sat, july 31, 2010

 CFN lady Big Dawgs

"OPT 3"

 OPT 3 - completed in 60 minutes after first set of front squat begins; OPT 3 is front squat 3RM, snatch 2RM, 1 attempt max rep chin ups (they have to be completed in this order); front squat hip crease below knee cap, snatch - only 2 sec max b/t each rep and chin must break vertical plane on chin ups; athletes must show control of weight overhead for snatch on both reps

Post score as front squat high in kg + snatch high in kg + chin up reps
(i.e. 130+90+54 = 274)

"Today is the youngest you will ever be, live like it.
I've lived my entire life not wanting to look back and wonder why I didn't have more fun."
Mark Cuban


Soren said...

3rm Front Squat: 102kg
2Rm Snatch: 60kg
1 Max Chin: 32 reps

Total score: 194

and not happy. FS ok, but snacth have not improved in a year - admitted, have had a knee injury for 10 months but is fine now. Got 65 up but only once.
I hope there is more of that practise coming as it just pisses me off...

ENjoy to everyone else


于庭吳 said...


Greg said...



Scaled DL to 165#. DL reps: UB/7's/7's
DU: ugly. Keep working on these. Breathing became the issue here - interfered with coordination when gasping for air.

Bear said...

FS: 112.5 (7.5 kg pb!)
S: 60
Max pu: 42
Score: 214.5

Really happy about being able to squat again after a knee injury a few weeks back and with a pb at that (thank´s to Greg E and the squat cycle I followed).

After 57.5 I did the 2nd rep at 60 as a PS+below knee. If that´s not ok then subtract 2.5 from my score.

The PUs was a tied pb at 45, but only 42 where chin breaking vertical.

All in all a great session for me, a big relief that I can squat again!

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Bear, PS should be ok.

Front squat: 3x100kg
Snatch: 2x65kg
CBVP Pullups: 41

Total: 206

Better total than last year, but very disappointed with snatch. Not getting it to work at all. Won't blame ankle, because that actually felt ok - that was good news!

Now... One of the highlights of last years challenges was the OPT3 lifts made by Rory (3x159kg Fsq!!! + 2x102kg snatch!!), DJ, Colin Jenkins (3x136kg Fsq!!), Unit, the fact that Wes Hendricks did chest to bar pullups etc. Eager to see what amazing results the dawgs will have this time around. Bring it!

DAVE X said...

Front squat: 125 kg (failed 2 rep @ 285#)
Squat: 84 kg (PR)
Pullups: 25 reps (eh)
Total: 234

Pullups only limiting factor.

It's time to get ready for my daughters third birthday party. Have a great day folks.

NorCal Chris said...

DL (150#) / DU: 6:20

UB on all DLs. Got first 50 DUs then horrible, horrible second and third sets.

Pfeifdog said...

FS: 130
S: 94
Max pu: 21 need to work on theses
Score: 245

Not happy with the FS but form starting to degrade so i called it @ 130

DAVE X said...

Found my log book from last year when we first did thsi WOD.

FS: 255
Sn: 165
Pullups: 13

OPT said...

203-234 - 15% in one year is better than it seems, well done Dave X

PTS said...

FS: 115 had 2 reps at 117 and couldn't get out of bottom on 3rd rep.
snatch: 65
chins: 49

total : 229

last OPT 3 was 210. +4kg in FS, no change in snatch and +15 in chins.

nice job today Dave.

Anonymous said...

F/129/30 CFN
Subbed CTB, no butterfly. Also, only had about 35 minutes.
52.16 36.29 11 = 99.45

Stephen B. said...

Got 24 hours of driving to do in the next 3 days, so I won't hit this wod today. I'll try to find a box on the way out and get 'er done there.

Carrie McG said...

finally back after 3 weeks off with a hip injury.. rest really works! :)
70.3 + 40.8 + 16 = 127.1

happy! FS is a 3 rep pr, snatch ties PR. Good considering any lower body and hip-involving movements have been out of the question since my injury.

Paul Klein said...

102 + 70 + 43 = 215

I am so bummed about my strength numbers. Front squat is 20# less than last time and equal to last 3 rep front squat at 30x0 tempo. I'm not sure what is going on.

Bin said...

FS - 120kg
S - 70kg
PU - 35

Should have had 80 on the snatch but kept missing the second rep for not getting fully organized - 3 fails there.

Total - 225

Cocopuffs said...

I think I rushed it and went too fast and maybe I jumped to heavy weights faster than I should have.
Total time about 25 minutes.
Front Squat: 295 (134kg)
Snatch: 205 (93)
Strictish supinated grip chins: 14
(cant kip cuz i end up falling on my ass when the bar comes out of the door frame)

OPT total: 241

Videos at:

need some serious work on form in the snatch any comments more than welcome.

