tues, aug 10, 2010

A1. Power Clean - 5 touch and go reps heavy; rest 10 sec
A2. Russian KBS - 15 reps heavy; rest 10 sec
A3. Bench Press - amrap @ 135#/95#; rest 3 min
7 sets; weight must increase per set on A1

post loads and notes to comments


Craig said...

way behind.

Friday's 12-9-6

Starting to feel better. Climbed a 4k mtn on Sat. for 8 hrs which is why I'm behind. Rested Sun.

k.jones said...

trying to figure out what brand of oly shoes to buy. I currently have a pair of do wins and they are falling apart after four months. Do I just have a bad pair or is there another brand you guys can recommend? thanks for the imput

Chris Martin said...

my do-wins rogue 2010`s are doing the same thing!

Katrina Burton said...

I have ristos and love them! They carry 3 or 4 colors in stock or you can get some custom dyed at a cheaper price than most other brands on the market.

Jon Sinclair said...

Haven't been able to post for a while cuz my computer broke down and haven't had a consistent schedule at work. But I'm back into the OPT schedule now.

Coach I had a quick question for ya,I have some family who are visiting me from ontario and we are coming into Calgary on Wednesday. Just wanted to see if you would be at crossfit calgary for us to come by and visit, and maybe get in a quick wod?

Alex Duncan said...




Here are two good articles reviewing a ton of shoes out there. I personally go with and love the Kanamas.

soren said...

Kb were done with 2 pd, bench was 65kg=#143

Round 1: 70kg/15/10
Round 2: 74/15/10
Round 3: 77/15/9
Round 4: 79/15/6
Round 5: 80/15/7
Round 6: 82(2)80.1(3)/15/7
Round 7: 80.1/15/7

Round 6, failed the 3rd and took 2 of and added a heavier clamp!!
It is not funny when the bar is laughing at you!

Have fun!

Bear said...

I use Adidas wl-shoed, pretty ok, but they are my first so I can´t compare with anything. Would like a lower heel.

Round 1: 70kg/36.5 kg/21 reps
Round 2: 75/36.5/14
Round 3: 77.5/36.5/10
Round 4: 82.5/36.5/7
Round 5: 85/36.5/7
Round 6: 87.5x3+1+f/36.5/7
Round 7: 90x4+f/41.5/6

DB-swings. Suck at presses. Managed to loose the grip with my left hand at 2nd rep with 87.5 kg in the air, bump my throat and catch the weight in my elbow crease...and then do one more rep as a reflex or something. Got a bit scared I guess so the cleans where not the same after that. Bit bummed that I didn´t get 5x90 kg.

Andy said...

a1. 155/160/165/170/175/180/185
a2. 75# db
a3. 25/18/15/13/13/12/12 = 108

This was tough on grip, and also hard to execute great form with elbows coming around on cleans. Good wod, my arms are smoked. Ready to own legs tomorrow.

Lars said...


I've got some Kanamas that I've been using for a year and are still in great shape.

r Gaines said...

my do-wins rogue are doing the same thing. Looking at adidas oly shoes. If they last over a year I will pay that extra cost.

Martin Altemark said...

A1. 60kg,65,67.5,70,72.5,75,77.5
A2. 32kg,32kg,32kg,40kg,40kg,40kg,32kg
A3. 16,14,10,10,9,9,7

Did 8/8 kettlebell snatches with 32kg first 3 rounds (need to practise), then switched to russian swings and 40kg KB.

KBS & presses made PCs harder, for sure.

brian cilento said...

got a little ahead of myself with the weights on the PC this am, but then i think i reset too low. kind of a mind fck... go heavy, BUT add weight every round

a2:75,80,80,80,80,80,80 used db
a3:27,17,12,10,10,12,12 more like amrap -1 or 2, i did not have a spot

Martin Altemark said...

Also using adidas, like them and think heel is of perfect height.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 185,190,195,200,205,210
A2. 100lb unbrkn
A3. 23,15,10,11,11

did not keep rx'd tempo after 6th round of kb swings. overcome by nausea. worst i've felt after/during a wod.

NorCal Chris said...

