Fri, Aug 20, 2010


"300 FY"

Why is it called “300 FY”? First, FY means fuck you. And it’s named so because there are a bunch of videos on YouTube showing so called “Spartan training” or “a variation on the 300 Spartan workout”. Some were funny (the one using Thera-Bands made me spit coffee on the keyboard). Another made me wonder if its protagonist preferred what he was doing to working out. But most of the videos made me genuinely sad because they show the margin by which most people have missed the point – and I honestly wish they hadn’t. “300 FY” is simple, and there’s no way to cheat it or modify it. Some AirDynes may be more efficient than others but not too different. How do you do the workout? Saddle up, set the countdown timer for ten minutes, come out of the gate hard, and hold on. If you finish with 300 or more you have done the workout. If you finish with 299 calories you have not done it. No scaling, no changes. It cannot be dragged down to a more easily attainable level. Do what is written: just like the original “300” workout, which was composed as a one-time test, and taken without rehearsal or practice. Gym Jones

post cals to comments
rest up Saturday and Sunday and over the weekend get yourself rehearsed on these movements


DAVE X said...

Fuck. I wish I had not read this before bed.

Gym Jones. sweet.

Krazy said...

Welcome to the Jungle Boys and Girls

Angelo Fosco said...

I haven't gotten an airdyne, mainly because my studio apartment has no room for it.

Soooo this may be a bad question...but is there anyway to sub this using a rower...

Arjuna Smith said...

Crap. I just went out of town. We have an airdyne at our box I've been dying to get crushed on but where I'm going don't have one. I'm thinking an all out 10min sprint. Forest gump style, maybe have some rabid dogs chase me from behind. trying to think in terms of leg power I wld get more suck out of the 10min sprint than the row. Any thoughts friends?

OPT said...

angelo, rower will work, kind of..
arjuna, find a local bakery in a mall there (you know what people are like around their gluten), set your timer for 10 min, steal a bunch of muffins and run your ass off in the mall until the mall security catches you or until the 10 min is up...or don't

A. Maloney said...

HAHA Best response ever

Cody said...

Ok, I've been lurking here for awhile, tackling WODs that I knew I could complete without scaling too severely. The Mark Twight quote tipped me over the edge though, time for an introduction I guess.

I'm from Alberta. I'm a reformed climber with wobbly shoulders. I got into crossfit about a year ago. I don't train at an affiliate because I live in the country, and instead work out in my huge old barn. It's very Rocky-like. I originally intended to build a space to train for climbing, but it looks more like a crossfit box than a climbing gym.

So hello.

Oh, Mark Twight. I've met the man, and he's as hard as they come. He's known in climbing circles as Doctor Doom. I listened very intently to his training wisdom 10 years before I heard of crossfit, and when I found out he had trained the actors for the movie 300 I remember thinking "Yup, that makes sense".

Bear said...

Aaahahaha, great post, great comments, great work out! :)

If there´s an airdyne at the OL-seminar, I´ll just might do it...but I´ll need my rest today, thankfully ;)

Bin said...

Cannot do the workout tomorrow, but have attempted it before. Previous score was 184 calories. Kept pace for the first 2 minutes (about 66 calories at the 2 min mark), and then went downhill from there.

Q said...

For the record, I watched Bin do it and it wasn't pretty. I later received a text from him saying he coughed up red phlegm.

Martin Altemark said...

bear: no airdynes in Europe so you'll get off the hook this time.

DAVE X said...

Wow. That was bad.


I see why they call it Satan's Tricycle now. I was shooting for the 225-250 range and was on good pace however the second half was like trying to fill a balloon with a giant hole in it. I harder I pumped the faster air leaked out of it.

I assume we'll see this one again someday...

Soren said...

No airdyne
Great qoute and great finish to the cycle.
did a 10 min amrap with snatching, wallballs, and d/u

Looking forward to the next amount of lifts!


Pfeifdog said...

no airdyne sub'ed rowing

168 Cals

Tried to keep a 30 cal per minute pace, but that lasted about 2 and a half minutes. Great work out I would like to try it again when i get a airdyne.

BK said...