Marshall said...

3RM FS- 265(120kg)
2RM Snatch- 155(70kg)+5# 1RM PB
Cu's- 41 +7 PB

OPT 3= 231

Really happy about today's WOD, 2 PB's and close to my FS 1RM. Had to endure someone's Kidrock and Chinese Democracy playlist, (sorry fans) the frustration must have helped.

Drew said...

First post here. Been following the programming for a little over 2 weeks now.
Front Squat:109kg x 3, 111kg x 1
1RM PR by 10# and 3RM PR by 5#
Max PU: 42 (hands slipped off the bar, should have chalked before I jumped on)
Score: 224


Anonymous said...

29 yom 180lbs

FS - 111kg
snatch 75
pullups 37

total 223

previous 1 RM snatch was 75kg - pretty happy with my numbers today.

Dustin said...

3RM Front Squat: (255lbs) - 116Kg
2 RM Snatch: (185lbs) - 83kg
1 Max Chin Ups: 42 Kipping breaking Vert. Plane.

OPT 3 Total: 241

**Really happy with my 2RM on my Snatch. Thats the first time I've done that amount of weight twice with only 2 seconds rest in between**

Lars said...

3rm front squat: 130kg
2rm snatch: 89kg
1 max chin: 45

Total score: 264

Got 2 out of 3 with 136 FS, but bailed on the way up:( Next time! Snatches were ugly, but almost got 91kg. New PB on pull ups by 2! Woohoo, felt good, but grip started to fail.

Hamstrings tight from deadlift/DU wod the other day, but didn' effect anything.

That was fun, what's next?!

Erik Luber said...

FS: 70 kg
Snatch: 50 kg
pull-ups: 41 (PR)
Total: 161

Last year my total was pretty happy to see this improvement. Had more FS in me, but abs are still totally destroyed from the 100 GHDs. Also had more pull ups in me, but my hands were going to rip...and I am still recovering from the last rip.

Dillon said...

102 + 61 + 30 = 193

unit said...

gonna try and double 2day...

part 1- .com WOD
6 rounds:
400m run
25 burpees

hopefully will get 2 the OPT 3 later...


John@CFWC said...

Hey James,
I'm the owner of CrossFit Will County and I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with. I don't want to clutter up this comments board with my questions or ask you to disclose your email address publicly. If you can find a moment, I'd appreciate it tremendously if you'd drop an email at so I could bend your ear for a minute.
Thanks so much,
John at CFWC

Mike McNaughton - CFN said...

CFN Lady Big Dawgs getting some love!

FS: 122.73kg
Snatch: 75kg
CTB PUs: 19
Total: 216.73kg

Snatch was a PR. Going to incorporate snatch-balance practice into warm-ups. Need to get more comfy getting under bar.
Pullups continue to be a challenge.

derb said...


7/29 WOD


Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

Front squat 3RM: 99.5 kg
Snatch 2RM: 79.5 kg
Pull-ups, CTB: 32

"OPT3": 211adDie to our pull-up bar design, I had to sub chest-to-bar, no butterfly pull-ups instead of COVP in order to avoid breaking my face. First day back after a week off after 10 weeks of Catalyst Olympic cycle. Held back just a bit.

Stahl said...

FS: 115.9 (255-pr).
S: 70.4 (155)
PU: 39 (covp)
total: 225

squat felt great-had 275 almost all the way up on the third rep. Would have been a 30# pr. Next time!
Snatch also felt great. 160 isy pr, but I got 2 touh and go reps at 155.
Pull-ups were tough. I always do butterfly. Covp is a different animal. Grip died faster and was 13 off my butterfly pr.

Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

The above should say:

"OPT3": 211

Due to our pull-up bar...

Arjuna Smith said...

Total 213.1 kg
Pullups were done CTB due to pullup bar

Joel B. said...


FS: 205
SN: 150
CU: 32

I know I can do more sn. CU was on crappy bar at work and bent knees to keep from dragging floor. maybe more fs work.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Thursday's DL/DU WOD: 14:50
"Masters Scaled" to 155 lbs
DL's Unbroken. Could have gone RX'd
DU's took about 4 minutes per 50

Garage Crossfitter said...

Structural balance rest day
Decided to do diane for fun, inbetween truck loads of furniture.
huge pr
dl's felt like 135
happy with that...

Pete @ CFN said...

FS: 118.2 kg
Snatch: 63.6 kg
CTB PUs: 33 (No COVP possible)
Total Score = 214.8

First time poster, been enjoying programming since winter. Thanks to James for the great regimen and to the community for the inspiration.

Krazy said...

Had a bunch of challenges at the Box yesterday so today is my day off. Will do a double tomorrow.