A1. 115,120,125,135,140,145,150(3/f/1/1)
A2. 70#
A3. 15,15,12,10,10,8,10

Spotter might have eked 2 more per round on a3.

Marcus Filly said...

KBS: 2pood

*triceps were failing me on the BP on the last 3 sets. no spotter, was nervous about not locking out and pinning
*PC felt good on the ankle, first rep of last set i caught the bar awkward on my f'd up collar bone and instincts made me dump. i quickly caught the bar on a bounce and did the last 4 reps touch and go

Jay said...


Lost my hook grip on the last round of power cleans.

I have a pair of the new pendlay barbell do wins...had them for about 8 months...like them...no problems with them falling apart yet

Brandon said...

A1. 165/175/185/190/195/200/205
A2. 32kg x7
A3. 27/24/21/18/15/13/12/11

MrsPTS said...

A1. #55, 65, 75, 77, 78, 80, 85
A2. 1.5 pood
A3. #45/11, #65/12, #65/7, #65/9, #65/9, #65/8, #65/10

joey warren said...
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Michael said...

Ok Dawgs I'm coming back to the pack. I've been gone since my sectionals working on my own programming and weaknesses but I'm jumping back on here.

Started today:
A1. 155, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190
A2. 2pood all 7 sets
A3. Bench Press @ 155lbs- 15, 15, 15, 10, 10, 10, 10

joey warren said...

Chris... I felt pretty sick during this wod also, didnt know bench press could do that to me, Im sure its my crappy diet, time to clean up already!

PC-165/175/185/190/195/200/205 all UB
KBS-2.5 pd all UB
BP- 33/18/13/8/10/10/11 (ouch)

Stahl said...

A1. 155,160,165,170,175,180,185
A2. 2-pood (all UB)
A3. 32,12,10,9,9,8,9

I felt sick too, especially during rounds 3,4 and 5. Triceps were smoked on bench and my grip was done afterward.
Happy with cleans but landed too wide during rounds 6 and 7.
Surprised and disappointed my bench fell off a cliff in round 2.

BK said...

a1; 155,165,175,180,185
a2; 2 pood
a3; 23,20,15,15,12.
shot duck called it a day at 5 sets.

Slater Coe said...

A. OHS; 3,3,3; rest 3 min (185, 205, 215(f2))
B. Dips; 6,4,2; rest 3 min (72(f4), 54, 72)
C. Run 800 m @ 80% x 1 (felt slow and heavy)

BK said...

just read some posts ,glad I am not alone with feeling sick doing this.Big sugar and alcohol consumption over the weekend, not helping.

BK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin said...


A1. 185, 195, 200, 205, 210, 210, 215F (3+1+1)
A2. 2pood all 7 sets--UB
A3. 41, 24, 19, 14, 12, 10, 12

Notes: Screwed up the weight jumps on A1. I meant to do the second set at 190, so I doubled up at 210. Last two sets of PC got a little ugly and a bad habit of landing super wide reared its head. Last set my grip just gave out and I couldn't get them all T&G.

Grip was smoked. Also, like others, did A3 without spotter, which might have cost me a few reps over the course of 7 rounds.

Back felt pretty good today. Didn't know how PC would go, but I thought this was a good test.

Anthony said...


A2: 15 reps with 2pood

A3: 18,15,11,10,9,9,8

Had trouble with grip on the last 2 sets of cleans. Turned into drop,grab and go. I was pretty stoked about doing this one.

Paul Smith said...

A1: 185,190,195,200,205(f),200,195
A2: 90lb db
A3: 30,18,13,14,11,8,9

A1: Over estimated where to start on this. Lost my form on the last rep of 205 and decided to drop weight in order to keep form on the final two sets.

I really feel like I am going backwards on my oly lifts the last couple of weeks.

Drew said...

A1: 135/145/155/160/165/170/175
A2: 80# unbroken all 7 sets
A3: 21/13/13/12/11/10/10

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM
3rd WOD after games & 3 weeks rest. Easing back into it.

