mon, aug 2, 2010

A weekend with OPT! from Björn Uddenfeldt on Vimeo.

Big Dawg Bear

Big Dawg Learnings from 2009/2010:
- phases need to be shorter, best stuff was seen when changes in intensity lasted 14 days as opposed to 21 days
- higher changes in waves needed for weekend comp stuff vs. weekday training up to weekend stuff...i.e. weekday training has to be only skill or CP stuff low volume if quality on weekends is high as well as specific
- when snatch is done 2x/week with varied program, snatch improves, when its done 1x/week it does not...changes to come
- tough to manage everyones peaks for different events at different dates, still working on this one...suggestions welcome
- most are too strong for their speed - i.e. power movements are too low relative to slower movements - will imploy more speed based tech work to see if this changes things
- place preparatory volume for weekend comps on weekends, and NOT in competition settings; it took to long for folks to recover from high volume weekend tests - we'll do the volume in training, not testing
- pre exercise technique work needs to be added as when they're "thrown" into workouts without playing with them purposefully, they slow the ability to "hit it" vs. learning as the workout goes
- lower body pulling and UB gym/LB squat and UB gym on and off is money for strength gains when sets/reps/rests are prescribed properly
- an increase in COVP chin up volume was seen when linear planning was done; and it is onnly maintained when there are subsequent testing workouts that involve some tests on them afterwards; if not, the volume is lost and DL's go down as well - lat involvement me thinks

New for 2010/2011:

- all competitions will have a small $5 fee, as all proceeds will go towards the Big Dawg Dish
- local Calgary Dawgs will be having Sunday competitions and workouts as a group Big Dawg style in various locales throughout the winter - e-mail Rob Sifton for more info on that; all proceeds at these small events ($5 entry) will go towards the dish
- all proceeds for the chat I'm having at the Black Box - CF NYC at the end of Sept will go towards the Big Dawg Dish
- I'd like to raise enough funds so that no one ever has to say that they cannot compete somewhere due to finances for sectional/regional/other events
- first Big Dawg comp will be Sat, Sept 25th; this will take place live in San Diego during the OPT CCP program design seminar as well as online world wide - we're also open to conversation right now about Canadian host cities for all of these dates and times to allow a place for folks to travel and compete - comments welcome on that
- the 2nd Big Dawg comp will be Sun, Nov 13th; this will take place live in Naples, Florida (host CF Redline) as well as online world wide
- the 3rd Big Dawg comp will be Sat, Jan 14th; this will take place live in San Diego; place and time TBA; as well as online worldwide
- the 1st annual Big Dawg Bash will take place in mid October 2011 in Kansas, more info to come - this is the real deal and will include speaking engagements by top level coaches of strength and conditioning, motivational speakers as well as some OPT CCP stuff for all dawgs...and of course some bad ass workouts over a 2-3 day period...plan your shit, mark the date!
- I'd like to see EVERYONE qualify who wishes to compete from the sectional to regional level next year, and in turn I want to see 10 dawgs at the Games next year...will do what it takes to make this happen
- I'm participating in all the dawg events this year as well as the Garage Games in Feb as well as others that come up; I miss competition, I had it once this past year b/c I was busy doing other things; I'm not done yet
- I have been working this year on developing a website for coaches, athletes, and athletes at heart as well as OPT CCP courses, 12 new supplements, a few businesses here in Calgary, online coaching/OPT coaching....and other things and have plans for an international centre for fitness testing and coaching that has been on the works for a few years now - a host place to compile data on the fittest humans out there and create training programs that plan their fitness journeys (all the newest scientific testing as well as diagnostics with my doc who'll finally be on hand with me to do this for all clients)

onward and upward!


Brent Maier said...

Wow, there is a lot to process here. Thanks Coach!

Heavy Evy said...

Re: everything in this post..........sweeeeet!

I've only did one competition, now that there will more it will make training even more fun. I'll check into a few locals in Edmonton for hosting, probaly could get the Garrison (Sectional location) lined up for a few of them.

Poly said...

Trying to absorb everything is a little overwhelming. Some of the points you mentioned sound like they will really apply to me, especially the strength to speed. Evy, I'm definitely in for the comps, except the actual day of will not work for me, at least for the Sept. comp.

Should be able to catch up this week. Ran my OPT3; very, very disappointed. Did not quite have it this morning, scored 20-30 lower than hoped.

FS: 141
Snatch: 86 - really upset about this #
Pullups: 35
Total: 262

Busy few weeks really have taken its toll, coming back hard now that things are a little simpler.

Martin Altemark said...

Dates are marked!

As brent said - lotsa information, but it all sounds _so_ good well thought out!

First comp at the 25th sounds awesome since it makes prepping for our Euopean comp easy for me, bear & Jenny and whoever is on that ride with us.

Awesome to see my brother Bear on the front page today! Well done partner!

Thank you for everything you do for us James!

joey warren said...