Friday July 30

Row 5k- 19:34

Prowler Challenge 3 laps (30yds down and back is one) with 140lbs-3:54

Row wrecked my legs!!! FS will be tough tomorrow

Alex said...

I will try and do theis workout tomorrow and Sunday's on Monday. I needed an extra day rest... Hamstrings are still shot (read: swollen and in pain), walking and stairs are a challenge.
I went to the pool to see if I could do laps, ended up doing laps with a pull-buoy because I can't even kick!

Jen Osborn said...


FS: 68kg
S: 47.6kg
CTB: 10 (ummm nvr have done these! thought id be able to but guess not, adding another skill to the list to work on! )


Paul Smith said...

I took a week off to recover a little. I'm feeling great and ready to get back into the mix.

FS: 152kg
Snatch: 93kg
Chin ups: 44

I'm really happy with the chin ups. The last time I did a max effort on chins I did 51 so doing 44 cbvp feels great.

Adam Rogers said...


Front squat x 3 - 245/111
Snatch x 2 - 165/75
COVP pullups - 34

Score = 220

Previous 3rm front squat was 235, happy with 10lb PR. 1rm for snatch is 175, got 170 up once but missed second rep. Ran out of steam early on the pullups, was hoping for 40 there.

Ben Priestley said...


88.45 + 52.16 + 35 = 175.61

(PR on FS 3RM by 5#, also set a PR for any FS with a 1x2 @ 200#. Got a snatch of 125# a few times for singles, but couldn't quite get the double. PR on max rep pullup by 2 reps)

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

3rm Front Squat: 98kg
2rm Snatch: 57kg
max chin ups: 45 (pr by 7!)

Score: 200

Brandon said...

FS: 129 (285#)
Sn: 75 (165#)
COVP: 33

Total: 237

Notes: 10# PR on FS for 3, 10# PR for 2rep snatch and at least an 8 rep PR for COVP. A pretty decent day.

Wes hendricks said...


Just wanted to give him a shout out today for some HUGE improvements....way to kill it buddy. BOOYAH!

Chad Walding said...

FS: 100kg (221, pr even for 1RM)
S: 70kg (155)
COVP: 30

Total= 200

Happy with FS, got up to 231# for 1RM. Snatch still needs lots of work.

OPT said...

john@cfwc, email has been sent
cocopuffs, as i mentioned yesterday...the raw strength is there...whenever the time arises, spend some money and time on a coach for technique as your engine is nice

Siu said...

3RM Front Squat: 84kg (185lbs)
2RM Snatch: 43 (95lbs), baby press out on rep 2
Max rep CTB: 16 (PR by 5)

OPT3 Total: 143

Super happy about the FS as that was my previous 1RM. Less happy with the Snatch, attempted 95lbs three times and always had the slighted press on the 2nd rep (I feel so rushed!). Also pleased with CTB PUs (like other CFNers, PU bar prevents COVP).

Thanks for the shout out OPT, you made my day!

Noah said...

A great Saturday down at CFDC doing OPT3

FS - 110Kg
Snatch - 60kg (got 70kg 1x - new PR)
Chin Ups - 36 (new PR)

Paul are SKRONG (SKary stRONG)

Marcus Filly said...


FS - 285 (130k), Missed third rep on 300 very close...
Snatch - 205 (93kg)
COVP Pull Up - 55 (wow, COVP changes things up a bit)

Score - 278

Sam said...


Lisa M said...


Nice work today lady that is a massive 3RM FS!!! I am going to try and hit this tomorrow if my shoulder allows

Siu said...

Thank you Lisa!

Yelvi said...


Total: 208

Notes: 15 lb pr on the FS. Snatch felt weak. Hammies still really sore so I had trouble getting into a good bottom position. Grip was the limiting factor on the pull ups

Steve Howell said...

FS - 130 (20#PR)
Squat Snatch - 82 (20#pr)
COVP - 47

opt3 total = 258

Steve Howell said...


Wes hendricks said...


Also crazy PR's way to kill it!

Eric Montgomery said...

3RM front squat: 121kg
2RM snatch: 71kg
Max COVP chins: 37
Total: 229

Notes: Maybe could've gone 5lbs heavier on FSs but was running low on time. Same deal for snatches. Did a set of 2 at 71kg for both power and squat snatches. Grip was limiting factor on chins just like it was last wknd.

Sean Cummings said...

3RM Front Squat: 102kg
2RM Snatch: 61kg
Chin-Ups: 40 (PR by 3)

OPT 3: 203

Was still extremely sore today from 100 GHD's for time. It was hard to get hip explosion on Snatch because of it, also should have been able to get 10-20 lbs more on Front Squat.

Chris Dunkin said...


Moving the gym over the last few days. Unanchored pullup rack, so had to use the 2" bar in the middle to minimize the extra movement.