PC 110/120/125/130/132.5/135/140
KBS Russian all 2 pd UB
BP 10/10/10/10/8/8/6

Good work today Tag

Anonymous said...

first real time doing touch'n'go PC, so started a little low and could have pushed it even more on the last set but a wise man once told me to be patient......

A2)2pood all unbroken

Steve Howell said...

I have a lot of driving ahead of me today but will try and get to this W.O.D today.

OPT said...

jon sinclair, i'm in PEI till Monday...well NS tomorrow and next, then PEI thurs-mon...then back on monday next week

Marshall said...

A1. 135,155,165,175,180,185,190x2
A2. 55# DB for all(no KB's)
A3. 30,20,17,14,11,8,8

Angelo Fosco said...

Behind, did the unbroken wallball/chin ups wod.

9:35 as rx'd. Last set of wallballs destroyed me.

Joel B. said...


A1: 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165
last set not touch and go for all 5. not a lot of rest, but not touch and go either

A2: 70# kb all ub

A3: 15, 14, 11, 10, 9, 8, 8
no spotter...could have eeked a rep or 2 on some sets like others as well

def some funky burps last couple sets

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

felt pretty good today...way better mentally!

r1: 105/2pood/12
r2: 110/2pood/11
r3: 115/2pood/11
r4: 120/2pood/10
r5: 125/2pood/9
r6: 130/2pood/9
r7: 140/2pood/9

glad i started lighter on the pc! shocked i could get all rounds done with the 2pood. didnt know i could do that! yayy!

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

all swings unbroken too!

Greg said...

Row & WB/CTB:

AM: fasted:
40min multi-pace, low spm piece.

9051m, 19spm avg


scaled to 9ft(20# ball) due to garage height and kipping pulls. 1st 3 rds UB, last 2 broken 1x PU/ 2xWB. Just no more gas today. Rest tomorrow.


Chad Walding said...


A1. 165/170/175/165/165/165/165
A2. UB/UB/UB/10,5/10,5/10,5/10,5
A3. 22/13/10/7/8/7/7

Notes: This was much harder than I thought it would be. Failed on rd4 of cleans at 180 and went back down to 165 b/c it was all I could handle. My 5RM TnGo is 195 so this was pretty suprising to me. Was breathing hard on bench and the grip in KB's got difficult.

Cocopuffs said...

A1) 175,185,195,205,215,220,225(4)
A2) 2pood all unbroken
A3) 29,20,16,16,13,15,17

Was shitting my pants coming up to the bar on the second to last set on A1 as at 215 I barely got under the last rep. Somehow managed all 5, broke for maybe 3 seconds after the 4th rep. On the last set the four were quick but couldn't get under the last one. Tried it twice then gave up at 4. My last two sets of Benches I realized that if I went at it much quicker I was able to get off a couple more reps so thats why I ended up with more reps. Also wish I had a heavier kettlebell 2 pood seemed light after the cleans and at only 15 reps.

Arjuna Smith said...

A1. 135,145,155,160,165,170,175 (broken) had zero grip left
A2. 89lb kb all unbroken

This workout was more awful than anticipated! Good workout!

mike mcnaughton@CFN said...

A1. 135/145/155/165/175/180/185
A2. 100# x 7 - all unbroken
A3. 23/16/16/13/12/11/11

KBS were a bitch.

Pete @ CFN said...

A1. 135,145,155,160,165,170,175
A2. 88,88,88,88,80,80,88 KB
A3. 25,15,11,10,8,8,8

All Unbroken. PC's improving form.

Curt M said...


Grip shot, WOD absolutely shattered me!!

A1 last set 3 were touch and go, the rest not
A2 DB swings @ 70#

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A1) 105, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140#

A2) 32kg, all unbroken

A3) 15, 10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 7

Krazy said...

A1. 135-155-165-175-185-195-215
Should have started heavier bet I still ended up being crushed on the last set

A2. All UB with 2pd

A3. 30-20-19-15-15-15-12

Anonymous said...

do any of you guys have any ideas how to program double days?

Anonymous said...

