tues, aug 3, 2010

Amy - OPT member/client...maker of all good things like DVD's...as well as world traveler spreading the news

This week - Tues/Wed transition days, Thur off, then Friday onward on a 3 on 1 off specific cycle for 16 days - 12-16 workouts in that time - Aug 3-19; then 2 days off, then just over a month till the 1st comp.

A. OHS @ 3011; 3,3,3; rest 3 min
(keep @ 80% effort)
B. Dips @ 3011; 6,4,2; rest 3 min
C. Run 800 m @ 80% x 1

post loads and time to comments as well as how you are feeling competition wise right now; i.e. can you go tomorrow or are you gearing up for example; even if you are not competing, give some indication where you are


Katrina Burton said...

Thanks for that post on Aug 2nd James. Hearing the plans, goals, etc for the year peaked my interest to say the least. You know the battles I had mentally pre/post regionals. I love that there will be another batch of Big Dawg comps again this year... I have FUN doing those. Thanks Big Dawg crew for being so supportive and encouraging to everyone during the comps and training.

As for me... right now I'm definitely NOT competition ready for any metcon type work. Feeling strong and fast when it comes to the Oly lifts as I should (up to 55kg snatch and 68kg c&j). My first official Oly meet in Aug 21st in Calgary. Peaking for that and then I will be back to have some Big Dawg fun.

Krazy said...

I feel confident in any Body Weight Gymnastic metcon style WODs but am not confident in my Oly lifts right now. Snatch feels sloppy and my wrist is still little tweaked from a few weeks ago on cleans.

Looking forward to seeing what your program can produce for me! Looking to hit up a few comps this fall in order to prep for sectionals

Kyle F said...

Sat July 31, 2010


Front Squat = 138 kg
Snatch = 80 kf
COVP Pull Up = 40 reps

10# pr on Front Squat and Snatch. Happy with that. Snatch is sloppy though, could be better.

Soren Kristensen said...

A: 60,70,75kg
B: 15,25,30kg as ring dips
C: around 2.34


Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Had to do this workout today as I won't have a chance tomorrow.

A) 115, 125, 135
B) 6x35, 4x45, 2x60
C) 3:42. Out and back, straight line, with a hill. Uphill first, then downhill. Didn't really have to wait for cars but looked both ways during intersections.

I want to work on a few things before saying that I'm totally ready. For one, I want to improve my flexibility, I don't want mobility to be one of the things holding me back. For example, when I do pistols, I feel it in my quad in the straight leg, because it's compensating for the tight hamstrings across the knee joint. I want to improve hamstring flexibility for that and things like L-sit.

Also, running is a big goat of mine, but don't know if I'm ever gonna be good at that.

Having said that, is anyone really ever totally ready? Everyone always wants to be working on some aspect of their game. If a competition were to start tomorrow. I'd be doing it.

Mack Lar said...

I've read and reread yesterdays post concerning lessons learned and the way ahead several times trying to absorb it all. Really looking forward to another year following the Big Dawgs.
Coach, as far as programming for different sectionals/regionals on different dates I feel that what you did this past year went well beyond what any of us would ever ask of you. This next year it should fall more on us, the community, to help each other out with questions/strategies concerning tapering. There are some great coaches in the community as well as some individuals with a few years of BD training under their belt that can offer sound advice that supports your intent. Thanks for all you do.
As far as being ready for competition goes, I will never pass on an opportunity to learn more about myself. I'm currently focused on getting stronger(apparently I'm one of the few that is too fast for my strength) while only touching on the conditioning enough so that it does not affect my ability to lift heavy things. If you said the first BD Challenge was tomorrow, I'd be all in.

劉林育雅嘉韋 said...


Soren said...

Ohh, and by the way, more than ready for comp. Not looking at doing any games stuff, but just having this community, read the feedback, watch the swedes tossing bricks (jätte bra), be thrilled about the workouts coming up, attacking them, feeling fucked, disappointed and satisfied all in the same workout but most of all, learning all the time on how to improve on performance is enough for me.
That being said, I am more than keen on a getting in on the dawg comps and testing myself against some of you beasts!

James, what are the odds of having an OPT CCP online?

Will work on saving up for the Kansas trip!

thanks to you and everyone posting here!


Garage Crossfitter said...

I am currently 5 weeks into a 4 day a week structural balance program and doing 1 OPT/crossfit workout a week. I have pr'd a few of those CF wods but i do not feel my work capacity for multiple wods is good right now and i havent run or done any high rep DU's in 8 weeks. I am really focusing on balancing out my body, healing some nasty stuff that build up over the last few years and I know my brain will tell me when my body is ready to start killing it again, time frame unknown?

Bear said...

A 60-60-70 kg
B 25-30-40 & 35,f-30
C 3:28 min

5 kg is the smallest weight I have and I didn´t have time to borrow. 70 OHS felt really good. Did ring dips with weights on a baseball bat hooked in my knees. Hard to fit 40 but it was to heavy anyways, then to tired. Did bardips 2x45 kg the other week. Really tired hammies for the run and I ran 10x80m, but I expected faster. Will measure the field just to be sure it´s really 80 m.

My knee is sore and I´m not prepared for metcons at high level, 2 months ago since I really did them. But hey, if I had to go tomorrow or today, I would. It´s like my job as a firefighter :)

DAVE X said...

Hey Coach. If you told me to run through a brick wall I'd be ready to.

My strength numbers are all there, but doing multiple events sounds like a bad idea to me. Speed seems okay, but my metcon ability is a little sluggish. Recovery seems a little slow as well.

Question: I'm going on vacation August 7-14th. I plan on hitting the WODs up to my departure, but after that I wasn't plannning on even looking at the Big Dawg Blog until I return. I'm going to focus the entirety my week on R&R.

How should I approach the training when I return? Should I start from were I left off at the beginning of the cycle or just join in where the rest of the pack is. I assume it's just to join in and scale volume accordingly.

Thanks again Coach. I think everyone would agree with me when I say that we owe you a debt of gratitude for what you've done for us in the past year and beyond.

Martin Altemark said...

A. 70kg, 75kg, 80kg
B. 25kg, 35kg, 50kg
T-line sprint drill from sunday: 35, 36, 38
C. 2:38

Also some 80-85% c&j after extensive warmup to see if foo held for splitting.