220 cals.
Did this cold with no warmup, no practice, just thumping base music.
Did the math after 1 minute at 26 calories and wanted to shoot myself.
Got my arse of the seat at 7 minute mark and should have done so way earlier.
Advice on this puppy;
Get hot before starting,
hit up hard 20-30 secs interval sprints out of saddle and hit arms hard 20-30 secs with butt in seat , stay tall and in control, use your midline...or this magical devils tricycle will dominate you.

Anthony said...

Can't wait for the next phase! Looks like we'll spending plenty of time in our Oly shoes.

My airdyne is old and doesn't show calories but I'll hop on and try to break it for 10 minutes. Its a lot further fall to the ground from a rower which sucks.

Steve Howell said...

No airdyne, but wanted to try this on the rower.


* if someone can hit 300 on that W.O.D you are wow beastly!!!

r Gaines said...

b/c of life/work I am a few days behind

Total= 3470
SI pain is back after going "heavy" on the deads again.

Chris Castillo said...


Now I know why it's 300fy

because that's exactly what I said "300?.... Fuck You!" lmao
good shit though

Brent Maier said...

Has anyone on here ever successfully hit 300 in 10? This will be a first for me. After reading BK's suggestion, can it be done with up and down intervals, just a steady intense grind sitting on the seat, or will we have to be standing and grinding the entire time to stand a chance?

Kevin said...


No bike. Did Stahl's 30th Birthday WOD:

3 RFT:
3 MUs
10 OHS (135)
15 Toes-to-bar
30 UB DUs
Run 400

15:11. Stahl crushed me by almost five minutes. Not bad for an old man.

joey warren said...

does anyone know a gym with an airdyne in northern california?

tj.hall said...

Day 5,


According to WOD rules, I guess I didn't succeed. I tried the intervals as suggested by BK and found that when I backed off on the legs my Cal count dropped signifcantly. So I tried to back off only enough to catch a few deep breaths and then back to it. In the end, it was a grit your teeth and go kinda day. Hurt but fun! Thanks

Stahl said...

No bike and Rooney and I had been planning a 30th birthday WOD for a while.
For time:
3 Rounds of:
3 Muscle-ups
10 OHS (135#)
15 Toes-to-bar
30 Unbroken Double-unders
Run 400m


PS - Rooney, didn't you get 14:11?

Chad Hall said...


Ahead the minute 1 and 2. Minute 3 was 90cals exactly. Then it fell off.

Tried to ride up on the front edge of the seat and this worked great, but then fatigue set in. Breathing was fine, felt pretty good actually, but my legs were just dying.

Definitely dropped to about 70% on the low and probably only 90% on the high for about 25 seconds on, 10 seconds off, besides the last 20 seconds which were all out.

Nice job TJ!

Chad Hall said...


I don't think you'll have to stand the whole time, but a forward lean will do well.

IMO you have to be going hard the whole time, no intervals.

dh said...

does anyone know of a gym around charlotte with airdynes? I'd like to try this workout, but haven't gotten an airdyne myself yet...

Lars said...

Well that was humbling! First time ever on an Air Dyne. Really feel the hamstrings from the deadlifts the other day. I think realistically in the future I could get up to 250ish...300 is freakish.

Total cal - 226

Anonymous said...



Jen Osborn @CFN said...

oh boy! ...i wanted to pass!had nothing left


A. Maloney said...

Truly Humbling

195 on the Concept 2. Tried to keep 30cals/min but it slowed after 2:30

BK said...

300 is beastly but will be done, I reckon Joey or Unit are solid bets.
My advice was not to rest on the arm- work set of intervals, you are literally busting a nut on each set for 10 minutes.
This is brutal, I love it . Get at it!

PTS said...

my airdyne is currently 3 hours away in rochester so this will have to wait. I have a bball final tonight so I'm going to use an extra rest day and be ready for Monday.

Jonathan Thom said...

No airdyne or rower...and didn't think running would be a great sub for this particular workout.

Instead did max Burpees in 10 minutes. Goal was 150, ended up with 128 (might've been 138...I think it was 128

Can't wait for Monday!

Brent Maier said...

Bought an Airdyne for $20 bucks today. Get out there on craigslist dawgs, they are out there for the taking. It is missing the cable to the computer but I should be able to find one of those somewhere or make one. I'm looking forward to hitting todays mysterious WOD at a local affiliate.

