sat, july 17, 2010

congrats Curt (champ in Lethbridge comp) and Fun Bobby (just a champ and good guy overall)

the Black Box and OPT


Row 1K

post avg watts divided by BWT in # as score, not time
i.e. 340/170# = 2.0 as score


Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Go Coach! Good effort on WOD #1! I'm cheering for you and all the big dawgs, and all Canadians for that matter! Good Luck!

DAVE X said...

See you in NYC Coach!

Anonymous said...

let us be happey everyday!!............................................................

DAVE X said...

Ave Watts: 259
BWT: 200#
Score: 1.29

Sucky. First half I felt strong and smooth, averaged in the mid 300s, but I lost the stroke. Got it back late.

Great job late night Dawgs! You guys friggin rocked! Good luck today.

Boy and I'll tell you what, that Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is my type of lady!!!!

PSC said...

James is CrossFit! Helping people backstage during warm up. Giving support to fellow competitors during the event. I'm proud to call James my mentor and friend! Good Luck Coach!!!!

Martin Altemark said...

Avg watts: 364
Bwt: 165
score: 2,21

3:17, did it in 3:14 two weeks ago but legs and forearms was fried from "back with the dawgs-session" this thursday.

Go James, Michael, DJ, Lauren, Joey! Great work on first event, now just ride with it! We are cheering for you here in Sweden all during the nights! (9 hours of time difference makes for some horrible sleep)

Bear said...

Avg watts: 374
Bwt: 179
score: 2.09

Back on OPT after a few months of weightlifting. Happy with the result, 3 months since rowing at high intensity.

Go big dawgs!

Trevor Salmon said...

David, I couldn't agree more on Camille! I said they same to Geoff watching her at the regionals.
That was exciting to watch and great job James,DJ,Joey,Mike,Lauren,Shelly!
tough event for some of you but it's over and a new one approaches!

Greg said...

BS/Chin from 2 days:

A1: 263/273/293/303/313(ugly last rep, but counted)
A2: all 3's

Feeling a little beat up, so I scaled to 3 rds and 3/4 reps. Kipping pull-ups.

1: 1:11, 12-3, UB
2: 1:13, 8-5-2, UB
3: 1:16, 9-4-2, UB

Garage Crossfitter said...

Albany couplet today for fun...have only done 1 metcon in 3 weeks, attacked it at 85%.
OHS 135lb
CTB pullups
Time= 7:03

great job so far dawgs, no pain...

Eric S said...

362 / 180 = 2.01

Was looking at high 400s at the start and got excited and scared at the same time.

Now time to get back to the webcast...

brian cilento said...

1k row: 3:19
351 avg watt / 170lbs = 2.06

Lars said...

Avg Watts 356/208 BW = 1.71

Time 3:18.9

Felt pretty good, could have started my final sprint a little sooner though.

Way to go on the first WOD guys, keep it up!

Marshall said...

Avg. Watts= 314
Weight= 165
Score= 1.90

The first 500m felt strong, it took everything I had to keep my pulls above 300 watts for the last 200m. Time was 3:28.

PTS said...

Ave Watts: 409
BWT: 190#
Score: 2.15

Time was 3:09.8.(PR)

Gutted that I can't attend NYC event as I have a wedding I must attend that day.

Eric Montgomery said...

Avg Watts 404
BW 207
Score 1.95

Notes: 3:10.6 (PR), 31spm

k.jones said...



BWT: 196

SCORE: 1.31

Dont know if this matters but my damper was set at 10

W said...


watt: 286

Weight: 165lbs


Time: 3:36

9 second improvement from July 7th!

Andy said...

No access to c2 rower. Hopefully will get one soon.

Did a mile TT instead


Posterior chain is still tight from deads.

DAVE X said...

DJ POWER!!! 325!!! WOW!!!!

Trevor our girl is currently 9th!!

Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...

416/205= 2.03

Brent, I know you can find a rower down there in Carson.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

230 / 157 = 1.46
(3:50 Row Time)

I'm curious about the physics:

I would have needed to average 314 Watts to achieve a 2.0 ratio, which would have been a 37% greater average power output. That would imply to me a time of 3:50 / 1.37 = 2:48, which obviously is never going to happen.

I suspect that there is not a linear relationship between average power and row time (i.e., that doubling power does not halve row time). Is that correct, and if so, what/where is the optimal power output?

Stephen Flamm said...

Dave and Trevor, you're not alone - I watched last night with a mix of males and females, and I can safely say that Camille is everyone's type of lady...

Very pleased to see all the Big Dawgs representing this community so well.

Geoff said...

1000m row score:



Paul Klein said...

379Watts / 189lbs = 2.0

Time was 3:14.7 which is a 5 second PR.

Old Dawg Hari,

I think you are correct, power output on the rower is not linear. At some point you have to row a shit ton harder for minimal gains in time. DH posts here now and could elaborate in more detail, he is wicked smart.

DH help us out here.

My word is ranith. As in "Camille ranith away with Dave X and Trevor hearts"

Brandon said...

Awesome work everyone...just got home and watching DJ put 325 up. That is crazy! Nice job Joey, James, Mike and Lauren as well.

Warm-up with a light Snatch/sn. balance workout.

Row: 364.7 (3:16.8 PR by 12 sec)
BW: 216
Score: 1.7

NorCal Chris said...

Wow what a rush watching you guys on the live feed. Keep up the great work,

1000m: 373w / 185# = 2.0

Kyle F said...