OHSQ: 80kg was way to heavy for 80% and more like 99% today at that tempo... I have been practicing handstands every now and then during the last week and I think shoulders was tired from that.

T-line felt awkward, but foot held up. 800m felt so good. Found 80% nicely.

DAVE X said...

I forgot to mention that this is the perfect jumping on point for all you lurkers out there. Get posting. It benefits you and the rest of the pack. Related to that point: if you committ to following this blog on a regular basis and give 100% effort during training, then you are a Big Dawg regardless of your strength numbers or MetCon times. Being a Big Dawg is as much of mental thing as it is a physical thing.

Martin Altemark said...

I am not at all mentally ready for competition right now, but not far off either. 3 weeks ago I felt 100% and did PR at alot of stuff - 5k run, C&J, got that BW snatch, back squat. However something happened when I got back on here, probably because of volume changed dramatically for some movements (pullups, squats) plus the fact that I twisted my ankle. I don't have that edge both with 1RM and being uncomfortable right now. Also started working after vacation (too short vacation), which could have affected me.

Foot is healing and I am all fired up from yesterdays post so I will be ready soon. 25th of September I will prepared to push to my limits. I am already feeling better so I think a few weeks is all I need.

Rory Hanlin said...

Definitely not ready for a CF comp. Strength cycle the last month has erroded what little work capacity I had left from Army training. Had to pretty much start over...

Main goal for me for the 2010-2011 season: better conditioning

Paul Smith said...

I am competing in a local competetion (Survival of the Fittest - Atlanta, GA)in about three weeks and feel great about my strength, but feel there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to my speed and metcon. I have seen quite a difference in my strength in the last two months and am looking forward to see how this will carry over to the other events in the competition.

Can't wait until the first Big Dawg Challenge. This should be a fun year.

Krazy said...

@ Paul Smith

Is the 'Survival of the Fittest' open to anyone or is it invitation only???

Andy said...

a. 135/155/155
b. 70/70/90
c. good pace probably about 3:15

As far as competition ready on a scale from 1 to 10 I feel about a 7. As far as the next 3 months will go training will be hard to come by once football season starts. Hopefully I will be able to maintain until the season is over and then hit it hard for spring sectionals.

Paul Smith said...

@ Krazy

It is open to anyone. Here is a link for info on the competition.

Lindsey said...

A. 75/85/95
B. 16/16/35
C. 3:36 - 200m hill to start

I have come a long way since starting my training but I still don't feel like I'm ready to compete. I have a lot of room for improvement on so many movements. Technique, strength, endurance... look forward to working hard to improve in all these areas.

Alex said...

Hi Coach,

Thanks for the outline in your comment on Aug 2nd...it's always good to see where you would like to take us, and see the journey laid out ahead.

I can honestly say that there are very few elements that I don;t need to improve: I need to get stronger and faster.

A- 95-100-100 could have gone a bit heavier, but since it was 80% I did not push it too much...my 1RM for OHS 125.

B- 6 1/2 elastic, 4 no elastic, 2 no elastic.

I find ring dips easier than regular dips. With reg dips the angle hurts my shoulders (I have tears in my labrum ..both sides)
With ring dips hands are closer tot he body and it hurts less ...with ring dips I can add weight..Not with these.
Not sure what I should do: Suggestions?

C- 4:15 It's POURING rain in Montreal right now...ran on treadmill at incline 1 for 800m.

I would liek to go to sectionalsand qualify for regionals. Last year was my first experience with teh CrossFit Montreal Crew (Roch, Lulu, Ange, Pete, Mizar, Emilie, Cecile, Jacques, Jason, Anne came and wactched us... ) and I would liek to improve on every level. Already in teh past year I have seem HUGE changes...
I need to be "slow and steady" when building strength and need to be consistent. I need to keep a positive mindset.
So far, so good :)

Brent Maier said...

Last year with the OPT competitions including Denver comps (Colorado Crossfit Games, Sectionals, Regionals), it got expensive and I felt like just as one ended, you were preparing for the next. Denver is only a little over an hour drive for me but I felt like I had to get a room so that I would be best prepared for the event. I'm going to try and have more fun this year and focus on training more than how many competitions I can fit in. Generally I try and treat all workouts with the same intensity I would at an event so the more fit I can become while having fun, the more confident I am when walking into the competition arena. I'll try and hit as many OPT competitions as I can this year but anything regarding travel is not top priority. Specifically for me, I need to get my metcon capacity up to a new level somehow without losing strength. Secondly, I need to get my oly lift technique dialed in when weights pass that "holy shit this is getting heavy" mental block. There is a city wide affiliate competition happening on Aug 14th I'm going to compete in just for fun. We'll see how it goes...

Yesterday James, you asked for suggestions on how to provide taper assistance for those competing throughout the year. Is is possible to come up with a formula that hits all subsets of skill work for the week leading up to competition? Build a must do such as 20M accelerating sprints 80%, so many box jumps, DU's, light snatch/clean t&g, etc. Then build a matrix that has associated taper skill routines based on all kinds of movements so those that know their first WOD can hit those drills for specific movements. Follow that up with maybe performing 1/4 of the wod with lets say 25% weight/reps for a few rounds to gain familiarity with movements. Really, just guidelines to allow the dawgs to think for themselves without forcing us to overthink it. Just a thought.

ETC said...

A: 135/145/155 (PR- but wasn't trying to get one)
B: Skipped due to time constraints
C: 80% Run - did not time it - just tried to keep a consistent steady pace with good technique.

Where I am:
I do plan on competing this year but there are not many around my area. There is a small fitness challenge that I am doing on Thursday and I feel ready to go for that. As far as CF style games I still feel that I am not strong enough to deal with the RX weights and be competitive. If I am good on speed should I be doing slower heavier lifts to balance things out

Lisa M said...

James as usual you have gone above and beyond with what you do for this community. This upcoming year looks very exciting I am super stoked!!

I am no way prepared for competition but will do it anyways with no expectations other than giving 100% of what i got right now. I always have the mental capacity for competition even if the body might not be ready.

I have a major conundrum - i have spent the last month working on my oly lifting because it truly sucks and if i want to reach my goals for this upcoming year my technique must improve. It has been very frustrating and haven't seen the improvement i would like but i know that i have to stick with it. I liken it to trying to change my golf swing!! My concern is that during this time I am am sacrificing my strength and metcon abilities and i feel like I am missing out on OPT training. I booked a meeting with you to discuss this but seeing as you are such a busy man couldn't get in to see you until October - so any guidance you could give me until then would be much appreciated

Lars said...

