wed, aug 11, 2010

for reps:
Tabata Pistols
(alernate per set - 4 sets/leg)
rest 10 sec
for sets:
As many sets of 10 unbroken CTB chin ups in 5 min
rest 10 sec
for time:
75 reps - 36"/30" box jump

score like this - total pistols + total sets + total time
(i.e. 64+18+3:55)
post score to comments


Soren said...


first pistols in 12 months! knee is happy, shoulder got looked at today, teres minor and teres major needs a bit of work!

Anonymous said...


Bear said...

Good work Soren!

24 reps + 6 sets + 7:09 min

Pistols are probably my biggest weakness, this went better than I hoped for. Hoping for 8 sets of ctb, but tossed that idea pretty fast. 1 failed attempt in the end. Set up the jumps in the fire departments workshop. A height adjustable table came in handy, but I would´ve hurt to miss, so no failed reps. My knee was fine with this treatment, really happy about that!

Andy said...


Pistols and ctb weaknesses, I still have trouble keeping a rhythmed kip on ctb.

Funny...I thought about getting some back squats in before I started the wod, but after box jumps I am done.

Drew said...

box jumps to 32" box

Slater Coe said...

A. 3 position Hang Power Clean; high, mid thigh, knee cap; 1.1.1 x 3; rest 2 min - 185, 195, 215lbs
B. 10 CTB chin ups; rest 60 sec x 5 - all sets sub-20 seconds
C. Row 100 m @ 100%; rest 90 sec x 3 - 16.5sec, 16.5, 16.6

joey warren said...

Soren, whats wrong with your shoulder and what kind of work are you doing on the teres minor/major?

Martin Altemark said...


Failed 3 rounds on CTBs, and feeling pretty worthless at those. Died sooo quickly. Some might be that forearms was smoked from KBS/snatches yesterday but still... Thought I'd do more.

Had to tape ankle HARD for pistols, and then it worked ok. No chance I can do box jumps tho. Will do some wall jumps later when wife comes home to take care of the kids.

CrossFit said...

74 + 4 (2 failed sets) + 7:13

/Johan, CF Kalmar

brian cilento said...


did better at the pistols then i thought

Martin Altemark said...

80+ pistols is amazing! Good work you beasts!

I realized I held other foot while doing pistols - usually not allowing this and not sure if OK?

matt said...


A1 165/175/185/190/200/210 3+2 / 215 3+1+F+1
A2 75/75/75/75/75/75/75 UB
A3 31,27,20,20,15,17,20

More difficult then it appears. Felt good throughout.

Kevin said...


Today was pretty frustrating. Thought my back was near 100%, but couldn't even do one pistol, so subbed tabata squats bottom-to-bottom with hold at bottom during rest periods.

As modified, 109+4+6:04.

Other notes: On set 4 of CTB, I did 12 pulls because #s 9+10 didn't touch chest. On set 5, grip gave out at 8. Super frustrating, and there were only 35 seconds left, so I did a few more reps but another set of 10 wasn't in the cards.

Box jumps were a grind. First 20 and last 15 were pretty quick, but very slow on 21-60.

joey warren said...
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Anonymous said...

Aug 10 workout done late last night.

A1. 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 3/175
A2. All 2pood KB all UB
A3. 15, 11, 8, 7, 7, 5, 5


joey warren said...


*pistols- ass2grass. missed 2 reps w balance
*CTB felt good
*Boxjumps I was smoked-36" box, foot all the way on top of box, hips extended fully at top

last couple wods I have gotten smoked where I die mid workout hence the 8 min for BJs

BK said...

64+ 5+ 6.04
Pistols good.
Pullups safe...could have gone for 6 but no real drive there .
Box jumps tough.

Jon G. said...

48+5+5:57(30" box)

First time doing pistols in a long, long time so I did them butt to 12" box just to get used to the range of motion again.

C2B pull ups felt rough today! Failed on last 2 sets at 6, couldn't get them unbroken.

Did box jumps to a 30" box because I suck at box jumps.

All in all, just one of those mediocre days for me...

Paul Smith said...

63 + 6 + 4:38

Pistols: left leg is more stable and stronger than right.

CTB: missed my chest on the last rep of 7th set.

Box Jumps: slight heel hang on box, but full extension at top.

Joey Warren:
9 sets CTB
You are a stud!! Nice work

Brandon said...


Pistols are my biggest weakness it looks like. Took them slow and focused on technique.

CTB-started feeling a pull on the back of the tricep about 2" above the elbow in the 2nd set. Backed off a bit...have 6 or 7 rounds in me on a good day.