Chris Dunkin said...

129 (feet on the pegs)

bummed to have scaled this, but my no-acl-knee can't take the rotary motion. still some swelling from last sunday's airdyne wod.

dh said...

@ Krazy - any idea where to do this around your area?

Brandon said...

on the rower:


Went all out for the first 3 minutes...crashed bad in the middle, finished decent. It has been almost 4 hours and my legs don't feel right...

PRM said...

192 Calories on Rower
Still feeling the 10x1 DL WOD

Brian Gregory said...

Aug 18 and 19 WOD

Done this on 2 hrs broken sleep after 24 hr shift

DL WOD - 355x7, 335x3 = 3490 - Lost lumbar tightness on set 7, tough keeping focus this AM. Did not feel it mentally.

10 min rest

15 PU
10 burps
15 PU
10 burps

Time - 4:52 (should have pushed harder on first 2 rows)

Matt Mo said...


183 cals on rower

went all out to start, died in the middle, and sprinted all out for the final 3 mins

ave. pace 1:52

joey warren said...

disappointed I couldn't find an airdyne, I called everywhere!

subbed a 10 min mountain sprint

started off sprinting, got difficult at about 2 min in, then was behind a guy on a bike with one leg for about a min before I passed him and he cheered me on. That was very inspirational and what keeps me pushing hard day in and day out, because i have the ability to do so. Felt like it was a sign to keep going hard this year becasue I wrote about that exact thing on a blog post yesterday.

Excited for the next cycle!

Kyle F said...

Wow $20! Nice find Brent!

JHo said...

221 cal

Surrey Sterling said...

Well if anyone lives near the Olympic peninsula in Washington you can pick up a perfect one for 10$!!!

check out this steal! One mans junk is another s treasure I guess.

Jon Sinclair said...

The only airdyne on kijiji I could find was going for $180, so I subbed row

172 cal on c2

Finished with tabata situps

Angelo Fosco said...

weds wod: Deadlifts

345, 355, 365, 375, 385, 395, 400, 405 (PR by 5lbs), 365, 365.
Total: 3755

Thursdays WOD tonight.
Todays WOD tomorrow.
Sunday off.
Monday back on track.

Joel B. said...

on c2. 204 cals and 2748m in 10 min.

I am going to check that link Surrey, Thanks! I work fairly close to the peninsula.

DAVE X said...

@BK Great points.

For me, I found no solice standing or sitting. The bitch of this machine is that the foot crank has a smaller diameter than my road bike and the arms never allow me to reach full (fuller) extension and the seat just hurts my ass, period.

I tried that standing/sitting interval for about 2 minutes, but just decided to hunker down and grind it out, especially after I almost caught one of the swining arms in the balls.

BTW, I'll be contacting you soon about ordering up a pair of those compression pants.


Rory Hanlin said...

Next thing I'm buying is an airdyne, and the first thing I do after I buy it is trying for 300!

dh said...


Pretty upset about this. I had it in the bag and gave it away. Hurts to come so close and yet fail. Ready for it again already.

Adam Rogers said...

Have an Airdyne but the monitor is currently broken, so we did 10 hard minutes on it each. Legs were rubber afterwards.

If I had to guess on the calories, I would say between 500-550. At least that's how it felt.

Marcus Filly said...

Three days in the last week and a half on the airdyne, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

"Nate" - AMRAP 20m
2 Muscle Ups
8 KBS (2pood)
17 + 2mu

Have a great weekend everyone

Carrie McG said...

133 cals
it felt like I had nothing the entire time.. I had my breath, but no gas in the legs.
This bike makes me want to cry. I hate it. But I love it.

Pete @ CFN said...

Yesterday's Chin-ups/row/burpees


Sluggish feeling, sloppy pull-ups, but strong rows @ 1:35/500 or under all sets.

Marshall said...

I hate not doing this one as RX'd but I don't have access to an airdyne.

172cals 2559m

Not even close. I'm all for positive thinking but I knew this wasn't going to happen. Need to work on my speed and rowing.

Chris Martin said...

10 min on C2 -
2856m , ave 500m-1:45,ave stroke 31/m
-got everything except for the cals
-then worked on Sumo Deadlifts, and HSPU.
- Had a personal best of 5 hspu

Chad Walding said...