Thanks Coach for all the info, looks like a great year ahead of us! Im going to jump back into the Big Dawg training this weekend. I never got to write about my experience in the Games on here but I dont want to take up too much space on here. I did feel completely prepared for everything that was thrown at us, even the sandbag haul. The previous year allowed that by following the Big Dawg workouts 100%, every rest, every set, every triple day. I participated in every comp and think I only missed 1 workout all year due to an aggravated knee. The programming here is precise, tough, and fun. Try following 100% and see what happens, James is always looking out for your best interest and continually learns and evolves. Thanks a ton for the great community you have created James.

Cant wait to get back to with all you guys again!

ETC said...

Wow - this is amazing stuff- thanks. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious.Looking forward to meeting you and attending your Program Design Module in SD, CA - and raising the level to new heights!!

Chris Dunkin said...

dates are marked. thanks coach.

8/1 wod:
tline: :34, :33, :34
extended rest due to poor planning:
(1hr rest)
PC's/sprint: 185/195/205/215/220
SM toss: 10lb sand/air ball (fun. really enjoyed these)

bring the speed.

Bin said...


All T-line drills under 30 sec
PC: 185, 205, 205, 205, 215

Enjoyed the med ball toss and the common motor patterns throughout the workout. Looking forward to the rest of the year and 2011, I'll hopefully be able to attend the January Big Dawgs challenge in San Diego.

Thanks for all the hard work you've been putting out here; it's greatly appreciated by all of us (and probably countless more lurkers).

John@CFWC said...

Alright, 1st day with this programming. Decided to run a few days behind for the time being so I can plan my week in advance.
"OPT 3"
Front squat: 235#-107 kg
Snatch: 145#-66 kg
Pullups: 40
Total: 213 if my math is correct

Undershot on both the FS and the SN. Too many small jumps in weight. Should've been good for another 10# on the FS and 5# in the SN. Live and learn. I usually butterfly my pullups, but decided to traditionally kip these. Was way more taxing on my grip. Good stuff. Looking forward to really immersing myself in this methodology over the coming months. Thanks James.

Bear said...

Wow, that has a good ring to it: Big Dawg Bear! Thank you for the post a I hope you liked the video. Btw canadian music for you who have´nt heard TIGA before, didn´t think of it until now :)

Really great post and I´m happy that the programming coincides with the Fit as F*ck comp in Denmark! Superstoked about the following year the Big Dawg Bash is to cool to be true, but it is, it is! :)

Jason Anderson "Spike" said...

Great info! Loved watching you compete at the games! I will probably go back to big dawg training after the Iron Curtain which I hear you're helping with. AWSOME! I will also be attending over at Anthony's in November Good end of the year!

Jay said...

Had alot of fun competing at regionals/games through the affiliate cup this year. Definately looking forward to competing as an individual this year. Looks like alot of opportunities to do so. Only been on the programming for a week now but I thinks its gonna be a good year. Thanks for everything you do OPT!

Garage Crossfitter said...

What a ride this is gonna be...

Chris Fodera said...

this was a great read...every line resonated well and let to more anticipation/excitement.

I have been off the BigDawgs for about a month now working my OlyLifting because it is atrocious. I am definitely too strong for my speed and this shift is exciting for me.

I live in the San Diego area, so please count me in as a volunteer for the BigDawg challenges happening in this area. Don't think I'll be ready for the first one because I should be nearing the end of my OlyLifting push.

Cocopuffs said...

Hey guys,
I'm new here but I had a few questions for you all. First of all, this is what I'm currently doing: I'm trying to shed about 20lbs (i've started working on my diet), so on top of the programming here I've been adding in a 10K run every Monday and a 20K bike ride on Thursdays and a 15 K on Sundays. So far I haven't had any big problems, but do you guys think that I can continue like this or should I cut it down? Any other tips on how to lose weight are appreciated too. (I started about 3 weeks ago and i'm down ~5 lbs, with no apparent loss in strength)

Also, I know most of you guys are out west but if anyone is following the program in the montreal area and is looking for a training partner or place to train, I have alot (not all) of the equipment needed to follow this program and would love to have someone to train with, give me a shout at

Thanks for all the help and support and the awesome program!

Greg said...


FS: 215 (98)
Sn: 120 (54.5)
PU: 19
Total: 171.5

Lots of room for improvement here. Just barely failed 220 and 125. Although one of the 125# snatches was probably my best every (aside from being a 10# pr). COVP made a big impact and beat my hands up pretty hard as I was swinging the kip a bit harder to get some extra oomph. Looking forward to tomorrow's strongman toss!

Yelvi said...

Well Im downright giddy about this coming year. Thanks for all that you do for us Coach!

Garage Crossfitter said...

cocopuffs- i can address those questions...

email me

Joel B. said...

Read it 2X so far and counting. Awesome on all of it! I hope the scheduling works out in October for me. I am really excited about all of this. Thanks Coach!

Anthony said...

Great stuff Coach, Thanks for leading the way. The next year like its going to be amazing from all angles.