A1: 145,150,155,160,165,170,180
A2: 2 pood (unbroken)
A3: 22,18,12,13,11,10,10(no spot)

Power cleans were completed unbroken. I picked the correct weight increments. Last power clean rep barely got up but it did.
Looking back at July 21 wod, I only did 175 for 5 unbroken (3sets) so progress is being made.

Craig said...


split jerk from rack
1 x 7 + burpees.
102+49 =151.

couldn't get under 240. maxed out at 235, dropped it to 225 for the final.
hips felt really slow.

David said...


A. 60, 70, 75, 77.5, 80, 82.5, 75kg
B. 32kg x 15 x 7
C. 22, 13, 13, 10, 8, 7, 8

No way could I go heavier on last set of cleans. Kept each set touch and go. All swings unbroken. BP got tough, fast.

PTS said...

I think James has an idea how to.

But seriously: follow along and post your loads,times,notes and the time for doubles will come and they will be posted here.

Jonathan Thom said...

A1. 145, 155, 160, 165, 167.5*, 175, 180 lbs
A2. 2 pood** for all, unbroken
A3. 15, 10, 7, 8, 6, 5, 6

*Accidentally loaded one side, but not the other. I guess I was a bit fatigued at that point...

**Actually a 1.5 pood w/ two 10lb dumbbells attached. Worked pretty well.

The bench press is obviously a weak point for me. Was pretty happy with my power clean numbers though, although the last set got a bit ugly.

Jon G. said...

A1. #145/#150/#155/#160/#165/#155/#155

A2. 2 Pood, all unbroken

A3. 19/13/9/8/8/7/8

Aparently I started out too heavy on my cleans...

My strength deficiency is killing me.

Alex Duncan said...

A1. 135,155,175,180,185,190,193(2)

A2. Only had a 60# DB: All Unbroken

A3. 17,14,13,10,11,10,8

Wow. This smoked me. Forearms and shoulders are done.

Lars said...

1. 160/15/20
2. 170/15/20
3. 180/15/15
4. 190/15/12
5. 200/15/12
6. 210/15/12
7. 220/15/12

*KBS all done with 40KG

That was tough! Especially since I only took 2min off b/t rounds by accident. Doh!

Power cleans felt pretty good, even though I was using old steel plates and a 1" bar.

KBS all done UB, felt pretty good and heavy.

Bench press died quickly, shoulders and chest were screaming!

Did this with a 56 year old guy from work (different weight), but it was good to do it with someone none the less.

Lucas said...


Called it at 5 sets, tired, heavy, and slow describes how I felt today

C.Maday said...

A1. 155, 165, 170, 170, 175, 175, 185
A2. 75# db, 3rds ub, 4(9,6), 5(11-4), 6&7 (13,2) Needed to push harder through the middle sets.
A3. 34, 20, 12, 12, 12, 12, 11

Power cleans felt pretty good until my grip started to give in the last round. KB's were tough on the shoulders, technique seemed better in the later rounds. Bench was okay, shoulders were just shot in the last few rounds.

Dom said...



Got really sloppy on last set of cleans.

Stephen B. said...

A2.KBS:(100#)ub/ub/ub/8+7(momentary loss of balance)/ub/ub/ub

notes: the power cleans were a shit show...by 4th set, my grip was smoked from KBS and my pull felt weak...also, I thought that if I didn't complete the set of touch and go in one shot, it constituted a failed set so I didn't finish the reps and move up...just kept trying to get the 5...had I known better, I would have finished the set and added weight...kbs felt strong throughout...BP numbers dropped quickly but stayed relatively consistent in later sets

Trevor Salmon said...

I have the Risto's as well and have been more than happy. The higher heel took some getting used to but I love them now.
Jon S
email me at trevor@optimumtraining.ca if you want to come by OPT tomorrow.

Chris Castillo said...

KBS-2 pood unbroken

Anonymous said...

A1. 65-70-75-80-85-90-95
A2. 60#-70#-70#-70#-70(6)/60(9)-60#-60; all unbroken except round 5
A3. 4-4-3-3-2-1-2

markus willard said...

A1. 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155

A2. 70lb

A3. 27, 18, 14, 12, 12, 12, 11

Bad ass workout...crushed 1/2 chicken, a few hard boiled eggs, and tons of veggies & avocado

k.jones said...