A. 155 x 3, 155 x 3, 165 x 3
B. 72lbs x 6, 88lbs x 4, 112lbs x 2
C. 3:04 (1:27/1:37)

A - overheads felt pretty good today, better then usual, threw 190on the bar after the 3 sets and hit that fairly comfortably, so I was happy with that considering what a weak point it is.

B - Dips felt pretty solid, I wish I had a dip bar because I always have to do them on rings

C - Hips during the run felt tight, didn't feel good overall on the run.

Thanks for all the info posted yesterday, good to know and looking forward for what's to come.

As for Competetion right now, I don't feel too off, but running in a metcon right now would feel terrible. I could do it if needed, but would prefer about 2 weeks notice.

Bear said...

Oh I forgot. I still suck at some gymnastic movements. HSPU and especially Pistols (which I can´t do properly) are a major weakness. It would suck to DNF because of it.

Also, I need to handle volume better, I have a tendency to crash-n-burn and cramp up in my lower back. The suckfest from last week is one example ;)

Chad Hall said...

A. 135, 155, 155
B. 55, 65, 85lbs
C. Row 800M 2:56

OHS didn't feel great so kept it light, shoulder is acting up again and knee didn't feel 100%.
Dips felt fine, but tweaked something in my right lat on last set, should be ok though.
No run becasue of knee, row instead, felt ok.

Wouldn't want to compete now, feel about 70%, if I had to, of course I would though. It's just because of injury set backs though, had I been able to train hard the previous 2 months then I'd be probably 90% or so.

Mike Molloy said...

A: 155-165-170
B: 50-65-75 (on rings)
C: 2:40

I'm feeling pretty good these days. My "metcon" ability probably isn't as high as it could be but I've been feeling really good about my strength improvements lately. Definitely got the three "H's" going on...

I'm fairly confident I could handle the load of a competition right now without it wrecking me.

OPT said...

Phatty, YES, there are times when people are ready and NOT ready
Soren, we've talked about the online stuff but i meet most of it with challenges as it loses the significiance of the personal touch...and i have a problem with that right now - god knows there are a shit load of poor coaches out there from weekend courses where they did not care if the coaches could actually coach, only if they could pay the fee...more to come
DAve X, jump in when back and change volume as you feel prepared for
Rory, good to see you're out there
Brent, good idea except that it "templates" things which i hate doing...i guess there will never be an answer to how do we prep for the regionals in diff sections with the same programming?? - but maybe knowing who is designing it - i.e. maybe have the same WOD's for all regionals on all the same dates this year would be best??
Lisa - how do you determine your improvements or lack of in the oly lifts - sometimes people base it on weights and that for such a tough skill for an aged athlete is unfair - take me, my 1RM snatch has not changed in 3 years but Isabel, and snatches in workouts are better for me now - as in wod # 1 this year, that would have F'in crushed me 2 years ago and now i can complete it...so how are you determining success?

Poly said...

A. 185, 195, 205(epic fail)
B. On rings, no weight, focus on ROM
C. 3:34

I've been bitching incessantly lately, but I think I am coming around, and very slowly building. I'm starting to realize that I may have come as far as I can without some technique coaching. Shoulder pain and mobility is really affecting my ability. I am also lacking confidence in some of the more technical movements.

Anthony said...

A - 155#
B - 30-40-50#
C - Nice and easy

After 4 comps this year, one being 10 days ago, I am no where near ready to do another one any time soon.

My focus is solidly on Sectionals next year. My goal is to get strong and technical right now.

Bin said...

A: 185 across, had significant wrist pain during the OHS and wasn't comfortable adding on weight, though it didn't feel like I was close to pushing lower body/midline strength
B: 65, 75, 80
C: 3:30, pretty easy pace, felt like I could have kept it for at least another mile. Stayed conscious about running form and pulling with the hamstrings.

I don't feel competition ready, although I think that's mosty a mental issue, as it's pretty much been the last thing on my mind. Last competition was an O-lifting meet in May, since then I've just been thinking about what needs attention, development, etc. Attended a CFE cert a month ago that was extremely helpful in getting me to approach running from a skill/training standpoint.

Otherwise, if I wanted to be prepped for competition I would want at least a couple weeks to work on synthesis - I know I've made strength and skill gains over the last few months, but they don't really feel "integrated," as in readily at my disposal. Otherwise, I could probably use more training everywhere, although pulling movements especially.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

A. 65/75/85 (havent done OHS since beg. of june, big time unstable but not heavy)

B. dips b/w 2 GHD machines no weight.

C. 2:49

PTS said...

OHS: 115,135,145
ring dips 25,45,70

skipped the run because of plantar fascia pain.

OHS: 55,65,75
ring dips unweighted

As far as competition I feel like I could go tomorrow. Weaknesses are still weaknesses but as far as feeling ready to push hard in a competiton type setting I feel ready. I'm currently enjoying the journey we are on here though and look forward to training and improving every day.

I second Mack Lar in that I feel strength may be a bit more limiting for me right now than speed so I might keep an eye out for chances to work strength when it is clear that speed is the goal.

brian cilento said...

a: 155-175-185 (failed on rep 4 and dropped weight to 175 to finish)
b: 95(failed for 6), 85x6, 95x4, 105x2
c:3:17 on treadmill no shoes, easy pace prob less then 80%

to be honest i am all over the place as far as goals go. i am running a marathon oct 9th to raise money with my cousin for a charity. so i am doing CFE 3x a week with OPT. i have found this to be a lot. the hybrid chalenge is coming up end of aug, then the race, BD mixed in, then sectionals? i have been working out by myself in a regular gym. because of that i feel like i have been lacking some intensity, a lot harder to push yourself when no one there to beat. so you ask if comp ready? i feel ready for any work out, but a full comp, no. excited to see 2011 train thru from start to finish. coaches top 4 goals were related to the dawg dish, lets work on that

Arjuna Smith said...