Jumps felt good, gassed about 25 jumps in. No knee pain after pistols or BJs so that is great news for me.

Geoff Long said...

31 + 4 + 9:10

Pistols were with assistance
To make my ego feel good, the CTB were do in 4 rounds, but alas the last two sets were broken up
And, I used a 30" box for the box jumps

Thanks - 53yom/220#/5'11"

Ben Priestley said...

Aug 10 wod - performed last night:
A1. 135#/140/145/147/149/150/151
A2. 15 reps UBK x7 sets
A3. 14/10/8/7/7/6/5

Notes: Stayed up too late on Aug 9th, which negatively affected my energy level. Sore lower back coming in (remnants of squat clean/mu wod). Was happy to get all cleans in at touch and go pace.

Ben Priestley said...

Today's wod:
Subbed unassisted pistols to 14" bench for L leg, 12" box for R leg.

37 + 5 + 6:16

Krazy said...

70+6+6:26 (40inches)

First time doing Pistols in a workout. Really got much more comfortable with them as the WOD progressed. My highest rep counts were on the last 4 rounds of Tabata.

Slipped off the bar on my 8th rep of my 7th set with 7 seconds to go. Was disappointed with this performance because C2B are a strength of mine and I was shooting for 8 sets.

I don't have a 36" box so I stacked two tires together. I measured it after the workout and it was 40"-41". These crushed me like I haven't been crushed in a long time. I am definitely happy with this time.

Question to everyone:

What did you use for the 36" box? Do you have a box that tall? Did you stack weights??

Bin said...

62 + 4 (3 failed sets) + 5:41

Pistols were a balance challenge which prevented me from going faster, and grip and rhythm were frustrating problems on the pull-ups. Box jumps felt easy - I'm not particularly tall (5'8) so I had to climb off each time, which ended up keeping me to a steady pace I maintained throughout.

NorCal Chris said...

72 (assisted) + 5 + 9:44

Super humbling workout. Pistols are going to be needing some serious work. Any good videos on modified progressions would be helpful as i landed on my ass on the first try and resorted to a PVC on one side and the box on the other.

Box jumps were actually quite satisfying despite my underwhelming time. I was freaked out by the 36" as I have had some serious box bites in the past. Paced this and got confidence as they progressed.

Really fun to try all this new stuff.

Stahl said...


traveling thru Sunday, hoping to at least get maintenance work in.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

1st time doing pistols ..not good ...needed to use a 25lb kb to hold infont. my legs are super long so this will be a weakness for some time!


happy with CTB...getting better

box jumps were fun :) hard but fun!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM. BW 180.5#
not ready yet to try the pistols. WOD#4 since rest
CTB were not butterfly.


Rainer Hartmann said...

66 + 5 + 7:05 (30'' box)

markus willard said...

46+3(2 failed @9)+6:00

First time doing pistols, pretty happy with the results, C2B definitely needs work, but for only doing crossfit consistently for 2 weeks now I feel like I'm definitely seeing progress....time to eat some good PALEO food

Sean Cummings said...


First time doing pistols in a workout. Last time I did them I had to do them assisted. Good to be able to actually do them rx now. Also, first time doing a box jump higher than 24". I actually liked the 36" height.

Michael McCabe said...

glad to see some gymnastics work... i will be hitting this one friday on day 1 of my cross-canada camping mission. i'm bringing rings and a kb so i'll have to get creative with wods for two weeks... then it's back to following big dawgs to the T!

Michael said...


Went to easy on the pistols
CTB and Box Jumps are a weakness
Felt ok about this WOD

Anthony said...

Practiced pistols for a few minutes but improving my pathetic back squat is one of my goals this year so I subbed 5,3,1 Back Squats

6 rounds C2B

7:38 on box jumps.

Bear said...

Krazy: Today I used a height adjustable table, but usually I take a box / or whatever stable object and then stack weights to the rxd height.

Anonymous said...

first time pistols as well, used a 2'' heel lift to be able to go to full depth, ankle and hip mobility somewhat of an issue....


couldn't maintain rhythm on jumps, figure out at the end it is much easier just to keep jumping then trying to pace....

Benny Ahlstedt said...


havent done pistols in ages, used almost all my weigth plates to get the 36# for the boxjumps:-)

Jonathan Thom said...

80 + 4 + 9:51

Marcus Filly said...
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Marcus Filly said...
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Marcus Filly said...

Not a great to push it for me. Ankle doesn't handle pistols or BJ very well.

Tabata (pistol R/split squat L:
R - 9,10,8,8 = 35
L - 17,20,19,18 = 74
C2B: 7 (lost butterfly on last rep of 7th set and had to kip)
75 power snatch (75#): 5:32

Soren said...