Thanks for all the input i think I'm gonna go with the ristos. I would rather give my money to a smaller company. As for the wod.

POWER CLEANS:185/190/195/200/205/210(F LOST GRIP ON FORTH PULL)/210

BENCH PRESS:20/20/18/17/15/15/14



Adam Rogers said...

A1 - 155,160,165,170,175,180,185 - all touch and go, pause at the top on the later sets

A2 - 2pood, all unbroken - challenging, but almost ready to get a bigger KB to push the boundaries a bit

A3 - 30,17,15,11,11,10,6

Painful. Happy that my grip held on for the last few rounds, didnt feel like it would/should but learning to push through it.

unit said...

A1- 185... +5ea set... 215
A2- 100lb db unbroke x7sets
A3- 40/ 30/ 26/ 23/ 20/ 19/ 17 ~175


Erik Luber said...

A1. 50 kg, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56
A2. 1.5 pood
A3. 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3

That was tough. Legs were still "hobbling around" sore from the WB WOD. Weights felt heavy enough today.

Also, my 2010 rogues are also falling apart!

Pfeifdog said...

A1- 205,215,220,225,230,235,240
A2- 2 pood all unbroken
A3- 31/21/20/19/19/17/14

PTS said...

A1. 155,165,170,175,180,185,187
A2. 70lb all sets unbroken
A3. 24, 21,12,13,11,12,11

mhamilton said...


A1. 135,140,145,150,155(3+2),145(4+1),150(4+1)
A2. 15x7 UB (2 pood)
A3. 21,12,9,7,7,6,6

Battle of maintaining grip. The PCs were the hardest. Keep feeling like I should be doing a heavier weight but my grip caused me to revert to some bad habits and pull too much with my arms. KB felt good though. Found a good rhythm. Lost strength in the BP real fast and had to really grind after the 2 sets.

Chris Martin said...

A2. only had a 60lb DB so i did 20reps unbroken instead of 15.

-should have gone 10lb heavier on PC
-stuck very strict to tempo tonight

Brent Maier said...


A1 PCx5: 70/75/80/85/90/95/100kg (220#)
A2 KBS: Unb @ 2pd - Wasn't heavy enough.
A3 BP: 25/15/10/10/10/7/7

Went camping last weekend so didn't get a workout in other than chopping down dead trees for firewood. I am entering an all affiliate competition down in Colorado springs this weekend. I don't plan on tapering but after seeing tomorrows wod I'm thinking of taking it easy for the next 2 days.

Chad Hall said...

(after 3rd round rest time was probably 20 sec between movements and 3:30 in between rounds. Also had to drop PC weight)

1. 175# / 40kg / 24reps
2. 180# / 40kg / 11reps
3. 185# / 40kg / 10reps
4. 190# / 40kg (8+7) / 8reps
5. 195# / 32kg / 7reps
6. 180# / 32kg / 8reps
7. 185# / 32kg (8+7) / 8reps

I got destroyed. Fuel was definitely the issue. Not nearly enough food today and poor choices. Should have started around 165 instead for PC. Way more gassed than muscle fatigue.

dh said...

A1- 195,200,205,210,215,220,225x4
A2- 80lb kb unbroken x 7sets
A3- 29,22,17,16,15,14,13

unit - 175 for 40 reps on the bench, that's sic

Sean Cummings said...

PC- 125,135,145,155,165,175,185(4)
KB- 2 pd all unbroken
BP- 26,17,14,14,14,13,15

Carrie McG said...

A1. 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125
A2. 1.5 pood all UB (should have increased)
A3. scaled bench to 75 to get more reps (at 95 I would have squeaked out 3-5 reps and I don't think that was the goal this time)
15, 12, 13, 13, 11, 12, 11

that smoked me. i died. and lost a lot of weight. in sweat.

unit said...

dh... sorry 4 the confusion, but I used 135... 175 was the total number of reps on all sets... i try 2 keep track of these things bc it tells u something by knowing the reps/set and total reps across all sets... for example:

40/30/20/10/10 ~110
is very different from
25/25/23/20/17 ~110


40/20/15/10/10/10/10 ~115
is very different from
40/35/30/20/20/20/20 ~185

this extra number helps display variations and areas that may need more work when doing these neuromuscular endurance sets... mayb one day I'll b able 2 do 175x40! ha!