A. 155-165-175 3011 tempo all felt easy
Deceided to test a tough 1 rep got 225 with no tempo. Old pr was 185

B. ring dips 25lbs, 35, 53 3011 tempo all felt gd and explosive

C. 800m run 80% effort 3:01 first run in 10 weeks. Felt gd.

Like I said before I am coming of a 10 week catalyst cycle and though my numbers on my lifts weren't as high as I wanted them to be it did wonders for my flexibility, technique, and overhead strength. Specifically noted on my OHS pr.
Def not in competion shape yet but I feel good physically. Conditioning needs a lot of improvement to get back up to my standard. Gotta get my mind straighten out as well. Glad to be back in this community. Just what the DR ordered!

Marshall said...

A. 145x3,165x3,185x3 Feeling good today, so went for a 1RM-215 +15lbs my old 1RM (2months ago)
B. 55,75,120
C.4:45 Did a 20m shuttle run inside for 800m (Dark and rainy outside)

After taking 3 weeks off and then going from sea level to 7250' in the past month I feel like my lungs and strength have finally returned and then some. I've had several PB's in the past 2 weeks. I am definitely in the too strong for my speed category (5'8" 166lbs) I'm also on a really crappy work schedule right now with some shift work and broken sleep periods. I'm usually getting 9 hours a night and have been feeling refreshed and ready to hit it hard so I feel ready for some comp.
Coach, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you put into this blog and community. 18 months ago I couldn't over head squat a broom handle correctly, today my OHS was 215#, the proof is in the pudding! Myself and several other guys who follow the Dogs have a grown a following of others wanting to know what programming we are doing and asking for advice/help in the gym. I think the saying goes that the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. I have seen a huge ripple effect from your efforts that extends much further than you may realize. Thanks.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

*4got about the 2nd part of the post...

ummm id say that im not 100% ready for any competition but I would love to try! I just started training in March so im learning a lot reading, watching videos AND ASKING 2 MANY QUESTIONS :)I just got my first MU not to long ago and cannot do a full HSPU YET! ALMOST THERE! I'm working on my weaknesses and already see progress.

I feel in March I'll be ready! goal is to win sectionals/regionals and be top 10 @ the big show! Im shooting high goals here but if i stay healthy and keep working hard I beleive ill get there!

Martin Altemark said...

Ok - us euros are getting a bit jelaous of the CCPs held everywhere.

OPT - you need to get them seminars over here too. Why not in Sweden? You'd fill them I'm sure. If you ever you need help with that just drop me a line. It would be huge for us.

Krazy said...

A- 155lbs-160lbs-185lbs(Fail on #3)
B- 75-90-115 (Ring Dips)
C- 2:48

My previous PR was 185lbs so I was pumped to get it twice and almost the third time (weight traveled forward).

Hattie said...

Hi All,
Long time lurker, first time poster. As Dave-X said it is the perfect time to jump in, so here I am. I follow my local Affliate and we occassionally do OPT based workouts as well I mix in 1 or 2 workouts a week based on my schedule.

I am mentally always ready to compete, I love competitions because win or lose you always get better. I have a lot of weaknesses I want to work on this year. I want to have more linked pull-ups and make a lot of gains on anything bodyweight related.

My gym did a couple of the Big Dawg Challenges last year and it was a ton of fun.

What I love about crossfit is depending on the day and the workout anyone with mental determination can succeed.

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

A. 155-165-175, then went for a few heavy singles, finishing with 219, a 25 lb. PR
B. 25-35-53
C. 3:49

I have a few issues holding me back from being competition ready. First, I'm coming off of a 10-week Oly cycle. My technique, speed, and strength are greatly improved, but my performance beyond 2:00 has suffered.

Second, I am getting my left knee scoped tomorrow, which will take me out of loaded knee flexion for at least a couple weeks depending on what, if anything, is found. It has been causing problems for the greater part of eight months. It has, at different points throughout that period, not allowed me to perform any loaded knee flexion or running. I've already gotten two cortisone injections, and though they have relieved the issue temporarily, the problems just come back.

So competition readiness is up in the air, dependant upon tomorrow's results. I'm mentally focused, have outstanding training partners, eating well, and stronger than I've ever been, though.

Chad Walding said...


A. 155/175/185
B. 1.5pd/1.5/2...on rings
C. 3:02


I'm feeling really good but I'm not ready for competition physically or mentally. Actually I think I'm not going to participate in the Texas Throwdown in Dallas 2 weeks from now. Just don't think my mind is in it right now.

Physically I'm stronger than I have ever been, no doubt about that. Everything has gone up in the past 2 months. Relative to others who compete though I'm still behind. My metcon has pretty much stayed put although I think a lot of that is pretty much how familar and comfortable you are with the pain as opposed to conditioning. So right now I would say I've just not been doing a lot of it but don't think it would take too long to get back.

Strengths: rowing, running, GHSU's, DU's, 2-8 minute WOD's

Weaknesses: gymnastics..all of them, overall strength, oly lifting technique, weak in going overhead, 20 min+ WOD's

Opportunity: improve with strength, oly lifting, gymnastics, qualify for regionals

Threats: R knee pain, needs ACL revision and now is not the time.

Soren said...

James, i hear you with online stuff. I did Wellcoaches course from the US, when based in DK and they only run it through Internet and actually is one of the few courses I have done externally that was successfull and yet... it lacked that personal touch.
I am in the same shoes as the swedes. I am in Aus, and have done OLY strength and conditioning but many of them seems to be kinda old fashion compared to how you program and not very Crossfit'ish.
It may sound as an excuse but with 3 girls, I find it hard to justify that I go across and do one seminar at a time in Canada and there is quite an expense attached to it.
So, the same goes with Australia as with the swedes - if you wanna come down. let me know!

Lisa M said...

Ha James you are soooo right I have been basing it on weight and feeling inadequate because i have only ever been working at that 50 - 85% range and even that sometimes is feeling heavy. However today was the first day that i did a full squat clean at 135# which is 5#s off my PR (power clean) but with PERFECT technique in my pull anyways. So for the first time when the weight started to get heavy I didn't bend my arms and it felt great just need to improve my speed getting under now. So yes i guess I am making improvement in technique but as a CF athlete i guess we are always looking for that "heavier" lift - I just have to remind myself that technique is the means to getting there and with proper technique the "heavier" metcons won't feel as heavy as they do with poor techinique. So thanks for pointing that out - as for sticking with just this oly cycle should I or will it put me too far behind when I am ready to jump back into BD training. Should i be throwing in some BD wods along with my oly training??? I really appreciate your help

Jonathan Thom said...

