anyone experimenting with this? Want to keep performance, but get around 8% body fat too...probably closer to 11 or 12% right now

Brian H said...

The weekend warrior series is an affiliate "league" in NorCal, starting Sep 11, with 4 comps, and a "playoff" on 16 October. Comps will be on Saturday's. I'll send you a link. It will make Sep/Oct busy with comps in NorCal.

NorCal Chris said...

Vacation wod
6 rounds using 55# db for cleans and rower.

Soren said...

a little behind

5 rounds, 2+2+3MU

Massive rip of skin on both hands!
Felt really good and pushed through the cleans, not a lot of rest on them

Surrey Sterling 40/176/5'10" said...

3 rounds + power Cleans + Squat Cleans

Wow that felt very heavy. First power cleans and squat cleans in 4 months. Muscle ups were slooowwww but all legit with full turnout at bottom.

Chase said...

5 rds (sub rowing rds 1-3 running rds 4-5).

I hoped to get well into round 6 but didn't feel strong today at all, muscle ups were extremely tiring and couldn't get the energy to push it. Poor sleep and diet I'm sure.

Rabbit said...


6 rounds right on the dot.

This workout affected my soul. I am thankful for the rest day tomorrow.