207 cals on C2

felt dead, tired from those deads.

travis said...

169 on the C2 @ work.

I am looking at an Airdyne tommorrow...guy is asking $200/OBO...hope to talk him down to $150ish.

Chelsea (CrossFit Cadence) said...

Subbed with rowing

143 Cals

should have pushed harder but I am not good at pacing myself so i am just glad i got through the long 10mins without completely dying!

Krazy said...

@ DH

I'm a trainer up at CrossFit Vitality in Concord, NC and I've been looking around for one to purchase for the gym. Have a few leads on some between $100-$200. I'll let you know when I grab one.
Email me and we'll figure something out

Hitting up the Fort Bragg USAW Oly Seminar this weekend so I'll be making this one up.

Dom said...

Damn! What a battle...
If anything this wod motivates me to change my diet. Last 3 mins were hell.
Just curious...did a lot of people stand up?

Paul Klein said...

No airdyne yet, so sub 10 min row for cals.

220 cals

Brent Maier said...


Cals: 232

Hit 90 in 3 minutes and knew I was in trouble. Had seat too low but was already in the sprint and didn't stop to raise. Figured it would help being a little lower for standing. Standing for me was harder and didn't buy me anything because It put the hands at hip height. I thought this thing was going to give me more resistance than it did. Still coughing 20min after. Tough.

r Gaines said...


last row got slow.

*Only did 14 chin ups on rnd two. I was told after the wod was done.

irvine said...


Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

Just two weeks out from microfracture surgery on my left knee's femur. Until everything is good to go I'm focusing on pressing and pulling, grip work, and front and back lever progressions. Couldn't pass up this one, though, so...

A. Strict CTB pull-ups, 5 x AMRAP; 3:00 rest; 10, 8, 8, 7, 5
B. Front lever progressions, 5 x max hold; :60 rest
C. "300FY", 1-leg; 108

If everything heals well, I'll be air squatting again in a month and back to full strength by the new year...

k.jones said...

254 ate like shit today. think that mattered a little

Alex Duncan said...

No Airdyne.

Rowed 10mins for distance: 2720m. Lower back was tight from the deadlifts a few days ago.

The search for an airdyne in New Brunswick continues...

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

I was super pumped because I found an Airdyne online for 50 bucks. I called the guy and arranged to drive an hour to go pick it up in the morning.

He just called me saying his wife sold it to someone else!

The hunt for an airdyne is cut throat business these days!

Marie Rochat said...

No airdyne. Subbed a 10:00 row instead.

151 calories

Anonymous said...

-Strict Pull up ladder 10-1
for time- 4:46

Pistol practice

Wod- Failed @ 111cals

Hit the wall during first two minutes. My legs had no function. Piss poor training day.

Dustin said...

Yesterday's WOD


**Pretty disappointed. Felt horrible, need to work on my diet. Pullups and burpees unbroken - transition obviously to slow**

Rainer Hartmann said...

167 calories. That was not fun!

Kyle F said...

Subbed a good hard run. I know its not the same but its all I could do

Stephen B. said...

Monday's pp/ctb/run wod...

A. 26/25/26/22/20 set failed on 13
C. 15:00 flat...WTF? this time is awful. could not believe how the pp and ctb devastated my run. thought I'd blaze through it, but spent half the run trying to get the blood to drain from my arms. felt like a burly robot runnin through the neighbourhood...interesting lesson.

score: 119 + 6 + 15:00

not a fantastic day, but I'll take it. Look forward to doin the rest of the wods over the weekend and startin the new phase. now, some sleep.

Ben Priestley said...

198 cals on the airdyne.

Ya, this was good. I'm actually looking forward to this one again, provided it is not too soon!

Angelo Fosco said...

Did Deadlift wod then row/chin up/burpee wod.

Row/chin up/burpee: 5:31

Did 300FY today:

192 calories.

matt said...

Yesterday's WOD
subbed row for 20 m run

Pete @ CFN said...

259 cals on Airdyne.

On 300 pace through 3-4 minutes then slowed. Unique intensity on this thing.

Andy said...

Took yesterday off, felt like crap. Ran a mile for time. 5:35 a little over a month ago I ran a 6:17. Looking forward to next cycle.

Rabbit said...



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