Nathan H. said...

Hey everyone! Just saying hi again.

Thought I'd share some things I realized today during olift training.

I'm always so focused on getting faster... or getting stronger. Pushing my weight up, and up... just to say that I got the weight up. Doing it almost blindly. I realized that I need to be a lot more present; and focus on each movement for what it is. I have to try to master it instead of simply trying to go heavier.

I was missing at weights I should've been making and my olift coach wouldn't let me continue with attempts. When training alone I'd just try it again. He made a deal with me saying that I could take another snatch attempt but if I missed it I'd have to take 5kilos off the heaviest clean and jerk I had planned for the day. Or I could leave my snatches and go all the way up on my c&j. Well, I attempted the snatch and missed... but it sure as hell lit the fire in me.

I had a paradigm shift in my view of training. I was missing all over the place, even though I felt good... something was just not right. But I walked away from the session knowing I learned something I would not have learned had I been making every lift.

Hope this made sense - I kind of rambled. I think the take away message is that there is more to training than simply being faster and stronger... there are lessons to be learned in every session.

Jay said...

WT 173



NorCal Chris said...

Marcus, way to crush this one! Nice work.

Mack Lar said...

FS 111
Snatch 75
Pullups 52
Total 235
Very happy with this PR'd everything big time. Had more in the tank on FS and snatch but already had 10-20 lb PR's so stopped while ahead. Last september OPT 3 total was 209

Chad Hall said...

102+70+28 = 200


First time squatting with weight in about 2months, happy with the result but know I have more left in the tank, didn't want to push the knee too hard. Same with the snatch, did power instead of squat because the OHS didn't feel good on the knee, ideally would have preferred SqSn. Pull ups weren't great, taped myself and took off a few reps.

Brent Maier said...


x3 FS: 140kg (308#) - New PR
x2 Snatch: 90kg (198#) - New PR
PU's vertical plane: 48 - New PR

This morning at the park we played crossfit baseball with an affiliate. Set all new PR's today, woot. Snatch form is still pathetic but numbers reflected the most in the FS. Last PR on FS's for x3 was (130kg june09) and single (135kg Nov09). Max snatch to date is 92.5kg. Couldn't match my butterfly PR I set a few days ago but still broke my last PR we set in the last OPT challenge. Added a little funbobby dance before the pullups to boost the DJ Power!


Brent Maier said...

Total: 278

Anonymous said...

Front Squat 3rm = 118k (260#)
-pr. by 5lbs

Snatch Squat 2rm =75k (165#)
-p.r. by 10lbs

Pull-ups = 52
-p.r. by 2

Total = 245

Everything went well today and happy with my results. I received my new Nike Romaleos in yesterday and was able to use them today. Never had worn a weightlifting shoe and now I don't know how I ever went without.

Snatch I was able to get under 170# once on two attempts. I will get it twice next time.

Congrats on the p.r's everyone

Craig said...


5:20 unbroken.

Anthony said...

3RM FS: 88kg
2RM Snatch: 70kg
Max Chins: 42 reps

Total: 210

Was out of town and visited another box for this and did it after the group WOD which was "Cindy". I'm surprised I did this well at all.

ETC said...

3RM Front Squat: 93.2kg
2RM Snatch: 61.4kg
1 Chins: 33

Score: 187.6

Made some poor drinking choices last night but the evening was good for my spirit- only happening once in a blue moon.

The unbroken chin up sets are working well to push up my chins #'s.
Need work on OHS/Snatch

Angelo Fosco said...

FS: 120.45kg
Snatch: 75kg
Chin ups: 30

Total: 225.45

Rainer Hartmann said...

Front Squat 97.7kg
Snatch 56.8kg
Pull-ups 31
Total 185.5

Geoff said...

Did yesterday starting at 4:00P

3RM Front squat: 84 kg
2RM Snatch: 54 kg
Max rep chin-ups: 12 covp

Score: 150
Finished just inside the one hour
Gave blood the day before (Friday)

PRM said...

Was sick the night before, but gave it a go anyway. Was a mistake. Did 3rm Front squat: 210#(PR is 225), started on snatch - up to 105x2 and called it quits.
Live to fight another day.

matt said...

Front Squat 275 x 3 (124k) Felt very strong
Snatch - 175 x2 (80 k)Very Very ugly. Basically a muscle snatch. When I attempt to pull myself under the bar I feel like I have no shoulder stability. MUST work OHS and fix this huge glaring weakness

Pullups 53 Chin breaking vertical plan w mini kip. Felt strong. Could have done more but fell off bar.

Re-committed to strict zone/paleo this week.


Dillon said...

102 kg
61 kg
Total 193

BK said...

FS- 143
SN- 65
Need work on my snatch/speed.
Pullups were tired afetr Fran 2 days ago.