sun, aug 1, 2010

congrats to Kevin Keenan, Lake Placid in 10:37; client since 2004; qualified for hawaii in 2005 @ pentiction just over 10hrs; only 3 months of serious training this time and was 15 min out of qualifying; we'll try again in November in Mexico with some more time under our belt

3 reps of T-Line drill @ high effort: rest 2 min x 3
rest 3 min
5 sets:
Power Clean - 3 heavy
rest 0 sec
Sprint 20 m accelerating to 80%
rest 3 min
5 sets of 6 strongman med ball toss
rest 3-6 sec b/t reps to retrieve ball, 2 min b/t sets
(work on as high as possible and as much speed through hips as you can)

post notes to comments
end of this phase, more to come on next plan


Bear said...

I´m at work and videos are blocked (dammit), but I´m guessing the "strongman med ball toss" is kinda like "reverse med ball toss" but throwing as high as possible (as prescribed) and with the weight of my liking?

soren said...

Bear - Yep, it is a video of a strongman comp, where this rather large dude is tossing kegs over a ridicoluus high obstacle! I think the focus is on height more than distance


PTS said...

only did one set of t-lines as my plantar fascia started acting up again. I injured it on the hill sprints two weeks back and it has been slow to heal, so I will keep resting it.

PC weights: 185,195,205,210,220.

my wife Mandy has been following the blog for a couple months without posting so add her to the Lady Dawg pack.

Mandy pc weights:75,85,85,85,95

TG said...

subbed airdyne for runs

Anonymous said...
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Evan said...

Nice job Kevin! I heard it was the fastest LP IM in years. actually in most other years that could have qualified you for Kona.

So... I'm interested seeing what Kevin's training was like. Not 'cause i'm jealous or nuttin. Maybe a rough outline, without giving away his secrets ; )

Martin Altemark said...

No T-line drill today, not with my ankle. Saving those for later.

Power cleans+sprint: 80kg, 80kg, 80kg, 82.5kg, 85kg

medball toss: 4kg medball as high as I could. Fun stuff. Felt like classic famous Swedish thrower Ricky Brucht.

OPT said...

Evan, no secrets, but i can't possibly write out what we did, each day is specific to him and what he can/needs to do.. no templates
i can say that for him in that time frame a lot of it was trying to find the balance b/t recovering from high end pace work on runs and correct power for time on the bike...the swim is what got him, -8 min from what we wanted...
what longer training gives athletes (the base) is the confidence when there is mind fucking going on to make good decisions - the 3 months cost him on the swim as he did not punch people in there, i.e. did not attack, instead stayed on the and learn
some staples/facts - 2x/week 2-3 rep range multi joint slow movements @ fast concentric; 1 CF style anaerobic lactic power workouts and in week -> Z1 swim, Z1-5 bike and run work varied as how he felt

Cocopuffs said...

Part 1:
T drill felt great shouldve put on my cleats though took three pretty crazy spills. Didn't time myself put went all out by the third set I was running on fumes for the last 2 reps.

Part 2:
PCs: 225,235,245(2),235,235(2)
Did jump rope sprints for 10 seconds all out effort.

Part 3:
No Med ball yet took one of the small plates (10#) and went to town on it, felt great after throwing around the 235# for the cleans.

Pfeifdog said...

PC: 205,225,235,245,275

T-lines were ok, legs were feeling heavy be 3 rep

enjoyed the strongman med ball tosses.

Alex Duncan said...

Yesterday's OPT 3 (I'm a day behind)

3 RM FS: 98kg
2RM Snatch: 66Kg very happy with this, had a tough time with only 2secs in between
Pullups: 32 COVP slowed me down huge

Total: 196

Bear said...

T-line drill: 35-36 seconds

PC+sprint: 90-95-97.5-100-102.5 kg

Strongman toss: 8.7 kg brick

Acidlegs at the 3 rep of the t-line. Fastest rep was ~10 sec. Felt strong today and my knee is recovering just fine!

Chad Walding said...


T-Line: 34/35/34 sec

PC weights: 185/205/205/205/205

Med ball toss with 20#ball

Notes: Fun day, PC at 205 got heavy for me but I'm glad I chose that weight.

Also done with my wife!

Joel B. said...

T-Line drill: all about 33 secs

PC: 165, 170, 175, 180, 185
185 felt best. should have warmed up more or I am getting stronger and should have started higher. Maybe both.

Med ball toss used 10# med ball about size of a soccer ball.

Fun day and it felt great!

Mike McNaughton @ CFN said...

T-Line: :35,:35,:36
PC: 185,205,205,225,225
Med-Ball Toss: 3x10#,2x20#

DAVE X said...