No more lurking!

A. 155, 165, 165
B. 35, 53 (3), 62
C. 3:00

Competition wise, I feel good mentally (which is huge for me), not sure if the physical is there currently though.

Greg said...

From 8/1:

T-line: 39.2/36.8/38.6
PC: 165(f#3)/155/155/155/155
Med-ball: 20# FUN!!! but brutal with 20# ball.

Was pleasantly surprised at my speed on the t-lines. only reason last was slower was a "double-back" on the 2nd rep going backwards to catch the cone - hehe.

Notes here instead of when I do today's WOD:

As an older guy (40), and a recent follower, I am already very please with the adaptations I am seeing (Thank you very much, James). I am not really feeling ready for competition other than mentally (pretty fired up right now about the day-to-day effort and results). Physically, I feel good, but pretty sore in the PC the last few days, although stretching and foam rolling is making a HUGE difference. I feel like my goal of rowing around a 6:45 2k in the CRASH-B sprints is certainly possible.

joey warren said...

I think I could compete tomorrow, the biggest thing for me is to get mentally back into it, to get ready to push it during training. Also I need to get my diet back under control... so i wouldn't like to compete tomorrow (but I could) as I have to get my mindset stronger. I feel that was my biggest weakness competing was mental toughness so a little mental training will do me good, and I feel that comes from gaining more confidence!

I would like to still work on strength as my speed and power is a lot greater that my maximal strenth or slow movements. The front squat is my limiting factor on squat cleans as I can power clean more than I can squat clean. Im going to jump back in 100% but want to see where my strength stands the next strength cycle as I may want more of that to gain more confidence and work on technique of oly lifting.

kat. said...

I'm very careful with any movement involving shoulders, due to a month-old injury (healing slowly). First workout ever in our new box today, and since we only have some modest range of equipment available, I had to clean and PP the barbell for OHS.
OHS 5 x 30 kg, 3 x 30 kg, 5 x 30 kg.
My 1RM OHS is 50 kg.
No dips & run, apart from the morning running drills session.

I don't think I'm ready for competitions involving gymnastics or barbell work right now... I did improve my running and DUs lately though.

Anonymous said...

OHS- 185,185,185

-99.9% paleo because I still use a whey protein shake. I have been tinkering with my athletes zone for past 3 months and has really mind fucked me a little. I believe I have it dialed in now.

-I switched over from main site after using that since 11-2008. I saw a decrease in strength. My mind is saying "this weight is heavy instead of saying your going to throw this around like paper." Some could have been due to over training as I have not had more than one day off in over a year.


Began to foam roll consistently one week ago. I also began 60-75min massage therapy sessions for muscle recovery once every two weeks. Had my first session yesterday and felt wasted after. My muscles performed great today especially on the run. A lot of knots still need to be worked out.


Strengths- body weight movements
Weaknesses-rowing,o lifts,technique
I am attending the O-lift cert in Colorado Oct 2-3rd. Mobility, Gymnastics. Regain a hard mindset.

Give me the go now, I would find a way to win.(My profession we either win or don't go home). End of the year I should be 120% ready for the go.

I am from Kansas so you made my day yesterday with the news about the seminar.

Thanks for your hard work.

Cocopuffs said...

A: 185, 195, 205
B: 225, 235, 245
C: skipped

Subbed bench press for dips no rings yet. Instead of C i did the flight simulator double under thing (5 -> 30 -> 5) didn't time it, didn't go all out. managed to do 23 unbroken. Went for a nice long run yesterday so didn't feel like going outside to the field to run an 800.

k.jones said...

Getting more confident as my strength is increasing. My snatch is still really sloppy but im sure it will get better overtime. Metcons and bodyweight movements are a little behind. So I don't think I'm ready just yet for competitions just yet. One more question is it ok to stay a day behind or should I just skip the workout today and just rejoin the 4th and start from there?

Kevin said...


A. 135, 145,155 (back still an issue, see below)
B. 22.5, 41, 63.5
C. 3:23

I was feeling great--strength was up noticeably, esp shoulder to OH; bodyweight stuff was improving big-time--until I tweaked my back about three weeks ago. Since then it's been a battle, feeling like I'm 100% and then taking a step or two back. Last Tuesday's metcon set me back a little bit and I tried to rest through the weekend.

Long story short, I need to be smart and either scale stuff or take a week or two off the programming to heal. Joey sent me his back rehab WODs from before the Games, so I may try those.

Other than the back, the only thing preventing me from being comp-ready is a cross-country move 9.2.10 from the Bay Area to Brooklyn with the wife and the baby. I have a feeling that given the craziness of the next month, maintenance might be a good goal.

Hoping to hit the ground running out there, but also find a place where I can get some good coaching. I feel that I'm leaving a lot of weight and performance out there because of sloppy form. Finding good coaching may lead me off the blog for a little bit, but I'll work to get back on it.

Sorry for the thesis. I'm a lawyer, what can I say?

Jon G. said...

Sorry guys, I'm a few days behind...

Dead lift/double under from 7/29

6:54 Rx

"OPT 3" from 7/31


I'm going to have to skip a few days if I want to catch back up. I have just been too consumed with doing some extra running in preparation for the Chicago Marathon.

Cocopuffs said...

Where am I right now? I'm the new kid trying to prove himself... I have alot of work ahead of me if I ever want to compete. My workload and work ethic and recovery time is ridiculous though if you gave me 6 wods tomorrow and said that that was what you wanted and that it'd make me better I'd do it no questions asked. Realistically? I know that my technique for the olympic lifts, kipping pullups, anything with rings and Double unders are huge problems for me. I need to find a local coach and work on these things. Give me any WOD with high reps and low weight, KBswings, rowing, situps, pushups and I will demolish it. Running and bodyweight exercises (box jumps, burpees, HSPU etc..) pose a bit of trouble because I know that I'm carrying around at least 20lbs of beer gut. I'm crazy committed to this now and I need to thank you guys for all of the help you've given me since I started out. It's a privilege to have this many people with so much knowledge and experience to get help from. Thank you guys!

David said...