Yelvi said...

A1. 165/175/185/190/195
A2. 2pd/2pd/2pd/1.5/1.5
A3. 15/13/12/15/13

Did this 8 hours into a 11 road trip in an unairconditioned hole in Mobile, Alabama. This sucked. Started too heavy on everything. Started dropping cleans at 190 and started missing them at 195, so I called it. My body was done. My hips were not doing anything for the swings, so the 2 pd was killing my shoulders. Hard day for me.

Mike Molloy said...

70# DB for all swings.


dh said...

Thanks for taking the time to explain that. I did think that you had done 175 for that many reps though and was thinking to myself - that dude's an animal....

Good idea on keeping up with the total reps. It's amazing to me what falls out when looking at data from various statistical standpoints (you see things that weren't seen any other way). I personally don't think you can keep up with too much information and I appreciate your insight - I hadn't thought about that for this workout.

Brian Gregory said...

Was supposed to be rest day but was at the station and wanted to get the blood flowing. Got warmed up to do the WOD and was interrupted several times by calls. Ended up doing "Lizzie" from CFFB site that my partner did.

12-9-6-3 of 185# Pwr Cln and Ring dips
Time - 6:04

Had to stop and reset weights a few times and did not push it to the limit because it was already getting close to 2100. Too late and not much of a warm up.

Going to the beach again and will start back Mon with WODs. BW stuff at the beach.

Noah said...

Only got to 5 sets today. Round trip in one day to Santa Fe, New Mexico from Dallas, Texas with a full day of meetings + training = not optimal.

A1. 60kg/70kg/75kg/79kg/80kg
A2. 15/15/10-5/105/8-7
A3. 16/17/17/15/16

Happy I was able to get some work in today.

Phil Boisclair said...

Nice job everybody!!!

PC: 155/165/175/185/190/195/200

Russian KBS : 2 pood all unbroken

Bench press : 84

Poly said...

A1. 185, 195, 205, 210, 215, 220, 225(f)
A2. 2 pood, all UB
A3. 20, 20, 20, 15, 13, 13
Capped bench at 20 reps

Dustin said...

Power Clean - 155ub, 175ub, 185ub, 195ub, 205 broke 3+1+1, 185ub, 185ub.

KBS - 2.5 pood, all unbroken

Bench Press - 35, 15, 12, 12, 12, 12, 13=111

**This WOD was crazy. I couldn't recover after. It didn't look that hard on paper. I was as smoked as I've ever been after a WOD - Incredible. The Power Cleans took everything I had - I had to drop down on the last 2 so I could do them touch and go.**

irvine said...

PC (kg): 71-75-80-82-84-86 (ran out of time)
DBS (90#) -15-15-15-15-15-[7-5-3]
Bench: 21-12-10-8-7-8

it was awesome, it was rough.

PRM said...


KBS: 2pood, UB for all

*Did 155x5 each of these sets, but NOT touch and go.

Bin said...

This took me apart quick and hard. I picked too heavy a weight for both the PC and KB swing, and had to call it after the 5th round. My BP numbers were low (as in not really feeling muscular failure), but they felt like there were just limited by how gassed I was coming off of A1 and A2. Also just did the wallball/CTB workout yesterday (took Sunday off), and (hopefully) had some poor recovery factoring in as well.

A1. 165lb, 170, 175, 180 (3,2), 185 (2,1,2)
A2. 80lb - UB/UB/UB/8,7/4,4,4,3
A3. 11,11,11,11,11

Heavy Evy said...

A1, 163,167,177,182,187,197,207
A2. 75#DBS ubx7
A3. 23,11,8,7,6,6,6

Pc's all ub felt good, I need heavier Kb's and DB's. Bench was patetic, didn't warm up that movement enough maybe. That or I'm weak there. That was a fun one.

r Gaines said...

a1. 135, ...+10..., 195
A2. 1.5 pood all
A2. 13,12,10, 10, 109, 7

A1 notes: next time I will start heavy and only jump up 5#.