Well, my physio did a shit lot of testing and he is pretty cool, and discovered a weakness in one test, that shows teres minor/major.
I am doing some modified DB EXT rotator exercises as shown by OPT, (, Thanks Bear) but keep my shoulder in to the ripcage.

I use a 70cm box with weights piled on - wobbly as hell, which makes it more fun!


MrsPTS said...
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mike mcnaughton@CFN said...


arjuna smith said...

Tabata pistols
7 each leg all 8 sets *holding onto pole. First time doing pistols*

3 sets CTB, failed twice at 8 reps and at 9 reps F*&K

75 36" BJ

Bad day for me today.

MrsPTS said...

Pistols- 39

Scaled Pullups to Sets of 5 Kipping in 5 min- 7 sets, failed on the last rep of the 8th set

Scaled Box Jumps to 50 at 24"- 4:08

39 + 7 + 4:08

Anonymous said...
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k.jones said...


Went ass to med ball on pistols felt terrible .Ctb my hand tore, and that was the highest box jumps I've done. So I was pretty happy in all

Lars said...


Pistols went pretty well, but messed me up for the rest of the workout.

Pull ups had no spring, first 4 sets were in the first half, dead after that.

Box jumps felt slow and rough. Did a few more after cooling off and felt better.

Traps, delts and chest are fried frrom yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Score = 74+6+3:45

Did 30" instead of 36". I need to work up to 36" and be consistent. Need more work with explosiveness from hips. I almost killed myself on my warm ups @ 36".

Pistols felt great and was able to keep a rhythm. C2B was consistent with a failed round on my 4 and 6.

Just put my deposit down for O-Lift Cert out in CO in October. Can't wait to finally learn correct technique.

David said...

Here it is, warts and all:

51 + 3 + 6:42

The pistols were the only bright spot, ugly as they were. Failed on round 4 twice on pullups, once on the 9th and then the next time on the 5th. The BJ were abysmal. No way was 36" going to happen today, I'd like to blame on the soccer game a few hours ago but it is what it is. Did them at 24", found another movement to focus on. I'm leaving this on a bright note, though, got 65 consecutive DU yesterday, a full 64 more than I was able to do in January this year.

Yelvi said...


Did this in Chuck Taylors. First time doing pistols in anything other than my Oly shoes. The lack of elevated heel made these a a LOT harder. Need more ankle flexibility. Happy with pull ups. Box jumps were hard at this height.

Chad Hall said...

47 pistols to med ball
6 sets of CTB
My right knee is smoked and does not feel good. Pistols aggravated it then jumping down didn't help either.

PTS said...

43 + 7 + 7:54
right leg weaker than left on pistols.

did those that did sub 5 on the BJ's rest only 10 sec after the CTB's? if so awesome work!

Chris Castillo said...


Carrie McG said...

41 (to med ball)
Scaled to amrap 5 unbroken COVP.. Got 4 sets and my hip started bothering me so I stopped.
And since my hip was bothering me I couldn't do the box jumps, so I went for amrap double unders in 7 min. I only got 160 (my 10min is 400!). Sad face.

So all in all, a bad day for me. Thank goodness tomorrow is a different day! :)

Jay said...


Anonymous said...


47 + 3 + 11:19

Pretty sure I F'd up my foot this morning. Made box jumps more difficult as did rib cramping. But, I am improving. That's what matters.

X said...

79+6+7:05. Box jumps are a strength of mine but the time didn't reflect that today comparatively speaking

Alex Duncan said...



Happy with the pistols, pullups were tough since chest is still very sore from yesterday, good unbroken pace on box jumps. Jumped up, stepped down.

Angelo Fosco said...

My gym has no box to jump on...any ideas for substitutes??

Chad Walding said...

Subbed pistols with bottom tabata squats b/c there is no way my R knee can take it. If this ever came up in competition I would have to DNF.


Dustin said...


First time doing pistols, got better towards the end.

Pfeifdog said...


Pistols need some work. Depth is not quite there, but I'm working on it.

Chris Martin said...

my pistols are in rough shape. But considering I`m just getting over my hip injury, I`m not overly concerned.Pacing for 5 sets of CTB but slipped off bar and no time to recover.

Brent Maier said...


Pistols: 84
Chest2Bar: 5
BJ: 6:32 - 39" box jumps.

With the competition this weekend was going to cut everything down tonight. Stopped time on box jumps at 40 to call it a day but decided to finish it out, what's another 35. I think landing hurt me more than jumping up.

r Gaines said...


dh said...