Avg Watts = 337
BW = 200

Score = 1.68

Erik Luber said...

Ave Watts: 292.2
BWT: 137.5 lbs
Score: 2.12

Took a long time to recover from that. Put 100% in. Pretty happy with score, considering that my legs were so sore this morning that I was having problems with stairs.

Have been glued to the live webcast..totally skipped out on work yesterday. Watching the first event yesterday was so freakin exciting. It was awesome to watch all of the Dawgs, especially seeing Coach rock it out with the Unbroken Tee on. Kepp giviner' Dawgs.

DAVE X said...

My heart rate was definately elevated last night during her event Paul.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

New to the Big Dawg Blog starting today and will be following it for now on. Coming over from following Crossfit main site since 11-2008. Good luck to everyone at the games this weekend.

Avg Watts: 261
BWT: 162
Score : 1.61

Ben Priestley said...

Score= 2.04

318 ave Watts/ 156# BW
Been sick with the flu, but feeling recovered this morning.
Go Big DAWGS! Cheering for you like crazy on the live feed.

Scott Hoadley said...

Avg Watts: 341
BWT: 155
Score: 2.2

Total Time 3:21

Felt exactly like it should have. Painful. Love it.

DJ that was totally amazing 325lbs!!!!! Wicked man well done!

Adam Rogers said...

Row 1k

358 avg watt
187 bw
= 1.91 ratio

Love the streaming video this weekend

DJ's shoulder to overhead was amazing!

brian cilento said...

welcome cody... i forgot to write that it took me a good 20mins before i could walk straight of feel comfortable driving...

Stephen B. said...

avg. watt:371
bwt: 170

score: 2.18

keep crushin it dawgs! love watchin you all throwin down this weekend!

r Gaines said...

Watt: 370
BWT: 225
Watt/BWT: 1.64

Thad said...

Avg watts :350
Bwt :155#
Score = 2.26
Time 3:20 PR

Great job to all Dawgs competing !

derb said...


7/15 WOD

A1: 200/210/220/230/240
A2: 35/45/50x2/45/45x2

1:06/1:04/1:10/1:42(only did four to save my hands)

mhamilton said...


Avg Watts 340
BW 170
Score 2

3:21 (PR). Felt strong but it was a long recovery.

dh said...

435 Watts / 225# = 1.93

Old Dawg Hari,

You and Paul are both right, the relationship between watts and time/distance (pace) is not linear. In fact, if you're curious, the equation to determine watt output for a particular pace is as follows:

Power (Watts) = 2.8/(time in seconds/distance in meters)^3

So for a given distance, the watts basically end up being related to time by a power of 3. That translates into having to row increasingly harder to get the same change in time the faster you go.

As far as optimal power output, I don't know the answer to that question - sorry....

Travis said...

Watts: 289 (don't know if it was average for end score)
BW: 175
Score: 165

Time: 3:33

First timed 1k row. Goal to have down below 3:20 by EOY.

Dustin said...

Avg. watts - 290
BWT - 183


Stahl said...

Sorry for the late post - crazy day.

Score = 2.21 (382 watts/173 bwt)

Not a PR on time (1.2 seconds off). Last PR I went out too hard and flamed out, so this time I tried to pace and have negative splits. Paced too much and couldn't drop enough at the end.

Pissed b/c I felt like I still had some in me, but pleased that I was this close to my PR and felt like I still had energy.

Next time I'm just going to try to hold a 1:35 and not worry about flaming out.

Curt M said...

Did main site WOD from a couple days ago first, the deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 @385/225
3min rest then row


Anonymous said...



Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Avg Watt: 263
BW: 157lbs
Score: 1.68

ETC said...

Ave Watts: 252
BTW: 150#
Score: 1.68

Note: My legs were tired from max clean and jerk + 400m and 1200m track time trials yesterday.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...


Thank you!

The equation is clearly correct.

And now I realize the problem with my initial thinking: Doubling the horsepower of a car doesn't double its speed, because of friction.

(On the other hand, doubling the power output during, say, "Fran" will halve the time.)

There is no optimal power output, per se, since more power will always result in a faster time.

However, this does raise an important point for WOD's involving rows. It takes double the power to go from a 4:00 1K row to a 3:10 1K row. The question is whether doubling the power output to cut 50 seconds is a worthwhile tradeoff, if subsequent exercises involve linear power.

Consider the WOD from the 2007 Games:

Row 1K
5 Rounds: 25 pull-ups, 7 135-lb push presses.

It seems to me that it would be suicide to row a 3:10, instead of say, a 3:30. The power needed to cut 20 seconds off the row, could be much more effectively applied in the subsequent exercises.

This of course is confirming what many people have already observed.

Curt M said...

Did main site WOD of 1-10-1-20-1-30 deadlifts

5min rest then row

360/190=1.895 in 3:18, felt slow.

Brian said...

July 10 wod for 2011

4 sets:
1 min row (cals)
1 min knees to elbows
1 min db burpees - 25/15#/h
rest 4 min


Row - 31,30,29,27
K2E - 30,25,22,22
Burps - 15,16,16,16

Notes - Sub'd # of pulls on rower for cals (no monitor), focused on form and power of pull
Hard to maintain kip on K2E
Burpees done with weights at side / not above head

Alex said...

Better late than never...
F/36/ 5'7
BWT 138#
AVG Watts 188