T Drills; 33-36 seconds per round
Cleans: 185/195/205/215/225
Med Ball toss: pretty fun

Jen Osborn said...

T drill: :38,:37,:37

Power cleans/sprints:
135, 135, 145, 155, 155 (160 is my pr so i was pretty happy with this!)

med ball throws with 10lb.

k.jones said...

wod from 7/31/2010

OPT3 F.S. 134kg (295lbs) 305 (F2)

S 73kg legs were shot from F.S.

P.U. 48 (P.R.)

TOTAL 255 kg

Need serious work on snatch form.

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

T drill: :37, :36, :36
PC: 185, 205, 205, 215, 215
Ball toss: 10 lbs. for all

Jay said...

WT178 and climbing fast since the games

PC 185/195/205/210/215

10# medball

Lars said...

T-Drill 40/38/37

- paced it out roughly and did it on some fairly uneven group, good burn in the quads

PC's @ 200/225/225/225/225

- Felt good and fast, could go heavier, but worked on speed

Med Ball toss

- did with 25lb plate out in the grass, lots of fun!!

Cool, unique workout, had a lot of fun with that.

Heavy Evy said...

"OPT 3" score: 224
done yesterday, posting now.

FS:120kg. Fx2 on last rep of 122kg
PS:74kg. PS 76kg PR but not twice.
CBVP: 30. Just couldn't get a rythem on these. Spent allot time regenerating my kip. An oly clinic can't come soon snatch is ugly(insert joke here).

Todays Training
T-line: 34-35-34s
PC: 199,209,214,219,199(failed first rep at 229 so I kicked off the iron)
20# med ball.....doubt it was high as those kegs in the video! But felt good, and generated some funny looks from people at the track!
Now I better get some yard work done before my wife gets home!

unit said...

FS- 125 (ties pr)
S- 84 (ties pr)
COVP- 50 (fat bar... pr by 11)

total- 259


Geoff said...

T-drill: about 36 seconds per round

PC: 185(ugly-first set of any weight), 185, 185, 195, 200
10sec of jump rope for sprints

Used 18# med ball


Anonymous said...


:43, :43. & :47


skipped due to time

Arjuna Smith @ CFN said...

T drill: :37, :37, :37
PC: 185, 185, 205, 205, 205
Ball toss: 3x 10 lbs, 2x 20lbs

mhamilton said...


T-line Drill: 51/49/50
Actually did 4 reps per round as I only had 8 yards across in total and thought I'd add to make it up.

PC: 155/165/175/185/185x2

Medball: 12#ball. Did 10 reps per.

Fun workout.

Brian said...

July 25th WOD

A. Split Jerk - find your 1RM
B. AMRAP Chin Ups - 5 sets; rest 5 min b/t sets

add total in # of highest jerk to highest # of reps in chin ups as score


265# SJ + 35 PU = 300 total

Notes: PR on jerk and felt like I had more. Stopped due to missing 255 and 260 once each. Misses due to concentration only.
Disappointed with PU. Last PR was 42. No rhythm and grip went fast.

Brian said...

Bodyweight is 170# and SJ from the back.

Sean Cummings said...

Only did one rep per round of t-line drill x3.

Fastest time was: 9.84

Power Cleans: 165, 175, 185, 195, 205x2

Strongman Toss: Used 20# dynamax ball

NorCal Chris said...

OPT-3: 176

I really need to gain some strength.
FS: 77 (170#)
Snatch: 57 (125#)
COVP pull ups: 42 (pr)

Ben Priestley said...

T-runs: :36, :35, :36
Very fun

Cleans/run: tried to go really heavy - 165#, 175, 180, 180, 170 (185# is my clean PR). I stalled out at 180 on the last set, so jumped down.

Tosses: 10# dynamax ball - fun times chucking it around!

Brandon said...

T-line: fast, reminded me of a keeper drill I used to do for soccer
PC/Sprint: 205/215/225/235/245(f-1)/225
Med Ball toss: 20# dynamax (all I had at home today)

It all felt good except the last set of PCs.

PRM said...

skipped T-drill
PC at 155/155/155/160/160
med ball toss (10#) was a blast
Off on vacation for the next week, will be rest & relax for a few days then body weight/run stuff.
Back on this program Aug 10th.

Craig said...


40= 210.

Pr'd on 3rm FS - 225
pr's on snatch 2x 150.
covp- grip limiting factor.

Lindsey said...


PC: 95/95/115/125(1)/125(f)- 125 is a 10# pr
really worked on starts on the runs

Medball toss- 20 for first 2 rds, 14 for last 3

Noah said...