A. 70, 80, 85 kg
B. 32, 34.5, 40kg
C. 3:08 on mill @ 1%

I've been off this programming for a few months. I wasn't competing so ran through all the main page hero workouts starting Memorial Day. Just got back from 10 days in California, most of it spent hiking in Yosemite.

I feel fairly well rested. The OHS felt fine. The dips were initially quite disappointing until I realized that I grabbed the 32kg bell instead of the 24 for the first 2 sets. I felt much better when I realized the 32 was being used. The run felt fine, not 100% but somewhere between 80-90%. Running is my weak link right now.

matt said...

A. OHS 135/145/155
C.3:22 out and back with some massive WY wind.

Love the reflections of last year and direction of the upcoming year. Motivates me and reassures me even more about the terrific programming.
I don't feel confident in Snatch or Jerk. Strength is good as well as gymnastic movements. But running anything longer then a 400m can be better.
That be said, love competition and everything that goes along with it.

Paul Klein said...

A.165, 175, 175
kept it to 80%

B. 25#, 30#, 40#

C. Felt good

Last night, I had a private o-lift coaching session with Andy Hendel from CrossFit Charlotte. I got some good pointers to work on to help my snatching.

Competition readiness? Physically I am good to go. My body feels good and my recovery has been great. Mentally, I'm not quite there. The OPT 3 workout on Saturday really mind eff'd me. I am having a little trouble getting past my pathetic front squat. My confidence has dropped a ton. It's funny how one weekend I'm on a high from a 25# pr split jerk and the next weekend I'm crushed by a -20# front squat. The lows definitely last longer than the highs.

On a side note: I got my tire, and 10lb med ball. I have so far found 26lbs of chain (per side, so 52lbs total). I need more chain, but I'm finding it hard to find a good deal. Where did you guys get your chain?

Also, I am still hunting an airdyne.

Carrie McG said...

A. 85, 95, 95
B. purple band X 6, red band X 4, bodyweight X 2 (yay!)
C. 3:24 (Probably ~85%)
Was cautious due to hip flexor.. But it feels ok so that's a good sign.

In terms of competing, I am not ready yet. I have skills that I have not achieved yet (muscle up, consistent C2B pullups, strict hspu) which I feel are necessary to compete. I also feel I need to be a bit stronger to be at competition level. I am getting more confident in my oly lifting but I have reached a sticking point in my snatch that definitely needs coaching to increase in weight (its only 95 currently.. But my 3 rep is 90). I need to improve my running as well. Lots to work on, but I have a plan for my goals and I will get a muscle up by sept 1! :) I'm really excited to get deep into these next training phases and really see what I am capable of.

Sean Cummings said...

OHS: 95, 105, 115 (did 3 to 4 light sets to get some practice in, about 2 months ago I could barely do the bar. Now form looks pretty good)
Ring Dips: 53#, 72#, 88#

As for competing, I just learned OHS and Squat Snatch this summer, so that is not there yet. But, at age 34 I am stronger than I have ever been and have PR'd almost every lift since following these workouts everyday. So, I am up for whatever!

Stahl said...

A. 135, 145, 165
B. 22.5, 42, 64.5
C. 2:52 (felt stiff)

Physically. Gearing up for competition but not ready. Hands are torn up and need some more ramp up time. Oly lifting and shoulder to overhead remain the biggest weaknesses.

Mentally - very tired. This is due to life events more than training but it certainly affects the training. Can't do anything about most of them except be patient and keep a good attitude.

As with others, I'm going to do everything I can to compete in all the Big Dawg competitions. I'd love to get in the Garage Games too, but I won't be able to.

unit said...

A- 185/ 205/ 225
B- 45/ 90/ 135
C- 2:25

as far as where I m now:
been trying 2 work on weaknesses in 4 groups... post chain, quad strength, shoulder girdle and oly lifting... feel that I'm still weak with the quad strength as this is a limiting factor on many movements... pr'd in DL (505 a couple wks ago)... the last couple/three wks been trying 2 get back in2 metcon shape and work on that type of conditioning as well as sprinting/throwing/track... since being more ballistic my oly lifts seem 2 b responding... a long ways 2 go though... so, not ready 2 compete, but would gladly welcome competition...


Erik Luber said...

A- 35 kg/40/45
B- 16 kg/32(3+f)/36
C- 2:42

Think I would be good to compete tomorrow if I had to. Have been hitting a lot of strength PRs and feel pretty fresh in general. Metcon work is definitely a bit deconditioned, although the 800m felt excellent today.

Yesterday's post: Damn! So many things to be excited about. Thanks so much coach. Kansas 2011 here I come!

Erik Luber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OPT said...

k. jones, start with everyone on the 4th

Joel B. said...

A: 115, 125, 135
felt pretty easy...good 80% effort

B: 10, 20, 35
too light

C: 2:45
this was more than 80% by time, but I just ran and felt good.

Comp wise...not ready right now, but maybe more ready than I think? Didn't train Jan-May because of fire academy, but now strength numbers are actually higher than before. I just really enjoy this training and the phases and positive community. Along with that, I love to compete as well. Mostly to see the improvement but also the other factors. Being a probationary FF, that is definitely the priority, but they almost always can co-exist...energy, time, etc

Eric S said...

A. with a broom since I have no weights available now
B. On rings w/o weight
C. 2:14

My goal for the near future is to maintain my current fitness levels as I transition to life overseas. Competing in the near future will be tough, but I hope to pick it up hard and heavy in September.

Marcus Filly said...

OHS: 195/205/205
DIPS (ring):15/30/40
ROW 800: 2:44

I don't think I'm ready to compete today, tomorrow, or the next. My ankle is a bit dodgy right now and has been for over a month. I settled down for the Games and didn't cause me any problems but seems to be acting back up. I'm really focusing on healing my ankle and other nagging stuff.

I want to show up each day and give my best performance in these workouts. I want more than anything to follow this programming down to the very last second/rep/double day/etc.... and I beat myself up when I cannot because my body isn't feeling it. How do you guys deal with that? Anyway, more competition throughout the year is good for me. I got hit with a big dose of competition reality at sectionals this year. I did well enough to qualify but my body was absolutely wrecked and it forced me to withdrawal from regionals. Competition brings out another level and I need to experience more often throughout the year.

Pfeifdog said...