*not rx.. Had a 10min rest b/t rnds 4 and 5 b/c someone new came into the gym to ask abt joining

Geoff Long said...

A1: 105, 115, 120, 125, 135, 140, 145
A2: 65# DB first two sets, 70# the rest
A3: 135# - 20, 16, 12, 11, 11, 10, 10 - spotter last set

PC were T&G until last two sets
Could have gone heavier on swings?
Good workout - thanks


John@CFWC said...

5 Rounds for time:
25 Unbroken wallballs 20# (10'target)
10 Unbroken pullups C2B
-as rx'd 9:19. Very nearly lost it in the 5th round of wallball but got it together. Last 10 were everything I had to hit that dang target. Pullups were easy in comparison. I am a broken man. Resting tomorrow.

Robin Lyons said...

1A. 95,100,105,110,115,120,125lbs
1B. 1.5pd unbroken
1C. 21,18,16,15,15,15,15,14 (#95)

Siu said...

A1. 85lbs, 95lbs, 100lbs, 105lbs, 110lbs, 115lbs, 120lbs
A2. 70lbs for sets 1-5, 60lbs for set 6-7
A3. 19, 8, 6, 7, 6, 6, 7

That was hard. By set 5, I was worried about going up in PC weight. The KBS got tough quick and the bench was just hard after the first set. Oh, and the 3 minutes didn’t feel like much time at all. :)

ETC said...

Been out of state for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu weekend seminar and finally got back to the programming today.

A1.PC 135/145/155/160(4-1)/160
A2.KB 55# (that's the heaviest I have)
A3. 9/7/7/6/6

Stopped at 5 sets. Very hard BJJ training last night in extremely hot conditions so I kept the volume a little lower.
*James* - I'd like to talk to you about my training - I trying to develop what is best for me doing 2 sports - both very taxing.I will be at the San Diego Program Design certification course!

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

A1: 95, 105, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
A2: 2 pood
A3: 15, 13, 9, 7, 7, 7, 7

irongirl said...


A1. 85,90,95,100,95,95,95
A2. 20kg kb all UB
A3. 8,9,8,8,7,7,6 at 85lbs - can't bench bw yet

Scott Hoadley said...

A1. 115
A2. 2 Pood
A3. 115lbs

1. 115, UB, 10
2. 125, UB, 10
3. 135, UB, 10
4. 140, UB, 6
5. 145, 10+5, 7
6. 145, UB, 10
7. 145, 10+5, 10

Still on Holidays and working out in a very small Globo Gym. Steel plates. Could not put weight down for fast touch and go. Burned my fore arms out and did not want to ditch and smash everything and myself so stayed at the same weight. No Spotter or would have gone heavier and more reps.

Paul Klein said...

Done on 8/11/2010

A1. 155/165/175/180/185/190x4/195x1
A2. All 70lb dumbbell unbroken
A3. 30/18/12/12/10/10/12

My head was a little cloudy for this one as it is my first workout in a little while. My Dad lost his long battle with cancer last Friday and I have been driving back and forth from NC to PA to help out with the family.

Delaware said...

5 rounds for time:
25 unbroken wall balls
10 unbroken CTB chin ups

15:45; I will do much better.

Wall balls broken, CTB unbroken until set 4. I like this "unbroken" format. Makes it substantially harder by adding a significant mental component, e.g. how far can I push myself when no one else is looking?

Stefani said...

A2. 1.5 pood all sets unbroken
A3. Had to skip due to shoulder

Geoff Aucoin said...

105 comments, this is getting crazy!

Lowered sets to 5, volume scares me now and I'm just trying to train regularly without hurting myself. Ended with 169 on the PC, 2 pd for all swings and 15,10,10,8,8 on the bench.

Dillon said...

A1 155,175,195,205,225(2)
A2 32kg,32kg,32kg,40kg,40kg
A3 20,16,14,14,15