41 + 5 + 8:09

pistols need some work - did to a medicine ball, but as the sets went on, found myself using the medicine ball for support. C2B needs some work as well. Overall a great workout - thanks coach

Stephen B. said...

65 + 8 + 8:03

Pistols felt good. Right leg is quite a bit stronger than left...balance on left not as good either...will work on this during warm-ups.
Ctb pullups were strong...nearly lost grip on 79 & 80th rep...otherwise grip held up well...pull gets tough around 50 reps...No pausing though, just changed up kip.
BJs were pretty tough...done in 13 sets of 5 and 1 set of 10...jump felt strong...full hip extension at top.

Chris Dunkin said...


Pete @ CFN said...

61 + 7 + 7:16

Paced the CTB well. Could have strung together more BJs though.

mhamilton said...



Was worried about pistols going in but they felt really good. CTB on the other hand was brutal. 3 sets I failed at 7 reps. My legs have been stiff as hell from the squat cleans and wall balls and I thought that was what was going to kill me. BJs I feel were pretty good given I'm not great at them and I've actually never gone about 24". Some were not full extension at the top however.

PRM said...

36" felt like a long way up AND down.

Marshall said...


only had a 38" box

Surrey Sterling said...

Well after 3 months at the Fire Academy at the Justice Institute of BC Its time to get back in shape. Wow I can't believe how weak I'm am in most everything. Pull-ups are in the toilet. Glad to be back on board the S.S - O.P.T.

32+4+6:25 min

Steve Howell said...

Did yesterdays W.O.D first then todays.

A1: 160/165/170/175/180/185/190
A2: 2 pd for all sets unbroken.
A3: 27/17/15/12/12/12/11

10 minutes rest


irvine said...


I am a sad little pulluper. I missed the 10th rep of set 4 at about 3:50.

Whatever. Slow cycle on the box jumps, tough to maintain momentum in order to go fast.

Getting better though. a

Adam Rogers said...


pistols were with a 5lb metal plate under my heel. never done them in a workout before and cant quite get the balance right without that heel lift. still couldnt string them together too well.

didnt have much pull for pullups after yesterday.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Hey Sterling, how's it goin?

47 + 3 + 8:51

Pistols were done with the games 2010 standards, allowed to hold my leg/foot.

Surrey Sterling said...

Patrick and Steve H. nice to see you boyz still hard at it! Patrick I didn't know you followed the boss's programming? how long have you been on board for?
Steve H. how things? still training Pirate style as in alone? I love the Pirate style of training except now it is a family affair with my wife and daughters following the OPT show! Its fantastic but winters gonna suck as usual.

Steve Howell said...


Good to hear from you. Yeah I am still training solo but as of September I'll be back living and training at Crossfit Whistler with Jordan. I will be hitting up C.O.P from time to time hope to run into at some point.

Heavy Evy said...


Pistols were good, I used to have to do them with hockey skates on, and we called it shooting the duck!

Pull ups were terrible, just couldn't get a rthm, kept failing the 4th set.

BJ's, I need to get my hands off my knees andget my ass moving.

10s rest between the 3 movements was tough!

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Hey Surrey Sterling,

I've been on board for about almost 3 months now! I'm training at work at Fitness Town. If you ever want to train pirate style, come down and give us a visit!

ETC said...


Pistols free standing - left leg weaker than right. One failed CTB set. Probably could have gone a little harder on box jumps but never jumped that high that many times in a row = cautious.

My shoulders and lats were pretty sore from PC, KB, Bench Press wod from yesterday which made the chins hard!

Siu said...


Pistols were not bad, my right leg is definitely better at them then my left. Did one set of CTB, got to 9 reps on my second set and missed my last two attempts. Didn't even try again. And the BJs felt pretty decent but after seeing everyone's times, I'm afraid I miscounted because I'm not known to be fast. I just kept chipping away at them.

Anonymous said...

29 yom 180lbs

first BD wod after a party hard vacation. ugh


no chalk for pullups - my grip died quickly

I also had long rests in between exercises cause I was doing it in a globo gym and waiting for a pullup bar/making too much noise on box jumps. This wod was messy. the 36" box jumps were pretty cool though.

Robin Lyons said...

61 (to bench)+ 4sets CTB unbroken plus 8reps + 8:13/32inch box

can't do ass to grass pistols yet...

Dillon said...


Pusscat said...


First post, days after the act ;)

66 + 4 + 4:58 (30" box)

The pull-ups were the hard part on this. I could have done more pistols I think though.

A said...


76 + 2 (4 failed at 8 reps)+ 6:00