T-Lines - 31/30/29secs but I'm sure the course was smaller then prescribed. Did it inside as it is 107 degrees in Dallas Today.

PC/Run Litvinov-

Med Ball Toss - 20#
Felt like I would've done better had I had bad 80s techno rock playing in the background like they do in the strongman highlights.

Fun weekend James. Thanks.

unit said...

A- 31.0/ 30.2/ 29.6 (first 2 of each were fast... 3rd needs 2 b quicker)... measured out with tape measure 2 b as precise as possible...
B- 235/ 235/ 255/ 255/ 255 (3rep pr), sprints felt fast
C- 20lb med ball... felt explosive...
D- shoulder press 145lb @42x, 5sets, 120sec- 4/4/3/3/3


Ben Priestley said...

Just picked up my airdyne... computer is busted, but the bike works fine. $20 off craigslist!

Carrie McG said...

:41(fell on my ass haha)/:38/:37

PCs: 115, 125, 130, 135, 140(PR)
135 was my prev 1RM.. the pot was hot so I went for a 1 and lifted 150. 15# PR! I'm beyond stoked.

med ball toss used 6kg ball.

took it easy on the t-drill and sprints because of my hip flexor but it felt pretty good.

Krazy said...

Had to do Sat workout today before Sunday's workout because yesterday was a much needed off day after that 5k row and prowler work.

FS- 290 lbs/ 131.8 kgs
Snatch- 145 lbs/ 65.9
Pullups- 31

Score= 228.7

I know it's not good that my Power Snatch PR is 30 pounds over my squat snatch 2RM. Definitely can't wait for my O-Lift seminar(s).
Was not happy with this score. My front squat and pullups felt good just not the Snatch.


T-Drill: all were between 33 and 35 seconds. Fastest rep was 10.1 seconds.

205-225-240(F 3rd Rep)-230-235

Used 10#,12#,15#,20#,25#,30# Med Balls. Just grabbed them randomly for every rep. Threw a different stimulus in the workout that I really liked. The 30# ball sucked but it made the 10# nothing!

I highly recommend trying something like this.

Krazy said...

To anyone from the Carolinas area:

Looking for a good O-Lift coach. Already signed up for a USAW seminar and the CF Olympic Lift seminar but I am definitely in need of some one on one coaching. Any recommendations??

Chad Hall said...

6kg ball.


T-line was ok, lateral and especially back pedal wasn't feeling the best on the knee.

Power cleans were alright, still shakey again with the knee.

Tosses felt fine, the ball was a little heavy though.

All done on a field, it was nice to get out of the gym but the grass definitely took a bit away from the PC.

Marcus Filly said...

Ankle has been bothering since pre games so I skipped the T-drills today and the accelerations.

10mins HSPU on Paralettes with 4 inch defecit

3 Power cleans then 1 22' rope climb

40lb Sandbag for strongman toss

Brent Maier said...


Trun: 38/37/36s - On grass
Throws w/20M sprints: Did this with kids in park with 12# ball. Added sprints following the last run of each set. Skipped cleans today.

Lisa M said...

Carrie McG

Frickn' awesome work lady - that is huge!!!! Congrats.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) all btwn 36-38secs

B) 155#

C) Started with a 50# SandBell - too heavy. Settled with a 25# Sandbell. Works great for this.

Anonymous said...

T-Line 50,45,45

Horrible times, the first two went smooth in each set. During the third rep, it always felt like my legs were going to lock up. Fun drill though and will be using for warm-ups now to improve my time to respectable.

Power Cleans

Med Ball-used 20# dynamax ball

Marshall said...

T-drill each rep was about 10-11 seconds. I paced this off, think it was pretty close.

PC-185x3,195x3,205x3,failed at 225 twice.

I used an ATV tire that was conveniently 20# for the strongman toss.

Paul Smith said...

t-drill: 42,43,42

power clean: 185,225,235,245,255

medball toss: done with 20lb ball

Bear said...

Did a little movie of the weekends sessions:

Thank´s for all the good stuff OPT! :)

Soren said...

Short of time today:

T line drills:

Med ball toss with 4kg, was fun but was inside in a car park and needs to go outside and really go for height


Alex said...

Did Saturday's Training today... have forced myself to rest since Friday. Hamstrings about 95% Still really tight... long warm up, and today's training dissapointing.

3Rm FS: 48KG
2RM Snatch 38KG
Max Chins: a pathetic 13 ...hands were just not Gripping. Boo :(

Score: 99

Sigh. Will do better tomorrow ...

Andy said...

opt 3 this morning

fs 102
snatch 70
pullups 30


Dillon said...

Legs got heavy as went through the TLines
185 for all PC
SMMT was wicked.