A: 195 felt good
B: 25,35,533
C: 3:12

Where I'm at: Strength feels pretty good right now but that has never my weak spot, muscle endurance and body weight movements are my Achilles right now. I have great improvements in the last month and a half but still not were I want to be yet. I think I'm about 1 to 2 months out from being really competitive, but right now if pistols or HSPU came up in a WOD then I would be in trouble.

Noah said...

A. 80kg, 80kg, 85kg
B. 20kg, 25kg, 40kg
C. 2:59 (admittedly faster than 80%, more like 90%, but it was so hot that I wanted to get it over with)

Not the best day in the box even though I got good numbers. Never felt comfortable with the weight over head and struggled to find a rhythm. Someone once told me that "a bad workout is better than no workout" and that helps me stay positive on days like today.

In terms of competing, I am not ready, but feel very confident that with the programming that Coach did for me at the beginning of my rehab followed up with these workouts, that when I do in fact get the all clear from my doctor that I will be better than before I went under the knife. I am still coming back from 2 biceps tendon surgeries (1 in Jan and a 2nd (because I'm an idiot) in Feb). Each day I gain more and more confidence, my lifts continue to improve, but I know I have a long way to go. My metabolic conditioning needs a lot of work and I need to continue to push through those moments when I get into a staring contest with the bar.

Each day brings a new challenge but as a famous General once said, "accept all challenges in life so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory." I am chomping at the bit for that moment...

Jay said...

WT 178


Tweaked my elbow bad snatching on saturday...made 185 difficult to keep overhead...which shouldnt have been. Ready for competition. Physically I always feel ready. I think there is always plenty of things that need to be worked on...maybe that's what attracts some people to crossfit(I think for me that's half of it). As for the mental part of the game definately far from ready...dont think it'll take long to get back in the mindset though.

Physically 95%
Menatlly 50%

Noah said...

Sorry for the double post but I left out the part about really working on flexibility in my hips and shoulders. Kelly Starret's videos on the CFJ are great if anyone has any issues. I just have to get in the habit of doing them as many times as I've watched them.

Adam Rogers said...

A - 165x3x3

B - 60lbs x5, x4, x2

C - 2:35

OHS was above 80% effort for third set.

Run felt great, haven't been out running for a few weeks.

Feel strong, would be comfortable to compete very soon.

Mike McNaughton@CFN said...

OHS: 155/165/185
Dips: 35(5)/53/60
800: 2:58

Body feels good. Mentally I feel good. Squat snatch is weakest link but overall I am ready for whatever. Like Stephen said before me, I have great training partners and we follow a great program. Let's do it.

derb said...


8/1 WOD

Sprints: 32.2/31.6/31.13
PC: 165/170/175/180/185(atleast 10lb PR)
Throws: 10lb plate

I feel good about my strength gains and my o-lifting. I still am not at my goals but I'm improving everyday so my confidence is high. I don't think I'm ready to go to that "dark place" in a metcon but that is all mental. I think the closer I get to competition that will improve.

DAVE X said...

A. OHS: 165/175/185
B. 45/50/55
C 3:11

Felt great tonight. I feel as if I'm finally getting in front of all the stress with my job and life.

Eric G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric G. said...

OHS - 155/165/165#
Dips - 35/45/70#
800m - 3:09

1st day posting to the blog. I've been cherry picking for a bit, but it's time to give it a shot full time. I figure with the new cycle starting it is the perfect time.

I don't feel that my conditioning is near competition ready, mostly due to being in the middle of a police academy and having my training, eating, and sleep all out of sync...thanks to their piss poor PT program, 15+ hour days and wonderful college dorm food they supply us. (Great for a physically demanding profession, isn't it?!) On my own time, I've still been on a decent 5/3/1 program and working in Oly lifts 1-2 days a week, so the strength is there, but after a slow 2-3 mile run in the early morning, a 15 hour day and some strength work, there isn't a great amount of energy left for any reliable metcon work. I'm hoping that this programming will save me time and get me a good mix of everything while I finish out the academy and eventually adjust to the lifestyle change of working 6pm to 6am when I return.

mhamilton said...


A. 135,135,135
B. 70,80,90 (rings)
C. 2:46

I feel great actually. Both mentally and physically. Since I've been following this program (2.5 months) have noticed some solid improvements in most areas. Certainly echo everyone when I offer my thanks for providing this in addition to what I am sure is an already busy sched.

That being said I am far off the competition pace (both sectionals and regionals) for most disciplines. Lots to work on. Strength and speed. Skill work with Oly lifts. Dreadful posterior chain and squating strength etc. Not sure I am necessarily gunning for comps but focused on continually improving across all fronts and will go from there.

Steve Howell said...

A: 185x3 for all sets.
B: 30#/53#/70#
C: Calves are still tight for running and was pressed for time so didnt sub a row.

* I feel ready to compete and if I had to tomorrow I'd be ready to go. I'm feeling as strong as I've ever been right now my metcon is feeling great as well. Of course my oly lifts need work and will always need work but they are getting much better from last year. I feel my running would affect me in competition as it did at regionals but once I hear 3..2..1..GO!! I can't think about what needs work and what doesn't just need to think "get the work done" and get it done faster then the next person.

Steve Howell said...

* also the diet has been off but I'm taking control and getting it back on track.

r Gaines said...

Slow on my posts from last week.

Thur, july 29, 2010:
8:50… rnd one was great (unb DL and 49/1 DU).  It was a sad scene after rnd 1.
sat, july 31, 2010:
3RM FS-205#=93kg
2RM snatch-145#=66kg(1st was a sqt snatch 2nd was a power snatch.  old 1RM PR was 135)
Chin ups- 23(Current PR 30...sad day on the bar.)
sun, aug 1, 2010:
part 1:legs felt heavy and slow.   This drill brings back old memories of keeper practice in college.
Part 2: 155, 185, 195, and 205 (slow on the catch)
Part 3: used both a 10 and 12# ball.  It was fun to toss a med ball in the rain.
Tues, aug 3, 2010:
A. 125, 135, 145... Felt great
B. 20#
C. 3:14
-Competition:  my mind and body are both not 100% ready to compete.  Last year’s sectionals hurt my gameness….that being said I am always ready to put my game face on and compete.
Mon, aug 2, 2010:
Coach, this looks like a fun year.  Thanks for everything you do

jay rhodes said...