We at CrossFit Redline are looking forward to a great comp and are looking forward to seeing lots of Dawgs there and hopefully helping to add some Dawgs to the pack.

Wes hendricks said...


You just made me twice as excited for the Program Design module now knowing the first Big Dawg Comp is then!

Greg said...

Almost forgot, today was a self-imposed double. Planning to row in the Crash-B sprints, and need/want a little specificity. Going to add a little rowing on a "how do I feel today" basis. This morning, I did just over 8900m row. This was a paced piece per my rowing training guide (The Wolverine Guide created by Mike Caviston, now the US NSW training director).
8937m in 40 min
spm ~19
pwr 2:14.2

Brian H said...

This is a huge post! It's great to see James thoughts on methodology and program building.
I followed the blog's training on and off this year, and my results were not what I wanted (60th in Norcal sectional). I find it very hard to stick to the training work, as I run the training at my own gym, and everyone's goals are different.

My performance at competitions has been uneven (27th at 09 regionals, 60th this year, but I won a fairly large affilate comp). I have a hard time "scoring", my times/reps always seem to get caught in the worst of the best, best of the middle category.

I'm going to try to follow James programming this year, but I'll diffently head down to San Diego for at least 1 comp.

DAVE X said...

Simply awesome! I'm looking to be twice as focused this year heading into the competition season and I love the extra boost here.

@Wes, bummed you won't be around Dawg for the first Big Dawg Comp! Who am I gonna get to NOT hit the start button on my camera???

Chris Fodera said...


Which Program Design Module are you attending? I'll be at the one in San Diego.

Any other Dawgs attending the San Diego Modules?

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

This is why I follow the programming here at OPT because there is a bigger picture in the midst of all this. There is a method to the madness. Thank you coach for being such a great coach.

Wes hendricks said...

David X,

Good question, I am sure your daughter has the same camera operating abilities as me


I am attending the same one, see you there!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yowza, and here I was thinking I'd take a break from the BD's when I'm finally feeling healthy again. You know, I'd just 'have fun' with CrossFit? Well this is the place for FUN!! WOO, nice work James; there's a lot to look forward to, even for those who aren't looking towards the 2011 Games!

Ben Priestley said...

Seems like a good opportunity to express my gratitude for the programming and long range plan. You rock, James!

k.jones said...

wod 8/1/2010

t-line drill: 32sec./33sec./35sec.

Power Cleans: 205/215/220/225/230(3rep PR)

Strong man Throws were fun and different. I can see how they will help

derb said...



FS: 97.5
SN: 56.7
PU: 28
Total: 182.2

I'm happy with the front squats and snatch but the pull ups should be higher. I tried regripping around rep twenty and it just messed me up.

Mario "mini" Ashley said...


Its amazing how you do much yet live a lifestyle that we all strive for.

side note coach. My girlfriend and I are doing the HCL test recommended by you and Poliquin. Were up to 8 tablets at 250mg. its been 5 days but no "hot stomach".
incredients include:
betainehcl 250mg
glutamic acid hcl 100mg
pepsin 150mg
papaa leaf 100mg

Are we doing something wrong?

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

OPT3: 86 + 48 + 30 = 164

Oly Lifts are a problem that is not solving itself. Will start an hour week of coaching this week.

Pete @ CFN said...

Workout from 8/1:

3 x T-line drill: 33.1, 31.7, 31.99
5 x Powerclean 3s/Sprint – 155, 165, 175, 175, 185
5 x 6 Medball throws – 20,20,14,14,14


NorCal Chris said...

What great insight and thoughtfulness. Many thanks to all the effort.

Icing the shoulder now as it seems to have flared up again.

T-Line drills: totally loved these
PC: 120,135,145,145,125 (shoulder bugging me)
Ball throws totally cool

This variety and inventiveness was what brought me into CF in the first place. OPT is raising the bar. I love it!!

Dustin said...

Yesterday's WOD 8/1/2010


225, 235, 245, 245, 225

20lb medicine ball

**This was fun WOD. Power Cleans felt strong. 245 got heavy and form started to suffer a little bit so on my last set I dropped down to 225 to clean it up a bit. I really liked the strongman throws - forced me to use and open my hips - makes sense.**

Kyle F said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kat. said...

So amazing.

I follow this program as much as I can - F/39, not a big dawg, and right now recovering from a shoulder injury from about a month ago - and it's been a great learning process.

Thank you!

Paul Smith said...


I continue to be amazed at the amount of information and guidance you provide on a daily basis without asking anything in return. You have created a great community here with a lot of amazing athletes. I constantly see "Big Dawgs" setting new PRs and I have no doubt that you will be well represented in the games next year. Thanks for all you do.

Eric said...

We here at The Garage, are already planning out the specifics of The Garage Games, and we are ridiculously excited to have you, and hopefully a bunch of your crew make the trip to Atlanta. It will eb a welcome retreat for you guys, even if it is 30 degrees and sleeting like last year, you will love it!!

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