Working on form, kept it light.
Did not count reps at the time, ended up being:
135 x 10
225 x 8
225 x 7
225 x 7
Looks a bit better. Hips are still shooting up a little quick.

A. OHS @ 3011; 3,3,3; rest 3 min
Warmup - 135 x 3, 165 x 3

185 x 3
195 x 2,f (lost balance)
205 x 3 PR

Probably a little more than 80%, but manageable.

B. Dips @ 3011; 6,4,2; rest 3 min

+ 80lbs x 6
+ 90lbs x 4
+110lbs x 2

C. Run 800 m @ 80% x 1 (did not have time to hit the track)
Did Tabata Row instead

1012m (PR 1017m)

Happy with it as I'm coming off basically 2 weeks of nothing, and haven't been doing a ton of metcon lately. Was on great pace through 4 intervals, around 540-550m and dropped off a bit in the last half.
Want to get this up to 1050m.

As far as feeling ready to compete....I've been dealing with tweaked back for the last 2 weeks so no I don't feel at 100%, but within 2 weeks I'm sure I'll be good to go.
Basically I've felt like I could step in and compete on any given day since Sectionals in March, with much improvement each month.

Robin Lyons said...


1. 80kg
2. 52kg
3. 30 chin up

OHS 3/105lbs

Can't say I would do my best at a competition at the moment. After finishing "4th" at the Northwest Regionals I have been giving myself a chance to play (ride mt. bike, hike and lift what I want) ready for preparation for the crossfit 2011 season! The 5 mile run took me out of the Gmaes this year...I NEED TO RUN! Thanks coach for all your efforts and insight ...look forward to representing for the OPT Squad.

Chris Fodera said...

I am nowhere near ready for competition...my capacity is all but gone since I have taken time to really work my Oly Lifting. I am making good progress, but my speed/technique needs to catch up to my strength.

I am looking at beginning the push toward competition once I can get my Snatch to 100+kg and my C&J to 120+kg. I am not willing to sacrifice the proper form on the lifts for these weights, so I am looking for "3 white lights" type of technique. Pressing weight out is no longer an option for me. My reasoning is that you can't get called out for a missed rep/lift at the games if your form is legit.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

A: 105, 110, 115
B: 35, 40, 45
C: 3:07 Sub 800 meter row

Not ready. Don't feel I've done enough regular WOD work to feel comfortable.

Dustin said...

A. 185, 195, 200 **OHS Felt really goo**
B. 53, 63, 88
C. 3:10

Right now I feel I still have a lot to work on. I'm pretty solid all around, but I definitely could be better. My deadlift is definitely my weakest lift. I had back surgery about a year and a half ago, so I'm just not that confident when it gets heavy. I think my biggest weakness is that I need to get the mental game down - mentally tougher, and be able to push through the pain better. This programming is absolutely incredible.

Eric Montgomery said...

OPT--is it easier for you if we post in lbs or kg? I switch back and forth all the time but I figured you probably have a preference for your tracking purposes.

A. 70kg x3, 74x3, 74x3
B. 20kg x6, 32x4, 36x2
C. 2:55

Not ready to compete right now in terms of metcon capacity, but should be good in a month or two. Looking forward to the Big Dawg challenges since I live in SD--more competition experience is always a good thing when it comes to getting ready for sectionals.

Brandon said...

A. 185/195/205
B. 45/70/90
C. not exact on distance...ran at a good pace for 4 min

My strength is good now and my gymnastics/bodyweight movements are getting better. I could compete now if I had to, but my running (anything over 800m) & long metcon (16 mins on) would be weak.

The diet and recovery efforts are really working well, and as a result the multiple workouts in a day or weekend aren't as much of an issue.

Ben Priestley said...

A. 145# for 2 sets, 135 for one set
B. Completed
C. 3:11 @ 80%

I'm feeling flexible and mentally ready. I have the mindset of treating my athletics as fun, and the results are not so important as the process.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 155, 175, 185
B. 70, 105, 105
C. Did not time. haven't got the distances marked out at the new location yet.

Not ready to go. Feel like I'm in maintenance mode. Diet is good, but not managing the stress well

Heavy Evy said...

I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm chomping at the bit for competitions, my ball season has been a bust, my hockey days are behind me, and I've been training alone lately. I'm ready for as many events I can get to.

Anonymous said...

A. 65-70-75
B. On GHD handles & just body weight 4-4-2
C. 4:06 I am getting faster. I focused on keeping a steady pace and breathing through some cramping.

I feel comfortable with lighter workouts. My strength continues to be my main weakness...and running. I do not feel ready for a competition right now, but having one in the near future will help me focus and train harder.

brian cilento said...

did a 4mile loop near my house super hilly, 29:09. did it 2 weeks ago @ 30:17... CFE on top of OPT is getting to be taxing, might have to sub out or scale back some OPT work outs, will see what the next phase brings...

NorCal Chris said...

OHS: 135#
Dips on rings: band, BW, 15#
800m: 3:00

Totally late on posting and this may never be read but I must say the thoughtful and introspective approach everybody is taking to this year is amazing.

I come from a different perspective because i spent a few years doing triathlon and then switched to bike racing. In triathlon (ESP ironman) we competed only 2-4x per year. On my bike team, we signed a contract to race a minimum of 30 races per year (more than 2x per week most often).

Last year I did my first (and only) CF competition. It was akin to triathlon in that as Eminem would say, "One shot, one opportunity"...

I was mentally burned out after this event.

The cycling model works much better in my opinion in that competition becomes the norm and the mind accepts this norm without undue stress.

I like Brent's comments that he treats each wod as tho it were a event. This may be a good way to apply the appropriate energies to the wods while not making the actual competition seem like such a big deal on game day.

Brian said...

July 27th WOD

10 min HSPU practice (alone, rings, E-ROM..)
5 sets @ full effort:
25 unbroken wall balls - 20#/12# to 10 ft
20 hang power clean - 105#/80#
15 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
Rest 2:30 b/t sets EXACTLY

30 HSPU on parallettes approx 2-3in below parallel

Total metcon working time: 15:54

Notes: Day after giving whole blood / heat brutal again / too many breaks in later rds. All WB unbroken

Siu said...

A.OHS: 95, 115, 125
B.Ring Dips: BW, +10, +15
C.800m: 4:31

In efforts to get faster, did two additional 800m runs: 3:34, 3:52